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Emmett, Idaho.
By The Index*« Correspondent*
By Mrs. E. Tennyson.
Mrs. G. G. Ellis spent Friday after
noon with Mrs. E. Tennyson.
Mr. and Mrs. Nephi Yergenson
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Yergenson.
Mrs. James Stippich is home from
her school at Weiser, visiting her
mother, Mrs. Grace Sanders.
Herman Sheets and family from
Rremmerton, Ore., are visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. 8. T. Johnson. Mrs.
Sheets is a sister of Mrs. Johnson.
They expect to locate here.
Mrs. E. Tennyson called on Mrs.
Ambrose Shorten Monday afternoon,
who has been quite sick for several
weeks, but is now recovering nicely.
Abe Yergenson and family spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Nephi
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Beers spent
Sunday with Mrs. Sorenson.
Mrs. Wallace has pneumonia after
an attack of the Flu.
Sam Peters visited at the V, W.
Beers home Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schoening call
ed on Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Russell Fri
day evening.
Mrs. Rurdell visited at the W. E.
Buck home Tuesday.
George Burdell came down from the
canal Wednesday.
Mr. and Mra. Buck and children vis
ited at Mr. Lansing's Sunday.
M ias Josie Aston was out Sunday
for the first time since having the flu.
Mias Margaret Marlar called on
Mra. Koontz -Sunday.
Robert Gordon ia having lots of
trouble with his water pipes freezing.
Mrs. Sherwood was a business call
er at the Koontz home Monday.
Mr. Pass got moved just in time, for
he took the flu and ia up now. Mrs.
Pass has it, too.
Koontz and Whitsell have some
frozen water pipes. Well, it is easier
d»> carry water.
More flu than anything else, so It
is hard to get news.
Bv K. F. Wells.
Mert Jackson returned from a visit
to hit father in Wyoming' last Sun
The two Newman families are all
up and around again from an attack
of the flu.
Henry Lucht and boys were up to
the Fry ranch, above Horseshoe Bend,
last week for a visit with relatives.
John Starr and wife and Rev. Par
ker spent Monday with the A. N.
Storey family.
E. F. Wells and wife visited at
Nampa with the Super family on Sat
E. F. Wells was up to Frank Burns'
Tuesday with his dehorning chute and
made all of Frank's cattle mullet.
This is the best kind of weather for
that kind of work.
The James Bonham family, who
have been having a tussle with the flu,
are about all able to sit up now.
The Will Bethel family were Cald
well visitors Monday.
Will Obermeyer is threshing his
bean crop this week.
(Too late for lust week )
The holidays passed off rather qui
etly in these parts, most of the people
staying close at home on account of
the flu epidemic.
A long-looked-for letter came to
Dtvis Hunter on Christ
Mr. and M
mas day and brought them real joy,
a« it came from their son Floyd over
He reports that he is feeling:
fine and marching through Grmany.
This was the first new» they had had
two months and was a
from him
real Christmas gift.
The families of Elmer and Frank
Newman all have the flu.
Floyd Groat and wife spent Christ
mas week at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Will Burns
Two children of James Bonham
• re sick with the flu.
George Sprague, wife and daughter
took New Year's dinner with Mrs.
Our school has been closed since
Monday evening on account of the
Tha sad news of the death of D.
Saaaar spread over the wire* Monday
morning. He passed sway at the
home of his parents in Caldwell about
midnight Sunday, from pneumonia,
following a case of the flu. He leaves
a wife and two small children, besides
his father, mother and one half broth
er to mourn his loss.
Scott Stewart and Bill Lunsdrum
were dinner guests at the Rose home
Lou Dietrich is here from Poca
tello visiting relatives.
The Misses Edith, Nora and Hazel
Franklin attended the New Year's
dance at Ontario.
G. W. Franklin and Tom Patten
have gone to Pearl to bring out their
Many of our people are taking ad
vantage of this nice freezing weather
and preparing, by putting up quanti
tie* of ice, to keep things cool next
R. L. ltattan has built a commodions
Ice bourn and l'omeroy, Bott and him
self have filled it together. They have
.'10 tons well sheltered, some of it being
111 inches thick.
Dan Hansen is suffering with the
flu this week.
The school trustees met in special
session to transact necessary business
connected with the special election
be held Jan. 18 to vote on the change
of site for the schonlhouse.
proposed to have the
Mrs. Karl Kiser visited Mrs. Battan
Tuesday and Mrs. Carl Kiser Wednes
new site
On account of the low attendance
at school and the fact that there were
a number of cases of influenza in our
m ighhorhood, the teachers, Mrs.
Shane and Miss Bowers, volunteered
to take a month's vacation without
pay, honing that by Feb. 1 the epi
demic will have run its course and the
sick ones he able to return to school
and the well ones not be afraid to
attend. This disposition on the part
of the teachers to bear their share of
the disadvantages the schools have ex
perienced is certainly appreciated by
the school board and the patrons of
District 4. It is hoped by using every
precaution now, by Feb. 1 we may re
sume our school work and continue
up to the first of June.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Sawyer and in
fant son are all victims of the in
fluenza. They are being cared for
by Mrs. Sawyer's sister, who recently
arrived from Minnesota to make the
acquaintance of the babe. The brave
little girl has her hands full and sym
pathetic neighbors are doing all they
can to aid her.
Mr. and Mrs. I). McMillan are leav
ing today (Thursday) for San Fran
cisco, where they will make their
home. They have spent the past ten
days visiting umong their many
friends before their departure. Mrs.
McMillan was a guest at the Guthrie
home since Monday evening return
ing to Emmett Wednesday evening.
On Thursday she will go to Nampa, j
where she w ill meet Mr. McMillan, J
who has been in Boise for several!
days, and together they will contin
ue their journey. We regret the de ;
purture of these genial neighbors, hut
the fact that we know the attachment
they feel for the Payette valley makes
us hopeful of their return some day.
Influenza has invaded the Robt. Ho
ward home and several mumbers of
the family are ill.
R. B. Wentworth came home Mon
day from the Sisler ditch camp. He
was fortunately one of those who did
not take the Flu.
F. S. Blaser also came home from
the ditch camp a few days ago.
Mr*. Spaulding was a caller at the
Guthrie home Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pass and family
moved last week to the Spratt place
near the brick achoolhouse. The Big
4 is in charge of Ed Beutler, who with
: his wife and infant son took poases
| sion last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Young and Dim
! ily are preparing to move to a ranch
I in Boise valley in the near future. We
I are sorry to lose this estimable fam
N. I). Wentworth, who has been
quite ill, is able to be about again.
Nearly all our farmers have taken
advantage of tlje cold weather and
stored a goodly supply of ice for
summer's use.
By Mrs. C. W. Cook
Now that the Slope people have
been generally attacked by the flu
they are spending their time indoors
getting rid of it as fast as they can.
The Will Tucker and Ed Tyler fam
ilies are doing nicely and able to be
Several members in the Warden
household are convalescent.
Miss Gertrude McSparran is recov
ering from pneumonia.
The Slope ranchers have put up
their usual supply of ice from the
Co-operative ditch. It seems to be a
good thickness and exceptionally clear.
The Canyon canal has closed down
two of its work camps until the
weather shall have moderated.
Henry Harpt left for Barber this
week to work in the mills for the next
two months.
Mrs. Ed Modin spent Wednesday
with Mrs. Bert Wright.
Miss Exia visited Mrs. Stinson
Miss Irene Jensen is spending this
week at home, her school being closed
on account of quarantine.
The Slope people are very solicitous
for Duncan Hunter and sincerely hope
for his recovery.
Mr. Kitching of Boise is making a
tour of the valley in the interest of
the live and emthusiastic farmers
movement. He is a gentleman of
pleasing address, well read and
thoroughly adapted to the line of work
he is doing. Mr. Kitching ip_ having
splendid success in taking voluntary
subscriptions for the new daily.
Earl Modin wrote his folks from
Belgium that they are on the move
He was emjoying good health
and getting to see a good deal of the
By Mrs. R. E. Noland '
H Mis. Lew Idle, who was taken from
Krr to the Hot springs last week suf
^Bring with heart t.-auble, is reported
Hiproving nicely. ,
H Mrs. Cronk, a niece of Mrs, ÄfcRob
BU, died at the ditch camp Sunday
^■ght. The remains were taken to
^Midvale for burial.
H The family and brother of Ford
Hostie are getting over an attack of
H Corp. Dean F. Palmer came home
Hksterday from a training camp in
Hpxnz to spend a few days visiting
Hi folks. Dean enlisted a year ago
laid May.
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer wt*re made
very happy the 2nd by a letter from
their sou Harley, whom they had not
heard from for five months. He is
well, but expects to stay in France
some little time yet.
J. S. Robinson, who is employed at
the dam, is getting to be quite an
efficient nurse. He is at present tak
ing are of the Clark Cox family, who
are down with the influenza.
Orville McConnell is doing a good
business trapping coyotes, having
caught five, Eugene Noland trapped
one coyote and the next catch was
his faithful dog. Chum, who has car
ried his hindfoot in his hand ever
Miss May Vaughn received a Ger
man helmet from Melvin Marker,
somewhere in France, which weighs
two pounds and fourteen ounces. Mias
May left it on the show case at the
postofflee so everybody could sec it
Melvin Marker ia in the army of oc
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meier and son
Melvin are having their turn with the
flu, but all are getting along nicely,
Mrs. Charles Vanflet and children
culled ut the Turks home Sunday af
C. M. Kester filled his ice house last
James CahalHn and Bert Morehouse
put up ice with Norman Nelson the
first of the week.
Abe Hitt returned to Portland Mon
day to report for duty, after having
spent a short furlough visiting home
Boise Monday for u visit with her
Miss Vera Whitsell came over from
Mr. Barthalo and Mr. Haynes loaded
a car of baled hay in Emmett the last
of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Ellis called at
the Parks home Sunday evening.
Carrol Paul and Willma Parks vis
ited Sunday evening at the White
D 1 *
'/ '

; m. . ■*

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put pep-in-jyour-smokemotor, all right, if you'll
nng-in with a jimmy pipe or cigarette papers and
nail some Prince Albert for packing!
appealing all along the smoke line.
Men who never before could
smoke a pipe and men who've
smoked pipes for years all testify
to the delight it hands out! P. A.
can't bite or parch ! Both are
cut out by our exclusive patented
process !
Right now while the going's
good you get out your old jimmy
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some P. A. for what ails your
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Well, sir, you'll be so all-fired
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Quality makes Prince Albert so
tobacco ia août. Toppy rod bo, a.
pound and half pound tin humidors—and
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R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
tmjrrlfhr '.til
R J. :-icjiboi4s
Regina Conrad
Henry Conrad has been in bed with
the- rheumatism several days this
Otto Wilhelm . is now threshing
clover for Mr. Sherwood.
Miss Regina Conrad and Mrs.
M. Hereth called at the Graves home
Sunday afternoon.
The Fulgham and Wallace families
are having their siege of the flu. Mrs.
Burdell ia helping take care of them,
Mrs. Bayston is on the sick list this
week and is unable to teach school.
Mrs. B. L. Limbaugh called at the
Schoening home Wednesday.
Mrs. Guy Reynolds spent several
days of last week visiting at the Hen
ry Luhr home.
The Johns family are ill with the
Spanish Influenza.
A. L. Haynes received a beautiful
Victrola from Mr. and Mia. Ernest
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kraus and
family were callers at the F. C. Schadt
home Sunday afternoon.
Jake Conrad, F. C. Schadt, L. M.
Crozer and Richard Kraus are busy
filling their ice house this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad and family and
Mrs. J. M. Hereth called at the Kraus
home Friday evening.
Pauline Duborko of New Plymouth,
and William Marteris of American
Falls were bench visitors several dayd
of last week.
Mr. Wallace and Wilmer Buck, who
have been working on the canal, also
have the flu.
The writer that forgot to sign her
name to the Central Mesa items the
last two times is either ashamed of
herself Or has a bad conscience.
Madames Kraus, Hereth, Conrad,
Almsted, Kingston and Reynolds and
Misses Pauline Durborko and Regina
and Clara Conrad were present at a
quilting party ut the Henry Luhr
home Friday.
Nazarene Church Notes
It takes something like an epidemic
or quarantine to keep holy people
from assembling together and when
temporarly hindered God will make
up to them those precious blessings j
in other means of grace. We rejoice j
in our pastoral visitation to fin^j the ,
saints rejoicing in the Lord and stack
ing practical ways to show their love ■
for Him. l,et us earnestly pray that i
the plague may be removed soom—
W. H. Parker. Pastor.
Baptist Notes
No church services next Sunday, [
the Flu epidemic still continues. ,
We can hardly expect to reopen before
the 19th.
Now is the time we need to keep |
close to God anii be much in prayer, i
remember the sick in pray- j
to God for their recovery. It you ;
arc stricken look up to him in trust and
faith. Let us not be frightened, but
confidence bear with what comes
our way, and do whatever service we
can. We can safely lean upon our God
these days of anxiety. Remember
read his word also. It has a mes
sage of good cheer and uplift for us
Protect Your Family
At this time when so many lives are
being taken by the Spanish Influenza, it is
the duty of every man to protect his fam
ily. It can be done very easily by securing
a policy with the MUTUAL LIFE INSUR
Get in touch with F. R. CHAPIN, local
agent, and secure this protection at once.
Tomorrow may be too late.
Emmett, Idaho.
Presbyterian Church Notes.
Lessons for January 12: Sabbath
school— "Moses, the leader of Israel,
Exod. 3:1-12. Training for leader
snip. .
Christian Endeavor—Topic, I ne
Practice of Kindliness," Gen. 4o:l-15.
In connection with the topic also read
I Cor., 13th chap.
Church open between 10 and 11
o'clock for those who desire papers.
—James Adams, Minister.
Candidates for the Jnpanese parlla
ment must he thirty years old at least,
Members are allowed a salary of about
Creosoted railroad trestles are more
nearly fireproof than those built of un
preserved timber, ss their sound stir
face« do not retain stray «parks.
Candidates in Japan.
$1.000 a year.
Creosoted Trsstlaa ths Safest.
Jeff Say,
—that he used to think
he was getting more for
his money by buying a
big plug of ordinary to
bacco, until he ran across
Real Gravely. Now you
couldn't make him switch
back to the ordinary plug
again. Gravely has that
good taste that every man
wants. It lasts so much
longer that you get the
tobacco satisfaction you
are looking for without
extra cost.
It lari further — that 'j why you
frt the good tuile of thir clou
of taboccc without extra cut.
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
eac/t piece packed in a pouch
Old paper« for aala at Tha Index
office, 26c par 100,
Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Eat rays
Notice is hereby given that the
sheriff of Gem County, Idaho, will on
the 19th day of February, 1919, at
2 o'clock P. M., sell at public auction
; to the highest bidder for cash at the
j ranch of James Bell, about two miles
; south of Letha, Idaho, the following
j described animals taken up as estrays
as provided by chapter 192 Session
Laws of Idaho, for 1911, said animals
I being described as follows, to-wit:
i One blace mare about 12 years old
; weight about 1150 pounds, branded
i with S on left shoulder, has four white
j feet, is shod in front, has white spot
! in forehead and foretop is cut.
; One bay horse weight about 1300,
about 14 years old, small white spot
in forehead, foretop cut, is shod all
around, branded E on left shoulder,
Dated this 8th day of January, 1919.
i DAVE NICHOLS, Sheriff.

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