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j. P. REED
and Counsellor at Law.
Practice in All Courts
Attorney At-Law
Practice in All Courts
Emmett, Idaho.
General Law Practice.
Emmett, Idaho.
Room 18, Bank of Emmett
Rooms 4 and 5, Bank of Em
mett Building,
Rooms 3 and 4, Monroe Bldg.
Office 117, Bank of Emmett Bldg
Hours: 1 to 6 p. m. daily. Spe
cial dates by appointment.
Phone 25 r 2.
Notary Public
Fire insurance in depend
able companies.
Estimates and plans fur
Shop on Washington street
north of Canal.
Dates and arrangements
for sales can be made at
this office, or W. W. Wil
Stock Sales a Specialty.

Mason and Brick Contractor
Cement and Concrete
Work a Specialty.
Estimates and Plans
All Kinds of Job Work.
Shop on Boise Avenue on Ditch
Licensed Embalmcr
Calls to city or country re
sponded to promptly.
Agent for Monuments of all
Day and night phone: 6 black.
Dr. Judd, dentist, Monroe Bldg.
Wilson's Garage
Dealer In Chevrolet Cars,
cesories, supplies, gasoline, oils,
and greases. Repair work
promptly done and satisfaction
guaranteed. Auto livery, care
ful drivers and it is our endeavor
to always give you the best
of service at all times. Give
a calL
IL C. WILSON, Proprietor
Phone 12 J, Garage or Residence
Acute and chronic
cessfully cared for.
gery, Drugs or Osteopathy.
Room 6, Monroe Building.
Emmett, Idaho.
cases suc
No Sur
We are handling the
Plenty on hand.
S8.50 at Bin.
Buy now and avoid a shortage
next winter.
Emmett Lumber & Coal Co
Phone 184
Cement blocks, chimney blocks,
fence posts, etc.
m. gilbride
Carpenters and Builders
Estimates Given on all
Classes of Building.
B. J. Wright
A. M. Wright.
Fourth and Hayes.
Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure, issued
out of the District Court of the Sev
enth Judicial District, State of Idaho,
in and for the County of Gem, on the
19th day of May, 1917, in an action
wherein William I. Reed, the plaintiff
in said action, recovered a judgment
against Frank A. DeClark, Emma B.
DeClark, W. L. Nicol, Goldie P. Nicol,
Andrew Nielson,
Charles B. Steunenberg, Nina E.
Steunenberg, Charles S. Coon, Rosa ;
Rav Coon, C. B. Fisher, Mrs. M. F. !
Fisher, M. G. Grebe, J. P. Reed,
Charles A. Wills, C. C. Fisher, Bank i
of Emmett, Ruth M. Hunt, Katherine ;
Hunt, a minor, and Finley Monroe, as '
of Katherine,
Guardian Ad Litem
Hunt, said minor, the defendants in
said action, on the 16th day of May,
1917, which said Judgment and decree j
was on the 17th day of May, 1917, re-|
corded in Judgment Book A of said j
Court at page 314 thereof, I am com
manded to seal a l that certain lot, ;
piece or parcel of land situated in the
Count" of Gem, State of loaho, and .
bounded and particularly det ent ed as
follows, to-wit: I
The north fifty (50) teet of Lot ;
numbered six (6) and the east five (5)
feet of the north_fifty (50) feet of lot
numbered five (o), all in Block num
bered fourteen (14) of the Revised
Plat of the Original Townsite of Em
mettsville, Idaho, and more particul
arly described as follows, to wit: Com
at the north east comer of
said block and running thence south
the east line of said block fourteen
(14), fifty (50) feet, thence west and
block U< fortv five (45) h feet ° thence
north parallel to the east line of said
S fiftv f°et to the north
lineVsaid block, thence east along
the north line of said block forty-five
(45) feet to the place of beginning.
The aforesaid described premises ex
tending fifty feet on Washington
Street by fortv-five feet in width
parallel to said street, as said lots,
block and street, are designated on the
Revised Plat of the Townsite of Em
mettsville, in the office of the County
Recorder of Gem County, Idaho: to
gether with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments, and appurten
ances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining, and particularly an
undivided one-third interest in and to
certain heating, plumbing, and
pumping plant used in common by the
owners of that certain building known
the Bank of Emmett Building, sit
uate on lots 5 and 6, Block 14, of the
Original Townsite of Emmettsville, ac
cording to the Revised Plat thereof as
above referred to, which said plant
rtÄSl? ■Ä?%SSÄ
dated the 20th day of December, 1906,
now of record iri the office of the
County Recorder of Gem County, Ida
ho, in Book 1 of Bonds and Agree
ments, at page 364 thereof.
Notice is hereby given, that on the
15th day of June, 1917, at 11 o'clock
of that day, in the forenoon, in front
of the Court House, in Emmett, Gem
1 Wil1 in
County, State of Idaho,
obedience to said order of sale and
decree of foreclosure, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof
I as may be necessary to satisfy plain
I tiff's and cross-complainants' decree
and all of them, with interest thereon
and costs, to the highest bidder for
cash lawful money of the United
Dated Mav 22, 1917.
List of Those Registed For U. S. Service on June 5, 1917
Kreizenbeck, Henry
Kraus, Richard J.
Kreizenbeck, Carl H.
Knipe, Everett Bancroft
Langset, Louis
Levin, Oscar
Limbaugh, J. Hadley
Limbaugh, Elizia Edwin
Lopez, Jacinto
Lyon, Cody
McCammon, Chester C.
McColl, Harold
McColl, Philip Bryan
McGee, Eiden
McMillon, Harmon
McProud, Redmond
Medino, Jesus
Merz, Emeste
Nelson, Oscar
Northcott, Leonard L.
Obermeyer, Lewis
Olson, Anders Emil
Olson, John
Peck, Frank
Powell, Archibald
Ola Precinct.
Lamalloa, Juan
Lamiquiz, Juan
Larroscain, Basilis
Libolt, Jesse
Linebarger, John Robert
Lucas, Lacarias
Mauarieta, Leon
Madden, William Henry
Maguregui, Jnacio
Mangun, Guy Thornton
Marrs, Bud Nelson
McAnulty, Charles Ernest
McCoy, Laurence Marian
McCrosson, Harold
Mendino, Nemesio
Miller, Rufus Roy
Mingus, Fletcher Earl
Minster, Irwin Earl
Modin, Chester Edward
Modin, Earl Dolphin
Monastuea, Andres
Moore, Frank Stephen
Moyer, Jess Logan
Muguida, Jose
Mulligan, Harry Leo
King, Will Seborn
Linkoos, Robert
Lieehty, John Nicolas
Mead, Ray Earl
Moore, Roy Rex
Norwood, Frank Edwin
Nicks, Robert Andrew
Newbey, William Eskel
Norwood, Henry Alvin
Otto, James Rudolph
Perry, Harry Ernest
Puser, Michael George
Ross, Robert Bruce
Rait, Harvey
Sawyer, Charles Cornelous
Schrecongost, Harvey Elias
Strand, Joseph Kirk .
Wilde, Oswald.
Shaw, John Edward
Shaffer, Bert John William
Shane, Clare W.
Smithers, Burr
Shaffer, George Issac
Steward, Howard Whipple
Still, Ralph E.
Staaf, Oscar Emanuel
Stanley Harry Charles
Spear, Fred Milton
Thompson, Floyd
Tileston, Chester Franklin
Fulgham, John Elias
Twilegar, Arthur M.
Vahlberg, Charles A.
Wallace, Robert Henry
Wellman, Lorin Nathaniel
Yates, DeWitt Clinton.
Yates, John Riley
Bowman, Oliver Samuel
Cramer, John William
Davis, Lester Raleigh
Kimball, William Wallis
Allen, John
Hays, Thomas Murle
Bingham, Bert B.
Blessenger, Walter Earl
Cantrall, Earl Lafatte
Carpenter, John Robert
Colson, Frank
Cramer, Leeroy George
Davenport, Claud Leon
Dill, Jess J.
Foster, Harry John
Goodall, Abram Henry
Griffith, Charlie Calven
Griffith, Daniel Bell
Hill, John Albert
Jackson, Melvin Walter
Johnson, Harley
Martin, Earl H.
Marler, Harold Newton
McCreary, William
McCrea, Alexander
Perkins, George Harrison
Pratt, Malcolm Lawrence
Purcell, Elmer H.
North Emmett
Ackaret, Arthur Adelheid
Ackaret, James G. B.
Ackerman, Harold Gilbert
Aguria, Leon
Aldersable, Pedro
Pryor, Edward Clark
Reep, Harry Clinton
Ribera, Lonjino
Rivett, Mitchell
Sains, Feodulo
Sallup, Gust
Sams, John
Sandoval, Reyes
Sanders, Floyd
Servantes, Ubenselaus
Shane Fred H.
Shane, Hardie
Shaw, Roy
Shelton, Frank
Sherman, Clifton G.
Shepard, William B.
Smith, Robert
Sorensen, Rufus
Spingos, Christ
Spittler, Wyatt
Steinersen, Reinhart
Surber, Benjaman W.
Sweany, Cleo
Swensen, Matt O.
Theodonponelas, Dimitrios N.
Tschudy, Arthur T.
Tschudy, Fred L.
Vanderdasson, Blaine
Whiteside, Claude C.
Wick, Anton
Williams, Walter L.
Wise, Joel Clyde
Wallace, Ray H.
Ballenger, Samuel Leander
Buresch, Ludwig
Bishop, Earl
Collias, Mike
Fishback, Robert Alonze
Heffner, Ernest E.
Hunter, Herman Floyd
Matthews, John Maddison
Morehouse, Birt Earl
Michael, Loy Albert
Mills, Gilbert Lloyd
Newman, Frank William
Newman, Elmer Lewis
Nichols, Eidred V.
Pare, Joseph Henry
Patten, John
Potter, Lynn
Preble, Taylor Celestine
Purcell, Richard Philip
Robison, Ernest Chari
Sasser, D. D. Jr.
Stander, Ferry Samuel
Storey, Purl Otto
Tappan, Boynton Verner
Walker, Estes Leonard
Bane, John Clayton
Baker, Ray Hollister
Bane, William James
Baker, Henry Kirby
Brown, Arthur
Bryant, Lindsey
Casper, Arthur Melvin
Callender, Quincy Jessie
Caclin, William Clark
Cole, William Asoph
Cole, James Frank
Cole, Heber David
Fuller, Ward Melville
Groat, Milo Thomas
Groat, Floyd Arlington
Hill, Jettie Benford
Hankins, Leo Earl
Howard, James Cooms
Hankins, Ivy O.
Hansen, Ephraim
Howard, Ben DeForest
Hull, John Mirl
Hitt. Houston Taylor
Heath, James Thomas
Higgins, Forest William
Holman. Alfred Herman
Jewell, William Godfrey
Johnson, George Henry
Muir, George
Nye, Leo Monroe
Nye, Clyde Marion
Oabe, Policarpio
Oberlin, Alberto
Obermeyer, John Charles
Olabe, Joquin
Olson, Olaf.
Panning, Harry Harris
Parent, Arthur Lewis
Pedersen, Chris Walter
Perry, Leslie F rancis
Polly, Claude Barry
Reils, Edwin August
Riggs, Boise Green
Rinker, Luke Eugene
Roberts, Meridith Arlington
Rodlund, Verner
Roup, Jesse Burr
Sanders, Fred
Schultz, Joseph J.
Shank, Benjamin Jacob
Skinner, Ralph Edward
Skinner, Clarence William
Shibao, Takejiro
Smith, George Anderson
Smith, W'alter Edwin
Stinson, Ray Gideon
Sutton, Arthur Otto
Tarleton, Delmar Hastings
Thomen, Arnold Gustav
Titus, Clinton Basye
Thompson, Lester Austin
Uriarte, Geromno
Vernon, Frank Shelley
Voss, Frank Herman
Wells, Laurel Earl
White, Earl E.
WTiite, Alton John
W'hitsel, John Earl
W r ight, Bruce Raymond
Wilhelm, John Alfred
Wilbur Hiram Lee Roy
Qulick, John
Walker, James Albert
Walker, Charlie
Walker, Anderson C.
Bramblee, Frank L.
Brassey, Leo Cota
Cone, Charles Ernest
Groves, Charles Ernest
Jensen, John Levi
Kloth, William Albert
Maxwell, Charlie
McAskill, Donald Osmond
McDowell, Wallace Ross
Patton, Thomas William
Rose, Heber Reed
Totorica, Jose
Wright, William Mario
Wyman, Charles Mahan
Achart, Henry Morgan
Alter, Ray Nathaniel
Bean, Reno
Bean, Harry Ralph
Chambers, George William
Chase, Henry Milton
Cooper, Cecil Emory
Deen, Thomas Laffett
Deen, Murl dotes.
Driscoll, William Patrick
Demasters, Claude
Demasters, Joseph Benjaman
Douglas, William Harvey
Douglas, Burton Leroy
Hartman, Benjamin Harrison
Ireton, Leonard Harold
Johnson, Moral Knight
Ireton, Emmett C.
Kingman. Charley
Lowry, James Orva
Mabee, Ray Edwin
Marler, George Washington
Martin, William Lee
Mires, Elmer Burton
Moore, Franklin Felix
Nielson, Samuel Theodore
Ocker, Fillmore Raymond
Phillips, Frank Ethelbert
Rainey, Wesley Buren
Smith, Walter James
Spencer. William Herbert
Sweet, Harry
Woody, Samuel Wesley
Woody, Emmett Frances
WY'ergenson, Parlie Ephrim
Yergenson, William K.
Alberdi, Alberto
Alberdi, Bernito
Alegria, Facundo
Angeroth, Cecil P.
Arostegui, Mario
Bilbao, Visento
Bostic, Ford J.
Cox, Lloyd B.
Daly, James T.
Dean, Chas.
Dixon, Andrew
Foster, Ora B.
Fuentis, Jesus
Garate, Lee
Garate, Jose Manuel
Gatfield, Harvey A.
Gifford, Edward W.
Gifford, Arthur H.
Haley, John R.
Hoseley, Rex A.
Joines, Vance
McConnell, Richard L.
Noland, Maurice L.
Noland, Lynn M.
Paimer, Harlem T.
Powell, Lee W.
Southland. George E.
Vadney, Albert E.
Vadney, Agustus C.
Volkmer, Walter W.
Vaughn, Victor C.
Wescott, Harry C.
Sacks, Ernest
Sevey, William A.
Sevey, Loyd Clyde
Simpson, Stephen Raymond
Thornton, Lewis Edward
Wharton, Palmer William
i Woods, Harry
Arrizabalaga, Auastacio
Atucha, Jose
Aucabe, Jose
Barber, James Warren
Beers, Virgil Willard
Beeles, William
Benge, James
Bicandi, Cirilo
Bildosoba, Simon
Bisom, Theodore
Blaisdell, Laurence A.
Borup, William Thomas
Bowles, Arthur
Brown, Allen Alfred
Broderick, Edward
Burnham, Huston
Carpenter. Ralph W.
Chapin, Everett
Craig, Walter Donald
Craig, John T.
Corbin, Emmett Kitridge
Cook, Robert Arnold
Dixon, Earl
Farnsworth, Roy W'illiam
Foster, Charles William
Foster, Harry Milton
Foster, Cecil E.
Fowler, Raymond Frank
Fonk, H. W.
Fujii, Hajimu
Gabaloa, Pedro
Gabiola, Bictonano
Goitie, Pemin
Garate, Benito
Gordon, Robert
Garrano, Agustin
Gorlie, Juan
Harlow, King J.
Hunter Duncan
Hutsell, Fred Alexander
Hunter, Joseph W r .
Hughes, Charles E. Jr.
Hughes, Walter George
Inman, Homer Frank
Johnson, Hallowell Donald
Keithly, Roy Campbell.
Kuckku, William Henry
Lane, Carl Henry
Lane, Charles Herbert
Larson, Richard Warren
Lindgren, Oscar Emil
Lindgren, John E.
Logan, Lloyd V.
Logan, Guy H.
Logan, William Edward
Looper, Grant
Lund, Albert Clarence
Marinaor, Pete
Morehouse, Bert R.
Monasterio, Felipe
Munesada, Y.
McConnell, Charles Edgar.
McCuan, James Owen
McDonald, Jay Sales
Meier, Henry A.
Newman, Milton Alonzo
Norton, Robert Roe
Ortuzar, Joe
Ortugar, Francisco
Otkins, Louis Richard
Payne, Chauncey
Plant, Edward L. Jr.
Phillips, Oliver Luther
Quintana, Domingo
Ray, Arthur Everett
Renwick, John
Rekow, William Herman
Robertson, Merrill Claude
Ross, Leonard Jonathan
Robideaux, Harold Peter
Russell, Clarence
Rynearson, Emery John
Sarringarte, Victor
Sabala, Pedro
Sanders, Frank Leslie
Sanders, Jay W'alter
Selaya, Teodoro
Schrecongost, George
Sickert, William Arthur
South Emmett
Adler, Robert William
I Alsager, Louis Seltner
I Alsola, Diego
Ajarraguena, Jose Andres
Anderson, Virgel Raymond
Anderson, Carl Ivan
Aprais, Jose
Arguinchona, Luis
Badiola, Martin
Barber, Russell Calvin
Barnum, Harley Wesley
Bates, Arthur Loyd
Bates, Delbert
Bereseartus, Benito
Sever, Ora Lee
Beutler, Alma Henry
Beutler, Keber Fredrick
Bicandi, Antonio
Bryson, James
Campbell, Harlan Chester
Carter, Frank
Casper, Edgar Alonzo
Celay, Maximo
Chapin Frank Russell
Chambers, Ollie Ulric
Clark, Lawrence Grant
Coonrod, Christopher C.
Cooper, William Riley
Cornwall, Neri William
Cornwall, Joseph Alexander
Corier, George
Crawford, Otto William
Cronk, Allen Jay
Davis, Ralph Earle
Demaris, Warren C.
Dewalt, Clarence
Dewey, Horace R.
Dixon, Jay
Dubberke, Henry William R.
Echelarria, Mariano
Eckleen, Merton Adolph
Emard, Walter J.
Finnell, John Charles
Fletcher, Lon Linder
Gabiola, Julian
Gabiola, Cautano
Gagne, Roy Henry
Garmendia, Angel
Greene, Walter L.
Garatea, Estebau
Good, Ernest C.
Griggs, Roy Inglesoll
West Emmett
Alsager, Lewis L.
Androulakis, Emanuel M.
Angoli, Oswald
Bagby, William F.
Baker, Arthur
Barton, Everett Henry
Badley, Robert H.
Barbean, Louis A.
Beam, Lester L.
Bratvold, Ellef
Bratvold, August
Brice, Berbert
Chadwell, Charles
Coffey, Lester George
Corser, John
Crank, Delbert H.
Davidson, George W.
Davies, J. T.
Dye, George R.
Eckalbar, George W.
Ericson, Peter
Ericson, Eric
Farris, Roy L.
Garcia, Pedro G.
Goodsell, George F.
Gustavson, Alex
Halvorsen, Martin
Hambleton, Jessy Allen
Hart, Howard H.
Harris, Loren Ryle
Heath, Ervin
H .-dge, Aleck Smith
Harrell, J. W.
Hawley, Verleigh C.
Helander, Oscar
Hembree, Roy McKinley
Hensley. Levi
Hill, John C.
Halloway, Ora Earl
Johnson, Ernest
Johnson, Richard
Jones, David
Kelley, Joseph H.
Kiesling, Frank
...... _ „
Griffith, Thomas Jefferson
Guenther. :Max Louis
Hall, Walter Johl L„.
Harris, \\ arren Ellis
Harns, James Washington
Hams, M' ch ?f 1
g^tley, CharesPaul Jr.
Hoffman, Paul Richard
Heap George
Herbert, Fernand
Hiatt Elvin
Hoffman, Paul Richard
Hollstrom Hvrum Neal
Hornillos, Maximino
Hornillos, Patricio
Hormacche. Juan
Hno-hes Paul F
^ Ral ph
a y Sf p e dro
Johnson, Sommer Treat
Johnson. John
Ihri Lloyd Emerson
South Emmett
Kelley, Henry Clyde
Knouse, Charles Elmer
Kyle, Orville M.
Kyle, Joseph William
Laisar, Hilaric
Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure, issued
out of the District Court of the Sev
"Judicial District of the State of
Idaho, in and for the County of Gem,
on the 17th day of May, 191 1 , in an
action wherein Minnie Marsh White,
administratrix of the Estate of John
Marsh, deceased, was plaintiff and
^ri^en A. Sproul, Mary E. ^proul
and Lillian Drury, were defendants
and sald de ^ ree wa ® ° n , the T 1 ' h
recorded in Judg
me n t Book A of said Court at page
313 > ? am commanded to sell all that
certain lot, piece, or parcel of land
aHuated Ç° unt y> Id aho, and
bounded and described as follows, to
,, , ,, . .. .
n °Hb half of the northeast
Quarter of section fifteen (lo , the
southeast quarter of the southeast
Quarter of section ten (10) and the
southwest quarter of the southwest
? uart « r . of .section eleven (11), all in
township six (6) north of range one,
,i"~ £ h.ibyT..tîh« » lh.
1 ? t . h da Y of "H? ne > 1917 » at 10:39
° clock, a. rm, of that day, in front of
the Court House, in Emmett, Gem
County, Idaho, I will1 in obedience to
s f ld order ° f sale a nd decree , of t? K re :
closure, sell all the above described
P ro P ei *ty» or so much thereof as niay
bc necessary to satisfy plaintiff s de
5 re f,wrth interest thereon and costs,
money rtt UnSstof
? I ." ne u "itea states.
Dated May 21, 1917.
DANE NICHULb, Sheriff.
Notice of Sheriffs Sale.
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale
issued out of the District Court of the
Seventh Judicial District of the State I
of Idaho, in and for the County ofi
Gem, in an action wherein M. E. Lewis j
I was plaintiff, and Mattie Keys, C. Dell
| Keys, Frances De Walt, and Emmett
] Irrigation District, were defendants,
and wherein the said plaintiff obtain
ed a decree against the said defen
dants, ou the loth day of May, 1917;
which said decree is recorded in Judg
ment Book A of said Court at page
Jll, I am commanded to sell all that:
certain lot piece or parcel of land sit-j
uated in the County of Gem, State of
Idaho, and bounded and described as
., c
^ °o o ff ctlon 2o > Twp. i
N. Range 3 . B. M.
Notice is hereby given, that on the
loth day of June, 1917, at 10 o clock i
A. M., of that day, in front of the
Court House, of Gem County, m Em- ;
m .}' ldah °> 1 w "' ln obedience to
said order of sale and decree of fore
closure, sell the above described prop
erty, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy plaimifFs decree
with interest thereon and costs, to
the highest bidder for cash lawful
money of the'United States,
I *" d "YaVENICHOLS, Sheriff.
—— ;
Notice to Creditors.
In the Probate Court of the County
0 f Gem, State of Idaho. '
In the matter of the estate of David
Evans, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the un
Jersi^rned Executor of the estate of
D av id Evans, deceased, to the credi
t0rS - °y ^ all .? e r" S el &l '
against the said deceased, to exhibit :
them with the necessary vouchers. ;
within four months after the first :
publication of this notice, to the said j
Executor or to J. P. Reed, his attor
ney, at the law r office of said J. P. i
Reed, at Emmett, Idaho, this being ;
the place fixed for the transaction of :
the business of said estate. I
Executor of the Estate of David [
Xotice for Publication of Time Ap
pointed for Proving Will. etc.
j n the Probate Court of the Coun
ty of Gem, State of Idaho.
j n the matter of the estate of David
G . Sc ott, Deceased,
Pursuant to an order of said Court.
rnac i e on the 26th day of May, 19X7,
notice is hereby given that Saturday,
the 16th day of June, 1917, at 11
[o'clock a. m. of said day, at the Court
Room 0 f said Court in the City of Em
me t tj County of Gem, has been ap
po ined as the time and place for prov
ing the Will of said David G. Scott,
deceased, and for hearing the applica
tion of Burton W. Scott for the is
suance to him of letters testamentary
when and where any person interested
mav appear and contest the same.
eanu ln a sr " a!1 bo > was fishing when
a game warden came along. "Caught
any trout?'' asked the warden. "Nary
a trout," said the bov. The warden
A . . ' stri nger
,a * s • he inquired. Well.
said the boy, "that big fellow kept
getting my bait and I thought I'd tie
him u p until I got through fishing."
_ . . f. , . .
T be rector had been explaining the
Sunday school lesson to the miant
class. "Now," he said, "would anv
ittle bov or girl like to ask me a
ue " tl0 ; Ha e jou got on trou
sers un d er that nightgown?" inquired
little chap.
Gem City Auto Transfer. Phone 189W. j
Evans, Deceased.
Dated and first published June 7,
Dated May 26, 1917.
A. O. SUTTON, Clerk.
"ft her, ,.k her. if you he.bt,
Mrs. R A McFarland. First street,
Emmett, says: "I took Doan's Kidney
Pills some time ago for backache and
trouble from the kidney secretions
and was greatly benefitted."
McFarland added: "Nothiner _
changed my high opinion of Doan's
Kidney Pills. My former endorse
"lent kill holds good." , .
Price 50c at all dealers. Don t sim
, ask for a k y nev reme dy—get
oô an ' s Kidney Pills—the same that
Mrs. McFarland has twice publicly
Proos Buffalo. N Y

For regular action of the bowels;
easy, natural movements, relief of
constipation, try Doan's Regulets. 25c
; a jj stores.
If You Have, the Statement of This
Emmett Resident Will Interest
Does your back ache, night and day
Hinder work; destroy your rest?
Does it stab you through and thro
When you stoop or lift or bend?
Then your kidneys may be weak.
Often backache is the clue.
Just to give you further proof.
The kidney action may be wrong.
If attention is not paid
Headaches, dizzy spells and nerves,
More distress will soon appear.
Uric acid and its ills
Make the burden worse and worse.
Liniments and plasters can't
Reach the inward cause at all;
Help the kidneys—use the pills
Emmett folks have tried and prov
What they say you can believe.
Read this Emmett woman's ac
Foster-Milburn Co.,

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