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Some 400 Excursionists Enjoy a
Ride Over the Scenic
Idaho Northern.
Sunday morning about 60 of Em
mett's citizens took advantage of the
first excursion and a ride on the first
passenger train to go over the exten
sion of the Idaho Northern to Smith's
Ferry a distance of 60 miles, each
one prepared for the outing in the
mountains with lunches, guns, fishing
tackle and creel, field glasses, cameras
and other concealed weapons for use
if rattlesnakes being encount
excursion train, coming
in case
ered. The
from the main line by way of the Pay
ette Valley railway, brought picnick
ers from Nyssu and Ontario, Ore., via
Payette. It arrived on time, but the
special carrying the Caldwell, Nampa
and Boise excursionists was late, and
after Its arrival and the necessary
switching done in combining the two
trains and getting headed for the
north, made the train over half an
hour late leaving Emmett. The two
small engines that pulled into Emmett
with the P. V. train were displaced by
a six-wheeler off the main line.
We started at last. Slowly climb
ing Pickett corral hill at the head of
the valley—passing through the tun
nel at the top of the hill with the usual
sensation felt—especially if your best
girl were occupying the same seat
with you—Pajette river about 100 ft.
below the track peacefully flowing
to Montour, the first stop. Taking
the waiting quota from Sweet and vi
cinity, we move on toward our next
stop at Horseshoe Bend, where the
passenger list was increased a goodly
number Hero another big six-wheel
er engine was attached to the front
end—double-header now—-one engine
with a hot box, which hud to be cooled'
and taking on water delayed the train
another half hour. But this time
was occupied by expectant anglers
catching grasshoppers in the adjoining
fields. Say, if they had been up on
those butte ranches, the poor grass
hoppers would have been carried up
into the mountains.(and most all of
them turned loose) and used for trout
Finally getting away from tin
Kend where we crossed the Payette
river to the north side and following
the river grade all the time, we keep
getting closer to the pine-clad mount
ains which can be seen in the distance.
Passing through a fine farming
country all the wav to the real base of
the mountains. The mill at the mines
in the Horseshoe Bend district was in
sight on the right, showing activity
in the mining line. Several gangs of
men and teams were noticed repair
ing washouts on the irrigation and
power canals. Leaving the valley, the
next stop was at Waverly, where sev
eral passengers boarded the train,
and then puffing and steaming the en
gines slowly pulled the train of seven
coaches and one baggage car up the
continuous grade and made the next
stop at Banks, a station named in hon
or Merle Banks, who granted a free
right-of-way through his land at this
point. But after securing the right
of-way, Mr. Dewey saw fit to change
the name of the station from "Banks"
to "Mart-no," a name that did not ap
peal to Merle's mother a-tall. She
said: "There were too many old bucks
■ round there now of that breed and
wouldn't stand for it." So she took
the matter up with the new regime
and headed off "Mareno" and replaced
"Banks" for him to butt into.
All stations have neat depots and
out houses. Banks is a kind of divi
sion, having in addition to the depot,
etc,, a two-stall round house, a turn
table and a water tank. Several mure
pleasure »oekerg boarded the train at
this point. Move on again—more
grade—more engine work—for about
half a mile, where we recrosa the riv
er to the south side again. At the
bridge a number of men got off with j
lunches, fishing outfits, etc. And a j
little farther, at the "Forks"—that is
where the South Fork enters the I
North Fork—several unboarded with j
blood in their eyes, vowing vengence
on the poor trout. Here we enter the !
notorious Canyon of the North Fork
of the Payette river, where the water
is "white" all the time.
It must be a j
magnificent and awe-inspiring to set
this mountain stream at flood height. |
when the snow clad mountains are i
shedding their winter mantle, and the
grand old Payette river is struggling i
to entangle its frigid burden from the i
rocks and jammed timber, and get it
down to a place where it can shake the
foam off its surface and once more
take on the appearance of common
water. The track follows the river
grade all the way through the canyon
about a hundred feet above the bed of
the river, which at this time of the
year is at its low water mark
Through the canyon the mountain
sides are covered with a dense growth
of pine timber. The state wagon 1
(Boise automobile) road is on the op
posite of the river. Here, about half
way through the canyon, the engines
got thirsty, so we stop at "Bat" creek,
a small mountain stream right out of
the heavy timber, that fairly leaps
down its stepped bed—the steps as
natural as though cut by hand, a flight
of about 60 feet—to the railroad track
where it ducks under the roadbed
and dives into the river. Ever see
this before? Here is a string of V
shaped troughs leading over a smal'
butte to a point on the mountain side,
tapping the little mountain stream
above the steps, and conveying the
water below to the engines. Several
of these watering stations were iu
ticed along the route.
Everybody that was thirsty drank
water right out of Bat creek, smack
ing their lips and exclaiming; "Right
off the Bat" Here kodaks were busy
too, and the more adventurous climbed
the mountain sides and lingered in
the shade of the pines, until whistled
in for another pull at the grade.
This sure wes a free and easy excur
A party from Payette, headed
by Judge Kenwood, consisting of about
12 people from 7 years up, got off in
The "Big Eddy" is the
The Eddv is very docile
the canyon,
next stop,
at this time of the year,mostly sand
The surfacing crew is here.
After a short stop we pulled on.
'Smith's Ferry."
other tunnel,
and one-half hours late.
Train will
leave 6:30. So with grub baskets
there is a scurrying of feet, rounding
up kids, and a rush made for the
shade on both sides of the river for
lunch, after which a scattering every
where enjoying themselves amonr
sighing pines,(some of them didn't
sigh—they were dead ones—others
had to sigh on account of the cuddling
of young males and females under
their spreading boughs.)breathing in
the fragrant air,—pineiferous odorif
erous it is called. Neat place
Fgrry—small hotel, tennis court,
blacksmith shop, stage station and
finest drinking water, hut who wants
to drink water on an excursion,
foundation for th(f depot is laid and
♦ he station will soon be cnmrlep'd.
Track is laid 5 miles above the Ferry.
The return trip was made without
accident, arriving about 10 o'clock.
D. E. S.
Was Only a Joke.
Visitors who took the delightful
trip to Smith's ferry Sunday on the
occasion of the opening of the rail
road to that point, tell an amusing
I ""d F* pathetic incident which oc
curred. When fhe second train
steamed into the ferry the passengers
noticed a plain looking woman gowned
in the fashion of the polonnaise pe
riod with a rope tied around her
waist, and struggling vainly to get
They learned that the woman
had never seen an engine before. The
sight of the two big mogul engines
when one had never before seen one,
with eight coaches, was too umch for
the poor woman and she became par
tially crazed with excitement and was
determined to run into the iron giant.
In order that the other relatives
might enjoy the unique sensation of
watching the two big trains steam in,
they simply tied a rope around the
excited woman's waist to keep her in
hounds, and continue their way to
gaze upon the curiosity.—Statesman.
It is too bad to spoil a good story,
but Emmett people who were present
say the incident was only a joke.
Rice Bros. Shows.
We are told that a few yeags ago
that Rice Bros, show was exhibiting
in Europe and that whenever possible
the standing armies of Germany,
France and Italy were made to wit
ness the unloading, setting up, tear
ing down and the reloading again of
one of these monster aggregations.
Those Europeans said that it could
not. be done; that it was a physical im
possibility. However, these shows
move daily and excepting for railroad
wrecks, washouts, etc., they never
miss a performance. The discipline is
perfect. Rice Bros, show-menagerie
is complete with the rarest collection
of wild boasts to be found in any trav
eling show and menagerie. Don't
fail to see Rice Bros, monster free
street parade, its half dozen bands,
chariots, cages to the limit of costly
and elegant designs; and the big show
is coming to our city for the first
Don't forget the date, rain or
shine, Emmett, Tuesday, August 12
School Warrant Call.
On and after Saturday, August 9,
1913. I will pay on presentation at the
First National Bank of Emmett, all
warrants up to and including No. 4207.
E. K. HAYES, Treasurer.
Registered in Idaho in 1908
Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee
Bill's Far East Shows.
The Grand Military Tournament,
the Royal Riders, Indians, Arabs, Cow
boys, Plainsman, Soldiers, Cossacks
Mexicans, Wild West Girls, Zaiores,
Dragoons, Artillery drills, acrobats
from Japan, bucking bronchos, and the
sensational Indian Uprising.
Every scene reproduced just
shown in the arena.
Shown in three wonderful reels. In
addition to this great feature we will
show our regular program of three
Admission 10 cents and 20 cents.
Last Thursday, to Mr. and Mrs. L.
E. Bebbs.
On Tuesday, to Mr. and Mrs. Bob
On Sunday, to Mr. and Mrs. Curl of
Horseshoe Bend, a daughter.
On Wednesday, to Mr. and Mrs,
Bert Summers of Bramwell, a daugh
Walter Martin Buys Paper.
Walter V. Martin has leased the
Hagerman Valley Sun for one year
with the privilege of buying, and the
current issue appears under his man
agement. Mr. Martin made good
with the Sweet Sentinel and the New
Plymouth Sentinel and will give the
Hagerman people a good paper.
Stole Five Dollars.
A bold bad burglar entered C. M.
Parks' residence south of town Sun
day and stole $5 in money. Entrance
was effected by cutting a hole in the
screen door while the occupants of the
house were away. There is no eluj to
the heartless robber.
The Best in Vehicles
Webber Wagons
Henney Buggies
Built of the best Materials, by men who
know their business from long experi
money can buy.
These vehicles are the very best
Guns and Ammunition
For Hunters and Campers
We carry the Benj. Moore and Bradley-Vroo
man paints, every can guaranteed to be up to the
government requirements.
Hawkins Hardware Store
Cheapest Hardware Store in Idaho
The Only Up-to-date Business Training School in Southwestern Idaho
New Building
Our new, large quarters have been arranged for the Comfort,
Health and Convenience of onr students
Thorough, Practical Courses
Splendid Light
Large, Airy Rooms
Complete, Modern Equipment
Special, Experienced Teachers
Class and Individual Intruction. Hundreds of Successful! Students
We Save you time and money We Train you thoroughly
Call, write or telephone for College Journal
Fall Term Opens Tuesday, September 2, 1913. En
roll now. Special 10 per cent cash discount will be
allowed on all enrollments made from August 1 to
August 15.
Enrollment may be made by mail. Write us today about the discount
Telephone 1055 J.
Boise, Idaho
Bring Your Cream
And have it tested right here in town. We are buying for
a Portland firm, where we can pay the Highest Prices for
Cream, sweet or sour.
L. A. Wheeler, Manager
Phone 27 W. and ask us.
Leave your orders for Hersh's
Bread at John &. McGowan's.
Bicycles repaired in first class man
ner at the Wells Repair Shop.
For the Lee broom, the best broom
in town, see John & McGowan.
Judge Thompson of Caldwell is in
town today in consultation with his
client, the Emmett Irrigation District.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Farland will
hitch up old Dobin and his sister and
strike out tomborrow morning for the
mountains to g"ct a much needed rest.
They will be absent two weeks, any

If you are going to paint any of
your buildings, let us figure with you
on your paint bill. We carry paints,
oils, varnishes and stains for both in
side and outside work Hawkins,
Claude Polly, the courteous and
very efficient assistant cashier of the
First National bank is taking his va
cation. After spending a few days
visiting his parents at Weiser, he will
go to the pine timber and trout
streams of the Meadows country.
Oats and wheat at John & McGow
Nut or Lump
Burns longest and gives more
heat than any other coal in
the market. Try it and you
will like it.
$8.25 at Bin.
City Transfer Line
KNOX BROS., Prop'rs.
Hoopless Stave Crib
This Silo can be erected
with the least cost of any
silo on the market. It re
quires no guy wires to keep
it from blowing down.
There are no bands or
hoops to loosen or rust off.
When once erected and
complete, it will stand the
western wind storms with
out the slightest danger of
blowing down. It is abso
lutely the cheapest and
most substantial silo on the
market at the present
Hoopless Stave Crib Silo
L r ctrn . • J
\ ■ i^r

The Only Stave Crib Silo that will
For Cheapness, Simplicity and Durability
We Defy Competition
It is built out of 2x4's, any length or kind, the outer
edge having a filler of binder twine to make the circle All
the staging and scaffolding required in the construction of
this Silo is a platform ladder, which is used on the Silo
when completed. Absolutely no waste material
Patent Rights for This Valley are owned by Wächter Lumber Co.
of New Plymouth, Idaho
For particulars and blue prints of the Silo call at
Where Lumber to Build These Silos Can be Bought
Union Pacific System
Very low return trip fares to Denver,
Kansas City, St Louis, Omaha, Chicago,
Minneapolis and many other points.
May 7, 8, 10, 17, 24, 31; June 3, 7, 13,
14, 21, 28; July 2,5, 10, 19, 23, 31; Aug
ust ^ 9. 10, 11, 16, 22, 28; September
LIMIT: October 31st, 1913.
For Further Details,
Reaches Omaha and Points East.
The Direct Way
Terrors of Wash
If you leave it to us, wash day will be
lieved of its terrors. Besides, your washing
will come home to you clean, sanitary, nicely
starched and ironed. Besides it will save you
work, worry and the good wife back-breaking
and unhealthful labor. Our
and deliver all work.
wagon will call for
Mail Orders by Parcels Post Given Our Prompt Attention.
Emmett Steam Laundry
W. D. McFARLAND, Proprietor.

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