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A Faithful Servant, Cong. Burton L. French
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I do to eat, a» we sure have a plenty
The bread is as good
you can get in the states arid there
isn't any substitute in it either. I
have gamed in w»*ight and am about
two inches taller than I was when I
left home, I »«cause I have hiked over
enough ground no a* to stretch that
much anyway,
1 don't know what the boys would
do if it wasn't for the Y. M. ('. A., be
reuse they keep about everything
one would need outside of the govern
ment nupply Ihey gave um n «now
the other night, which wan a good nur*
ceiiM. it wax called the "Follie» of
1917." It wmh compoaed of boyn dresn- j
»s I up as girls. They were not us
good a« girl«, but they did fine with
their parts. We are going to have
another field meet tomorrow, in which
each company will compete for the
»-hampionship of the Regiment honors.
» Jt consists of relay races, hundreil
ard dash, shot put, broad jump.run
and it is good.
u,d jump, three legged race, po
high jump und hulf mile
A regular athletic event,
also a race betwen fifteen men who
can put their gas masks on the fastest
of the two companies.
I went to get a shave the other
night and when he slarteil to shuve me
he just about put lathi'r all over my
face, und when he got my face shaved
he made me wash the lather off my
talo rare,
race etc.
Well I sure do wish I coulil see
once ugain, as I'm sure lonesome
I guess It will not hurt me. as there
f the men over here
At lust I have found
are lots
»I the same fix.
two laitter Day Saints boys oyer here
They have been in this division ull
the time, but been in Co. E ever since
we left America. 1 sure was surprised
to meet one of them last night as I
went into the tiarher shop, I as a bug
ler, asked if he was waiting to get a
shave. He said he was ami naturally
that lead to talking. He asked me if
I was from Idaho. I sail! I was, from
Emmett. Then he said he knew ouite
a few people in Emmett the Heutlers,
lutrks. Smiths anil quite a few Then
he wanted to know where Mabel B.
went to and so l told hitn.
was the one
Elder Burr,
at him I could remember his fsce hut
not his name, and come to fiml out he
was an elder with Elder Burr when
they were preaching the gospel in
biaho in 1913. He was awful glad to
meet me again and 1 sure was to meet
him He asked me to come down and
talk ove old times again, and believe
me I sure am going, for he does seem
like a brother to mo.
low our billet, so I can see him often.
It is funny h»*w one will meet friemia
away ovrr here.
Say, I tolil you I never hail any de
sire to cross the ocean, well you can
bet that that desire has left me
He said he
who introduced Mabel to
When I got a good look
He is just he
altogether now, 1 have an awful ilestre
to cross the ocean.
I see by the papers that the Rus
sian* are fighting the Bolshevikis now.
Well, I hope that Russia wakes u
it will help to bring this war to a clos* i
and chase the Kaiser and all his fol- !
lowers clear into 11 , where they be
Hats at Reduction
Our good line of snappy, up
to-date hats sold now at worth
while reductions from our al
ready low prices.
Brown Millinery
I saw a show where the Liberty
loans had heat the Kaiser, then knock
ed him out and threw him down in hell
Pretty quick they threw him out of
there ugain and the devil appeared
and said, "What the hell are you try
ing t
here; keep him."
do; we don't want him down
was in town I uesday on his way to
Boise, to return from there to Seattle
wh ,, rt . hi „ Hhi|) j(l stationed at present,
.... UL . ,
lighted with his
"Wouldn't do anything else/' he says,
( | t , bu s |„.,. n visiting his sister, Mrs.
M|| Ne „ bitt whjU . „„ furlough,
Hum e that Bernard Knipe has been
promoted to captain,
tion to »Itity ami his ability to make
Richard Little, serving in U. S. N.
Mr. Little expresses himself as de
line of service—
letter to T. E.
Word comes
in u
Bernard's rapid
>f his atten
utlvariccmcnt ia indicative
good. For one so young (he is only
23 years of ug-e) his advancement is
remarkable. His many Emmett
; Wends are pleased,
j jog- good in the service is Irving Chap
t in the telephone branch,
Miss May Malmstrom has enlisted
Another Emmett hoy who is mak
He is at Camp Lewis
man (Chappie.)
and has been appointed as instructor
in Red Or««» work, und left Tuesday
for Rock Springs. Wyo., for training:
as a nurse.
Alton Busch and Glenn Wilson, who
went to Portland a few weeks ago to
work in the ship yards, have gone to
Seattle to work in the ship yards
there Later- A message was receiv
ed today that both boys were coming
hack home.
Archie ('ham tiers passed through
Numpa on Monday from Camp Is<wis
on his way to the point of embark
ation for Frani-e.
Chauncey Payne and the other boys
who went with him to Camp Rose
crana, have been assigned to the
heavy artillery.
R. Vanllorton is busy hauling grain
to Eagle.
Wallace McDowell is busy putting
in his fall crop.
Chari ie Wilmott has sold off his
stock and left for Seattle.
Scott Stewart has left for New Ply
No one here has got the influenza
Walter Sivereno was here last week
visiting his sons.
Our fall range is fine. Stock in
good condition.
Turkeys are Scarce.
The turkey market is just opening.
The crop of Thanksgiving birds, how
* ever, is somewhat short this year,
j cause of scarcity of feed. Many
the extensive turkey raisers of this
: section are unable to place any for
sale. The Fruit Growers Association
i lias an order from Nampa for 200,
I which they hope to fill by Saturday
No More Canning ,Sugar.
The order has been issued that no
more canning sugar may be sold af
ter November Î. If the housewives of
our land have conserved the past few
months, they must increase their ef
forts - prepare less food—waste leas
food utilize materials more closely.
From authorities on conservation
comes the statement that our Uncle
Samuel has promised to furnish all
the food our allies can transport, and
our Uncle Samuel is a man of his
word. And we will see him through.
We should prefer to do it willingly not
by the food card system.
Masks from Red Crow».
A committee from the Red Cross
surgical dressing department deliver
ed Flu masks to the barbers and will
do so to others in public places who
desire to wear them. Authorities dif
fer as to the efficacy of their use, but
as a precautionary measure they are
recommended by most of the leading
physicians and surgeons of the camps.
In Frise* and several other coast cities
the use of the mask is compulsory—
persons appearing in public places
without them being arrested.
G î
Itud Road« Detrimental.
Not long ago A. A. Richards wrote
to the Hecretary of the Boise Com
mercial Club to inquire why tourist
travel does not come through the Pay
ette valley. Mr. Hyatt replied that the
Payette valley roads were in such bad
condition that travelers were routed
another way. He added that when
ever the roads were made good much
travel would come this way, as this
route was preferred on account of its
picturesqueness. Lack of space pre
vents publication of the letter this
Big Potatoes.
W. L. Norwood is the champion big
potato grower. He reports one that
weighs six pounds (a freak) and has
placed in The Index window two per
fectly formed spuds, one weighing
3% pounds and the other 3 pounds.
They were raised on his bench farm.
Gem County's Total, $178,700.
Gem county exceeded its quota in
the Fourth Liberty Loan drive by
$18,700. The total amount subscribed
was $178,000 and was taken by 1196
subscribers. *
Accident at Mill.
Walter Emmard suffered a rather
painful injury by mashing his great
toe while on duty at the mill Tuesday
night. He will be "laid up" a few
Furs Wanted
The New York Store will pay the
highest prices for all kinds of furs.
Baptist Notes.
On account of the increase of in
fluenza we will have no open-air ser
vices on Sunday.
The church will be open from 11
to 12 a. m. Sunday morning, at which
time Sunday school papers and quart
erlies may be secured at the front
door. An opportunity to contribute
for the Sunday school work will be
given . The purchase of our supplies
for the next quarter depends upon the
free will offerings.
On Friday we make our semi-annual
payment on the church debt. We hope
to have $400 to pay at that time. Pay
ment may be made at the Bank of
Next Sunday will be the fourth Sun
day since the closing order went into
effect. Meanwhile the expenses go
on. In order to accommodate sub
scribers to our church budget a box
is placed at the Golden Rule store,
where envelopes and offerings may be
deposited. Envelopes can also be se
cured there. Let us keep up the
financial end of our work.
The Sunday school subject for next
Sunday is, "Appetite and Greed." It
is the story of Jacob and Esau. The
Republican Candidate for Asses
sor of (Jem County.
Fourteen years' experience in gener-)
al clerical work in business and public
offices is a guaranty that she will con
duct the duties of the office on a high
and efficient plane.
Women can till the same positions
as men can.
Cast your vote for her.
Closing Out Rug{
We have determined to close out our Rug Department. Want tl
space it occupies for other lines of merchandise, so shall sell the rugs ol
as quickly as possible.
We are naming prices on them that can't but appeal to buyers. For
tunately, we are able to do this to a degree that is very unusual. Our
Rugs were bought more than a year ago, at prices far lower than they
are now, so can sell them at less than present wholesale cost.
It's a conceded fact that our nig stock is the most complete in the
county. With many beautiful floral and Oriental designs to choose
from, and prices far below their worth, we are likely to sell them out
quickly. So it won't pay to delay if you want one.
Kharassan Axminster rugs, size 9x12
Cundahar Axminster rugs, size 9x12...
Liberty Axminster rugs, size 9x12.
Star Axminster rugs, size 9x12.
Gathan Velvet rugs, 9x12.
Ontario Tap. Brussels rugs, size 9x12...
Panama Tap. Brussels rugs, size 9x12...
Agate Tap. Brussels rugs, size 8-6x11...
To appreciate the values we are offering here, these rugs -should
be seen. Our time is at your disposal.
Emmett, Idaho
topic of prime importance is,
Mastery of Self." The scriptures sug
gested are Gen. 25:27-34; 1 Cor. 8:1
13, Heb. 12:16-17. Let this be the
scriptures for our home prayers and
Bible study meeting on Sunday mom
I have been unable to see all
the voters personally, and take
this method to solicit your votes.
1 stand for attention, prompt
ness, efficiency and economy
and on these grounds I respect
fully ask your support at the
Polls on next Tuesday.
Wanted—To rent a 40 or 60-acre farm
near Emmett. M. C. Spicer, Smiths
3-4 tp
WANTED—A fresh milch cow. Harry
2t '
LOST—Awhite collie male dog. Re
ward for return to Mrs. Bryant, on
stock in my pasture. Good feed j
and water. John Oberxneyer. 35
room for more
FOR SALE—1918 Ford in good con
dition. See W. W. Nusbaum.
FOR SALE—A team of bay mares,
weight about 3200, and about 20
tons of hay. Tschudy Bros., 1 mile :
east of town.
FOR SALE—Six-room house,
l-3p j
bungalow. Easy terms,
j sider car in trade.
; East Fifth street.
Will con
C. H. Thorning.
cut saw for saddle, one horse gar
den cultivator or beos. H. C. Riggs.
Letha. Idaho._tain
A 1918 Maxwell, good as
new. Cali at Index office.
FOR SALE—At very reasonable price.
a ISOOpound capacity truck, all en
closed, electric starter , seats for:
twelve persons, geared to 40 miles per
hour; would consider part trade for
cattle, sheep or pigs. Geo. A. Adams,
Montour, Ida. 4 p
FOR SALE—400 feet Hinch cable,
.... A. Klin.back. .-6p.
Add Dollars
To Your Dairying
k Profits
TF you rely on the old-fashioned
■^■gravity or shallow-pan methods of
cream separation, you certainly are
wasting a big percentage of the high
priced cream your herd is yielding.
If you are trying "to get along" with an old
separator or a cheap, inferior one, you ait
robbing yourself of profits that your herd it
trying to give to you.
Stop All This Cream
Waste—Use A
Come Into onr store the next time you are in town ui
Jet us show you how the Viking skims to the mes*
makes every cow you own worth $20 nW*
... . s j - Let us show you that th
v ikmg is the most scientifically constructed B*
chine, made ot the finest materials, in the larged
separator factory in the world.
Let us show you that the Viking is the easiest tun
ning, has greater capacity, and is by tar the ea*d
separator to clean.
Pioneer Furniture Store
I FOR SALE—A 3-horse power gaso
S.'TJES? 55Ä
-—--- -
FOR SALE—One 2-t, Weber moun
wagon grain tight box, bolster
spnnKS ' Inquire of DeClark. 45-tf.
FOR SALE—400 sacks good potatoes
Netted Gems. H. S. Jenkins. 52
„ " — -—
land lying Tust wes^of !
orchard between Fruitland and New I
Plymouth; exceptionally good alfalfa I
iund; land can all be watered by
P um P>ng lift of about 20 feet from 1
Farmer's Ditch, which runs through
"'S" ?*, lan d. Owner will sell
FOR SALE-50 tons first clast W*
^ feed yard,. C^lWl
FOR SALE—Lucy Burch lady's
L tycle ' good condition, $15. Phone* 1
3 1
1 OR SALE—Registered Poland Chi»»
^ oar ' yearling; Grandmaster
scendant, a great herd header.: ^
-breeding in' Idaho.
^ re< ^' farrowing.
* ristered Jerse y bull calves, 6 mold* 1 -' 1
unexce,le d breeding. F. H. Sheri«**'
Fmmett, Idaho.
Registered s0 *'
Also two w
yearling ewe*
Lincoln buck. Mrs E. C. H" 8 * -

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