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Tanlar Completely Restore* Mrs.
Cochran's Health—Had
Wasted $200.
"I ran walk twenty block« now eas
ier than I could one before 1 look Tan
lac," aaid Mr«. W. C. Cochran, a well
known resident of Juliaetta, Idaho, re
Mr«. Cochran says aha has
not only gotten complete relief from
her suffering, hut that she has actu
ally gained twenty-two pounds besides.
She fa now seventy-one year« of age,
and her statement, which is altogeth
er remarkable, will be of interest to
every one.
"1 suffered a
break-down," said Mrs. Cochran, in
explaining her case, "and have had
very poor health for five years. My
stomarh wan ao upset that everything
1 ate would sour, causing gas and
sharp pains in the pit of my stomach.
M any a night I have «pent half the
time Hitting up in bed, in no much
pain that I could not uleep. Finally
my hack, over the kidney«, got to
bothering me, I wan alio conatipated,
and had attack« of Mvert headache.
I had no appetite, wan Inning weight
all the time yul got no weak I couldn't
walk a block without «topping to re«t
and get my breath. I got ao nervoua
I wan afraid to be alone, an^J had to
have «nine relative or neighbor a ta y
with me all the time Two year«
impiété nervou«
ago 1 spent over two hundred tlollars
with a MperialiHt on nervous disorders
but kept getting worse, and since then
I have been under treatment most of
the time
ithuut any noticeable re
line who had gotten
"A friend of
fine results from Tanlac, advised me
to try it, and l commenced to feel
better after the first few dose«,
fore 1 started on my second bottle I
wan eating hearty and getting more
of my mcalit than I
1 have jual ntarted
enjoyment out
had in years,
my fifth bottle now, and I can eat
just anything I want, and digest it
perfectly, and all my stomach misery
is gone. When 1 started taking Tan
lac 1 just weighed one hundred and
three pounds. 1 now weigh one hun
dred and twenty-live making a gain
of twenty-two pounds, and this shows
how wonderful Tanlac has built me
My hack never troubles me now
st nil. Vm not conitipitfd sny
and am entirely free from headache.
1 sleep like a child and have no much
mure «treoRth ami energy that I don't
get tired and out of breath like I did.
1 am glad to recommend Tanlac» for
it certainly ha« been
medicine for Tne "
Tanlac 1 » sold in Kmi
DavU drug «tore. In Montour by E.
Vadney and at Ola by 1*. W. Wharton.
■it by H. T.
Horn* Made Planter.
all« may be
ind and
«topped with a mixture
.Mixed Into a paste
ilastcr of pails
When dry cover with u
place of paper to match the walk
Dally Thought.
Health coooleta with tempomoco
•loo*. —Pop«,
Vor any itching skin trouble, pile»,
ectcma. ««It rheum, hive», itch, scald
head, hinwi. »cable«. Doan's Oint
ment is highly recommended, tide a
box at «II stores.
Whan I« BacOmaa Interesting.
After sober deliberation one heoouaa
convinced that the only time the in«a
inline ankle la Interesting 1» when It I*
sprained.—Chicago Newa
Accident« will h*ppt*n, hut the bead
regulated families keep Dr. Thom»«'
Eclectic OR for such emergencies. Two
aisea, 30c and 60c, at all «tore«.
Twin«. t
Taro hobos mat on a blind siding. :
On, had been « «ale.msu, whose hour» 1
caken the ■
bowels, will lead to chronic constipa- ,
Doan's Keguleta operate easily.
were 10 a. ro, lo 4 p. m.
oua didn't have any money either.
Tb, Vagabond.
The otbar
hv«ic* react.
Judicial District of the State of Idaho,
m ô 1 fvr * hr * l ' un . tv f !
" ' ' r J 1 •!\? W umher Company, j
tf. vs, Clarence Bush, Defend j
t ion
Notice of Ukuance of Attachment.
In the District Court of the Seventh
Notice i, hereby given that on the
Bth .lay of February, 1919. a writ of
attachment wan issued out of the i
above entitled court, in the above en
titled cause, against the property of!
the above named defendant, for the !
principal sum of $748-44, together !
with interest on the sum of $743.44
at 7
per cent per annum from Decern
3, 1917, and cost» of suit.
In witness whereof I have hereun-1
to set my hand ami affixed the seal
of «»id court this 10th day of Febru
ary. 1919.
lier .'
I. 8 ***) „ Clerk, j
* O rtoli, «t Emmett. 1
Idnho, Walters A Hodgm and C. A.
Bailey, reading at Twin Falls, Idaho,
attorney« for plaintiff.
Hero Mine
iC'opyrAgfet, if il. by McClur« N«w«p*p*r
Verna Pomeroy bod s mania for bo
"I «rill marry the man who goe*
through Are. water, blood and Iron for
ate,'* waa the way aha expressed I».
Many there were who would have been
willing to go through water, provided
It waa not too deep; and alao through
blood, aa long aa it waa not of their
own or their «bedding; but aa to lire
and Iron—well, the former waa a lit
tle loo much to expect and the latter
waa difficult.
If Verna had waited a few year*
«he would have experienced no diffi
culty In finding a hero for heraelf.
They are plentiful nowaday«, but they
wer« warce when Verna van twenty
one and the "pretty atenog" ln Jone«
A .lone«' real palate office on the fourth
door of the Aahton building.
Somehow Verna llgurod that Dan
William« »» destined to he the man.
Me WH« a fireman In the «talion hniiae
ihre« block« down the street, anti he
clung rather heroically, «he thought,
to the red juggernaut that roared and
screeched past the Ashton on an aver
age of at leant four rimes a day. There
wax a man who would at leant go
through lire, and certainly through
water, ami probably meet the other re
waa a atrapplng
with strength rife
■ry muscle, and be
d for a hero wonddper to
qui reinen («.
Mom! young himii.
piing it.rough
waa very g<
"Mom** day he'll prove to be rny
hero," «he had decided on the day
him followed hla pet rnalteac cat In
11 « wandering« from the «tatlou hou«e
aero«« the street to the Pomeroy res
idence, where Verna happened to be
Men I Have Met.**
Tliat'« the way they got acquainted,
and since then I>nn had wooed Verna
through the fourth floor window every
week day ami In the parlor of her
home every night when he got time
ihe porch reading "Brava
When th** «Iren of the bidder truck
gave vent to it« mournful ahrtek
1 1 ways
voll Id look up from her
exchange n wave of
the hand with Dan as the red demon
dashed by.
l.vpewrller mid
Hut Dim whs nut the only one
v hoi'd Vei
hrnngh Hie window.
Ben Vincent rode past the Ashton
building twelve lime« a day. His pace
is his rival's, how
ever. because hi« vehicle was a street
IS swift
vas not
iched Verna's
he appt
(ways stood on the rear
pint fur in
I ml
►ne of hi« hand«
hlli* the oilier ratiK up fares.
Verna liked Ben fully
Dan. hm his Ilf.,
fered fel
well as
n prosaic It of
heroic possibilities. He hud
mil his fare
dark hair and
attractive, hut he failed to come up
to the fireman's shoulder and there
bulge just
when she
suburbs a
she had formed
residence In the
s obliged to use a trol
loved to
Ben's dark
was another
had hair that she
called "raven locks"
vere of a similar hue;
mil she had read that a person should
liked lo
and her eyaa
nm fry nn oppoxlt?.
That*« the way thing« «too<l when
the rival« met one night « half block
from (he Pomeroy home. 'Hie conduc
tor had been calling on Verna and the
fireman knew It and waited for him.
They both happened to In* off duty,
hut Ben had been the flrat to ask her
for an engagement.
*Tve boon waiting for you an hour.''
I>«n announced aa he nt«»pp«d out from
the tree agalnnt which he had been
leaning "You've been In Mina Pom
eroy a parlor altogether too long. I
<*«n't stand for that.**
Hen had no rellah for a fight- not
with thoae alx feet of inuacle—
kept hla temper In lenah.
"Sorry I don't pleaae you," he re
piled with «nrcaam-aprlnkbMl coolneaa.
•*! didn't know Mia« Pomeroy and yon
were engaged."
The fireman knitted hla hrowa Into
• • oowl Bn ' 1 look,M '"»'h.lnful
ly down at the pebble In hl« highway
of love.
•'Weli. we «rau't." ha declared.
"There Is no engagement yet. but there
I« going to ha. She wants a man. and
J'm It «ee? She Isn't going to tie
up with « shrimp like you. so you bet
ter make yourself scarce around her
Tm Just warning yon. fhnf's all."
About this time Fsfe decided to take j
« hand In the «(fair, So a Janitor j
went to sleep In the hssement of the i
Ashton building late one »fternoon
„ m | , rlgnrette dropped from bis
„ |ntp „ lM(rrW (>r „ xc « Mor T he 1
Ash,,m w «" ■ trame relic of |>«Kt arch j
Meetural grandeur and the flame« ate
into It as a famished lion eats Into a j
chunk of red beefsteak,
The Janitor awoke, choked with |
smoke, and staggered to safely,
occupants of (he building dashed pell
melt to the street by means of the
stairway and the meager fire-escape
The elevator hoy deserted
dth the rest.
bis post and fled
Verna's bosses were playing golf
and she waa alone In the office clean
Ing np a pile of work. She had her
self aocae of the qualities that heme«
heroine« are made of. So «he re
MlMd la tb« albe« and pi* ndoablc
pa pin la Um safe. while hre crept up '
at the Sasser ranch on the South Slope, 8 miles southwest of Emmett, on the road to Caldwell, the
below listed property will be sold. Sale commences at 1 o'clock p. m.
1 Orchard Cultivator, 10 shovel.
1 Orchard Weeder, 10 knives.
1 Mowing Machine.
1 Walking Plow, 16 inch.
1 Side Hill Plow, 8 inch.
1 Cultivator, 5 shovel.
1 Single Shovel Plow.
2 Dump Scrapers.
1 Corn Planter, single row.
1 set Double Harness.
1 set Work Harness.
1 Denby Truck, good as new.
1 spool of Wire Netting.
16 sacks Netted Gem Potatoes.
Other farm tools too numerous to mention.
1 Red Cow, 10 years old.
1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old.
1 Cow, 2 years old, fresh in April.
1 Cow, 2 years old, fresh in March.
1 Heifer Calf, 10 months old.
1 Steer Calf.
1 Span Geldings, 6 and 8 years old, weight 1500 lbs.
1 Span Mares, 3 years old, weight 1200 lbs.
1 Span Mares, weight 1000 pounds.
1 Mule, 1 year old.
3 Shoats, weight about 100 pounds.
4 Shoats, weight about 40 pounds.
TERMS OF SALE—Sums, of $20 and under, cash; sums over $20, 5% off for cash, or approved
note bearing 107c interest, due November 1,1919. If credit is desired, make the necessary arrange
ments with the clerk before sale starts.
R. A.TH0RNT0N, Admr. D. D. SASSER, Jr., Estate
C. A. WEST, Clerk.
the outside and Inside of the building
and smoke
eeped through the floors,
"There'« lots of time,'' she told her»
self, and kept rummaging for one very
important document she had been un
able to locate. She finally discovered
It on a (lie on the Junior partner 1 »
desk. Tossing it Into the safe, she
slammed the Iron door, turned the
knob and hurried Into her coat and
A« she opened the office door a wave
of heat and smoke rolled In upon her.
She coughed and drew back for a mo
ment. then dashed for the stairway.
But the tînmes had been there first
and there was no stairway. By this
time she was really excited. She ran
to the elevator entrance and pushed
frantically and vainly on the hell. Baf
fled. she stood In a daze In the midst
of st tiling fumes which were becoming
more dense with every minute that
"Dan will save me !" she cried, and
she struggled to her feet and ran
hack Into the office, throwing open a
«moke she made out a crowd as
I «enabled across the street. Bell» were
clanging as tire apparatus darted up
I and down (be thoroughfare.
"Dan I" she erteil, with all the pow
er of her lungs. Repeatedly she called
the name, while flames stole closer
and closer to the fourth floor.
Presently she tieard an answering
shout, and a huge, light-haired fire
man stood out In the center of the
«treet and waved a hand at her the
same aa he had waved It counties»
time» from hts red demon.
He disappeared from her view. The
heat grew more Intense and the smoke
got thicker. The flame» were having
» feast ; they were gorging them
Suddenly »he saw- something rising 1
before her—an extension ladder. It
wabbled and quivered Before the win
dow and then slowly the ends settled
against the ledge. She looked down,
»ud there be was—the man—fighting
Ids way up, loch by Inch, through a
shroud of yellow flaute« and black
Indlatlnctly through the
In a few moments he would be at
the window and she
outd be saved.
A dense Cloud reached out, envel
oped tha ladder ami blotted out the
fireman from sight. When It rolled
away there was Dan on the ladde
faltering. As she watched he shook
hl» head, pointed at the flames above
him, and slowly began to descend.
Verna fainted.
She was half reclining :
was the only pas- j f
The next sensation she experienced
was one of being Jolted. She opened
her eyes and discovered she was in a
street car which was bumping swiftly
over the rails.
on a seat—and she
There was a step In the aisle and 1
she saw a bedraggled figure In a blue
uniform stauding over her. It waa
"How'ü I get here?" was her first
question after a silent moment of con
templation and wonder.
"1 put you there," he responded
«Imply. "I*m taking you home as fast
My machine (be laughed
dryly) was stopped by the fire. I saw
yon at the window and went after
She took a long breath of relief or
two to get her lungs full of air or
something. Then she noticed that
about hin forehead was a bloody hand
kerchief that his cap could not en
tirely conceal.
"Where'd you get that blood?" she
demanded, shuddering.
He fumbled with his transfer
"It wasn't much of a hurt," he said,
"although it did bleed a lot. You see,
I was able to reach you by running
the elevator, which I found standing
open. Theae was a regular blanket of
Arc In the shaft, hut 1 guess the soak
ing I got from a hose when I made
the run for the building helped to keep
me from burning up. I got the blood
when I rammed my head Into Hie Iron
gate at the fourth landing, thinking |t
was open. The blow sort of dazed me.
hut 1 managed to open the gate,
picked you up In the office and beat It
hack down the elevator with you. I
bet 1 made an awful dent In that gate.
My head feels like It had busted right
through the Iron."
Verna reached up and clasped one
of his hands.
"Ben." she said, "do yon know you
have all the qualities of a regular
Devil's Tower a Landmark.
Hie Devil's tower I» 32 miles by
road from Moorcroft, Wyo. This con
spicuous mass of rock, flung up by
some ancient earth cataclysm, rises
000 feet above a rounded ridge of
sedimentary rock», which Itself rise«
600 feet above the Belle Fourche liver.
It was useful tu the aborigines as a
landmark from which to direct their
course» across the plains. I-ater on.
the white pioneers of civilization In
their exploration of the great North
west also used It as a landmark. Still
later the military wars In the Sioux
and Crow Indian country during the
Indian wars ot ,tbe loot century di
rected their marches by the aid of this
ever-present tower ; for If Is visible In
some directions for nearly a hundred
miles.—Automobile Blue Book.
Chinese Playing Soccer.
During the past few years the Chb
neee have been making tentative ex
periments In the way of playing asso
ciation football, a game which Is be
coming popular among the Chinese !
workmen In France. It seems that the I
Chinese lo New York are now run- j
nlng an association team and. like i
practical men, have engaged the pres
ent secretary of the United Stales
football association as their manager
or next season.—London Field.
"Did you ever notice.- queried the
almost philosopher, "that a man will
stick, his hnnd out to see If It's rain
ing and thee become peeved If he
patches a drop on It?"
Butterwrappera at The Index Office
To Housekeepers
We are prepared to practically furnish your
home. A very complete line of Furniture, Stoves,
Rugs, Matting, Beds and Mattresses, Kitchenware,
and Utensils.
The prices are very reasonable, you will find.
We shall be pleased to show you.
Idaho Furniture & Hardware Co.
J. A. Oeswell, Propr., Union Block. „Phone 189 W.
FRANK KNOX, Proprietor.
Cigars, Tobacco, Candy and Soft Drinks
Pocket Billiards
A nice comfortable place for gentlemen to
enjoy themselves.
CHAS. CLICK, Proprietor
Sausage, Lard, Chickens
Fresh Fish Every Thursday and Friday
Highest Market Price Paid for Hides and Pelts.
Auto Delivery
Phone 160.
To the Dairyman
Western Avenue. Seattle, pays the highest market
price for butterfat. Ship your cream and be con
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