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Bf Hm lades'* Oomapoadwte
Mrs. D. Seaton of Brownlee spent
last week visiting her mother Mrs.
Wood, on Boise highway, returning
home the first of the week.
Mrs. Frank Shelly foiwwly a
resident in the Lincoln school dis
trict, spent Saturday the guest of
Mr*. F. A. Katenmeyer.
Miss Flora Carter returned the last
,f the past week from Normal »chool
The*nielons' ara being hustled off,
mont of the growers making daily,
trip now to market.
Mrs. Tucker and Nadine spent a
few days this week in Nampa.
Wm yS H^rt'Ipent' Suöday"'at the!
Joe Hanson and wife visited at the
Henry Harpt home.
Henry Harpt home Monday.
Mrs. J. 1. Hitt, Ja m«H, Mary
and Mrs. Houston Hitt and children
spent Sunday at the G. P. Hall ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Faris of Wilder
were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
G. P. Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dunn and
children and Mrs. Dunn's mother Mrs.
Miller came laet Thursday from Rup
ert to visit at the Lyman and Flagler
homes. They returned home Monday
of laat week.
Miss Ida May Flagler entertained
a party of friends Saturday compli
mentary to Mra. Leona Campbell Bur
ton. A most delightful afternoon was
spent. _ ,, , .
The tri-eUte picnic on Friday last
brought out a large crowd, big lunch
baskets snd a general good time
, Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Flagler, Mrs. Bege
ma At Mr n L Hnd M M r r Rabh U F l 'ag I fe r r'
and Mrs. Dunn and Mr. K w
made a call Sunday at the C. W.
Cook home. , , . j
left early Monflay morning for a rest
,n the mountains. They went direct j
sâkjWîâïs i
wife are located, and expect a fine
Mrs. Jess Buzzard and Maude came
over from Nampa Tuesday and are
visiting with friends this week.
Mrs. Waite Hunter entertained a
dozen little folks Monday afternoon in
honor of her daughter Loree's sixth
birthday, Mrs. Hunter served ice
cream and cake and candy to them. :
Those present were. Margaret and
Goldie Spear, Dorothy and Harvey
Hubbard, Dorothv Koonlz, Guy and
Boyd Wallace, f'earl and Marjorie
Schoening, Mrs.
Marilyn and baby, lna Fay, Mrs. W.
E. Buck and Inez and Mrs. Maude
Mrs. Maude Williams of Wilder is
spending this week with her parents
Mr ami Mrs. Brogan.
Maude Buzzard spent Wednesday
evening with the Spear girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Waite Hunter and
children were Sunday afternoon vis-1
Hors at the Robt. Gordon home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Davidson and
Mr. and Mrs. L. Brogan and Fred
Brogan and Raymond Davidson went
to High valley Saturday noon return
ing Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Aston and chll
dren went for an outing up above
Horseshoe Bend Sunday.
Mrs. George Martin was a dinner
guests at tne Ward Fuller home
Mm. Jeaa Buizard and Maude spent
Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs.
Ward Fuller.
(Too late for laat week)
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Aston and chil
Fred Brogan and Ernest Buck wen?
dren spent Wednesday evening at the
J. A. Will* home.
dinner guests at the P. A. Limhaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Murray was an all
day visitor of Mrs. Ward Fuller Tues
Emmett Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Aston and children and Mrs. Murray
helped Ward Fuller eat his birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Waite Hunter and J
children spent Wednesday evening at 1
dinner Tuesday, August 8.
Held Under Auspices of Progressive Party
1 2 Mile East of Emmett on
Thursday, Aug,
Bring Your Dinner;
Speaking by Prominent Speakers at 1:30 P. M.
the Robert Gordon home.
Delmere Slor<e celebrated his birth
, Augur.t 10, by having a number
of his friends with him at his parents
home, Mrs. Slone served ice cream and
a , OV cly angel food birthday cake
hj , 3ntima Hill,
' *
Bert Hunter returned from River
side, Utah, Saturday and is helping
^ brother J. W'aite Hunter with his
rutt|ng thiH w „ ( , k
1 • Brogan has rented the P. A. Line
baugh place, he gets possession Sep
t ember 1.
The Linebaugh family ex
pect to go to Oregon then.
Mr. and Mrs. George Davidson and
son Raymond spent Sunday at the
j>„ n <l home in Boise.
Wayne Robinson went to Parma
Tuesday for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Martin and Mrs.
Brogan were Sunday visitors at the
Charles VanFleet home.
Regina Conrad and Martin Lubcke
of I'arma were married at 2:30, Au
gu»t 8. They will make their home at
Apple valley.
Woah Lansing and Gladys Gray
were visitors at the Walter Buck home
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lusty were
Sunday callers a the Tenney
John Holtz came down from High
valley Monday and visited at the L.
Brogan home.
Waite Hunter and family were Sun
day visitars at the Clarence Rynear
*°Mra? Ernest Kroush and Aileen
Kroush were Wednesday evening vis
^ the e Jett home .
j^j r an( ) Mrs. Thos Slone and chil
dren were Tuesday levening visitors at
Evening the Wells family
-j ■ s'il;;,iïÂr '*"•
has purchased the
Walter Buck twenty acres and f?eta
possession November 1.
. . A1 .
Bismark Y oust 1er took Ed Allen
across the river Thursday, where ne
joined Mr. Newell and Mr. Rinker
and together they looked about and
talked over the bridge situation and
tried to formulate a plan by which
could be made possible by the time
the fruit from the bench needed mov
ing. R. L. Rattan went oyer also.
Painters were busy Friday making
Co.'s local plant. Other painting is
also being done about the buildings.
Watermelons were shipped from
I^tha Friday, Mr. Mortensen superin
tended the loading.
Mrs. Wilson went to Emmett
Thursday to see her physician. She
has not been well lately. .
The Ed Rott and James kiggins
families took dinner at P. i*. Rotts
bio session Friday,
fishing and bathing and later had a
fine supper at Mrs. Emerson's. >
S.D. Riggs called at his brother's
home Monday afternoon.
Irma Wilson entertained at a birth
day party Tuesday. The guests were
the Pollvwogs. A pleasant afternoon
was passed with delicious refresh
ments served at the close. Mrs. Og
den, Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Emer
R. L. Rattan took Mrs. Wilson to
Boise vallev Sunday.
Mr. Youtsler helped Dan Hansen
in his haying Friday.
The Polly wog Club held an enjoya
They enjoyed
son helped entertain. ... ...
The Youtsler family visited with
the Riggs family Saturday afternoon.
Robert Miles made a business call
a t Henry Riggs Tuesday evening.
Emory Ogden did some leveling for
D. F. Bott last week.
Mr*. Scott called on Mrs. Riggs
Wednesday afternoon.
State-Wide Welfare Meeting
The Idaho State Hygiene and Wel
fare campaign are holding a corn
munity welfare meeting to the in
oitizen, Sunday,
terest of every
August 20th. 8p. m. at the Methodist
church. Subject: ''Human Waste, Its
Came and Cure." Speaker, Dr. Theo.
Hanaon of Denver, Colo. This is a
national movement to secure state
laws to check the vicious commer
cializiijg stimulation that is creating
criminals and thus save our homes
and schools and churches, in short
our youth life, hence civilization. No
civic or religious organization can af
ford to ignore this great program,
with teeth, for ferreting crime,
our urged to come and get the facts
on conditiona presented by a master
speaker, and the organized remedy
used in five states for their correction.
Pionet-rs to Hold Picnic
at Dewey's Grove
The Payette River Pioneer asso
ciation have made arrangements to
hold a picnic and get together meet
ning at Dewey's Grove on Sunday,
August 27, and it is expected that a
large crowd will be present. Many
old pioneers who live in other parts of
the state will be here and it will be
a genuine re-union of Idaho pioneers.
All pioneers who came to Idaho prior
to 1891 are cordially invited and urg
ed to be present. A fine progrom
will be given in the afternoon.
Progressive Party to Hold Picnic
The Progressive party will hold a
picnic at the Dewey Grove on Thurs
day, August 24, at which time promi
nent men in the party will be present
and will deliver addresses. Every
body invited. Bring your own lunch.
Dewey's Grove next Thursday. See
the ad elsewhere in this paper.
New Church Organized
The Church of God, a new organi
zation ns far as Emmett is concerned
will open a series of meetings, start
ing Friday night at the Christian
church. The meetings will be held
every night at 8 p. m. and the public
is cordially invited to all the services. :
Tile Factory Gets Contract
The Emmett Cement Tile factory
has been busy the past week manu
facturing tile to be used for a sewer
system at the Black Canyon dam
The system calls for 3000 feet
. , *
Miss Flora ( arter arrived home
Saturday from Albion where she has
been attending school. She is vis
of 6 and 4 in tile, and it was a rush
job, being completed in three days.
tI her gister M rs. Marvin Hutton.
Miss Laura Koup was over irom
Boise Saturday visiting at the home
0 f Mrs. G. A. Warden. Miss Roup is
home from Portland visiting her
[ e tte and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Albert
j 0 f Keinbeck, Iowa are visiting at the
Mr. and Mrs. George Plaehn of Pay
home of Mrs. Plaehn's and Mrs. Al
bert's sister, Mrs. J. Creswell.
Mr. Mortensen sustained painful,
alhough not serious injuries to his
eyes Tuesday morning when n tire
which he was putting air into blew up
sending a lot of sand ^nd dirt into his
Jim Howard, an employee on the
dam was brought into town Thursday
morning to receive medical treatment
for a bruised and lacerated jaw, the
result of having been hit with a John
son bar.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Goddard and
daughters, Helen and Irene returned
to their home in Baker, Oregon the
last of the week afer a few days visit
with Mrs. Goddard's mother, Mrp.
T. P. Liier.
Melotte separators will advance 26
per cent when new tariff bill passes.
A. Snriunie.
Order at o
The post office department is ad
vertising for bids for a five or ten
year lease for post office quarters.
The present lease runs out in Jan
uary, and the department is desirous
of obtaining a new building lease.
Earl Snyder and family of Boise
and Mr, and Mrs. Frank Huber of Us
tick were Sunday guests at the Joel
Brown home,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, per
formed a remarkable feat this sum
mer, when with a girl companion they
walked from Chicago, III., where they
had been attending school to their
home in Boise. They were four weeks
completing the journey.
The news have been received this
week of the marriage of Miss Ruth
Wilson of this city to Walter Hall
of Boise, the wedding having taken
place Saturday in Boise. The bride
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Wilson, arid has lived here since child
hood. Since graduating from the pub
lie school here, she has been engaged
in teaching school.
Miss Lilas ,Snyder
As candidate for sheriff on the
Democratic ticket I seek the support
of the voters of Gem county at the
November election.
FOR SALE—Four-room house with
bath, plenty of shade, outbuilding
and large lot. Terms F. J. Charette. \
312 N. Boise Ave.
FOR SALE—Horse, small wagon and
johnfav!L 8rness ' Inquire at i p " d
•Srf 1
He Uses only
His Hands

sr U
CHIROPRACTOR'S onlv instru
ments are his hands—hands that
are trained and sensitive as those of
a skilled musician.
Right to the seat of your trouble they
surely find their way, and with scien
tific adjustment of your spine, which
controls the entire system, restore
normal, healthful function.
Chiropractic treatment is so safe and
sure that positive relief and cure are
Dr. Minnie E. Trexler
Treatment of Children's Diseases a Speciality.
Room 4 and 5, Monroe Bldg.
Phone 240
Emmett, Idaho.
of Sample Merchandise
At the building just South of Hawkin's Hardware, Emmett,
NO tllS>d
uaiui uajr, nllg
at 10 a. m. and continuing each day. Consisting of
All kinds of Remnants.
Ladies'Wool Dresses
Men's Clothing.
Army trousers
500 pair Knee Pants.
All kinds of Boy's and Men's Underwear.
Ladies' Waists
Men's Shoes
Army Coats
Col. Jas. Barnard, Auctioneer
Index for butter wrapper*.
All kind* of ink* at The Index.

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