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PiWM «vary TburmUy by
Sabaeription Kates
. 12.00
Om yaar —
Mx months ...
Tkrw months
Entered in the Emmett postoffice as
cond ciaa* mail matter._
Forai*» A4v.rtl.tng Rvpr.rantaÜv.
Look at the printed label on your
paper. The date thereon shows when
the subscription expires. Forward
your money la ample time for renewal.
N'pUc« date on label carefully, and if
not correct, please notify us at once.
Subscribers desiring the address of
♦ heir paper changed please state (n
• >elr communication both the OLD
: id N EW add I ess.
of the !
W lY
country and the town be regarded
as different and often conflicting?!
One cannot expect to advance without
the other.
should the Interests
The farmer needs mar*
beta, easily accessible, and he needs
, ?
many of the advantages of the town
., / „ . ...
that are not to be readily available
in the country. Likewise, the town
mutt have the products of the farm,
and It ft highly desirable that these
be produced near at hand. The towns
need the farmer's trade, and they
need above all the virile manhood and
womanhood of the rural distreits to
help to meld a stable foundation for
their progress. Yet It must be admit
ted that there Is distrust of the towns.,
on the part of a considerable number
of t)4 farmers in every community,
and lack of knowledge of the farmers'
needs and conditions, and hence often
a lark of sympathy with such condi
tions on the part of the'town*. The)
ev lcni rC . , ,
The ait nation in not at all!-
peculiar to any one state. It is not
easy to put one's finger on the trouble!"*
. . I
not p/rhan. It > •'"« aml who IS
not. I ernaps it would be beat to de
dare that neither element is at fault
•o much as the conditions under which
both UVe. Primarily, it must be that
there ha* not yet developed sufficient
contact of town and country. There
have heed irregular visitings back
and forth, It 1* true; the difference
in dress and behavior, except in ex
treme rases, have been smoothed over.
But the fear of town on the part of
the farmer has not been removed,
though considerable progress has been
made in recent years, not only here in
Emmett, but in very many other
towns. A condition of distrust and
should not oxi.t I,,,,,,.,.. s.
annum not oxi'C longer, perhaps It
will not for very long, There is no
valjd reason why It should. Mutual
knowledge will mean mutual under
There is yet much to be
done to bring this about, but the It'av
estrangement is bad for both.
on is working. The improvement 0
the road* and the almost general use
of the motor car is bringing about a
better understanding of each other's
problems and a deeper interest in each
welfare, and will help greatly
to hasten the needed and hoped-for
change. A willingness to understand
and co-operate, on the part of both
town and country, which has been
growing during recent years, will
help, too.
f country
r piIK
broad expanse
around F.mmett is doted every
night with jjgnal lights. If one
stands on the edge of the Bench above
the river or on the Slqpe and looks
kt them,

owe seem near with a
1 ?
'.I -'4
. * »
t> !
-A J I ■
t j*'vti/
A Picnic Every Day
—With Eatmore Bread
Cut the slices thick—pile
them up with butter, or
honey , or jam.
How the youngsters thrive
on it, and enjoy it! Only
the purest ingredients go
Eatmore Home
Made Bread
The Body Builder
The kind thaf makes
youngsters strong nnd hus
At your Grocer's
At» for it today
friendly, intimate gleam, and others
shine across far spaces. The rim of
the horizon is encircled with them
where they are set like jewels against
the darkening skies. They are all
signal lights, and they dash to the lone
watcher the thought of a home on the
farm, with a family living there.
Our signal lights* are not calls for
help as in the days when i dash meant
danger. They are gleams from happy
homes, and mark the places that are
almost »acred ground where men and
women, with their children are living
and working for their daily bread.
These summer nights, if one looked in
at the windows where the lamps shine,
one would see tired faces, lined with
the dust of the field and the cares of
every-day life, but aglow with the en
ergy and poise that shine in the coun
tenanoe of those who have finished a
good day's work. Our signal lights
mark the abiding places where they
live, w hose work is most essential to
life—the farmers. One-third of all I
the people ip our community are ,
working in agriculture, and these long j
slanting beams from real homes will
. , ,, .
light the way to rest for the man who
stands nearest the Creator to do His
daily work.
a short railroad at a profit in
these parlous times for railroading
and everything else, doe* not neces-1
FORD'S success in running
sarily signify that all railroads should
be run at a profit under present con-I
ditions. Henry Ford turned out more;
cars last month than in any month
, . ...
in mo * t P«-o B ps rou« year m history
! Hm, 1 rna,J, ' 1 m> ™ ,,n the
|gol ' 1 ' y " 1 in the ,ame month one of
, „
ry were making the Rohts-Royce he
.'•* —* —'. ' l - *•■-*
the big motor car factories closed
I down, and others lost money. If Hen
he Is making in producing the Ford.
all!-- . . 1 . r , . .
/ * wen ' run ' 1 * n K t "' h-rle railroad
W ? uUI "? l b * maklnK the m,mey
I that he makes running the JJetroit,
Toledo & , reton In short, the sue
_ . ■ , ,,
w " ° f 1 '° rfl 'I 1 runnin » f " llttle ral1 -1
r<,a<l not a lar,fe cnou,fh yarll " t,ck
t0 Uk * any '"'■'"»uroments whatever,
lt la no eaBy matter - but it should and
could he done. Before the war the
r piK country will sympathize with
Senator Horah's demand that in
stead of beating the brush for bil
lions of dollars from the taxpayer,
the government should cut its budget.
K <,vprnmf '"' wa " commonly accused
° f «* trav «>rant, spending a bil
lion ,,,,llars " ypar - Now there are '
about 23 . biUion * ,,f war <lebt - to b *'I
sure, and interest alone takes another I
, , , , ,, ,, ■
billion, which is unavoidable. That
_ :
'* 2 ^ 0!,t of llv * n K ls 50 P er I
< n * K r <. h t< r thn m In feu tin war, and |
' 'I'"' 1 ll ' i ,l llt '* 1 " L ' ,ivtl nr ' 1rn ;
th '' s ' m "' Hs H P nvate individual. |
* bllt • a<bks ba '* a billion. Hut the
budget for next is 4's billions,
j budget for next year is 4's billions,
i l he fact is th ' government is
I uut nnd is doing a number of
1 ,bin * r -'' wn8 m,t 'h'ing prior to 1914.1
! * n building of which the
! K ° v ' -rnment ig co-operating with
ery staU '' c0 * t " P ile of mt,n »y
! fv<1 * r,U *° v ernm«t is contributing
! m ° M than '' v '' r to l ' ,Jucation > u ' «KTÎ
1 c « ltural extension work, to care of
) "° l,,ier8 ' And so it goes all down the.
line. The federal govern meat is ex
j panded, it is spread out, rapidly pro
I Festive and is putting a finger in
here and a finger in there and spend
|ing money as though it had an inex-!
,,,, , ,
ihe job
The bud
get system, it is believed, will do
much to accomplish vast savings, but
, ,, , ,
h * ul "- hl >' fund to draw on.
f retrenchment is colossal.
. ,
cannot be got working eliectivelv
, ^ •
m u day.
state legislatures
found in the
that congress is confronted with.
faj«t ns on# propose
is introduced, half
problem is
money, new activities of government,
' This state will spend svveral times
more money than it spent before the
war, and Washington is doing the
same thing, in almost the same pro
pt rtion.
1 of retrenchment
dozen projects
I came up for new ways of spending

W K are recovering from our ftnan
I cial spree. No longer can we
look for $2.60 a bushel for our wheat,
nor can we take a dozen egg* to tht
grocery and swap them for a satis
factory amount in the way of sup
plies. As our income is curtailed and
it seems unlikely that
to augment it in the near future, it
becomes essentia! that we should cut
down on our
i.r> Romg
tion from a purejy business stand
point. We believe we are going to
extremes in government and are be
ing: com missioned »mi regulated be
yoml all reasonable limit«. There are
We should
sidetrack politic# and look at the ques
too many "tax eaters" on both the
national and state payrolls. . It is
high time for us to make a non-parti
survey of government, from the
highest to the lowest form, set up the
machinery that will do away with the
frills and the army of employes it
takes to manipulate them, and get
down to a common sense business ba- !
Fine job printing a specialty.
Promptness in job work—motto.
R you can take a man for better or
And years have passed,
you do not curse
The dav you - married him;
Bear with his moods and bear his
troubles, too,
If you can love htm when he neglects
If when he seems o ar fond with other
women folks
Or when he oft repeats the same old
I Y °u still can wear a smile;
j If you can shield him when the world
would blame,
And through misfortune be to him
\ * the same .
I Companion all the while;
, lf ht ' D>rgets to say "I love you" as
he did,
And you are disappointed and keep it
Nor even seem to miss
! The pretty billet doux he used to
The many other things he didn't do,
but might;
And yet in spite of this
You are the first to help if he should
Knowing in your heart that he loves
you best of all
T hrough every passing
If you're his haven on
fife's troubled
A model wife, my dear!
Nowadays a man has to die to get
hiB bier.
0 0 0
A lot of June brides are still blush
. , , , ,
mg, but its over a hot stove.
* * *
Mosquitoes are ungrateful in that
they bite the hand that feeds them.
• * *
a ru ] (1 mnn w j, 0 j )u t 8 off his
i v a C ation until September doesn't get
Early to bed and early to rise and
you'll never meet many well known
licenses must mistake them for
hunting licenses,
* * * , ,
1 lf Ford rars are to be cheaper
Christmas trees will have to be a
lit tie larger and stronger .
i . _ * * * . , ,
A Gem coun , ty man t who f e .* , * hth
; son was recently born, has decided to
, , , ,
P*®y one °f the bases himself.
, one.
* * *
0 0 f
Some persons who take out mar
Tired of
A big thought for today:
your wife? Thing of Solomon. .
I . „„„ » ., ,i
had 800 of them in the same town.
0 0 0
An Emmett young woman believes
of appendicitis de
veloped recently because she was
squeezed too hard.
- *
that an attack
It was nn awful punishment that !
inflicted on a hapless woman
when a judge ordered her husband to j
kiss her every day. '
0 0 0
wonder a hen cackles. " ben
?be bas b *' d an ''Fir sbe bas launched
the potentiality of a son that never
0 0m
Old Bill Misgivens would like to!
know what the pitcher and catcher;
.. . .
talk about when they meet half way
■ , , ,, , , , , .
between the box and the home plate.
# ^
Henry Ford has done more for re
ligion than any man now living, re-,
marked a preacher the other day. He
has shaken the devil out of about
....... ,
half the American people.
# ^ ^
It was a proud mother who, when !
asked what posi tion her son held on
the colu , Ke foot baH team, proudly re -
plied he was one of tho drawbacks .
# # *
One of our enterprising merchants
had a display in his window advertis
ing that he was willing to sell you
either a tin bucket, a tea kettle or a
cuspidor for 49 cents.
"Hear you got a new car. Does
she rattle ?" asked Bill of Jim. "Rat
tie? replied Jim, "IT! say she rat
ties—sounds like a skeleton having a
A learned judge has decided that
.. ,
your wife may pick your pockets and
chill on a tin roof."
Are You Throwing Your Money Away?
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get Better Goods at Lower Prices.
We carry a stock of better hardware and we invite
you to compare our prices with other goods ana see
where you get full value for your money.
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ting Implements and have a full line of repairs.
You want a machine that will do the work under all
conditions? All right, see us.
We are here to serve.
Hawkins Hardware Co.
Any time
still be within the law.
the wife of ye editor picks his pock
ets and finds anything she's got to
split with us fifty-fifty.
* a Ä
A bi * city * irl from the East ' wh °
had been visiting here, expressed the
wish, while eating roasting ears, that
they'd take out the basting threads
hcfore 3ervill „ the corn . 0 n the oth
, .. . , .
er hand, it isn t every city girl who
knows about basting threads.
* * *
How can we be expected to con -1
tribute much to the relief of starving
Russia when there are such touching
cases of suffering right here in ths
country, as, for instance, the Detroit
mother, with one child, who tells the
court that she can't get along on her ;
present allowance, which is $21,000 a j
year ? <
• * •
Here's how jazz was invented: j
The trap drummer in the orchestra i
had been hitting the hootch. He had j
set his music stand in reach, but it
started to fall. He reached for it and |
it upset and hit thJ base dru
drum rolled over, dropping the crash [
cymbal, and upset the xylophone, and j
the xylophone knocked over the cow
bells. In reaching for the xylophone
the drummer's feet slipped and he sat
down on the baby squawker and the
wood block fell with a loud crash on
The I
the tympani.
it seems to be epidemic, the dispo
sition to let go all "holts" and plunge
and revel. The other day a young
man came into the office, a chap whom
we have known for a long time as
person of strong character, steady
purpose and strict moral and physical
habits. What was ouV surprise or,
beholding him approach the desk with
a suggestion of a swagger, his hat a
little over one eye, and throw down a
couple of sticks of chewing gum, say
ing with a brazen smile, "Do you ever
indulge ?"
♦ * -
I Old Bill Misgivens is convinced that
j surgery is a paying line and strongly
I advises young men to take it up in
preference to harvesting and haying,
! herding sheep or raising fruit. "The
Mayos," he says, "really perform
some mariculous feats in their cutting
operations. While he was there they
: removed a live rattlesnake from the
stomach of a woman.
The presence
I of the snake was discovered by the
very latest sound detectors that wer;
first invented during the great war
a nd afterwards perfected to a high
degree of proficiency. By its use the
snake could be plainy heard rattling
j£ S resentment every time the stomach
began churning the food the woman
a j e When he left the lady was rap
jjjy recovering her natural poise, at
though she was badly rattled. An- !
other case that excited unusual com
ment was that of a ponderously fat
, . , . . , .
man, had a fashion of jumping every
. .. J , 1 ,, . •
once in while though
'. . . ... , . ^
had bitten him. The surgeons gave
I him the once over, used the detector
for a moment and then one of them
i reached down and pulled up the exto-1
j rior folds of fat from the patient's
i abdomen and vanked out a small
I . . ,. '
; snapping turtle. The man saiid it
! P^hably had got in there whil<* he
was in a bayou near New
0r!l * ans last s P ria *-"
I Same Old Story But a Good One.
Mrs. Mahala Burns, Savanna, Mo.,
re , lat , es an experience, the like -f
neigtbo^Kis coun"n7hIs
been told and related by thousands of
| others, as follows: "I used a bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy about nine years ago and it
«„^he^atUck of
three or four years ago and a few
doses of this remedy cured me. I
have recommended it to dozens of
i people since I first used it and shall
continue to do so for I know it is a
quick and positive cure for bowel trou
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