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' '~S£=.
I so far performed
war-service work
and made sacrifices
has never been
equalled in the
history of any
1 country. Mothers,
A wives and sisters
L\ support thus burden
with strength and
fortitude. But
Jr those who are al
ready miserable
from the com
plaints and wetJt
cesscs which are so common to women,
should take the right tonic for the womanly
If a woman is borne down by pain
and sufferings at regular or irregular
intervals, by nervousness or dizzy spells,
by headache or backache, "Favorite
Prescription" should be taken. If her
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weaknesses, delicate derangements, and
painful disorders that afflict her sex, she
will find relief and emancipation from her
troubles in Dr.-Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion. If she's overworked, nervous, or
" run-down," she finds new life and
strength. It's a powerful, invigorating
herbal tonic and nervine which was dis
covered and used by an eminent physician
for many years, in cases of "female com
plaints" and weaknesses. "Favorite Pre
scription" can now be had in tablet
form as well as liquid at most drug
stores. Send to Doctor Pierce's Invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., for a ten-cent
trial package of tablets.
For fifty years Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets have been most satisfactory in
liver and bowel troubles.
MEALS 30c and Up
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m. Noodles and chop suey
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Funeral Director
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n Street
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Reilly A Co.

and Mystery of Raising Dough Under Difficulties Is Taught at
the Shipping Board's School for Bakers—Now a Sailor
Lives as Well as Most Working Men Ashore—War
Recipes Are Used by Sea Bakers.
Rrend and pies such as mother used to make—possihly I
not exactly the same, hut satisfying in the same degree
the cravings of the healthy appetite of American youth— ■*
are produced on the ships of the new merchant marine
by the sea bakers specially trained for their work by the ^
United States shipping hoard.
The training of bakers for service
at sea Is a novelty In the merchant
service. It originated In the great
demand for skilled breadmakers on
the hundreds of new ships being built
b.v the shipping board for the govern
. ment. Fundamentally It was prompt
ed by the requirements of the mod
•filch is vastly better ;
ancestors ever j
ern sailor's diet,
than his sea-going
dreamed of having.
In grandfather's day a ship took on
her supply of bread for a voyage In
casks, before leaving home. This sup
ply was to last until the end of the
voyage, though that might be a year or
hard biscuits.
when dry, but often It got damp and
moldy, or wormy. ]
The old-time American sailor's Ideal !
The bread was In the form of
It kept fairly well
of dietary luxury therefore was plenty
of "soft," fresh bread. Coupled with
that he had dally visits of pies and
puddings such as mother made back
In Nantucket, or New London, or New
Bedford ; but these he tasted while
at sea In fancy only, for his sole des
sert, after his meal of hard bread and
salt pork or beef, or of "scouse" or
"salt-horse" hash, was a portion once
a week or so of duff, which one sailor
author of 80 years ago described as
"nothing more than flour boiled with
water and eaten with molasses."
Floating Bakeshop on Big Ship.
All that was done away with years
Since the Introduction of steam.
which shortened voyages. Jack's diet
~ A
: f®
. mm
\ ;*
•: :
: x
• 7-,
•«" t \
Sea Baker* at School on a United State* Shipping Board Training Ship, and
War Bread
Now a sailor
had steadily improved,
live* as
ashore, and better than many.
"soft" bread dally, and both puddings
and pies in their place.
To provide for the needs of the crew
In bread and pastry each large Ameri
can merchant ship carries a bakeshop
and a baker. The bakeshop is equipped
with the latest type of oven for bak
ing bread and pastry In quantity. The
baker Is skilled not only in his trade
but in working under sea-going con
ditions—and that means not only his
nbtllty to keep a steady stomach In
rough weather, and while at work un
consciously to change his balance from
- - to the other as the ship rolls
from side to side, or pitches In a
well ns most workingmen
He has
strong head sea.
The sea baker can do these things
because he is trained to do them. The
accessions to the bread and
pastrv workers aboard Uncle Sam s
merchant ships in fact are graduates
from schools for sea bakers, maintaln
Cnited States shipping
One of these schools is on
ed by the
board. —
bourd the board's training ship Meade.
another on the training
at Boston,
ship Bedford, at New York.
The students in these schools are
the 3.000 or
volunteers from among
apprentices that the shipping
board is training each month on a
squadron of 12 training ships, for serv
ice in merchant marine crews.
Art and Mystery in Breadmaking.
The "art and mystery" of the old
time ship builder's trade, which the
mnster builder was supposed to im
part only to his apprentices, is pres
in the making of good bread at
It is one thing to "raise" dough
kitchen at home, where both the
nnd the temperature are stable,
In a
and quite another to get similar re
ihere the baker's kitch
en is always in motion, and is usunlly
suits at sea,
The sea baker's apprentice therefore
Is first taught the Importance of tem-
perature in handling dough.
- Impressed on him as he acquires mas
tery of mixing, and gets the trick of
: wetting the dough just enough.
Mixing dough in big wood troughs,
and kneading It by hand, for moat
This Is
appeals to the beginners, because of
the subtle and unseen Influence of
temperature and handling that makes
for success or failure in breadmak
ing. Once the student masters this
part of the art, he finds the rest of
brendmaking plain sailing.
Baking Is done in quantity. An or
dinary baking oven on a training ship
will take 80 loaves at a time. The
average time for baking a batch of
bread is three-fourths of an hour. On
the Meade the ovens work 24 hours a
day. with three shifts of 30 students
each on the Job.
War Recipes Used by Sea Bakers.
One reason why the sea baker's
bread Is not exactly like the old-time
home product Is that war recipes only
are now used on the merchant fleets,
as on land.
While these recipes restrict the use
of wheat flour and require the nse
of substitutes, they encourage Initia
tive on the part of the Instructors
and their students In the shipping
board's breadmaking schools.
Experiments made by the sea bakers
with varions combinations of ingre
dients have produced some excellent
war bread, and also have shown some
interesting economical results.
On the Bradford, for example, a
standard bread has been produced by
the use of 75 per cent wheat flour
and 25 per cent of combined cornmeal
and potato flour,
loaves weighing a pound and a half
This is baked in
It has been found that this
loaf could be sold at 11 cents, with
a resulting proflt of $12 ou each bar
rel of wheat flour used, after 100 per
cent has been added to the cost of pro
ducing the bread for "overhead'
On the Meade the following com
bination has been tried successfully.
In quantities sufficient to make 90
two-pound loaves; 75 pounds wheHt
flour, five pounds cornstarch, five
. , ,
pounds white cornmeal, five pounds
barley, five pounds rye, two pounds
corn sugar, two pounds rendered fat,
one can (pound) condensed milk, one
nnd a half pounds of SHlt and 15
ounces of yeast.
give them not only verbal advice, but
supply them with written directions
covering the more obvious points In
their new work.
The young sea bakers being trained
by the shipping board are under the
direction of skilled Instructors, who
Here are a few "hints" lssu n d to the
student bakers on the Bradford :
To achieve success, the baker must
use judgment and care,
requires more water or milk than oth
ers, so thnt tile quantity may have to
lie varied to make dough of a proper
Different bakings will varv as to
time nnd heat required ami" should,
therefore, be examined occasionally.
To ascertain whether the bread or
Some flour
cake is sufficiently done in the cen
ter of the loaf, thrust n clean straw
or long, thin splinter into it.
done, there will be no dough on It
when drawn out.
Measure the flour and be careful to
mix with it the baking powder in a
dry state, and before sifting.
You can always substitute water for
milk or milk for water, butter for
lard or lard for butter.
In cake the number of eggs may be
increased or diminished, or in a plain
er cake dispensed with entirely.
Where fewer eggs are used than
directed, always use a little more bak
ing powder. Never use tour milk.
In baking loaf cake, remember that
unless you place a piece of paper over
for protection at first, a top crust will
be formed St once, that prevents the
raising. When cake t* well raised re
move the paper tor hrvwnlac on top.
Mrs. Tobolt Astonished At Re
sults Of Tanlac—Gains
20 Pounds.
"Some wonderful things happen in
this world, and the way Tanlac has
restored my health and built
me up is I
one of them," said Mrs. Paul Toboit of !
916 California Ave., Butte, Mont, in
one of the most interesting and re
markable statements yet published in
connection with the Master Medicine.
"My trouble started about two years
ago," she continued, " and I have sim
ply been a nervous wreck ever since
until now. Last January I went to the
hospital when I was told that my
whole system had become poisoned by
an affected appendix, that an opera
tion was my only hope and it was
doubtful if this would save
arranged to have my children cared
for, in case I should not see them
again, and submitted to the operation.
Well, the operation was done with so
much skill, and I was so carefully
nursed that I finally got out of the
hospital, and was home with my hus
band and children again. Then I picked
up wonderfully for a little more than
a month when I began having terrible
pains in my back and kidneys. My
appetite left me, and nothing tasted
right. I was constipated, had fearful
headaches, and was so nervous I could
not sleep. I fell off until I weighed less
than a hundred pounds and was so
weak that it was an effort for me to
get about at all.
"Finally my husband suggested that
I try Tanlac, as it was being so much
talked about, and the results have as
tonished us both. I couldn't see much
So I
improvement on my first bottle, but
with the second my appetite got bet
ter, I commenced to feel improved and
was surprised when I got on the scales
to find that I had gone up to one hun
dred and eight pounds. Well, the third
bottle did wonders for me, relieved me
of ail pain and headache and making
me want to eat up everything. I now
weigh one hundred and eighteen
pounds making a gain of more than
twenty pounds on three bottles—and
I'm wondering what my fourth bottle
which I have just started taking, will
do for me. I sleep like a healthy child
never waking at night at all and feel
like I could eat five or six meals a day.
I dismissed my hired help, four weeks
ago, after eighteen months' steady
service, and since then I have done all
my housework,, cooking and every
thing, I have no dull, drowsy bad feel
ings and life is a pleasure to me. I
can't praise Tanlac enough for what
it has done for me."
Tanlac is sold in Emmett by H. T.
Davis, at Montour by E. Vadney, at
Ola by P. W. Wharton.
Camels in War.
Camel» In war are stationed among
clamps of acacia trees, with h spy<
mounted on a camel's neck. This is
tlie safest place, for the camel, stand
ing with only his head above the tree«,
looks like a bit of the foliage in tht
distance. Camels a r» good for desert
warfare, because they can go without
Tarer eo long and can easily carry
loads weighing from 400 to 500 pounds.
Cured at a Cost of 25 Cents.
"Eight years ago when we first
moved to Mattoon, I was a great suf
f erer f r0 m indigestion and constipa
t ion," wr jtes Mrs. Robert Allison, Mat
toon, 111. "I had frequent headache;
and dizzy spells and there was a feel
ing like a heavy weight pressing or
my stomach and chest all the time. 1
felt miserable. Every morsel of foot
distressed me. I could not rest a'
night and felt fifed and worn out al
the time. One bottle of Chamberlain s
j Tablets cured me and I have since
f e i t like a different person."
« -
He's Usually Not Worth It.
The trouble with the man you have
to know to like !» that usually he Is
so disagreeable that few people care
to make a second attempt to know him.
—Detroit Free Press.

Chamberlain's Tablets.
When you are troubled with indi
gestion or constipation, take Chamber
I lain ' s Tablets. They strengthen the j
; f omach and enable it to perform its
functions naturally Indigestion is
usually accompanied by constipation
and is aggravated by it. Chamber-1
Iain's Tablets cause a gentle move
ment of the bowels, relieving the con
stipated condition.
Mother's Advice.
"Remember, my son " said his moth
er, as she bade him good-by. 'when you
get to camp try to be punctual In the
morning, so as nor to keep breakfast
A healthy man is a king in his own
right; an unhealthy man an unhappy
slave. For impure blood and slug
gish liver, use Burdock Blood Bitters.
On the market 35 years. $1.25 a
Diamond Edge knives and rasors
at Reilly's.
Diplomacy Wins.
Frank speakers (or whatever they
may terra themselves) should remem
ber that certain kinds of frankness
bring a lot of uneasiness and often pain
to others, and those of us who stop to
think at all will admit tbit it Is by
far the better part of valor to refrain
from telling everyone at all times just
what we think. We should study the
temperaments of the persons with
whom we come In contact, und while
before some we may express ourselves
freely and without reserve, we must In
the presence of others be most careful
and guarded In our remarks.
Great Wrong Done Willie.
There ought to be a severe penalty
for an alarm clock striking a blue note.
One of these things got Willie out of
bed an hour too early under the sug
gestion that he was an hour late, and
landed him at the office tike a run
away horse, before the janitors had
finished their morning's work.—Se
attle Post-intelligencer.
Islands Once Pirate Stronghold.
Ilecent archaeological researches In
the Virgin Islands, Indicate that tho
ancient Indian Inhabitants of the ii.
lands were pirates who made long voy
ages In their canoes In search of loot.
Many Emmett People Have Bee«
Called as Witnesses.
Week after week has been published
the testimony of Emmett peopl
nev sufferers—backache victims—peo
ple who have endured many forms of
kidney, bladder or urinary disorders.
These witnesses have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills.
thusiastic approval,
everywhere. 50,000 American men and
women are publicly recommending
Doan's—always in the home papers.
Isn't it a wonderful, convincing mass
of proof? If you are a sufferer your
verdict must be "Try Doan's first."
Here's one more Emmett case:
F. H. Vanderhoof, retired fanner,
"When a
All have given their en
It's the same
S. Washington St., says:
man gets along in years his kidneys
are liable to cause trouble; at least, I
have been bothered with the kidney se
cretions passing too frequently some
times. That weakness has kept me
from getting much rest at night and
then I would have considerable back
ache, too. Doan's Kidney Pills are the
best remedy I have ever tried for kid
ney trouble and they have always cor
rected the disorder me
pain in a short time."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don'tsim
ply ask for a kidney remedy—get
the same that
Mr. Vanderhoof had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Doan's Kidney Pill
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed Clerk-elect of Gem County,
Idaho, of his intention to make appli
cation to the Board of County Com
missioners of said county at 2 p. m.
the 13th day of January, 1919, at
the regular January, 1919, meeting
of said board, for authority to ap
point one regular deputy and also one
clerical assistant in the said office.
Dated December, 12, 1918.
Notice is hereby giver, by the un
dersigned Assessor-elect of Gem
lounty, Idaho, of his intention to make
application to the Board of County
Commissioners of said county, at 2
o'clock p. m. on the 13th day of Jan
U ary, 1919, at the regular January,
jgjg meeting of said board, or as soon
thereafter as he can be heard, for au
thority to appoint one deputy for eight
months, and one deputy for four
months of the said year for said office.
Dated December 12th, 1918.
County Assessor-elect
... . „
missroners of said county at - p. m.
on the 13th day of January, 1919, at
t he regular January, 1919, meeting of
said board> for authority to appoint
. , ...
one regular deputy m said office.
Dated December 19, 1918.
Notice is hereby given bv the under
signed Sheriff-eiect of Gem County,
Idaho, of his intention to make appli
cation to the Board of County Com
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Emmett
Fruit Growers Union will be held at
their office in Emmett on Tuesday
afternoon, January 14, at 2 o'clock, for
the election of officers and the tran
saction of other business.
GUY" DAYTON, Secretary.
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Last
Chance Ditch Company will be held
at City Hall, Emmett, on Saturday
January 11, 1919, at 2 o'clock p. m. A
full attendance is requested.
HERMAN WERLE, Secretary.
and sanitary handling combined with
the finest quality of materials and ex
pert skill make the good things from
not only wholesome and healthful but
dainty and appetizingly attractive.
Try ordering our bread and rolls
Neatly Printed on Good
Paper as Prescribed by
100 Butter Wrappers.$1.00
200 Batter Wrappers_1.35
300 Butter Wrappers-_ 1.79
500 Butter Wrappers.
1000 Butter Wrappers- 4.15
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
J. B. Hetherington & Co.
Electrical Supply House
We are especially equipped for
Armature and Motor Repairing
of all kinds. Contractors for all
classes of Electrical Work.
Dealers in Fixtures and Fana.
Emmett, Idaho
Phone 37
Bonded Abstracters
Auditor's Office, Coart House
Phone 68-J
Emmett, Idaho
Phones—Office 151. Res. 151-R2
Bank of Emmett Building
Emmett, Idah*
and Embalmer
A complete line of
Idaho Furniture & Hdw. Co.
Phones—Day 189W. Night 70-J
Dl If V LOSSES surely prevented
mw mamm U * rr reliable :
■ P ^ iMflerifdhY
■I M V western dock
■ . m. ■ men. because they fWy
protect where other WŸlBCi»
Iim fail.
Writ? tor booklet and testimonials.
10-dost pkf.BJackltf Pills, SI.00
504m« RkL Macfcl«c Pills. *4.00
iniectot. but Cutter'* simple« end Strong«*.
Th« superiority of Cutter product* is d
years of specUliain* ln VACC1HSS AND SUVMS
ONLY. Insist OK CUT«» J. II oaotaaisabi«.
order direct.
T>. Cttw L***r*t*cy. **■**!**. C*jMsgj* J)
ow U
Your Own Way.
Many have an idea that it would ha
pleasant always to have their own
way. It ia sometimes pleasant. but
result* are not gratifying. It In
road thnt lends to temptation and
bondage of (to.
Sajfc... " r *" ~

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