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Wood River times. (Hailey, Idaho) 1882-1915, November 25, 1890, Image 4

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IkilM UuAiii' ADAM!
Condaeted by the Suten of the Holy Crow.
Thl* Institution U devoted to
The Education of Young Ladies
and Little Gibls.
Ite beautiful end airy location contributes mash
to the bappIneHS of Ite inmstee end pnlly en
bencee the advantages for health and comfort.
members of an order which maker the e location of
women Its principal life work, enjoy a wide ex
perleoce, which gives them unusual aucceaa In
training both the mind and heart of the young
girl, their aim being to prepare her to become not
The curriculum Is arranged with the view of
giving a well-rounded education, which shall lit
the graduates of this Institution tor any sphere
which a woman cau be expected to fill. It Includes
everything necessary to this and, from
English In all its branches, lowest as well as
highest, up through the Languages, Sciences and
For further particulars, terms and cataloguss,
Add.cn: SISTER SUPERIOR, Ogden Utah.
Girls and Young Ladies,
Healthy location overlooking the city.
Ruperter Teachers of Experience from th* East.
Thorough work In tke English and solid branches
■tuio Under Charge of Prof. Radoliffe.
Well.ventilated rooms. Good table.
For Terms apply to
Bishop Leonard,
A Chicago Dnvdtt Retailed 2,000,
000 ot
Catfil.viw of Band Inttnmwnis
Loif-rmt p»hI fcaulfmcnUa 4»"i
I' 'to lll"*tr*ttnna detrriWng «»f'V
•rtlrle rMultoil by Btml* cr D'ini
fnepe, tnrluiMng
ruU, Trtmm nga. ctf.
(on Ulna lnalrurUraa for
Amotoo' liqr.do, Alton loo Btid Scald
[>niin tv f'a Tv-iL-n Hy Utn, and
.Se lpclnl I. Ilf IllRlt M'lfiUe
........' Safe. The
, all over tlie
Alv.'iV, Roltnb'a and perfectly Safi
'aim* as used by liiousaml* of women all O' -- -..
1 i.iiit»«| $.;it<-*.tu the 01*1 Doctor's private mnll
praciieis for S3 venrs, ami not a single bad result.
Moupy returned If not as represented. Send I
cent* (stamoRl for sealed particulars, and receive
tbe only never known f o f .11 remedy by Ball.
!1« North Seventh Bt., 8U LouU, He
j OUXtS by thla Maw
:Cl(CfRie BUT AM lltriNMIV
______ - — > IoNiy, Mad a for ihle ■] aelQe par*
foao, Caro of E aa w aiha Weohneaa. living frooly, HIM. l u ll *
tag, ConllnnotM Cnrrenla of Klaetnehy through all WEAK
PARTS. Featuring them to HEALTH aod VIUURULl RTREN0TH.
Electric tarraat fait laataatly, or aro forfait EA.OfiO to ao ah .
HILT aad doapeoaory Caaiglota IL aad at, Worat aairsFW*
r aaoatAy Card la throe month*. Boa lad pamphlet Proa.
tAlklN tUCTRie M.. UINBtl BLOCK, IKNVtl, Cilia
IN D» im'"' 1 •' *
*s& w «r»EH.wis
raitto in iii# workl. Pavfa-i
imekre|ter Wcmntad heavy,
»**UD GOLD bunting caua
Both ladiee' anu gent a aitaa.
with wmIm and caaaa of
r #t)u»l vahta. ()5I rrRfOlm
ff ||otaoehafil«l
re All the work yo
you know ail. if yon would like
___ salynud Permaaontl;
Ouaktth '
HALF PRICE, $ 51 ! 81 £.
*T »»*d gxhnuMUItg DATTOtM
■ ■ —jgwfiv hsi m me VOUA glartrla
Ire* with kals Erlla Pamidilst frss,
RtawutolM WasagH SV„CMfiMfi.
dagrea* >t ]__
«• w sk. nmirna
Has attained a standard of exeellenoe
which admits of no superior.
It contains every improvement that
Inventive genius, skill and money can
These excellent Onrans are celebrated
for their volume, quality of tone, quick
response, variety of combination, artlsiio
design, beauty in finish, perfect construc
tion, making them the most attractive,
ornamental and desirable organs in the
world for Homes, Schools, Churches
Lodges and (Societies.
Catalogues on application, Fbi
tkleijg Cottage Qpjir (ji.
223 WABA8H AVE..
* H
Rosy Complexion, Youthful
Beauty, Plumpness and
are produced by Old Dr. Heath's Harm
less Arsenical Rejuvenating
Wafers, mill Blaok Heads, Pim
ples, Eruptions, Slcfn Diseases,
Ulcers. Catarrn, Hav Fever,
Asthma, Lung Diseases ermli
catcil Perfect health U the mirror of
beauty, mid only $1 n box or six for $5.
Mulled sealed. Free eomuiltntion at of
fices, 201 Broadway, New York.
L JylOwly L,
Private Medical Aid
nrClRE 8T. leOVlH, MO. Special attentlm
UriiULi given to all diseases or troubles Iii malt
or female, married or single, brought about b>
exposure, fibu*«s excesses or Improprieties
consulted by mall, or at tlie office, free of charge
KTReliable. Skillful Traatment Guaranteed.
Board and apartments furnished to thoee who
desire personal care. Send I*. O. stomp for circu
lar., etc, Addreaa letter*.
lr. Ward Office* lit II. 7th Street. 6t.Lonla.Kb.
NtpL Tfcc following c
rsropFfi I m B k|g
the world. Our (•rlliUMirt
anrqti«l*-d, and to introduce our
•U|M*nor goods wc will srntlMtRR
to ok B I'KMaon in each loialltf,
la above. Only llioaa w ho write
to ua at ouct* ran make aura af
lha rhiiiRt. All you have to do in
latvm la to allow our good a to
thoaa who rail—your m Ighbora
and thoaf around you Tha be
gfaninr of tbia advrrtiaement
tbowfi the amall and of the tela
gfvaa the arpeiimnre of ll reduced to
•boot tha Eftietb pa-t of IU bulk. It la a grand, doublealse tela
•eopa.aalargeaa teeaay t*>curry. We will aleoahow you how you
aan make from 83 loflOa day at leael, from the atan.with
out eiperlence. Better write at once. Wepay all aspraaa chargaa.
Addvoaa.ll-AAALUbTT * CO.. Dot Port la mi*. MaUM.
| Absolutely cured in 90 • D
day*, oir Dr. Pierce a 1* (tr
Magnetio Xlaatio Trias
Warranted tha onlyElcotrlcTruag
, . iu th* world. Entirely d'ilrrcnttroc
Ml others. PerfOct Retainer, and ia worn
with cam and comfort nightai 4* ty. Cured
the renowned Dr. J. Altnma t ll »w York,
'and hundreds of othere. Ne •• [ill • a ted pane
weakneu of Body and Kind, Ifmta
Abaolutelr narailing HOME TREATMENT—BenaEte la a day.
Haw leatlFy from AO ftutaa and Eerelgn CowntHea. Writ# thaSb
DaaerlpUva Beok. einlaaatlan aad proofh wallad (aaolad) ftw,
. OalyiiBNUiNt Elfctbic TRUSS In Worn
/Ptrfert KKTAlKER.glrlaclaeCANTRBi.iii
and Spaedy CURE. Worn with Itaaa A Can
fbi t night and day. Thla Raw InvealMwaomhlaaa Bdenet. Dui
Bhllltf, Paver. Reid atrietly oa Merita. PrtcaM.frfL. IHaet'R
rwvki .1 in. a. tAipui. aiRscfi siwMuru. eu
I« sold la every Rtate aad Cwawty la the Fateae
andUto.de/WlTIIOlT A RIVAL, fro enlvor
telly Is thla fhet reeegaleed that aeeawreaa lalta
tleaa ha'*e here made, ell claiming to he
"Just at Good as the Frazer"
Seme dealer* effer eheep ateff, heeaeoe there la
more money In It ta t he m. Re eet Iw? Imgeaed a yea,
bet ftaalet ee he-lag
* er.vas yanr hares labar, aadf.a !•«. It rasatvad
fire* toadal a* tha Caaiaaalal aad Farto Kvpaal
Uaa-. Said avaryahara.
A. Ian gaad. are mar ked with tha
Mllviin urcU into day* by Or*
Herac'nlllewtro-Magaeile Belt
Traa.i'onibiiii'd. GuarnntgedQte
O only one in th«* v. orl l generating
•ooeUrmotM Electric dr Magnetic
rrent Sciar^lU. Powerful. Durable
' Kvr. Avoid frauds,
ri.ien for pamphlet
VfaSUH » VC., f "CAM
jidiuiqoi rmwran
_ Adrer -Ulng bag always prove*
\ xuooeiAful. Ttcfore plndog aay
~ Newg taper AdcrrUainff consult
Ainrr.Tjsixo auests,
lit ifRaadA >lL-ww CMiCAOO*
e, and surface ground
>. II, end described In
the official survey on
Nones No >31. Srmvxr No. M2.
Uhitkd States Laud Omci, 1
Hailxt, Idaeo, October 31st, lwo.l
Notice 1* hereby given that Reginald F Boiler
and ! bomaa Coaaolly, whose post ufllce addrvai is
Hailey, Altaiae county, Idaho, hava mads appUea
tioa fur a United Elates Patent for the
altaste ta Section I, Township 1 north, Hongs IT
east. Bolts Meridian. Mineral Hill Mining Dis
trict, Logan c- only, Slate of Idaho, eooelttlbg of
IMS linear feet of the lode,
6U0 feet wide, bring Lot Ho.
the field notes and plat of the oOflii survey
file in tale office, with magnetic variation at It
degrees end M m nates east, as follow*:
Beginning at the discovery point of this claim,
end running north 72 degrees ea>t 300 feet to east
center end stake; thence north I degreea west 800
feel to comer No 1; t hence souths degrees eeat 600
feet to comer No 2; thence eontn 72 degrees west
300leettocomerNo.fi; thence e«utl> St degrees west
MS fe-t tr earner No. S; throes north 3 degrees
west 000 feet to comer No. 5; thence north fit rie
g< eea east MS eet to comer No. g; thence north 72
degreea es-t 300 feel to corner No. 1 and piece of
beginning anrve< of the exterler boundaries of
this c>alm. Including an arm of 17.07* acres ap
plied for No conflicts.
From comer No. 1 the comer to Sections 7,8,17
end IS. Township 1 north, Benge 17 east, beers
couth St degrees IS mlnntra east t'K feet.
The said mining claim bring of rec< rd In the
office ot th* County Recorder of said mining dis
trict at Shoshone, in Logan county. Sts e of Idaho.
The nearest known locations being the "Donovan
No. i" end "Junction Erection.''
Any and all persona claiming adversely any por
on of lha said "Jun tt"n" lode miring claim
or surface ground, era required to Ble their ad
verse claims thereto with the Register of the
United Stole* Land OSes at Halley, Stale of
Idaho, within the sixty days' publication thereof,
or they will be barred by virtue of tbe previsions
of tbe Statute In such eases made and piovlded.
W. T. RILEY, Register
I direct that the foregoing notire of app Icstlon
for patent be publishedfor the period ofalitydsye
(ten consecutive weeksi In the Wood Kitts Daily
'I mxa. a newspaper published at Halley, Altnras
county. Idaho, being lha newspaper published
nearest said claim.
W. T. RILEY, Register.
First publlcstlon October Si, 1M0,
W. H. Wan, attorney for applicants.
Notice for Publication,
Laud Orncx at Hailxt, Idaho,
October Vfitb, I WO.
Notice la hereby given that tbe following named
settler has filed nolle* of his Intention to make
final proof In support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Beglater and Re
ceiver at Halley, Idaho, on November 27, 1X00, vlx:
Barah A. Edwards, for the north half of th* north
west quarter of Section nins, and the northeast
quarter of the northeast quarter of Section eight.
Township une south. Range twenty-one east.
He names tbs following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, tnd cultivation of,
aald,l*nd, via: Jamas Evans, Geo. W. Cass, J. B.
Edwards and A. B Case, ail of Bellevue Idaho
Any peraou who d,airea to proteat agalnat the
allowance of inch proof, or who knows of any sub
stantial reason, under tbe law sod the regulations
of the Interior Department, why such proof
should not ha allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at tbe above-mentioned time and placo to
croos-exsmlne the wttneaaea of eatd clalman-, and
to afisr evidence tn rebuttal of that submitted by
W. T. RILEY, Register.
Notioe for Publication.
LAxd Orncx at Hailxt, Idaho,
October «, 1HMJ.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler bsa lltd notice ot his Intention to make fi
nal proof in support of bis claim, end tnat said
proof will be usds before tbe Register and Re
cetver at Hailey, Idaho, on November 3,1820, vlx
Zachary T. Vance, fur tbe west half *f the north
west quarter of Hection twenty-seven, end tbs
south half of th* southwest quarter of Section
twenty-two. Township on* north, Kang* twenty
three east.
He nam <e the following witnesses ta prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, via: Robert T. Vance, of Martin, Idaho
Antoue Vaso, of Arc-o, Idaho, E. 8. Patton, of Mol
doon, Idaho, and A. J. Spicer, of Carey, Idaho.
Any person who desires to pretest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any sub
stenual reason, under the Isw end th* regulations
ot th* Interior Department, whr each proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at the above-mat ticned time and pise* to
cross-examine the wttnesxex af said claimant, and
to offer evidence In rebuttal of that submitted by
• W. T. BILET. Beglater.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Hailrt, Idaho,
October 6, 1890.
Nolle* Is hereby gives th tthe followlDg-named
settler has ft led notice ol his IhtrntMi to mike fi
lial proof Is support of hla claim, and that amid
proof wtil be tuade before the bt giater and He.
reiver at Halley, Idaho, on November 8, 1880. vis*.
Robert l\ Vance, lor the east hall o( the northeast
quarter, the northeast q tarter of the southeast
quarter of frectlon tw»Lty eight, and the south*
•sat quarter of the southeast quarter of Section
twenty-one, Townahip one north. Range twenty
three east.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation < f,
said land, vis: Zachary T Vance, ot Martin, Idaho,
Autone Vaso, of Arco, Idaho, E. 8. P-tlon, of Mul*
doon. Idaho, and A. j. gplcer, of Corey, Idaho.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of auch proof, or who knows or any sub
•taiitial reason, under the law and the regulations
of the Interior l epsrtment. why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at the above-mtntloi ed time and place to
cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant, and
to offer evidence in rebuttal ot that submitted by
• W. T. RILEY, Register.
Notioe for Publication.
Land Offics at Hailrt, Idaho,
October 6. 1890.
Notice la hereby given that tbs following-named
settler has filed notice of his iuteuiiou tu make ft
nil proof In support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Register and hr
relvrr at Hailey, Idaho, on November 7, 1891*. vis:
Peter Foster, for tbe southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter • f Section thirteen, the west
half of the northeast quarter, and the northwest
quartet of the southeast Quarter of Hectlon twenty,
(our. Township one north, Range eighteen east.
He names the following «ltnessea to prove hla
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, vis: tn. Martin, Harry Elliott, Chas.
Black and Wm. Black, all of Bellevne, Idaho.
Any person who dailies to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any sub
stantial reason, under tbe law and the regulations
•f the Interior Department, why such proof
ahould not be allowed, will be given au opportu
nity at tta above mentioned time and place to
croaa.examine the witneo»ea of said <*lalmat>t, and
to offtr evidence in rebuttal of that aubmitted by
W. T. RILEY. Register.
Notioe for Publication.
Land Orticx at Haii-Xt, Idaho.
October 3, 1830.
Nolle* la hereby dvra that the fo lowlng-nsmeri
settl-r has filed notice of his Intention to msks fl.
nsl proof Id sunport of hit rlsiui, end that sale
proof will be made before the Regtsler end Re
celvrrst Halley, Idaho, on Saturday. November 8,
1390, vlx: W!|l<sm N Brown, for the east half of
fbe northws-t quarter, and lots 1 tnd 7, of Sec lion
eighteen. Township two north. Bang# twsutv-one
Be names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, vlx: Dong. Goodman, William Good
man, Joseph uoodnun and J. W. Ballsntins, all of
Xuldoon, Idaho.
W. T. BILET, Register.
Notloo for Publication*
La» o Orncx at Hailxt, Idaho,
October 22,1W0.
Notice I* hereby given that the following named
settler he* Bled notice of hie intention to make fl.
nsl proof In rapport of bl* rlelm. end that said
proof will be mails before the R< gteter and Re
ceiver et Hslley, Idaho, oa NovembOT22. MOO. vlx:
B A. Tear oa for the lota on* an» two. aad the
a>ath half of th* north' set quarter of fieettan four,
Township fear north. Range twenty six seat.
lie name* the following writers*** to prove his
continuous residence ap*a, end cnltlvetlon of,
••Id land, via : WilHam Malh-w*, N. Swanson,
-Charles Atkin, and William Tennaasan, all ot
Loot Blvet P. O.
W. T. RILRV. Regular.
Notioe For Publication.
Ladd Orncx at Hailxt, id ado.
Sept. 29.1389.
Notice Is hereby given that thsfollowlDg-nxmsd
settler hs* filed noUr* of hts Intention to msks
final proof In support of his claim, and that mid
proof will bo made before the Register end Re
ceirsr at Ballsy, Idaho, on Oct. II, 1880, vl*
Jams* Bingham for tbe northeast quarter of Bso
Hob seven, Township three north, Raog* eighteen
He names the following wltnesaes ta prove hla
continuous realdenea upon, and cultivation of,
said land, via: A. P. Turner, Thame* Miser. J.
H. McLaughlin, and K. Z. Kaones, all of bailey
W T. BILET. Register.
Notioe of Foreclosure Sale.
Joseph Plnkhsm va. Eban I. Chase and Elisa
beth (J. Chase.
Order of Bale and Decree of Foreclosure and
Coder end by virtue of en Order of Bale and De
cree of Foreclosure end Bale, Issued out of the
District Court of the Second Judicial District of
Idaho Territory, in tnd for Allures • oanty, on th*
21th dey of October, A. D. 1380, tn the sbove-enH
tied action, wbrrein Joarph Fiukheiu, the above
ntmea plaintiff, obtained a Judgment end Dacia*
of Foreclosure end Belt against Eben 8. and
Elisabeth 0. Chase, defendants, on the 18th dey
of J nne, A. D. 1880, tor the sum of fifteen hundred
and fifty dollars In United Btetee gold coin,
beside* Interest, costs end counsel fee*, which esid
Decree wee, on the 19ih day of Jane, A. D. 1810,
recorded lr Judgment Bot k 5 oi sold Conn, at
psga 301,1 am commanded tu sell *11 thoee certain
lots, plecra or parcels of lend, situate, lying and
being tn the County of A Iturae, Territory of Idaho
and bountled and described in said t orecloeure
and Order »f Bale, as follows
Lot* nineteen (13 1 .Twenty (201.Twenty-on*(21).
Twenti-teo 22), Twenty-three (23). Twenty-four
(-Ml. of Block Thlrt -Eight (301. of the town of
Hslley, according to the official plat of said town
in Allnraa County, Territory of Ideho.
Public notice is hereby given that on tbs 18th
dey ef Nov> rober, A. D. 1880, st 1 o'clock p. m. of
that dey. In front of th* Court Bones door. In the
county of Altuias a.oreesld. I will, in obedience
to sold Order ol Bale and Decree of Foreclosure
and Bale, **11 the tbuve-deerribed property, or so
much therei f s* mey be ueceeeen to satisfy said
Judgment with interest and coats, etc., to tbo
highest aad beat bidder, for gold coin of the United
Deled Hslley, I. T„ October 2«th, 1300.
Sheriff of Allures County,
By C. E. Lvoxs, Deputy Sheriff.
But we will cure you if you will pay no.
Our message is to the Wonk. Nervous and
Debilitated, who by early Evil Habits, or
Later Indiscretions, have trifled nw»v
their vigor of Body, Mind and Manhood,
and who suffer nil those effects which
lead to Premature Decay, Consumption
or Insanity. If this means you, send for
and read our Book of Lifk. written by
the greatest Specialist, of the day, and
sent, (sealed), by addressing Dr. Pnrk
er's Medical and Surgical Institute, 153
North Spruce St., Nashville, Tenn.
2630 Aroh Straat, Philad'a, Pa,
For Conenmption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Dyspepsia,
Catarrh, Hey Ferer, Hesdeche, Debility, Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, end ell Chronic and Ncr
vona Diseases.
was*. wuiwvwuu VSJRCII trcaiuicui. w (Ill'll
Dre. Btarkey k Palan bare dispensed dnilug ihe
last twenty years, la a scientific adjustment of th*
elements of Oxygen end Nltrtgen magnet:red,
— — • w— JS'ea re aa AS avetax Rv H AAJ npllv fl IfiCU.
and ia eo condense, and m*. * portable that It I*
seut all over 'he world. It cures aa nature curse :
Olves strength, revive* circulation, provides
something fit to circulate. Tbe late T. 8. Arthur,
well known through his powerlnl work* of fiction,
end tbe late "Father of the House," Hon. Wm. D.
K ll-y, were etrong friends of tbe Compound Oxy
gen Treatment, anu always recommend'd it.
tn addition to them Dr*. Btarkey k Pales are
permitted to r< fer to
KBV. VIC TOR L. CONRAD. Editor Lutheran oh
server, Phils.
ter. N. V.
IION. WM. PENN NIXON, Editor Inter-Ocetn,
Chicago, 111.
W U. WORTHINGTON. Editor New Boulli
Birmingham, Ala.
JUIIOK H P. VROOMAN, Qnenemo. Kan.
MRS. MARY A. LIVERMORE. Melrose. Mess.
JUDGE R. 8 VOORHEES. New Yark City.
MR E V. ENIGHT, Philadelphia.
H'-»N. W. W. BOH UYLPH. Easton, Pa.
EDWARD L. WILSON, 833 Broadway. N. T„
Ed. Phils. Photo. ' *
Fir ELIA M. LYON, Wslmes. Hawaii, Sandwich
ALEXANDER RITCHIR, Inverness, Scotland.
MRS. MANUEL V. ORTEGA, Fresnillo. Zacs
trcai, Mexico.
MK8. EMMA COOPER, UHlla. Spanish Hondu
ras. C. A.
J. COBB, ex-VIce Consul, Casablanca, Morocco.
M. V. ASH BROOK, Had Blnff. Cal.
J. MOORE, Bupt, Police, Blendford, Dorset*
ahire. England
JACOB vt ABD, Bowral. New South Wales.
Ai d thoHaanda of others la every part of the
United States. v
Dra Btarkey k Palea will send, entlrslv free of
ckarga a book of 2I» pages, containing th* his
tory of the "Componad oxygen Treatment— ih*
book alen containing the nature and addresses of
men end women who have been restored to h< altk
by the use of the treatment. It ia good reading
f->r the sick—revitalised men and women do the
talking—facts! witnesses! evidence! If you went
tbe book, address
No. 1629 Arcb Street. Philadelphia. Pa.
AGENT8 for Dr. TALMAOE-B New B<ok.
covering his life's work and great
DiNTCn trl P -To. Through, and From
WAWT1.II the Christ- Land." entitled
"From Manger to Throne."
Embracing a New l.lfe of Christ, end a Story of
Pnle»line and its People, Illustrated with orer
400 wonderful eugrarlngs ot scenery In Holy
Lend, copies of old master*, end famous pictures
from tbe Land aud Times of tne Saviour, alee a
grand picture of Jerusalem on th* dey of th* cru
cifixion. In 12 colors and teu feel tn length. This
Is Dr. Telmege's life work end hi* greatest book.
Y® now pouring In from ell part* of the
mnlab> ,0 * J"* have another
Ilk* It. 1,000.000 copies will be sold tbe first rear
Agent* should drop ell els* end secure territory'
7 neb Chance* cams only once In t lifetime. Ex.
claat.e terrl'ory glven-rnll protection. The
remarkable and wonderful of all books
about the Land, Times nad People of the Bible
Go to wo rk new end you will make hundreds cf
dollars. Territory going will • rush; set now
no capital Beaded. hams territory you want, and'
writs at one* far particular* to '
Th« Jams Bra*. Pabllshtag Co.
ocSdwtm Cincinnati Ohio.
WANTED - ??""*^' 0 n»lrea Cloth**
Lina; th# only Hud in*
vented that holds th* clothes without pin*- a nev
feet success: patent recent ly team d; *ol"i B |fs.
■«'»* to whom th. exrlnalve right' Is given? ra
receipt of M cento we will send i sample uSi h?
mall; also circnl.ra- price ll.t " "J
Mflltl; gfctlfp 'Obf t* rritOFT at Ahpa ro
2L&X2 . 0, £2" ~
TO ITI1T illinilll!
38 Novels and Other Worb
One Year for Three Dollars!
These books, bound in cloth, wetild coat 940. The following is a lilt of th
38 books we send to every old eubscriber who renews his subscriptiot
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(Enoh book complete in itself)
I- TKE WIDOW B1CDOTT PAPER®. Tbia la tb* book over which yonr grandmothers la lake
till thay cried, aad It lajoit oa fanny to-day aa itever woo. "***
fdNCY WORK FOR HOME .tDORNMENT. cootalitii my aad practical lulf tilt—
innaklBR fancy — 11 —*-— 1 -*- —-»• * •
clef anti j llh stratad.
for anaMnfi fancy boakata, wall-packata, brack eta, needle work, enibraiderj, etc., etc., prof rmI* uf
•■efontij ilu otratoa.
thlm° R1MM 8 FAIRT SroRIES FOR THE YOUNG. Th* children W1U U dellgktrtvtn
4. THE LAST OF THE LARI. By Blr Walter Bcntt
JXSX UL 0F tn ll-, " " d «'»»ienten, giving th* rates of modem ell,Belie far ill
fi. STANDARD LETTER WRITER for ladles aad geallf men; a complete guide to correepoiA
BECBRATIONB. a large collection of Acting Charades. Teblesai, Oil
Pniales, etc., for octal gatherlaga, private theatricals, and evening* at bom*; lllaatrated.
men ® ULOOD18 - Bec, '* Uo »* end Readings, far school exhibit!*** and public aad private eateri
I!h'.f?il^ 1 OOMPLETB STORIIB, embracing Iras, hamaraae aad datactlva,stone* at ee*
lift, 01 adventure, of railway Ufa, ate.
16. THl BUDGET, af Wit, Bnaai aad Fan, fanny atari**, sketch**, antedates, petma, aad Je
Id, USEFUL KNOWLEDGE forth* MllUsa: a handy braksf aaelul telematics lor all: illuatn
Id. CA LLED BASK. A aaval. By Hugh Oonway.
If. AT THE WORLD'S KRRUY. By Florence Warden.
17. MILDRED TRRVaNIOK. By "Th# Duchaas," aathor at Hotly Dawn," at*.
U. DARK DATS. A novel. By Hugh Oonway.
18. THl MYSTERY OF THE HOLLY TREK. A novel. By th* aathor of "Dor* The/
20. SHADOWS O THE BNOW. A nova]. By B. L. Farjaoa.
21. THE GRAY WOMAN. Aaoral. By Mia. OaakalL
22. THE FROZE BEEF. A Boval. By Willis Colllaa.
23. BED COURT FARM, A naval. By Mra. Hanry Wood.
3d. I CUPID'S RET. A nova). By tb* aathor of "Dora Thorn*.**
2d; BACK TO THE OLD BOMB. A naval. By Mary Caall Bay.
2d. JOB BOWEBBAK'S WIFE. A Boval. By Mtea Moloch.
21. LADY OWIDOLIK'B DBBAM. A novel. By th* author of "Don Them# " an
2*. JA8PEB DAE'b SECRET. A noval. By MlssM. B, Braddon.
28. LEO LINE. A naval. By Mary Cecil 111.
>0. OABBIEL'S MARBIAGB. A novel. By Wilkie Collins.
>1. REAPING TU WHIRLWIND. A novel. By Mary Cecil Bay.
32. DUDLEY CARLROR. A naval. By tri** jg. E. Braddon,
*3. A. GOLDEN DAWN. A level. By tke aathor of "Ben Thera*.' *d*
Id. VALERIE'S PATS. A novel By Mi*. Alaaaader.
Id. SISTER BOSS. A novel. By Wtlhte ColUaa.
*•' A*. A novel. By Mn. Henry Wood.
**• LAUREL BUSH. A novel. By Klee Mnteefc,
**■ (60S BARTER, a Boval. By George Blok.
Zi Th* leading P»wdr of Idnho>

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