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Specials i Mar & ätmfy
Soda crackers, 5-lb. wooden box
Quaker corn puffs, 3 pkgs. for...
Quaker pancake flour, 17c each or 3 for. .50c
Nice ripe Dutchess pears, 3 lbs. for
or per bushel..
The Cash Grocery
The social season planned for this
winter by the L. D. S. church societies
opened Tuesday with a social given by
the Y. M. and 1. I. A. in the church.
A pleasing program of songs and re
citations was given and lunch was
• • •
The home of Mrs. Mart Clopton was
the scene Tuesday evening of a
charming and merry party in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Earlywiae, who leave
today for a trip East that will taka
ia Chicago, the New England states
and Canada. Mrs. R.-M. Cruse was
Joint hostess with Mrs. Clopto* and
the guests included, beside the honor
guests, Mr. end Mrs. Bennett, Mr.
Joslyn end Mr. McDowell, the latter
a eon of Mrs. Karlywine.
s s e
A parly of unusual gaiety was the
triple birthday party held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Griffith,
east of town. The party was a sur
prise, complimenting Mrs.
Guenther, A. L. Hetherington, and
Guy B. Dayton, whose birthdays
eurred during the week. Cards were
enjoyed, while all present helped
Slone with ths nronsr Ü.I.U . à„„ Y,.
along with the proper celebration for
such an occasion. A delicious two
•course lun.'heon was served. Two de- 1
lightful features of the lunch werej
venison, the spoils of Mr. Griffiths)
hunting trip, and of course the pro- j
verbial birthday cake, all iced, with ,
uch honor After lunch the
frosted flowers and the initials of
rooms were cleared for dancing andj
the merry party broke up in the wee
small hours, wishing the three "many
happy returns." Those present were
Mr and Mrs. Max Guenther, Mr. and
Mrs. A. L Hetherington. Mr. and
Mrs. Guy B. Dayton, Mr. and Mrs.
Kay Newcomer, Mr. and Mrs. Will
I.yman, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grif
fith and daughter.
Mr». G. W. Maxfirld and Miss
Martha lathrcp «rere joint hostesses
Wednesday evening at the Maxfieid
home with the High school teachers
as guests. The rooms were clever in
appointments and charm. The even
ing's program was informal and of
fered many pleasant momenta for tha
guests. Miss Joy Duell guv« interest
ing bits of her travel in Europe dur
ing the evening. A asoet delicious
lunch was served late ta tha sveaiag.
# • *
P. E. O. met Monday evening with
Mrs. V. T. Craig as haetaas. Fettow
en interesting account ef tee
convention held in Kansas City this
• # #
The Methodist church entertained
in a vary happy fbahien tart Sa tar
day ia
Grant Keith. The
Larkin Auto Co.
To the Public:
We have opened for business In
the garage formerlyf occupied by
Claude Roberta and have a good
stock of Dodge and Buick parts. Our
work is all guaranteed first class.
Satisfied customers are what we
t Kassiner
. ..
1922 Dodge Touring Car $1190.
informally honored Rev. Keith's
birthday, and was in the form of a
surprise at hie home and was an oc
casion for the moat sincere congra
tulations. During the musical and
social hour Dr. Roee presented a ISO
yold piece from the Ladies' Aid and
Biy Brothers class. The birthday
cake, lighted with candles, was plac
ed on the large serving table, with
toque ta of gay colors, and served with
the dainty collation.
Miss Merle Allmon celebrated her
17th birthday on Friday at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Alimon, twelve of her high school
friends sharing the honors with her.
The most appetising of dinners was
served at • o'clock, with dancing to
form the principal fgstige of the
evening's entertainment.
. , . , . _
refreshments later. Those attending
f rom were Mr >nd Mrt £
Obermeyer, Mrs. J. A. Colvin, Mrs.
Merton Cook, Mrs. Mains, and
Mina AltJl Atkilul u entertaining
six guests with a dinner party this
evening at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Atkins in Riverside
Addition, A number of guests are
The ladies of the Christian church
are holding an afternoon tea and so
cial time at the home of Mrs. N. B.
Barnes today.
e e e
The girls of the Golden Rule store
enjoyed an evening of gaiety Friday
with a supper at the Wright Cafe, and
a theatre party.
• • e
Nampa Chapter Order Eastern Star
entertained the Boise and Emmett
chapters Friday evening. The work
of the chapter was part of the
ing's program, with a social time and
j nv jt«d in later to toast marshmal
lows and add seat with the suggea
tion of the Halloween season,
Musical Program.
The Presbyterian church choir will
render the following program Sun
day evening:
Hymn, Congregation.
Anthem—Joy of Harvest Days,
Male Quartet—Sunbeams of Love,
Mr. Burton, Mr. Dickson, Mr. Smith
son and Mr. Munday.
Solo—One Sweetly Solemn Thought
Mrs. Foster.
Thy Lord
Mrs. Dickson, Mr. Dickson, Mr. Casa.
Instrumental, Orchestra.
Anthem—Forget Not All Hia
Benefits. Choir.
Ladies' Quartet—Abide With Me,
Misa Burton. Mrs. Munday, Mrs. Dick
son, Mrs. Blackier.
Solo, Mrs. Dora White.
Musical reading (ejected), Mftm
Violin Sola, Miss Brwee.
Due*— Forever With the Lord. Mr*.
Wächter, Leu Bu t te».
Ant h em A Haart to Praia* My
Gad, Choir.
Hyma, O aagtugattea.
Quartet—Through th* Day
Hath Spared Us, Mrs. Hitt,
Be* Howard went to New Plynmuth
Thursday after
Mr. aad Mrs.
! Mr. and Mr». It/ Marti» art work
ing at the Hapn Hofinr n
: Mellt« Eine wÎB ftoteh tiw «am of
school at Emmett and win stay with
her titter, Mr». John Burden.
Meri Hall it
•on the roads
tee «alley.
John Soren finished picking apples
at the Happy Hoitow ranch Saturday.
Mrs. Will King and children are
staying with Mrs. Kitty's parents,
i M r and Mrs. Storey.
Mr. and Mrs. Frwd Lohr and Mr.
j and Mrs. Ed Vsliad of Payette were
' sapper guests at the J antes Upward
Î home Sunday evening.
! Anona Slone is ttayiay with
grandma Hill this week while
Slone is working at the J. R. Field
packing bouse.
Gordon Beers is working oh the
with his team» in the
ditch this »reek.
Mrs. Walter Craig and Haled s r '
visiting friends and relatives in
Card ef Thank*.
I desire to express my yratafnl ap
preciation of the kin dn ess ef friends
during the itineas and at tha death
of my wife; also for the maey beau
tiful flowers, especially to Mrs. Har
rjr Titus for tha lovely wreaths.
I will teach your watch to tell the
truth. L. A. Jaraayin, the Jeweler,
1 door East of Golden Rule.
Nazarcne Prayer meeting will tc
held at the A. M. Schreconyuat home
next Tuesday
Mr. and M
daughter Hasel motored to New Ply
mouth Saturday and spent tha day at
the Ebbie Hylton home.
About a dosen friends of Theron
Deris, gave him a surprise party
Monday evening. A very enjoyable
evening was spent br all present. Re
freshments of sandwiches, pickles
strawberries and cake were served
late in the evening.
Mrs will
Mr. and Mrs. William Marti» of New
Plymouth spent Sunday at the Richard
Krause home.
Iris Buck spent Saturday night and
Sunday at the Fulgham home.
Alma Hereth was -a Sunday visi
tor at the W. E. Buck home.
Mr. and Mrs. Geor
re. L
5 :
Hankins and
Mr. and
„ ge Martin were
Sunday afternoon callers at the J.
J. Bussard borne.
Mrs. Jett Hill and son spent one
day last week with Mrs. Ward Fuller
Bill and Harry Francis and Byron
Neisan finished haying at the Ward
Fuller ranch Saturday.
Mr». I,ee Murray and aister Fay
Be mus went to Gardena Thursday to
spend a week with their parente.
Mr. and Mrs. Boise Riggs, Sr. spent
Sunday at the Claude Whiteside home
Charles Whitaell is expected home
today from Fruitland, where he has
been helping his brother jn the ap
Ben Howard and family were Sun
day dinner guest* at the I. O. Hankins
W. H. Sisler finished picking apples
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore
Mrs. Jesse Buzzard were Tuesday af
ternoon callers at the Ward Fuller
A of the

laat Friday evening at. the schoolhouse
Regina Conrad returned home from
Apple Valiev last week.
Clark and Orly Jordon were Sun
day viaitors at the L. M. Smith home.
Mrs. Earl Seaman and Mrs. I. O.
Hankins were Wednesday visitors at
the M. D. Morehouse homr.
Mrs. Ella Thomas and daughter
Ells of Kimberley. Idaho spent one
day last week at the L- M. Smith
Roderick Lewis left Wednesday for
a visit of s few days with relatives
at Buhl, and from there will
to Readstown, Wis., for the winter.
Mrs. Fred Rogers and daughters
«rere Sunday afternoon visitons at
the J. J. Buzzard home.
Mr». George Koontz was a Tues
day viaitor at the W. E. Buck home.
Mrs. Juan May and Mrs. Dale May
and daughters of New Plymouth
■pent Thursday with Mrs. Ward Ful
ler at the W. E. Hill home.
Mrs. Ward Fuller, Philip, Merilya
and Fpy are spending this week at
the W. E. Hill home.
Friday af te r nose tha Crescent Club
members were most fortunate in be
ing able to haar a delightful violin
solo by Mtea Janet Hawkins, accom
pasted an tee pians by Mrs. Zacb*
Emmett. Mtea Me May FUgler, an
r, gave two selection«
the hmrte of her ea disn e s. Mrs. Gib
musical contest. Then Mrs. Hartley
struck a match to bur» the mortgage
ef "«tv Ctuh p r op er ty." The blase
was watched thru the door of our
stove, the gift ef our esteemed mem
ber. Mrs. J. A. Wills. The dub p res
ident read the various ways in which
the Hub raised their yearly paymenta
on the property during the burning
Following this casse tea. Mrs. G. B.
Maine's name was p r esented for club
membership amid much applause.
Mrs. Ed Modin sad Mrs. Ed Dolphin
i prese tted at the urns, and the day
I rimed another event in our rural life,
i Thursday last. Mrs. Warden, Mrs.
> Maim. Mrs. Hartley and Mrs. Cook
I were the guests of the Ü. A. club at
i the home of Mrs. W. Wtutsef! on th*
i Mesa. After the regular meeting.
s oeiasical program vis rHren. The
U- A. dab haa excellent ro«n*cm! tal
1 est ia«f their members, both vocal
«ad iaatmmentai, which fends
e won-"
closest study in the'
derfui incentive to their dob
Mr*. Mains had been invited
to grew a tali on "Forestry," a topic
to f » B ef interest that the subject

m r—- —
/ 2
Brains, Eyes, Ears
Arms, Heart,Liver,
Stomach, Pancreas,
Spleen, Kidneys
Small Bowels
Large Bowels
i Generative Organs,
Thighs, Legs
THE CAUSE of your trouble is located in y ur spine, as shown by the above diagram.
The abnormal function and pain is expressed by the organ supplied by the nerve indi
We, as Chiropractors, remove the cause and nature restores your health to normal.
Drugs, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, etc., are unnecessary.
There are still many who know nothing of this wonderful health science. In order
that everyone who is not working at 100 per cent efficiency may become interested enuf
to give it a trial and become convinced of the marvelous change that can be made in your
life through restored health, we are making, for a short time, a reduction of Oae-half in
the price of adjustments. After November 5 the price will be the same as formerly.
This offer is made by a highly trained licensed chiropractor with the fullest assur
ance that those who take advantage of this offer will be more than repaid by the im
provement in their health.
Think this over. A visit to us will interest you.
Children's diseases a specialty. Consultation Free.
Monroe Bldg. Emmett, Idaho
1:30 to 5 :00 p. m. Evening by appointment
Office hours—9:30 to 12 a. m.
Gentleman attendant.
future. It is a subject that every
school child-in Idaho, ought to know
about. Every resident in
should know more about our wonder
ful forests. Your interest, as tvell as
those of we club women, will then
center on these wonderful forests.
am sure. There is literature to be
had for the asking. Let us study
the subject as it deserves. After com
pleting the talk on forests, Mrs. Mains
kindly answered many questions. Re
freshments were then served. Thus
one of the most delightful afternoons
was ours to enjoy with the U. A. club.
The South Slope residents have been
called to mourn the death of Mrs.
Brown, mother of our noar neighbor
and ctab member, Mrs. Jason Kelley.
After a brief II lams, Mrs. Brown died
at the Emmett Hospital Sunday even
ing.! The sudds» death followed so,
qafckly tha operation. which was made
ta Mte Mb «tel has left many a sad
away ef a* serimebte Christian wo
frees tea Mttto chapel in
to pay their test tribute to
their friend ami aaighbor.
Mr. aad Mrs.
Mrs. Marvin
Little Reck.
M. B. Baker te ssarketiag apples in
Mrs. PV»»k Müler came dews Wed
tO visit
ter parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baker.
Mm. Minnie Reis, who had such a
ioag sick spell this fall, is entirely
___ , .. . __ ...
well now ead able to attend to her re
^ter household duties
M. W. Wilson is filling his silo this
week, having finished his apple crop
test week.
Mr. aad Mrs. Thoraing and Mrs.
Thoming's mother, Mrs. Yergenson of
Kmmett. visited at the Henry Harpt
h om e Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Heath spent
Sunday at the Henry Harpt home.
Mrs. Lehen of Boise, accompanied
by ter mother. Mrs. Martha Wilson
are visiting with Mrs. Wifacn's son.
M. W. Wilson and family. "Grand
" Wilson » enjoying very good
health at present and her
friends ted ter welcome home to the
Mr. Flagler is finishing his
pickin g ties week expecting to leave
Wrist Watches
If you are contemplating 1 the purchase
of a W rist W aten immediately or in the
near future I would be pleased to have
you call when down town and inspect
the varied assortment just received, all
guaranteed to give you excellent ser
vice. Prices range from $15 up. Some
in solid gold cases at prices you would
expect to pay more for. No trouble to
show you whether you purchase or not.
Try our Watch Repairing De
partment. You will be pleased
with the service and price.
First Door East of Golden Kuic Store
: the latter part of the week for SDo
w -
j ^ ££ £ £
' next spring.
them back
Personal Taxes Due.
Notice is hereby given that
al property taxes that are not a lien
upon real estate are due and
be paid before November 26.
r „
, „ ° T * irrant Cat!
„i -P 0 " Pcesen^or. at
^ r drainage District No. 1 Can
!Tv ^ N ° 122 uf **e
of November S, 1 * 20 .
Interest on the above
J. S. Burdeii. Assessor.
.. Warrant wi]l
cease thirty (30) days after October
20, 1921. the date of calL
County Treasurer.
Jersey milk cow, yellow with white
stripe across left kin and bald face;
crop m left ear.
<iay Reward for
Disappeared Sun
return to Jack
So ran.
A hub-cap for Appenon
Henry Onermeyer.
TAKEN UP—On Saturday, Oct- 8,
white face, branded
with heart ' in two places on righ"
* . T "•? horn», no ear marks, black
ana white heifer calf about 10 weeks
oy her side. Owner can have
same by proving property and pay
"d keep. Mr: T. Brown
f, eid. Route No. 2, Emmett. Idaho.,
o{ Spaulding's on bench!
FOR SALE—Good Round Oak tester,
ôex offieg
morjM. Inquire at In-

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