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_ Capital * 60 , 000 °- z *
Dr. Noggles was down from Cascade
For good bread use Fleischman's
Yeast, at Reilly's.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Bowen motored
to Boise Thursday.
D. A. Dunning, attorney from Boise,
attending to business in Emmett
Mrs. James Barry is enjoying a
visit from her father, Mr. Chatfield
who arrived last week.
tl ....
Charles Baker, who recently sold his
place on Fuller's Island, has moved
his family into the Riverside addition.
Wanted—To buy fat hogs and beef
and yearling steers. Phone 232. Sollie
Art Rinker made a hurried visit to
homefolks this week. He is located at
Md. and Mrs. Burt Pomeroy were
Emmett visitors Wednesday from Le
Mrs. Robert Burlingame went to
Barber Saturday for a few days' vis
it with friends.
Mrs. R. E. Rose, and daughter Alice
and Miss Stovel were dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Kester Thanks
giving day.
Prices reasonable
work guaranteed. Remodeling a spe
Mrs. A. Swartz, 405 East
Fourth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy little and fami
ly motored to Boise to spend Thanks
giving with the family of Mrs. Little s
brother, Hugh Sproat.
Mrs. James Reddin and son Lyle of
Barberton spent a couple of days vis
iting at the home of George McWil
Harry Fosselman, the genial pro
prietor of the confectionery and news
stand, was in Vale, Ore., several days
the past week looking after property
interests. Vale was the former home
of the Fosselmans.
Miss Blanche Crawford of Montour
guest of Miss Mary Cruickshank
Thanksgiving week. The girls were
school friends five or six years ago at
The Index wishes to acknowledge a
was a
mistake in
son and Miss Anna Bremmer were
married on Thanksgiving day instead
of the Monday previous as was stated.
Mrs. Edgar Whipple of Sweet is
the home of her mother, Mrs. Olive
Hewittson, suffering a nervous break
down. She will remain here for a rest
until her strength is recovered.
Albert VanDeusen arrived last week
from San Francisco to spend some
time with the VanDeusen brothers
this place.
Glen Wilson, employed with a sur
veying crew on the Oregon Short Line,
Emmett Wednesday long
was in
enough to call at the family home for
dinner. His crew is operating out of
Mrs. Rozella Polly left Saturday for
Portland to attend a convention of the
Christians Woman's Board of Missions
She expected to visit a day or so in
Baker enroute, and will return the
last of this week.
C. P. Lockhart, highway engineer
with the U. S. forestry service, came
from Boise and accompanied G.
B. Mains on business to the road camp
in the timber country. They expect to
return Saturday.
George Cruickshank, who is suffer
ing from an attack of flu, is reported
doing nicely. His sister. Miss Mary,
has been away from home during the
time of his illness, as a precautionary
measure. She is a guest of Miss Ruth
R. E. Shaw made a business trip to
Cascade Wednesday. While there he
looked after the shipmer, f of a carload
of Christmas trees to Emmett. 'Dus
fine weather makes it seem impossible
that the glorious Christmas season
so nearly at hand.
The family of Judge J. W. Richards
of Boise came over to spend Thanks
giving with the A. A. Richards family.
A sister, Miss Clara Richards, who re
completed the family circle. The lat
ter will remain here for a winter's vis
cently arrived from Kingman, Anz.,
James Russell, son of Mrs. Lizzie
Russell of Emmett and Miss Georgia
Robert of Nampa were married last
week at the bride's home. They will
make their home on a ranch in Boise
Miss Bertha Cook who has been tak
much needed rest from her of
mg a
fice duties with the Forest Service ex
pects to resume her work now. She
has been in Boise a couple of weeks.
Miss Bloomquist received a very
painful wound one day this week while
about her duties at the box factory.
Her thumb was caught in the saw in
such a way as to be badly lacerated;
in fact part of the thumb was torn
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ashe motored
from Boise Saturday evening to
pend Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Newcomer, returning Sun
day night. Mr. Ashe is manager of the
Overland Auto Company at Boise.
Tents, all sizes, at ReUly'a.
— ri- - - i '„j —
Easton, the Jeweler, has the dia
0. A. Davis has returned from a vis
L. D. Owen was over from Middle-j
ton Monoay.
Charles Ireton came down from
it East.
Sweet Monday.
T. B. Hargus made a business trip
j to Boise Monday.
The best goods in jewelry at Eas
ton's, the Reliable Jeweler.
i J. M. McCullough and wife of Twin
„ ,, _ „ , . „ . .
^ a '* s were Emmett callers last Friday.
j)r. Greene's father came over from
Boise to attend to some business mat
Easton has the latest styles in set
and band rings. Come in and see the
Miss Lynette Davis arrived this
morning from Gooding for a visit at
new ones.
Julius Chandler, James Flake and
Sherman Glenn were down from the I
Ola country Saturday.
With every $1.00 purchase you get
a chance on a good diamond ring at
Easton's, the Reliable Jeweler.
We are in shape to sell you a watch
cheaper than you can buy elsewhere,
Easton, the Deliable Jeweler.
W r . G. Lashley, the sawmill man
from the Dry Buck country, was at
tending to business matters in Emmett
last week.
Mrs. Gibson, who has been visiting j
her sister, Mrs. Silas Bucher some
time, departed Tuesday for her home
in Missouri.
William Synder was down from 1
Brownlee Wednesday looking after
business and incidentally having some.
dental work one. j
R. L. Battan, manager of the Gem i
State Lumber Company at Letha, was
looking after business matters in our
city Monday evening. I
In rase of your sudden death, is
your family provided for? Better see
F. R. Chapin of Mutual Life Insurance
Co. of N. Y., and protect them.
The Misses Mary Gamage and Ger-i
- , „ , . , , . ...
trude Sanders returned Friday to their
work in Boise after several weeks with
home folks. Both are attending Ida
ho Commercial College. Miss Bertha;
Guy Martin has accepted a position
with the retail department of the Mi
Cantrall left Sunday.
chigan-Idaho Lumber Company. He
has moved his family into the Kar cot
tage, recently vacated by C. A. West.
Mr. Martin is a nephew of Dr. Polly.
If the Victor and Edison phono
graphs are not the best on earth, why
do dealers selling other makes of talk
ing machines have Victor or Edison
in their own homes. We sell both.
Easton, the Reliable Jeweler.
Get a diamond ring. Free at Eas
ton, 's, the Reliable Jeweler.
Mrs. Charles Hall, who will be re
membered as Miss Nora Warbridge by
Emmett people, having taught
in the Vanderdassen school seven
years ago, spent last week as the guest
of Mrs. Henry Obermeyer. She and
her little daughter were returning
from their former home in Alaska to
Chicago and greatly enjoyed renewing
acquaintances in this vicinity.
For any itching skin trouble, piles, ■
eczema, salt rheum, hives, itch, scald
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's Ointment
highly recommended. 60 cents at
all stores. I
Her Xmas Present
The giving of a life insurance policy to a wife as
a Christmas present is both sensible and sound in eco
nomic principle. Many presents are quickly perishable,
many are only glittering baubles, but a life insurance
policy that provides a lifelong income for the wife is of
lifelong endurance. A policy of that character is a
retainer of the home and the fireside circle. Without
it, Christmas joys, and indeed a mother's hopes and
plans for the happiness and the education of her chil
dren, may perish when the father goes.
Therefore, whatever else of usual Christmas giving
is done by the father, he should give, as his choicest
offering, not only that which assures the continuance of
Christmas joys, but also that which will make certain
the wellbeing of mother and children through all the
coming years.
The old reliable Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New
York is selling income policies, which provides a stated
monthly income for those left behind when the head of
the household is taken away.
Sec FRANK R. CHAPIN about one for Christmas
J. L. Jones has sold 80 acres of his
farm to J. E. Clinton.
I James DeChambeau was over from
Burley a couple of days this week
'looking after his bench property.
* k k j
j Wayne Shaply was quite painfully
injured last week by falling against
. .. , , tv,
a car while working at the mill. The
head and face were badly bruised.
Red Cross members who are making
! pajamas and hospital shirts are re
j quested to turn in their work at once.
I Report must be made to headquarters
j—Mrs. Stokesbery.
| Mrs. Maggie Roberts wishes to state
: that "My boys have not taken all my
money and then kicked me out, as
some people are telling in Emmett. It
is not true. I have a home with any of:
Dave McGowan was called to Port-1
land last week by the Llness of his
»'■'ter Mary. She is sick vnthtne flu.
She and Lillian Hall are rooming to
.aether. Miss Hall has just recovered
from the disease.
: them."
Sollie Callender and family have
moved to Emmett and Sollie will buy
fat cattle and hogs,
J. M. Johnson was in town the first
the w«* on business He came
from the Bullard & Johnson bier stock
ran ch ; n California. He and the boys
Bke ^ there.
Relatives here have received word
that the family of Lynn Barton in
Spokane are all having influenza. Mr.
Burton's father, W. L. Burton, who
recently went to spend the winter
there is taking care of the son and his
wife, while the children are staying
at the home of a neighbor. All are re
covering nicely.
Fred Amsbaugh, who suffered a
painful and extremely dangerous ac
cident at the Michigan-Idaho planing
mill last week, is able to be around
Mr. Amsbaugh
calling on friends.
says he is suffering no grqat pain, and
feels that he is more than fortunate
to have escaped a complete loss of the
arm or even death.
three months here with the family of
his brother, E. L. Mills, departed Mon
day for points in the coast country,
Charles Mills, who has spent about
where he will visit other relatives. He
will .then continue his journey, going
East to spend some months before re
turning to his home in Las Animas,
The Brunswick Cigar Store is serv
ing hot lunches and hot drinks, such
chicken tamales, bouillon, hot choco
Utei0ygter coektaili etc „ and j s m ak
n g a w jtH jt s customers. New
equipment for preparing these deli-
cacies has been installed and excellent
service is being given. When cold or
hungry, night or day, try one of these
hot lunches. touch the and
make the world look brighter.
c - F - Baker moved his family to
town having sold his piace northeast
Qf Emmett.
Alma Yergenson has bought the
Chas. Tyler place, having sold his
ranch on the South Slope to Henry
Obermeyer, and Chas. Tyler and moth
er are moving into the Wilbur Dresser
house recently vacated by Mr. Ober
Lillian Hall has recovered from the
influenza and has returned to her
Ancil Sullivan is moving into the
Henry Jenkins property, and will-look
after the ranch for Lawyer Sullivan
of Boise, who bought it.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ireton from
Sweet were visitors at the Baker home
The partnership of Fong & Fong, in
the Emmett Cafe, has been dissolved
Sam Fong buying out his partner. No
tice is given that I, Sara Fong, will
pay all bills owed by said firm up to
December 10.
The regular meeting of Gem County
Chapter of American Red Cross was
held Nov. 7th, 1918, Mrs. Bilderback
presiding. The lists of new commit
tees were read as follows:
Executive—Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Hayes,
Mrs. Little, Mr. C. A. West, Rev. Ad
ams. Rev. Lathrop, Mr. Monroe, Mr.
Motz, Mr. Holverson, Mrs. Bilderback,
Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Maxfield.
Mrs. Burlingame, Mrs.
Fairchila, Mrs. Emard, Mrs. Barber,
Mrs. J. L. Reynolds, Mrs. Lathrop,
Mrs. C. Carnage, Mr. Stone, Mr. F.
Knox, ar.d M/-. G. G. Ellis.
™ L/' Sutton, Mrs.
Skinner, Mots. Mrs. John Ander
,, ,, _ .,
Stokesbery, Mrs. Carnage, Mrs. E. Al
, en> Mr? . èurkhard, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs.
H. Shropshir
Mrs. Landers.
Knitting—Mrs. Andrew Little, Mrs.
Renwiek, Mrs. Jack Little, Mrs Cruiek
shank, Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Stone, and
Mrs. Carpenter.
j Civilian Relief—Mrs. E. Hawkins,:
Mrs. Zachman, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs.
: A. Little, Mr. Monroe, Mr. West, Dr.
and Work Room—Mrs.
Mrs. Parrish and
Reports of ( ommittees—Treasurer
Cash received for November $ 78.94
£"£ Keeton hand ! 37 tIm*
Workroom—Shipped 60 convalescent
; robes, 40 bed side kits, 55 women's
momingr jackets, 60 8-vear pinafores.
Knitting-Shipped, *90 sweaters.;
Yarn has been received for 2nd allot-;
ment of 90 sweaters. There is on
hand to ship in a few day* 3rd ailot
ment of 30 sweaters and 300 sox.
Surgical Dressings—Surgical dress
ing are to be discontinued. All mater
ial on hand is to be returned to Seattle
or sold locally. Owners of Red Cross
aprons will please call at Red Cross
rooms for them. Four nurses have
been put on influenza cases last month
The Xmas Package Committee have !
been at work every afternoon and have !
sent out 110 cartons, supplying an J
address coupon for 42 of them. ,
D. H. VanDeusen was appointed as ■
chairman of Valley and Gem Counties I
for Christmas membehship drive
The work room needs help badly, as 1
a large amount of work is to be got- [
ten out by January 1st. Those who
have been giving time to surgical •
dressing should transfer their atten- !
tion to sewing. Work to be completed i
by the first of the year includes; 150 j
suits of pajamas; 96 men's handker-I
chiefs; 115 children's petticoats; 60
convalescent robes; 250 children's:
pinafores besides extra jackets and 1
While donig your Christmas sewing
don't forget to look for material for
treasure bags, They should be bright
coloied cretonne or similar strong ma
terial. See sample at work rooms.
Influenza Victim.
Tuesday afternoon. J. S. Pratt re
ceived a message to go to Nampa at
one* to attend his son John who was j
dangerously ill with Spanish Influen- i
za. Mr. Pratt went, but ere he reached j
his son s bedside, the disease had done i
r S ^ dy Wa j b Z° U ^ > t0 :
Emmett Wednesday, and Mr. Buck
num conveyed it on Thursday to Sweet
the former home of the Pratts. Wed
nesday night another son in Nampa j
succumbed to the dread disease and j
interment was made there. It is re- 1
A month ago most of us were planning to limit our
Christmas giving to the least that we could "get by
with; today we feel like celebrating Christmas as we
never did before.
We feel like celebrating it by making the presents
we give more worth while than ever so that in years to
come wife or husband will point to it with pride and say,
"That's what I got the Christmas after the war was won
There isn't a better present than a SONORA, It will
please day after day and year after year; there is no
other satisfaction like that of having such a fine musical
instrument as the Sonora in the home.
The Sonora is a remarkable instrument so accurately
and perfectly does it reproduce both the human voice
and the most delicate shades of tone color as to defy
detection from the original voice or instrument.
The SONORA is a talking machine with all the
scratching and screeching eliminated. It brings to your
home, not an imitation of the great voices or instrumen
tal music of the master, but the REAL music itself. It
is a perfect reproducing machine with the "mechanics
left out.
We want you hear it and judge for yourself. This is
your invitation to come to our store at any time and hear
the latest records. There will be no obligation to buy.
We want Gem county people to hear and know the SO
NORA. We will glady demonstrate it. Plenty of easy
comfortable rockers in which to rest while enjoying a
real musical treat.
Don't Buy a Talking Machine Till You Hear Sonora
Pioneer Furniture Store
Emmett, Idaho
Burns Wood or Coal.
Warms the Floor AH Over.
Holds Fire Perfectly.
Reduces the Fuel Bill One-thircL
Does Away with a Lot of Smoke and Gas.
We would suggest th^t you purchase early,
while we have the stoves. When our stock is
sold we cannot replace. If you expect to buy
at least make your selection and have your
stove reserved for later delivery.
FRANK KNOX, Proprietor.
Cigars, Tobacco, Candy and Soft Drinks
Pocket Billiards
A nice comfortable place for gentlemen to
enjoy themselves.
i!Iness sympathy of the entire !
community is with the family in their
- rouble .
^ Qthers of tJ)e fami , in
Emmett ar£ sufferi from the
The city council at its meeting Tues-
Graveling to be Complet«!
day evening ordered that the unfinish
ed work of grading and sanding
|streets be completed at the earliest
p^We date. •
rurs Wanted
.The New York Store will pay the
highest price« for all kinds of far*.

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