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The Idaho Recorder.
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ 1
91 ft $330 • Year. J
ESTABLISHED 1886 u!w- .
_ d *" "*"»• ***• *«< « c..«™ .i CkyiÎM
Shelf Hardware,
Mining Supplies,
Wagon and Carriage Material
Tinware, Horse Shoes
Coal, Hardwood
Guns and Ammunition
Harness to Order and
Repairing on Short Notice
Tin, Copper & Sheet
Iron Work Done
ALL KINDS In Season.
I 'Brotun ! Block. aim on, Idaho.
You like do have the very best
of Stationery dou't you? If you
are particular and have trouble
in getting exactly the kind you
desire in this line, come in and
I give me the pleasure of showing
[you my exceptionally fine as
|sortmentof writing material.
I shall be glad to do this even
f you do not Intend to purchase
Anything just now. Come and
what 1 have In this line; you
[e sure to be pleased.
B. Pyeattf Ph. G.
Dealer la . . .
[ltd Finished Luinbtp
a Specialty.
I« Mill at Yard
It.. Salmon. Idaho
Pair lUtei—St Louis.
May 10th the Redrock
ttver Stage Co. in con
Oregon Short Line
Dints named 1 to SU^LouU
Dints named to ht. Uiu.s
.*57 50
. 5* ik)
. 5» 00
. 61 00
61 00
62 00
62 50
Tuesdays of each
October Inclusive,
king dates June u. 10.
I Si,
rth Fork. Gibbon.
nd uiyaa«-*» must sell
[each week, and on
day earlier. Goiog
on date of »le
Information apply to
V. W. Vogler,
ll Traffic Manager.
Redrock, Mont
E. L. Hubbard 3 3
Established l8q2.
All work first-class and guaranteed.
Salmon W re W Wo. ho.
Geo. A. Kenney 3 3
Homeopathic "Fhyeician
Chronic Diseases a Specialty
i Salmon, K H K
F. S. Wright 3 3 3
"Physician fcQ. «/" urgeon
Office Brown Block
Salmon, *$*$*$
: A. Jineg&r ^
Uonsorial Parlors
Main Street.
Salmon, J8 Y$ M
H. E. Burnett, D. D. S.
Offiice in McNutt Block
Sad«.*. » » »
J. C. Sinclair 3 3
A ttorney-at- Late
Office Shoop Bnick
Sklmow. B B B
C. S. Jones. D. D. S.
Parkin in Brown Block
Salavs ******
Allen C. Merritt »
CM! Engineer and ^Architect
tJ. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
StUm ^. » » » Uo*v•
II you want I be NEWS
Manager W»wl «4
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to
manage busing ln tbte Dom £
adjoining territory for well and favor
ably known house of solid financial
^ (w rtf>tebî t . a ,„ «Ury
standing. *20 <» straight cash salary
and expenses, paid each Monday by
check direct from headquarters Ex
pense immer sdvanced r*oalDon per
manent. Address Manager. 810 Como
B lock. Chicago. Illinois.
_ n r
To Buy Fakfins.
I have buyers for Idaho
farms. If you want to sell
list with me or write for par
Horace Grant.
Kansas City,
Heist Building.
To the Women of the State of
For the tlrsl time since the state
of Idaho gave you the ballot a great
i moral issue Is betöre you for settle
ment. It Is an issue affecting our
homes, our children slid the peace
and dignity of the state.
It was urged with great eltecl when
the question of woman suffrage was
under consideration in Idaho that if
women were given the Itallut, they
would be the conserve« of order,
morality and good government in the
slate and on every great moral Issue
would stand together. Irrespective of
patty, fcr the common weal. In this
faith the people of Idaho gave the
ballot to women and believe then and
believe now that they will rise to
any great oceaslon and break patty
ties when It Is clearly shown that
such action Is necessary to uproot an
evil and advance the interests of hu
You can not but look with alarm
upon the agressions of the Mormon
Jjieraichy in this and other Western
states. While making no tight upon
any religion except as that religion
endorses and teaches degrading and
illegal practices, recent facts have
been elicited In the lteed Smoot Sen
ate investigation that may well
cause every wife, duughlcr, mother
and sister to take alarm for the sale
ly of the home and the peace ami
good order of the state.
According to the sworn statements
of President Joseph Smith of the
Mormon hieraichy, himself and many
of the Apostles of that organisation
are living in polygamy regardless of
all law, human and divine. Presl
dent Smith himself confesses to ilv
ing will) live wives und of huving
horn to him by them 42 children
Thirteen of these children have lieen
born to him since lie and the Mor
mon church through Its regularly
constituted aulhorilies, pledged their
faith to the people ol the United
States that they would henceforth
obey the laws. All of the apostles
of the Mormon church that arc In
line for the presidency for the next
40 years are now living In polygamy.
Three of the apostles have taken
plural wives since the manifesto. In
our own state lilshop Pudge, over
his own signatuie, confess d to living
with three wives, and It Is well
known that he had a child horn to
him by one of his polygamous wives
while he was a member of the state
senate from his county a few years
ago. Every member of the Mormon
chinch at all prominent in politics
In Idaho is a polygamist. The pres
ent Attorney Genets! of this state
Is currently reported to I« a polyga
mlat. One by one every vestige of
law in tills state on the subject of
polygamy and unlawful cohabita
tlon lias lieen stricken from the slat
ute books by the connivance and
management of the leaders of tin
Mormon hierarchy.
John Henry Smith, a polygamous
apostle from Utah, came to Idaho
two years ago and In addition to tlx
ing up a deal by which a Unit
States Senator was elected and
large share of the patronage of the
republican party of Idaho through
this senator, turned over to the Mor
liions, theretiy turning out, of post
tion good and tried and faithful re
publicans also engineered a bill which
afterwards was passed, calling for
constitutional convention to take the
test oath oui of the stale roust It u
tion. This test oath provides, among
other things, that no polygamist
shall vote or hold office and Dial
none ol the qualifications of electors
"" Cbln ^
This ooivgamuoa BDuatle, who was
Tills polygamous aposll
an emissary of the hierarchy from
Salt Lake, was over anxfT.»». to have
all la*» «gainst polygamy nio.ted
fiom the statute lK»>ks. and Die very
statements of
to worthy physicians.
constitution of the »Ute sllered to
further the ends of the Mormon con
tingent.. .
In many of Die Moimon conimun
ities numtiers ot young girls an mar
ried Into polygamy and are bearing
polygamous children according to Die
accredited and trust
arC hy become that. In violation or the
principles ot the American Idea of
w , (r mnrnt. it P»U IU piie-'*
dortrlnes of
So brezen and
Murin'>n hier
. 1 ......H,.
government.it pi.UiU piieaU for-■
by w ar d to teach the doctrlnra of the
Ex- Mormon church In the public scb|«d*
per- Mornmn communities of
»täte. The children are told In Dm
public scIkoIs by time prieat* Dial
D they are not t»ptUcdJntoJjM Mor
mon church, they can
Ihe *« r d
over Into the realm of mtmmxx U*.
Y ou are appealed to whether It
not high Umc to call a ball to three
par- J^k^T^ for' bJÏ
your children, tor the purity of the
home, for the well being, of wrniety.
It has cooie out clearly and declared
In It* state platform Dial "We
the state of ldsho and the complete
separation of church and state in
political affairs, and we pledge the
democratic party to enact such legis
lation as will effectually suppress
such evils. "
What good rillten can lake any ex
ception U) that proposition? Ought
not polygamy and unlawful co-habi
tation to he exterminated In Idaho?
Should not you as wife, daughter,
sister or mother vole for mendiera of
the legislature who will enact lawa
to suppress these evils and for a gov
ernor who will lend Ills strong arm
us an executive to the enforcement
ot these luws?
The democratic party of ldalio
knew full well the danger from a po
litical point of view It must face In
thus throwing down the gage of bat
tle In behalf ot the Christian homes
of t »estate. It knew It would tie
confronted by a hiatlle hierarchy that
claims the right to dominate the
votes oi Its mendiera and does dom
Inale them us well as by demagogues
in both purtles, who want to ourry
favor with the Mormon priesthood to
secure polillcitl ends, selling the glor
ious heritage of Ameilcan cltixenshtp
for a mess of pottage. We think you
are able to defy the one and exercise
a just contempt for the other. AI
ready evidences point that the Mor
mon' vole In the southeast will tie
mussed against the democratic candi
dates I tea use they stand for the
rights of childhood, the purity and
glory ot womanhood. If you will not
come to your own support, to whom
can we look for succor?
Women of Idaho, the eyes of the
womanhood of the nation and the
world are upon you. Au Napoleon
said to his soldiers in the shadow of
the pyramids, "Frenchmen, 40 gen
erations look down upon you, 1 ' so
with equal truth and force may It lx*
said that not only generations now
living mid struggling under tills aw
ful shame of u dctiuaed civilisation,
that the advance of Christlanllv
has placed under an eternal turn, hut
generations yet unlairn look to you
to turn back this tide "of evïT, rebuke :
the brazen violators of law and eaat |
your ballot for the American home, ;
for the purity of the family tjdaUoo
and the good of the stare.
I,.. « Muli every worn
r-very Womens cun. every worn
en a organization in the United
states, Including the Mother s (Jon
gresa, the Women s Federated CluU
of the Untied States, tire Women's
Christian Temperance Union, all of
« he various religious denomination,,
of the United States through their
conferences and general aasembllea.
have uttered their protest against
Mormon dominance and the unlawful
practices confessed to ,
and debasing
under oath by the leaders of the Mor
mon church.
Will not you give utterances
through your ballot this fall that you
arc In line will, the liest aenUment
of the race, and whatever may Is*
political Idea, on other quea
lions that you are in favor of doing
away with polygamy und unlawful
IrlsEwiV If sit rust
co- ha hl tu l Ion In
your liullott for the democratic state
and legislative ticket.
Woman suffrage Itwlf Is now on trial
not only In tills »rate hut In the ns
tion If the women of Idaho who
bave the ballot, allow party fealty I«
prevent them from recording llieli
condemnation ot a gicat evil; If they
will i Kit vote for the suppression »I
polygamy and unlawful ro habitation
when it I« a d.r*ct Issue before them,
then H I» useless further to press tin*
doctrine of wo nan suffrage In other
i'd«"'» '*> the ground that women, 11
of Sintra. :
Will you vote U,r Die candidate, of
j' isre .ga..... ^ ■■ *•■*•
that sie . 7^
I a party that is Uxi cowardly to de
Clare against these well known evils.
j th« sUte^and rhat^ou^^^
! »Hence w
! cr ? oul »««Hisl D
j mantn
: aacredncaa
ae del«.»! ng prac
tice*. ccmimlt you to a policy at war
with your every Interest and those
roost dtar to you?
of mot tier hood, by
Z P uZy \ZJe.rry
k ' .... .
We reTl' upon ^you In the name of
tnhood snd womsnlwod. by all the
arrlsge altar
cradle and east It aoreo'e of Iwauty
and ourltv atv-ul every marriage altar
to cast your balk* In the quietness
| ? ^«ÎTànd W.i't
| "here no eye agre your
and at great peril to tbetr political
lortuncs from a comldned aeddeaper
• "'T' ~yielded
^ (lpu „ K(J|ll »„ J , n t , jt h
* twme. for Die
.political parties, for twme. for the
; Sre-r.anr- of law and Die complete
^ o( #uu #od rbBreb po.
Is llt
H* ,r * ! uffal™ jj J>rh-UJ|
_____ lu .iKcrsilc *<l»u Oen
2 |i«i tt— im^ _
Hew IIL-Do you think long hair
tuak« a man look tntellectual?
Jewett— Not when bit wife finds It
Famous Warrior *n4 General.
A press dispatch recently announced
the death of Joseph, war chief of the
Ses IVrces a splendid type of the
northwestern Indian, a masterly gen
eral, a brave and open tighter, a man
hU worn. The death song of his
tribe Is heard In the valley that ha»
been Ills home foi two-score years
and his people mourn for a leader
who was, In eveiy sense ol the word,
entitled U) Ute name of chief.
The uame of Joseph Is associated
with the last of Uie great Indian
wars ol the northwest - the Ne* IVtce
raid nf 1*7'. This war, fought al
most entirely upon tile Montana soil,
won for Joseph the dtutlnctlon ol he
Ing one ot the greatest general» o
. ,,
magnificent wurrlora, lighting men ol
the time ami marked Ida people as
different type from the crafty,
treacherous Slouz who had shortly
before lought so desperately In east
ern Montana.
It la the expressed opinion of mili
tary men that the campaign conduct
ed by Chief Joseph In t his tight lug,
was otic of the most rvaiarkahle ln
the history of any people "* <*«*1
h.ough the stale Horn the Lo o |M*s
in the Hitter liool nKXtnU n. t ». the
Hear l*aw range In the north was one
ol the most masterly marches that
military leader ever made through an
enemy's country. Whatever thetr
opinion as to the merits of Uie con
tention of Joseph, army men agree
upon these pointa.
Joseph was m horn strategist, hut
he was also breve and honest, trulls
t!u w M ar';.r U. ^lultle^lgaln»? **the
whiles unwillingly, hut when the
tight became Imperative Ire was ready
Ui meet the emergency. One* or. the
war path he fought »tuhlionily and
bravely, hut liW match through Mon
tana was not characterized by any or
the outrages that aecotnpuuled Indl
an waifure as K lui* been conducted
liy other chiefs.
The story of the events Shat led up
to the Ne* Perce war Is the old story
of Indians deceived and wintigcd; it
Is the story that has lieen recently
icctlon with Chief Chariot
told In eon
of the Hiller Hoot Indians ami Ills
friend Senator Vest. Joseph and Ids
people hud, for generations untiutu
bered, claimed the fertile Wallows
valiev In Idaho ns their own.
da? *■*■•«* Ids ««meiste..
*?"''« f ' IHU !'*'
th *t Ud» valley had lieen oeded In
ll,e U,,| t*d Stales, they had no rights
i •»■«nUlliml
that he and Ills associates had never
*»*«* «>»*'>' o0 " M ' nl u > lhc
and that Um* treaty had been obtained
« ll *'' »«** ol ,,uw *" ,
.*•"«» government represent
WLen they found that their
home was lost U. them there was ....
Mow w^wst w tnem u.ere was ..
attack mada upon the whltM. but It
was not led by Joseph a bot h..« ed
»g ...... ....."sporndhle
,r l,,,H anair.
Jow '» jh ,wl " U ,,ut of
, *'" t • ,, *' , 'P ,,
«'lUer». hut «Imply wished Ur march
through their country; he and
v "' r ** * "* ,w
the valley and over the Lolo puss Into
Montana; couriers that he will ahead
Into the Hitter Hoot valley announoad
iuU*nd<*d no liaim to
home In
the north. Hut this message was not
liellcved slid troops from lot I Mis
....... ,
»oula. reinforced by citizen voluii
toe«, went Into Lolo passt» Inter
cept the Net 1'ercee.
Joseph met und counseled with
the officers, wlm wen* Intrenclied lie
»'"'<» *
k,ujm " *" UW
not tum hack, and llie soldi, r* would
not let Idm pass The council ended
and Joseph returned to Ids camp
^ ^ U|P „
-Red.« ««■
■ 1 m. II.
tl( , ,,s>ulu-d In Dm* massera of DieDlb
Ism command, liirough Die failure of
In (lie morning the soldiers awaken
e<l to find that lire Indians had
marched around I Item In Die night
and were then on ttieli way up Die
Hitler Hoot valley
Then lagan the pursuit which re
of the Htg Hole,
junction of Ruby and
frail creeks, Die Indians had camped
afU-r crossing the divide. This bat
Dm- general to heed Die advice of his
civilian allies, mote skilled than n<*
in the way of Indians
This liattlc ended. Joseph led bis
shattered liand down the Hlg Hole
'»Hey. scr-ws to Dm* Madlwm river
>hr»ugh the Y eltowstone park and
northward to Die Hear I*a» nioun
talus. Here tie was overUken by the
tie surrendered.
'n all this retreat toward Dm* lull
outrage disgraced Die
. ^
lie »«rrenoereo
cmdurl ol Dm* Ne* IVrces. They
commandeered provisions ImiI butch
ered no sets 1er» and they «rel d ed
i iwipa rent after D»*«amendment
i*»ied w r ^[' f
to General Mile*
'-loud had «raped Into Ganad.
Joaeph s reply to Uie demand of
, "'T ' .
<*'• Mil« lor surrender Is a key to
Die ctoarecUr of Die man. Tell
I (Jen. Howard." he »Id. I know his
before I
t.eart. What tie bold toe
' Iwve In my heart. I am tired of
Äfhu ' < ,h,r fl " eh " r
Looktng Gl»»« I* dead Too-hul-hul
i sole is d«d The old men are dead
It iu cold and we have no blankets.
!'file children are freezl
Wankets, no rood, no one knows where
they are-perhape freezing to death.
j Wllllt hav * u n ,e to look for my
c niUlren and see how many of them
, caB flnd . Maybe I shall Und them
Bnion( j Um dead. Hear me, my
cb|eÄ , (lm1 . Iny , IO)lrl „ ,, ek
#IM j M( j j,-mm where the sun now
j nght no more forever."
And he kepi
he was. -lit.
Ids word like the man
^ k| T he bravado
Bll(1 „«ur.nors of the lead
The Democratic Standpoint.
| Special ( onn|>«,ltuit ]
The vigorous blow* dealt by demo
cratic speakers and the democratic
pies* are making a very decided Im
pression and already leading republl
era that characterized llie early
of the campaign have given
of l)lU c|ly . n<t
IU gg„t „».«
„/ out ovfr y*
llle ,,,cclUm of Parker hut
*...... .........
way to a wholesome and well founded
leur Dial their open advocacy of the
Mormon uUhiiIuuIUhis will more than
likely cost them the election.
Gooding when he returned to Hots*
after his rmrlhern trip, had a quiet
consultation with several dlggruntled
«* *"!!«* " f
in fact doing all the damage possible
to the démocratie state ticket. It
was Intimated pretty broadly that
this contingent could have their ex
pense» paid, etc. All tills sIhiws the
desperate straits Gooding ami Ids foi
low *ra are In. They are willing to
trade off Ituusevell and everything
else In will the stale ticket. They
. ,
f. * ___ ,____^ ... jj.____
tins«' disgruntled democrats and risk
the defeat of the National republican
ticket here In lids state, II llteicby
they can weaken Heit fehl, who Is
malln't a line Impreaslo'i wherever
lie has spoken.
A very hopeful sign is that the re
.,__...... _
«"dtdale «lay at PreaUx. a few
the open and are foiced to discuss
I lie Moi mon question which Is Uie
pariiuio.iut stale Issue In this cam
Arthur Hart at a meeting held by
....... ..... ......
1 log and nodded Ids approval ol Hart'
, >laU<nipnU Clay very promptly rose
occasion and relinked this fer
; 1 and told
I z» J
and the people over tlieie «|ulte
plainly that It was the policy of the
nights ago took llie stand und boldly
defended polygamy. 1 'arklnson, the
president of Uie slake over there,
whom Gooding lias selected as the
coming Immigration Oummlasloner,
to ftirher colonize the state with
Mormons, was present at the meet
democratic party of Idaho to wl|ie
oui tills foul blot upon the fair es
''Utche,«. of Idaho,
l "'' «'*
, MOt|w „„
u tlM .
, ' B '
the Moi mon
beginning to tie made
liiere Is shaping
vigorous revolt of
the more self respecting repu hi lea ns
of the stale, cspec'ally among the
Holse, Idaho. I IcUiIm-i 7
Goodindkitdlhc Two Nile Law.
'llie ldsho Dally Statesman I» mak
ing futile efforts to pul Gooding
right on the subject of the Two
Mile Limit Law.
It wants Gooding to get the vote
of the ranchers and settlers whose
ranges are being destroyed by llie
ravages of (he slierp
I binding • **lng s sheep man. notmdy
could ress> Iishly espect lie would go
hark on Ids business and do anything
Ur injure It Will. Uie Hatesman
„M.vlnc* Ihe |*».ple that It
«.„ding is elected lie will prove
j^nor to the men In that business
wtiu elected him and give Dm* sheep
I hi stimm the worst <*f It
Hut GrasHng's pisvltl(M) Is perfectly
consistent. He ssys he I» In favor of
Die law as It now stands; so presum
ably Is Die HtaUwmsn
Kul how does the law now stand?
I nder II« present provls.ons arvxzrd
Irig U> Die recent decision of Die su
preme court, bands of sheep can
graze In passing from one rsrup to
another and while taking ner.ssary
wIltMWt violating lire provlsonf j
^ pa* ynanit li
Tbt* will enable Die slieep to eat
|| K right up to Dm* very doors
„( yw «rttler snd lie has no remedy.
- n , P democraU f.vor such »mend*
TOW , t 0 , u , r pr ,went law as will fully
B()< j c.rtj^ietely protect Die setDeis
lh<f sheep
toes Mr. Gooding favor such s law?

can well afford to say lie favors
wnàt Dm, democrats favor Is sn
to l
»«II prevent t
the law a* It now stands, but the law
as H now stands, under the derision
of lire supreme court, Is of no use to
the very claas It was designed to ben
lire present law Dial
Ihr damage« U> Die
etiler» they complain
In order to »ecu
^ , 0te ,
)p<w , ture , ll(1
rang« of the
In order to secure this, the people
democrats for the
lleltfrld for gov
The republican party In ldalio with
It* merger with the lead trust, Um
hcr syndicat«, sheep association and
Mormons, dell« the labor eta» and
j —y * Dot a word about
Roosevelt's Duplicity.
Prior to Mr. Roosevelt's visit to
Hutte, when on bis political Itinerary
at the ezpense of the railway corpor
ation*. It was freely predicted that
the gentleman would carry Montana
by 20,000 majority.
Ala later dale Congressman Dixon
ventured Die estimate that Mr.
Rnsievelt would receive a majority
of 10 , 000 , while still later both the
republican press and Die spellbinders
of Die party withdraw all propbeeles
along Dial litre.
Wire» In tills city Mr. Roosevelt
made a strenuous effort to Impress
tailoring men with Ills Oddity to
their cause.
While he directed Dir placing of an
address on Die wires of Dm* Associ
ated press purporting to ba Die
speech that be would deliver under
Dip auspices ol the laboring men at
Columbia gardens. Die speech be
actually delivered was different In
many essential respects.
The speech sent out lauded the
railroads and said nothing of ''pluto
cratic" government while the speech
delivered said nothing about the rail
road but declared that this republie
would never liecome a "plutocratic
government, "
The exposure of Ibis cheap political
trick did not redound to Die credit
of Mr. Roosevelt, albeit the "play"
might have lieen overlooked In a man
of lesser note
It »bowed the disposition of a man
holding Die highest political office on
earth, to juggle with the labor vote
ot Montana, while In nowise lessen
ing Ills standing with the corpora
Ills further effort to show Ills love
for the latmilng men hy Inviting a
Huile committee to dine with hliu,
ilgnally failed of IU purpose, react
ing to the president s disadvantage.
These evidences of demagogy, so
utterly out of keeping with the dig
nity of the presidential office, and so
clearly a plan' to "work" the labor
vole, might have lK*en dismissed
with n smile had not Mr. Roosevelt
failed to respond ln the demands of
IslKir when Its rights were In Issue.
When the Colorado trouble* reached
Die point <d deportation of citizens.
In contra vent Ion of the constitution
of our republic. Die Isliorlngmen of
Montana sent a protest to Mr. Roose
velt; but he refused to even acknowl
edge ihe receipt of the communica
tion. lest be might offend hta finan
cial hackers on Wsll street.
Ignoring Die statutory provisions
under whirl) he might with propriety
have Interfered In the Colorado
tmuli'es. and call a hall upon Die ar
lion Ol the lepubllean slate adminis
tration ol (hat eommonwealDi. Mr.
I too»** veil could no longer look labor
In Die face and assume to I« Its
Not only have Diese (seta damp
ened Die enthusiasm Of Die Roosevelt
cause In this slate, bul Die respect
foiiuerty entertained for his "slzenu
ou*" stlrltMilrs lias disappeared In
the knowledge Dial "demagogy" Is
Die mure appropriate name for the
Imiturrs referred Ui
The irost ardent of republican
prophets, when Mr. Itooaevclt appar
ently hsd Die Held U) himself, re
duced Mr Ihssu'vell's prospective
luajotUy 10.U0U votes, while It Is evi
dent that Die Montana public will
meet these figures half way and elim
inate Do* Ualsnrr of the claim. Mr.
I'srkei having Inspired a confidcm-e
sud respect throughout the rountiy
that Justifie« this conclusion - - Hutte
A Pointer lor Candidate«.
Two candidate« for offic* In Mts
isiur I were stumping the northern
pail ol the sUlc. and Iu one town
(heir appearance was slmust slmul
tsnsous The candidate last arriving
happened to stop at s tKwar tor the
purpose of gelling a drink ot water.
To D>e little girl who answered his
knock at Dm* door he said, when she
bad giveu him Dm* desired draught
and he hsd offered her in recompense
some candy : "!>ld the man ahead of
me give you anything?"
"Oh, yes. sir." replied the bright
girt "Im*. gave me candy."
"Ah"* exclaimed Die candidate,
* 'here's five cents for you I don't
suppose that be gave you any mon
The youngster laughed aterrllf.
"Yes. lie did. too. tie gave me IU
Not to be outdone. Dm- candidate
K a* e the little one another nickel.
Iter up Iu his anus.
in<J picking
giwkeit tier
**ind be kiss you
g PI ,i a j|;
Indeed be did,
ton?" Im* asked
tbe uuJc g| r l.
sir!" responded
and tie klMcd ma
too"* Culllef'* Weekly.
C. R. Siuw fur representative aud
Mis. Mary Lemon for school superin
tendent. nominees of the democratic
convention at Boise, have declined to
remain on the ticket.
Word com« from Iona, Hingtiam
county, of the peculiar death of
Jam« Slanger. A rock, thrown by
the boy» elder brother, «track Ui

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