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Situation Critical for Enemy.— Fires
Everywhere in Rear Indicate Fur
ther Retirement.— Road* Con
gested With Fleeing Teuts
(War K«»vle»v fur m-tober .")
AiiutIi hii hihI French forces In their
tiilurliHl' nihliniv m> tlir crest nf
Moiil Hint»«'. in tin- Champagne, < up
lured rs.lNSi prlrfoticr*. an-onllng to tin
tû ho île Parla.
The Americans have inmle **ti ml
viinee of three hilotnelor» (almost two
miles) In llie Argon»*-.
Nowhere Hre the armies of the Ten
Ionic allie— being periililleil In r»*s|.
On the froiita of I hunier*. Fran»-»»,
IIhI». AI hm ila iiimI Turkey, the enemy
*1111 continue* to lo-e ground. or I*
Lelng eotn|iellei| In throw strong re
Inforeenieiit* Into hi* hat lit; Hue to
hohl hack 111 * iiggrrsaors.
Bad Roads Delay Progress.
In Belgian Flanders the Belgian.
British nml Freinli troops are *1111
driving forward, although I heir wpeeil
haa tieen oomewhnt lessened h.V mr
afin «f I he bad condition of the ground.
The enemy I* swiftly evacuating the
salient between Arutenllere* anil l.en*
ami llie British now are Mantling only
a hi 'a n I *1* mile» southwest of I,llie
over a front of Nboot four mile* he
twreeu Wavrln anil Kiinlnghem, at the;
former place having gained a position
astride the l.en* Lille railroad.
Cambrai Soon to Fall.
Notwithstanding violent counter
attack* and a line strengthened by;
fresh reserve*, the British between Kl
Quentin and «'ambrai have materially
pressed easiwartl from I he region of
l,e <'tilclet, anti to the north have Im
proved their |Mt*iiloti* In Cambrai so
well that apparently this Important
town statu must fall. Taken all In all,
llie situation of the (lermmts in litis
region seems to he critical and the
crisis at hand. Far to the rear Ht-rlul
observer* report 1 lit* ronds congested
with retreating troop*, wirf» are being
hurassed by the machine gun fire of
the airmen. A* In Flanders, fires ui
everywhere to he seen anti It Is evident
the enemy, realizing that he must give
further ground, 1* vigorously applying
the torch.
Around Ithelins the French have
further extended tlieir gains north
and northwest of the cathedral city,]
where they are all along the Aisne
canal. To the east In «'humpagne.
American forces are fighting with the
French between the Sttlppe fiver and
the Argonne forest. In addition lo
holding their original battle line Inside
anil east of the Argolihf forest. West
of the Argonne. with the a I < I of French
tanks, the Americans have taken the
Important height positions of lllaue
Mont ami the Med cult farm anti press
etl farther northward.
French ' Better Positions.
Mlmultiinoonsly the French have a<1
valu ed their front eastward arottml
<'hsDerange anti gullied better posl
lions for their operation* tip the rail
way toward Yniizlcr* anti in keeping
the «iertnnn* Inside the northern
|M>rtlon of the Argonne forest by an
enfilading fire through llie Aire val
ley, while the American* pro** north
ward through the forest dllvlng the
enemy before them. The latest reports
are that the Ynicilca»* have advanced
almost two mile* In the forc-t, and on
the eastern * de id the great wood are
slowly pressing north ward. Through
out till- entire region the tieltnun* are
resisting most stubbornly.
Italien Cavalry Busy.
In the mountain region in northern
Italy the Italian* on several sector*
tiave allai ked and defeated llie An*
Irina» while in \ I bn 11 1 it the Austro
Hungarian* are In last retreat before
the linHttii armies Italian eitvaliv is
wol king fill Hi advance of the Infantry .
harassing the enemy The Kotueui
river In western Mhauia Ini* been
eros-ist and the enemy supply teiltet
tu Palestine the 'links have been
driven far hevnnd Damascus, with the
Hrltt-h -till oti their heels harrying
More Peace Rumor«.
Report* are to tin* effect that All*
♦ rla llungti' v again 1 » seeking peueo,
having invited Holland to icv|ue*t the
belligerent* to participate in tu-gotln
lion* The Hungarian premier, who
hs* arrived in Vienna with a tutmher
of Hungarian statesmen. I* quoted
a* saving that the Hungarian* "again
are tailoring untiringly In the inter
••*1* of pence amt we are already nego
tiating "
pose the diAteinlliuthig «if anti-ally lit
eratur»» and collecting money to lie
»cut to Trotzkv in Russia was r»>
vealed ut the trial.
Bol«h«vikt Organizer Sentenced.
Winnipeg o«*t Mo-haet t'liuri
ttinnff. member of an alleged Itol-he
vlkl hand vva* Henteneed here to three
year* In the penitential» and a fine of
$1 mai for having --editions lltenoio'e In
h « |mi—i—-I on. t'harltonoff was the
»alitor of tin- hamiiat Itu-'lan puldb it
thin. "The Working People-." He
lileade*! gnlllv The existence of an
it *s<ii a thin here having tor its pur
,4 fe, ••
General I'ayoll»» I- In Imtiiediitle 1 - 0111 -
mmiil of the I'renih troop* that are
taking purl In the cnnlcsl for control
of the fore*t of St. Holmili, which
protei t* I .son.
Civilian Records Unavailable, but New
Case* in Army Camps
Number 12,9/5
Washington. <>«-t. 5. Spanish Influ
en/.u continue* II* rapid spread both
among the civilian population anil In
army camps. Iteports yesterday to th«*
public tics It h service allowed the dis
eilst» hail become epidemic in many
more cities, while 12.975 new eases
oldiers trail)
were reporietl among
lug In this eountry.
Besides the New Kngland dlstrlet,
the disease has now reached epidemic
proportions in New ,l»»rsi»v and also
in parts of Pennsylvania, Maine. Ih-la
Virginia and Alabama. Thus far
Mil doctor* ami a large number of
nurses have been ordered It* report to
publie health servlet» official* In charge
of the situation in the different plates
where Un» disease I* especially prevu
lent. An official of the service was
sent to Trenton to lake charge of the
campaign 111 New Jersey.
There was no record to show the
piieuiinuilH nml death rales among ci
vilians lull in army camps pneumonia
1 a*e* nearly doubled, being I,Sol yes
tertlay against 930 for tin* day prevl
I»entli* in army camps, however,
decreased, being .'t.'ll compared with
.'IPO the day before. The total number
of influenza ease* III llie camps' now Is
deaths 'J, SOP.
127,97.1, pneumonia eases in,UP, and
Boston Closed Town.
I lost on, «let. 5. The Boston hoard
of health In an effort to stop the
spread of Influenza, Issued an order
Iasi night closing from midnight Sun
day until further notice, all saloons,
howling alleys, pool rooms, billiard
hulls, slot machine parlors, soda foun
tain* and auction rooms.
Washington, Oct. 5. Loss of the
naval patrol boni Tiimpit. formerly
the roast guard cutter Miami, with all
on hunt'll IIS men Is amiotiueetl by
the navy department.
Tin» Tampa vva* sunk on the night of
September 211 In the llrlstnl channel
ni I" the coast of Kmtlnnil. nml Vie»»
Admiral Sims' report Indicated that
*lte vva* torpedoed while »'scot ling a
eotiv ny.
• dlier vessel* of the convoy, which.
It appears, the Tampa hud -teamed
ahead M. made a thorough search In
the vicinity after they fell the shock
of the explosion, hut they failed to
find a single survivor. Two bodies In
naval (Uniforms were pleked up. hut
they had not been Identified up to the
lime Admiral Slut*' late-t dispatches
were filed.
Washington, «nt. 5. Plans of eon
gre— to adjourn for a month over the
November election* tlrew a warning
from Secretary M» Vdoo that failure to
promptly enact the »»igltt billion dollar
war revenue hilt will disorganize and
endanger I It»» national finance
Fpott receipt of a letter fr»»m Mr
McAddoo. containing thi* warning
»'halt-man Simmons ami the sénat»
commute»» a g teed to work with all
possible *i«*«»»l. hut th«» i-hatriuiiu »itiil
ln> did not see Itovv It is po-slhle
report tin- hill before »»« toher 20, *>
If lh«*n. lie added that pIhii* for ml
lournment of «-«ingress on October 2»
ptiilialdy would he reruns!<t«»r»»»l.
Washington Oct. 2. Through th*
a pp« »lut ineiit of a committee to Inve-tj
gat«* the present situation I* to ituiry
products, the food administration an
mnnu «-»I last night that first steps had
been taken to stabilize the buttei
Imr»»iised demands front the army
! navy, und the aille- have produced a
temporary shortage of butter, the food
! udmtidstrnttou bus been informed by
! representatives of the dairy interests
Nation'« Subscription« Are Mounting
Up About Half a« F*«t
as Necessary
Washington, Oct. Y— 1 The nation is
/Hatching toward it* si* billion dollar
Liberty loan goal at just a llttl*» mote
titan half the speed required to main
tain a dally subscription rate nf
ggt.fggl. Itoiid sales officially tubulat
'd front reports of hunks were an
nouneed by the treasury last night
LS55.132.1*>o, <>f an increase of
»Ninon in the last '-'1 hours. Tins rep
resents results of the five working
lavs up to last night.
At the st;.......id rate of »."■). Y'nhMHN.
•1 day. the record by Oils time should
hav e'been $1 ,57. r *.«Mi.n«iO. Tills method
if calculation falls to take into con
sideration. however, the fact that,
many *ub.*cri plions have not been
Hacked up by first payments, and con
sequently are not recognized In the
iffielal report*, ami that natural 1"'°
■ rast I mil ion will cause thousands of
•ltlzens to postpone entering pledge*
until lute in the campaign. National
headquarters yeMerday iSs'tled it te
mlnder that only I-» working titty* re
main before the subscription period
•mis, 1 tetoher 111.
Oregon and Montana yesterday join
ed Iowa in the list of states which
have over-ubscrihed their quotas.
Cleveland. Oct. fi. Twenty munition
plant workers were instantly killed at
Bedford, to miles smith of here, when
a Pennsylvania passenger train plow
ed through Hliout 10 men in a tiens»;
fog. Twenty eight otlmrs were injur
ed. three probably fatally. All hut one
of the victims lived in Cleveland.
The workers had Just alighted from
a local train which was tuking them
from here to tin» munition plant of the
MeMyler Interstate company at Bed
ford, where they were emplo,vt»<l. The
men .«noon on or were crossing tin*
southbound track when the northbound
passenger train, running 45 miles an
hour, ran them down.
London. Oct. I. The armistice con
eluded wiili Bulgaria by the entente
allies is a purely military convention
and contains no provisions of a po
litical character.
Bulgaria agrees to evacuate all Hie
territory she now occupies in «ireece
ami Serbia, to demobilize her army
immediately, and .surrender all means
of transport to the allies.
Bulgaria also will surrender her
bouts and control of navigation on
tin» Danube and concede to llie allies
ft»»»» passage through Bulgaria for the
development of military- operations.
All Bulgarian arms and ammunition
are to be stored under the control of
llie ullles, to whom is conceded the
right to occupy all Important strategic
Killed in Action.
Pvt. Charles E. Vorls, Si regia.
Pvt. Ivun Myers, «'olunihla Fulls.
Pvt. George Evans, Belt.
Pvt. Lincoln I». Mliri, Forsyth.
Pvt. Carl A. Schultz, Saco.
Lieut. Harold H. Joyce, Helena.
Kergt. Leon F. Johnson. Ryegate.
Pvt. Lewis Cravvl'ortl. Hoy.
Pvt. John M(»«>. Anaconda.
Died of Wounds.
Carp Uohert It. I »avis. Kutly ard.
Died of Disease.
Pvt. Henry H«»linint. Thompson Failli
Missing in Action.
Pvt. Tims. Kldsvick, Knid.
Pvt. Herman Krebs, Harlow ton.
Pvt. Mike Coguru. Bean-reek.
Pvl. Emory Brown. I teuton.
Pvt. .lohn P Httdol|ili. Vanaiida.
Pvt. .la*. It. Morelaml. Missoula,
Corp. Ualplt t>. Svlen. Froltl.
Cor|i. Lnuiliert K. Post. Caldwell,
Wounded Severely.
Pvt. Hex K. Haw. (ilasgmv.
Pvt. Lee Hoy l-'rei-ehmatt, Froid.
Corp. Wllllutu Maim, Conrad.
Pit. Albert 1. Marken, Big Fork.
Pvt. William II Martin, Anaconda.
Pvt. Hoy N Murray. Missoula.
Pvt. Otto .1. Ohlrleli. Baker.
Pvt. Fver»>tl A' Hoheit-, Helena.
Pvt. Win. H. Mnrpliy. Big Sandy.
Pvt. Charles Cnrlgnan. Avondale.
C»»rp. Mat. A. Anderson, Wibaux.
Pvt. Janie- J. Foley. Malta.
Washington, «»el. Y Although «if
fering vigorous objection to the plan
to stabilize th*» price of hog* as
cently pro|His«»d by a -|i«»elal Investi
gating committee of the fötal admin
i-tratlon. r«»presi>mative* of the five
large paiklng eompnnie- and ahont 4«i
smaller »»oneerns yesterday pledged
their -uptmrt lo the fi*nt administra
thui lu the effort to maintain a mini
mum price of ft.Y.'iO a hundred for hogs
during u»e pmklng season.
No Soldier Vote Thi* Year.
New Y ork. < »et. 1. Because "con
slant movement of our military force
In Fnrnpc would make it impractic
able to Htetmpt to -1 cure in any man
n«»r the votes of out soldiers abroad
the war department has declined
permit the state of New York
send a commission abroad to take
the vote of the 20»l.n»m New York
men now serving with the American
expeditionary forces. This» decision
*vji- announced in u letter receiv«»d
yesterday from Benedict Crowell, act
ing secretary of war.
3elated Attempt to Erect Structure of
Government by the People, Hop
ing Entente Statesmen Will
Treat With It
Washington, Oct. -T—Kven the most
•onservative of military observers
here are rontJne»»d that thp <!»*rrnan
rri,, on France and Belgium has been
lefinitely hroken. Out flanked in Bel
gium anil In the Champagne, the great
Hindenhurg line already was becoming
intenable when the forces of Field
Marshal Haig crushed through it yes
erduy Just north of St. Quentin. Mil
iary authorities here were inclined
o speculate more on llie »»fforts of
lie «iermiin command to extricate its
armies from th»» allied pincers than
upon oilier possible offensive thrusts.
It was believed that the penetration
if the Hindenhurg line might furnish
Koch with a means witli which to em
han-ass tin* Herman retreat, always
with tin* possibility of precipitating
a rout.
Thus out flanked In Belgium and in
liie Champagne, and with St. Quentin
in the bunds of the entente, the swift
widening of the breach In the line,
coupled with the continued rapid prog
ress of French, Belgian arid British
forces in Belgium, it Is thought here
may possibly upset the whole German
scheme of retirement which already
had begun on the Khelms front.
Ringed by a wall of victorious ene
mies over the whole front from the
North sea to Verdun, the legions of
the Herman empire lire face to face
it It disaster. Official reports to the
state department yesterday Indicate
that the evacuation «if the submarine
bases on the Belgian const is immi
nent. There also is conclusive evi
dence that the evacuation of the lines
before Itheims is well under way.
Kaiserism Weakening.
Signs are multiplying in reports
aching the state department from
various agencies in neutral European
ountries of the rapid weakening of
the despotic control which the mili
tary elements in Uermuny and Austria
have imposed upon the civilian popula
tions. So extensive and consequential
are the events quickly following one
another in Berlin aud Vienna that
American officials nre becoming con
vinced the imperial rulers have bt»en
oreed. however reluctantly, to the con
victlon Ihut if they are to preserve
their dynasties from destruction they
must yield to the growing demands of
the civilian elements for the right of
participation In the government during
this crisis.
Make Democratic Pretense.
Germanic rulers are apparently
making a belated attempt to erect a
structure of democratic government
through the creation of cabinets re
sponsible to the parliaments in the
hope that the »»nteiitA statesmen will
lie willing to treat with these bodies.
Indications of such a purpose are
discovered in various utterances and
acts of the German anti Austrian
leaders. In his acceptance of the
resignation of Chancellor von Hert
ling. Emperor William appealed to
the strong men of Germany to come
to his aid and share th«> hardens of
government, a direct hid for the sup
port of tin» Socialists anti Centrists
in return for participation in the cab
inet. V
Socialists Block Plans.
Such a change in Germany doubt
less would lie followed. If not indeed
pre»-«»ded. by a similar revolution
Austrian parliamentary government
One interesting development In the
German internai situation, and de
scribed a* likely to have far-reaching
eon*»'«pu»nces, was the refusal of the
Socialists to enter the government as
at present constituted, indicative of a
determination to hold out for the right
of the majority party in the reichstag
to name the members of the cabinet,
even though that involves the change
of tit«» German constitution.
Washington. Oct. 2.—The Germans
are meeting with increased opposi
tion In their efforts to establish con
trol in Russin. Swedish pivss reports
receiver! at the state department yes
terday from Stockholm saiil that in n
recent battle with the Fkranlans. the
Germans lost 1.500 men. German
forces which have been centralized
at I'skoff since the Herman umhus
sudor was forc»*d to flee from Moscow,
have found their position untenable
and are leaving the city
$294.845.000 TO ROADS
Washington «ht. 2.—Railroad ad
ministration disbursements to KÖ indi
vidual roads in September amounted
to S.Y2.'.nt.Yooo. making the total ad
values since April 1. $2t*4.*4YOO(i
PirtH'lor of Finance John Skelton wtl
Dams. r<»porte»l yesterday that »>f tin
total. $2tn».:547.n<m catue from the halt
hillhtn dollar revolving funtl and $K5,.
n>7.(»0it from the $113.000.000 surplus
contributed by Individual r»»a»t*.
* * 'f '/
_"Photo tyf" „V
Voolorn Nowopsptr Unto
y» j
■ Uf
Miss Hay C. Sawyer of New York
•By. who is called the ''musical god
mother of America's fighting men,
having adopted all llie musical units in
the United States service by keeping
them supplied with all the latest hits.
Her list covers over 000 bands, 250
orchestras and sores of singers in the
army, navy and marine corps.
The smallest increase in the cost of
living of any city in which a survey
has been made by investigators of the
bureau of statisti«-s is reported for Su
perior, Wls. Since December, 11)14
the costs t here have advanced 59.63
per cent, and since December, 191
14.71 lier cent.
w O
A bill authorizing the president to
regulate exports from tin» Philippines
lias been passed by the house and sent
to tlie senate. By limiting Philippine
exports, government officials expect
to release ships for more essential
trade, particularly the movement of
wheat from Australia to the United
* *
American soldiers hereafter will be
allowed to write for publication and
receive pay for their work. The gen
eral staff has announced that the or
der prohibiting such writing lias been
modified in view of the fact that prac
tically all of the literary ability in the
country has been called into the ser
vice by the draft law's.
•ù *
The American people soon will he
able to purchase shoes at fixetl maxi
mum and minimum retail prices,
lower than those now in effect, and
obtain sit the same time shoes of bet
ter quality, it is announced by the
war industries hoard, which has en
ured into an agreement with the shoe
<r *
Liberty motors now have reached
quantity production and American
built airplanes are now being shipped
in trainload lots daily from the fac
tories for servi«-«» overseas. W. <\ Pot
ter, acting director of the bureau of
aircraft production, made ihi* an
annouticoment upon his refurn to
Washington from a ninspectioti of fac
tories building planes ami motors.
* tt
William H. ("Big Bill") Edward
former Princeton gridiron star and
collector of internal revenue for the
»listci»»t of New Ytirk. announces that
he is organizing a committee »if foot
ball men from all pari* of the coun
try to supply 5t»0 football suits for
use by the American expeditionary
•a «
Railroad telegraphers probably will
receive a wage increase of between $20
and $25 a month, it is stated by rail
road administration officials. The ap
plication »if the Order of Railway Te
legraphers for more than tvvi»»e this
amount of increase still is pending be
for«» ih«> hoard of railroad wages, which
I* expected to report soon to Director
General McAdoo.
* «
What is h»»liev«»d to he the smallest
strike on reconl has been »'ailed lu
St. lands. Pressmans' Union No.
has ordered a single pressman in the
printer*- at the police headquarters to
quR because the police board continu
«»»I to employ a non-union printer in
the shop. The simp prints the Police
Jourunl. *
* *
Regular aerial mail service between
«'hieagti and New York will he *tart
cd November 1. according to present
Plans, it was announced in Chicago.
Il was exi»ect*'«l to begin a month
earlier, hut th«» start was delayed by
a shortage of airplanes.
* -ft
Twenty sailors front a naval ves
sel in ttie harbor of an Atlantic p»vrt
»«-re drowned by the capsizing of a
naval tender in which they were re
turning to tlieir ship. Eleven «»ther meu
were rescued. None of the bodies of
he demi has been found.
Roll cau.
CAUSE Explosion
One Reason Given i t
Loaded Shell, and A ._
Tank of T. H. T. Wl|
to Exceieive
Perth Amboy, N J {
men were killed and "
injured In « treme
early last night at th*.
A. Gillespie Shell Lo*-»)'
Morgan, near here,
which shook the r (n i ntî
around and cause«! ^
Amboy to flee from th;,
followed by a series n r
plosions and by a fire t '
«lefied the efforts of f w
summoned from all a«»f
The number of ijem
cannot be determined
of the plant answer 1 ;
mates last night, ho*;,
number of killed aod h
to more than 100.
Ambulances sent irr®
rylng 25 doctor*, rettr
of the injured and for
city hospital would not
all the victims brought
was prepared to receiq
Ambulances dispatched '
and other cities were ,
taking other victim«
United »States hase H:
Colonia s'ent ambuls"
to aid In the rescue w;
Eight bodies were
morgue at South A»
were being removed
It is believed that
were in the building
inal explosion occurred
were blown to atom«.
The plant »vu»
high explosive shells,
explosion, government
phoned to nearby
to serve as guards 1
dred, vvilh a deta»'
guards, were rushed to
Cause Ur'
The plant, which 1
12 square miles,
small buildings situa: -
quake creek. The ;
eurred in one of th,
which T. N. T. was
the flames, sfireading
tu res, caused a series
Explanations regai
the explosion vary. '
one account, exee
plied to a vat of T. X
count had it that a
being lifted fell and
The first blast £
the glass' in South
half miles away.
The structure first
soon a roaring furs
was thrown around it
tives of men eiuplo.
from rushing into the
of tlieir »lend. For'
could make no effort
on account of the is
A young woman
plant as a telep
tlie heroine of the
bursting around her.
post, sending »»ut
doctors. Calmly she
to the quickest act
Pleading of Fetal*
Measure u •
Bill I* U:
Washington. Oft
tenluy refused » «
the president "»*
frage resolution
After five
ridor conference*
gotiations- the
era I ainendinen''
tlie house last J»»
final roll cab ! *V.'
necessary two-!»"
four «enHtivf» *
and :»* »•tF ,i "- iI '
All»*«* U "
of control. »W 1
tary command
al* tnanuf*' 1: ,
« .....r-rU
affairs, ha.
tente alhe*
PROH,B m T es£
step in
to the enemx
order has
transmis* 1 «*
telephone ^
.»d by > h «
graph «^f *

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