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***** * nd
not the yawning coal bin, the
ever-present flat pocket book or nu
merous other things to tall us the
golden harvest time has cams.
Everybody from young to old are
thM week pulling praoM and peaches
for all there ia in it, and front the way
truck load after truck load af fruit
pasees, intermingled with a large hay
rack »tacked high, St would lead one
to believe that they arsr moving a
the fruit in creation with only a small
portion passed by already. As we
said, everyone is busy as baM har
vesting, therefore the only news most
have is the steady plunk, plunk of,
prunes hitting the bottom of sn empty
bucket. Emvry Rynaareou is hsunnc
peaches for Will Tucker tan weak,
Oscar I v is is als o 1* the Jf*** *jJ*
Uam and wagon. Kay Madia has the
old Buick truck banking along the
highways with masMv* stacks of
erstoe and baskets, others are ronlng
the fruit past in a whirlwind of har
VMt: Art Wright is making the old
Ford percolate pretty regular with
the heavy loads tied on.
Mildred Mtlla stepped Into the
of educating the youngsters
of Lincoln community bright sad early
Tuesday morning. Miss Mills drive.
crows flying over the
The cawing
corn fields and holding pow-wows oa
some cottonwood tree, the chirping
crickets piping from the tofl grass in
orchard, the crimpy mornings with
heavy dews, moulting chickens going
about in their B. V. D/s, sanrmnee to
the world that fall is hers
Graduate Optician
Registered la Idaho IBM
Emmett, Idaho
C.*B. Rooming
Newly equipped. Prices
reasonable by day or week.
Call and see for yourself.
D. W. C. Brown
Emmett Pressery
Max Gumtrman, Prop.
Indies' and Men's clothes
cleaned, pressed and repair
We do all kinds of altera
Suits to order, come in
and look at our new spring
$ 1320 .
f. o. b. Emmett
W. H. Bodenheimer
Highway Service Station
For eveiy man,woman child
who has writing to do #«\
T HE Remington Portable to a capable, com*
pa nions hie, individual typewriter, bulk for
the tue of the man in hia btuinm or profession,
the woman in her home, the child attending
echoed—in fact for every man. woman and child
who writes.
k is (he
of alt writing aurklaw
famtltar — aa j kiftiug /•*
Fits in a
only four
Utrnm. Small aa it is. the
operation of a Remington
Portable la exactly like
writing on a Standard ma
chine. Ji
epaedy. durable and turns
out brauihtl work.
—and mark (hia : it haa
•d Bruirng K*y
The Emmett Index
« chummy little eoope every day. Let
ne My the modem school nurm has
the oldtimers for speed
now-a-days. Joe Wayne Dodd is
back from rial tiny his aunt at Nampa
and is assuming the responsibilities
of Janitor again this year.
Mrs. C. Shaw arrived Monday from
McCall with her empty fruit jars to
All with some of Emmett's fine fruits.
She aceora
kelson 0 f
WUJ Bates of the Mme place. She
states they have been having some
damp weather above. Their cauli
fiower crop has been fine this year.
Karl Coonrod, Miss Gladys Gray,
Mins Russel and Mr. Hankins were
out to viait at Karl's old home last
Sunday. They took several pictures
with "Kamery."
f red West has his third cutting of
hay in the making, looks like rain
tvi . ry time th# „id (K) y .tarts in to put
up hay. L. L. Alaager is strong
enough to sssist with Frsnk Hall'«
The politicians are running
around out our way kissing all
babies and women, handing out bum
"seegsrs" and handshakes, so we
p, u something is going to happen
Mr >nd Mrs. Emery Ry
ap#n t a very pleasant evening with
correspondent and folks Sunday.
Nothing like
it all over
ied her son-in-law, Ed
Flat and bis partner
renewing old acquaints
an ret.
Mrs. E. Tennyson and children apent
the week-end with relatives in Cald
The L. A. White family were en
tertained at dinner 8unday at the Ira
White home.
Edmund Krouah returned last week
from Twin Fails, where he visited his
sister and family.
Robert Gordon and family visited
Sunday evening at Gaylord Freeman's.
Mrs. Ed Francis of Emmett called
on Mrs. Matt Bilbrey Saturday.
Ira White and family were Emmett
visitors Monday evening.
Ruby Francia called on friends on
! Haw Creek Monday afternoon.
Miss Nina Porter left Friday for
: Council.
Mr*. W. H. Ycrgenann and children
left Friday for their home In Cali
Mrs E. Yergenson and son Parley
were Enimvtt visitors Friday from
Mr. und Mrs H. J. Ballantyne and
two children motored to Emmett Mon
K. J. Newell has disposed of his
interests at Timber Flat and moved
his family to Boise. We regret very
j much of losing such good neighbors.
M.ss I.urretia Morrow and Dora
Vaughan returned to Boise to re
sum« their high school studies.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Rhodes went to
Enunett to work in the fruit season.
Andy Little of Emmett purchased
the hay on the liallahtyne ranch,
where he will feed horses this winter.
Can Sand Chacka by Wlralaaa.
Through tlie Invention of a French
man named liclin It Is now possible
to transmit documents or checks by
ss In future, not only
there tie no imixmslhlllty in regard to
the transmission of legal documents,
autograph» and manuscripts, but th«
very aiitlientlelty of messages will ac
quire fresh guarantee« by their auto
graphed tranamlssitai.
Snaka-Eaters Avoid Venom.
Animals which eat snakes—the
hedge hog. fox, engtes. etc.—nevefl
eat the head of a poisonous snake,
according to J. Beyer, whose German
nrtlejes on venomous snakes Is trans
lated III the Scientific American.
The "Mentality Teats" Land
Dad in "Moron" Class
were certain test questions picked in
eeeeo, UrR M ra bdipjqkeetyp
A 9-year-old boy was once asked the
"My paps is one," vu his reply,
and inasmuch as the boy's fathyr was
a business man of Mme standing in
the community there was a certain
amount of running about and shift
ing of standards before calm could be
question: "What is a moron?
The father had been unable to ans
a casual way and labeled a test for
"A Boy of Ten." His son had picked
up the questions in that gloom which
follows an unsatisfactory dinner and
glibiy recited the answers which his
father was unable to bring to his
Nothing had been Mid at home
about father being a moron. That
subject had been avoided by mother
and Aunt Susie who was a dinner
guest. But the matter had stuck in
the boy's mind.
Here were printed questions which |
his father could not answsr and he 1
coud answer himself. The questions j
were marked "tor S boy Of 10." He 1
, _ ... . . , ,
was only 9. Hia father was older
that that how old he did not know,
very old, possible 90-certoinly older
;han 9.
Then when the boy learned through
the lecture of some visiting pundit
thet e "moron" is an adult with the
brain of a child of 10, what could he
more natural than labeling va a "mor
on" the father who was working to ed
ucate him and clothe and feed him,
the man who had carried him in his
arms through many a sleepless night.
The man who had taught him his A
B C's-almost an imbecile, according
to snap psychology.
The head waiter at the Gran. Coi
fax says that all men born since 1895
are "morons" but that is a more or
less selfish point of view. The pub-,
lie is more concerned with men who
were born before that time.
I,et us see what a "boy of ten" in
these days does know. In the first
place he can tell the "greatest com
mon integer," or "greatest common
denominator," greatest common divi
'grand chief of irregular frac
tions," commander of the rear guard
of the cube root of three," and so on.
He can tell who has the best bat
ting average in all leagues, what
Jack Dempsey weighed at Boyle's
Acres, who killed Cock Robin and
Stanley Ketchell, how many buffalo
skins Buffalo Bill had on his over
coat, the date of the armistice and
the age of the kaiser.
On the other hand his father drifts
along with a little hit of knowledge
which allows him to know a few drab
facts, such as the rent of *.he apart
ment and when due, the nann of his
life insurance company and the pre
miums appertaining theron, the bank
balance and appurtenances concering
puting in and taking out; the price of
clothing, both for children and for
grownups-mostly for children-and the
price of tombstones, mostly for grown
Father says the test is unfair, but
is willing, as always, to give the boy
the best of it. Father says "that if
he had a chance to "brush up
could make a fair showing, but they
have changed a lot of rules since he
was a hoy. He still thinks he could
divide three by nine, but he could not
do it on a blackboard
rith a lot of,
youngsters giggling behind him.
Father could probably remember
the date of the wedding of Edward
111 and Mrs. Whoozis if the children
would let him alone for a few minutes
But the chances are that he has the
date confused with that of Benjamin
Franklin's wedding day.
The chances are that father cannot
hound Delaware.
He may not even
know in what state the Delaware Ri
Any ten year old child is supposed
to know these facts, and if father;
ver rises.
does not he is officially, formally,
automatically declared to he a "mor
This idea of gauging an adult's men
tal age by comparing him with his
children is undoubtedly a very good;
one. It must be because so many!
But iti
courts have taken it up.
1 strikes some of the "
morons" aa pe
| cuiiar that they do not raise the stan
| dard a little bit higher. •
For instance, instead of comparing
j the intellect of 6-foot men to that of
j the child of 10. why don't they com
a •10-year-old 250-pound self-made but
ignorant multimillionaire to a 22
' vear-old graduate of West Point or]
\ery few of the men who have made:
in the world j
can shine a* elder brothers when it;
: comes to helping out the "boy of ten"j
with his home work, and for that he,
has been condemned
Harvard ?
names for themselves
Why not give '
hjm * chance on some problem in en-
gm«* r:r.g or philosophy?
public j
at deal
b of
ta a
the opinion that "the" "a" and
"since father was a boy." They have
changed the paper hanger who used
to calculate that amount of covering
necessary for a room 9x13, with eight
j windows 2x6, with southern exposure
and a chimmey in the roof,
' English grammar as taught in the
schools today is not the same as it
was in father's time. Father never
knew, for instance, that "listen" was
a conjunction. Father was always of
were articles, but it seems that they
are not any more, they are adjectives,
Therefore it is not surprising that
so many adults are declared to be"mo
ront"-men with the menta!ity"of a
child of 10." The miracle is that
they grade so high.
a thins of bvauty is a Joy forever;
JJf lovellneae Increaaee. It will never
Ik If ft. Weetara Newspaper Ualoa.)
i seep
A bower quiet for ue to aleep.
t%ul1 dr,,,m ' " nd br " th '
Thus on each msrrstr we are wreath*
j r a kes (ll nially ramllle.s
considered, utiles» covered with
r■ ■
ft, J
A flowery band to bind
to tha
are not
sort of frosting, and oth
er fiimilles prefer their
cakes with none,
that all may he satisfied
and still serve an attrac
tive looking cake, the fol
lowing suggestions may
he helpful :
A simple spice cake
with or without a few
be very
tasty when covered with
u generous costing of butter while it
is still hot from the oven. Sprinkle
generously with powdered sugar mixed
with a teaspoonful of cinnamon,
Fatty cakes and cookies look better
and taste better If they are sprinkled
wltl1 " hlt of granulated sugur Just
before going Into the oven. To make
the patty cakes more elegant place
two strips of candled orange peel
across the top, before sprinkling tha
A loaf cake may lie sprinkled with
granulated sugar mixed
nion Just before putting Into the oven.
A little frill of coconut put round
gem cakes, sprinkling with sugar,
makes an attractive ragged appear
ance when buked.
vfth cinna*
Chopped nuts sprinkled over the top
0 f cakes before baking adds greatly
to their appearance.
Crumb cake Is a cake covered just
before going Into the oven with a well
blended mixture of creamed butter,
flour and sugar.
Croamy Frosting.—Boll together one
cupful of sugar and one-third of a
I of water until thick and
hnriey-ltke, then take out three table
spoonfuls, adding to a beaten egg
white and return the rest of the sugar
to holl to a long hair when a fork Is
Continue heat
ing until the sirup Is ready, then add
to the white of the egg. Beat until
stiff, then spread as usual. The frost
lug will be beautifully shiny on the
top and creamy underneath, if made
according to directions.
and all their differences are adjusted
Cornish Tin Minera.
The men who work In the Cornish
till mines are a class by themselves.
by the stannary courts, ns they are
called from the Latin word stannum.
These curious courts have existed In
! their present form since the middle
of the Thirteenth century, and. In a
wimpier form, much earlier;
miners claim to he free from all other
! Jurisdiction, "except in matters af
feotlng the land. life or limb."
and the
Recognition of Goethe.
It Is a great mistake to suppose
that Goethe, whose star had already
risen. was at omv generally recog
Hls "Got* von Berlirlilngen"
j nixed.
\ aIII | his "Werther" bad been entlms
lastlOHlIy received, but lib
than works of commonplace bunglers.
and Goethe was assigned a very small
niche In the temple of literature.—
more so
Flah Swim Upeida Down.
The human has It on the vast mi
does It quite often.
habitant of tropical waters, known ss
•he globe tish. The skin on the umler
side of this flsh Is hM>se and can be
with air at w m.
naturally turns on its hack and goes
on Us way in that position
Jorlty of Ashes. In that he can swim
on his back. There Is. however. Just
one in ein her of the tinny tribe that
This Is an ln
When the flsh
Itself out In this manner. It
Reincarnated Immortals.
line—"I>ante I-eeture» at Ara
And as a book-store
here today for $3."—Boston Trun
We have the very best.
Vinegar for pickles and table uses
Heinz Vinegar in Malt
Apple Cider and White or Distilled.
Barrell Vinegar in any quanities
you may wish.
The Emmett Grocery
Banks Help Make Business
Banks are reservoirs into which thrifty people pour
their surplus earnings and from which business enterprises
borrow capital.
Bank loans make possible industrial and farm develop
The larger a community bank deposits the greater its
prosperity. Your money banked here works for you and
your community.
«flNK" r
Capital ' CG OOC
tVS rtAYS Aßi/VUANT CA^'-'AL 7 C , r ALL R 6 Qu ' R f M LN ! S
• \
Hawkins Hardware Co.
P. and O. Plows
International Spring-tooth Harrows
Disk Harrows Peg-tooth Harrows
McCormick Mowers
The Best Farm Machinery, the Best
Hardware and the Best Prices
Hawkins Hardware Co.
Corner Grocery
Home of Good Eats
Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Cherries and Berries for Canning. We Pay More for Farm
Produce. Our Prices are Less. 5 Per Cent Off for Cash
2 Fleischmann's Yeast Cakes for 5c
Phone 160
Whatever there te feed hi Tobaeeoe, dgare aad
dgarettee, we carry.
Coufectlooery aad Soft Drlaka
Make our cozy place your club houses and Beet your
friends hers Yea are aa welcoma as May flowers.

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