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I quality rubber» at Keith'»,
your milk-made bread at the
>» for *ervire- Overland Trans
'bone 282 or S9-J.
emplwll ha» been reafined to
ne thi» week by illness.
I 6 Kinsey will do your hem
iy, make your button»
Henry U Haan went to Boi*e
lursJay fur a week'* visit arith
Pugh of Montour (pent test
a the home of Mr. and Mr*.
'» Breath. S ha» ta dauere, peon,
e«, shrubs and perennial» for
Mr* Bit»»' fltf.
John Orr of Payette »peat,
days la»t week wiling her
l Mr and Mr* lieor*e Church
and Mr*. J. M- Shaw went ta
I yesterday for a few days*
1 th their daughter. Mrs C. C.
*» Herald* will meet Saturday
I at the church September
y Box.
id girl*.
t ontest bet »sen the
r having Ice cream contain
ging to the Gem Creamery,
not fy us and we will gall foe
Phon» MS
lag« 'irense was issued la«
lay m Ada county to John H
of Emmett and Hand Belle
aon of Meridian
MHes left T u asd s y foe hia old
la Minnesota in vtsil his mo
nd asst« her In settling ep the
of be» father, who died recent
per laxflaw ra
s ws»k fr
f m the
« Us I
la the first
* »«♦« ciMsetry, whuh to
• kdestsa of aa iwi'f
• thfvu
B e«rs. fornsvr l;«u.it fruit
w and Uniasss asx, hut as* a
NH of Gianda •
» allf . arrtwd
burtday for a vsd't wall with
* and Ik Iss l aft*r his buslnoas
i»te» E Maclmaa. formes super
Sen! of the Emmett (rrlgalsaa
* l,k * M eng-«»»»* fas a largu
rompway d Caltforaia. was aa
11 *i»itor Friday
C A w—r »t. far
railroad mss of Emmett, states
be an<) b
"i J*K IMnwd < *Uf.
»• is engaged la the real sotaie
family ate p l amsantly
and to doing well
'•them Picken, for
ter of the log >ammev ( Ik» tea
that ualands togsi at th« B- .»*
«te mtu. left last wvek far Kel
*'w*K, la accept a similar post
l>an Usntoa ha« i«msd.
lr. Picbert. and Al Pmitb takes
te Guenther, pal
Phone ITt-w,
Exit the Vamp
feoturinp Elhd CUrlon
xtorT of • wife more vamped afplnat than vamping.
Third episode of
The Big Historical Serial Story
Prteoe 10c
featuring Wallace and Notüt Beery
A amaahing drama of the nea.
Pathe News.
Matinee Sc and I Sc
Night 10c and 25c.
'Back Pay*
featuring Sena Owen and Matt Moore.
fir! with a chiffon soul who went to New
"back pay" for the life ahe thought «he
miaaed while teaching a village school. Come and aee
collect—with interest.
The career of a
ork to get her
FHcm 18c aad Me.
'The Sin Flood*
featuring Helene Chadwick and Richard Dix.
The; "t°ry of thia picture in no unuaual, no startling, that
o**#i not ,,po ** y° ur pleasure by dincloning ita nature.
».Ufficejt to nay that It contain« a noble meaaage to man
kind and is tremendously thrilling in every foot of action.
Alao another round of
Prkm 10 c art Me.
•pragwa hIIi Ibldt* l*|*ntan
Four buckle, all rubber overshoe*
at Keith'».
John Verb of Boise I» in town this
Week on t jelliru
The Be of ist Ijeürs* Aid wi I hold
their aim si holiday bazaar Dec. 15,
place enounced later,
Mrs. G W Me « field »as a Boise
visitor for the week end.
Sew hats just arrived and prices to
suit every one. lively hats for » >
and >5. Loyd 4 Kinsey.
New honey for sale bring your
own rontsjtefi, llr a pound. I. |
Powers, Gordon Blur* building.
Kelway peaches. exrrilent for can
nuig for sale M ill be ready in fe*
day*. Geo, Cuu'son, phone sry H <S
Mr. Wenner, who has beam visltir.y
his daughter Mr*. Douglas Knox, tail
Tuesday fsr his home at Ashland,
1 am booking orders for d'Anjou
pan, good for canning or table use
to use now er will keep all »inter
W " rU * U *' P"«***
£&*J 4- 1 $f»
Mn Hirry Km 11 a vt*iu>r in
tu« la frvrti He*/ Vi! ey lit «in. Mi*
JtibO* Will liter ttDJkr to Kmihril for
the winter.
Mr» Kirk Lander» u enjoying a
visit from hair slater Mrs S J Kab
inaun who arrived last week from
Kensington Kan.
Rev and ?:,rs A C lat .r«p a:,
spending Tuesday and M'ednesday la
M'eiser attending the d-»lil»t rail)
and Thursday and Friday al Mm>a-s
day from Beattie to visit her parents
Mr and Mrs ( lay-toe Knox
1 er». Mrs Bm KeSdei and Miss Min
nie ktKi met her at Payette
Mrs Knox McDosrell arrived Tues
Her «a
K A Gutlliams mad« hi* week!)
visit to Mr» Guilllam* at Hot 1-ah»
»*> liar Ism. ( Hegtm. Uavtag ber»
Monday *fte«n<«r. Sfu! rwturalng Tue»
H« reports the pat.«at
day night
'«'P'»' *■* *k<*!)
p r . y ^ Ha.'owvll and Rev E
A Camp of Bo.»«
the Um «f X« O M Hum phi ey*
Thor also vlcited I
w-vrv visitors at
tail Ftsday
aeyue prwjsx-t la tha interest
•< •**"«! w«. k
C W Aibertaoa of Parma, «rho is
tosfU of eus! music in the city
sc So-, lx making a trip here cm T ye»
days <4 each u-esk. stalaw
that he
I« g-«s!)y r -easo-i o»«v Ito »p mdid
***' <1 * 1 «atowt among tha pupils la
*** ''•**" ' •
hsl »«o k Is
U, .^1 xi,.
M» and Mrs «TU!!*« W,|! of Mur
phyrshun». UL. arriimd Thursday M
Visit his uncle. R B
MTilaua sad her unde. J. M Dwtuaoa
tins# hero a year
ag» and the acquaintance wHh Mis*
Ms Mm: s p e n t
,T '"* **•* " their marrtag»
thro* months ago. thv young lady
><mtaeytng ta Murpbyraharo for th*
y They may deride to locate
Get year new overcoat* at Keith's
All the new styles at popster prices
Has! by truck, an* Overland Trans
f*r phone IMi «r BJ.
• ?
Copyright by Underwood A Underwood, N Y.
Pirat photograph of Pdwldenl Coolldge mad* w,th hia cabinet, known a» the executive family, since the
became chief executive of tiie United States. The cabinet picked by the late President Harding ha* remained
intact, each member standing by the new ptesidenl. Photo shows lieft to right! seated: Postmaster General
Harry » New. Secretary of Mar John M\ Meek», Secretary of Stale Charle» Evan» Hughes. President Calvin
Treasury Andres W. Mellon. Attorney General Harry Daugherty. Secretary of the
Navy Edwin Denby. Standing lieft to right): Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover, Secretary of the In
terior Hubert Work. Secretary of Agr.euliure Henry C. Mallace, Secretary of Labor James L. Davis. Photo- I
graph »»» made on tha M'hite House lawn folle» ing a cabinet meeting.
t oolldge, Secrets r> of the
Albers I lap-)*rk Hour. 2 pkg*. 4?r
A. H Ginger *Mps (barrel) 2 lor
la (« lb ba^) 47c.
Americas Beauty spaghetti, 12 phga
\ »truss Beaut) egg Boodles. 12
pbgs ttSr.
Nee dale*, rtlrua. orsage and le
M heal and
Kubber boots at Keith's.
Doughnuts. Saturday special 15c;
Palm Bakery.
Miss Ids Hughe* return«! M<-«iday
f'ua a few days vtsil in Nampa
co *fee .-skr» 15c.
Mr and Mrs Jay McDoa-nal!
Putin«»* ruiturs in Nampa Saturday
1 **\r Murray and Jest Blurtoe re
» Mr and Mrs Rriph Reed »ere
„ , . .. . . .. „
Baa gue.,. over Satutda, and Sun
w M.„ . G.U -» ,K.„ as
al Chrxstma» baaar Saturday. IVk
turned ye«erday from a trip to Silt
Th«»* s i 1 to a meet ing of the M
R C. Friday afternoon at Mooes ball
»< J *0.
Call Dan Moody for your wood
hauling, either by wwguo or truck
Ä . «
Cn ,„ t f<w -lr rlfh , Turtrt o
Bring (unie Iner* F |{ McIntyre on
Km«nett Ca Id« «1! road. 62-41.
Mr tVowney, a resident of M*#t
M . „ . . .
Ma n and Hap*» street«, it making
S^oTnTtod 1 ^j
, 'r M *
Sunday from old frieod* of Blunt, B.
Dak. Mra, A Calhan. son sod two
daughters, who are moving to Eugene,
ember t.
Jt»e a. C lothrop. Mr. and Mr*,
Willard Knox and Mr*. Truman »ei«
visitors In Wsltsr Sunday,
Harry Clgrk return««! last week
from Portland, whet» hr visiud uith
his «««the». Mr». Mae Clark.
Emmett «bo has been quite ill the
past two weeks, is able to b* up th*
test few days
Thorr.lng's Ford Repair Ftstion.
< A IV», ng of h »:»">.»,- > Mich
„ , . 1 , , , ... xc I.i-Vw,
president of the Michigan-Idaho
Lumber Company of this city, arrived
test evening to look after his bu.inaas
«V, .
Mr and Mrs. F M' Sitrrr will
leav* by autonsobfls for Ix>» Angeles,
Calif« as soon aa the roads recover
from the present rainy spell. They
will spend th* winter there.
( »if
John Gamagv arrived Tuesday
from Bend. Or*., for a f*w days' vis
it will« home (dix Mr. (lamage
n«n» one of the be«t barber shops in
that city. H* wfll soon move into
new quarters and is fitting up his
shop in palatial style, with marble
wa.nscoting and stands, tiled floor
•nd 16 baths—Turkish, shower and
let th* Over land Transfer do your
hau ing. Phone 282 or 89-J.
New fall suits for men at Keith's.
Rant mag* Salai.
You doubtless have hoard th* old
aong, "Any Rags. Any Bonaa, Any
Bottle* Today T"
Star Club ia going to have that kind
of a sal* on Friday and Saturday of
next week, only the list of article*
offered wi'l be many fold. Their
ware* will Include everything from ,
clothing and shoes to dalaty ladies'
wear, book, and pictures. In short. :
It will be an old fashioned rummage
sale. Th* Club i* raising fund* to
buy a carpet for Masodic hall and the,'
proceeds of the sale 4-ill be applied
to th* fund. Don't fall to patronise
tha sal*. There I* sere to be some
thing you have long iranted.
Wall, tha Eaatara
At Tha GoMaa
are or Mis.
W. H- Shane. AU
Old papers for sale at The Index
. _
T. U Hagru* vialtod in Boise
R. B. Ayer» U a huâmes» visitor
at Cascade this seek.
Friend* wi ! be sorry Ui learn of
(he illneas of Tom M'hit lock of Ola. Hr
is confined to h.s bed with pneumonia
L. J. Phelan is in town this week
front the government road work for
x short visit with ht» family.
See Dae M'oody for your hauling
Index the other night. One thought
•*Advert tw gsncBt» Alone Wor!h
Price," Sais Subscriber
Two cit ixen» were discussing The
the t»(>er had too many advertise
.-. .- _ ,, __ .- — -
my aptnion. the advertiaemenu are
f " r brm * ***• l ** rt **'1 «M1HC
part of it. ! look the«« over careful
^ ^ many times the cost of
the [>* per nach week, through the
. . . . „
busxie»» advantages I gvt from them
" ldon't know but wrhat you are
rigkt." said the trrxmd. I know they
W« ~ «U - m «-■
nat * w<1 tad* lo ' n<1 fault with the
adver-usenwwu after alL"
meats in It. The other replied:
Those ttiest have thv right ujoa of,
,, lt ^ niaa
, H _. ._. ^ _
a family U take a goad local P*P*T
*** th *' "** * ^ w^*«**«»*«*
& nothing «non». !f business men fail
to gtrv farmer* a chance to read ad
"You never trade with me." said a
bus me«» man to a prosperous farmer
. ... , .
place of business, and I never go
where I am not invited, because I
j might not be welcome." was hi* rep y.
... _ _ . _
Aa ,<Ub<> ••<>»•«• touring Europe.
«hH, in Italy loaned a traveling com
I Au^n mlJI.
it requiring a million kronen (8190.
obOl to pay tha trifling debt,
vertiaemente in th* local paper, they
»n» blmd to their own hiterest*.
You have never invited me to your
Effect of War am
Corme? of Europe
Just vria r to the world war a Ger
I man insurance company leaned tePO,
"" *• »"'« hul1 ^ «rth *L
A few months ago the lean
,, ^ i_
^ " A »«r*c*n
mo *'«> r r"* •»*■«». j
A leading Austrian surgeon Just be
for* the srar, inherited $60,000 ia
money, from the estate m t Ml ÉlhAI*
a St. Ixiui* burine*» Plan. He placed
the money in a savings hank at 3
cent interest, and ha* never drawn a
cent of principal or interest. In
._. .. , , .
Americ*n monev the deposit it now
worth just $3.15.
Of the Emmett Index, published
weekly at Emmett, Idaho, for Octobar
1, 1923:
publisher*. Ed Skinner A Sons.
Statement of Ownership. E'c.
Emmett. Idaho.
. Editor. Ed Skinner. Emmett. Ida
Business Managers. C. M*. Skinner
and R. E. Skinner. Emmett. Idaho.
Known bondholder*, mortgagees
other security holders owning I ner
cent or more cf bonds, mortgage* or
other eecurities : None.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this Oct. I, 1833.
FOR SALE—A tent, 12x14, 3 ft. wa'l
Breaking cart and harness. Bird's
*** rw ~
FOR SALE—Pressure tank. 2x8 feet,
Walter Iwrkin. South Boise av*„
l' hono M * w *
Notary Public
FOR RENT—3 svwi unfumi'hod.
Call at 1024 Washington Av*. g. lp
FOR SA LE— 1922 Ford touring. Many
extras. Fquipped for camping.
F. Sanders. Tel. 388 evenings. 1-Sp.
FOR SALE—1 Overland 85, 1 Over
land •0. 1 Maxwell truck and 1 Ford
truck. Will trade for town lota. Lar
.. „ . .
kin Auto Co.
The fir« weekly sales day
htl<J , t Bird'* rorrill ,
October 13.
will be,
List whatever «uff you;
nave to sell »nth Howard Harper at ■
f lr ^ t barn.
Sales Manager.
282 or 89 J.
See Dan M'oody for any kind of
Overland Transfer. Phone
Notice of Sheriff » Sale.
Notice of Sheriff * Sale on fore
c'osure of Mortgage.
E. A. McLaugh in. Plaintiff.
A. E. M'ells and Belle M'ells. his w : fe.
T. C. Milfong. J. B Bell and Lillian
Bel , husband and w-ife. and Em
«nett Cherry Company, a corporation.
I'nder and by x-irtue of an order of
^j decree of foreclosure, issued
out of the District Court of the Ser-,
ent h Judicial District, State of Ida
ho, in and for the County of Gem.
^ ^ ^ ^ of September, 1923.
in the above entitled action, where
n E. A- Mcljaughhn. the above named
! plaintiff, obtain«! a deer« against
* *?• *T»*
T. C Mi fong, J. B Beil and Lillian
s husband and »rife and Emmett
j ('berry Company, a corporation, de
fendant», on the 29th day of Septem
: SS
| ^ Book B of aaid Court.
: at page 14, 1 am command«! to sell
*1! that certain lot. pi«« or parcel
; of Und situated in the County of
(^m. State of Idaho, and bounded
„j „ f oU ows. to-w.t:
Th* ES of the KWh of the SEN.
j of section 18. Township 6 North.
Bang* 2 Meet of the Boise Mendiait
except 25 feet off the South end. de
dicated as a public highway, contain
me 20 acres more or less, together
with a'l and singular the water
«***» «nd appurtenances thereunto
Notice is hereby given. That on the
*«, h itv af October.
o'clock P M-. of that day, in from
®f the front door of the County Court
House, in the City of Emmett. County
of Gem. I will in obedience to said
ord-r of sa' and dorre of foreclosure.
sell the above described property, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to
„, 1(rfy accree scith irrter
est thereon and coat*, to the highest
ÄsiS** Uwftti mon ' y of th '
RIGGS. JR ? Sheriff.
192.3. at 2
Net»** for Pahliratiaa ef Time Ap
pelated for Proving M ill. Etc.
In the Prohate Court of the County
of Gem Stete -xf ldaho^
I■ the matter of the Estate of Ed
ward Doherty. Deceaeed.
pursuant to an order of said Court,
made on the third day of October,
1923, notice is hereby given that Wed
tvs cay the 24th day of October. 1923.
Court House in th* City of Emmett.
per-{County of Gem. has been appointed
** • n d place for proving th*
Edward Doherty, de
ceased, and for hearing the applica
tion „f Chari*, Doherty for the
issuance to him of letters of Admin- 1
«(ration with the will annexed, when
and where any person interested may
appear and contest the same,
Dated Oct. 3, 1923.
H. M. HAAG. Clerk.
Al Emmett Bell Perk
October 5, 3 o'clock
^ â
Emmett Wildcats vs- Boise Cougar«
_< ;
Admission 35c
Liberty Theater
Sunday-Monday, Oct. 7-8
One of the World's Greatest Love Stories
(TWH liant presents
tkt mo**J by
Scenmrt» by
jules rurmkAN
Ohrtr Çyt* Pg*d
A Mat <ic Stoçy
Vhat Va* Not
Written rn the
x Book*
From the novel by Augusta Evans — loved
and read by three generations.
Prices 15c and 35c.
A Public Sale placed in The Index will
be read by more farmers and stockmen in
Gem County than can be reached through
all the papers circulating in Gem county
Bigfge^t Circulation Gets Bifgest Results.
Quality Market
Everything in
A Large Assortment of Cooked Meats
Cruickshank Bros.
Join the A. O. U. W.

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