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Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Reynolds
came in Friday from Oregon to visit
the former's sister, Mrs. E. Bott.
May Riggs went to Emmett Friday
and had tonsils and adenoids remov
ed. She recovered quickly from the
effects of the operation.
The Boise Payette Lumber Co. got
in a car
Emerson and Mr. Bauer, unloaded it
Mr. Mortenson loaded a car of
melons Friday morning, Elmer Rose
furnished half a car and Mortensen
the remainder.
The local lumber man C. F. Emer
shipped 50 sacks of cement to
Cascade Saturday.
A couple of men were in a box car
Saturday whan it was opened to load
in cement. They left the car and the
train men called to them to come
back and help load the cement. How
they seemed not to be looking
for work and as a consequence, when
the train pulled out and they board
ed it, they were ordered off pronto,
and took a tie pass for Emmett.
Sam Riggs brought his niece May
down from Emmett Friday afternoon.
TIms A. C. Henderson family took
Sunday dinner with the C. B. Pitts
Ed Bott and family and their
guests Mr. end Mrs. Reynolds went
to Caldwell Sunday to visit the King
family. Later in the day tha King
family joined them on a trip to Nam
pa where they visited at Mr. Carsons.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds remained in
Carl and Donald Pitts drove over
to Hal Hendersons on the slope Sun
si, remaining until Monday.
I). F. Bott and wife visited
of lumber Thursday.
in Em
mett Sunday at the home of their
daughter Mm. Jam«« Kiggin*.
The Biamark Youtaler went to Em
mett to Sabbath »chool Saturday.
Ijiter in the day they called at the
Robert Mile* home.
R. L. Batten went to Boise Monday
on business.
The C. B. Pitt* family and Richard
1 cent a Pound
Bring your Boxes
2 miles east, Vi mile north
of Emmett.
Progressive Candidate for
Clerk of the District Court
and County Auditor.
[ ■;
Graduate^ of a standard col
lege and theological seminary.
Post-graduate of Chicago
Holder of Oregon Teachers
Life diploma with sever, years
teaching experience.
Nine years a taxpayer in the
My policy—Courteous and
efficient treatment of all.
Carload of Stoneware
Mixing Bowls
Bean Pots
Milk Pans Milk Pitchers
Egg Beater Jars
Flower Pots
5 and 10 gallon Hardwood Kegs.
Jars—All Sizes.
Emmett V ariety Co
Battan took in the Sells-Floto circus
in Boise last week.
Bismark Youtsler called on Henry
Riggs Sunday.
The Pollywo^r Clug meet Friday for
a horse-back ride and other pleasure.
Mrs. Adams and children from the
slope attended services in Letha Sun
Smith's threshing machine is busy
thioout the valley. It will be in
Brownlee the latter part of the week.
Mr. Charles Ireton and Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Carpenter, of Boise were
week-end guests at the I. B. Leisy
home last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Manson and
family and Mrs. Charles Anderson
were Emmett visitors Monday
A. L. Rinearson and family went
to Banks Tuesday to attend the
church convention at that place.
The Mabee brothers are splitting
wood for Ward Smith, upon the tim
ber where he ia sawing.
Mrs. A. L. Rinearson and children
were Sunday dinner guests at the
Dave Biggers home.
Albert Goins
Buck mill.
The Goodwin's and Knowlton's are
busy getting out their winter's sup
ply of wood.
Mrs. Frank Hensley assisted Mrs.
Jim Knowlton to cook for the thresh
ers the forepart of the week.
Mr. and Mi
family wore Sunday dinner guests at
the 1. B. Leisy home.
Mrs. A. L. Rinearson and children
called on Mrs. Ward Smith Sunday
The Warr family, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Sweet, the Misses Iris Phillips
and Lilliun Woodall, and Ted McRob
erts picnicked upon Dry Buck Satur
day night and Sunday.
spent Sunday at home.
Monday to work at Dry
C. C. Manaon and
Mr. and Mrs, Bruce Ross and chil
dren were Sunday afternoon callers
at the Ward Fuller home.
Mr. and Mr*. Jack Porter have
moved to Emmett,
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Davis spent
Wednesday afternoon at the L. M.
Smith home.
Mr*. Jack Irving and sister Anna
Mathieson were Friday afternoon vis
itors at the Walter Craig home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNutt and
Mildred are helping S. A. Russell with
his haying.
Mrs. Lee Fisk of Parma spent
Thursday at the Walter Craig home.
Mr. arid Mr*. Lyons are working at
the Andy Little ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Will King and chil
dren have moved to the house on John
Soran's twenty acres.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter and
son and Mrs. Pete Rude and sons of
Quurtzburg spent Saturday and Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Craig
at their home.
Roy Fisher and Gordon Beers went
to Meridian Wednesday after horses
of Roy Fisher.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Smith had as
dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
James McNutt, Mrs. Smith and son
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNutt
and daughter Mildred.
Mrs. Will King spent Thursday and
Friday with Mrs. John Soran.
Mrs. Homer Davis and son Harold
spent several days last week visiting
at the Fred Fowler home on the
. Butte.
Mrs. !.. Brogan and Mrs. Geo. Mar
tin ate dinner at the Geo. Davidson
home Tuesday noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cooper and
son were Wednesday afternoon callers
ut the Walter Buck home.
Mr. and Mrs. Burdell called at the
George Martin home Sunday after
Mrs. May Buzzard and Maude re
turned to their home at Nampa Mon
Inez and Ralph Buck picnicked with
a bunch of young folks Sunday up
the river.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Rynearson
spent Sunday at the Waite Hunter
Mr*. May Buzzard and Maude visit
ed at the Spear, Hubbard and Beers
home Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. George Davidson
went to Meridian Sunday after Flor
ence and Willis who have been visit
ing relatives at Boise and Meridian
the past month.
Lilly, Hazel and Cecil Leach of
Nampa are visiting with Dorothy and
Harvey Hubbard this week.
J. P. Gray was over from Nampa
Tuesday looking after his orchards.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Aston and chil
dren spent Sunday afternoon with the
J. A. Wills family.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore and
daughter and Mrs. May Buzzard and
daughter were Sunday callers at the :
Spear and Berrs home.
School begins at Central Mesa
August 28, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Steele and
daughter spent Sunday at the Charlie
Hubbard home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stalker and;
daughters ate Wednesday supper with
J. O. Hankins and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Conrad and
children were Sunday callers at the
Fred Baisch home.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sherwood and
daughters were Sunday evening call- 11
ers at the Richard Kraus home. '
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Conrad and
daughter spent Sunday evening at the
Henry Conrad home.
Mrs. Ward Fuller and children ate
supper at the Frank Moore home in
Emmett Saturday evening.
Francis Howard came down from 1
Smith Prairie Tuesday to visit with j
her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Sisler.
Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Hankins and ;
Hazel returned Friday from a week j
outing at Starkey Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buck
Mrs. L. Brogan and Mrs. Maude Wil
liams and Ernest Buck went to High
Valley (where Edgar Brogan is camp
ed with his sheep) Saturday noon
returning Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Landerbaugh and son
of Meridian spent a few days at the
George Davidsons home.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Slone and chil
dren Dilmere and Anona spent Sun
day afternoon with Thos. mother Mrs.
Joe Slone at New Plymouth.
, Mr. and
Mr. Bund of Boise is visiting with
his son M. E. Bond.
Mias Gladys Hall returned Thurs
day from Nampa and Boise where sho !
has been visiting for some time.
Roy Wharton and Thomas Cherry |
left for the Salmon river country j
where they will work on the telephone
line for the forest service.
Miss Ailu Paddock is spending a
few days at home before returning
to Boise for school.
H. J. Ballantyne and family visit
ed in Emmett Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. Benton of California who has
been visiting her son and family J.
E. Chandler left Monday for her
home, accompanied by Miss Vera
Chandler who will attend school there
this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Little and family
of Emmett arc visiting relatives and
friends in Ola this week.
and Mrs. W. E. Cook and
George visited relatives at Collister
last week.
Clara Peterson of Emmett
spent Wednesday evening and Thurs
day evening at the C. W. Cook home
the guest of Miss Grace Cook.
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. James
Kinzer and Mrs. Max Crouch, Mrs.
C. P. Hartley and Mrs. Holbrook
callers at the Cook home.
Miss Grace Cook visited Mrs. Stin
son in Emmett, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Tucker and
family were Boise visitor Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday of this
week Miss Grace Cook visited with
Miss Clara Peterson.
Wm. Harpt motored over from
Boise to visit at the home of his
brother and family.
Edward and Dick Harpt, are hav
ing a very strenuous time harvesting
melons and other fruits this
for their father, these boys are up at
■1 o'clock ever morning, some times
Freeze-out hill and then on the way
to Boise, while Mr. Harpt makes one
trip into the city with a truck load
of melons and back to meet the team.
As soon as the boys reach home
again, its a "hustle" until dark over
takes them, picking up two
loads for the next morning,
faithfulness, and
big load of melons
perscveriance at
their ages, day after day, wins them
much praise, from their neighbors
and friends and Mr. Harpt is mighty
proud of these boys too, you may be
sure. Mr. Harpt intends to put up a
fine new house at his ranch this fall
and with prunes coining on there is
a great amount of work to be accom
plished and it results in a good tired
family when night conies, every day
in the week, for ripening fruit waits
for no man.
A letter from Mrs. Leland Kimbro
of Nashville Tenn., says Mrs. Ke
fauver underwent a second operation
at the hospital there and at that
writing had seccessful passed thru the
operation and was doing as well as
colild be expected. Her friends will
await later news with anxiety, until
M|-s. Kefnuver is on the way to a
speedy recovery.
Miss Mary Francis Hitt has been
the guest of Mrs Bert Wright and
Mrs. C. A. Danielson this week.
Sunday, the Wright family and
Mrs. Hitt. Mr. and Mrs. Huston Hitt
Hnd family were guests of Mr. and
Sirs. C. A. Danieson for Sunday din
Mrs. Danielson returned last week
from a week visit spent in Quartz
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Illingworth,
Mrs. Lucile, Miss Francis Cunning
ham. of Hailey. Idaho, and Mr. Her
bert Batho of Butte. Mont., spent
Sunday at the C. W. Cook home.
Batho, is a talented English pianist.
Miss Cunningham is daughter of
Editor Cunningham of the "Hailey
/Jews Miner," visiting the Illingworth
Mrs. Holbrook. Mrs. Parks and Mrs.
Spaulding made a call at the C. W.
Cook home Friday last.
The Boise valley sent a big string
of cars, loaded with sight see'ers on
tha Slope Sunday. It was an ideal
day to ride and with old and young
the cars were loaded and everyone
had to have Slope melons.
Mrs. Henry Obermeyer motored to
Boise, Monday, on business.
' I
1 1
j I
; I

Another opportunity will be offered at a time when merchandise
is needed, when for
One Day Only Saturday, Aug. 26 th
you can buy real bargains in all lines thru out the store.
It will soon be school time and there are many things for the Kid
dies that you can buy at a saving.
We can't tell you all about it here so come early and see what
you can do.
Ladies' muslin combinations and gowns in
a variety of styles and trimmings
Each, Dollar Day..
Children's black satine bloomers
4 for . . ....
Rompers for all size children
2 pair for....
Boy's blouses and waists of cheviot and
percale, a Dollar value, your pick 2 for
Ladies' White Voile Waists, new styles
neatly embroidered, each .
Children's white organdie Dresses, all sizes.
Garments that are worth from $1.50
to $3.50. Your choice, .:.
House dress Aprons, of gingham and
linene, neatly made, good quality .
Children's gingham Dresses
Each .
Ladies' Middies, and Blouses, one odd
lot to close out, each....
Men's wool caps of Shepherd check
material ...
36 inch wool serge in most all the desir
able colors. DOLLAR DAY, the yard
Plain colored Voiles
4 yards for .
Fancy mercerized Satines, ideal for
petticoats and linings, 2 yards for .
Plisse Crepes in white, blue and pink
4 yards for ....
Dress Ginghams in fine quality plaids,
checks and plain colors, 5 yards for
Shirting Cheviots, fast colors, good
quality, 5 yards for.
Yard wide Percales and Shirtings,
5 yards for.
Cretonnes in pretty patterns, and Challies
suitable for drapery and dress
material, 5 yards for . . ...
Ripplette Crepe, the old time fabric, for
dresses, rompers and bloomers, 4 yds
Curtain Scrim ia ecru, both plain hem
and open work border, 7 yds. for.
Huck towels, good size and splendid
quality, 5 for .
Big Turkish Bath towels
2 for .
Crash Toweling in many weaves,
choice, 5 yards for ..
Linen finish Suitings, in white and all colors
suitable for Middies, Dresses and
Suits, 4 yards for.
Your choice of all styles of the well *
known Royal Worcester Corsets.
English tea pots, beautifully ornamented
Each .
Glass tumblers and goblets, set of
6 for... . ..
Decorated water tumblers, set of 6
Water Pitchers
Each .
Infant's and Children's fine mercerized
sox, 3 for ...
Ladies' mercerized lisle hose, in assort
ed colors, 3 pair for ..
Men's black sox
7 pair for ..
Children's black ribbed hose, all sizes
10 pair for .
Ladies' Union suits, fine knit, and fab
ric, athletic styles, a real value, suit for
Perserving time is here. Pick out some
bargains. Preserving kettles, sauce pans,
Coffee Percolators, choice
of the lot for.
Clean up of SUN HATS
Outfit the entire family with a 59c quality
straw hat for father, mother and the
kiddies, 4 for....
This will be a big day in our Shoe Depart
ment. We have gotten together odds and
ends in Ladies', Children's and Babies' shoes,
and regardless of cost or value you can
have your choice for...
Most all sizes will be thrown out on Dollar
Day for choice of many colors and
styles, each ..........
with Fall
ÿf «(
Thursday afternoon of last week
a party of friends composed of Mrs.
Fred West. Mrs. Henry Obermeyer,
Mrs. Wm. Lyman, Mrs. Ed and J. W.
Tyler, Mrs. F. A. Katzenmeyer, Mrs.
Tucker. Miss Clara Peterson and Mrs.
Harold McCrossin spent the after
noon at the C. W. Cook home. Dur
ing the serving of light refreshments
before the party left a large well
filled basket made its appearence in
the middle of the floor and Grace
Cook was called in to investigate the
mysteries it held. It proved to be
Aluminum Kitchen "shower" a sur
prise for Miss Grace, whose, ap
proaching marriage to Mr. Albert
Collins Briney, takes place early in
September. Mr. Briney is a civil
engineer, at work on the North and
South Highway out of New Meadow, i
Little Elinor Sullivan has the in
fantile paralysis but at the last re
ports she is quite a bit better.
Mrs. R. S. Coonrod returned from
Boise last week where she has been
attending summer normal the past
nine weeks.
Little Dick Coonrod is quite ill this I
morning with what is supposed to be
summer complaint.
Mrs. McDougal of Roseberry visit
ed her brother O. C. Coonrod, spend
ing several days at his home.
Mrs. R. S. Coonrod went to Center
this week where she will teach. The
school starting the first of September.
Spraying Time
A thorough coating of Arsenate
of Lead will insure you clean apples.
We have the arsenic and the spread
er that will give you the desired re
sults. And Our Prices Are Right
Call and see us or phone 46.
Emmett Fruit Growers Assn.
EMIL E. DEAN, Manager

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