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. AUGUST 19. 1187
Hu attained a standard of excclence which
admit* of no superior. . ,
It hoiitains every Improvement that Inventive
ye ulus, skill and money cun produce.
school*, ohurchos, lodges, societies, etc.
Ixr.arALr.D facilities,
skilled ironies E*.
Instruction Books and Plano Stools.
Catalogues and Frioo Lists, on application, hike.
Ur. Randolph Ann St$„ CHICAGO, HJU
A Card.
T» all whn are ,n(Tcrfng from the errors and In.
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood Ac., I will send a recipe
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[Written for this paper.]
Winter was dying hard, and witb its latest
throe sheeted every thing by a fall of sleet;
the north wind held its »way, and tore with
uiiler gust* through tile storm driven street*.
Steps and pavements were trap* for the un
wary; telegraph and telephone wires were
down; even stanch poles had been snapped
sheer off between the weight of the ice and
the force of the wind. But the suu came out
the next morning clear and bright, Bashing
in rainbow tint* on a crystal world; and a
lineman who was out on .the root of a seven
story building, creeping down toward the
eaves after a refruelory wire, caught the
dazzle ill his eyes, slipped and fell, but made
a desperute clutch with his numbed hands at
the eave trough, anil bung suspended by that
frail support which might give way any iu
stnnt beneath his weight.
People in the street below cried out as they
caught sight of his perilous position.
"Oh, he'll be down in a minute."
''He can't draw himself up, for see, it's
breaking away now,"
' No, a holds yet. Can't something bedone
for him I"
While they gezed upward, dazed with hor
ror and feeling the utter helplessness of any
effort to reach him ill time, a second lineman
ap|>eured on the roof, sent there, it would
seem, to assist tho other. It only required an
instant to take in the situation—the crocking,
swaying euve trough, the dosperutely grip
ping hands, the ghastly, set face of the
doomed man, who swung over that deadly
"Save him! Rave him I emne up from the
street lielow.
Only the moaning of the cry reached the
nmn on the roof, so loud nnd strong was the
wind which blew there, but he answered us it
he hud heard ii:
"I'll try. 'Taint no di/Trence to me if'tis
Steve Brady. Maybe as we'll laith go down;
hut 1 reckon we've about ekil chances."
He was I may fastening a rope to the nearest
chimney os he spoke, it was not n longrope.
out it would reach beyond tho edge of the
roof, and he made a noose in the end of it,
wldeli he placed around his body boiienlti the
arms; then taking a coil of wire which he
curried for repairing purposes from Ins
|K>Uch, he plied it to the rope a few feet far
tiler up, and dropping upon hands and knees,
ma le his way to the eaves.
"Hold fast, H:eve," he called, encotirag
Inglv; "I'm coinin' to help ye. Hang on till
I git n turn of the wire around you—good
Lord! man; don't yun wriggle or you're a
gone one in spite of me!"
IJut in the same breath with the warning
'le re nns a convul-iva effort on the part of
.he suspended mini, the parting euve trough
slipped from hi., rigid lingers, ho was toppling
backward, falling into space; the earth, the
sky, the face of the mail above him ail blend
ing in one chaotic picture before his despair
ing sight, yet he did not fall; the arm of John
Hannon, who hail s'.ipped like a flash over
lie edge, was about him holding him up,
iv bile he adjured:
"Get a hold, get n hold, for God's sake! If
you rally your life ami mine keep your wit
about you, Steve Brady. Now, then, climb
up the rope. It'll liear the strain, I think,
md you can get on the roof from my shoul
ders. Steady; so."
There was a moment of suspense. The
strands of the straining rope were cutting on
tl»e edge of the slates, hut the wire which John
had plied to it higher up divided the weight
■md enabled fli-st the one, then the other to
climb to the roof. They stood there panting
with exertion, looking into each other's eyes.
"I owe my life to you." said Brady, "but 1
wish I didn't. I wish I'd dropped down into
.lie street afore I owed it to you."
The cause of the enmity between them?
The usual cuuse—only a girl. Not even o
pretty gir! as the world saw her, but the one
on whom each of these men Had set his
heart. There was something of the coquette
in her, or else she had not yet learned her
own mind, for she had given encouragement
to each, or he thought so, which amounted to
the same.
The bitterness of feeling that, nut. of com
liiou gratitude, he ought, to stand out of his
rival's way, was working in Sieve Brady,
hut, with the words on his li|>s, lie began to
waver and sank down unconscious.
When he came to himself he was in n
strange place, but it was still John Harmon
who was with him and who had this to say:
"Now, look here, Sieve Brady, don't yon
go to fussin'or worritin'! You've been took
with a spell, nnd busted n blood vessel in
nardly, through strainin', but you don't want
doctorin' so much as quiet an' peace of mind.
That's why I brung you here. This is my
room and it's in my mother's house, and 1
want to ray to you that I'll be square an'
even w ith you. I won't take n step toward
seein' Dolly till you're on your feet again. I
won't try to get ahead with her through your
misfortin', and I don't want you to feel be
holden to me for anything. You'd a doue as
veil by me if I'd been ill your flx."
Tiie evil spirit in Steve was quelled by thus
generous treatment.
"Y"lTre a better man than I am, John
Harmon," he cried out. "You're more de
servin' of her. Too."
"I don't know," answered John, "I'm slow
an'you're quick, that's about the difFrence.
It just depends on which sue takes to most
that's all there is of it."
Another spirit moved the injured man be
fore lie was conceded by John Harmon to he
fairly on his feet again.
The latter came home late from his work
one evening.
"How's Brady?" he asked of his mother n«
he sat down to tho supper which she had kept
for him. "Wants to get out. eh j He'll hr
there soon now, but I reckon I'll have to give
'dm the slip to-night. She'd be disappointed
if I didn't come 'round."
"Yes," from the mother. "But sewns tome
hauany* ud give you better worth for your
money than ihein there rosea, John."
"She wouldn't tb.iiks so, mother."
Then a door went shut, and Brady, who
nos half way down the stall's when those
wor.ia arrested him, turned and went up
again with his Mood on fire. So, this was the
kind of fmt.li with him! This was the man
who was more worthy of Dully than lie was.
He could hear John splashing the water at
the kitchen sink as lie made ready to go out,
but Harmon had no idea that a dark figure
on the other side of the way, when he finally
reached the street, was that of his rivaL He
did not notice how it crept after him, keep
ing him in sight; and if there had been any
doubt at all m Brady's mind it was soon
ended, for tbev were taking the direct route
to Dolly's home.
It was a lonely way, down side streets and
alleys, and presently Ste ve saw a second dark
form, on Harmon's sale of the way now,
creeping stealthily after him. He remem
bered then tliut this had l*en pay day and
that John most probably had his week's
wages in his pocket; but his first impulse to
cry out and warn the other died down.
Why should he interfere! What business
was it of bis if John should be assaulted and
robbed f Was not the la ter stealing a march
on him, carrying roses to Dolly and ingra
tiating himself when he had promised to
-ecp away. Ha had a momentary glimpse
of an uplifted arm carrying something which
looked like a short club. He knew iuatauily
what it was. He remembered an item which
he had read the week lief ore of an unknown
man who had been eami bagged on the street
and killed outright by a single blow. He
had not set this outlaw upon the track of
Johnilarinon; he hail nothing to do but to
bold bis peac* and it might be his rival would
be removed from his path forever.
It was a wicked thought, a horrible
"koubafn't got to do nothing, Steve Bra
dy; only just keep quiet," whispered the
But another inward voice, finer, stiller,
made itself beard;
"Wher'd you be now if be'd done nothing
when you hung down from that rotten eave
trough/ Did he keep quiet an' let yeu drop
out of his way, or did he venter his life to
save your'n? This here's murder you're a
nursin' hi your heart, Steve Brady. Are you
ready to do murder for any girl—leastwise
for a girl that don't know her own mind well
enough to chooae between the two of you?"
Ali this before the murderous blow fell. It
takes time to tell these thoughts of his, but
they all flushed through his mind in the spare
of a breath. As it fell a wild, ear splitting
yell startled the assailant and assailed alike.
John Harmon winded in his tracks, and the
blow, grazing his cheek, had force to knock
him down. He was up again on the instant;
up ill time to catch Steve Brady as the ruf
fian flung him off after the bi-iefest struggle
—for Steve was weak yet and no match
for the burly villain whose flight he hud tried
to intercept—to catch him and break the
deadly force with which he was hurled head
first against the wall.
That set to Lad the effect of sending Steve
back to his bed again. His head troubled
him and lie raved about rosea and sandcluiis
and Dolly, until one day he found himself
looking into Dolly's own bine, tearful eves.
"Oh, you poor fellow |" she cried. "Oh, to
think you cared so for inel But how brave
of you to save him when you were sick and
jealous and all. You needn't aay a won!, for
John Hai mon has told me everything; hut the
idea of you believing that l—that I could—
like him the best."
"Dolly," muttered poor Steve, hardly
knowing if he were really awake, "do you
mean—you choose—meff
"You and you only," murmured Dolly, who
would have been vastly indignant had any
one hinted that honest John Harmou was
more worthy to he glorified by that, same
heroic light with which she had invested
It made no difference when Steve confessed
his temptation to her afterward. What, wo
man will not forgive a man who errs through
loving her?
Those roses were never intended for Dolly,
after all. They were meant for a littli
huiie orange girl who was lust dying of con
sumption. They we e the one bright rjio;
in her joyless life, and that was the only pay
night, as long as she lived, on which Join
Harmon failed to take them to her.
He is Steve's liest friend, but he has never
found another Dolly.
Jennie Davis Bcrton.
Never Eats Meat.
A good old friend of ours says that it is in
comprehensible to her how people can cat
meat during this "heated term." She claims
that the poor animals become over heated,
that their flesh is full of impure matter, and
thnt. meat ought not to be eat n in warm
weather any way. For herself, she "eschews"
meat, and when she wants something
"stronger" than vegetables she eats "kidneys,
sweetbreads, n iittie bacon, some liver now
amt then and occasionally tripe." She re
gards this diet ns much more heuHH'tbnn the
"flesh" of over heated animals. She says,
however, that as a rule during the summer
rhe is "strictly vegetarian," nnd "lives almost
entirely on milk and eggs."—Buffalo Com
Results of Arsenic Eating.
The exact state of affairs brought about hy
arsenic eating is a diminution of the strength
of the blood; the capillary blood vessels are
"topped from working; the ends of the blood
vessels are killed; no blood is supplied to tilt
skin, and the real reason for the w hite, trans
parent nature of the skin is that it is practi
cally dead. If the result of arsenic eating ii
the highly transparent state of the skin, and
if this can only result from the killing ol
Wood vessels, the claim that there is no harm
in the habit becomes an absurdity.—New
York Post.
Wants to Head tli© Mormon Church.
"Young Joe Smith," as the Utah Mormons
call him, the head of the noil-polygamous
branch of the Mormon church, was born
about the time the Mormon church was
organized, and is, therefore, well on to fill
years old. He was
a boy of 13 when
his father, the ori
ginal prophet, Jo
seph, was killed ii
Illinois, and h;>
mother refused t<
follow the Mor
mons in their exo
dus to Utah, but
obtained possession
of all tht prophet's
property in Nam
voo. In time this
made her wea thy,
JOSEPH SMITH. JR. fo ,. that n] f d
place. The Mormons had meanwhile divided
into a dozen or more sects, the largest division
following Bi igham Young and the twelvi
apostles. Oue by one the other sects fell tc
pieces, but in 1860 the remnants of tin
"Strangites," "Cutleriteo," "Lynianltea," etc.,
got together, reorganized the original church,
excoumiuuicated the Utah Mormons, "hoo
dooed" Brigham Young and polygamy and
called young Joseph to be their president.
His headquarters for many years wns at
Plano, Ills. Later the reorganized church
Isiught the old Mormon temple at Kirtland,
O., refitted it and made that place one of
their "stakes." The organisation is supposed
to include 40,000 members—not quite a third
as many as the Utah concern.
Minister to Porn,
Hon. Charles \V. Buck, United States min
ister to Peru, is a native of Vicksburg, Misa.,
aud is of an old family. Ilia father was a
banker and his mother was daughter of a
distinguished Ken
tucky physician.
Charles \V. was
graduated from the
Lexirgton univer
*ity in 1871, and
began the practice
of law in his native
state. During the
reconstruct iou
period he took an
active part in pol
itics. In 1873 he was
nominated commit-'
signer to Vienna,
but declined, and
shortly afterward
removed with hi*
family to Kentucky. In 1879 he wns made
judge of Woodford county and held that
position for four years. President Cleveland
named him minister to Peru in 1885. He ha*
made him* If very popular in Lium.
Auditor of Altiras County
Quarter Ending July II, 1887.
Orrics or )
Hailey, July 19,18(17. )
To the Honorable Board of Coun
ty Commissioners of Altukas
County, Idaho:
Gentlemen: — I herewith present
for your consideration the following
Report of the financial affairs of said
County for the quarter ending July
11, 1887:
County Treasurer, Dr. To
48 Hoad tax receipts, gross $ 96 00
Less commission*. at 15 per
cent.................... 14 40 81 CO
County licenses, gross..... 250 00
Less commissions st 10 per
cent...................... 25 00 225 00
Territorial and County li
censes, gross..... ...... 3,381 00
Less commission.......... 317 80 30G3 20
Fines, net.................. 274 50
Total Ain't of revenue.. $ 3,044 30
Balance in Treasury last
report.................. 17,240 02
Total cash resources... $20,884 32
Current Expense and Re
demption fund........... $ 100 00
School fund................ 1,7*22 78
Territorial fund........... 324 59
Total amount paid out.
To balance now in treasury $18,736 95
Balance as per April report $9,525 51
Apportionment during quar
ter!...................... 2.738 Cl
Total................... 12,264 12
To amount paid out for at
torneys' certificates.... 100 00
By balance in fund......... $12,164 12
By balance as per April re
port......... 339 28
By balance aB per last re
port.................... $1,764 13
By apportionment during
quarter................ 81 CO
Total Ain't now in fund $1,845 73
(No Disbursements.)
By balance laat report..... 61 52
By balance last report..... $4,953 27
By apportionments........ 499 50
Total................... $5,452 77
To amount paid out........ 1.722 73
Balance............... $3,729 99
hospital fund.
By balance as per last re
port...................... $527 96
Balance ss per last report. $68 35
Total.................. $18,736 95
To amount warrants out laat
report..................$200,256 56
To attorneys* certificateH(ie
sued by District Court;.. 100 00
Total.................. $200,356 56
By attorneys' certificates
paid...................... 100 00
Balance now outstanding.. $200,256 5G
Note.—C laims against this
fund were all owed at
April session of Board,
amounting to $9,480.59,
but no warrants have been
Irsued to date in payment
of said allowances.
To amount outstanding
warrants as per April re
port...................... $133 75
Noti .—For the redemption
of these warrants $339.28
remains in the county
To amount warrants out
standing as per April re
port...................... $12,733 65
Note.—C laims against thl§
fund amounting to $1,511.
80 were allowed by the
Board at April session,
but in compliance with or
der of Board, no w?irrauts
have been issued in pay
ment of said allowances.
To amount warrants out
standing as per April re
port ..................... $31,369 25
Note.—C laims against this
lund amounting to$787.50
were allowed by Board at
April session, but in com
pliance with an order of
Board, no warrants have
been issued up to date.
To amount warrants issued
past quarter.............. $1,787 78
By amount redeemed past
quarter................... 1,722 78
Bslarce now out........... $65 00
Total warrant debt.....$244,578 21
Total bonded debt..... 40,0o0 00
Total county debt...... $284,578 21
The above statement does not Include accrued
interest, nor claims allowed at April aesalon of
Warrants now outstanding:
Cmrent Expense aud Re
demption Fund. ........$200,256 M
CtfcM' ral Fund........,..... 153 75
Road and Bridge Fuud____ 12,733 65
Hospital Fund............. 31,369 25
School Fund............... 65 00
Total...................$244,578 31 $244,678 21
Claims allowed in April,
for which no warrants
have been Issued, hut
which constitute s part of
county debt:
Current Expense and Re
demption Fund........... $9,480 59
Hospital Fund.............. 787 50
Bead and Budge Fund...... 1,511 80
Total Floating Debt.......$256,358 10
Total Bonded Debt......... 49,000 (JO
11,779 89
Total Debt.............
$296,358 10
CANNALY. Auditor.
Oerbett, Deputy.
delinquent list of 1886.
Jan. 14, By W. W. Yeates,
Assesor. fie., for
amount of de
linquent Bet... $6,744 33
Jar. 14, By filing 120 cer
tificates........ 30 00
Jsn. 14, By ?6 per cent.
added.......... 1,693 58
March 17, By 25 per cent.
added.......... 1,693 58
Amount...... $10,161 49
Jan. 14, To balance...... 20
Jan. 14, To W. W Yeates,
(Am't. collected) 84 10 84 30
Balance................ $10,077 10
The above balance is represented by Assesor'a
certificates ©f sale filed in Auditor's office, for
property sold to county, for which deeds are now
Send for 76-Page
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l each year. 6^* 313 pages,
J 8>,xil^ inches,with over
1 3,50 J illustrations - a
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vate, Chronic and Nervous Dis
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m _ Seminal Losses. Sexual l)eca>
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Young, Middle-Aged and Old men and all. who
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400 Geary Street, Ban Francisco, <*a
Private entrance, 4A5 Mason Street, four blocks
up Geary fttreet from Kearny. Main Mitrinre
throughDlspem try Drugstore. j6mi
Branch Office iu Portland, Knickerbocker
House, betwten 3rd and 4th EtrteU
Main Street,
The Only Restaurant in Idaho
Rnn on the European Flan.
Dinner Served From 12 till 2.
Ball Happen i Specialty.
Dinner Parties Furnished
on the shortest notice.
For Boarders and Day Pupila,
Salt Lake City, Utah,
Studies will be resumed
MONDAY, AUGOST 29, 1887.
The Euglish course includes all the hranche#
necessary for a first-class education. The Lan
guages, Ornamental Needlework, Plain Sewing,
the Principles of Vocal Culture and Choir SlDg.
ing. Drawing snd Sketching from Nature, form
no extra charge.
Tonus moderate. The usual modification of
terms given when two or more of the same family
attend school at the Rume time.
The students who attend All Hallows College
will be permitted to viait their sisters at the
Half rates can be secured on two of the railroad
For Catalogues, Ac., sddr* m as above.
None but W hite Cooks and
Attentive Waiters Employed.
Having thoroughly renovated the above Es
tablishment. I am prepared to offer first-class
accommodations to all.
Is now s part of this Establishment. The best of
Bread, Cakes and Pies
Always or hand.
FRITZ GRAF, Proprietor.
MRS.N.J. MYERS, Proprietress
I The table is supplied with all the dellcaelea of
the season.
j First-class waiters In constant attendance.
| No Chinese employed. jc25
Warm Springs Creek,
This elegantly appointed and popular resort i»
now open for the reception of guests, for th®
summer of 18«7.
Special accommodations for families.
A hack makes nguiar trips to Ketchnm.
ml2 Proprietor
We are now
prepared to furnish all classes with employment
st home, the whole of the time, or for their spare
moment". Business new. light, and profitable.
1'eisons of either sex easily earn from 50 cent*
to $5.00 per * vei.ing. ai.d a proportional sum k*
I devoting sll their time to the business. Boys ar.J
. girls earn nearly as much as m«n. That all wb*
see this in * y send tli'dr fcudie*8. and test the busi
■ uess. w* make this offer: To such ss are not satis
I fled, we will send one dollar to pay fort be trouble
j of writing. Full particulars and outfit fr**. Ad*
l dress GEO. HTINPO.N A CO.. P rtlaljd. Me. n30

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