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looking fine and is very much satis
fied with the company that he is now
in. This week's Stars and Stripes
says that a new leave area has been
opened up on the Brittany coast, so
from now on we will have the choice
of two summer resorts. We also had
a report this week that Claude Polly
is in Paris visiting his brother. We
hear that he is a top-sergeant in an
infantry company located near there.
I suppose you remember me writing
you this spring of the order that we
had, to take at least two baths a
week, and that punishment was to be
meted out to all who did not get their
names on the bath report at least
that often in one week. Well, every
thing has been changed now, and they
say the hot weather is to blame for it
all. At the present time they have
established a guard at the bath room
door to see that no one takes a bath
at all, at all. Last week sometime
the waterworks system gave out, be
cause the well refused to give up its
gold any more. Water has been so
scarce that we have had to put an
ambulance on the job to carry drink
ing water. For two weeks we haven't
been allowed to take a bath and from
the looks of things it will probably
be that much longer. Of course, the
river is close and free to all who
want to use, but who wants to take
a bath when they don't have to.
The last of the new buildings start
ed a couple of months ago will be
completed this week and the big new
hospital will then be going full blast.
But alas, ten new buildings have al
ready been ordered and will be here
in a short time and another large
force will be detailed to put them up
quickly. The past week has been the
biggest week we have had. All the
hospital beds are working double time
and the patients who are not very
sick or who are on the road to recov
ery, have been put in pup-tents on
the hospital grounds. In fact, we have
over 200 patients sleeping outdoors.
A few weeks ago Major Clark told
me that his ambition was to have a
thousand patients, and now we have
more than that by considerable. But
the major is anything but a happy
man, for he is kept on the go all the
time trying to figure how to put four
men in one bed. So far we have been
able to take care of all who came, but
our limit has certainly been reached
and if many more come we will soon
have to give up. The great increase
of patients is not due to the big drive
the allies are making, but to the im
number of soldiers that are
arriving here every week from the
Sept. Friday an
came through that we would have to
pay every patient in the hospital cas
ual pay for August. As there are
more than 1200 patients, and we had
to get their names, make up the pay
rolls, have them sign .t, get it all
O. K.'d by the paymaster and then
pay the men and get a receipt from
each one, it was a big job. We
worked all Saturday night and by 7
o'clock the next morning had the pay
rolls ready for signature. The signed
payrolls were delivered to the pay
master that morning about 9 o'clock
and late that night we received the
money. The men were paid ^arly
Monday morning.
Our hospital is still growing, due
to the increasing number of soldiers
passing through this camp from the
How Much Candy
Should We Eat?
Where Shall We Stop to Stay W'thin
the Bounds of Patriotism?"
That's a question which puzzles many of ns.
We all know that we must "go easy" on sugar, as It Is our duty
to conserve.
And candy contains some sugar.
So how can we know how much to eat?
« •
< •
re must not forget that our system needs some
In the first place,
sugar, and this the Food Administration recognizes.
• •
We must remember, too. that some people like their sugar In
coffee, some In fruit, and some In other ways. If you like yours in
the form of candy, eat some candy—as much as the Food Administra
tion permits: a certain share is yours—one pound per month.
The Food Administration is keeping in close touch with the
sugar situation and allotting the candy manufacturers as much as it
can see its way clear to allot.
Everyone Is being asked to save on sugar; the candy manufac
turers have been asked to save half of all they formerly used.
* ►
< >
But that which is being given them is being given them because
a food and is willing
It also knows that the candy
the Food Administration recognizes candy as
to permit it to be made and sold,
making Industry Is a big national Industry, and that, it is the duty of
everyone to help keep Industries going at home at the same time that
we are winning the war.
< »
So the candy manufacturers are permitted to make a certain
But the Food Admln
When the sugar allotted the
So you may know
• •
amount of candy and offer it for sale to you.
istration says how much that shall be.
manufacturers is used up no more can be hud.
that the candy yon see on sale is there with the permission and the
»auction of the Food Administration. And you can enjoy that candy
to the fullest. While you eat it or send it away to a soldier (if you
prefer), you will know that every pound la high in food value—good,
wholesome' food, supplying the system with carbohydrates (fuel for
the body).

It I'Tc of Ux
■il time« the candy industry n«cs
suirar consumed per capita in thia country* Ki*Ht
amount has been cat squarely i

The Candy Manufacturers of Utah and Idaho.
Emmett Citizens Testify
Public Benefit
for the
A truthful statement of an Emmett
citizen, given in his own words, should
convince the moat skeptical about the
merits of Doan's Kidi
you suffer from backache' nervous
ness, sleeplessness, urinary disorders
any form of kidney ills, use a test
ed kidney medicine.
An Emmett citizen tells of Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Could you demand more
proof of merit?
J. F. T. Basye, retired former.
Fourth St., says: "When I have had
attacks of kidney trouble, I suffered
with pains in my back which extended
through my hips,
come from my kidneys because at
such times, the secretions have passed
too freely and have been highly color
ed. I would be weak and run doun
when taken that way.
years ago I tried Doan's Kidney Pills
when I had one of those attacks and
they did me so much good I have al
ways used them when I have needed
kidney remedy since,
have never failed to quickly regulate
my kidneys and stop the pains and
other troubles."
Price 60c, at all dealers.
ney Pills. If
I know it has
Some few
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get I
Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that |
Mr. Basye had. Foster-Milburn Co., I
Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
states. The 10 new, barracks arrived
yesterday and two of them were com
pleted today, and tonight they are
filled with patients. How's that for j
erecting two buildings 100 feet long,
30 feet wide and about 15 feet high?
We have a regular town here all of
our own. I was up in the store room I
where Harvey Parks and Earl Gra- i
ham work today and it certainly has
the appearance of a country store.
Buckets, pails and dusters adorn the
ceiling; they have regular counters
to wait on the trade and carry every
thing in stock, from groceries, crock
ery, hardware, drugs, linen, furniture,
men's furnishings (army style), sta
tionery, typewriters and everything
else you could possible imagine, with i
the possible exception of ladies' ready j
to wear apparel, of which there is a
great shortage. John Gamage will !
be the proud possessor of a three |
chair barber shop, up-to-date in every
respect, and John is to be the head

If Old Man Gamage wants ;
to see a real up-to-date place, crowd- I
ed with customers all the time, he
should see his son's place of business.
We get out of the small town stuff j
when we come to the kitchen, with its j
six big ranges and the big stove
where a dozen big pots
beans, coffee, soup or mulligan can be
cooked at once,
big kitchen that feeds more than 1500
men at one meal, and it only takes
about two hours to feed the entire
But it has to be a
The X-ray outfit is now almost in
stalled and in a few days will be com
pleted. The signal corps are now
here bringing the electricity for the
X-ray outfit and to light the hospital
building, for Uncle Sam has installed
electric plant of his own in a neigh
boring town and is now busy string
ing wires through this entire district.
A short distance from here a bakery
company holds sway over a big bake
shop that puts out enough bread to
supply every outfit in this locality
how much I wouldn't dare say, but it
Thursday, 3,
This Is LIBERTY Speaking
Billions Are Needed and Needed Now. Make Your
Subscription Saturday, September 28
Nap-a-Tan Shoes
Warm Clothing
Woolen Shirts, underwear and heavy wool
sox. You'll need them very soon. Better buy
now. They will be scarce later on.
fk TWn<yw»
Ban« Oak
For the Men and the Boys. Complete line in
all sizes.
Men's Malone Wool Pants.
The price of woolen goods is continually ad
vancing. Buy now and save money.
' Best Quality
at Upper Leather
Oil flicker Lining
Inside Cork
Par chme nt
_ — Soüd Oak Tanned Out Sol«
bnat Porcnment (Pig's Bladde r ),
cap re UMtum uf
A big shipment just received. They are the
heavy work shoe par excellence. They
will stand the weather and the rough, hard
knocks under all conditions.
There's a crispness in the night air now that
suggests warm bed coverings. Our wool and
cotton blankets will keep you comfortable.
A large stock of genuine oak kegs, in 5,10, 15 and 20-gallon sizes. Just the thing for
pickles, vinegar, cider, etc. Very reasonably priced.
General Merchandise and Groceries
would be sufficient to supply every
bakery in the entire state of Idaho.
And so it is throughout the entire
list of everything needed for the
equipment and comfort of a modern
army. Everything here is on an im
mense scale and practically all are
completed now.
almost ready for the beginning of
the finish.
Ever since the 1st of September I
have been thinking of the hunting
at home and have been wish
that I could be home this fall to
take part in the sport with you and
Dad, for after being out of the run
for two seasons I certainly am
So at last we are
s< ason
getting homesick for the sight of Ida
ho ducks, quails, deer, etc. But for
sakes, don't write and tell
of the fine times you are having
this fall on hunting trips for I am
afraid my poor heart wouldn't stand
the strain.
Major Clark leaves tomorrow to at
tend the big medical conference to be
held in Paris this week and next, so
for a few days we will be without his
smiling face around the hospital.
Floy has been under the weather the
last few days. He has influenza. But
he is able to be around now without
his bones squeaking and will soon be
in his usual form.
From Jess Moyer.
August 18—Dear Mother: I am
well and all O. K. We are back from
the front for a few days and where
camped now the old Idaho
boys came in for a rest last night and
among them were Freddie Monroe,
Morris Heelan and a number of oth
that I know, and it was just like
being home for a week. Morris Hee
Ian looks bad. He is on one of those
big 6-inch guns. But Fred Monroe
looks fine. They lost a bunch of Idaho
boys in this Iasi battle. Some of them
were from Emmett, tou know them,
also a number from Boise. The old
Idaho band last night played the same
pieces that it played when we march
ed away from Boise, and I tell you
that it was sure fine. It made all
the boys homesick. Well, mother, you ;
know that I always wanted to cross I
.„d I «111 h.„ .h..
Wh„ . went to town .W. "£I
I saw about 160 Germans. The 1 rench ;
had them out working in a wheat )
field, making them shock wheat.
Here is hoping that we are
for the Fourth of July, 1920, or sooner
we are
From Lloyd Simons.
Lyons, France, Sept. 11—Dear Dad:
Guess you think I have dropped off
the face of the earth, but not so. Am
on my "permission," or furlough, and
sure having- a wonderful time.
Reed Moore of Portland and myself
traveling together. We left St.
Nazaire on the night of the 5th and
went direct to Paris, where we had
three days of the most sensational
and wonderful times I have ewer en
We saw the city from A to Z;
taken through it by a friend of
Bill's friend. He showed us every
thing worth seeing, and Paris is cer
tainly a very wonderful city, indeed.
There are the most wonderful public
buildings and drives and boulevards.
The noted Champs Elysees was a reg
ular hang-out of ours, also the Palais
Royal, and in fact all the prome
From Paris we took a night train
direct to Lyon, through Dyon, and
landed here the 9th. This is the third
largest city in France, and believe me, I
Dad, it is some wild place. On the
level, I never liked France till I got
away from 701, but I have changed
And talk about eating! Oh,
my, how they can cook. From here
we are going to Nice, on the Italian
border, and then after a few days
back to the old grind,
back in St. Nazaire about the 20th.
We are entitled to a permission ev
ery four months, but this is the first
I have had. I am feeling fine and
only wish you could be with me.
We will be
If your children are subject to
croup get a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, and when the attack
be careful to follow the
plain printed directions.
rprised at the quick relief which
it affords.
comes on
You will be
■ u
Comrade coffee, 3 pounds for 86c
it Reilly's.
ea e ° , ' j
Waho Springs. Idaho Sept. 1, 1918. |
Towm.1Remedy O^.Iwaukee^»^ |
that mv wjfe has n * t been bothered ,
f&r a ]onfr time ^th those attacks.
are'very well satisfied with the re-1
gu j t8 an( j think that your treatment j
has helped her wonderfully. If I meet !
anyone that is afflicted, I will sure j
speak a good word for you. You can
use my name in testimony of your
y.» -«k, McCA[x
; ma ji ec j f ree upon request,
q-hird St., Milwaukee, Wis.
dress TOWNS REMEDY CO., 661
Phones—Office 15. Res. 151-R2
Bank of Emmett Building
Emmett, Idaho
Corner Grocery
Fresh green vegetables now all the time,
lettuce, turnips, carrots, celery, rhubarb, aspara
gust, parsley, cabbage, radishes; in fact everything
that can be had in the market. Also
Cured Meats, Weinies, Minced Ham, Bologna
and Pig's Feet
All kinds of Staple and Fancy Groceries
Positively No Deliveries will be made on small
articles that you can carry home with you.
I am saving all the gasoline I can to help win
"Over There.'
Won't you co-operate with me?
W. W. Wilkerson, Prop.
Auto Delivery
Phone 160
FRANK KNOX, Proprietor.
Cigars, Tobacco, Candy and Soft Drinks
Pocket Billiards
A nice comfortable place for gentlemen to
enjoy themselves.
Home Made Bread
The kind you like—nourishing and satisfying—
made in an up-to-date bakery.
Cakes, cookies, rolls and all kinds of baking

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