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Horseshoe Bend subscriber will please take note
I've jus got through reading the poem that he wrote.
I'll tell you Old Timer, the same things I thought
Of some of the oil stock that lately I bought.
A red-faced gazabo with white-collared neck
Persuaded me to write a post dated check;
You know as a rule it isn't in y plan
To do any business with an oil drilling man.
But the hope did rise in my bosom, you see,
To compete in the oil game with Mr. John D.
Though the fact of the matter is 1 didn't intend
To invest quite so heavy in Idaho Blend.
But the thing it looked oily, especially the talk- •
I would have bought more if my wife didn't balk,
For the stock certificates looked awfully nice,
You couldn't have heat them, considering the price.
In fancy I dreamed of some grandeur and style,
Ana some things we would do when we would strike ile.
But the turn of events has caused me to fret
When they moved the oil well to the town of Payette,
r.' and drill that cost lots of kale
The r
They have moved it again on over to Vale.
I would sell this oil stock ere it is too late,
For perhaps it will wander clear out of the state.
It has always been an ambition of mine
To own a big car in the Cadillac line;
But as those oil visions from fancy do pass
1 begin to get back in the Tin Lizzie class.
—Bramweii Farmer.
Hecau.se of Low Production of
Mine«, Serious Shortage
is Predicted.
„ , , h i
Unless people more K e nreally lay :
in their coal there will be the worst
coal shortage in Idaho next w i n r i
in the history of th e sta te an d th e ;

V V»
C's z
Little Folks Aren't
Made to Shed
Briny Tears
Try a whopping big slice of
Eatiflore Home-Made Bread
spread with butter or jelly,
and see how quick the sun
shines again.
Eatmore Home
Made Bread
*■ The Body Builder ^
The new all-food loaf that
is every whit pure and
wholesome. Nothing in it
to puff up the loaf or make
it white.
At your Grocer's
Ask for it today
Great Comedy Hit at Chautauqua
"Nothing But tho Truth," Willie Collier'« Great Success, Scheduled for Fifth Night
of the Assembly
\ ,
i ■ * j
When tha smashing comedy-hit. "Nothing But the Truth." made Its record-breaking ran In New York evea the
meat "Mate" Broadway critics raved about It "The most wholesome fun te several masons," said the Post j , latest
entertaining ptey te years," said Tha Baa; "Audience swept by continual gales of laughter," from TU World: and
"Tha greatest laugh making entertainment of Willie OeWers' life" urns tha Jemal's
t It will be pm
nt Chantengna ea the fifth night hy The Kstghtey Broadway Ptayar* with an ell-grefMateoa] cate._
price of coal will soar to unheard of
prices. This is the opinion of capable
authorities who have made a close in-,
vestigation of the subject.
In the history of coal mining in the
districts supplying fuel to Idaho there
never has been such a low production
as at present. The mines ¥iave been
practically idle for a long time on ac
count of lack of orders. With the ex
ception of the Mutual Coal Co., sup
plying coal so far to stockholders
only, there has not been a mine in
Utah, for example, working more than
an average of two days a week.
This means that when the fall de
mand comes the mines will not be in
a position to supply it.
cars will be scarce owing to crop
movements then. Meantime the
m j nus are forced to the expense of a
certain heavy overhead, although
p rac tjeally idle, and the public will
The investigation referred to dis
closes that there will be no reduction
in price, although there are quotations
on inferior coal at lower than $5
ton, the ruling price in Utah mines.
For standard coal, such as most peo
ple must have, the price will be main
lained at the mine because the ar
rangement with the miners runs until
May 1, next year.
There will be no reduction in the
freight rate, as announced by the
railrodas and by the interstate com
merce commission head.
Driest, general agent of the Oregon
Short Line, said: "There i^ no pros
pect whatever of a reduction in the
freight rate on coal, nor is there any
hope for a cut in the mine prices..
We are advised that many people who
ordinarily store coal have deferred do
ing so on the theory that they will be
able to buy it later on for leas money.
In this they are going to be disap
Joel L.
A Correction.
(n the account of the destruction
by fire of the Woolery residence last
week, The Index seems to have done
an injustice to the night oprator at
the telephone office when the state
ment was made that a half hour was
required to get her to respond to a
telephone call to give the alarm. The
operator sayB she was on duty, being
engaged in getting a long distance call
to Boise; that she promptly called
City hall; but could get no response;
that later she tried one of the cigar
stores and got results; that it was
impossible for her to personnally leave
her work to go out on the streets to j
either ring the alarm or find someone
to do so. The Index is always anxious :
to correct any incorrect statement.
For any
.jjj I
" I
The next issue of the telephone di
rectory closes Joly 1.
changes notify Manager
We print butter wrappers.
Jettie B. Hill sustained serious
ternal injuries Wednesday evening,
caused from being kicked in the abdo
j men by a mule.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Slone and child
ren and Mrs. John Soran and sons,
Mrs. Lee Murray and sister-in-law,
Mrs. Loud, were Sunday dinner quests
! at the W. E. Hill home.
Mrs. John Burdeil ie spending this
j week with her mother, Mrs. E.
The McNutts were visiting at the
Cleek home Monday.
Mrs. S. A. Russell was a Tuesday
afternoon caller at the Thos Slone
E. O. Bosteder and son Richard and
Otto King went on a fishing trip to
Garden Valley Saturday, returning
home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Head and
Thelma, Doll Brubaker and "Brownie"
[ went to Boise Thursday!?)
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Russell were
I visitors at the Walter Gorman home
j Monday afternoon.

! C. F. Barnes and wife of New Ply
mouth spent Sunday at the Bishop
I Rose home.
; Clate Adams and Chauncey Payne
the in Emmett this
we ,' dc - „ .
Mrs. Marshall Roy underwent an
operation for appendicitis in a Boise
. J» 0 "* 14 ? 1 la8t . Thursdav. She is get
ting along nicely,
Ard!a Ç 08 ® visited in Emmett
'r lth ,. ht ' r friend, Rowena Stokesbery,
the first of the week.
Frank Burns came over from Boise
Wednesday evening for a few days
visit with old friends. Mrs. Burns and
the children are expected back from
Ohio next week.
Miss Will Bums received a letter
from her brother, Tuesday saying
their father, Mr. Head, was very ill
at his home in Portland.
Mrs, Chauncey Payne and son are
visiting at the Kirk Landers home in
Emmett this week.
Mrs. Leonard Shaw, sister-in-law
of Mrs. Hillery, leaves for her home
in Walla Walla, Thursday.
To my patients and others who have
been contemplating taking treat
ments at my office in Emmett:
1 am announcing for their benefit
that I am leaving Emmett to locate i
in Boise. I am entering into a pait-|
nership with Dr. French of that city,
with office rooms in the Sonna build
ing, corner Ninth and Main. We will
have five rooms fully equipped with
elecro-thermal-medieated batns. Chi
ropractic, mechano-therapy, Swed
ish massage. All equipment modern
ami up-to-date. VV'e are thankful to
the people of Emmett and surround
ing country for their patronage dur
ing our stay in this city. Our rea
sons for making this change:
could not get modern rooms for in
stalling the baths, etc., as we desired.
So far as business is concerned we
were more than pleased, as our busi
ness was far beyond our expectations.
Many of our patients have expressed
their regret at our leaving for Boise,
will also say we are very sorry, as
we have made many warm friends and
acquaintances during our short stay
in Emmett.
-fU. li 1 vJ U-L* Vj-LulT.lA-ii t X iD
Emmettsville Lodge I. O. O. P.
iZegulur meetings are held Monday
night of each week, beginning at 7:30.
Visiting brethern invited,
DR. J. N. DeLAY.
For Sale—All my household furni
ture,, including rugs and a range. J.
C. Rundstrom, 415 1st St.
C. B. FOLLY, N. G.
H. HAYLOR, Secretary.
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Every family should keep this pre
parai ion at hund during the hot of the
summer months. It is almost sure to
be needed, and when that time comes.
is worth many times its cost. Buy
< 2 .
Emblem of Satafaacs
Emblem if iatufaamn
Buick six-cylinder
Present lines of
models will be
carried thru the 1922
1st the new series and
Beginning June
prices will be as follows, f. o. b. factories,
Flint, Michigan.
New Prices
Old Prices
Model 22-44 Three Passenger Roadster
Model 22-45 Five Passenger Touring, -
Model 22-46 Three Passenger Coupe, -
Model 22-47 Five Passenger Sedan, - -
Model 22-48 Four Passenger Coupe,
Model 22-49 Seven Passenger Touring,
Model 22-50 Seven Passenger Sedan, -
Pioneer Builders of Valve-in-Head Motor Cars
Branches in all Principal Cities —
I-ocal Dealer
Dealers Everywhere
Claude Roberts Auto Co
Dodge Cars Reduced
Dodge Brothers announce a sub- .
stantial reduction in the prices of
their cars, effective June 8.
Claude Roberts Auto
s. and In
a few years the oppressive barrenness
of the Korean bills was broken here;
and there by clumps of boxelder trees
Trsss for Korea.
Reforestation In Korea started with
a handful of seeds planted by a Meth
odist missionary at Chenulpo. some
20 years ago, says the American For
estry Magazine. The work of provid
ing shade trees for their s
taken up by other mission«
Ions was
Qulte an Interesting article, we fan
oy, could be written on "The Humor
In Wills." For example, take this
passage from the will of Lord Pern
broke: "I bequeath nothing to Lord
Sav. because I know he will bestow It
upon the poor." Or this: A l.anca
shire gentleman bequeathed an ounce
of modesty to the editor of the London
about the American mission stations.
Post-Mortem Joke*.
Journal, explaining the small quantity
by saying that he was "convinced that
au ounce
he would ever make use of."—Boston
•ould be found more than
"And Daughter."
Signs with tha addition "and daugh
te L andes atmest as
eftae as tha alder "sad sen' partner.
Polar Bear Can Swim.
The Polar bear is as fine a swim
as a seal, and behaves. In the
Ice-cold seas of the north, with
much unconcern as though It had beer
born In that element, writes Dr. R
W. Shufeldt In the American Forestrj
Magazine. It has been known to drift
: for miles upon a floating iceberg and
this evidently for pleasure and'con
venlence, rather than from necessity
I as a number of Arctic explorers have
j reported having *een Polar bears, hub
and hearty, swimming In the open
j ocean ail rhe way from 40 to 80 miles
from land.
..... .. ,
* °7 7 , arr * even Times.
° ne , of th * best-known examples of
;« much-marred man Is.afforded by Sir
j 11 s *' on ' e storlan of Ja
I ™ alca - ''. h ° u,arrled '*' ven tlm es. five of
the brides being domestic servants
from his own household. His matri
monial ventures all turned out hap
Lines to Be Remembered.
"Along with the figure head of
Hope," said the captain, "there's a
anchor bet what's the use of ay har
tes a anchor If I can't tad no bottom
te tat tt ss la."—Charles Dickeaa.
| Celtic.
Celtic Isle.
The smallest dependency of France
Is the lie d'Hoedie, situated at the
east of Bella Isle.
Its population is
They do not speak French, but
They are provided with food
at an Inn managed by the women,
town has no streets.
: Ing entailed by accidents was the safe
1 ty Pin.
• ___
FOR SALE—New Chevrolet car pur
chased in Portland May 27, 192L
j \Vill sell for cash or trade for stock,
Inquire Montour Heights, Montour,
I Idaho,
World's Debt to Safety Pin.
Perhaps the first scientific and suc
cessful effort to prevent human suffer
and calf by
Mrs. Sarah Martin.
FOR SALE—Two milk cows: 1 Jersey
cow, 8 years old, fresh about July
1st, made two pounds of butter pff
day last milking season; 1 Holstein
oy, 5 years old, giving 3 gallons of
milk per day, fresh Nov. 1. Also sev
eral hundred bushels of barley. Frsn*
SMd ers, 1H mile north of Emm*«-

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