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Weekly Health .Talks
Whnt Doctor Pierce Ha»
Done For Humanity !
It has always seemed to me that
Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., should be
placed near the top when a list of
. America's great benefactors is written.
He studied and conquered hnman dis
to a degree that lew realize.
Whenever be found a remedy that over
came disease, he at once announced
in the newspapers and told where
could be bought at a small price. He
did not follow the usual custom of
keeping the ingredients secret, so that
the rich onl; could afford to buy the
medicine, but openly printed the name
of each root and herb he used. And
to-day the names of Dr. Pierce and
his medicines are widely known, and
they stand for better health and better
One of this great physician's most
successful remedies is known as Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. These are
little, sugar-coated pills, composed of
Mayapple, leaves of aloe, root of jalap—
things that Nature grows in the ground.
These Pellets are safe because they
move the bowels gently, leaving no bad
after-effects, as so many pills do.
Very often they make a person who
takes them feel like a new man or
woman, for they cleanse the intestines
of hard, decayed and poisonons matter
that accumulates when one is costive.
If you are constipated, by all means
go to yonr druggist and get some of
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They
may prove to be the very thing yonr
system requires to make you well and
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m. Noodles and chop suey
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Estimates aad Plans
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Reilly * Co.
(Copyrlght. 1918. by the McClure Newspa
per Syndicate.)
"Mr. Valentine's late." announced
Esther, as Matilda came In with her
hands full of arbutus. "Did yon see
him anywhere? Pm anxious to have
that blue gingham."
Matilda, cheeks as pink as the flow
ers she carried, laughed with all the
joy of her twenty years. "I wasn't
looking for any old tin-peddler," she
replied. "Not even if he is a traveling
department store and bringing my dear
aunt her new summer gown. I was
listening to the robins and the blessed
little spring peepers, aud hunting for
Mayflowers. Why. auntie dear, It's
spring—and summer is coming, and
anything may happen in summer, even
If yon do live deep in the woods and
have only one old horse to go gadding
Tin Peddler
C&» Co.
Esther caught but a part of her
words. She was at the window, look
ing aftfr a great automobile that was
thundering madly down the narrow
country road, scattering hens and dust
"I should rather have a horse than
one of those destroyers," she declared.
"And surely something will happen
right now If It meets anything."
Before the machine was out of sight
It happened. Old Mr. Valentine, driv
ing his old horse and bis hex of a ped
dler's cart up the narrow road had no
chance. The horse leaped to escape
the monster bearing down upon him,
but that did not save the cart from the
blow. Freed from hanging splinters,
old Peter galloped away out of sight
and was not located for several days.
In the other direction the car raced as
madly. Its drunken occupants Intent
only on escape from what they vaguely
realized as a "smash."
Vhen Esther and Matilda reached
the wreck they found the wagon less
damaged than had seemed possible.
Old Peter hud swung It mightily, and
splinters and scratches were the worst
of its hurts. Not so with Mr. Valen-j
"It's his hip," said Aunt Esther,
stooping to examine his Injuries. "We ;
mustn't move him. Hun and telephone
And bring pillows
hen you come back. Ill watch in case j
anybody comes.
Old Mr. Valentine was a relic of the
past. Before the days of automobiles,
drummers and mail-order houses, he i
for the doctor.
anil his peddler's cart had been as reg
ular. If not as frequent, on these conn
try roads, as the mall stage He was
progressive, too. and carried not only
the conventional kitchen ware and I
brooms of the tin peddler, but buttons
thread, cloth ribbon : anything that
the dwellers In the country far from
stores, misrht want. He was Indeed, as
Matilda had called him. a traveling
department store. Now the advent of
automobiles owned by the farmers had
almost killed his trade, but there were;
a few customers who bought from him!
. .. , , ., ThaPfl i
for the sake of old times. There were,.
some, too, like Miss Esther, who liked ■
. ». « ,a 1
the cheerv little old man and looked
' . * . . _ ... , rKnn ;
forward to his monthly visit. When
. . V-.
ever he came to Miss Esthers house
he timed his arrival to be able to-stay
to dinner, and she somehow knew his |
favorite dishes and they always ap
neared on the table when he came. I
Remember. Mr. Valentine had been I
coming for many years. Miss Esther
knew about hla son. too. who was ai
commercial traveler, and about the •
wife, who had died when the boy was ;
Now she sat with hla head In her lap, I
atchlng the road for the doctor's
. !
""Broken hip." said the doctor. "I
thought It might be when Maltlda 1
called up so 1 brought Allck along to I
helo me move him. Run ahead and get
the" Toom ready, girls. This Is no:
Allck rip a picket 1
woman's Job her
off Miss Bather's fence."
Next day, the old wagon, repaired
by Allck and the doctor, stood in Miss:
Esther's barn, no more helpless than'
the Impatient man that lay In the,
spare bed.
"He's worryln' about his trip some
thin' awful" Esther confided to Ma-;
tilda "I know It ain't good for him,
bein'so upset In his mind."
•Til go lu and talk to him."
Twenty minutes later she danced out
"Aunt Esther, he's all
of the room,
right now. I'm going to finish the trip!
for hlni, and you must get Flora
Whipple to come and help you do the
"Matilda Peters, what are you talkin'
. «... _ __
about. And where u y K
get a horse? And how do you know !
where to go? And what If you should
meet a drunken automobile, like he
"I'm going to take your horse, dar
ling. And I've got a little brown book
here that tells me just where to go.
And I'm going to take my chance on a ]
drunken automobil
fun !"
And It « as.
nnil everything;
Ifs going to be the greatest
_ Everywhere she drove i
the queer-looking old box of a cart, all ,
honeycombed with drawers and closets,
packed full of good reliable merchan
dise, she met with welcome. She had j
only to produce the little brown book
with orders given the month before, to
And eager Interest and sympathetic In
quiry about Mr. Valentine. And while
Mias Matilda waa gathering Mr. Val
entine's harvest of dollars, a letter she
bad written for Mm before starting
waa haviag almost a* sorted travels
as she. It was following Mr. Robert
Blaisdell on his annual trip through
Virginia. At last it caught up with
him ami told him very briefly that his
father, Mr. Valentine Blaisdell. had
met with an accident, but was being
cared for by an old friend, Miss Esther
Peters, whitest he writer was endeavor
j Ing to carry on his business to the best
j of her ability. On his—Mr. Robert's
I return—she would be pleased to fur
him with a statement of the finan
i cial situation. It was signed "Matilda
i "Holy cats !" gasped Robers Blals
I dell, "poor old pa—laid up in the
clutches of two old maids, who will
probably run up a pretty bill of ex
' pense —financial situation. Indeed."
And as another and worse thought
flashed over him, "Lordy, perhaps
. they'll marry him !"
j A delayed schedule on the railroad
j brought Robert Rlaisdell's train into
( the station nearest the village where
his father was still confined Just three
' hours late. As he was inquiring about
a conveyance to take him to Miss
i Esther Peters' house, a pecullar-look
Ing wagon drove by. He was standing
so that he did not see It, and his men
tal state precluded his hearing any
thing so common as wagon wheels or
horse's hoofs. The station agent, who
did not like the livery man, saw It.
"What makes you hire a rig. any
way?" he suggested. "Save yonr three
dollars and ride up along If you want
to see Miss Esther. That wagon you
see up ahead la goin' to the very house.
Belongs to the tln-peddler, ofd Mr.
Valentine, He got a terrible spill 'bout
six weeks ago and he's been laid up at
Esther's house ever since. She's takln'
care of him—and—well, he didn't waste
much time takln' that advice," he fin
ished to the empty air.
For Robert Blaisdell was racing up
the dusty road after his father's
wagon, now In the hands of that
money-grabbing old hen ; he'd lose no
time telling by where she got off. This
was too good a chance to miss.
Matilda, driving contentedly home
ward. heard the hoarse shouts. "HI—
hi—here—you, wait a minute."
She stopped. Robert Blaisdell. red
and hot from his pursuing race, loped
He, too.
to the front of the cart,
stopped, and said not another word,
He o(r hLs hnt and pan ted. Ma
fllda waited, politely,
t h at he was quite disturbed,
hurry." she said,
She could see
"You're awfully out
0 f breath."
j nst
"T beg yonr pardon." he gasped at
"Rut the station agent said this
WBgon wn , eoi ng—said it wa
ob ( ] ()rn Robert Blaisdell—may
j r j de U p j 0 spp rny f u ;her with you?"
He wondered who this pretty girl
wa<j tha( wag hplpln „ ont that old Ma .
t)I(ia th , n|f as thpv drove the
Not that he knew the
shady roads.
roads were shady—he knew only that
, bp e)r , ha( , ypllow hair-real hair,
nof b|pachpd sfu(r _ and „rown eyes
wpre straightforward and frlend
an( , g , oveIy whlte skin-and, oh.
thpre were three little freckles
r by hpr n „ ?p And hp „oped she
npar M{S8 R(rthPr Peters,
* . . .
". BS tolling hlra about the accl
' Tl.n J ÔÎ
• . * pH d " , , '
hIm - «■ ***' at la f'
'l 'T wrote
T see Miss Maltlda, too? Sne wrote

, , . , . , . . ...
The crlrl turned and looked at him.
," * ' , _ , , , . -
She lauirhed. "You're looklmr at her
. ««▼» % foHI
now, she said. Im Matilda,
Robert could stay only two days that
time. But he went hack to the
main office and told them about the
trying needs of his wares In a certain
neglected rural district. And they told
to go there in pity's name and sen
•>'» *oods, so he came back very soon,
And again and again—for a broken hip
When In July. Mr Valentine was
able to sit on the porch. Robert cam«
«»tain, and found the three engaged in
tl >e "financial situation,
"Boh," said his father, "this girl has
enlarged the business. Her receipts!
for the last three months are more
than mine were a year ago. *T don't'
know but what I'll retire and turn the
«perlai ly when
does not mend easily
the hones are not as young as they
once were.
cart over to her."
Miss Esther blushed at the look he)
cave her. "I in going to tell him.
Esther." Mr. ialentlne went on. ' Tf
in his head, he
i 8 K*>t any eyes
! knows It already. Yes—Boh. she's go- 1
lug to take care of me all the rest of,
my days, and with Esther for a wife, !
I don't much care whether the old leg
; ms well or not I shnn t want to run .
j very far away from her. So. Boh^glvo
| yonr mother-to-be a kiss, and pt »rhaps (
can kiss yonr new cousin as well.
•h. Mr. Valentine!" And Matilda '
as off the porch in a flash, down
j among the rose bushes. But not too
1 far away to miss what Robert was
<?«vlne i
* "routin' Not on vour life* Don't
! < * ot on f yo,,r " fe ' D °V
J'ou know first cousins cant marry in
this state?
extended career, been any more indus
] trions than I was obliged to be," cou
The Usual Thing.
"I have never, during my somewhat
fpsseil old Tlmrod Tarpy. "I usually
scamped and slighted every disagree
able duty as much as possible. I used
i particular intelligence in my busi
, npBS operations, but generally took the
line of least resistance and trusted to
p.ok to come out all right. So now.
j having made practically a failure of
affairs, I am ready to sit in ;
my easy chair for the balance of my ;
life and complain about the lack of I
business sense, the utter sblftlessoess
and the abysmally trifling ways of
the present generation. In short. I am
now about to become a pertectly nor
mal aid b«iy."—Kansas City Star.
my own
Lots of It in Emmett, hut Daily Grow
ing Less.
The kidneys often cry for help.
Not another organ in the whole
body more delicately constructed;
Not one more important to health.
The kidneys are the filters of the
When they fail the blood becomes
foul and poisonous.
There can be no health where there
is noisoned blood.
Backache is one of the frequent in
dications of kidney trouble.
It is often the kidnevs' cry for help.
Heed it.
Read what Doan's Kidney Pills have
done for overworked kidneys.
Read what Doan's have done for
Emmett people.
Mrs. Earl Stickney, Walnut avenue,
Emmett, says: "I have great faith
in Doan's Kidney Pills because of the
good they have done right in my fam
ily. When my back has been weak and
lame and I have had pains across my
kidneys and my kidneys have been
acting irregularly. I have found
Doa:i's Kidney Pills fine. They always
give me good results and I know I can
rely on them."
Price tide, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy—get
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Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y
Separate Fat From Water.
The recovery of valuable fat re
maining in water used in washing
wool Is now being accomplished by
means of a new machine resembling
i cream separator, says Popular Me
chanics Magazine. In the past varl
)us attempts to do this have not
proven satisfactory. The wash water
runs directly Into a bowl making 6,
100 revolutions per minute, and the fat
is separated almost instantly.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Before using this preparation for a
cough or cold you may wish to know
what it has done for others. Mrs. O.
Cook, Macon, Ill., writes, "I have
found it gives the quickest relief of
any cough remedy I have ever used."
Mrs. James A. Knott, Chillicothe, Mo.,
says "Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
cannot be beat for coughs and colds."
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used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
several occasions when I was suffering
with a settled cold upon the chest
and it has always brought about a
Fighting Doors.
All the doors should swing high
enough from the floor to clear any
rugs placed near them. And they
should be placed so that they will not
Jam against one another. I know of
two doors in a house that persist iu
locking knobs Just us two angry hulls
look horns in mortal combat—or 1s it
deer that do this? And when these
doors are in that position, you can't
get out hut have to back out, go
around another way, and separate
them. We don't Intend having »ay
doors like that it. this house.—Harry
1,. Sham way, in the House Beautiful.
An exchange says that the three-ball
sign in front of certain simps Is of In
dlnn origin. From Hie l'awn-ee, we ;
suppose. Boston Transcript,
Chamberlain's Tablets.
When you are troubled with indi
gestion or constipation, take Chamber
lain's Tablets. They strengthen the
stomach and enable it to perform its
functions naturally. Indigestion is
usually accompanied by constipation
and is aggravated by it. Chamber
lain's Tablets cause a gentle move
ment of the bowels, relieving the con
stipated condition.
Obstacles in Every Path.
Most of us wlio work for a living
have to contend with a full measure
Of the day's cares and setbacks. We
have this obligation fo meet, thnt diffi
culty to master, and so on. Yet in fair
ness to ourselves and in justice to the
persons with whom we touch elbows,
during business hours, we. should, the
minute we come Into their midst, put
all "our own business" into the back
A Guess.
Notjce of sheriff's Sale of Eslrays
Notice is hereby given that the !
sheriff of Gem County, Idaho, will on i
the 19th day of February, 1919, at
2 o'clock P. M., sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash at the
ranch of James Bell, about two miles
south ^f ^ha ldano the following
** Sessio y n
Uv T s of Idaho, for 1911, said animals.
bejn({ descri bed as follows, to-wit:
One blace mare about 12 years old
weight about 1150 pounds, branded
with S on left shoulder, has four white
feet, is shod in front, has white spot
in forehead and foretop is cut
One bay horse weight about 1300,.
a ^ out 14 y ears old, small white spot
in forehead, foretop cut, is shod all
aroum| branded jc an left shoulder,
Dated this 8th dav of January, 1919.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of John W. Martin, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the un
dersigned, John Albert Martin, admin
ist rat or of the estate of John W. Mar
tin. deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons having claims against the
sai< ^ deceased, to exhibit them with the
v ° f H, c S '. w: . ,■ 1 ! ' + -
the said administrator
at thp law offi ,; e of Fi n i ey Monroe, in
t (, e City of Emmett, county of Gem,
state of Idaho, this being the place
fixed for the transaction of the busi-,
ness of said estate.
Dated December .(,19 .
Adminiatrator^of^ the John
W. Martin, Deceased.
First publicatio n Jan. 2, 1919.
' U T
r -N

c -.gr.^r—
^ I
, >-■—
and sanitary handling combined with
the finest quality of materials and ex
pert skill make the good things from
not only wholesome and healthful but
dainty and appetizingly attractive.
Try ordering our bread and rolls
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1. B. Hetherington & Co.
Electrical Supply House
We are especially equipped for
Armature and Motor Repairing
of all kinds. Contractors for all
classes of Electrical Work.
Dealers in Fixtures and Fana.
Emmett, Idaho
Phone 37
Bonded Abstracters
Auditor's Office, Court House
Phono 68-J
Emmett, Idahe
Phones—Office 151. Res. 151-R2
Bank of Emmett Building
Emmett, Idahe
and Embalmer
A complete line of
Idaho Furniture & Hdw. Co.
Phones—Day 189W. Night 70-J
(a no more nec^*ary
than Smallpox, Axmy
experience bar. dcfnon»*rk'.;d
the almost miraculeux --..i
C7C7, and harmîe-sness, ol Antityphoid Vaccination.
Ec vaccinated KOW by your physician, you ar.d
jc*-r family. It is more vital titan house lasurarcc.
Ask your phyrtclan, druggist, or »cud for^ Have
you had Typhoid?*' telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
result» from us , aud danger fr«*n Typhoid Car-Lcr».
t::c omr* laboratory. cal
UN»»« u. a
from the Paris Medical. In general. It
Insane Pretend Insanity.
A rather paradoxical message comes
seems, the doctor is not lightly to dis*
1 m [g S insanity which Is obviously slmu
lated. A pathological basis should be
-ght. There are cases where the pa
U«» 1 •» tB P^tend to be 1»
aad Counsellor at Law.
Practice in AU Courts
Attorney At-Law
Practice in All Courts
Emmett, Idaho.
T. awyer.
Practice in all Stats and Fed
eral Courts.
Room 16, Bank Emmett Bldg.
Phone 155.
Emmett, Idaho
Room 18, Bank of Emmett
Office 117, Bank of Emmett Bldg
Hours: 1 to 6 p. m. daily. Spa
tial dates by appointment.
Phone 25 r 2.
Notary PahHe
Fire insurance in depend
able companies.
and Horseshoeing
North Washington street.
All kinds of Plow Sharpening
and General Machine and Wag
on Repair Work.
M. D. Buys
Practical horseshoeing, guaran
teed to cure lame or interfer
ing horses.
Boise Ave., between Main aad
First Streets
Registered in Idaho in 190C.
All Kinds of Job Work.
Shop on Boise Avonuo on Ditch
The First Claae Cafe in Emmett
Merchants Lunch from 11*. m.
Supper served on
tq 6 p. m.
short notice at reasonable rate.
Meals to cost 40c and up. Reg
ular date boarders $1 per day
in advance. Short orders served
at all hours. We are serving
only loins of most all kinds of
fresh meats.
Step In and Try Us Once
Estimates and plans fur
Shop on Washington street
north of Canal.
Harness and Saddles
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Money back if not suited,
will also handle the Famous
A moderate priced, guaran
teed car. Complete Specifica
tions on request. Yon will libs

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