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The Bank You Will Eventually Patronize.
General Banking Busi
ness Along Safe,
Conservative Lines.
fefca. SYSTSM
Emmett, Idaho.
By The Index's Correspondents
Buy a thrift stamp and look pleas
L. S. Park, who has been engineer
for Nicol and Smith's thresher for
the past month, has returned home.
He reports about 7000 bushels of oats
in High valley. ,
W. T. Rose and wife made a busi
for a few day's visit with his family.
Now that'the state and county!
election is over, why not have an elec
ness trip to Montour last Thursday,
returning Friday.
Artie Ireton was buying a few fat
cows the first of the week.
Joe Couzens went to Star Saturday
, , , .. , .
tion to elect officers for the forest
.. » ,
reserve so the cattle man will gel a
square deal. i,ast spring a
« aille got on the reserve and he was
fined $90. This fall, while the sheep
, î,, . . * «
trailed out, they fed off a «trip three
miles wide. What is fair for the
goose is fair for the gander.
Charlie Shangels, a nephew of L. L.
Mathews, is carrying his arm in a
sling. He got his wrist broken while
working in the ice plant in Boise.
L. S. Park took a load of wheat to
the Sweet flour mill Tuesday.
Mrs. Baldwin of Boise is visiting)
her son Roy Baldwin this week.
Ben Richardson and wife took
trip to the lower valley last week.
Tom Whitlock sold Mr. Ballantyne
a load of hogs this week.
There has been one or two cases of
Flu reported in this vicinity to date.
Buy a thrift stamp and smile.
By Mrs. R. E. Noland
Flags floated, bells were rung, shots
were fired, big bonfires burned and
»cheers ascended Monday evening at
this place when the peace news was
-accepted as a fact.
•Little Ka« man Vadney was hurt
<?uite badly when a brick bat which
he threw up in the air came «down on
his head, cutting quite a gash and
knocking him off the wagon on which
.he was playing at the time.
Mrs. Cornwall of Emmett has been
visiting with her sister-in-law. Mrs.
Lou Douglass for several days.
Mrs. Victor Sheldrew received a
letter from her husband telling of his
safe arrival ''over there".
There was a slight mistateraent in
The Index about the new baby at the
C. F. Campbell home. Dr. Reynolds
and Mrs, Noland were in attendance
at the home and heard the new arrival
named Harold Charles.
Mrs. Yergenson of Sweet has been
spending the past two weeks with her
daughter Mrs. C. F, Campbell.
M>*. Adams raised a fine crop of po
tatoes this summer. He filled a sack
out of seven hills and had five pounds
One hill hail
over seventeen
There were
the two smallest ones
pounds in it and one potato
better than three pounds.
12 in the hill
at Sweet, Idaho, in the State of Idaho, at the close of business
November 1, 1918:
Cash on hand
Due from banks
Loans and discounts
Stocks, bonds and warrants
Hanking house, furniture and fixtures
$ 1,021.44
Individual deposits subject to check
Time certificates of deposit
Cashier's checks .
Total deposits .
Capital stock paid in
Undivided profits, le;
Re-discounts ..
$ 97,900.50
exponses, interest and taxes paid
State of Idaho, County of Gem—ss.
1. 1. W. Stoddard, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and Dellt;f * I. W. STODDARD, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of November
I certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank.
ELDA SKIPPEN, Notary Public.
Correct—Attest: F. I. Newhouse, A. D. Stanton, Directors.
weighing one-half pound apiece.
The friends of Mrs. K. P. Plowman
j are p a j nP j to learn of the death
Kenna P. Plowman, who gave his life
j , n prance Oct. 1st. Kenna grew
j here
bright boy, good
hearted and cheerful and loved by
and was a
his associates. His widowed mother
An addition to the Clinton house)
occupied by the Hereth family is be
| *"*f, 1
h Forshay, assisted by
1 M,lls ' were out the f,rst of the week
lias our heartfelt sympathies.
By Mrs. J. I. Guthrie
(and surveyed the mad and made plans
. , .* , . . „ 1
I for a bridge across Bissei Creek at
. , . „ V . ..
the J. R. Barnett place. Material is
man's. , , . ,
being hauled and worjj on the bridge
and 1 the I ' ece88ar J r w.den.ng of the
grade on the road will soon be in pro
* p
Mr. and Mrs. Haylor and son Morris
spent Sunday at the Guthrie home.
The Conrad young people of the
Central Mesa neighborhood spent Sun-1
day afternoon at the Hereth home.
C. L. Spaulding is hauling lumber
from Emmett to build feed racks for
cattle, which he will feed on the ranch
this winter.
The Clinton ranch has the appear
ance of a little village at night with
its electric lights twinkling from
every quarter.
By Mrs. E. Tennyson.
Miss Katherine Mann was a week
end visit«*!* with Mr. and Mrs. Nephi
\ ergenson.
Miss Lottie Canady and Miss Mar
vel Fowler visited one day last week
with Mrs. Fred Shane.
day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Martin.
Miss Alice Spratt has been quite
sick with appendicitis.
and Mrs. C. O. Nelson and family of
Boise and Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Ne
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Houghton, Mr.
comer of Emmett were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nephi Yer
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Peebles and baby
are visiting Mrs. Peebles' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. Graham.
Mrs. Ilster Nicols is visiting in
town this week at the Holbrook home.
Mrs. Grace Sanders, Miss Gertrude,Of
Don and Mrs. Stippich were Sunday
dinner guests at the John Yeck home
Mr«. W. H. Shane was quit sick last |
week with tonsilitis.
in Emmett.
Mi « Mary Carnage spent a few
days visiting last week at the J. T.
Sanders home.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Martin leave this
week for the upper country to spend (
the winter trapping.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sanders of Em-1
mett and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sanders )
and children all spent Sunday even
inf? with the home folks, it being Don's
last evening at home. He left Mon
day morning to report for duty.
Mrs. Grace Sanders was out solicit
ng Tuesday for the United War Work.
They netted $146.46 and more was
Mrs. Henry Kreizenbeck spent Sat
urday afternoon with Mrs. Tennyson.
Mr. Hopster and Mr. Hitt sold their
honey last week, through the honey
association, for which they received
a good price. Mr. Hopster estimates
his entire crop as bringing him over
James Stewart was in this part of
the country last week measuring up
hay he had bought for his company.
Miss Mae Bullard visited at the
Parks home Friday evening.
W. E. Brown and family visited at
the Charles Vanfleet home Sunday
James Cahalan and family visited
(friends in Emmett Sunday.
Miss Celia Kreizenbeck visited at
| the Parks home Sunday,
M rs. Char les Vanfleet and children
went to the butte Wednesday for an
A force of men and teams are at
work on the upper mesa road. When
finished it will be a great improve
ment and one that has been very much
j needed and long hoped for by the peo
. ,
pie who have to go up and down that
Mrs. Preble reports their son Tay
M or as being able to sit up and write
. ,, ,
a letter home,
. , . , .
| There is lots of travel toward the
Men and
, ... . _ .. ,
ditch camps these days
(teams are going up every day.
Mr. White,
'ho has purchased the
Osgood and E»ip place, will move
| there next month.
G. G. Ellis started for the mountains
[ w 'th a four-horse team after a load
°f posts,
By Mrs. C. W. Cook
C. P. Hartley and son Charles have
returned from their mining property
in the upper country.
Henry Harpt is in the mountains
near Cascade hunting and getting out
Master Edward Harpt is still the
important helper and standby of his
uncle James Heath on the Mesa.
Tuesday, Mrs. Oscar Ivie entertain
ed at dinner and Kensington, compli*
mentary to her mother, Mrs. Stagner,
who came here recently from Kansas,
Mrs. G. A. Warden, Mrs. C. A. Ben
son and Miss Gertrude McSparran
were guests day.
Several young people from Emmett
climbed Rocky Point and enjoyed the
This is one
view from the valley,
the popular view points of the Slope.
Miss McSparran is enjoying a visit
(from her mother. Mrs. McSparran
Miss McSparran's father
(has charge of the Montour schools,
Will Tucker was called from his work
Monday to join the other members
the Alfalfa Quartette and assist
(making merry over the good tidings,
"War is Ended".
Their singing is al
ways a treat,
The little Victory boys and girls
this vicinity are working hard this
Ray Stinson, wife and sisters, Eva
Stinson and Grace Cook motoged to
Boise and returned Sunday, visiting
at the homes of Harry Cowan on Fort
(-street and Fred Meed of South Boise.
C. A. Benson and his father
among the bean growers this
Gamage and Mart Clopton also had
fine crops of beans. The bean thresh
er has been at work this week at the
Elias Aston ranch,
Mr. Aston had
20 acres of white Navy beans.
Mrs. Pell Johnson was sick in bed
with what appeared to be grip last
She has fully recovered now.
Mrs. h red Wilhelm was out bright
and early Monday morning soliciting
for the United War
Fun«l Drive.
Manager Battan says
workers have reported $615 to date,
with a few more to be seen.
A. N. Newell has returned from
his efficient
. , J J .
* ru,tlam ' am ' *8 again at his place of
business. He is feeling quite well but
tires easily. His eyes are much im
Dorothy Hietzman called on Esther
lamman Monday.
Work was started Monday on the
main torn) through Letha. Road Su -
pervisor Wells says they are going to
make a good graveled road as far as
they go. Here's hoping they are able
to go some distance.
Pell Johnson has bought the Heap
place. The consideration was $2660.
Irma Wilson and Chiles and May
Riggs visited the Battan children
Miss Stegner returned to Fruitland
Sunday afternoon after assisting at
the storé.
We are informed that the 'Bissei
road to the river from the
bench is to be improved as to grade.
Bissei Creek is to be bridged and
down through Barnett's to the river.
Ralph Vanderdassen lost his baby
the other drfy from Spanish Influenza
and his wife is very ill They started
Our Appointment as
Authorized Dealers
for GATES^T!R.E5
on the
Less than 3 years ago these wonderful tires were perfected and put
than 300,000 car-owners, many of
market. Today they are being used by
business firms operating large fleets of delivery trucks.
whom are
Gates Half-Sole Tires make it possible for you to get from 3,000 to 10,000
miles from the worn tires which you have been throwing away.
revolutionizing the tire business for the following reasons;
They are
They cost only l /z as
much as other tires.
They carry a stronger
guarantee than the tires on
your car because they are
guaranteed puncture proof.
You cannot equal the
of Gates Half-Sole
Tires at 3 times the price.

Saving one-half is worth while
these days.
Investigate before buying
another new tire.
Authorized Service Station
AC'*-' 2 *
107 3
Smith's Prairie and were
out of
obliged to stop at a ranger station
where the baby died.
Mrs.. Fishback is expecting a bro
ther and nephew from Nebr. today for
a visit with her.
By Mrs. Ward M. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Fuller took din
ner at the John Soran horpe Saturday.
Mrs. Bruce Ross and children visit
ed with Mrs. Walter Craig one day
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Limbaugh and
children were callers at the Craig
home Monday.
Most everybody of Bissei Creek at
tended the celebraetion Monday after
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Fuller dined
at the J. 1. Guthrie home last Thurs
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Holverson
were pheasant hunting along Bissei
Creek Sunday.
Craig Bros, are loading a car of
wheat at Letha this week.
The Stones, Sorans and Fullers
spent Monday evening at the W. E.
Hill home in Emmett.
By E. F. Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Storey visited
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs.
Frank Nix, over on the bench.
Mrs. Mert Jackson had the misfor
tune to lose eleven turkeys last Sat
urday as they were enroute to the Em
mett market, the birds making their
getaway from the rear end of the hack
Will King and wife have moved into
the house on the old Ely place.
Sid Walker and wife from Wilder
took supper at the Frank Newman
home Saturday evening.
Mrs. Fred Allen and Miss Mary
West of Ola called at the Wells home
a short time Tuesday.
Strength and stability—exemplified
in our ample capital and resources.
Responsible management—assured
through the extensive knowledge and
broad experience of our Officers and
Absolute protection—guaranteed by
our supervision and control.
These are the factors which make
the First National Bank a veritable
financial stronghold for despositors.
Wc cordially invite new accounts.
Regina Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Conrad and
family called at the Henry Meier home
One Man Takes His Sugar on î
Fruit or in Coffee—Another
Man Takes His in the
Shape of Candy
• •
The human body needs constant fuel.
Just as coal Is fuel for a furnace, sugar, which supplies carbohy
drates. Is fiiel to the body. ,.
Plain, raw granulated sugar Is not a pleasing way to taka It, s» (J
people generally use it with other articles of food.
One man takes his sugar in coffee or on ffuit.
Another likes a cake of chocolate.
The cake of chocolate, called i
milk, properly blended.
Is it right to say that the man who takes ins sugar in his coffee i
is patriotic, while the man win* takes it in the form of milk chocolate J '
Is wasteful and enjoying a non-essential luxury? J,
One small boy takes several lumps of sugar in his cilcoa. or his ' J
portion of sugar on his mush. Another little fellow gets Ids Through
ids favorite piece of chocolate or a piece of stick candy. Is the latter
less patriotic than the former.? We know he Is not.
The soldier in the camp lias his candy, and il sustains him. The ♦
soldier in the front line trench enjoys a cake of milk chocolate ; it
eneral Waller of the .Marin«*» ,,
< >
candy, consists of cocoa, sugar and <►
< •
makes him "tight like the devil," as (
• •
Yet the candy Industry, the thirty-eighth largest Industry In the «>
Unit«'«! States, supplying a recognized ami tremendously vital food "
product, is now threatened with practical annihilation because people L
have not l«*arned the fa«*ls respecting it.
Many people still feel that candy lias no food value, that it I» a I'
non-essential luxury which uses up maybe
sugar In lids country, and that by stopping tin* manufacture of candy, J
the sugar problem would be solved. But that 1s not so. On the eoii- L
♦ tfary, only 8% of the normal consumption of sugar lq the United «•
1* Stales (now cut to 4%) has been used in making this firmly estab- "
X llshcd food product.
• >
quarter to a half of the <•
Put It In a little pile.
« amount of sugar used per capita weekly in randy making. The sav
* iug of that tiny mite in the home will keep the candy Industry alive,
t and enable It t<> supply men and women and children at home, and the
at Hie front, with nourishing, wholesome body fuel.
«■«date creams to Hie test; eat a
ill know why soldiers crave it.
rorfh of sugar.
ue cents
That's the
Put a pound
pouud on a big, long hike. Then
J of cju
you v
-—In normal til
•urar c«
the candy industry u>es only 8% of tho
imumrd per capita in this country. Riffht now thia
haa been cut squarely in two.
The Candy Manufacturers of Utah and Idaho.
on Upper Mesa Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kraus and
family sn«?it Sunday at the Luhr home
S teÄme e srday dinner ** ^ ° lm '
Mr. and Mrs Conrad and family
spent Sunday afternoon at the Her
eth home. .
Mrs. E. Sheets is visiting at the
Bennett Limbaugh home. •
Mr. and Mrs Henry Luhr and fam
ily called at the Meier home Sunday
The Koontz family took dinner at
the Henry Meier home Sunday.
William Duborko and Mrs. Fred
Fischer and .children were visitors on ;
Mr. and Mrs. Oral Rice and family ;
the bench Tuesday.
antl Ruth C rozier of Grenleaf were
visitors at the L. M. Crozier home
. ¥«■> UmhtuA was a Boise
vls,tor ^esday and Wednesda y,
The church will be open each Sab
bath morning from 11 to 12 o'clock to
distribute the Sunday school literature
Let me urge the members of the school
and congregation to study the lessons
with care and to maintain their family
devotions. Let us pray earnestly that
the church may continue to lift high
Christ's banner of Christian demo
cracy the only democracy that is safe
for the world.— F. E. FINLEY. Pastor
Methorist Not«*«

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