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On Monday, Sept. 4, was celebrated
the marriage of Mise Grace Cook,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cook
of the South Slope, to Mr. Albert
Briney of New Meadows. The cere
mony took place at 11 o'clock in the
morning, solemnised Impressively by
tho Rev. Ashworth of Payette, at the
Episcopal church. Before the cere
mony, nuptial music included the
singing by Miss Lucille Illingworth of
Boise of the bridal song, "God Made
You Mine.
Boise played the wedding proceseion
al. In the wedding party Mrs. Ray
Stinson, »inter of the bride, and Miss
Clara Peterson were brides- ma ida.
gowned in satin frocks of blue and
Mias Evelyn Cowan of'of
mediately preceding the bride wer*
the two little flower girli, Sybil and
Janet** Stinson, nieces of the br ide,
in party frocks and malin* bow* and
carrying delicate and fragrant blos
The bri. le groom had as best
The bride,
man, Mr. Sam Stinson,
handsomely gowned for her marriage
•n white satin and veil and carrying
for bar flowers a shower of Shasta
daisioa and sw**t a lyssum, entered
with her father. Tho church was
beautifully decorated in white astors,
with the altar banked in flowers, and
to mark sack pew, a bow of white
ribbon and a*tor wae used. A recep
tion and luncheon was given by the
Art Committee of the Crescent club
in honor of the young people in Re
bekah hall, with Mrs. W. Lyman and
Mrs. Ed Tyler and Mr*. Katzenmeyer
en reception committee. The guests
were welcomed in the hall, where
flowers and blossoming vines in the
brilliance of early September coloring
made a fit setting for the wedding
party of over 40. The wedding table
was made attractive with a lovely
hand mad* luncheon cloth. The cen
terpiece was a Urge bowl of bright
yellow flowers on s mirror surround
ed with atntlax and near the large
wedding cake. The colors throughout
were white and yellow. Three long
tables arranged around the luncheon
Liberty Theatre
Sunday & Monday
September 10-11
Cecil B. DeMille'a Great Production
Fool's Paradise
featuring: Dorothy Dalton and All-Star cast
Thrilling events on the Mexican Border,
seething with deeds of bandits, gamblers
and soldiers of fortune.
A vast and gorgeous temple in a towered
city beautiful, built on teeming lagoons.
Dances Siamese, Dances Parisienne, and
marvelous skating dancers whirling through the Ballet of
Ice. Hundreds of alluring beauties of the Orient bewitch
ingly attired.
Spectacular use of elephants, bears, snakes, crocodiles
and dogs. The crocodile fight is one of the most blood
stirring scenes ever shown on the screen.
And weaving these wonders all together for the greatest
entertainment DeMille has ever made is a poignant glori
ous stofy of human hearts.
PRICES—Adults .T5c; Children 15c.
Watch for These Big Pictures at the liberty
"School Days," with Wesley Barry
"The Storm
Human Hearts
Foolish Wives
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money. Classes in all commercial subjects formed
weekly. Enter any time.
Rates, 4 weeks
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Mr. and
table s ea t ed the goeete.
Mr*. Brinoy left for Boise in the af
ternoon and after a short honeymoon
will make their home at New Meadows
The bride is one of Emmett's splendid
young women, growing up here and
educated in the Emmett school*,
Among the out of town guette were:
Mis» Olive M. Petrashek of Weiser,
Mr*. Hsttie Shanai of Weiser, Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Finney of Weiser,
Mis* Laurs Finney of Weiser, Mr. and
Mr*. Harry Cowan oLBoise, Miss Eve
lyn Cowan of Boise, Mr. and Mrs. H.
B. Illingworth of Boiae, Miss Lucile
Illingworth of Boise, Mr. and Mr*.
W. A. Briny of Salmon, parents of
the groom, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hail
Nampa, Mr. W. Hall of Fruitland,
and Mrs. Ray Stinson of Paul.
* * *
Mr* Adelaide Bliss entertained with
a pretty dinner of seven cover Sunday
evening. Rose» were used in charm
ing array for table decorations.
• • •
P. E. 0. met Monday evening fol
lowing a summer vacation at the home
Mrs. P. Reed
The Golden Rule Store employees
of Boise entertained with a Jolly get
together evening Tuesday. The af
fair was held at the Y. M. C. A. with
guests invited from ths many branch
stores in near-by towns. Business
took up the early part of the after
noon with the evening hours full of
merry entertaining and a pleasing lun
Mrs Mac Allen, Mrs Vern
Tsppan, Mr*. Frank Rinker, Mrs. I.*r
son ami Vern Myers were represen
tatives from the Emmett store.
About 14 guests enjoyed the mis
cellaneous shower given Mr*. Ella
Marrs, Friday afternoon, by her two
daughters, Mrs. W. H. Madden and
Mrs. Merlin Nefzger. Mrs. Marrs will
be married sometime this month to
Mr. Frank Jones of Portland. The
afternoon was spent in visiting and
at a late hour dainty and cool refresh
ment* were served.
Mrs. W. 1C. Ycrgenson of Knowles,
Calif., was entertained at a 6 o'clock
dinner last Wednesday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Francis.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Bowen entertain
r PiaMra.tutaoaMtAMaT
ORDBl wodtl W|
«ur «uMmAce wceuttc
&x no up cm *rugh jom
!//• I
I \
Jlk v i tw
ed a number of friends last Thursday
evening with a 7 o'clock dinner at
their home on McKinley Avenu*. A
color scheme of green and whit* was
carried out in the table decorations,
green candles and white rosea being
used. Covers were laid for Mrs. Min
nie Fairchild, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Cammerer, Dr. and Mrs. B. 0 Clark,
and Mr. and Mrs Chas. McLain.
A farewell party was given Mon
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. R. E. Shaw, honoring their son
Dwight, who left yeaterday for Tuc
son, Ariz., where he will attend school
Eight of his school friends were pres
ent and the evening was spent in
ylaying cards. Luncheon was served
ate in the evening at small tables.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid is
meeting this afternoon (Thursday)
with Mrs. Vanderdasson.
ormer Townsmen Eulogizes Char
acter of Republican Candidate
for Governor.
When a man runs for office he is
invariably attacked by those of dif
ferent political faith and C. C. Moore
is no exception to the rule. While one
if the clean, strong men of the state
and no specific charge has
brought against him where proof
would be required, yet there have
been innuendoes that he is not a man
of force, would be unduly influenced,
und all that.
To ascertain the unbiased truth. Dr.
John Pipher of Nampa wrote his old
friend, D. C. Neifert. at present Supt.
of Schools at Weiser. Mr. Neifert
was at the head of the schools in the
Iowa town in which he and Dr. Pipher
both lived. Later they both came to
Idaho. For ten years Mr. Neifert
wa* Supt. of schools at St. Anthony,
the home of Mr. Moore.
Dr. Pipher
therefore knew that he would have
full knowledge concerning Mr. Moore,
and not being in politic*, could and
would give him the unprejudiced
Mr. Neifert answered him promptly
in a letter which is published in the
Nampa Leader-Herald, and is as fol
''In reply to your letter concerning
Hon. C. C. Moore, candidate for gov
ernor, will say that it has been my
good fortune to have known him for
the past seventeen years as an offi
cial, as a friend, and as a neighbor.
During this time 1 have yet to learn
of a single dishonorable act commit
ted by him. He is « man of intelli
gence, integrity, vision, and force of
character. He is known especially as
a man who deals fairly and squarely
with his fellowmen.
No one has been hurt more than
Mr. Moore by the high taxes. He is
a real dirt farmer, operating over
two thousand acres of land I have
every confidence in his willingness
and ability to economize in govern
ment expenditures for the state of
Idaho if elected governor.
Whatever else may be' said of Mr.
Moore in this iam|>aign. his friends
and acquaintances know him to be a
man of high ideals and genuine worth
to the state of Idaho.
Former Emmett Folks
Picnic in California
Prof. E. H. Burk, a former teach
er in the Emmett schools, but who
left to accept the superintendency of
the Hailey schools several years ago,
has resigned his position there and
with his family moved to California,
July 1. Mrs. Buck and son Homer
are now visiting at Kirkville, Mo., and
Mr. Buck is stopping with Mrs. Ed
wards at Pasadena. In a letter to The
Index he gives the follownig account
of a picnic of former EmTnett peopls
at Brookside Park at Pasadena:
"A group of former Idahoans, one
time residents of Emmett, met at
Brookside Park Sunday. August 27,
for a picnic. On account of the short
notice all could not attend that would
have, had the publication of the event
been made earlier. Those present to
enjoy the dinner and the social good !
time were 37 in number, and included
following : Hr* and Mr*. A. A.
RidutaU ana family, Mr. and Mr*.
Daloa Knox and Miaa Helen, Mr. and
Mr*. Frad Banat and family .Mr. and
Mr*. Carl Zimmerman, Mr. and Mr*.
Wra. Hop pock and daughter, Mr. andi
Mrs. Walter Edwards and son, Mr. and
Mrs. Blaine Gilkerson and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gilkerson and
family, Mr*. F. J. Edwards, Mr. Ver
non "Edwards, Prof, and Mrs. E. H.
Buck and son, Mr. and Mrs. Bever and
family, Mrs. Cort Pyle, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Bladen and family, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Hoisted, Dr. and Mrs. R. E.
Give* Labor Day Address.
Joel Brown went to Pocatello on
Sunday and on Monday was one of
the speakers at the Labor Day cele
bration in that city the following day.
Miss Elizabeth Brown of McCall is
the guest of Mias Lorain Phelan.
Mrs. Luscomb and son, former re
sidents of Emmett, were visitors in
town Wednesday.
Conda Wilson returned today from
Portland where he had taken a car of
John Andefson and daughter, Mrs.
Pennington and baby and Miss Flor
ence Anderson were up from New
Plymouth to visit over Sunday and
Mrs. W. W. Parrish, Mr. and Mrs.
Sollie Callender and children return
ed yesterday from a week's visit in
Portland and Seaside. While in Port
land Mrs. Parrish visited in the G. W
Phillips home and they wish to be re
membered to their Emmett friends.
T* Do a Thing Well.
No man can ilo anything well who
doe* not esteem Ids work to l>e of Im
cork may he of none,
hut 1 must not think It of none, or I
•hull not do it with Impunity.— Enier
•ou's Ksss.v on Nature.
proved at little expense. Add a pint
of vinegar to a pan of fairly hot wa
ter and, after having given the cur
Faded Carpet.
A faded carpet can be much Itn
pet a thorough brushing, rub this well
Into every pa ,- t of It with a clean
Reckoning Age ot Trees.
Some trees often live to a grout age,
and while they are standing It Is a
illfllrtilt mutter to arrive at their age,
hut when they huve been cut down. It
Is said, the nge may be reckoned by j
counting the number of rings visible |
In the section.
Stationery at The Index office.
FOR SALE—A Remington pump shot
gun. Byron Knee, 614 Hayes St. Ip
FOR SALE—An Oldsmobile truck, %
ton Economy, in good condition,
cheap and terms. Inquire of H. W.
Burton at Valley Meat Market.
FOR SALE—Five ewes. W. T. Fa
er, phone 331J4.
New Victor Records
for September
This is a great list of new Victc
them and to make yet"" selection
i. This is a good place to hear
worth a special trip. Come ini
-ni fiai (Puccini) la Italian
Madame Butterfly—O qu
My Mother (Wagetaff-Wm.c;
My Ain Countrio (Dtmarest -Hanna)
Wonderful World of Romance (Sunpaoo Wood)
Ay-Ay-Ay (Creole Song) (Parz-Freirc) In Spaniah
Solve]*'» C radia Song (from "Peer Gynt Suite")
(a) The First Primrose (b) Greeting (Grieg)
Alda—Mart ln «III 89163 12
Orville Harrold 66071 10
Mme. Louise Homer 87345 10
John McCormack 66080 10
Tito Schlpa 74753 I?
Lucy Isabelle Marsh
Lucy Isabelle M^-shr^ 1
Concerto in A Minor—Andante (Goldmark) Violin Solo
Chanson Arabe (From "Scheherazade") (Rimaky-Kanakosr) Violin Solo Frits Kreisler 66079
Hugo Kreisler 66062 10
Mengelberg and N. Y. Philharmonic Orchestra 74766 12
Mengelberg and N. Y. Philharmonic Orchestra 74767 12
Ignace Jan Paderewski 74765 12
Philadelphia Orchestra 74768 12
Jascha Heifetz 74764 12
Viennese Folk Song—Fantasy 'Cello Solo
Oberon —Overture, Part 1
Oberon— Overture, Part 2
Nocturne in B Flat (Psderewiki) Piano Solo
Tannhäuser Overture—Port 3 (Wagner)
Lead, Kindly Light (Newman-Dyke,)
No Night There
Leave It With Him
Sweet Indiana Home
Why Should 1 Cry Over You 7
A Sleepy Little Village
The Lost Pocket-Book
The Old Wooden Tub
Ernestine Schumann-Heink 87340 10
^45322 10
Elsie Baker
AilcM* Sümleyl IAQ7? in
Victor Roberts / 19922 10
BfRy Murray. Sasollol tmatR in
Billy Muirtf-Cd. SmsIU/ ^ ^ ®
Edgar A. Cse ss t i.,,^
Edgar A. Gasset Z 45320
Tie Oogie Wa Wa—For Tret
be edle De edle Dual—Fox Tret
Who'll Take My Pla ce Fas Tret ,
Georgette—Fox Trot
Hot Lips—Blues Fes Tret
The Benson Or ch estr e of Okagel
The Benson Orchestra of Chicago /
18917 10
Guh Royal Orcbaatrml
Club Royal Oecheetra/ 1 *" 9 10
F*ol Whi t * m a n and Hia Orchestra
Sand Beck
The Sneak I Fee Tret
Are Yau Playing Fair?—Fee Trot
^ 18921 10
Paul Vhl
mm sad His Oreha.tr» \
Owb Royal OrcWmJ ,W23
Dsadag F oot F og Trat
Swan*« Bluebird—Foe TVot
.</v •
Davis Drug Store

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College Girl Corsets
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Say what you will about the drudgery
and unhealthfulness and real hard
work being eliminated by family wash
ing machines—it is all fiction. Ask the
housewife. 'She will tell you the dread
of wash day has not been removed, nei
ther has the hard work, the unhealthfulness of steam
ing tubs of foul smelling garments. Besides that, the
machines add to the expense.
She has learned that there is no pleasure, let alone
saving in doing the family wash at home, whether by
hand or by machine. Then after the washing is done,
there is still the ironing to do.
Our laundry, with its modern methods, removes the
dread of ironing day as well as wash day. All the
housewife needs to do is to collect the soiled clothes.
We will call for them, return them spotlessly clean and
sanitary when wanted, with practically two-thirds of
the ironing done. Better give us a trial for a month
to demonstrate our claims.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Gem City Steam Laundry
in Emmett.

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