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The correspondent has been learn
ing the game of picking dewberries
the last few deys. He has been able
to pick about feat enough to keep his
mouth full, but not rapidly enough to
get any ahead to put in the carrier.
Take a too l'p advice and don't try to
pick dewberries fast enough to keep
both your
mouth and a
amount coming in, for if you do you
will be certain to get stuck up and
then you will be afflicted with the
big head, to use a colloquial expres
sion. So you tell 'em, Napoleon, I
can't get my jaw bones apart.
Our weather is like we imagine it
is in the rhubarbs of hades,
lately it is all we can do to keep from
wilting. Nevertheless we are all in
the swim alike unless some of
more cloth, which wouldn't have to
he much to win the diamond studded
stomach pump as first prise.
Wallace Cannon has been having a
nice cool job irrigating in the West
l»ko fruit orchards the last few days.
At any rate, we are supposing that
any kind of work would he cooler than
the one we are at the present time
occupied on, and therefore think he
ought not to complain about the heat.
us use
Any further information regarding
Glenn Scott is not forthcoming. Many
rumors have been heard which fail
to materialize when run to curth. The
lad, if in the mountains, is sure hav
ing the time of his young life, and we
will be a chaw of terhaccer against
a plugged nickel.
Elmer Murray is home from the
Boise barracks to stay, we guess. He
cast a cloud of gloom over several
compensation getters' clear skies by
remarking that Uncle Sam has turn
ed down 60,000 soldiers,
ed, however,
government would let the boys get
vocational training that need it. Aw
ful lot of red tape ^o any of it and
if a fellow gets anything to do hi
any good before he is past the age of
learning anything it will be rather a
hurry-up call on the part of our de
Elmer stat
that he thought the
The latest informaion we can ob
tain concerning our neighbor
friend Gus AMen is that he should
have a change of climate and steady
medical care, which he is plmost un
able to receive satisfactorily at home,
so that Mrs, Amen has been contem
plating sending Gus to a sanitarium
to improve his health,
it seems Mr. Amen lets ranch work
•otmrry him, which is in a way only
natural, but he broods over imaginary
ill* and thereby weakens his body and
natural stamina by doing so. We
hope that should a change be effected !
.i.., j, ,.. iM , , .
K or Aniens bet ,
torment, for us we understand he is ;
very poorly in health. ;
Howard ami
Too bad, but
AI nager
are our leading hay slingers again
They stepped out first and are hold-|
ing the lead so far over most all of us.
Water is again in the Canyon canal
after making repairs, necessitating its
shut off on Saturday lust, hut it
is a good sight to see a little
liquid running betw
•n the hanks ofi
■n if it is warm as dish water.
Milo Phillip
day afternoon
friends and
and family spent Sun
visiting with
neighbors, the George
We hope thal
f ice
Schrecongost family,
they enjoyed another freezer
cream, hut envy the guests if thev
did, cause we weren't able to he
Ed Tyler tried to committ soothing
syrup by falling off u scaffold hack- !
wards last Saturday while at work.
Ed fell some 12 feet, landing on his
and back, badly spraining and
bruising himself up generally, H
out Monday again and went to town
to aee if any bones were broken. Next
time, Ed, try it so you can see where
you are going,
land ao hard.
you looked where you fell, but it
Thoa. J. Coonrod and Mr». Coonrod
e was
Maybe you will not
Of course we know
Mr». Coonrod
were in attendance at the Moose pic
nic held in Boise Sunday. They do
not report a very large herd of Moose
from Emmett over. Guess the weather
was a little too warm for this type
of animal to venture far.
J. S. Wilson, dry land rape 1 '
the hills this side of Montoitr,
down and stopped over Saturday night
at the Ed. Modin home, taking in the
threshermen's meeting called on that
evening. A large number of
grain farmers were present and de
cided to do better if they could in re
gard to present threshing rates, which
they feel that they can do by hav-1
ing outa.de machines come in, which!
„ „ ,, , .... , ,
will allow them to get their work done
for $10 a set and from 4 to 6 cents a
The Ed Modin and Ed Dolphin fam
ilies motored to Black Canyon Sunday
there to spend the day picnicing and
fishing, although Ed Dolphin said they
caught only about enough fish to stink
up the frying pan. Several of the
boys went swimming intentionally and
several didn't, all the same results
being had though.
Clayt Hall has bought him a cay
use and hit the dim and distant trail
to find the land of his dreams, a cat
tle ranch where he can drive them
hither and thither by the mere exer
cise of his vocal organs exhibited on
horseback. We wish him good luck
and hope he finds a few real live bo
vines that still retain a little of their
natural wildness. He went to Oregon.
Amos Helmick and son Amos, Jr.,
are home after several days work in
hay near the Bend.
A letter from Karl Çoonrod to his
brother states that he is now in the
Sam Charter's ranch sapping about
five or six head of milch cows. This
look * like »«»* cow punchin' all right.
and about as much as he is apt to find
outside of B. M. Bower's or Jane
Grey's novels. He further states he
likes his work, although he isn't get
ting rich fast, and likes Sam Charters
first rate as a boss. Earl and George
Proctor are at work at the same
VW learn that Alma Beutler has
changed his mind and plans and is
now engaged in making hay in Round
Valley on Jim Barnard's place. Well
"Al" old boy, we figured you would
change your mind. They most all do.
So every thing must he lovely and
the turtle doves cooing or he would
he now on his coastward journey.
The present heat wave has ripen
ed the grain rapidly and most of it
is now ready for the hinder.
I Elmer Cross and family from Bur
ley visited the Social Rolph family
Tuesday. Elmer is a son of John
Cross who used to reside in
eight years ago.
Irvie Cookson, son-in-law of Will
Bethel, was kicked on the leg by a
horse, the last of the week and is
compelled to get around by the use of
a pair of crutches. He is better at
this time.
Bishop Rose, wife, son and daugh
ter Ardia were business visitors in
Caldwell from Thursday until Satur
hut left here about
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Groat and two
children spent the week end at ew
Plymouth, visiting relatives,
We are glad to report the baby
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hil
iery, whig has been quite sick, as
much better and it is thought the
little one will get along nicely now.
Kirk Landers and wife of Emmett
were Sunday evening visitors at th
Chauncey Payne home.
Itch! Itch! Itch!—Scratch! Scratch!
Scratch- The more you scratch the
worse the itch. Try Doan's Ointment.
For eczema, any skin itching. 60c a
~ „
Emmettsvllle Lodge I. O. O. F.
Regular meetings are held Monday
night of each week, beginning at 7:30.
Visiting brethern invited.
C. B. POLLY, N. G.
1 H ' ,IA ' ,L0R * Secretary.
Ordinance No. 223.
j AN ORDINANCE regulating traffic
on the streets of the City of Em
mett, Idaho; prescribing qualifi
cations of drivers of motor driven
vehicles in said City; regulating
speed und manner of driving and
using vehicles in said City; pres
cribing lights to be used on motor
ropelled vehicles in said City dur
i hours; defining the
terms "to park a vehicle" and
"Parking Vehicles" and prescrib
ing the length of time, how and
■where vehicles may be parked in
centain streets of said City; repeal
ing Ordinance No. 169 of the City
j of Emmett, Idaho, and providing
penalty for the violation of this
He it ordained by the Mayor and
Council of the City of Emmett, Idaho:
Section l. Every person shall keep
on the right of the center of the street
while driving an automobile, motor
cycle, truck, bicycle, car, wagon, bug
gy or other vehicle on any street of
the City of Emmett, Idaho; shall turn
only at street intersections; shall keep
on the right of the center of the
street intersection while turning, and
ng certain
street intersection while turning, and
shall turn to the right only when turn
ing from a street into an alley, and to
the right only when turning from an
allev into a street.
Section 2. In turning or in cross
ing at a street or alley intersection,
a vehicle approaching from the driv
eris right shall have and be given the
right of way. All vehicles shall have
the right of way over pedestrians.
Pedestrians shall travel on the side
walks and shall only cross the streets
and alleys on sidewalk crossings at
street or alley intersections.
Section 8, Funeral processions
shnli have the right of wav on all
streets und alleys, ar.d it shall be un
lawful for anv person to drive, ride
walk through or between the ve-j
hides comprising such procession.
Section 4. It shall be unlawful for
any person under the age of sixtean
years to drive any motor propelled
vehicle on anv street or alley in the
Citv of Emmett, Idaho.
S «* tion «' It . sha!1 **
any person to drive a vehicle of any
kin , d on any strm ot th e city of Em
m ett, Idaho, at a speed greater thi
twelve (12) miles per hour; and it
shall be unlawful for any person to
enter, come out of or drive any ve
hide along or in any allev in said!
City at a greater speed than five (5)
miles per hour.
Section 6. Every person driving
motor propelled vehicle on any
street or alley of the City of Em
mett during the time in the day or
night when the street lights of said
City are burning shall have such ve
hide equipped with and shall display
and have lights burning, as follows:
Every automobile and truck and other
motor propelled vehicle with four
wheels, two white lights on its front
and one red light on its rear. Every
motor driven vehicle having less than
four wheels, one white light on its
front and one red light on its rear.
None of said light» shall be more than
seventy-five candle power.
Section 7. It shall be unlawful for,
the driver of any vehicle on the
streets or alleys of the City of Em
mett to have burning on such vehicle
any spot light, search light or other
light or lamn of more than seventy
five candle power.
Section 8. It shall be unlawful to
run or operate the engine of any
motor propelled vehicle on any street
or allev of the City of Emmet, Idaho,
ithout having such vehicle equipped
with a muffler on its engine exhaust,
or without having such muffler closed
and not cut out.
Section 9. The term "to park a ve
hide" or "parking a vehicle" as used
in this ordinance shall mean to leave
the vehicle standing on any street or
alley of the City of Emmett, Idaho,
for any length of time whatever with
out u driver.
Section 10. It shall be unlawful to
paik any motor propelled vehicle n
unv street of she City of Emmett,
Idaho, included within the fire limits
jf raid City, in any other manner lhan
as follows:
The vehicle must be placed so that
the right front wheel is within twelve
inches of the curb line v/ith the body
j{ the vehicle standing at an angle
of from twenty-five to sixty degrees
from the curb line. A vehicle may
only be parked at the curb on the
driver's right and on the right hand,
side of the street, and a driver may
not tu re or cross a street, except at
intersections, in order to park his
vi hide. It shall be unlawful to so
park a vehicle as to prevent or inter
fere with the removal of other vehi
cles lawfully parked bv or near it.
Section 11. It shall be unlawful
for any person to leave 'any vehicle
standing or narked in any alley with
in the fire limits of the City of Em
mett, Idaho, am) it shall be unlawful
fer any person to leave any vehicle
standing or parked on Main Street,
between Commercial
Hayes Avenue, for longer than one
hour at anv time of day or night.
Section 12. It ( shall be unlnwfu! for
any person to park any vehicle with
in ten feet of any fire hydrant on
Avenue and
and street or alley in any part of the
City of Emmett, Idaho. •
Section 18. It shall he unlawful for
any person to park any vehicle with
in ten feet of any alley or street in
tersection or in such a manner as to
interfere with the entrance or exit to
or from such street or alley, and it
shall be unlawful for any person to
nark any vehicle at any place in said
City where the owner or occupant of
uny property abutting on the Street
mnv p'ace a sign on the sidewalk re
questing cars not to park.
Section 14. It shall be unlawful
for any person to leave any motor
propelled vehicle parked or standing
for any length of time whatever on
any street or alley of said City with
the engine of such vehicle running
and without a driver. By the word
"driver" as used throughout this or
dinance is meant a person, over six
teen years of age, who can onerate
and who has operated the vehicle in
Section l. r >. Unless the stop is caus
ed by interference of other vehicles,
it shall he unlawful to stop any ve
hicle in anv street of the City of Em
mett, Idaho, inc'uderi within the fire
limits of said City, for a longer per
iod than five minutes without placing
the vehicle in the position at tV
curb by this ordinance prescribed for
parking on such streets.
Section 16. Ortlinance No. 169 of
the City of Emmett, Idaho, and all
ordinances and narts of ordinances in
conflict herewith are hereby repeal
Ordinance No. 224.
AN ORDINANCE relating to offi
cial bonds of certain otticers of the
City .of Emmett, Idaho; requiring
the City Clerk and City Treasurer
of said City to give bond for the
faithful performance of their offi
cial duties; prescribing the form of
such bonds; providing when such
bonds shall be presented to the City
Council; providing for the approval
and safe keeping of such bonds;
providing for the payment of the
premium on surety company bonds;
making certain laws of the State
of Idaho apply to such City Clerk's
and City Treasurer's bonds; repeat
ing all ordinances and parts of or
dinances in conflict herewith,
Be it Ordained by the Mayor and
Council of the City of Emmett, Idaho:
Section 1, The City Clerk and City
Treasurer of the City of Emmett,
Idaho, are hereby required to give and
furnish official
duties, in the following amounts, to
Section 17. Any person violating
any section or provision of this or
dinance shull, upon conviction there
of, be fined in any sum not more than
One Hundred Dollars ami costs of
prosecution: and upon his failure to
nay such fine and costs, he shall bo
imprisoned in the City Jail for a per
iod of time equal to one dhv for each
$1.60 of such unpaid fine and costs.
Section 18. This ordinance shall be
in effect from and after the first day
of August, 1921.
Passed and approved, this 15th day
of July, 1921.
I). M. STOKESBERY, City Clerk.
' reouired to give ana
... .._J bonas for the faith
fui performance of their respective
as sureties, are held and firmly bound
unto the State of Idaho in the penal
sum of. Dollars, law
ful money of the United States of
America, for the payment of which
well and truly to be made, we bind
ourselves, our and each of our heirs,
executors and administrators, jointly
and severally, firmly by these pres
"Sealed with our seals and dated
this .day of
"The condition of the above obliga
tion is such, that, whereas, said........
.. the above bounden prin
cipal, was, on the . day of ...
19.. duly .—--to the office of
.of the City of Emmett,
The City Clerk in the penal sum of
The City Treasurer in the penal
sum of $7500.00.
Section 2. Said Bonds shall be in
substantially the following form:
"Know Ail Men by these Presents,
That we,
pal, and
as princi
, 19
I County of Gem, State of Idaho:
"Now, therefore, if the said..
.shall faithfully pay over, ac
cording to law and the, provisions of
the ordinances of said city, all moneys
which shall come into his hands by
j virtue of his said office, and shall
well, truly and faithfully perform all
official duties now required of him by
the law of the State of Idaho and by
the ordinances of the said City of
Emmett, and also all such additional
duties as may be imposed upon him
by any law of said State or by any or
dinance of said City, then this obli
gation is to be void and of no effect;
otherwise to remain in full force, vir
tue and effect.
"This bond is executed and given
pursuant to Ordinance No. 224 of the
City of Emmett, Idaho, and is made
subject to all the terms and provi
sions of said ordinance."
. Principal.
. Surety.
..-. Surety.
Section 3. The sureties on any
bond shall have the same qualifica
tions and shall justify in the manner
required of sureties on Official Bonds
of County Officers by the laws of the
State of Idaho; and all laws of said
State relative to official bonds, so far
as applicable and except as herein
otherwise provided, shall apply to and !
govern the interpretation of bonds
given under the provisions of this or
dinance as well as govern the liabili
ties' of sureties thereon.
Section 4. The present City Clerk
and City Treasurer shall have bonds
executed in accordance herewith, and
shall present said bonds to the City!
Council at its regular meeting in Aug
ust, 1921, and, thereafter, each of said
officers shall have his bond executed
and shall present the same to the City
Council at the meeting of said Coun
cil at which such officer takes office.
The presenting of such bond and its
anproval by the City Council of the
City of Emmett, Idaho, shall be deem
ed a delivery of such bond by the!
nrincipal and sureties to the City of;
Emmet t.
Section 6. Upon the City Clerk or
City Treasurer presenting his bond;
to said City Council, it shall become
the duty of said Oity Council to exa
mine the same, and if the bond is in
proper form and the sureties thereon
are sufficient and qualified as is re
quired bv the laws of Idaho relating
to Official Bonds of County Officers,
said City Council shall approve and
accept the same.
Section 6. Upon the approval of
any bond, such approval shall be en
dorsed on the back thereof, dated,
signed by the mayor and attested .bv
the City Clerk, and such bond shall
he safelv kept bv the Mavor and shall
be bv him delivered to his successor
in office. The Mayor shall, upon re-!
quest, furnish true copies of any such
bond in his possession to any person \
desiring the Same.
Section 7. If a surety comnanv, I
authorized under the laws of Idaho to
become surety on such bonds, becomes
surety on any bond delivered to the 1
Citv under the provisions of this or
dinance, the premium on such bond
shall be oaid by said City out of its 1
general fund.
Section 8. All ordinances and parts 1
of ordinances in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.
Passed and approved, this 16th day j
of July, 1921.
AU D. t M. STOKESBERY, City eferic!|
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BLK.ND fy.
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