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Wood River times. (Hailey, Idaho) 1882-1915, September 24, 1890, Image 3

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highest of all in Leavening Tower.— U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 18S9.
..SEPT. 24. 1810
Silver in New York to day #1.13
per ounce; lead, #5 per 100 pounds
Toilet soaps at Steward Bros.
Turn out, everybody, and hear
Dubois this evening, on the political
issues of tSe day.
You can save time and money bv
getting your loans through
Lemmon & Boone.
Mrs. E. B. True has returns 1 from
:the E»'t muoh improved in health by
her trip.
Plug and smoking tobacco at
.Steward Bros.
Colonel Ballentine is over from
Muldoon, and will remain on the
.river until Saturday.
The north-bound train drojrped
iour freight cars tit tins place tins
We carry the largest stock of
crockery and glassware in town, anil
sell it at bedrock prices. Bar glass
ware and fittings a specially.
Steward Bros.
A car-load of cord wood whs
- brought down from Gimlet to llaiii-v
by the south bound train this after
<131 n.
The celebrated Stonewall Whisky,
in quart and pint flasks, at W. T.
Kennedy's Famous Sample Rooms.
Harry Strahorn ami a party of.
five ladies left to-dav for Chicago,
where they will spend the winter.
Competent judges sav that the
-cigars manufactured in Hailey are the
best they ever purchased for the j
Hon. Fred. T. Dubois was aboard
the east-bound train which collided
near Nampa yesterday; but he was
■u 11 injured.
Insure your property in reliable
companies. None others are repre
.sented bv Lkmmon & Boone.
People who enjov smoking a pipe j
-should stop at the cigar factory, and j
try some cigar clippings.
Ex-Sheriff Pat soy Kirinev 1>- ft to
day with his wife for Ogden, Utah,
where Mr. Kinney expects to go on
the road as a conductor.
I have a large ami fresh stock of
■imported and domestic suitings which
I will make up at a sacrifice.
Elof Anderson.
25 per cent, off on pocket cutlery
And Meerschaum pipes during Septem
ber. Steward Bros.
Ex'Ohipf Justice Morgan, enndi
date for Judge of the Supreme Court,
and D. \V. Stand rod, candidate for
District Judge in Bingham, On-ida,
Beat Lake, Custer, and Letniii, passed
•down the road this afternoon, on their
way home to close the campaign.
If you want a first-class shave, hair
■out, or shampoo, go to Phil. Weber's
barber shop, two doors south of the
express otlice, Hailey
John O'Brien, of the Wood River
Meat Market, keeps nothing hut the
choicest meats on hand. Try him.
W. G. McKinnon, who left a con
pie of years ago lor Ins old home near
Hefnntaine, Ohio, where his father
ownsa well stocked farm, returned to
Hailey to-day. He savs that he en
joyed himself for a time, back there;
but that it finally proved too quiet
•nd slow for him.
Do not fail to order your clothes
from Elof Anderson, of Hailey, as
now *• the time for fall and winter.
. John Kilkenny was stabed nec.r tl e
n ght nipple, last evening, with a
winer's candlestick in the hands of
nomas Hendricks, at the Red Cloud
(nine. No arrests.
It is impossible ta obtain ary in
ortnation concerning the accident on
8 east end of tho Short Lin* yes
*n- -V' ^ ur, ber than that there was a
®° baton, that the rear of the mail
f* r 'I 8r, me Wood R ver mail were
Urned before the fire was extin
guished, and that a delay of 2d hmr
*hsued to all Short Line trains m-t
* Mdoned in consequence of the
Tom Kfppttr.
^ My store will he closed from G
®olock Tuesday evening, the 23.-I
,ant ' until fa o'clock Wednesday
' the 2-trh instant, on account.
«bo holiday of Y
um Kip pur.
S. J. Friedman.
About ten days ago Judge Berrv
ordered the arrest, on a charge
contempt, of ti. (J. Bonney, editor of
j the Eagle Rock 1 lines. l'lie charge
was based upon toe publication, in
the cominis of the news, aper of the
accused, of an article of winch the bil
lowing is a copy:
"Judge Belry !" What a desecra
tion when 1 he name is used. "Ju ice!"
llow digesting to pronounce t-.at!
"tits hum 1 !" Whut is meant by Hus
term. All these come up belo.e us
when we spring the enigma: 1- he a
man or is lie a Tool. 'i AJethinks iiie
latter wo ild lie more app op late.
And why? Ah! do \ ou not k i.o w '{ lie
was app
tiict um
0 f
"ted Juigeof the I Ini - 1 dis-;*
r Pifsiihni CleveUn I, |, ut
has lie k. pt Ills lru.-ty Verily, 1 say
unto you, NO! II.- lias In cme toe
tool of the Republican ringleader-,
au.l whyV Simply for gum. lie
Obeys their every use so as to hold his
otlice. Flop, ye shark hsh, you are
disowned and dishonored. I'm-Detno
cracv cares to have tiothing n.oie to
do with you, while your supposed
"Republican friends" are pointing at
your hack with a finger oi scorn
"Disowned and dis onore llow
the thong! t should grate on your con
science, and how your d. eds will he
pointed at a- di tated by tricksters!
Consistency, thou art v j- "el—but
Judge Berry is not one. Is he work
mg fur Ins coi si.tu. nts, or has he
ever done so? We say no. B. tiav
ed! Retkaykd!! BE I'RAVhL)!!!
W hohas he tici'ii Cioseied with on
more tl an one occasion? W ho ac
companied him on a recent trip to
another country, ami there in all
likelihood concocted sell- mes in (aver
ol llie R. puhlu aris? And t. e alls
vver comes— Dubois. Last Monday
Judge Berry had the case up of tip
pointing election supervisots IBs
original announct in.-nt was not mad.
he'ore the Democratic lawyers, but
be excused them as "t ere was tioili
b. fore th- c -uri,'' and im
mediately alter they lelt he sprung
the appoint incut of' el.-cti- n super
visors, and it leniaii.ed a scent lor
several days. In the matter,i ii .Mon- •
dav, -Ins Hawley prescnl.il the law
aril jurisdiction, iinil the defending |
att -ru.-y did not dispute them because
the fa. ts were conclusive. But
were ennelusiv
did this jndg- do but
ay lie would
only question vviih t
class or cat -gory tc
i and appoint them any ln>w !
exait bis -
Wood ut.d Richardson were on band
and it mu-! be d no any' how,
whether tight or wrong. A t - I
can make its own collin. Bury Berry
and let the nam- he forgi tt it. In
death we should not pull him down,
but as a parting m-motial
name. Selah.
While we believe Mr. Bonney to
he guilty of contempt, and that the
offense is inexcusable, Judg- Berry
has made a niis-ake in ordering the
arrest of the offender. By doing so lie
lias aroused svnq a thy for him among
a certain class of people who would
not but for these proceedings have
ever heard of him; while be lias not
damaged him in the opinion of Sound
thinking people, as with t* is class, the
standing, or lack of standing, nt all
unworthy persons is fixed in advance,
without regard to individuals. I lie
m is as t" the
which one be
Judge Berry's record, before and
since coming to I 'a''-, is tlat of a
high-minded, siudious, iticutruptib!.
juri-t. 'Ibis i- well i-.n* wn; and the
crih v
character of such a mull e
improperly changed tint
swayed by any combination ol cir
cum-tancrs. N-r can any irresponsi
ble scrtlibler succeed in clouding its
The only punishment which we
wo ild infi ct upon this f.-II-.w Bon
Dev, were w.* in Judge 15 rry s place,
would be a silent conteir.jt.
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for vests we have been H-lling I'r
King's New Discovery h r 1 on-iitnption.
Dr."lving's New Life fills, i'.ncklen's
Arnica Salve and Kleilric | :ii *• *-- :111 -
have never handle.l r.- o. du - lit it s.-H
•is »ell or that have giv-n such urn
versa! satisfaction. " e do not hesitate
to *'imrantee them every
stand ready t" ref'iltnl the piuvhase pro
if satisfactory rc till- do :*<•; !'d.
use. Tiles- r-me.lies have w
great popularity fire,-.- ..n >nr.t
ilcwii .V Broa n. drn
i thrir
W*St of
ght train
, ft Was Cansrd bj the Breaking Apart
«r a Freight Train.
j 8|>eci *l h> the Salt L»tro Trll.nne ]
Na.' 11 'a, Ida., Sept. 22.—A big
wteck occurred on the Oregon Slioit
I Line, about three mile
! Nampa, tonight. A fr
| broke in two unknown to the engi
| tieer, and the freight train with the
| caboose, ran down the grade at a
I rapid rate. The night east-bound
passenger, tunning with great speed,
j ran into the caboose and freight re
| duc'tig the calmose to kindling wood
I 1 *"* 1 turning the rest of the freight
cars ii t » t
Hitch. 1 he pns*r»i yer
j engine was bad,y damaged and the
| baggage ear splintered.
| Engineer Kaiser was severely
woiimle I. 1 he wonder was that lie
'Vis not kill-il. I' he fireman yva
badly scald, d. One man, Pal Boyle,
| hvii g at. the mouth of Boise river,
i "as kilinl. He was in the caboose of
tin- freight train ami was found in the
" reek, horribly mangled, 'l'lie body
"as taken to Nampa f■ -r mquest. All
j the passengeis were severely shaken
i up.
Frank ('< (I'm, the Republic all until
im-e for State t reasurer, was on hoard
i lie passe i e-i r i n
whether anyone i n th-- train wa- hurt
He said there was no light on th-
back pa-t of the caboose and the t'ain
i "a- coin ing around a curve and he
! could not see the freight. An sx
ciirsion train from Boi-e to ( ahlvv. ll
j to attend the Republican rally and
! li-t n to Dubois bad to go ha. k. The
: wr.-ck will in t be mov. d before to
mortow noon at th- ear i.-st.
way to 15. i-e
Both fireman and engineer re
I njained at their p,,-t. Engineer
L <iser, though severely hurt about
1 'I'** head, on li.-ing brought to the ear
i ignored his own wounda and inquired
Ju.-t la the Nick uf Tiun-,
Mrs Lydia A. Nelson, Luther,
Bake Until tv, Mich . ur;l-s:
"Butiii u, Mn il , .March 0 1SDO.
"I he Alli'ock s Bor u- Bla.-t rs you
-1 i t me came just in th- nick of lime.
W e have all ha I the 'Grippe' and, of
coins-, vve all lia.l to have a pln-t. r
over our lungs. 1 Verily beii.-v- th v
kept me from having inflammation . f
Hu- lungs, or something else, wl en I
had I he 'Grippe,' and perhaps sav
my life.
I in v- r intend to he w ithout th. rn
as long ns they are made
1 'lease send me another dozen, as
'he last arc all g. tie hut . no. 1 gave
several of I In-lit awav, but tbev all did
good in every t ase, so tar as 1 could
Try W. rihlicim.-i's #3 sh
Thuningi.brrd Stallions rfi cap.
Dr Valerius & (!o., of Waterton,
is., who are the large-t exporteis
and iiiqx.-iters in America, and handle
at. the very least 1000 houses a year,
have placed a new adver isement in
this is.-ue. 1 lie y ban -1 le (!1 \ de, Store,
Norman, Perolieron, Poach and tiot
ting sta 11 i->»is. It is claimed that they
both export as well as import, making
their trips pay eaih wav; that owing
to this fact their pii.-es are the lowest,
and they sell on time if required fu
tile purchaser. Writ-j them lor par
Bttckleti's Arnica Salve.
Tun Best Salve in the world for
cuts, bruises, sores, uleers, salt rheum,
fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil
blains. corns, and all -kin eruptions,
aid positively cures piles, or no pay
required ll is gnaraiueeil to give per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Brice, 2."> cents per box. For sale by
i!c" it & Brown.
Trv Wertiibeimer's *3 -hi cs.
Wall Paper at Cost.
We wish t
i ffer w ill OHje
double roll,
sti k k is it. w*.
r< duce our stock hi d
-r at front 15 to 5').-. per
A large portion of this
Steward Beds,
Excursion I'.itcs.
t Line Company I
.it . '
folluwtng excursion rate
The Or
offers the
To the Annual Encampment, I. O.
0. F. and Grand Lodge session, at
Boise, tickets "ill he sold from Oc
tober Oth to 11th. Good returning
until October 20th. ()..e fare for the
round trip, or ?1U.70.
To the Territorial Fare in Salt, I.ske
City —Ti< ketson sale Oct. Gtli to 10t'-.
Good returning until the 12tb.
One fare, nr JIG.70, for the round tr p.
To tic Women's Christian Tern
perance Union meeting at Blaekfont
—Tickets on sale Sept. 10 and 20th;
good returning until Sept. 24ih.|
Fare and one-tilth the round trip, or
J 11.35.
'1 li-se will probably he the las* ex j
cur- . ns of th* y .tr, s > ail who wish
• \Boise, Salt Lak* or Biaekfoot
th!, I .ii sh uid avail tb<-tnscrve» of
this ft j;ottui.ity. 1
Hun. Fred. T. Dub iRN Arrival.
'V. S Mack, W. I'. Rih-y, I. N.
Sullivan, Geo, M . Parsons, 1. w.
Garrett, James McPherson, Littleton
Price, K B. Leininon, ,?. S. Waters,
Art Smith, Dr. N. J. Brown, ami
many other prominent Republicans
yvent t - the depot tins morning to re
ceive Hon. F red. T. Dubois, who ar
rived mi the train.
Alter the usual exchange of greet
ings, it was deemed nest that Mr.
Dubois should go on up to Ketchum
and remain there between trains, the
people having said that they would be
satisfied if be did t .is, alter failing
to come last night, as advertised.
Messrs, Mack, Riley, and Pi ice there
upon voluntered to accompany
Mr Dubois will speak in this city
this evening, in BeBevua tomorrow
evening; and he will then go to the
Mormon counties to remain until aftei
No More I nnb. i-( illiores.
The s.-nnt has passed the (till
pealing the l imber ('nlture law.
Jcn'y.B hnd n ij'r»or dromn t:io
FTo tl. »u.*.rb! I;.? * .\v a in'i/u- Muir.■: s' 1 my. :md
!n tl. - 1.:.(!■!! • o.' i: B.-otel n db lit v littla
chamjMOM tv ho i:r»t uu-i iKIiIkti:! :> l.iu u« <1
°v« !*, ono by on •, ft e.vco or i,k»'d <.r bi>-,
burly-1' olih.jv i\ ilnw.i, tin v . j io
Dim 1:1. Giants ns tie7 woru in i-i • •, tho
i' iliRLi i ;;miv 1 1 'd tl inert* t '.; 1 n umtt :i fur
them If. v.u fill C-) funnv tit.it .li nks N.t>k'
u;» I.in ,iiimr. 11 • i.-comiu tor il;e ch.-Hi-j h v
tlB.? 1. • r. tt.ut ll :t.l j!!'t OO1 Mi' to t lit* ( 1 ■ 11 ' t ■ 111 -
rem, ill tor ti-vi.T-g- nrorlv o\ • t v bj-- Ov.isl J o
ibU ('-i tho 1 11 k f, that Pic o< ■ Plug mt
I'urg-n 1 iv i ■ or tin) r - < I
tjrau 1, r . ..'/*• hr - out " ; ID -t . I
MO 1 >. ol io .' *1
curoil i-v til- h ■■ of Dr.
rlem-'s ricarant I'urmuive I'ell. is. They
cm prntly il'vc. or si run:-. I.v e-itli.-.i lie,
sccot-i ling to si:-e of dose. IdimJI- ?t. rln-t,
Kiusi- st to take. 2.'. cools a vial, by drugg.-ats.
C,.fyrljf it. i-o.-. I«y Wn
I '1S1-I.--H , I.V
Mklll UuiIhi.., i(, i.
Wall Paper tit (in-iitly Reduced
A large assortment of the choicest
patterns of Wall Riper just, received
and offered at grea ly reduced lutes
Cull and examine it.
W. S. Mack,
Strahorn Block, Uroy street.
(Inneli Notice.
Rev. Sam M. Oliver, Presiding
Elder of the M E. Church, " ill preuch
at ihe Nl. E. Church Friday evening
at 7:30 p. in Quaiterly conference
on Saturday at 7:30 p in. Also on
Sunday at 11a. m , and 7:30 p. ni.
All are invited.
1 ry V\ erttdieimer's If3 shoes.
No inure Coal Famine for Hailey,
\\. /j. Burkhart lias ordered a few
cars of the best quality of the Sweet
water Company's Rock Springs c al
Leave orders at J. S. Whitton &
Co's lumberyard. A large supply ol
this coal—w ich is the very Best in
the market —will be kept on hand.
I-nit •
umilli JLIM'F.
List of LBltrrs remaining in the llulb-.v (Idnln*
PtiKfolfire for the week < tiding 8cj t* mbi r 1ft, 1/90.
Fersons calling for any oi Letters will ploaM
Frrldingcr, Henry N* rio», Frank
Oarvlt . A. NHhoii. J A.
Gannett, Lewis E. Roberts, A. i*
EDWARD ANGEL, boat muster.
Nature sliould be
assisted in the
spring to throw off
t'>e neaviBcss of
1 he sluggish winter
circulation of the
blood. Nothing
does it so well, so
prompt or so safely
as Swift's Specific.
I have used R. R. S. for a number of
rears, and consider it the best tonic ami
blood remedy that I ever used, la fact
I would not el tempt tn enter upon a
spring or Bummer in this climate with
out it. H. W. Coleman,
Of Coleman, Ferguson Co.,
Dado City, Fla.
Onr book on Blood
moiled free.
Lin BLeases
Swift Specific Co.. Atlanta. Qa.

The Injured Lads.
Joe Fwld was out yesterday, for thin
hist, time sinee he broke his arm.
He r_____ . .
S lily dissuaded from going to;
school l .-r \lo..,l... .. :,u ... ... Ill:
, t . lotlday , with greHt villi
'ulty, the la l being so ambitious to
learn that he will not Slav awav from
school on any Consideration.
Bertie Butler was out and down
town to vise, on crutches. The lad
had a long siege of it since the Fourth ,
t i .1 uly, Rut he htM iiiA likeiy to recover
the free uno of his limbs h tici mav
tlicn foic consider l imself lucky.
«dl t-iiy the ODELL I VI l: WRITFR with
78 i harseters. mill $12. C for the SINGLE
CASE ODELL, warranted to do belt, . w.- rk than
any machine made.
K.\SE *»F OPKI.ATION, W. I.TP b i g. r. WltboTH l OH| of
T' pal ph tknii aiiy other aiacliinu. Han in. Ihr rib
bon t • b< ther the operatv r. It ]« mat, si'Rstan
TIAL. nick. 1 plate . p« rfi ct I Ild hiImj t. d to all
kinds i
i f t> pe-w riling. Lilt* a
l'ltntu.v iribH.it
•t h sharp.
clean, 1 < glble ii
iihiiUh. ri ( tn. Two
t*r tt n
Ct pit s cs
n be nittiie at
one wilting. Any |
lut« 111 ,
.!« « t peitt.
*n call bt toii.o i
n »*i ei at* r in two j
We «.ff-r
Gio;c t-. i
miy operator who 1
can * tpul the w t
rk of tlm 1>()IH;
Reliable 8y,-( nt
s and salesmen
Wanted. Hpecia 1 j
• Dealers,
uphlet giving
enuuts, Ac., ad
01*1 l.l, TYPE WRITER CO.
85 «»<• *th Ave. CHICAGO, ILL.
Notice For Publication.
La: I)
iFFit'K at Haii.ky, Idaho,
St pr 24. 1890
Notice 1
lu rctiv H'\
el* th *l the fol
fiettl* t I*ms
filed n 1
final p oot
ii> support
of Lis .In,.
ml lh *1 Hul l
1 rum « .11
bt n .. . 1 .
hue 1 he It, s;
Rob. it i f
U Ley, b!
h.). * n * • 1
- * 1 90, > /.
\. 1 ( r 11 •
• idle (i t qufii
t\(**. 1 i Wi
► ll*p one M
i.th Ittiii. * Im
O- *l"HI
► the fol lo\
> 1 g Wltlll S-t w
cintlnu u
*esi.i*n t
u on. an 1 .
uitlvation t *;,
h -Id lan I.
v z; 1<. !•'
.1- ir rn. John
t Im h, am
1*. S. King
,.il oi S d..i r
1 iaho.
w. r. ILK
Hegistr r.
- —* - wwi wmiuia
Noti o of Contest.
U. 8 . Land (
I II -11.PY. tPAHO
Until, IHOP.
K Im en . I.tcr. .1
».t tblf
1 g- i'-st W ihit!
m c. 1
HI' ' t. Ml i l l I N
No. r
-* n tin s utl.w*
t qu i
i i Jon t * o. mj,
1 tile <
:t w.st qunrter
of Se.
- th, 1 : l;*,- ,
lie. (Ml
I ll . WHl) H V
i e W to
Itry ; the Haiti j
• 1 lies
> far : 1 th: t fiiee on the 'J.hth
fit 10 ■> cluck \ M.. to renp nd
stlinony coiK triuiiR hhI I alleged
mx'KHLAGF.R, Receiver.
Notice For Publication
NotW-e is h* roby ri v
s I I- r Iihh lifftl i tiHct
ft * h J proof in wn ppnrt
pio..1 wi 1 be Duuie
at Ill'll' > . blithe, o < u
W-11'"lu nstUH H r t' •• southv
tiei) fuiirt* en, l I'Wiihbip one ^
i it k at Haii.f.y, Idaho.
Hept. 22, 18D0.
n t).nt tin f 11 u lug named
ui' b h 'iit' Dtion tn make
'• blh Claim. Mil I that Kitld
ltc.flMt» r Min! Re
lie nam* « th*
f( lli wim
Cl .ms I
I Joint
1 inlu)
A y persoi
\s '• d* hi ri to p * t
► t cgiivst the
nib w dice t t
* u h pr of. or who 1,
o\\s* f i y uh
►Tauti'll refaHt
n Uiu • r the law and
l In- r< gll * a • lo» k
of tii Iii i r i
r I'epMrt *ient, why i
ch pro-d should
n**t be :t |L w
d, « ill be given an
oppnrtuni y at
the above n
*■: tinned tiin and
l-lft. e tl) eioss
« X *1111 l.e th**
Wi til* BM M Of Hilt ) t l
iliMHiit. and to
* fi r ♦ vi ten,
in rebuttal of that
subm ttcd by
W. T. RILEY, Re,( 1 st. r.
Notice For Publication.
Land Okfd e at IIaii.ey, Idaho.
Sept. 18, 1890
Notire |h hereby Riven tlant the fallowing
named ( t'lcr has tiled nottev o» Mm Intention to
make final pr* of in h pp-.rt of hia clwiin, and fl at
► ad proof will b« made bef r<- the lb gist* r Hi d
He '• tv«T. at Holley Idaho, on Oct 20, LDO, viz; ,
W i 111 *i in .1 Pr* «i t, of Soldier, Id she, for he North • ■
en t cj'i • ler *if S. 11to hi, T* wt ship i nt* north
Rang< fi*iirt( <-n enfit.
11 n *n t s tin- t llowii g wltr* 8-eK to prove h ; f
conti? u* iih r* ►idence ujon, mil rultivM*n>i «.f
said land, viz; M lcomb St wi t J.iiich l'r* nt
George 11. Abbott, anti lieorce i*r*oit, all «: Soldier
* W. T. RILEY, Register.
loo mxM)KKs:i>
Cl 1 EICON 6 i Si LM AN
1' * *r Salo 11 (mu 10(1 t<>
* 0< Ml* BHfll.
'f M'is the ttin# t buy in order
ed f*
*11 1
• si .
* rf** tly
uml '
• ll :
r*)»* •* 1 r n \v Im urt'iticn The
tr« ight on a hotr*«* io
lduln., 1 a only $50.
fully Warranted. Terms Eaey.
Dr. Valr-rit s & Ce.,
Watertown, Wis.
IV. II. 1 IKK,
Transact* a l*»
ku.n» a-i-l seili
the Uniie«l stnt
Draws exchange « n all y
•rel! an king business.
rails on the principal cities of
of Europe,
n* i silvv r bullion.
*•'.;• turns, ami re
n A MO 3
{ 1*0. . .J.< v.i . r. . Wn,
c.-tal g*ie. rx-YIa>or Laiilel k . Lvutty, V* ashit)«»
t*>n, New Jergiy.
on*, or mairtyp.) id rtngtn will t>* irttrodfH
to; this --nlnum for cue (foliar per week, orfifty rents
*t-» *rtt lft.c-rUon in<1 Iwiity-five rrnt. rtch sd'
dltlcnti Inat-rtion—payable In advance.)
I. o. O. F.
g£w, HIRING ST AH LODGE. No. 13. I. 0 ,
o. F\, hnl.la regular nieettnga rvtRT
I * .... J?' Wh-sksdav Ktkmno,Id AanocLitlon
w Halt, at 7 ::H1 o'clock. Vialtlng bretb.
| ern are cordially invito) to attend
...... E A. FRIEDMAN, N S.
, n 'Rec pr.iii .ii Hocr.t.ry
A. O. U. W.
! . Hatley lodge, n«>. i. a. o. r. w.. meats in
j AmiH'IkIi. 11 Hull, the IIRHT Mini'THIRD MONDAYS 111
ench month, at 7 :B0 o'clock, p. in All W orkmen
In good sti.inilng »re cordially invited to attend;
I AN. GaRi FIT. Recorder
A Rare Opportunity.
utm ht« r to i t!i i f ft b\ Li i lal 11 . 11 at learn of an
' xr» lb'Rt ii porn i tf> It the inliiary at Mt.
J biivll III. »•> writing Vrn. shim, r aa aboVr.
U sv«- r< r* hops and i i.itt< ulars lm to exp<rJ< uc , <i
HUvi t ACM tlitlci S r
Male Help Wanted.
$Ffl "O.ARv.rm ixpf.nsfs in advance.
nil. y>.-.l .-s. h in. nil., sternly i-n.ploymfnl
nt I 'me or traveling. No noll.-Uln«. tuitles ite.
bvi-ruia Hint nmtolig colli, ttona. No jn-stal car.la
Ail.lr. sH will, nun,)., liAFLli A CO , l Iqna, Ohio!
1 j
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
The law firm of KINGSBCKV k McGOWAN is
iliaa-lveil by mutual consent. The Arm business
la to be Closed ill. by 8. P. Kinohdcrt.
September 2.1, 1S90.
The co-pnrtnerahlp heretofore existing betweefi
NVm. ID mher find Al<>x MtKibblu, under the firm
name of MuKibdin A: K km nr it, liaa been dlafiolved.
All bill* due the firm nro pfiyahle to Alex Me.
Kibbin, at hitt shop, and all pm ties Indebted to ua
ure expected to settle np by tho first of October,
To Whom It May Concern.
I hen l>y Rive notice thut I will not {inyorbe*
romc I-. Hponaihlc for any drbt* contracted or in
ciirred by my wife, Mrs Mary M. Tin ker, of Hai
ley, Idaho, she having left my bed and board
without enut'O or jirovocition.
ail in 1 BA Ml'EL T. TUCKER.
To Whom It May Concern
I hereby give notice thut I will not pay or he
roine reap nimble for ntiy d» bt contracted or Jn
ei rred by my hUNband, Ysnitiel T. Tucker, of
Halley, Tdnlio, 1 l aving left blw bed and board,
Houses ai d Lots For Sale.
• sma'1 furnished bourn h built on three lots*
sale at reasi liable figiyes.
I F«r furth
furniture. 1
, «t a Rrcitt t
lisrs sod lots will he sold to
govern themaelv

* porticulars, apply to
■otl8* BherifTof Alturas County.
Notice to Tsxpa.ters.
JCotloa In hereby given that the unclt rsigned hav
ing been appointed supervisor of the Halley road
district, is now collecting the road tax for the
year 1890.
AH persons liable to road tax will therefore
[*.< ordlngly.
IIailey. Idaho, August 1,1890.
Oyster House,
Main Sikekt, IIaii.ey,
II. C, WEST, - - Dropi-letor.
This i« a first cImsh Iiburc, and the proprietor
respectfully r( qut sts a call, as he is satUfit d that
any \%ho call once will a^in.
Horseshoeino a Specialty.
Shop on cld Wines lot, Bullion St.
B.twcon Main St, *n:l Firet Ave..
IIailey, : : ; Idaho.
Trcnsst Wcrk! n tde V y eaihist
nu 6 f.d w< i tit,
Ac turn-Nil tbr «apira 1! 1( itiniun hidnn,
th *■ us h « j,ru . i t! l* i ►< v i i» ( ts hat will < pt li
>CU* . s'. A i» ( ill. ;:t( 1 t Of £<M dfi, U)«l 1 dust
' •• u ' ■ i t*d tt ii in «'mt tl tv. Hi tivn trd i(tin.
1:\. Itl't tail: Auuuifc, uULu.l'.O P«xt*9|
ciEcti.iiLtt, o. wt'm

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