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Wood River times. (Hailey, Idaho) 1882-1915, December 26, 1890, Image 4

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on the Errors of Youth,Premature Decline. Nervous
~* Debility, lmpurltlee of the Blood.
Exhausted Vitality
•"•Untold Miseries
IteenlUng from Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Excesses or
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AiltUt'o ilvi!| ,, *'.trtmtrut 1 ' J
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nrti.la r«l'iiro«l by Utiiti* nr I» itr
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DISIUSCS of both t-rxes, 10 J
•atgrecs jt KlecL'icUy.
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li district or county. 1
b .'" worker non. cam autnet or county. I
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11. MOfUSE. Removed to 139 Waeash /.ve., Chisaoo
UUi , UT iLI I .-VUtffi
"iiitra A mU, U u|o
Application for a Patent.
Nones No ttl. Bcavxx No. 8*2.
Csjtkd 8iani Lass Orncs,
Hatutr, Ioaso, Oclobw Mat, 1880
Notice la k.rtby given that ltegiueld F Boiler
and 1 boniae Cuonoily, wboee paat effioe addrvee le
Halley, Alto.ee connty, Idaho, have made applica
tion fir a United State. 1 ateut for the
■Ituate Is Section T. Township 1 north. Range IT
eaat. Boise Meridian, SHn.nl Hill Mining Dis
trict, Login c nnty. Slate of Idaho, consisting of
1145 II,.ear feet of the lode, and enri.ee ground
6U> feet wide, to ing Lot No. 4f, and described in
the field notes end pl.t of the official anrvey on
file la ti.ia office, with magnetic variation at 18
degrees and 80 in nuts. eaat. as follow.:
Beginning at the niicovery point of this claim
and running north 71 degrees cart 300 feet to east
center end stake; thence norih 8 degrees writ 300
feel to corner No 1; thence aonth 8 degrees rail 600
feet to corner No >; thence.onto 72 degree, w at
300 tee t to corner No. 3; thence S'.utl. 8* degrees west
943 fe>t t> earner No. 4; thence north 8 degrees
weal 608 feet lo corner Mo. 6; thence north 84 de
gree. rest 848 >eet to corner No. 8; Insure north 72
degrees c»-t 300 feel to corner No. 1 and place or
beginning survev of the exterior boundaries of
th<s calm. Including an area of 17.078 acres ap
plied for No conflict*.
From corner No. 2 the corner to Section. 7,8,17
and 18, Township 1 north, Kangs 17 east, beers
south 84 degrees IS minutes east 4'8 feet.
The suld mining claim being of roc. rd In tbs
office of lb* County Recorder o' e.ld mining dis
trict et Shoshone. In Logon county. Hta e of Idaho.
The nearest known locations being the "Oonorau
No. 4" and "Junction Fraction."
Any and all persona claiming adversely any . ,
Don of the said "Jnn.tlnn" lode miring claim
or aorface ground, are required to file thetr ad
verse claims thereto with the Register of the
Uuited States Land Office et Belley, Mate of
Idaho, within the sixty days' publication thereof,
or they will be barred by virtue cf the provisions
of the Matute In aurb Caere made and provided.
W. T. RILEY, Register.
1 direct that the foregoing notice of epp.tcetton
for patent be published for the pt rlod of sixty days
(ten consecuttve weeks) In the Wood lima Dailv
Times, a newspaper published at Hailey, Alturaa
county. Idaho, being the newtpaper published
nearest said claim.
W. T. RILEY, Register.
Ftrat publication October 31,18U0.
W. B. Wan, attorney for applicants.
Notioe for Publication.
Notice it hereby «iven that the followinfMiamed
pettier hae fil* d notice of hit intention to make fi
nal proof in support of hit claim, and tnat aaid
proof will be made before the Itegieter and Re
ceiver at Halley, Idaho, on November 8, 18V0, vis
Zachary T. Vance, for the wett half of the north*
weat quarter of Section twenty-aeven, and the
aouth half of the aoutbwrat quarter of Section
twenty-two, Township one north, Range twenty
three eaat.
He nam»s the following witnesses to prove hit
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
aaid land, viz: Robert T. Vance, ef Martin, Idaho
Autone Vaao. of Arco, Idaho, E. 8. Patton, of Mul
doon, Idaho, and A. J. Hpicer, of Carey, Idaho.
Any person who drains to pre tent against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any tub
•tantial reason, under the law and the regulation*
of the Interior Department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu*
nity at the abovs-utei tic-ned time and place to
cross examine the witnesses of said claimant, and
to offer evidence iu rebuttal of that submitted by
* W. T, RILEV, Register.
Notice for Publication,
Land Office at Haiiet, Idaho,
October *8th, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of hia intention to make
final proof in support of hia claim, and that a«U
proof will be made before the Repiater and Re*
ceivrr at Hailey, Idaho, on November 97, lh90, viz:
Harsh A. Edwards, for the north half of th« north*
weat quarter of Section nine, and the northeast
quarter of the northeast qusrter of Section eittht,
Towuship oue south. Range twenty-one eaat.
He namea the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
•aid land, viz: James Evans, Geo. W. Case, J. B.
Edwards and A. U Cafe, all of Bellevue Idaho
Any person who d< sires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any sub*
stantial reason, under the law and the regulations
of the Interior Department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu*
nity at the above mentioned time and place to
cross-examine the witnesses of said claiman;, and
to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted by
W. T. RILEY, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land Officc at Hailzt, Idaho,
OctubtrC, lh'JO.
Notice is hereby given tb tthe following-named
settler has filnl notice ol his intenti* n to make fi
nal proof in support of bis claim, and that aaid
proof will be made before the fcegiatt r and Re*
ceiver at Ilailey, Idaho, on November H, 1890. viz:
Robert I'. Vauce, for the eaat halt of the northeast
quarter, the unrtheaat quarter of the 84>utheast
quarter of beetion twenty eight, and the south
east quarter of the southeast quarter of Section
twenty one, Town*hip one north, Range twenty
three eaat.
He names the following witnesses to prove hts
continuous residence upon, and cultivation if,
said land, viz: Zachary T Vance, ol Martin, Idaho,
Autone Vaao, of Arco, Idaho, £. 8. Pt tton, of Mul
doon, Idaho, an A. J. Spicer, of Carey, Idaho.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any sub
stantial reason, under the law and the regulat ons
of the Interior Department, why euch proof
should not be allowed, will be ^iven an opportu*
ni'y at the above^meutiot ed lime and place to
cross-*xt.mins the witnesses of said claimant, and
to offfir evidence in rebuttal ol that submitted by
• W. T. RILEY, RegUter.
Notice for Publication.
Notice Is beribjglvrntb.t tbefo lowlng-nsmed
settler b.a filed notice of bl. Intention to msfce ft.
nul proof in aueport of bt» cl.iui, and tb.t .sic
proof will De r.sde before the Register and Re
ci-ivirat Bailey, Idaho, on Saturday, November!.
1890, vis: Will-am N Brown, for the east half of
tb. north we.« quarter, and lots 1 and 2, of Mectlon
eighteen. Township two north. Rang, twenty-one
H. names the following wltneuea to prove hie
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said laud, vis: Bong. Goodman, William Good
man, Joseph Goodman and J. W. Ballectlne, all of
Muldoon, Idaho.
W. T. RILEY, Register.
Notioe for Publication.
Lawn Omen at Hailxt, Idaho.
October 8, 1890.
Notiee te hereby given Ihet the follewlng-nemed
eettler hee filed notiee of bit Intention to meke fi
nal proof in topper* of hie elilm, end thet ..id
proof will be mede before the Regteter end Re
ceiver et Heller, Id.be, oa November T. 1886, via
Peter Foeter, for the eeethweet quart)
eontheeet quarter if flection thirteen, the wett
half of the northeast quarter, and ths north weat
quartet of the southeast quarter of Section twenty*
tour. Towuship one north, Range eighteen eaat.
He naim-s the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
aaid land, vis: Wm. Martin, Harry Elliott, Chat.
Black and Wm. Black, all of Bellevue, Idaho.
Any person who desites to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who kn«»ws of any aub*
atautial resawn, under the law and the regulations
of the Interior Department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an opportu
nity at tte above mentioned time and place to
crosN-examine the witnesses of said eUicj B « t. and
to otfer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted by
W. T. RILEY. Register.
Notice for Publication.
Ladd Omen at Haiixt, Idaho,
Octobar 22,1690.
Nolle* t. hare by given th.tth. following named
settler baa filed notice of bta Intention to make fl.
nat proof In anpport of bta claim, and that ..Id
proof will he made before the R. giater and Re.
cetver at Hailey, Idaho, on November 22.1890. vix:
B A. Fe.r on for the lots one u>i two, and tb.
a<ntb half of th. northrut quarter of flection four,
Town.bip four nortb. Range twentv six east.
It* name, tbs following writnaases to provr bl.
continuous residence upen, and cultivation of,
a.ld land, vts : William Mathew., N. Bw.ii.on,
Charles Atkin, and William Tenn.mao, all of
Lost River P. O.
W. T. RILEY, Eeglatar.
Notice Fo r Pu blication.
Lam Ovnr* a* Hatun, Idaho,
Dm. II. 1810.
Kotleo ta hereby given that tb. f.llawtug
named rattler has filed antic, ol bta IntmUoa to
make final proof la support of hia claim, aad that
•a'd proof will bo mado before the Begiate* aad
Ker.iver, at Bailey Idaho, oa Jen 28. 1)81, via:
Cornelia, c Hubba. for tha aoulh half il tha
•outba.at quarter of flection thirty-five. Township
one north. Range elgliiMn eaat.
11* nuiti the following wttr eane. to prove hts
eortii ucua re.ldrnra u, on, and colUv.tioo of,
aa<d land, vis: Ct.a. Bla< k, wilii.m Black sad
bhalby Legett, of Spring Creak, Idaho, and James
Cowan, of Hatley, Idaho.
V. T. RILEY, Register.
Notice For Publication.
Lana Orncx at Haiut, ibamo.
Sept. 28,1880.
Notice la hereby given that the following-named
aattler has filed notice of hi. Intention to make
final proof In support of bis claim, aad that (aid
I roof will be made b. fora tha Kegl.ter and Be*
reiver .1 Halley, Idaho, on Ort. II. 1880, vis:
Jamas Bingham for the northeast quarter of flec
tion seven. Township three north, Kangs eighteen
Be Dainee ih* following witnesses te peeve hia
ronlinuons reetdenee upon, end cultivation of,
said isi.d, via: A. P. Turner, 7hon.ee It tear. J.
II. McLaughlin, and K. Z. Koonce, all of Halley
V T. RILEY, RegUter.
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
Jsmca M. Blossom vs. William A. Criswell.
Order of Sals and Deeres of Foreclosure end
t« _______________________
cree of Foreclosure end Bale, issued out of the
District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of
Idaho, In and for Alturas « ounty. on the loth day
of December, A. D. 1890, In the above-entitled sc*
tion, wherein James M. Blossom, tho above-named
plaintiff, obtained s Judgment and Decroo of
Fwrecloanre and Sale against William A. Criswell,
defendant, on the 29th day of October, A. D. 1890,
tor the sum of four hundred and on# and 70-100
($401 76*1001 dollars in United States gold coin,
besides coats, which said Decree was, on the 29th
day of October, A. D. 1890. recorded In Judgment
Book 5 o' aaid Court, at page 3C9,1 am oommauded
t<> sell all tnat certain lot, piece or parcel of land,
■ituate. lying and being in tha County of Alturaa,
8tati* of Idaho, and bounded and described in aaid
Foreclosure and Order of Sale, aa follows:
Lot Five (5),Block Twenty-two (22). of the town
of Ketrbum, and all the Improvements thereon.
Public notice la hereby given that on tha 13th
day ef January, A. D. 189!, at 1 o'clock p. m. of
that day, In front of the Court House door of tha
County of Alturaa a.oreaaid. I will. In obedience
to aaid Order ot Sale and Decree of Foreclosure
and Buie, sell the above-described property, or so
rnn^h them f aa may be necrasarv to aatiafy said
judgment with interest and coata, etc., to the
highest and beat bidder, for gold coin of the United
Dated Halley, Idaho, December 22d, 1890.
Sheriff of Alturaa County,
By C. E. Ltonb, Deputy Sheriff.
But we will cure you if you will pay u«.
Our message is to'tlip Weak, Nervous and
Debilitated, who by early Evil Habits, or
Later Indiscretions, have trilled away
their vigor of Body, Mind and Manhood,
and who stiller nil those effects which
lead to Premature Decay, Consumption
or Insanity. If this means you, send for
and read our Book of Lifk, written by
the greatest Special!*) of the day, and
sent, (sealed), by addressing Dr. Park
er's Medical anti Surgical Institute, 153
North Spruce St., Naihville, Tenn.
90o3d \v
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covering bl. Ilfs', work amt great
the Chriat-Luini," entith d
"From Manger to Throne."
Embrsciog a Now 1 Ife of Christ, and a Story of
Palestine nnd its People, illustrated with over
400 wonderful entrravii gs o' scenery in Holy
Lend, copies of old m»att-r** and famous pictures
from the Lsnd and Times of tne Saviour, also a
gritnd picture of Jeruixhui on the day of the cru
cifixion. in 12 colors and ten feet in length. This
is Dr Tnlmage's life w» rk and his greatest book.
Orders are now | ourhig in from all parts of tha
civilized world. You will never hav* another
like it. 1,000.000 copies will b* soi*I the first year.
Agents should drop all else nnd secure territory,
ft itch chances come only once in a lifetime. Ex*
rlusive terri ory given—full protection. The
most reiunrkabls and wonderful of all books
•bout the Land. Times and People of the B ble.
Oo to work n^w »nd you will make hundreds cf
dollars. Territory going with a rush; act now;
no capital needed. Name territorv yon want, and
write at once for particulars to
The Jones Bros. Publishing Co.
oc8dw3m Cincinnati Ohio.
International Suralcal Institute
San Francisco, Cal.,
Buttk City, Mont.,
Kansas City, Mo.
All blond disease, aucceufolljr tree tad. Syph
ilitic poison removed from the system without
mercury New Ite.tor.tive Treatment (or Loss
of Vlt I Power. Parson* unable to visit ua mar
b* treated at bom. bjr correspondence. All com
munlcattoc) coufider.tial. Medicine, or Instru
ment. sent by mall or expreoa securely packed
On* personal Interview preferred. Cali and con
suit us, or send history of yonr cose, and ws will
send in plain wrapper onr Book Free explaining
why thousand* cannot be cured of Private. Special
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Gl»*«?t, Varicocele, etc., «tc.
Dr*. Liebig A Co. »r» tbs only qualified or
responsible Specialists loft to Mon ana. .luce the
now medical I.w. Th* F.xamlnlng Surgeon will
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it tb* Alturaa Hotel. K< tct.um and Bellevue
patients coma to lleiley.
Office hour* from 9 to I and 7 to 9 p. m : or by
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7. WINTER EVENIKO RECREATIONS, a large rollrrtien of Acting Charadia. Tableaux fliaiw
Fuaxlea, etc., for ociel gathering., private theatricals, and ev.nlrga at bom*; Hlsatratad. *
meau ULOaVKB ' * Bd B*^!***.««» school exhibition* and public and private entertain.
11. MANNERS AMO CUSTOMS In Ear Away Lands.
11 fI* o* 'adv enture ,°ijf r alfwio Ufe°!" 8, • mhrK,Df lo "- hm * a, cua and datactlva. atari ta af aoatsty
IS. THE BUDGET, af Wit. Bnmoi and Eon. fusny atoriaa. akatchaa, antedotea, poama, and )ok*8
14, USEFUL KNOWLEDGE forth* Million; a bandy keck of uattml iafcimaticn ler alii lllaitialaa
18. OALLIcD BACK. A naval. By Hugh Conway.
18. AT 1HR WORLD'S MERCY. By Floranca Warden.
17. MILDRED TREYaHION. By "Th* Duchess," author af Molly Bawa,'* at*.
18. DARK DAYS. A novel. By Hugh Conway.
18. THE MYSTERY OF THE HOLLY TREE. A naval. By th* author af "Dora YhoJY
20. SHADOWS O TUB SNOW. A noval. By B. L. Farjaon.
21. THB ORAY WOMAN. A noval. By Mrs. OaakelL
22. THB FROZE DEEP. A noval. By Wilkla Collin*.
28. BED COURT FARM. A noval. By Mr*. Banry Wood.
^ ■ I'CUPID E NET. a noval. By tha author of "Dora Thorn#.*
28. BACK TO THE OLD HOME. A noval. By Mary Caall Hay.
38. JOB BOWEBBAE'8 WIFE. A noral. By Mist Moloch.
27. LADY OWEDOLIB'B DREAM. A noval. By th* antbor of "Dora Than* " an.
28. JABPEB DAE'b BKCBBT. A novel. By MisaM. B. Braddon.
28. LSOLINE. A noval. By Mary Cacti Hay.
30. GABRIEL'S MABBIAOB. A noval. By Wilkie Collins.
81. REAPING THE WHIRLWIND. A novel. By Mary Cacti Hay.
82 . DUDLEY CARLSON. A novel. By Mias M. B. Braddon.
83. A, OOLDEN DAWN. A noval. By th* author of "Dora Thom*.' eko
31. VALERIE'S FATE. A noral By Mrs. Alexander.
35. SISTER BOSS. A novel. By Wtlkis Collin..
38. AX. A noval. By Mas. Henry Wood.
87. THB LAUREL BUSH. A novel. By Mias MutoaR.
38. AMOS BABTEN. A noval. By George Eliot..
Is The Leadin'* Paner of Idaho.

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