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By The ladek'« Correspondents
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cook motore<l
over from Boise Friday morning look
ing over their bench property.
A goodly number from our vicinity
were helping with the ditch work last
Mrs. Wayman, Miss Josephine and
John Fog at« dinner Sunday at R. B
Neddie Rosa, who was run over by
n ear in N«w Plymouth the Fourth, is
Ma own buay little self again. Very
fortunately it was only a painful and
not a serious accident.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Guthrie and
children and Mrs. Wayman and Jose
phine were Sunday evening callers at
the St Clair Guthrie home.
Mr. and Mrs. Alien Thompson call
ed at B. R. Johnson's Sunday even
Mrs. Frank Norwood, Mias Inez
Norwood and Kenneth spent several
days at th« W. L. Norwood home this
m Week.
• Mrs. Wm. Cote is enjoying a visit
with her sister, who arrived several
day* ago.
Mr. and Mr*. W. H. Sister and Miss
Ruth Bosteder were caller* at R. B.
Wentworth's Monday evening.
Mr*. Emory Rynearson and child
ren were Sunday dinner guests at the
Wade Hunter home.
Mr*. Jesse Buzzard and Maude
•pent Wednesday evening with Mrs.
Ward Fuller.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rogers and
children were Wiednesday evening vis
itors at the Waiter Gorman home.
Mrs. E. M. Williams spent ovor
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler of Meridian
were Sunday visitors ft the Fred
Hereth home.
George Davidson and family were
fishing at tha river Sunday.
Mr. Hankins finished painting the
house on the Trowbridge place Wed
Ernest Kroush and Mercedes Bush
wood were married Saturday, July 16
Mrs. George Martin had the mis
fortune to sprain her ankle Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jett Hill, Mrs. W. E.
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Mat Bilbrey and
Iline and Esmond Kroush and Mar
garet Mackey were Sunday dinner
guests at the Alex Brushwood home.
The dinner was in honor of the new
Here's Your Chance to
Buy Any
Dress Straw Hat
in the store
At Half Price
This includes every dress straw we have—Sailors,
Bankoks, Ballilucks, Panamas, Tayos, etc.
E» C. Keith & Son
Davenport, genuine leather, large size.
Crown piano, mahagony.
Solid oak, library table.
1 dining table.
Large White Frost ice box, with water cooler.
1 Velvet rug, 9x12.
rugs, 27x54 inches.
1 brass bed.
1 kitchen table.
1 Axminster rug 6x9.
2 small
1 bed room suite, walnut, bed, dresser,
dressing table and chiffoner.
Electric washing machine.
electric reading lamp.
Singer Sewing machine
Fruit jars, dishes and other articles.
Electric iron. Brass
Ç. W. O'Connor
Phone 223.
607 North Washington St.
ly-weds, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kroush.
The U. A. club met at the Loe Reed
ho "[ ie
C. H. Wh.Uell and wife and their
! were Boise visitors Thurs
Mrs. Ernest Kroush is spending a
few days with her sister, Mrs. Jett
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Buzzard and
Maude were Sunday afternoon call
ers at the Fred Rogers home.
A. E. Pomeroy was in Emmett,
Monday attending
R. L. Battan has a new delivery
Mtllsr A Stark looked after their
bees here Thursday of last week and
Wednesday of this.
John Leichty and son returned Sat
urday from their fishing trip. They
got some fine trout, but it was too
early for salmon.
Mary and Nina Yontsler were quite
ill Friday and Saturday but are re
covered now.
The Ed Bott family celebrated
Leona's sixth birthday with a picnic
in the timber Sunday. The Henderson,
Kiggins, D. F. Bott and Pitta families
enjoyed their hospitality.
J. L. Applegate and family attend
ed the picnic and ball game at the
Mills home Sunday.
Geo. Ewing went to Emmett Tues
day morning to report the telephone
line was out of commission, suppos
edly because of the wind storm of the
night before.
R. L. Rattan and family went to
New Plymouth Sunday, where they
took in Mr. and Mrs. Hinchliff and
went to the island for a picnic dinner
and outing.
J. L. Applegate returned Saturday
evening from his vacation trip.
Mrs. A. E. Pomeroy spent most of
last week in Emmett at Dr. Pollys.
Jay Barnett and family moved back
to the farm last week.
The work on the bridge is progress
ing rapidly. Saturday part of the
false work gave way and precipitat
ed the workman and tools into the
Aside from a bath, which any
one could stand this weather no hat"
tho the tools were hard to
The U. A. club meets this afternoon
(Thursday) with Mr*. J. Loe Reed.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ferlin g spent Sun
day Bt the Joy home on the Slope.
Mrs. E. Jennyson and children spent'
Saturday evening at the Frartcis
James Stippich and family came
down from Midvale Sunday to visit at
the Sanders-Reed home for some time.
C. M. Buster and family spent Sun
day on the bench.
Mrs. Linn Preble and children
spent the week end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Graham.
Walter Francis has helped W. H.
Shane and O. E. Ayres in the hay
this week.
Recent word received from Mrs. W
B. Morris states that she U getting
better frorrf a severely sprained knee.
She does not expect to walk for some
time yet.
Mrs. O. E. Ayres and sister, Miss
Grace Strang, called at the Jim Strang
home one day last week.
The second hay harvest is in fui'
swing on Haw creek this week.
Mother Sanders and Mrs. Jim Stip
pich and children spent Tuesday even
ing at the Jay Sanders home.
Mrs. Frank Senders and children
were out riding with Mrs. E. Tenny
son Tuesday afternoon.
C. J. Bullard and family and Frank
Sanders and family motored over the
bench Sunday sightseeing.
E. Tennyson and son Albert return
ed Tuesday from a 12 day's trip to
the mountains looking after their
Mrs. Jerome Reed and Mrs. Jim
Stippich were shopping in Emmett
Mrs. Will King and children spent
Saturday and Sunday at the E. 0
Bosteder home.
Warner Head and family and R.
Brubaker and family motored to Pay
ette Sunday afternoon and were vis
itors at the Marvin Albert home there
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heilig and daugh
ter of Sheridan, Wyo., are guests at
the S. A. Russell home this week.
Idella and Ora Limbaugh, May,
Grace and Essie Smith, Jenny Little
apd Roderick Lewis were picnicing in
the hills Sunday.
E. O. Bosteder and wife and Jack
Soran were Boise visitors from Wed
nesday till Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Smith and
Gladys were Sunday visitors at the
L. G. Jordan home.
S. A. Russell and wife and Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Hellis and daughter
visitors at the Walter Gorman home
home Sunday.
A-fishing They Go.
The hankering for a mess of cat
fish—mud or channel—beenme so
pressing to Cub and "Bony" (Bona
parte) Moulton and Charlie Gam
age that they could no longer re
sist it, and they, with Mart Clopton's
younger son, left this morning
Buttermilk slough, near Payette, to
try thAr luck,
leave early, but the stocking of the
commissary was such a big task they
did not get away until 9 o'clock. The
grub box filled the back end of the
car (they expect to stay one day
only). They also had a bulging suit
case labeled "Bait" and it was live
bait, too, for one could hear said bait
They expected to
gurgling with hilarity whenever the
receptacle was moved, and a hand grip
containing face powder, cold cream,
and other toilet accessories. Also one
perfectly able bodied fiddle. The three
men are from Missouri and know the
habits of the festive catfish,
never fail to bring home a big catch.
Their taking of a fiddle reveals the
secret. Their procedure is as follows:
Cub sits on the bank of the stream
where the catfish abide. On the fid
dle he leads off with the Reveille,
when the "cats" spring into line and
come to attention.
Then Sousa's
grand march peals forth and the pro
cession starts. This is followed by
the "Arkansaw Traveler," and "Tur
key in the Hay.
switches to "How Dry I Am.
that impressive tune floats upon the
ambient air, "Bony" appears with
the suitcase labeled "Bait"' places it
on the bank in plain sight, and as the
long line of "cats ' nears the water's
edge, the music changes to a fox trot
and out they
Then the music
Then Bony and
Charlie get behind the school
drive them into a stockade while Cub
plays "Gypped, by Gosh." There'll be
a catfish fry tomorrow night in the
eastern part of town
Cost of
Few of us
a Ppund of Honey.
hat h pound of
ho produce
over honey.
'Ill 17.0
,v means to the bees
To make
pound of cl
the neoti!
and to do this re
to the hlos
nee« must take
clover blossoms ;
» 0.000 visits
«oms by the bees,
order to collect enough nectar to make
one pound of honey, a nee must go
from hive to flower and back agitin
2,750,000 times.
In other
orris. In
P*Q*n Creed Concerning Fire.
That Bre and water nre the habita
tions of spirits Is perhaps a universal
article bf the pagan creed,
ered ever-burning hearth Bre was. In
primitive days reckoned the «pedal
abode of the household gods: It was,
therefore, considered dangerous to
give a stranger a burning brand.
The sa
| .
A BavttSS VAA.V)
Mias Shanklin Writes to Her Little
Friends from Denver.
From far-off Denver, where she is
spending her vacation, Miss Jean
Shanklin, teacher of the primary
grade in the city schools, sends a mes
sage of love to her little friends thru
The Index. Miss Shanklin, in a note j
to the editor says: "I am having a
very pleasant and interesting vaca
tion, but will be ready for school
work when the time comes, though
this is a delightful city in which to
spend one's life, for like the city of
Jerusalem it is glorious for situa
tions.'' Her letter follows:
"Dear little People:—When school
had almost closed, many of you ask
ed me to write to you when I had
nothing to do in the long vacation,
and I promised I would di so, but you
see I'm writing to you ail in one big
letter, for I think it a bei .er way, and
then you will feel I'm thinking of you
all at the very same time.
"You dear little friends, you have
been in my mind so often since May
27, the day we said good-bye, and you
all walked off so quiet and still each
holding up the star-spangled flag I
I felt very lor.ely when
gave you.
you were all out of sight, and
sorry to think we cannot live together
sorry we cannot live together
"I turned from the window and look
ed at the empty desks each i f you had
called your school home for nine
long months, and the old elodk that
had ticked off so many happy busy
hourse for us seemed to say 'They are
gone; they are gone from you.' Then
I, too, walked away and soon aftc
left dear old Wardwell and afterwards
I came to this beautiful city of Den
ver where I am spending my vacation,
but shall be back in Emmett when it
is time for school to open, and then
I hope to see you every one. Though
you ail will be in another room, still
we can see each other now and then.
"I hope you all spent a fine big
Fourth of July and hung up your lit
tle flags that we sang with and used
so often in school. We werd to have
had a great grand time here with
music and fireworks, but the day was
full of clouds and storm and people
were glad to stay in doors.
"You must not forget to study the
Sweet Pea reader, and not just the
reading, but all the spelling words,
particularly such as apple, squirrel,
cocoon and caterpillar and yellow and
sunflower are not easy words for
every little boyvand girl.
"But I must close now,
ing that you all are having a good
play time, but you must work
too, as that -»dll make you feel better
and stronger.
"Good-bye to all. Think of me and
I'll think of you.
Very tenderly, I remain,
2715 Elizabeth St., Denver, Colo.
Big Wheat Yields.
Phenomenal yields of wheat and
«rain are reported from the
bench. One instance is especially
noteworthy because the land produc
ed an almost equal yield last year. It
is the farm of Emmett Cooper on the
lower bench. The crop is conserva
tively estimated at 45 bushels
Attention Moose.
All Moose and their families are in
vited to attend a dancing party
Dewey's Grove on Friday evening,
July 29. Good music and refresh
To Place a Ladder.
Experiments to determine the angle
which a ladder should be placed to
secure the msxlmnm degree of safety
for those using It hnve shown that the
angle of 75 degrees Is the best, what
ever the height of the ladder.—Brook
lyn Eagle.
Remodeling Sale
Getting ready to remodel our store to
make room for new lines of goods which
we will add to our stock. This requires
space, and our present stock must keep
moving out fast
off on Crockery, Fancy China
ware, Glassware, Etc.
33 %
off on Enamelware and Kitchen
33 %
Heavy tin, quart size, Army Cup.
U. S. Army heavy leather cartridge belts,
great for fishing tackle, spark plugs and
a great many other things.
Signet Ink, all colors, regular 10c size
LePage's Glue, in bottle or tube, regular
20c size.
Boys' Sun Hats.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, hemstitched and
embroidered, each.
Odd pieces of Crockery at.
y 2 Off
Genuine Palm Leaf Fans, large size.
Boys' Unions, B V D style, at.
Fruit Jars—Economy Self Sealing—
Quarts, per dozen.
Half gallons, per dozen..
$ 1.10
Candy Specials
FRESH CREAMS—Assorted flavors,
half pound............
half pound......
Emmett Variety Co.
Next Door to Bank of Emmett

Forget Your Trouble!
Want an appetite like a ' wolf, good digestion,
sound refreshing sleep? Want to get back some
of your old-time pep—some of the vim and vigor
of youth—come on, let's go fishing!
And what about fishing tackle—just
a word with you—no use going fishing un
less you go right. See us first and get
the inside dope on rods and line, reel and
hooks and artificial bait.
We've got just the right thing for every purpose,
and we are NOT charging fancy prices.
Valley Meat Market
F. A. Stewart, Proprietor
-AH kinds of--
of First Class Quality.
Cruickshank Building
Phone 204
The Ihdex Want Column Brings Quick Sales.

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