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"Oh, I am timl of §ilvice," |x>uf<*d
——B—MBMB—«MM . ' IUJ'I ■»> ' — - w e
■■■ - ' ■■ ■ — ■ ™ . =711
I A Luckies«
(A 1*1*. Western N»<*«p«pai Litton, t
"If you will !«■ advlaed hy me. don't
go. Bra." »poke Wynne G reslism.
fou deem your might, selves
' a)lnd««l fhiit you Hut worn«*n
Bva petulantly.
"Too men are
<• toft, minded that you Hat
with children as to ha »Ing any Inde
I undent common sense."
*T afmpty expr-Med an ofdnton. not
a dictum, not even a wish. You are
young, artless, impulsive.
I think only of your good."
So prettily did Eva pout Mist Gresh
am was more fascinated than ever.
"Hbe will learn In lime to he prac
tical." (Ireahato (old himself hopefully
though With a suppressed sigh.
Bn chafed at advice and resented
opposition to her own Ideas, and this
was the only defect In her character
that had caused Gresham anxiety.
Amiable generally, truthful, sincere,
the finer points la her tamperamrnt
had won him completely. Tacitly It
was mentally accepted b, both that
affairs wern leading on to a settled
lame girl friends had suggested a ,
two nlghta' camping out on Hear Is
land. located In the center of a lake
In a rough lonely district some miles
from Granville.
, , . , . , !
■r .h
Bva there were etoment. of risk and
dlecomfort In thc affair.
"But we expect you to go. too,
Wynne," said Eva. "We should hav«
llttl* fear with such a pilot and do
f roder
"1 shall have to he ■■■. trnm hem
,he -îüi Zl - ^ TV/. l
the week Mill explained Or*« ha in.
Nothlng mors was said about the
altBatlon then, hut Eva's perversity
hunt forth when she met her bosom
friand. Amy Deshrow, an hour later.
"1 going tuai the aame" she
aaM with set lln..n!T .leflTnf eve
. I. d defiant gyo.
Wf«n* «Iresh.m g not quite my
W» change our pro
gmm, Amy. only «a must find a new
"My cousin. Ned Tyrrell, I. at the
houae on a week's visit. You renient
her him, Ev«r
"Oh y,-s." nodded Eva with a faint
blush. "Ned a as my first beau, you
know Of coins«. It WH. h«.v .ml »Irl
, rk -. . . , ,.
rb*i will JiiNt do.
E'e<l Tyrrell was only too glad la he
nice to Eva when he proudly accepted
hla appohilment aa managur an* ill
rector of the i'aiiipliig function, lie
brought hl« own little tent and posted
It on the high point of observation on
th# Island some sixty feet awuy from
th* sheltered copse where the glrla
mode camp. He rigged up a tackle
that would ring a hell In hla quarter*
If any alarm signal was needed after
lie had left them alghta.
There were several accidenta reach
ing the laland and getting the camp
'la order. Aa uaual Eva dominated
ska proposition
geaied the oullng end was the ac
knowledged leader. In Neil Tyrrell
ah# found a placid, readily molded
alave to all her whim*. When out In
the host she suggested inking a cer
tain course to reach the Island, lie
nodded agreeably and proceeded to
carry oit her orders.
"Just a* you say. Eva." he agreed
and did not grtinible when they found
IheuiNcIve» Imprisoned III a net work
of reed* and weed*, losing two hours'
tittle extricating themaelvea from the
It wa* Kva'a fault that the tent*
ware placed a* that Inter they caught
the III effects of a sudden windstorm.
Always and ever, however, the parrot
prpnunctaineuto of the Impractical
Tyrrell were demonstrated with tha
lifeless, motionless :
"Just aa you
At tret the willing ebedlence of thla
alave-llke aarert pleased Kva. It waa
each a centrast te Gresham'* way. al
She had first aug
y. Kva,"
ways argulag that aha waa wrong.
Bat there earn a climax th* ascend
the Island that
far all Ham omshtred Kva that
Tyrrell however ptlabl* a* an te
ws* Indeed a
night et their atay
i—m »dating man.
There caste ap aa early mere lag
alarm that drove th* tent* Sat.
the girt* dtacev
had carried away a chest In which
•Ba stored all their extra clolhlag
Investigation showed
aad Jewelry.
«hat a let of gypsies had visited th*
letood la th* darfcaeo*. Tyrrell start
ed Id pursuit quit* valiantly, but did
oat overtake them.
r. the shortest and quickest
way," was th* liuperstlve order of
the dlacotnUied Eva the next tuore
"Just as you say. Eva." came the
now harassing repetition of the weak
spirited chevalier of the party.
"Don't evsr tell publicly of the
shotnlneble time we have had," plead
-d Eva with her rirt frleutls.
N$*d Tyrrvll projMvst*ii mnrrimre flu*
n*xt d*y, but <tefMtrtdd with a gloomv
lt was some time before
fare and ».he Inevitable:
"Just as you say. Eva."
Wynne Gresham wondered at a new
docility displayed hy the humbled Eva
after that.
he learned the details of the dlstress
ing outing. One day when Eva had
mildly asked voluntarily for his decis
ion on some trivial matter, his eyes
flickered mischievously as he l>egan :
''Just aa you say—"
"Doo't make me cry, Wynne." plead
ed Evn contritely. "Tt «hall always
be aa you suy, after this."
Notice of Cerractfen of Assessment*.
Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Directors of the Emmett
Irrigation District, having on the 16th
day of August, mi, ma3e an assess
mont upon the lands of the said dis
trict for the purpose of defraying the
exr<enses of maintaining, operating,
repairing and improving the said dis
trict's canal a mi .laterals for the fiscal,
year 1921-1922, and for the neces
sary repairing and improvment there
of, that the »«id board of directors
will meet a. a Board of Correction at;
j their office in the Bank of Emmett
Building, Emmett. Idaho, on the
J 7th day of September, 1921, at 10:00
i 0 ^ m., for the purpose of cor
retting any assessment so made and
levied, and to make such changes in
the assessment book as may be neces
sary to make it conform to the facts;,
1 irAt -.^.>7 ""••".'I!" «fe
, . , ,
GWeVby or'Ä the Board of Di- I
rectors of Emmett Irrigation District,
j an<
the work > not to exceed five days, ex
clusive of holidays.
recvor» m cmnievi irngsuon cuum,
made and entered the 16th day of
Auguat 1921. i
H. Haylor, Secretary
First publication, Aug, 18, 1921.
Last publication, Sept. 7, 1921.
Nute« U h.„b, «,„n „» , h .
llth day of August, 1921, a writ of
attachment was issued out of the I
aiiove entitled court, in the above en
Notice of laauane# of Attachment
In the Distrcit Court of the Seventh ,
Judicial District of the State of Idaho,
in and for the County of Gem.
Bank of Emmett, a corporation,
plaintiff, vs. Bertha E. Patton, de
j action, against the property of
tho above named de f* n dant, for the
* um u f *600.00 with interest thereon
! at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from the 9th day of August, 1920; for
$1000 with interest thereon at the
rate of 10 per cent per annum from
t ^ t ' 2nd day October, 1920; for at
tomoy's fees In the sum of »126.00;
! aIld f or plaintiff's costa incurred in
this action.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal of
thc *®'d court thia llth day of Au
RU*t, 1921.
GEO. F. CHURCH, Clerk,
(Se>)) By Katherine Mann,
Dgputv Clerk.
J. P. Reed, residing at Emmatt, Ida
ho, attorney for plaintiff.
» -
rtolk * ol A«— meat af the Bilbr.y
Ditch Company.
Emmett, Idaho, July 13, 1921.
N t °. t,ce */ k ' ven ' hat »'»lEkl,
I™' 1 '"* bf ,, the dir ' c l°? 1 ° f Z e I
bray mtoh Co,npany ' hald on the U th!
fôoS'^'ïi,™ \S\Xm ss',£ii
*22.00 per snare was levied upon the;
capital atock of the corporation, pay
able not later than August 16, 1921,
td James A. Kesgsrd, secretary-tneas
urer of saiiT corporation, at Letha,
Idaho, for the purpose of enlarging
and cleaning ditch in March and
Any stock upon which this assess
ment is made remains unpaid on the
1st day of September, 1921, will be
delinquent and advertised at public
auction, and unless payment is made
before, will be sold on the 24th day
of September, 1921, to pay delinquent
assessment, together with costs of
advertising and expenses of sale.
Secretary Pro Tem.
Serial No. 020927—021787.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S,
Land Office at Boise, Idaho. July 15,
Notice is hereby given that Leon
T. Pope, of Ola, Idaho, who, on Octo
ber 1, 1917, made Homestead Entry
No. 020927, for WV4NW14. WHSW'-i
Sec. 9, T. 9 N., R. 2 E., and Addl. Hd.
021787 under Act June 17, 1910, for
the W<* SWH, Sec. 4, and Ntt'SEH,
Section 5, Township 9 North, Range
2 East, Boise Meridian, has filed no
tice of Intention to make 8 year Proof,
to establish claim to the land
described before Register and Re
ceiver at the United States Iatnd Of
fice, at Boise, Idaho, on the 23rd day
of August, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses:
E. H. Birch, of Star, Idaho; V. C.
Douglas, of Boise, Idaho; and Frank
Holbrook and Thomas Cartock, all of
Ola, Idaho.
FRANK & HEER, Regi ster.
Cauaa ef Appendicitis
When the bowel* are constipated,
the lower bowel* or
become packed with
that i* made up largely of germa.
These germ* enter th* trmrmlfofm ap
pendix and **t up inflam matten, which
Is commonly known as appendicitis
Take Chamberlain'» Tablets whan
keep your bowels regular
hav# littl* to fear from *p
Urge 1
needed and
and yen
"Chenu* far Uwra
A hatted In "charm*" Mill estate la
Peek)#ad. la th* rhtattay af aa old
a dried
cotta** wa* recently toned
ptf* heart stack full *T thorns, a retie
of th* heltef that If a Jilted lover
etuch pin* or thorns Into a pig's heart
he would runs* much pain to hla feltb
lew swee t heart.—Ixuwton Mall.
Accidents will happen, but the best
regulated families keep Dr. Thomas'
Eclectic Oil for such emergendes.Two
sixes, 30c and 60c, at all stores.
For any itching skin trouble, piles.
. salt rheum, hives, itch, scald
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's Oint*
ment is highly recommended.
EconoroleJl Grandma.
Lift I* Jink, four, whs looking at hla
grramiuiotht'r reading. After
for AUout h half un hour she put h*»r
'D on her qom»
Jack noticed tb J »
"Oh mot ti
| cr look wt grandma looking over her
£tM 9 s«B 90 »he won't wear them out. -
j eyes being tlreit.
. and turning around said :
! r'asses
Th« Wondsrtul Tigris.
From Pugdad to the sea. more than
600 miles. Hie Tigris Is navigable for
any boat not drawing more than about
eight feet. River steamers go to Bsxr
tlaii, though they often run aground
ou line shifting bank*.
Notice of Explratioe of Tine for Re
Demption oa Tax Delinquency
^ ' , ,
*° f n he LlZ * " nd P er
' „Ä" V °w
P. "J7. f th ^ following described^
1 M , ,,
1 the
Idaho, i*
! f he owntr h , olde f of . th ? tax dL '
I id'h^nne'dlft^thi ^* r ?' n ,* fter , n , am '
f d ' r v JiU! '
1J19 ' ° n wh,ch datc the same
year J.91H,:
, . , , -, _ 7 county,
upon the lands hereinafter described,
s«jd lands oeing assessed in 1918, re-;
spectlvejy in thename of the persons
, „.J cer
tificates have not been redeemed; that
»nuarv, 1922; that
therefrom shaU be
purchased by and issued to said
county on account of unpaid and de
j^nd"^au'thoritj «ff" ^
u[) „ n tht) lan(Jlt her ' ina t tr ' ,,
h „ v „
SAÄ ' 11 «•" "
unless redemption
January ' 1922 ' * <** deed will be is
. ,.ij __ .. .
8 " ed '° rt f a * dCo
t / ^
«îttw tiwîh »h!„ "n d c , e , r " r: '
,, f theism ? r ^ f th u' r *' I
thë nro^rtt therein 1
as!eaîIÿ^2lnîefto»lo d f!
r y ear I
f - he sam,:
and the name of the person in posses-1
to!wit- r ° CCupanCy ' *° far . a, ' known ':
ruei'ifisa»« Kr« on , . ,, !
„L" ! 1 ; w« N '
rêrtiHcate No 'lit* to f 1
t- ( . -7. a -j
pl/ Zr »! n NU , W ., K ' ^/'i
j „/ -ul' mu" P ^c ^ ^
, n T n«n,k,n e- o.., 1 ' i
o':«., Mt-riHi'in ' K6 * S
r rr nfi,'«te No 44- tn r
p ^ ^ P
i ' y r W 'r'onk Peter'
Ri^Vr' * L P P
n v . ' Hescrinthif- t!v° v C q\v i? 8
! h y ' ovy P aLo„„ ,ï 'i
o' i w.,«r „ J 1 ' 1
' ,■ Vn 4Q- r
j, Uartlfiv record owner C F Hart-i
E h' He«.» r w' Z .
[j' £ ".""hën C '
N wv' nf
t.x P 9 TaxT 9 Secîion 30 Town
J h *:* «' North ' i W.,t M»
w' P :., N° rth - Ran » e 1 West Bo,8e
, x , . -
'"neV Jew.e B*
Rnup;' Än ret in' fMJsaes. ion*" ''ll n ~
known; description: NW%4 of the N
Section 32, Township 6 North,
Rnn k® • West Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 54; assessed to J. B.
^ ». *° T
person in possession, Unknown; de
scriptioni SW<4 of the NEH, SE U
,,f the NW'a, NE14 of the SWt*. Sec-|
tion 32, Township 6 North, Range 1
West Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 75; assessed to Wm.
Schultz; record owner, William
Schultz, R.ttie A. Schultz; person in
po.sses.sin, Christopher Payne; de
»cription: S14 of the NWV4, N 4 of
the SWA4, Section 2. Township 6
North, Range 3 West Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 82; assessed to L.
D. S. Church; record owner, United,,""'
States; person in possession, Un
known; description: SE>4 of the S
Eli, Section 13, Township 6 North,
Range 3 West Boise Meridian.
Range 3 West Boise Meridian. |
Certificate No. 87 (Part); assessed':
to E. M. Mires; record owner, Elmer j
B. Mires; person in possession, Un-|
known; description: SW>4 of the S-1
E(4, SE'4 Of the SW>4, Section 6,1.
Township 7 North, Range 1 East Boi
se Meridian.
Certificate No. 88; assessed to E.
B. Mires; record owner, Elmer B. J
Mires; person in possession, Un-j
known; description: NEV. of the N- i
W\4, NW'i of the NEH, Section 7,
Townshin 7 North, Range l East Boi
se Meridian.
Certificate No. 116; assessed to A.
W. Darling; record owner, A. W. Dar
ling; person in possession, A. W. Dar
ling; description:
Section 32, Township 7 North, Range
2 West Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. i 18 ; assessed to
Henrv Eltinge; record owner, Henry
Eitinge; person in possession, G. W.
Davidson; description: NEW of the
NWM, Section 84. Township 7 North,
Range 2 West Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 119; assessed to G.
W. Davidson; record owner, Georg*
W. Davidson; person in possession,
G. W. Davidson; description: NWK
of the NWW. Section 34, Township
7 North, Range 2 West Boise Meri
Certificat* No. 127; assessed to J.
M. Burt Ingham; record owner, Justin
M. Bari in* ham ; person in poeaeealon,
J. M. BuriJngham; description: Stt
of the 8WH. Section 15, Township 7
North, Range 5 Watt Boise Meridian.
SE'4 of the NE»4,
Certificate No. 144: «« » M eed to
Frank G. Roark; record owner, Frank
G. Roark; person in possession. Un
known; dasetption: 8H of th* NCK
of the SWK. NWM of the SKH of
the SWH. Lota 5. 9, Section 4, Town
ship 10 North, Range 2 Beat Boise
Certificate No. 175; assessed to
Rert B. Bingham; record owner, Bert
B. Bingham; person in possession, J.
E. Chandler: description:
the NWR4. EH of the SWV». Lot 4,
Section SO. Townshin 11 North, Range
2 East Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 192; assessed to W.
D. Howell; record owner, Sarah J.
Bishop; person in possession. Un
known; description: Emmett, Cook
Addition, Lots 23, 24, Block 4.
SEH of
Certificate No. 208: assessed to Geo.
W. Gordon, record owner. Edwin R.
8mith. Mina Belle Stowell. Gpo. W.
Go-don, G. E. Twileear. Boise ,Pav-|
rtte Lumber Co., Finley Monroe, Wii-i
bam Ames. James B. DoClark: per-j
son' in nossession. Unknown: descrin
Smmett, D. & C. Addition, SH
non ;
Lot 2J.
i n f a t< No. 213; assessed to B.
H. Colenutn Estate: record owner,
Heirs of B. H. Coleman Estate. Idaho
Northern Railway Company; person
in possession. Unknown; descri
Emmett, Hayes Addition, Lot 3,
Certificate No. 222; assessed to Shl
imon Kashaba; record owner, Shlimon
Kashaba; person in possession, Uu
known; description; Emmbtt, Hop
kins Addition, Lot 72.
Certificate No. 226; assessed to
Farmers Cooperative Irr. Co.; record
owner. County of Canyon, Miriam
Brookshire, Farmers Co-operative Ir
rigration Co.; person ih possession,
Unknüwn i description:
Smith Addition, Lot 1.
i Certificate No. 229; assessed to F.
H. Frost; record owner, F. H. Frost;
Roman Catholic Diocese, Sister Mary
Fintan; person in possession, Un
known; description: Emmett, Sunny
: * lo P e Addition, Lots 30, 37.
Certificate No. 255; assessed to H.
record owner, Letha
- —> person in possession,
Unknown; description Letha Origi
nal, Lot 15, Block 18.
Certificate No. 268; assessed to Wm.
Ireton; record owner, Emmettsville
Lodge No. 11, I. O. O. F.; person in
posession. Unknown; description:
Sweet Original, Lot 20. P
Certificate No. 282; assessed to C.
Maw; record owner, C. N. Maw;
person in possession, Unknown; de
Mr jption: Emmett, Hopkins Addi
c. Kreizenbeck -
, Townsite Co •
Certificate No. 288; assessed to Jas.
H e; record owner, John R. Mc
ConneH; person in possession, Un
known: description: EH of the SW
' A ' N ^ V * o{ thc SEV4, SW'A of the
14 ' WM| ot the SW ^- SE 'A of the
NW'A, Section 17, Township 6 North,
Range 1 East Boise Meritfian, SE54
'lof the SEÎ4, Section 18, Towrlship 6
Norlh> Ra^ l Eaat Bojge . Merid f an
. Certificate No. 332; assessed to El
l*°t Tennyson; record owner, Elliott

se Meridian. • 1
Certificate No. 365; assessed to
Walker Bros.; record owner, Thomas
Walker; person in possession, Un
known : description: SW>4 of the N
WI 'A, Section 1, Township 10 North,
' Ean *f e 1 E » s l Boise Meridian, SV4 of
* ,ke NEV4. Lot 2, Section 2, Township
*,? North, Range 1 East Boise Meri
d'« n -
Certificate No. 368; assessed to
I John Cramer; record owner, John
Cramer; person in possession, Un
known; description: SE'A of the S
E %. Section 23, Township 11 North,
! K® 0 ?®.! E»*t Boise Meridian,
r Certieate No. 309; assessed to
John Cramer; record owner, John
Cramer; person in possession, Un
known; description: TO of the N
E% ' NEVi of the NE '^. Section 26,
Township 11 North, Range 1 East
Boise Meridian.
Certificate No. 372; assessed to
S a !J'* r Bros ' : record om,er '. Thonias
! S" ! P 0 "*»* 5 ?"
r- w>4 d *r ?! épv' 4 o f î^ e N ,^"
f' "ft °. r . North^ Ran« Tf»,;
Bo^ Meridian ' E
.„J ...... .
1 , D ,«t — «« *«««
„ „ ...
r KX t° ff r C J°u Fax Collector of Gem
Lounty - lnano -
n . o u n- « • . c
° f I " depend ; nt Schoo[ I ? lstrlc . of
r.mmett8ville for six months ending
June 30, 1921.
r h An Tnn . toot *
i", „„ it *
15 hooka sold
, ' ?fi ' , . .
V ' 5a' K n „i.
' DOOK8 80111
Cash Received
142.60 I
f Everything forQUALUyl
—nothing for show
T HAT'S OUR IDEA in making
CAMELS—- the Quality Cigarette.
Why, just buy Camels and look at the package!
It's the best packing science has devised to keep
cigarettes fresh and full flavored for your taste.
Heavy paper outside—secure foil wrapping inside
and the revenue stamp over the end to seal the pack
age and keep it air-tight
And note this! There's nothing flashy about the
Camel package. No extra wrappings that do not
improve the smoke. Not a cent of needless expense
that must come out of the quality of the tobacco.
Camels wonderful and exclusive Quality wins
merit alone.
Because, men smoke Camels who want the
taste and fragrance of the finest tobaccos, expertly
blended. Men smoke Camels for Camels smooth,
refreshing mildness and their freedom from ciga
retty aftertaste.
Camels are made for men who think for them
_ J
I Of Interest
M. & M. Garage
— Dealers in
Emmett Garage
First and Washington Streets
Gem County
Vulcanizing Works
Gem County
Hood, Brunswick and
Firestone Tires
Diamond Grid Batteries
Red Seal Gas
Phone 12
Emmett, 'Idaho
Jan. 28, court fines -
Feb. 6, county and state ..
Feb. 6, special ...
Feb. 14, books sold -
Mar. 1, books sold .
Mar. 2, tuition ..
Mar. 11, books sold -
Mar. 18, court fines .
Mar. 19, court fines .
Apr. 5, court fines .
Apr. 13, trees sold -
Apr. 19, bond account ....
Apr. 19, general fund_
May 3, books sold ..
May 19, books sold .—.
May 19, tuition ...
June 11, book sold ..
June 21, court fines .
Total .
_ $42,621.64
Warrants paid
Cash in Bank .
Total I..
E. K. HAYES, Treasurer.
Salaries ..
Freight and express.
Books purchased ..
Taxes paid .
Stationery and printing
4<ight, power and water..
Fuel ...
Insurance ..
Repairs ....
Telegraph and telephone
Janitors ....
Interest on bonds.._.
... 2,222.53
1 -'11
801 09
1 037 25
'isn 91
. 1,652.68
. 1,656.65
. 2,141.00
. 3,606.54

mett Dray & Transfer Go., phone 262.
Total _
R. B. SHAW, Clerk.
If you want team work call Ehn
Serial 024644.
Notice for Publication.
' Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Boise, Idaho, July 29,
H. G. Ewing, of Gross, Idaho, who, on
March 3rd, 1920, made Homestead En
try Act June 11, 1906, No. 024644, for
SWW NEW, Section 11, Township 12
North, Range 1 East, Boise Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make
3 year Proof, to establish claim to the
jlajjd above described, before W. T.
Crouch, United States Commissioner
at his office, at Emmett, Idaho, on
the 6th day of September, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that James
Claimant names as witnesses:
Taylor A. Pate and Daniel C. Rus
sell, both of Gross, Idaho, and Eugene
Holbrook and Everett Holbrook, both
of Ola, Idaho.
Notice to Creditors
Estate of Frances M. Bucknum, de
Notice is hereby given by the un
dersigned executor of the estate of
Frances M. Bucknum, deceased, to
the creditors of and alt persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased,
to exhibit them with the necessary
vonchers, within ten months after the
publication of this notice, to the
said exe cutor at the taw office of J.
P. Reed, in Emmett, County of Gem,
State of Tdaho, this being the place
fixed for the transaction of the busi
ness of said estate.
Dated and first published August
18, 1921.
Said Executor.
We print butter wrappers.
Batter wrappers at Iodex office.

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