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The W. C. T. U. met Monday after
noon with Mrs. Vem Munday. For
eign missionary work was the pro
gram of the day. which is a depart
ment of the relief work,
bouquet» of summur flowers were
brought by each and sent to all the
eiek. They were asked by the na
with the relief work in Pueblo.
Things are being gathered up all over
the town and will be reported by the
children to their teachers Sunday or
to Superintendent, Mrs C. L. Barber.
9 • m
Entertaining for her son Keith on
his 9th birthday. Mrs. E. L. Hoi verson
Invited in a dosen of little playmates
Wednesday morning, where to the de
light of all they were put in a truck
with the lunch end taken across the
river to the old Oakes place, where
the day was spent swimming, climb
ing and playing all the games so pop
to help
ular with kiddies during the summer
months, while the bountiful birthday
picnic lunch was one of the day's
pleasant memories.
• • •
Mias Evaiyn McConnell was honor
gweat at a pretty littie surprise *nd
farewell party gvien by her friends
Tasedsy evening, before ehe leave»
for Carey, where the family will
spend the summer,
tempting to all young |>eeple was
brought in baskets, boxes, bags and
a frees*r, while the big homey yard
became the setting for the pretty
little lawn party.
• * •
The Christian church ladies sre hold
Ing their stiver tea (a monthly so
cial event) at the home of Mrs. J. F.
T. Bssye this afternoon.
• « •
Mrs. John McConnell entertained
Tuesday afternoon at her home in
honor of the fourth birthday of her
dai'ghter Elinor. The afternoon was
spent in gamrs, with a dainty lunch
nerved to the small guests.
A menu most
Mrs. W. C. Stone is entertaining
with a bridge tea at her home south
east of town today, complimenting her
mother, who is s guest here.
• * *
Mr and Mrs. Gratton were given
a pleasant little surprise Monda v c
enlng at the home of Mrs. J. C. Loyd.
The occasion whs in the nature of a
farewell courtesy, us they soon leave
for points in California and their
many frineds took this time to be
with them and to present a remem
brance from the Dorcas division of
brance from Dorcas division of
the Methodist church.
• • •
The ■members of the P. E, O. met
Monday evening for their regular ses
sion and to complet»- arrangements
for the two months' summer vacation.
Mr*. S. O. Zarhman was hostess.
The picnic of the Presbyterian Sun
'Hay school and Guild which was posi
tioned last week because of the ruin,
held at the Dewey grove Friday
afternoon. Members arrived provid
ed with ample lunch baskets for the
picnic spread, which is an annual get
to-gather picnic and is always one of
pleasant visiting for the ladies.
was turned over to the kid
Will the Next Dash to the North Pole
Be Made in a Submarine?
(An Editorial Written by Vilhjalnmr Stefan—on)
(Vlthjalmur «tefeneaen, the noted Arctte explorer, epent five
in the Polar circle and three national geographical
awarded hlm medale for hie contribution* to
He diacusees her* a new phaa* of exploration.)
len« years
FKIKND of mine Jocularly rerasrked the other
"Well, I suppose you'll make your next
My friend
was Joking of course, ami yet, astounding as It may
seem, tilers* Is a possibility that such a polar expedition
You will agree thut sub
lf so. the matter of
day ;
trip to the Arctic In a submarine."
will tie made sometime.
marlnes travel under water.
the presence or absence of Ice Is a matter of no
consequence ; at least that Is what you would Infer,
second thought It will appear that the Ice Is really an
advantage. If the water I» Ice-free and the gale hap
pens to be blowing, the boat would have to come up tn
heavy waves, hut If there Is Ice In the vicinity, the
waves will t«> small, no mutter how heavy the gale
Already there are submarines which will stand a
presaure of COO feet of water.
Admiral Peary told
never heard of ice more thaï» 1SK) feel thick.
The areruge Is much less, of course, even In
north." The common Impression Is ihst the aorlhlands
solid. As a matter f fact, they are covered with Ice floes of various »!**•
to a maximum diameter of thirty oi forty miles. There are already sub
marines which can travel 900 miles continuously at a depth of 200 feet.
Such a veasel. therefore, could go safely under an Ice float fire times as
large aa the largest ever seen, and come up In the water on the other side
( )n
A 2W>-foot depth Is com
once thut -lie hail
This Is the maximum,
(he so-called "froien
are frozen
of It.
Already there has been Invent«! so Ice-cutting device for use on sub
Thls device was to have been u»«sl on a ltusslnn submarine prior
It wm capable of cutting through Ice 10 feet thick, and remem
to the war.
tier, thla wii hut the first Invention along this Hue.
Free from danger? Well, hardly, hut there Is «"qua! dauger traveling on
the waler In navigation. In my Judgment submarine travel In the polar
regions Is less dangerous than navigation with ordinary ships. Clearly It
la leu« dasgereus than the suggested ,
plan of aeroplane travel for polar ex
As to whether such an expedition will
take place I cannot say. To anyone,
however, who has made a careful study
of the polar situation end also tbe suh
■mriue, the pian sectae possible of
tMlisatioo. at tout.
o*.' itrt>
£ ^
I dies who made use of the many sports
arranged with shrieks of delight and
to them and the men who arrived
<i o'clock to help enjoy the many good
eat», it was characterized as one
the most interesting of the year's so
cial event».
A social session of the A. O. U. W.
lodge was held Monday evening.
Dancing, games and refreshments
were pleasing features of the occas
The Past Noble Grand Circle was
entertained at tho home of Mrs. Rus
sel! on the bench last Thursday even
ing. Mrs. J. S. Burdell assisted as
hostess The regular business meet
ing was held, after which a delicious
luncheon was served.
Ready for Buaineaa.
O. B. Howell, representative of the
Fairmont Creamery company, is in
the city to install the equipment for
the cream station of his company
here. The plant is in the Carter
plumbing shops in the Oild Feiiows
building and is ready for bu>
Miss A. M. Carter will have charge
of the station.
Tu Mr. and Mrs. Vem Miller June
21, s boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. B A. Robinson
June 19, a girl.
To Mr. and Mrs J. P. Jones June
22, a boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. Wm Lyman June
22, a girl.
To Mr. and Mrs. Wm Hughes June
17, a boy.
To Parent»
The investigating clinic committee
of the Three I.'s will meet at Com
mercial Club rooms Wednesday atter
noon, June 29, from 1 to 1, to meet
all patrons of the clinic for the pur
pose of establishing prices for work
to be done to correct defects,
trons are urged to come and brin/
their children and the children's tick
"Reclamation of American Kiiiim"
Governor D. W. Davis will speak
at the Methodist church at "The All
Idaho Governor's night" service next
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock, using for
his subject "The Reclamation of
American Homes."
chestra from the
Episcopal church of Caldwell will give
a half hour of sacred music from 8
to 8:30 p. m. This meeting is in the
series of "State" nights which have
been featured at the Methodist church
for some weeks. Letters and mes
sages from the governors of the states
A 12-piece or
Eirst Methodist
represented have been read on other
ocasions, but the "Idahoans" are to
have their governor speak,
meeting is for the general public.
Homedale Couple Married.
John L. Nichols and Eva A. Puckett
came all the way from Homedale to
have Probate Judge Haag unite them
in marriage. The ceremony was |»er
formed this morning in the judge's
office in the court house, and the
happy couple left at once to spend
their honeymoon beneath the whisper
ing pines and the star bedecked skies
College Students Return
Quite a number of college students
arrived home the past week to spend
the njmmr months at home. Delmar
and Chester Tarleton and Orville
Hunt returned Saturday from Pull
man, Wash., where they have been at
tending the State Agricultural college.
Glenn Campbell and William Sargent
arrived Sunday from Salem, Ore.,
where they have been attending Wil
lamutte University, and Floy Clark
returned from Eugene, Ore., where he
has been, attending the University of
What la "Useful Property ?"
A new definition of "useful proper
ty" which, if accepted by the Idaho
public utilities commission, may re
duce the Idaho Power company's
property valuation several million dol
lars was suggested Tuesday by J. M
Lampert,' representing power users,
in the first sharp claah of the power
company's valuation hearing,
power company seeks to have a value
in excess of twenty-two million dol
lars placed upon its property for rate
making purposes.
Met Former Comrade
B. B. Davis was agreeably surpris
ed last week when Mr. Cool of Council
dropped in to pay him a visit. The
last time Mr. Davis saw Mr. Cool was
about 12,000 miles in the interior of
8iberia where they were co-workers
during the war. Mr. Cool is a banker
at Council and prior to his visit here
had been attending the state bankers'
meeting in Boise.
Extend Call to Pastor
At a congregational meeting of the
Presbyterian church Sunday evening,
a call was extended to Rev. Ralph
Case of Burley to become the pastor
of the church. The past year he nas
been a teacher in the Burley high
school. He and his wife expect to
come to Emmett the latter part of
Park prior to coming.
They will tour Yellowstone
Licensed to Wed
Robert John Chadwick of New Ply
mouth and Florence Eunice Russell of
Emmett obtained a marriage license
at the office of the county clerk in
Boise Monday.
Now is the Time to Buy Your Flour
We huve a certain amount of Tur
key Red flour we are selling at cost.
Made from dry land certified Turkey
wheat, grown near Emmett,
now while it lasts.
Build Spur Track
A spur 310 feet long has been built
by the Short Line to the Boise Pay
ette lumber yard in West Emmett, to
facilitate the unloading of cement.
The work was done by the section
under the direction of Frank
crew under
Plastino, section foreman.
Child Killed by Auto
Hazel Gallimore, 8 years old, was
killed almost instantly in an automo
bile accident near Caldwell on Sun
the daughter of
day. The child was
S. D. Gallimore, mail clerk on the
Idaho Northern train.
Card of Thanks
We wish to express our thanks to
friends for their assistance, kindness
and sympathy at the leath of Mrs.
Babette Wilhelm.—Carl Wilhelm, Her
Werle and Family.
Millard Sinclair left this week to
work at the Lakes.
W. L. Graham, U. S. revenue colloc
tor, was in town Wednesday.
Will Tucker is enjoying a visit from
his brother of Rocky Ford, Colo.
A. J. Malmstrom was over from
Boise Sunday to visit at home.
O. 8. Phillips returned the first of
the week from Excelsior Springs, Mo.
Mrs. Horace Burr and her father,
Mr. Keithley went to Cascade this
morning to spend a few days.
Phone 92-J3 and ar
Fare to
Auto Livery,
range for your auto trips.
Boise $1.50.
Mrs. W. H. Allen was taken to St
Luke's hospital last week, who
underwent an operation,
was over Sunday to see her and re
porta that she is getting along nicely
Mrs. Elmer Grant Keith was called
to Montour Sunday to take Rev. Ken
dall's place. She preached at Montour
in the morning and at S'vect in the
Both services were well at
Mr. Allen
Miss Edith Ashton returned to Boise
Saturday after a week's visit at the
home of Mrs. George Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Titus were Pay
ette visitors on Tuesday.
Miss Helen Cochran returned Sat
urday from Moscow, white she has
been attending the state university
the past year.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. West went to
Nampa Tuesday to meet Mrs. West's
mother from Kansas City, who wi'l
spend the summer here.
Miss Lovey Wlnght returned Sat
urday from Pullman, Wa «h-, where
she has been visiting friends for the
last two weeks.
Mr*. J. C. Gray and children return
ed this weak Dona Cambridge, where
tmUem ofSatufaamn
Buick six-cylinder
lines of new
will be carried thru the 1922
1st the new series and
Beginning June
prices will be as follows, f. o. b.
Flint, Michigan.
New Prices
Old Prices
Model 22-44 Three Passenger Roadster
Model 22-45 Five Passenger Touring, -
Model 22-46 Three Passenger Coupe, -
Model 22-47 Five Passenger Sedan. - -
Model 22-48 Four Passenger Coupe,
Model 22-49 Seven Passenger Touring,
Model 22-50 Seven Passenger Sedan, -
Pioneer Builders of Valve-in-Head Motor Cars
Broaches in all Principal Ciliés —Dealers Everywhere
I-ocal Dealer
Claude Roberts Auto Co.
Dodge Cars Reduced
Dodge Brothers announce a sub
stantial reduction in the prices of
their cars, effective June 8.
Claude Roberts Auto
they have spent the last month visit
ât the home of Mrs. Gray's
Simpson and Mr. and Mrs. (red Ro
sine came over from Boise Tuesday.
to attend the anniversary celebration
of the Rebekah lodge on Tuesday;
C. K. McAuley returned this mom
from Boise, where he had been
Mrs. Frances Crosson, Miss Leafy
attending the meeting of the peace
officers which was held there yester-j
day. Bert Sargent also attended the
meeting. A large number of peace of
fieers were in attendance at the meet
ing, according to Mr. McAuley, from
FOR SALE — Registered Holstein
bulls, some 7-gallon milk cows.
Registered Red Polls either sex.
Registered Poland China pigs. A
dole horse. R. E. Ewing, phone 54
S 8 2
FOR SALE—All my household furni
ture, including rugs and a range.
J. C. Rundstrom, 415 1st St.
Visiting carda printed right.
Burying the Hatchet
To hury the hatchet means to let
bygones be bygones. The phrase or
iginated among the North American
Indians, who were commanded by the
**c; roa t Spirit," when rhey smoke«)
their calumet or peace pipe, to hury
their hatchets, scalping knives, and
"nr clubs In the ground, so that nil
hostile thoughts might disappear. It
was wel, - |alown thaï the presence o|
war weapons leails to war at times.
I ______
^ n J )( ,
, Kn!)tropod mnllusk 0 f the family at
Turhini.lse. which are much valued
for their beauty, suggesting hy their
gorgeous metallic tints the pluma e
!" ■*"""»
Dominican Republic
, n T . h / "® t " lnlcan Re P ubllc Is located
a- lern portion of the Island
Unltl. «me of the largest of the
" ,n dles. lying hetween a latitude
17:36:40 and 19:28:20 north
longitude of «8:18 and 74:51 west 0
Its boundaries
are the
Atlantic ocean
Mona channel
on the north,
on the east, the Carib
bean sea oo the south and
public of Haiti on the
the R»
\ Emmettsville Lodge I. O. 0. F.
Regular meetings are held Monday
ni . e ! ,t . of each week, beginning at i
Visit * n S brethern invited,
S' « FStriP ' Secretary,
Saturday Jun7 25 1921/is the lsst
day for payment of the second i»*
) stâllment of 1920 taxes without p«n
c- . • nre
Every familyshould. keÇP * '/the
be needed, and when that time come 8 -
Tax Collector.
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
is worth many times its cost,
A Hair Problem.
On the average head there are »
thousand hairs to each square
Find nut the number of square
In your scalp and you will s«>on
the approximate number of hairs o*j
It. that Is. If you hnve a normal head
of hair.
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