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main idea of teutons is to
Report» Are Sent Broadcast Tha
Austria Hungary and Turkey Form
te« Ultimate Defeat and Have
Declared Intention to Quit
(Win lli'vliw fur Iii'liilirr 12)
< »11 lin- wings «>f ner'i-anltj. llii* < i**r.
Him Ils ii rt- flying ea'twtiril from their
ul« I luillli* |h><!Miiiis from I ><m inI tu I. h
F»* r»* mul north «uni from l.n F«*rt* lo
I In- Mouse rl*i«r Their flight is to
»aril some haven of safety from the
lilhilis of the iillleil Imwks which ev
erywhere lire inellttriliK them.
Men n w III le there lime lu-eli sell!
hroinlcii't further reports ihm Atistrlii
Hungary mill Turkey seeing that the
relui of events spells ultimate liefen t.
filive informell Germany that they will
• crept I'teslilent Wilson's peace
term» Not« I ! list a mil a».' the advint
ages thill are being aehlevetl river the
'omimm enemy on the battle fronts
«ml tin- peace feelers in the air, Uresl
tleni Wilson. Secretary of Stale lain
•Ing, Secretary of the Treasury Mc
Ailoo. and In fart all the high officials
of the government are warning the
American eltlr.enry Unit the situutIon
•till la critical anil that everyone
•Imnhl rally lo the support of the
fourth Liberty loan.
Allias Advance Everywhere.
Alt along the battle front the allieil
troops are advancing. From south of
Douai to the east of Laon the enemy
everywhere Is giving ground east
ward. The Famous Chemin 1 »es
I »atues, the rltlge which the Hermans
Had believed to lie an Insuperahle
barrier lo an advance northward from
Holssons. Is being evacuated, while In
i'haiupttgne and along the Meuse river
further eastward the French and
American troops are piodilng further
forward northward their lilies In the
great converging movement which Is
fast driving the enemy from llelglum
«ml the greater portion of invaded
France inward Ills own borders.
Forcing Hune From Laon.
I louai Is now completely outflanked
to.V the latest operations of the Brit
ish, while between t'nmhrul and St.
Quentin the British and Americans
»re sllll chasing the enemy. To the
•tiuth of St (JociilIn the French, over
» wide front, have crossed the Oise
river, and in conjunction with the re
liremenl of ihe enemy from the Chem
in «les I tames, are forcing the ( 1 er
mans to give up the great SI. (inbuilt
forest, the bastion at the bend of the
line where ll turns eastward. hiiiI also
the stronghold of Laon, the keystone
of Ihe entire southern (Ionium line.
Italian* Taking Part.
While from the war map» It would
appear to casual observers Unit the
Hermans In this bend of the elbow
are likely to be cut off, It seems
more probable that they will he able
to use the railways and high roads
leading In all directions from Laon
like the nuiUi brunches of a s|Hdcr's
Web and effect Ihotr escape without
great losses In prisoners. Novorihe
less, the r«'trogrude movement here of
iioccKstiv must have a strong hearing
on the stability of whatever new line
Ihe Hermans may choose to stand
u|mmi. and on their still relatively
strong fronts In Belgium and from Ver
dun to the Swiss border The Italians
are taking a great part in the driving
of Ihe enemy from the Chemin des
I »utiles.
Sutppe River la Crossed
Kuat of Itheluis the Sutppe river has
been crossed by tin- French at niltuer
oils places. West of the Argentic for
est. which now Is held h.v tin- French
ami Americans, the Hermans are In
retreat and a ......her of additional
towns and villages have been taken
l»y the Francis American forces Last
of (lie Argonnc and along the Meuse
valley ihe Americans are s|||| pin
g reusing satisfactorily.
The retreat of the enemy along the
35 miles of the western tin»- from
I hiltul to the southeast of Si. (Jllelltlll
Is Sllll lo fast, except on Isolated set
tors, for the font troops of the Brit
ish. Vmerleaii and French to keep In
contact with him
Taking Terrific Toll.
The cavalry and tanks on Hie plains
und through the vvnndid »c< tors, how
ever have taken a terrible loll from
Ho- rear guards, while sun farlhet
hack, allied airmen are cutting ti
pieces n„. columns of the tu-wilder cd
foe as I hey li v to make their way to
their IlcXt 'defense line \ tl tllallv lie
Infantry opposition Is loving en
« muttered The machine gun seeming
l> Is heilig chiefly de|H-lided upon by
the Hermans lo hold hack the foe a«
their iiiiiin forces retire.
BANK TOTAL $20.422,52C
s '|K»kuile (»et 12 lataits to tin
farmers of Washington, t»regou. Mon
tana and Idaho by the federal land
l-iink of ibis city at ihe close of bust
' 1 's* ptenihei in aggregated CM.
422 i2n It was announced by I» H
t'Sliea president of the Institution
width serves these four slates. Th*
louns are secured by first mortgages
on the land, and run from IBM» tv
tl(UKA> T'< amount, the average being
Kugeln- V. I »ehs. tinted Socialist
leader, was found guilty of violating
the espionage law by a federal jury
.11 < 'lev eland, < ».
Nearly Thousand Persons Lost in Sub
marine Sinkings in the Last
Few Days
Washington, (h-l. 12. With defeat
«taring them in Hie fine, Herman sol
Jiers a ml sailors have embarked upon
I new era of frightfulueas. II Is evi
denced in the drowning or murder of
» 2.1 persons in three submarine sink
ings ami (lie wanton tlestruction In Ihe
wake of the Herman retreat III France
mil Belgium.
I wo hundred and forty-three men
were slain h.v shell fire when Ihe II. S.
S Ticniidci-ogn was torpedoed 1,700
tulles off the Atlantic coast, say 17
survivors of the vessel.
■Six hundred persons are believed to
have been lost when Hit- Irish mail
steamship Leinster was torpedoed off
Ihe Irish const Thursday.
Nearly .'(00 are reported missing In
Ihe torpedoing of the .lupiinese ship
• Bruno Marti. These include 10 worn
eu und children. An American de
stroyer, disregarding torpedoes launch
•d at It by the submarine, saved 20
tad then attacked the F-bnat.
Nearly a Quarter of a Million Cases
Have Been Reported From
Army Camps
Washington. Oct, 12. -The epidemic
of Spanish Influenza which lias rein-li
ed practically every section of the
onntl-y, continues tu spread vvilli nn
signs of nhitlci.....ii. I »chilled reports
is to its spread among the civilian
population me not available at the pub
Ile heult h service bureau, but offleiuls
say nothing has I...... received lo ludl
nte Hint ihe nialudy Inis rein-lted Its
New eases of Influença lu army
camps showed a slight decline In Hie
24 hours ending at noon yesterday, hut
pneumonia cases Increased over the
lily previous. Iiifltten/.a eases reported
to Hie surgeon general of ih«> army
iiumberibl 12,024; pneumonia eases, 2.
S2-4. and deaths H»2. Thursday s re
ports showed 12.821 new cases of In
riuenza ; 2.707 new eases of pneumo
nia. and SHU den Ills
The lotul number of Influcuxii eases
al camps since Hie beginning of the
pldemlc Inis reached 22II.OOO; pneumo
nia eases. 27,007, and deaths. S.Tl.'i.
Washington (»et. 12 . Celebration of
Liberty day today throughout Hie nn
lloll Is expected bv fourth Liberty loan
managers to send Hie campaign for
wnrd with a Jump from the $'2,2tB».2tHi
t**tal where the record stood Iasi night.
This represented an Iiutciisc of $240.
MllO.llvltl over Tbuis.lav s total ami in
> lude«l lew subscriptions le. onlkd yes
lenln.v. following ITesillctit Wilson's
ap|u*al for till over suhscrlplhui to glv«
the bum world »Igniflcauee.
1 'nhlle no'ellngs amt parades ar
ranged for today bad to lie called oft
nearly everywhere because ot the Infill
Ciun epblemi. hut ihoiisands of volmi
leers bave been enlist,si for bouse |c
house canvasses I'rcshlcitl Wilson
Will participate in the celebration at
New lork and Sei ietary Mc.Vdoo at |
Chicago «
350 Planes Bomb Hunt.
Washington Oct 12. Word of the
first great Ametlean air raid against
Hie Hermans north of Verdun lias sent
a thrill through war department ,.f
fteials, although no official re|s>rt hat
(•een r«H*elved lo furnish details ot
Ihe exploit So far as could he learn
ed. however, ihe participai Ion of JC*
machines in this one enterprise markt
It as the greatest air offensive yet un
del-taken on the western front in point
of Hie air forces employed. There It
no record of either allied or (iennar
raids on anything like a similar scale
Answer Cannot Be Used by Hun Juntv*
ers to Bolster Up War Spirit.—
President Asks Maximilian
for More Information
Washington, (let. ft. President Wil I
«on bus met Herinany's peace note;
with a move which will ul one stroke]
develop whether tier proposal is sin- |
cere or merely pretension and, if pr**- j
tension ii lit*, fully justify for all time
before llie world the prolonging of Hicj
war with force to the utmost, fin i e i
without stint or limit. At tin* sane
finie the president lias left wide open
Ihe door to peace.
The unanimous opinion among dip
lotnats Is Huit Hie president by a ear,
fully studied, most skillful reply, lui s j
robbed them of that opportunity. II j
they desired It, und lias sent to 1 1 if* j
Ueruuiri people themselves a new nn-- ;
sage Hint the United States and allie
desire nothing more tlian "a reign ul |
law, based upon the couaent of I lie
governed and sustained by tin* organ
ized opinion of mankind."
It was freely conceded that a lia'iy
reading of the president's answer
might not at first satisfy some who
hoped for a flat rejection of any terms
but an unconditional surrender. But
the government is confident that as
the president's communication is care
fully digested, its full Import grasped,
its almost Inevitable effect realized,
and Its possibilities for weakening the
Herman military party on its home
grounds comprehended, It will be s«*en
llnil the .president chose a very deep
Inti direct method of developing an
answer for all time to the question,
do the German people want peace?
Avoids Hun Trap.
Press dispatches bad previously an
nounced that the president would not
make a curt and peremptory rejec
tion of the offer, nor bluntly demand
an unconditional surrender now be
cause the American government did
not propose to fall into Hit* trap of
supplying the Herman militarists with
I means of bolstering up their argu
ment that the Hermans are fighting a
lefenslve whir and that the an
loiinced objects of tin* allies are only
to "destroy" them.
Thai is precisely what President
Wilson has avoided. He Juts met what
Hie allied diplomats regard as a trick
with a move which will expose it. If
I trick it he. He has called upon Ihe
Uernimi government for evidence of
its good faith, and should it not be
forthcoming, In* has left with the Her
man leaders the problem of explain
ing lo I heir own people, already clatn
'»i-lng for peace, why they are not will
ing to accept It.
From that point the president passes
to another which will develop as the
exchange proceeds, whether the Unit
ed Stales and the allies will deal ex
cept on the battlefield with the Her
man government as at present consti
tuted. Tile president tells the cluin
•ellor he feels he Is Justified in ask
ng whet lier the Imperial chancellor Is
«peaking merely for the const 11 ut ed au
thorities of the empire, who have so
mm- conducted Ihe war." This will de
velop whether Maximilian speaks for
lie Herman militarists whom the pres
ident lias denounced ns- unworthy of
"i.v trust and who regarded treaties
»is » "»crap of paper," or whether lie
speaks with the force of the people of
Hie nation, litis is regarded as pt-oh
ildy tin* most important part of the
president's eomiiiiinlcatloii. fraught
with potent possibilities of the most
fur reaching effect in Germany, where
mi active allied propaganda has been
making rapid headway In awakening
Ihe German people lo the nt-cessity
d assuming the responsibility of their
ivvn government and making their own
To appreciate its meaning', this part
if the president's answer must be enn
• id** red in connect ion with a portion
if Ids speech of September 27. in New
Volk, in which he declared:
"We are all agreed that there mu
be no peace obtained by any kind of
bargain or compromise with govern
ment' of the central empires, because
we have dealt with them altvady and
have seen them deal with other g„ v .
eminent» that were parties to this
struggle, at Brest Lltovsk and |t„
i-hgrest. They have convinced ix Hmt |
they ure without honor and they do
not intend Justice. Ihey serve no
•»»venants, accept no principles t MI |
fore»* and their own interests. \\-»
■'Minot come to terms' with them »
They hu\c made it Impossible l b« '
Herman (teople must by this time bei
fully aware that we cannot accept the
word of those vv bo have forced thi* '
Chicago Oct in Sixty four dollars
for eight hour» work was the record
established by one riveter at the South
"hteago shipbuilding yards Sunday, it
■vas iMinoinieeil here yesterday. Th»
week-day scale for »*n«h rivet Is eight
cents and on Sunday is Id. Three met)
in a teatu last Sunday drove 1.014
rivets, for which they were paid
$104.24. The share of Hugh McNulty
the "driver." wast $04. while his tw«
helpers split the balance.
war upon us. We^do not think the
same thoughts or speak the same lan
guage of agreement."
It inn la* authoritatively stated
that tills pronouncement will he the
answer to I'rim e Maximilian if in* re
plies that lie speaks for the kaiser.
It is regarded as possible, if not in
deed likely, that the German militar
ist lenders hoped for a curt and de
fiant answer with vv lib-ll they could
rally their people lo give their last
drop of blood "for the protection of
the fatliei land." and with other roll
ing pbras.-s in which Hie Herman of
ficial pronouncements abound.
The Note to Germany.
The text of tin* communication
handed l<> (In* charge of Switzerland
here follows :
"Sir: I have Hie honor to acknowl
edge, on behalf of Hu* president, youi
note of October 11, Inclosing the r-imi-
iniinication from tin* H«*rman govern-
ment to the president : und I am In-
structed by the president lo request
you to make the following communica-
tion to the imperial Herman chancel-
lor :
- 'Before making reply to the re
quest of the imperial Herman govern
ment and in order that Hie reply shall
be candid and straightforward, as the
momentous interest* involved require,
tin* president of life United States
deems it necessary to assure himself
of tin* exact meaning of the note of
ibe imperial chancellor. Does the im
perial chancellor mean Hint the im
perial Herman governim*rit accepts the
terms laid down by tin* president In
bis address i,, the congress of the Unit
ed states on the eighth of January
las-t. and in subsequent addresses, and
Huit its object in entering Into dis
cussion would he only to agree upon
tin* practical details of their appli
"The president feels hound to say
with regard to Ihe suggestion of an
armistice that lit* would not feel at
liberty to propose a cessation of arms
to the governments with which the gov
ernment of Hie United States is asso
ciated against the central powers, so
long as Hie armies of those powers
are upon their own soil. The good
failli of any discussion would manifest
ly depend upon the consent of the cen
tral powers immediately to withdraw
their forces everywhere from invad«*«)
"The president also feels that in* is
justified in asking whether the imper
ial chancellor is speaking merely for
Ihe constituted authorities of the em
pire who have so far conducted the
war. He deems tin* answer to these
questions vital from every point of
"Accept, sir. the renewed assurances
of my- high consideration.
London. <»ct. !». British casualties
reported in the week ending yesterday
listed the names of 37,940 officers and
men, divided as follows :
Killed or died of wounds, officers.
*•••*»; men, 0,150. Wounded or missing:
officers, 1 , 2 !(f,; men. 30,190. Total, of
fleers, 1 , 000 ; men, 80,84(1.
Ferdie Will Live in Germany.
Amsterdam. Oct. 10 .—Former King
Ferdinand of Bulgaria, accompanied by
l'rince Cyril and a large suite, lias ar
rived at Coburg, central Germany, ac
cording to a dispatch received here
The ex ruler of Bulgaria will inakt
his permanent home in Coburg.
Killed in Action.
t'orp. It. A. Sanderson, Forest Grove
l'vt. I>avld Llewellyn, Butte.
I'vt. Alfred A. Luhke, Great Fulls?.
Uvt. Alexander Boss, Broadview,
Died of Wounds.
Sergt. Marion B. Fletcher, Fergus.
Uvt. Anders M. Anderson, Froid.
Corp. Win, H. Murphy Big Sandy.
Uvt. .lohn A. McKee, Lattrei.
Missing in Action.
Uvt. .lohn .Tallies, Helena.
Uvt. Leon B. Lambert. Billings.
Uvt. Win. M. Ufarrer, Lambert.
Uvt. Wm. T. Bray, Whitehall.
Wounded Severely.
Uvt. .Ino. A. Appleby, Great Falls.
Uvt. Morton (\ Albert. Miles City.
Uvt. F.lmer II. MeKIvaln. Rotlileiiia.v
Corp. Arthur Leieher. Crestoii.
I «I. .lohn I-,. Jackson. Meuderville.
Uvt. Charlie Anttlu. Bed Lodge.
Uvt. Hantel Bloingren. Mitchell.
Uvt. Wm. U. Flanagan, Absamkee.
Uvt. Tims. W Boberls, Coluuihus.
Uvt. Thomas Fostvedt, Bed Lodge.
Uvt. Arthur IVterson. Vandalla.
Uvt. Carl I». Ylnge. Kallspell,
Corp: Carl F. I »unison. Uoplar.
I'm. l-'red . 1 . K. Cram*. Highwuod.
Um. Bussell H. Fluent. Butte.
Wounded Slightly.
I «I. Walter I-. Moore, Libby,
Um. Kniest Simmons. Sidney
Uvt. Floyd A Harper, Uiuiclr.
I'M I'eter Bekker. Great Falls.
I'M Jesse c Ueekha III. St. Joseph
Mechanic K T Larkin. Chinook. '
Died of Disease.
I'm. Balpb 1» Smith. Hiendive.
76 Ships Built in Month
Washington, «lot. 0 .- American ship
yards established another world's
re«*or.l in September by deliverin'- 74
vessels of 3rt2.(H6 deadweight tons i„
making this announcement the ship
ping hoard also disclosed it rt veiv»*,1
«me v«*sscl of H.tfiVi tons on the ,,. n
tract awarded to Japanese vnnls Sep
tomber deliveries excelled'previous th
tember deliveries exceeded the pr,.
vious high mark for American yards
ma.le in August by 30.017 tons coni'
pared with 281,018 d«ydweight ton«
British yards completed that month
.MNT* :
*>-V V '
Mrs. Anna L. Saylor of Bei-yeley
Oui., winner of tin* primaries, will be
California's first woman legislator.
American Troops sent overseas have
passed the 1,900,000 mark. General
March announces.
ft ft
Uostuien within a few days will as
sume tin* task of delivering telegraph
messages classed as night letters, in
cities and towns where postal deliver
ies are maintained. Delivery of tele
grams other than night letters by tele
graph messengers will continue for the
present. _ <
ft ft
Cholera is slowly spreading in Ber
lin, notwithstanding the preventative
measures taken, a Berlin «lispatch
says. • Seventeen cases were reported
October 8 ami 1.7 deaths occurred.
*» t»
The daylight saving law would re
main in effect until rescinded by con
gress tinder a hill passed last week
by the senate. The measure, which
was endorsed by Chairman Baruch of
Hie war industries hoard, in the in
terest of fuel economy, now goes to tlie
house. Under the present law the
clocks would lie turned hack an hour
on October 27.
ft ft
Congressman Royal C. Johnson of
South Dakota, lias received a slight
wound in France • according to word
received by his wife in Aberdeen. He
recently refused a captaincy in the
ordnance department, preferring an as
signment to the trenches.
ft ft
General improvement in corn pros
pects on October 1 over a month ago
is shown by tin* department of agri
culture's monthly crop report, just is
sued. The estimated wheat crop is
» 1 s.(hm i.ooo bushels, us compared to
BÖ.OOO, Oik) bushels last year.
ft ft
l'lain indication luis been given by
tin* national war labor board that ill
eases where organized labor opposes
advanced street enr fares recommend
ed by Hie board in connection with in
creased wages awarded to employes
of public utilities companies, the entire
award, including the wage advances,
will I»«* suspended.
™ » »
The state department lias been of
ficially notified of the abdication of
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria on the
night of October 3 and the succession
of the Crown Urine«« Boris. The new
ruler, as well as I'rime Minister Mu
Banff and two other members of the
cabinet, retained in office, are regard
ed as friendly to Hie United States
and the allies.
* «
Members of the Yakima, Wash., fed
eration of churches at tjieir recent
quarterly meeting, r«*si»|ve«l to petition
tin* city commission in eliminate Sun
day moving pictures, doing sp with
tin* promise of Mayor F. II Sweet that
it all tin* «-hurt-lies supported the mat
ter. Sunday movies would lie forbid
ft XI
M"re titan 2 -M) of Cleveland's police
men have signed resignation blanks
ami threatened to quit unless they are
immediately granted an eight-hour day
' "ters bist November approve«! an or
dtmuii-e giving the men the -eight-hour
< 1 »>. but city officials say it cannot he
put in force beeause tin- ,-itv lack'
* ^ A
NmiiIv nine million dollars lias been
appropriât«*«) h.v the American Red
r»ss tor war work in the British
, s f,, r '!»' l'ori.nl from last October
out of this year. This was
ills« lo'ed by the latest report of the
war council.
As „ means of keeping interest rates
t-ThT? 8 ' ,he : '«lminis,ra
tion hereafter will lend railroads fund«
at s„ per cent to meet maturing bond«
en they find it impracticable to gei
money elsewhere. Ample se. uritv wB
oe rtHjuirtnl. ' 111
British OestroTT^ H
cue of 576 men—0 liei p| jR|
dier* on Doomed Ve*,
Perfect, Say, Survi»
A British Uort, fvt ,,
nimber of American t ro «!
iost as the result of th ^.
Ihe transport Ortranto in
channel, between the J
Irish coasts, i„ « c rt |, L ^
steamer Kashmir.
Tlte Ortranto, after th»
was dashed ........ on th.
he south Scottish const win,
Mile loss of 372 A,ne r ir aD '
Three hundred iln «l 0D(>
taken to Belfast by th e
stroyer Mounsey, the only*
made an attempt at re**.
rifie gale when the Kashmir
vessel irt the convoy with ft,
rammed the Ortranto amt- 1 -
Seventeen tnen were picked
on the Scottish coast.
Of the 699 American
board the Ortranto, 3 io men
Seventeen were rescued alive
leaving 372 unaccounted f w .
Crash Occur*.
Tiie Ortranto and the other
of the convoy were battling
heavy seas and high wind«
morning. The storm was M
and the visibility so bad
Kashmir, a former Peni
Oriental liner, crashed into
tranto squarely amidships.
The Kashmir hacked iwq
damaged, but was able to
As the bows of the K~
pulled from the great hole in
of the Otranto, the wàter t
but for a time it did not smt
the engines. The Otranto
proceed, but made no headwj
the gale in her crippled condi
Tuscania Recalled.
Within a short time the »
out her fires and the Otrnnti
helplessly toward the rocky
Islay .island, where most of
cania victims met their death
Thirty minutes after the
British destroyer Mousey,
aged by tlte heavy seas, a
of the haze in answer to tin
culls of the Otranto. Whet
stroyer maneuvered to get
Captain Davidson of the
warned Lieutenant Craven,
ing the destroyer, not to mal
tempt. -
When Mt was seen that
would make the attempt su
men were ordered to rei
shoes and heavy clothing a
save themselves ns best the;
Towering Sea Runnii
The destroyer stood off ul»
dred feet and then gradin
nearer, against the great ndi
waves and the wind which I
momentarily to carry her
away from the Otranto or d
pieces against tlie side of th
As the destroyer steered I
side of the steamer, many «
leaped too quickly and mi
reckoning, and dropped be
boats. Some of these disai
the water, lint others were«
crushed to death between
and the lifeboats which ha«l
ered to act us buffers. The
was badly battered.
The captain of Ihe destr
time it was brushed away
side of the Otranto, would i
near enough for many ni" r
to th»* deck of liis vessel
scribed as a veritable rain t
of men landing mi the destn
Many of those who rm
decks of the vessel suffer
hones nr otherw ise were lm
who missed the deck of ihe
went almost to institut deal
Four times the buttered
enm*« alongside ami each
previous scenes were rei*
tin* end of the fourth trip
Americans, 230 of ihe ere",
sailors and one British »
lioard. The bow was full a
done all possible, 'lie starie
One of the American »
hoard the Ofranu» pictured
when the vessels Collide* ■
lined the decks a> though
and at the word of coatt"*
attention like statues. _
wavered, remain. m-' there >
formation, exemplifying '
crisis the noblest triditi ,,r
army for heroism and di** 1
same thing, said the soldier,
the seamen.
WlTH active
St. Louis. Oct.
Alaska sealskins. f«»r ai '"
United States goverm»*» ,
$103,440 at the full aUCt ' |HBl ^
the International f ur w
yesterday. The *>i»ening
$75 a pelt. A lot of too- .
island sealskins f»»r th*
eminent sokl for ^
lapanese sealsklu* *" ^
For 692 blue fox skim» £
«Bates government, $57,

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