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Richard Purcell has been doing Dan
Hansen's feeding while he had the flu
The Gem State Dumber Co. have
f roal in this week.
The special school election in Dis
trict 21 lakes place Saturday from;
1 ;30 to Bp. m. I4*t ail interested vote.
Mr. and Mrs, Robert Miles visited
Bismark Youstler's Monday.
Wilton is quit« ill again,
Mrs. Joh)
being confined to her lied.
Mr, Ijinmun is helping VanDeusen'i
man feed the cattle on the Craig place
It has not been
but that the tadpoles are sporting
about under the ice in the sloughs.
Mr. Underwood has been quite ill
with asthma the last week.
Ed Bott finished hauling grgjn to
Emmett yesterday.
M rs. Purcell and Marcus went to
Weiser and Payette Saturday,
is expected back today.
Both Hale families are ill with in
fluenza. Only one person is very ill,
the rest are all doing nicely.
Alex Cornwall'» baby died of pneu
monia following the flu.
was buried Tuesday, Mr. Cornwall is
also ill, but is doing nicely.
cold at Letha
The child
I think that waa a pretty strong
statement for anyone to make. I am
not ashamid of myself and don't have
a had ronscienre. I didn't put any
thing in the items that ought to hurt
any true American.
The Jim Strung family spent Sun
day at the Walter Buck home,
George and Walter Burdell visited
at the W. E. Buck home Sunday.
Geo. Koontz and family took Sunday
dinner at the Marler home.
Sain Peters visited at the Beers and
Burdell homes Sunday and left Mon
day for Indianapolis, where he expects
to visit with an uncle.
P, A Lirnhaugh is chief carpenter
Bank of Emmett
at Emmett, in (ho State of Idaho, at the close of business
December 31, 1918.
Cash on hand
Due from banks
Checks and drafts on other banks
Other cash items
lyoans and discounts
Claims and judgments
Hanking house, furniture and (ixtures
Other real estate
Liberty bonds
War Savings Stamps
Stock Federal Reserve Hank
$ 10,241.86
146, «75.27
12 , 000.00
Total deposits
Capital stock paid in
Undivided profits
Bills payable
State of Idaho, County of Gem—as.
I, V. T. Craig, cashier of the above-named hank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
V. T. CRAIG, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of January, 1919.
1 certify that 1 am not an officer or director of this bank.
W. W. WILTON, Notary Public.
K. N. Cummings, J. L. Steward, Directors.
Correct- Attest:
Protect Your Family
At this time when so many lives are
being taken by the Spanish Influenza, it is
the duty of every man to protect his fam
ily. It can be done very easily by securing
a policy with the MUTUAL LIFE INSUR
Get in touch with F. R. CHAPIN, local
agent, and secure this protection at once.
Tomorrow may be too late.
Emmett, Idaho.
Whatever there is good in Tobaccos, Cigars and
Cigarettes, we carry.
Confectionery and Soft Drinks
Make our cozy place your club house, and meet your
friends here. You are as welcome as May flowers.
at VanDeusen'a feed yard on Bissel
„heep l,arn and Is now working on his
a pump house,
Henry Schocning has completed
Mrs. Karl Seaman visited at the E.
| Terrink home Monday,
p, A. Limhnugh took Sunday dinner
| with Mrs. Limhaugh father.
Mr. Kisher has started to give the
orchard on his forty a final pruning.
Mrs. Rurdeli, Mrs. Koontz and Mrs.
Larkin visited at the W. E. Buck home
The Fulgham and Wallace families
getting along nicely at this writ
Mias Lillian Hall left Friday for
Boise, where she will visit friend» be
fore returning to Portland.
Dewey Stredder left Wednesday for
North Powder, Ore., to visit his sister.
James Renwick is moving this week
into the house vacated by Mr. Rowl
land, who is moving onto the Renwick
Miss Pauline Shropshire was a
k-and guest of Miss Ethel Hall.
Mrs. Kasperson, who has been quite
II the last two weeks, is improving
Baptist Church Notes
No services Sunday. We hope to
February 2, if conditions
reopen on
continue to improve. The church will
in* fumigated and everything will be
made aa sanitary as possible.
Most of our sick are recovering
nicely, and some are already out.
•hool papers and quarter
lies can he obtained Sunday from 11
12 a. in. at the church door. ,
The Bible study for Sunday is Exod.
14:21, 15:2. We may consider this
under the topic of, "The Challenge of
Great Deliverance."
cognize God's great work; to fear
believe and worship Him; to person
ally let Him reign within us; and
It in to re
perform such service as shall extend
His power and blessings, among men.
We, too, have had a great deliverance.
Bet us respond in like spirit.
Presbyterian Church Notes
Lessons for January 19th—Sabbath
school, Kxod 12:1-14, "The Passover."
Mark 1:14-20,
"Our Relation to God—Repenting."
The church will be open between ten
and eleven A. M. for the distribution
of S. S. papers.—James Adams, Min
Eighth Grade Examination«
The Eighth Grade examinations for
January will be held on the 22d, 23rd
and 24th. The schedule for holding
the examination is as follows:
Wednesday—Morning, georgraphy;
afternoon, physiology, U. S. history.
and arithmetic; afternoon, Idaho his
tory and U. S. civics.
Friday—Morning, spelling, gram
mar or language; afternoon, Idaho
civics and reading.
ELLA E. REED, County Superin
Mrs, Ed Beal of High Valley who
has been at the local hospital taking
treatment some little time, is report
ed doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Burr arrived
this morning to attend Mrs. Burr's
brother, Roy Keithly, during his ill
Mrs. E. J. Newell was down from
her home near Montour the first of
the wek. The Newell people are oc
cupying the Hoscly ranch.
George Tregaskis, living down the
valley, is dangerously ill with pneu
Mrs. Marler and child left yester
day for San Francisco, where she will
make her home.
John Liebold, occupying the Amelia
DeC'lark residence on Johns avi nue,
received a telegram from their daugh
ter-in-law in Nebraska stating that
her husband had died of pneumonia in
France. Sympathy is extended these
people in -their sorrow. l,aat week a
baby grandchild died at their home,
and the father of the babe has been
dangerously ill, but is recovering.
Norman Young of Boise, attorney
for the Boise Payette Lumber Com
for the Boise Payette Lumber Com
pany, was here on business Wednes
Harry Hazeiton is in Boise receiv
ing medical treatment at St. Alphon
sus hospital.
Gun Almquist and Chris Oltoson,
who have been employed as lumber
pilers at the mill, left for Enterprise,
Ore., where they will engage in simi
lar work.
Mrs. Zoa Brown, who formerly con
ducted the Brown rooming house,
ill at Quartzburg, where she went
couple of weeks ago, having given up
her place here.
The condition of Senator J. W. Tyler
who is ill in Boise, is reported as much
Mart Phillips is enjoying a visit
from his brother, who is here from
Intelligent Maine Dog.
A Gardiner (Mo.) dug was caught on
the trestle over the new Maine Cen
tral viaduct and could not reach the
end ahead of the fast-coming train.
Notice of Hearing
is hereby given bv the Board
of County Commissioners of Gem
County. Idaho, that there has been
presented to said board a petition for
the creation of a herd district with
boundaries hereinafter specified,
purporting to be signed by a majority
of the resident elector therein, pray
ing that the said territory be made a
herd district and that an order be
made prohibiting the running at large
lheroin, for the full period of twelve
months in the year, of all horses,
mules, asses, cattle, swine, sheep, and
goats, and that the said proposed herd
district is hounded as follows, towit:
Beginning in the middle of the main
(channel of the Payette River on the
Section line between Sections 9 and
10. in Township 6 North, Range 2 W
B. M., thence north on Section lines,
to the NE corner of Section 21, Town- ■
ship 7 North, Range 2 W. B. M.;
thence west on section lines to the
N\V corner of Section 19. Township 7
North, Range 2 VV. B. M.: thence north
on section lines to the NE corner of
Section 12, Township 7 North, Range
3 W. B. M.; thenee west on section
lines to the NW corner of Section 9,
Township 7 North, Range 3 W. B. M.;
Thence south on section lines to the
middle of the main channel of the
Payette River; thence southeasterly
the distance to the ground, the dog
dropped his body over one of the sleep
ers, letting his head and legs hang be
tween the sleepers. The engine and
alx cars passed along and then doggie
perked up one ear. found the coast
was clear and calmly finished his Jour
ney home.
No Naed to Worry.
Mrs. Llvevvell—"Please don't be of
fended at the question, Tllile. but are
you addicted to drink?" New Maid—
"1 don't know the taste of It. ma'am.
You can keep a bottle In every room
In the house If you like and you'll al
ways find it as you left It."—Buffalo
You read a good deal about conserving man power,
and the Government is putting many laws in operation
to that end.
You don't hear much about conserving the Woman
Power of the country.
The men should commence at once to conserve the
woman power of the Nation.
Probably the best way to start is to see that every
woman has a Real Range in her kitchen. She is entitled
to the best
Have your wife call at Hawkins Hardware and ex
Real Range. There is only one Best Range
amine a
and that is
The Round Oak Chief
They last a lifetime. They do not burn out
They save fuel.
We have sold The Round Oak Chief Range for 15
years and during that time not a range has needed a
repair. Call and examine this range. They tell their
own story.
Hawkins Hardware Store
along the middle of the main channel
of the Payette River to the north line
of Section 36, Township 7 North,
Range 3 W. B. M.; thence east on
section lines to the NE corner of Sec
tion 31, Township 7 North, Range 2
W. B. M.; thence south on Section
lines to the main channel of the Pay
ette River to the-aforesaid place of
Notice is hereby further given that
the said petition has been set down for
hearing before the said Board at 2
o'clock, P. M., on the 3rd day of Feb-1
ruary, 1919, at which time any p
son interested may appear and sn
cause why said petition should not be
By order of the Board.
Dated January 15, 1919.
GEO. F. CHURCH, Clerk.
Summons for Publication
In the District Court of the Seventh
Judicial District of the State of Idaho,
in and for the County of Gem.
J. L. Reynolds, plaintiff,
Lembke, and the unknown grantee and
grantees of E. Lembke, defendants.
The State of Idaho sends greeting to
E. Lembke, and the unknown grantee
and grantees of E. Lembke, the above
name defendants:
You are hereby notified that a com
plaint has been filed against y
the District Court of the Seventh Judi
cial District of State of Idaho, in and
for the County of Gem, by the above
named plaintiff; the above action is
brought for the purpose of taking un
der the right of eminent domain pre
scribed by Sections 5210 to 5229, Re
vised Codes of Idaho, the following de
scribed parcels of land towit:
mencing at a point twenty-five (25)
feet west of the southeast corner of
the northeast (NE14) quarter of the
northeast (NE 14) quarter of section
twenty-eight (28), township seven (7)
north, range two (2) west, Boise Me
ridian, County of Gem, State of Idaho,
as the point of beginning; thence run
ninff north one thousand seventy-eififht
(1078) feet; thence due west ten (10)
feet; thence south one thousand seven
ty-eight (1078) feet; thence east ten
(10) feet to the place of beginning;
and said aforesaid parcel of land is to
he taken from the northeast
quarter of northeast ( NE % »quarter,
of section twenty-eight (28), township
seven (7) north, range two I-) we«,(
Boise Meridian. Gem ( ounty, loan , ;
for the purpose of constructing an ir- j
rigation ditch in \vhich to convey m
ter from Lateral Number five of the|
Emmett Irrigation District to plain -1
tiff's land, towit, to the north hall
(NH) of the southwest ( °.* 7 .
ter. and the west (\\ ^ ) halt
southwest ( SW ) qua' e 1
southwest (SWM quarter o sn
twenty-seven ( 27 ), township seven
north, range two (2)west, tv . *
dian. Gem County, Idaho; am • :
hereby directed to appear j
the said complaint within "e - ,
days of the service of this commons
:non vou if served vvithin , im
ial district, and vv thm '!
days if served elsewhere; and you are
farther notified that u . n ts * ■ 1 . .
appear and answer sau ' ,
within the time herein sp i ' ■ t !
plaintiff will take judg .
you as prayed in saul con 'P '
Witness my hand and the seal oi
said district court this 16th aay
January, 1919.
ou in
GEO. F. CHURCH. Clerk.
Geo C. Huebener, attorney for
plaintiff, residing at Emmett, Idaho.
Produces endurance and endurance pro
duces Success. Success depends greatly
on human health. Wholesome food not
only establishes Health, but it maintains
Vitality essential to daily work.
Our Groceries
Are selected according to the above.
They are wholesome, kept cleanly and
represent standard manufacturers.
Choice Teas and Coffees Here
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Phone 189-J.
W. C. LANGROiSE, Propr.
Where They Have Things
Fresh and Cured Meats
Having installed a Sanitary Cold Storage plant
we are better prepared to serve our customers
than ever before with a full line of
Emmett Meat Market
Emmett, Idaho
CHAS. CLICK, Proprietor
Sausage, Lard, Chickens
Fresh Fish Every Thursday and Friday
Highest Market Price Paid for Hides and Pelts.
Auto Delivery
Phone 1M.

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