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Diamond Edge knives and razors
at Reilly's.
John Glenn, wife and daughter were
in town from Sweet Tuesday.
Jess DeMasters was down from Ola
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Glenn were
shoppers from Ola on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bird were Boise
visitors Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Vera Shaver went to Boise for
a short visit. Her parents have moved
from Boise to Baker City.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fulton came
down from their ranch near Salmon
George Fuller Jr., went to Lake
port this week to work at carpentry
until school is reopened.
Messrs. Frank Harris and Ed Coul
ter of Weiser were attending to busi
ness matters in Emmett on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hanthorn of Wei
mett Monday.
.miss Anna Wagner is spending the
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Obermeyer.
The need of safe life insurance was
never greater than now. Call F. R.
Chapin, phone 32-J and I will call on
Mrs.Frank Dahlstrom was called to
her former home in Salt Lake last
Thursday by a telegram announcing
the illness of her mother.
Miss Mary Quinn, of the Emmett
teaching force, accompanied her moth
er home to Horseshoe Bend Sunday
Ray Sabin and family left overland
this week for California. They were
well equipped for camping on the why
and are making the trip in their Ford.
Callie Burt and Mr. Butts of Star
returned from their trip to the hills
after big game. They report the big
game a little shy.
Mrs. F. J. Bliss entertained at din
ner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Church,
Mr. and Mrs. John Orr and Mr. and
A letter from Harry Panning, form
erly with the Boise-Payette mill,
states he is still at Camp Lewis train
ing in the Signal Corps.
L. W. Spaulding of Payette drove
up Sunday morning to get his daugh
ter, Miss Velma, who is teacher of
Domestic Science in the local High
The little son of W. Borup fell from
fence Monday, fracturing his arm.
Dr. Cummings set the injured mem
ber and the little chap is at play again
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Bowen drove to
Boise Sunday. They were accompa
nied by Miss Luck Kielson, who will
spend her enforced vacation at home,
The Misses Mary Gamage, Bertha
Cantrall, Clara Allen and Gertrude
Sanders are among the students who
are spending an enforced vacation at
Produces endurance and endurance pro
duces Success. Success depends greatly
human health. Wholesome food not
only establishes Health, but it maintains
Vitality essential to daily work.
Our Groceries
Are selected according to the above.
They are wholesome, kept cleanly and
represent standard manufacturers.
Choice Teas and Coff ees Here
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Where They Have Things
Phone 189-J.
Antonio Arrubarrena, a sheep her
der for Andy Little, accidentally shot
himself in the left arm, Monday. The
wound is very painful. He is being
cared for by friends.
Sir. and Mrs. Carl Geisler of Pay
ette motored up Sunday, spending the
day with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Riggs.
Mrs. Geisler is a sister of Mrs. Sam
Charles O'Conner received a tele
gram from Syracuse, N. Y., to come
at once to attend his brother, who was
ill. This was immediately followed by
another stating the brother had died.
Harry Shropshire has received a
letter from Arthur Twilegar, in which
he states he was convalescing from a
two weeks illness in a hospital—Some
where in France.
Dr. R. L. Glase, E. A. Crooks an'd L.
W. Thrailkill, all of Boise, made up
a party who enjoyed a day's sport in
the "duck swamps" below Emmett
Sunday. They report excellent suc
The Mesdames G. and H. Durham
have spent the past week in Boise, re
turning today. One of the ladies was
taking medical treatment for her eyes.
You will DELIGHT in the
vast display of Holiday Jew
elry we have ready, and
thoroughly appreciate the
splendid variety.
OUR ABILITY to undersell
is clearly illustrated—
and see them.
Come and
Emmett. Idaho.
was born to Mr. and Mrs.
For good bread use Fleiachman's
Yeast, at Reilly's.
A son
Theodore Bison Sunday.
Mrs. Pearl Sanders-Stippich re
! turned Saturday from Weiser.
•day to look after business matters in
i connection with his lumber interests.
R. E. Shaw went to Cascade Tues
A life insurance check comes when
she needs it most. The Mutual Life of
N, Y. will take care of your loved ones
F. R. Chapin agent.
Taxicab service anywhere , any-1
time. Same price as before the war.
Phone 92-J-3.
Mr. and Mrs.J. L. Jensen and daugh
ter Irene and Mrs. Lou Burton drove
to Caldwell Sunday to bring home
Miss Karen, who has been attending
the College of Idaho. She states there
are a few cases of influenza in the
The families of George Zimmerman,
Ed Waring, W. L. Nicol, Robert Bur
lingame, Mr. Tenney and Miss Mar
garet Cupp enjoyed a day's outing at
Black Canyon last Sunday. During
the afternoon the men of the party
went hunting.
Bishop George Smith received a
telegram Tuesday from Sift Lake
stating that his sister Mrs. Toulson,
who lived in Emmett at one time was
Mr. Smith felt that be
very low.
cause of the numerous cases of in
fluenza in Salt Lake it would not be
advisable for him to attend his sister.
Charlie Gamage has received pho
tos of nine of our boys over there and
requests that should this paper reach
any of the boys who have not yet
sent a picture, he will make it a point
to do so at once. The collection is
attracting a great deal of admiration
and will have to be enlarged. Mr.
Carnage expects two photos from Si
beria very soon.
A letter received from Fred Whit
sell Saturday states that he has re
covered nicely from the "Flu." He
says it is no fun, and the fellows
who are at all well are kept bipsy car
ing for the sick ones. There are 2000
men in the S. A. T. C. ( Studekt Army
Training Camp) at 3owa University
and everything in connection 'with the
school is quarantined.
A. L.. Mors* with the Ellaon-Whit*
Chautauqua people, name in 'Saturday
to spend a day with kis daughter, Mrs.
G. W, Maxfiéid. He returned to Boise
Sunday in the Maxfield car leaving
there Sunday evening for Portland to !
join Mrs. Merse forain extosided visit. ;
Mr. Morse states that the closing j
down order is of course working great
hardships with the ^entertainment cir- j
cuit, as contracts cannot be filled.
Join the 109 Per Cent Amer
ican Club
It is the purpose of the HUNDRED PER CENT
AMERICAN CLUB OF IDAHO to give you the truth
about those who are trying to set up a Socialist gov
ernment in our state.
This is an organization started by farmers, but it
asks all classes to join in true Americanism.
Join for Americanism
Get your neighbors together. Write off the following dec
laration of principles, sign your names and send to H. B.
Powers, president Hundred Per Cent American Club of Idaho,
Owyhee Building. Boise. You will be put on IDAHO'S HON
We, the undersigned farmers and laborers of
Idaho, being ourselves 100 per cent loyal Ameri
cans, believing that many of our friends and
neighbors have been misled by overzealous leaders
of the Socialist party who are willing to create
disorganization and class dissension in exchange
for political advantage, and being justified that
a majority of the members of the Nonpartisan
League are honest and patriotic;
Therefore, for the purpose of proving to the * "
public, the state and national governments, that
a large body of farmers and laborers repudiate the
methods and practices of these leaders and giving
our support to the SAILORS on the sea and our
BOYS in the trenches in this hour of our nation's
peril, do hereby bind ourselves, each to the other,
that we will do our utmost to stamp out the insid
ious propaganda represented by Townley and
Townleyism, and to free our state from the men
ace of disunion adroitly promoted by the found
ers of a pro-German propaganda, and for the pur
pose of putting the farmers and laborers of Idaho
in a true light before the people of this nation, do
do hereby constitute ourselves the Idaho One Hun
dred Per Cent American Club.*
Make a copy of the declaration of principles as shown
in this advertisement, sign it and send it to H. B. Pow
ers, Boise, president of the Hundred Per Cent Ameri
can Club of Idaho.
Get your neighbors together, farmers, and sign this
real American declaration and then get them to vote
in harmony with its high principles.
All other citizens are asked to join. There are no
dues, but we will appreciate any donations for our
If you can do so, come to the headquarters of the
Hundred Per Cent American Club in the Owyhee
Building, Main street, Boise, and join.
Farmers: Remember, friends, what Roosevelt has
said about the leaders of the Nonpartisan League. Do
you believe Roosevelt, who is your friend, and other
leading men of this nation, or these league leaders? ")ou
may have been deceived by these Nonpartisan leaders.
H. B. POWERS. President.
Even Roosevelt was deceived for a time. But he now sees
I them in their true colors.
KO\ SHL RTLEFF, Secretary.
Executive Committee:
I. Lee Truax, Maridian.
A. J. Cramblett, Gooding.
H. B. Powers, ex-Officio Chairman.
Dave Farmer. Meridian.
John Jullion, Boise.
W. B. Mitchell. Parma.
{We are Farmers.)
I J. Potter of New Plymouth was
! an Emmett caller Tuesday.
u Mrs ' M , ar >' Hunt is visitin K in Boise
I this week.
Mrs. Harry Fosselman, who was ta
ken quite ill with pneumonia last Sun
; day is improving.
W. I) McFarland has leased his
i ranch to a Mr. J. C. Ellis for a period .
I of three years.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stringer and moth
! er left yesterday for Ogden, Utah.
j xhey wi n be absent indefinitely.
Clinton H. Hartson, attorney from j
Boisej was jn the eJ Saturday on
legal business.
Chas. Malmstrom has bought 300 1
sheep from the Cruickshank stock to |
run on his Sand Hollow ranch.
T. W. Polly, brother of Dr. P. W.
Polly, arrived Monday from Billings,
Mont., for a visit.
Ray Clark came over on the stage
from Boise Wednesday morning for a
few days visit with friends.
Thefamily of C. A. West is moving
into Mrs. King's house on Washing
ton avenue, vacated by Ralph Hayes.
E. T. Hoagland from Deer Flat was
attending to business affairs in Em
me tt Tuesday,
Robert Holbrook was unable to work
a few days this week, having his foot
badly bruised by a car at the mill.
J. Hay, S. E. DeLông and J. R. Gay,
insurance inspectors, were business
visitors Tuesday.
Finley Monroe, wife and daughter,
Miss Louise, Frank Berry .and Mr*. !
Mary Hunt spent Sunday at the home
of Joel Brown.
M. E. Lewis has gone to Long Vai
ley to get his ear, which he left there
last week. He expects to return m a
day er two.
D. H. VanDensen took four men
from his ranch to a Boise hospital
Tuesday morning, thought to be suf
, - , . ' ®
fenng from iniluearn.
J. J. Caldwell, postmaster at Mer>
dian, with his wife and daughter a»d
Mr. and Mrs. George Rogers were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jfel Brown
lust week.
All parties desiring Grand Union
Tea Co.'s goods can have same by cal
ting at 424 N. WaSnut st., fourth house
north of Gordeifs store. All arders
promptly filled. Mrs. A. F. Roby.
City, where he is attending dental
college , that the Flu is becoming
pretty well checked and they expect to
raise the school quarantine the last
of this week. He has escaped thus far
jand says he will surely "steer clear."
Harry's address is Co. D., Dental Bldg,
Harry Creswtll writes from Iowa
Iowa City, la.
Burns Wood or Coal.
Warms the Floor All Over.
Holds Fire Perfectly.
Reduces the Fuel Bill One-third.
Does Away with a Lot of Smoke and Gas.
We would suggest that you purchase early,
while we have the stoves. When our stock is
sold we cannot replace. If you expect to buy
at least make your selection and have your
stove reserved for later delivery.
j A c H ,' nt> formerIy of Emmett,
met with bad , uck on Dry Buck while '
returning in his Ford from Long Val
fey. a local jrarajje sent a man to
J bring in the unruly car.
i ^ , , .
Mrs. D. L. Van Deusen and daugh
i 0 _ , - 0 r,.
ter Marv left Saturday for San Diego,
: Ca] _ to " qpend the winter Mr . Van
Deusen and Howard will make thcir
; home at the ranch and expect join
ley Wednesday morning to attend a
gathering of thie Stockmen's asso
the rest of the family at Christmas
time for an extended visit.
W. F. Sinclair went to Garden Val
ciation on Thursday, at ,which time
they expect to sell their cattle to a
Portland concern.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller, Mr. and
M rs. Plowhead and little son of Mid
dleton were quests Sunday at the Eli 1
Lanktree home. The little boy re
mained to spend a week with his cou- ■
sin, Edward, and the little chaps are a
busy pair.
Mrs. L. W. Hoyt, employed at the
box factory, received word this week
that her son, in goverment reclama
tion work at Jacksonville, Tenn., had
died of influenza. He was 31 years old
and left a wife, two sisters and three
brothers, beside the parents.
Mr, and Mrs. Harry L. Cowan and
daughter Miss Evelyn motored over
from Boise Saturday to call on friends
in the neighborhood of their old home
the bench and make the acquain
tanc of the young man who arrived
at thfi home of Mr and Mrs G G .
Ellis last week.
Friends of Mrs. C. F. Kidwell will
be glad to know that her condition is
greatly improved, and they may hop©
to see her home ere long. Mrs. R. B.
Shaw visited her at St. Alphonsua
hospital Sunday, where she had under
gone an operation for appendicitis
about two weeks ago and had been in
a serious condition.

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