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For good bread use Fleischman's
yeast, at Reilly's.
Miss Katherine Mann was a busi
ness caller in Caldwell on Monday.
Mrs. Clyde Kelley and Mrs. Berle
Kelley were visiting in Emmett Sun
day, from Boise.
Mrs. George Huebener went
Boise Saturday to spend Sunday with
her mother, Mrs. Morrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Cartee Wood- made
short call on Emmett relatives and
friends Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Edgar, who has spent several
months with her daughter, Mrs. Burt
Mays, departed Monday for her home
in Cincinnnati, 0.
Life insurance was never needed
See F R
more than at this time.
Chapin and secure a good policy in
Mutual Life of N. Y. Don't delay.
C. P. Hartley and son Charles came
down Friday from their mining prop-1
erty, the "Alpine," above Banks, to
spend a week or more with home
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark and
Mrs. Childs motored over from Boise
Friday afternoon to visit at the
homes of Mrs. Everett Barton and
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ewing. They
turned home Sunday.
Miss Maude Campbell returned on
Saturday evening from a few days'
visit with Mrs. B. O. Clark and other
friends in Boise. Miss Campbell has
for some time held a stenographic po
sition in Richfield, and is at present
taking a much needed vacation at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Jos. Camp
the !
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Foss and
children went by stage to Boise, Sat
urday, whence all, excepting Mr. Foss,
took leave for their former home at
Duluth, Mian, to visit Mrs. Foss's
mother. Mr. Foss remains to attend
to his orchard tract and other business
matters and may join the family after
fruit season. However, since their
plans are indefinite, their many I
friends hope that they may decide to
t re-establish their home here perma
Furs Wanted
.The New York Store will
highest prices for all kinds of furs.
You've often heard the saying, "It pays to advertise.
That is true. And it also pays to read advertisements
—pays you. If you read advertisements consistently for
any length of time you will agree that this statement
is also true.
It pays you in money saved. There are many real bar
gains offered from time to time in the advertisements
appearing in this paper. Watch for them.
It pays you in satisfaction. When a merchant asks you
to come to his store he obligates himself to sell you .
quality goods "as advertised." You have a right to
expect satisfaction from what you buy and you get it.
It pays you in time saved. When you know exactly what
you want to buy and where you want to buy it, you
don't have to "look around" and waste time finding it.
Don't you want to save money and time? Wouldn't you
like to be sure of getting satisfactory service and quality
goods every time you go to a store? Then read the ad
vertisements and patronize the stores which can serve
you best
Diamond Edge knives and razors
at Reilly's.
Victor Linebarger was down from
Sweet Tuesday.
C. H. Mitchell of Hailey
Emmett visitor Friday.
Dr. N. B. Barnes made a business
trip to Boise last week.
Mrs. Scotty Henderson and Mrs.
Colvin were Boise visitors Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rundstrom and
little son returned Monday from a
two weeks' visit) with relatives in
was an
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wilton
joying a visit from their mother, Mrs.
Driscoll, who came up last week from
New Plymouth.
are en
Miss Gwendolyn Sessions came over
^ rom B°i se Saturday evening to spend
Sunday with the family of J. C. Dew
ey. She returned Monday.
Should you be taken away, how
a ^° u *- Y our loved ones? Don't delay
! P rotect ' n S' them. See F. R. Chapin
of Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N. Y.
i Miss Florence Rundstrom enter
tained the lady employes of the Gold
en Eule store Tuesday evening at a
Kensington. The guests included the
Misses Pearl Pattison, Blanche Myers,
Hazel Stilson, May Klepper, June De
Clark and Mrs. Gilbertson.
Senator W. S. Wayman, a former
resident of the Hamia neighborhood,
but now located at Valier, Mont,
enmpanied by his wife, was renewing
acquaintances heaeabouts last week,
spending Sunday with the Wayman
and Guthrie families on the bench.
D. H. Van Deuoen arrived home
Friday from a several weeks' visit
in San Diego, Calif, where Mrs. Van
Deusen and Mary axe spending the
winter. Howard, who .accompanied his
father, remained there and he and
Mary are attending school. Mrs. Van !
Deusen is enjoying exceptionally gwd j
health. They will remain until the
close of school.
John Yerik returned the latter part
of last week fron a few weeks' visit
in California, where he went with a
view of .(locating. He enjoyed (his
visit very much—*s a sightseer—but
he returns to Emmett with a greater
pride in her attractions than ever be
fore, and fully satisfied to remain
Dr. Judd, dentist, Monroe Bldg.
Tom' Patten was in town yesterday
from Falk.
William Gross was down from Ola
Friday and Saturday.
Merle Banks of Banks spent a few
day9 in Emmett this week.
L. L. Miller, a stock buyers of Nam
pa, was in Emmett this week.
John Soran returned Tuesday from
Seattle, where he had been on busi
ness. He witnessed the inconveni
ences of the strike situation and says
it was a serious condition with every
thing completely tied up.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoff came over
from Boise to spend Sunday with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Parrish, Mr. Hoff having returned last
week from Newport News, honorably
discharged from army life. Mr. and
Mrs. Hoff will re-establish their home
at McCall, wherç Mr. Hoff is con
nected with the lumber firm of Hoff
& Brown.
That the American soldier is a bear
with the women in any country you
may place him, is a statement writ
ten back by Jim Howe, the former
editor of The Index who is now Asso
ciated Press correspondent in France.
Mr. Howe, writing from Coblenz, Ger
many, says that the American dough
boys are crazy about the fat German
girls and that the German girls are
quite crazy themselves. He says that
in spite of the cold weather the parks
are crowded in the evening with eager
couples and that bench seats are at a
premium. He declares that while tak
ing a stroll through a public park the
other night he counted scores of
American doughboys who were kissing
and hugging German lassies.'
see, are there any Emmett boys at
Coblenz ?
Compliraenting Mrs. Sarah Blackier,
who leaves this week to take a posw
tion as teacher near Gross, the K. K.
Klub gave a most delightful party 1
Friday evening at the home of Mr.'
and Mrs. Ray G. Newcomer. The hus
bands of the Kluh, and Mrss June De
Clark and Mias May Klepper were
the outside guests. A varied program
of cards, interspersed with mirth and
musk, and a pleasing lancheon, filled
the evening hours. In the temporary
removal of Mrs. Blackier frofn Em
mett, her many friends feel a keen
regret, and will welcome her return
next fall. Mrs. Blackler's activities
cover a broad field. She has been
one «ff Emmett's most 3oved teachers
duriag the past 10 years; a devoted
worker in church activities, including
choir, Sunday school and Christian En
deavor; and in musical circles, her in
teresl and effort is unlimited. In
these and other phases of Emmett's
social life, Mrs. Blackier will be great
ly missed and the best wishes of the
entire community attesd her during
her absence.
FOR SAI.E—Furnished house at First
and Johns avc. Mrs. A. DeClark.
I buy Liberty bonds. W ,F. Sin
Cash paid for Liberty bonds. W. F.
Jack Younp was down from Sweet
to attend the Hunter sale.
Miss Lizzie Womack is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Edwards, at Payette.
G. B. Mains is making an inspection
tour in the Garden Valley country
this week.
Miss Louise Monrje is absent from
her school duties this week with an
attack of tonsilitis.
Mrs. Amelia DeClark returned yes
terday from a couple of weeks' visit
with her nieces at Caldwell.
The Past Noble Grands Circle will
meet with Mrs. Frank Chapin Feb.
20. All past noble grands are re
quested to come.
W. H. Madden returned Wednesday
from a business trip to Cascade. He
reports over three feet of snow, and
still snowing when he left.
C. J. Bullard, Charles Kilgore and
B. P. Brooks were over from Boise
Monday looking after some livestock
transactions on the bench.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilmer arrived
Wednesday from Eugene, Ore., to re
side. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer are the
parents of Mrs. Vern Tappan.
Mrs. Mary E. Wells of Colorado ar
rived Saturday and will locate here.
She is desirous of purchasing a small
tract of one to five acres near the city.
Rev. J. E. Kanarr of Middleton, Dis
trict Missionary of the Idaho Baptist
convention, spoke at the Baptist
church on Wednesday night on the
Victory campaign.
The Indies of the Presbyterian
church will give a 15-cent tea on
Washington's birthday, Saturday, Feb.
22 at 2:30 p. m, at the home of Mrs.
Bullock. Ail ladies cordially invited.
Wednesday evening, half a dozen la
dies, members of the P. E. O. chapter
enjoyed a theater party, followed by a
luncheon, complimenting Mrs. Sarah
Blackier, who left today for her school
at Gross
The lactic acid formed in ripe and
pure cream before the butter is made
is found in buttermilk. Nothing is
better as a beverage and for cooking.;
For sale at Mutual Creamery Co.
Belle Boren, agent, ErametL.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Patton returned,
Tuesday from Salt Lake, where they
have spent several weeks visiting
their son Cliff. They were guests at
the Dick McConnell home Tuesday
night, proceeding to their home at
Pearl Wednesday.
Miss Langhausen, the milliner who
lost her stock of goods in the Russell
hotel fire last fall, is in town today.
She has spent the winter in Weiser,
but is her Boise
way open a
shop across the street from the post
Dr. Allen has opened up an office
in the Bank of Emmett building for
the practice of Osteopathy. He is
from California, where he graduated
from the Los Angeles College of
Osteopathy and where he has been in
practice. He has recently received his
discharge from the U. S. service.
Friends in the city have received
cards announcing the marriage of
Charles Barringer of this city to Miss
Grace Mehler, daughter of Dr. Francis
Casper Mehler, which was solemnized
at Denver February 1. Mr. and Mrs.
Barringer will be at home at Boise
after March 1.—Statesman. Mr. Bar
ringer is a son of our T. C. Barringer.
What must be the state of mind of
a father who names his son Ananias,
even if he spells it "Annanaias?" The
story is told that Mr. Roosevelt once
showed a friend a gravestone in a
churchyard at Oyster Bay which bore
this inscription: "Here Lies Ye Body
of Annanaias Doughty, who died in
1761.'' "The first member of the An
anias Club," observed the friend, "but
doesn't it strike you that the 'Here
Lies' is superfluous?"
I have represented the Northwest
ern Mutual Fire Association for 13
years and during that time the Asso
ciation has saved its policy holders
from 25 per cent to 40 per cent, and
at its convention held January 22 and
23, 1919, the rate of saving was raised
5 per cent. Remember this Associa
tion writes at the regular old line rate
and after paying all losses and ex
penses it saves you from 80 to 45 per
cent owing to the class of business.
W. F. Sinclair, Agent.
Mrs. J. L. Reed will leave on Wed
nesday for Portland and other coast
towns to visit relatives for a few
months until she regains her strength
after the flu. Mrs. Reed was made
sad on the eve of her departure, by
the news of the death of her nephew,
Ralph Sawyer, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Sawyer of Elkton, Ore. Mr.
Sawyer, Jr., was recently married and
Mrs. Reed had looked forward to a
pleasant visit with him and his young
wife, but instead will miss his face in
the family circle.
Bums Wood or Coal.
Warms the Floor AH Over.
Holds Fire Perfectly.
Reduces the Fuel Bill One-third.
Does Away with a Lot of Smoke and Gas.
We would suggest that you purchase early,
while we have the stoves. When our stock is
sold we cannot replace. If you expect to buy
at least make your selection and have your
stove reserved for later delivery.
Ernest Noble was over from Boise
Wednesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Berry have
moved into the Herb Blackman house
on First street, recently vacated by
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Geary.
John Davies is moving his household
eoods into the Clarence Morehouse
place on south Washington Avenue,
having sold his ranch down the val
ley to Mr. Morehouse.
Mrs. Frank Carpenter advises
those owning bottle openers not to
throw them away, even though nation
al prohibition is a fact, as they are
handy tools for opening fruit jar lids.
E. K. Hayes returned last Friday
from his trip east. He visited his par
ents in Maine, and states that all dur
ing his trip he encountered no winter
weather, the Eastern states enjoying
a remarkably fine and mild season, as
well as the west
Woodstock No.
rcygasA ..a
■Si y :3*
; ■
A Modern Typewriter of
Superior Excellence
The Leading Features of the Leading
Machines all harmoniously combined in
one handsome new trouble-free writing machine of
the first quality—in which you will find your own
favorite typewriter, and the others besides.
Improved, Simplified, Modernized, dur
able, efficient, standard, artistic—42
keys, Single Shift, Ball Bearing, quiet, visible, soft
touch, light action. Only a close up view, an actual
touch and trial of this excellent typewriter can con
In the Woodstock you will find every
time-tested, worth-while feature which
you like in the machine you are used to, and you will
also find the favorite features of the other standard
makes which you wish your machine had. Yet in the
Woodstock you will find this aggregation of high point
features much improved and simplified, to fit the
touch, the person, the mood, in a way that no other
typewriter does. Investigate by all means—we are at
your service. Let us show you how easy it is to try
one ; to own one.
Distributors for Gem County
Byron Neilson was a Sunday dinner
guest kt the John Rynearson home.
Mrs. Mike King has been confined
to her bed a couple of weeks with a
painful siege of rheumatism.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred Adams, who suffered a relapse
after influenza, is reported as improv
B. C. Davidson, who went to Port
land a short time ago, has been very
ill in a hotel there, but is reported
improving and hopes to return home
ere long.
Little Miss Florence Cummings,
who has been confined to her bed for
a period of three months, owing to a
weakness of the hip, is again able to
be about, and is as happy in her free
dom as a released bird. Dr. Cumm
ings feels that the complete rest of the
hip has strengthened it so that the
little girl may experience no further

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