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he Emmett
' UA11 °. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1918.
NO. 1
From Carroll Feat
Prance, July 5—We started flying
aeroes the lines last Sunday and the
"E* tKlt U°"5-i' i d ,r n ma
that is officially credited to us
vVe have two captains with us nWJall
who were formerly with the old
Interesting Letters from L
Boys at Home Cai^ /
aad Abra»*
fayotte escadrille and also Lieut
T%Z°Z t J e uiT n Z aCe ° f
at the present time. So you see
have some good flyers and will
heard from more often now, and
rest of our flyers are all good
for much flying we got a leave
spent the glorious Fourth at one
tk towns you read so much of.
upon them. So now it seems like
are closer to the front than ever.
Lawrence Crabtree is over when
the American boys have done
htamy fighting the past week. I
npt heard from him for sometime
It is about time for the bombin
planes to come over. We hear then
at all times of the night and day
and some of them are wonders,
The boches dropped a few bombs cios
by last week, but they hold no terroi
for us.
July 19—Our ace came down tq!
morning with a large shrapnel hq.
through the gas tank and g
other one through another pd
and several smaller holes \
different places. My machine ha-^
shrapnel hole through the wing ] \
night and another one came back/.
tenants he wenT e un a yesterday^ mort^'!
and has been missing since. wla?|T.
not know whether he was b)
down or had a forced landing.
an exceptionally fine and daring u -
but took too many chances for :
one at the <*ame.
The Huns have been over, fawj
niights straight now and thefirst light
qombed a hospital close by, V ä » n
tXU'whXrtLrwTre after'.for
rXlly meant to get the hospital At
nights when they send the arcbi-S up
after him and he is firing h *» f | un
M-%. bad rood
day,"but we dd not kro% If TtpH®
About 13000 boches being cÄtoed
'tht "ry 20 are° W drivi^g ke ?hem tek 1
I hqpe it is so, as it means th( ear
will he finished that much soone: .
Aflgust 20—The Fritzies have been
over, the past week every night i|id
^ur'^camp Imi 'field' Dne^a^I- a
baiVacks and wounded four boyvope
•of fihem in 22 différé«, places;' the
t of them did no dimage * rfL
«orne of the boys sleei close V 1 the
ÿuts now and othen beat it ias
scrap between a Libertyand a boc^ie
th^other night, but neifcer one was
brjoght down. Our ealy morning
iX/Xto stay" with u^»r th *
HiTcaptain went up to mtst hin Ind
p*V his respects. Of coura he kid a,
häN time to persuade the fell«,, toi
coçte ^'^.^r^^tteob-ical
server and wounding the g>t q the
■otherwise. TheVane was Sliced* '
T& observer was a captai^X
pilot an N. C. O.. so the phqis all !
Se otor and good r< instrument e .^" de3
(The Captain Putman, meat^d i n
thp first of Carroll's letter^ re _
ceptly killed, according ta Q dig.
6 ' '
From EMon Grave#
Camp Lewis, Sept. 29—t>ea
■Carnage: I am writing to thi E*n e tt
folks today and, of course. I ei^ g0
by the barber shop and not)--. „
hello. I like the army life ffc f ar
blit of course if this mis®b|e old
Zrlr was over I wouldn't stfy « ( be
■art«? just f°r an occupation; This is
a fine camp and there is c«taini v a
fine bunch of soldiers here Th ert .
Je so many Emmett boys in to; „
tlpt it has already began to
sfltm Hke home, so »e
these days I wdl probably be
^rcam^here wi°th me'kir
«-ready been sent out of cam,, to »me
They were taken swa,
♦5a, while I was gone and 1 Wt
lenow where they went until son» of
them write. Everything m the
hv lotterv and by char.es I
xS+.en you get up in the morning yoll
c#n't tell where you will be in the
evening, but al! makes it »'teresung
,Vt a weet e rrlin1 t l«:nd\^S!
Vmses. eCK '
The army is a great school, and the
best that any one can attend at the
nresent time. I have; always behaved
and now I think more of it than »ver
before. I wish I had had mHfc y '
braininff before coming here aj ; t
vould be much easier for me,
U? where alTo/one's attentior hJ. j
xvted to the one thing.
---- !
From Bob Mech I
U. S. Naval Tanning Station, 5 an
ransico, Sept, 25—Well I have («jat
ItV f?** th ir a V nd f S not alfowe^
mention ca, T l P ee ts to associate
r} n * «»ose three wees other
ih any of ti.e other m ftlI of us
P**£J£ CaAer Harry Love and
.telf äve been through that camp
j-seii nave been having
lÄ Ä ^y- when
"They -y that SpanUh influen
Î* so reading throughout the eoun
is spreamng j t on 18
AiTt would kill hundreds, so they
a put a quarantine on for at least
days. . . U™ l,,» h. fi mP
Well. 1 '^'juring the da/ and we
,; me to do anything. The
T,lvtC Ittels to hear the bugle
#ïu?>ot to get up m the morn
fou Z°\ required to eo
^"o sure^ve gold
Put-» Zy thing that I
! fedabout is that we have
we vel 10 hreakfast every Monday
be,jeaj for breakfast every 1 ». ^
and» / „ - The Bo y "
æxlu Æ It; b. much «, a j
anl^r this week, just enough to tell
,tjT that I am well and enjoying the;
Jf . ; For it ha3 been ra ining
v*L e haven't been paid this month yet, j
j nd 80 haven't any money with which
Qur winter>s suppiy 0 f coal,'500.
J J J . . ._j
even enough to buy a winter suit ;
This afternoon I went|
nowjmd new hat.
VV * ' A . AJ • xl
Annual Convention Well Attended
The annual convention of the W. C. i
U. of south Idaho adjourned at •
noon today after a busy and profit-,
liable session of three days. Forty-five j
, , . _.
„/'delegates were present. |
East year's officers were reelected
gnd consist of the following: Dr. Em
j na 0 rake , president; Mrs. Vance, vice
§Le-ident ■' Mrs Prescott treasurer
Mrs. Poll'y, corresponding secretary;'
Mrs. Thompson recording secretary.
, r be convention went on record in
-tavor'of reducing the district units to
uni.,. .„I the dü,.™. presi- j
was empowered to appoint pre
siaew.« x-..,, vtnt Cbwhtres Ifi rtre-j-ehe
(Continued on page 3)
Old Officers Retained
A deli J htfuI auto ride th ™ U ? h ^
country district was given the visitors
by the Commercial Club yesterday af
ternoon, which was much appreciated!
an( j heartily enjoyed by all.
A com P lete re P ort of the meetings
will bfe given next week.
P. E. O. to Boise
j n response to an invitation from
chapter A Boise p g q., two auto
oa< ^ s ladies drove to Boise Satur- 1
day afternoon to attend a war party j
given at the home of Mrs. Gravely, i
The Caldwell chapter also were guests j
of the afternoon, and a delightful oc- ;
casion was enjoyed by about sixty
ladies. A program, consisting of vo- !
solos by Miss Louis Woodruff j
ladings bv Mrs. Minnie Dutton
Priest, and an address by Judge Mc-i^
carthy provided a profitable and en
tertaining hour. The Emmett Dartv
included the Mesdames S. O. Zach- :
man, T. B. Hargus, E. C. Rundstrom,
w. S. Keith, Loren Dean, G. W. Max- ;
fie!dj A c. Lathrop and' Harry Car- 1
michael, and the Misses Florence
Rundstrom, Dora Merrill and Kather
ine Mann.
as agember of the council, and it was
accÀted. Walter Crabtree's resigna-.
J . , . , , „„ , ^
tuinas mg mars a was a so accep -
ed. .nd Mr. Hoops was appointed and
confirmed to succeed him. The Ore
of.gon Short Line • petitioned for a per-1
J an addition to the depot
-' d to build a warehouse on
Hayes avenue. Both buildings are to
b , ^ame. As the proposed build
; h fire district the
wouiu De in tne nre uisi.net, tne
petition was referred to a committee.
Meeting Postponed
A' Tuesday's meeting of the Com -1
mc!n j a ] club a committee was ap
P^ed to attend a meeting in Boise ,
'ofhtrrow to plan and organize the
R< h»tries of Idaho so as to be able to
haute government contracts. Ow- I
j n< . th inabilitv of the govern- ;
;■«>'. representative to be present.
h® meeting has been postponed a
ujie of weeks. j
hulk;Boy Suffers Broken Arm j
, ,^ n ' * e y0UnS so " of and MrS '
dbjjrt Martin, while playing in a
arg fell and broke his arm, Sunday.
« - I
Uunond Edge knives and rasors
Resigns as Councilman
At Monday night's council meeting
W W. Hoops tendered his resignation
TW0 ■!»»
The A5 Company, of which John D.
Little and C. A. West are the prin-jthe
cipal stockholders, have just eonclud
^negotiations for the purchase
. R T p t . , rfln „L. in fiardpn Voi
the T ' Prestel ranch in Garden v al -1
ley. The sale includes all the stock,
Prestel Ranch in Garden Valley
— Naher Ranch at
implements and hay. This is one
t J best stock ranches in this
f . . T , • «j-r
of the state. It comprises 7o5 acres,
350 acres of which is meadow land
and the remainder cut-over land. Mr.
Little ,i„ haw *.
the property.
The other deal is the purchase by
the Craig brothers of the Mrs. John
»-* — U«*
of the best ranches in the valley.
The price paid for the place is $15,-,
place east of Dewey's grove to W.
Hill on the Bench. Mr. Hill is
F. A. DeClark sold the John Baxter
wide and 60 feet deep. Mr. Sinclair,
will open up the vein, as he believes
that with depth a first class quality of
coal will be found. If so, the dis
, , , _
covery is a valuable one The sam
pie is on display in The Index office.
Business Men Confer
A conference of the business men
and Lyon Cobb, representing the Boise,
Payette Lumber Co. was held Tues
day evening in Commercial Club
rooms to consider retaij prices of
merchandise. M, Cobb
adoption of a "Coupon system" by
mercdiants, and e0nhid%rabTd^S-tP
it up and will soon move onto it.
Coal in Garden Valley
W. F. Sinclair, who returned yes
terday from a visit to his ranch in
Garden Valley, brought back samples
of a deposit of coal on his ranch. The
sample was taken from the surface of
the ground and is about half way be-j
tween wood and coal. The vein is on
the river bank and is at least 25 feet
cussion resulted. Action was deferred
^ dat6 '
Charles Duke of VanWyck commit-!
ted suicide by hanging last week. He
was found suspended from the rafters
of the barn at his home. He was un
married and 34 years of age.
J- H. Emery w*as stricken with
paralytic stroke Sunday morning, but
1S better today.
Snow fell on West Mountain Sat
urday night during the heavy
in the valley. ' i
Essie Boyles of Emmett, now Mrs.
Essie Clark of Knox, killed three!
bears at her home on Salmon river
r e Ce ntly SomeTerve
, ' , , ;
j °®T h !f wa^h^me t f r ° Ugh
°" . ^
summer outln P> 0 a dned
venlson ' bear meat an . . S '
Albert Mart ' n 18 v,sltln ? h °me folks,
thls week at Emmett
Van Wyck Man,Suicides
, „
for B'g

auction sale on Main street of!
E tomorrow afte rnoon for the
, . .. p , rmxv
- , . fj , !> 1°
° f f bem!r . 3 T ^
enterprise - J™* ™ a "
k ' ndS ,. ° f r™ hSdeTnf T'
Cha " d,Se fliveÎ rate r ? 1
l* co " 8 V 1 hvely G« 5
Barnard says th ere is no lumt to
h give—he alreadv
wnat any one cun g ne steady
has listed a Buie amomo l e.
The receiving committee is com
posed of W. T. Crouch, J. W. Tyler.
and N C. Morten«^ to whom all
a rticles for the sale -hall be delivered
at their headquarters in the Odd Fel
lows building. Everybody is request-;
ed to contribute something of value.
The mayor hw been «^ted to de- j
dare a holiday fron , 4 in the af
ternoon, so that the entire city may
turn out to the sale, as it is essential :
that there be buyers as well as con
tributors. |
The Red Cross ladies will serve cof-
ee an d lunch all afternoon.
bers are requested to bring sand-1
wiches, beans and pickles for the i
Arrangements Complete
Event Tomorroi
Witt, . ,
Liberty Uan T™ 'r**' f
la. t à 3,3 , nor , drive Gem county
of'sirZmT x **** "" qU ° U ° f
W,ÖÖÖ ' ^ amount is not made
up by Saturday nurhi »
^ K t f* h * *'.*
ç em
County Needs $30,000 to
HU Quota—'To Pub
lish Names
ca „
ext to
section!Four D "i Z \° Ut the d * hn( *** Di *
ur P re< nncts have eone over the
; top . They are Montour Sweet. Pearl
and Hanna r»»' ' , .
of jts a i] 0 t mpn . ^!T d $ ^° ,<>00
made a small response
beinc . subscribed bv them
previoiis ]oan , ' tnern '
( The following circular letter has
been received by chairman
only $1500
To the
was subscribed
Craig from
: Monte B. Gwinn, state chairman:
j President Wilson has designated
E.j^^ 12 33 Nationa! Li ^rty Day.
fixing>' 0< f
j quota, reporting: same through banks,
! that we may 7 join Montana and Oregon
in telegram to Federal Reserve Bank
1 government we publish a list
0 e J' ame!l an the tlme depart
are - Jhe P a P ers also publish daily
the names of those makimr the
Z thZe
p Vke11 as those
t at are *' l ' Un e or taken prisoners,
and we .believe a list of names of
our citizens remaining behind and sub
^bing their share to this greatest
b° nd 'ssue ever put out by any gov
ernment should be recorded at our
«"P' 10 ' t™ a » future genera
' t a t ,, p for the papers to
uWl,!h '* J " names, at <im time
j 3 , tln ^ that ldaho has subscribed her
fu „ allotaent on sa *d October 12?
, - vour a!wa >' 3 io - val newpapers
pUb ' 1Sh J 13ts of subscribers, amounts,
P 08 " office address, sending copies of
said papers to state headquarters for
a permanent file to be kept in the
st X audltor 5 office?
When our boys offer their
without too much sacrifice of space,
Acting upon the above, chairman
Craig will have published in the Em
mett papers next week a list of the
subscribers of the county and the
everybody is urged to increase their;
'subscription as well as act as a so-j
liciting committee among their neigh
Surely Emmett will not fail to
get in line with the four precincts that
already have gone over the top.
~~WZ n;/ n„„, r art
, K . 7? . .
The Emmett Irngafon District has
given to W. H. Sisler a con.ract
cementin S' Tunael N °', 2 ' t(l The tun ;
^ ". 6 °° X
!S a b j ? one . The entire tunnel on the
inside is to be covered with cement.
Work will start soon and_emplo> ment ;
Wll l be given to a large torce of men |
we suggest that the names be publish
ed as conveniently as possible in con
secutive issues."
It is hoped to close up the gap by
Saturday night, and in order to do so, |
for several months.
T 7 - . TOTO !
„ ,
London Mail Favors Kaiser and
Leaders Being Punished
T , T a iFnvIandi 'fail has our
■/ f ^ ^ of tare hat Ger'
*dea of the terms of peace tnat uer
many should have. Commenting on,P
the la ' a German proposals that paper;
comments as follows:
In Prmce Maximilian's speech says
^ MaiK " thw " Ge™ h«
Pitance : f« o nme ,iGmgj ha
committed. Me did not allow Bui
** ri * to tel! us what - C \ d °' * Q J
tend , recisel v in the same way
'with Germany and Austria .
I f the German people wish te know
what guarantees Pre^i en ", 1 1
Surrende?-. ' The Germans must leave ;
the territornes they have occupied,;
restore the property they nave stolen. |
pa 5-' for all the damage
by the .Ufca j
x be jj a j] =avs there are abou, 5
f these beginning with the emperor, j
It a i,„ ' , ... , »h a t Germany wil!
n no „• nre - be given back
colonies. ^ ' '
Wrecks Wagon
A freight engine ran
wagon belonging to M m.
terday morning. *
into a trailer
Arnes, yes
the Washington
street crossing and badly wrecked the
vehicle. Mr. Ames was driving the
outfit, which consisted of a team of
horses pulling two wagons,
the rear wagon had crossed the tracks,
a freight engine on the track close to
the street started up, hitting the
end of the wagon and smashing the
wheels. N« injury was suffered by
Bill or damage to the rest of the out
No Place for Family
A letter received from Mrs. A. F.
Page, who with her husband recently
moved to Portland, states that Mr.
Page went right to work the day
following their arrival, for the N. W.
Steel Co. Lota of work for both men
and women. People living in tents,
sheds, and this
weather they are out of luck, ''But,"
she says, "a man with a family had
better leave them at home if he must
come here for work; almost impossi
ble to find
are crowded and living expenses very
high. Milk sells at 16o per quart;
butter, 70c; eggs, 68c." The address
of the Pages is 308 Main street.
vacant room. Schools
Depot Employes Get 8 Hours
Beginning Tuesday, employes of the
Short Line at the depot were given an
eight-hour day. Accordingly the depot
will open at 8 in the morning and
close at 5 in the afternoon.
Churches, Theaters, Pool Halls Closed
to Ward Off Influenza
The state board of health took a
drastic but precautionary action late
Tuesday, to control the spread of
Spanish influenza, for it directed that
on and after Thursday all churches,
places of public assemblage, opera
houses and places of amusement close
dowm and remain closed for an in
definite period. Public and private
schools are not included in the order.
They will remain open. Acting upon
this order, Mayor Rose this morning
issed a proclamation calling upon all
prohibited public meeting places in
Emmett to close and remain closed
until the ban is lifted. The order in
cludes pool and billiard halls, lodges
been notified to report all
promptly to county health officers,
"Some objection has been raised
to exemption of schools while other
public assemblies are banned. On this
P olnt > Dr - Blwer sald : " We have
leemed it necessary to close the
s «-'hools yet. because the children are
n()W un<Jer close observation, and the
f^tidisease seems to be most prevalent
among robust, young adults. While j
"° ap<? iS 6Xempt ' ° Ur aKitUde iS t0
eneourape tbe pgopjg re frain from,
L atherin g in considerable assemWages.
especially in crowded, poorly ventilât- j
e(j quarters."
dance halls and church social
ies as well as theaters, churches and
public meetings of all kinds. As no
official notice was received by county
and city officials until this morning,
the order will not be put into effect
until tomorrow morning.
Additional cases of influenza were
reported from Twin Falls and Lincoln
counties, but the number was not
given. Physicians of the state have
^ ^ x '
'■ ""H* T*" *
State Board of Health all serv.ces at !
Lords Day are cancelled and the
church mil remain closed until the
quarantine is lifted by the Board of
{Health- We would recommend to our
people that they gather the family to
, , ,, . , .. -
gether at the hour of worship for
Bible study and prayer. Let us make
Sundav a day of private and family
- " z^. tnr
a. 7 " • • P>
T „ Mr . and Mrs. W. A. Barnnell
- a daughter.
awJ Mrs . CWton gherman
dBn _ ht „ r
V dau ^ ter '
Twir, girls were bom to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Andrew on Tuesday.
^ Mr und Mrs Harrv Stanley on
Fridav a daughter
To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Howard on:
;ndav. a daughter.
and Mrs. H. I. Lee, on Mon
,v, a daughter.
Forest Ranger Examination
Civii Service examination for
will be held in the
t office at Emmett, October 28.
Men or.iv. between the ages 21 and
40 years are igible to take the ex
amination. For information and ap
plication b.anks apply to the Forest
Supervisor, Emmett, Idaho.
Dr. Judd, dentist, Monro# Bldg.
Federal Court Rules in Favor of
Bondholders—$1,100,000 In
volved in Suit
Attorneys in the case of the bond
holders of the Emmett Irrigation Dis
trict versus the Emmett Irrigation
District on Mond*/ received notice
that the United States Court of Ap
peals in San Francisco had held valid
the bonds issued by the district. There
was involved bonds in the sum of
$1,100,000 and accured interest.
The issue in the case was what are
known as the
commission bonds,"
which were sought to be invalidated
he cause of a breach of contract on the
part of the agent for the sale of the
bonds. The bondholders committee,
Edmund Seymour,
represented by
chairman, brought suit to compel pay
ment of the interest on the entire bond
In April of last year, Judge
Dietrich of the U. S. district court in
Boise held in favor of the bondholders,
and the court of appeals now upholds
Judge Dietrich's decision.
It is quite probable that this de
cision will end the litigation, and that
a conference of the District and the
bondholders committee will be held
in the near future to arrange for a
settlement. There is some talk of
funding the present boiid issue for a
sufficient amount to include the
crued interest. It is believed here
that to make a levy to pay off the in
terest now due would be
burden. It is estimated the interest
charges now amount to $12 per acre.
on onerous
\ ou probably thought your one
towel or one handerkerchief would not
make any difference, consequently
Gem county has fallen down on it:,
allotment of linen for the hospitals
in France. This linen shower will
be continued until Monday. October
14. Up to Wednesday night, we are
in need of the following to fill the al
59 sheets, 64x162 inches.
to prevent its spread in the state and
to isolate the few cases that are at
present in the state, the State Board
of Health has issued the following
"State Board of Health directs you
to inform Mayors and Chairmen of
Village Trustees in your county that
because of Spanish influenza, all pub
31 bath towels, 19x38 inches.
149 hand towels, 18x30 inqhes.
The handerkerchief allotment has
been filled.
If every one would give their share
this allotment could easily be met. If
you cannot give any of these articles,
give a few minutes of your time and
tell your neighbors of the need. Per
haps they can help.
On account of the scourge of Span
ish Influenza, which is causing the
death of so many of our people
throughout the Nation, and in order
assem t > * a V es ar, d places of amuse
an<j after Tbursday , October 10,
m8 untü further orde rs."
j j am farther d;rected fay the Sut<)
j BoanJ of Health t0 say th8t this or .
j ^ includes ; haHs> bxlt that the
| ^ fountains are to be allowed to
j ^ a , so th-t open air meet ings will
be allowed.
Now, therefore. I. R. E. Rose, May
of Emmett, Idaho, direct that all the
provisions of the order of the State
Board of Health be .observed and that
all public assemblages, other than the
ones specially excepted above, be pro
hibited until further notice.
Given at the office of the City May
or this 10th dav of October, 1918.
R." E. ROSE, Mayor.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express
or heartfelt
rho were so kind to
thanks to those
death of our
us during the illness a
beloved wife and mother, and especi
I flora) offerings
ally for the beauti
and to the choir.—Wm. MeCrossin and
To the friei
s who were so kind
:kness and after the
to us in the
death of our loved husband and fath
er, we wish to express our sincere
thanks.—-Mrs. and f amily,
^7^- \ M r. and Mrs.
the In
C. A. WEST, (

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