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Strike One
This is the* letter which Mr. Davis ADMITS having
written in solicitation of the Nonpartisan League's
endorsement for the governorship.
„ . „ July 14, 1918.
Hon. S. D. Taylor, State Chairman,
Boise, Idaho.
My dear Taylor:
In further reference to our conversation over the
phone today, will say that I have never for a moment
questioned the loyalty of the farmers of Idaho, nor
their right to organize and by organization advance
their interest. If the Nonpartisan League of Idaho
should endorse me for governor 1 should accept with
appreciation. I can not conceive of a situation in
which any man worthy to be elected governor of this
state should not appreciate the support of the farm
ers and working men of Idaho.
Yours truly, D. W. DAVIS.
Yours truly, D. W. DAVIS.
p f , P 1( * Mr. Davis desire the indorsement of the Nonpartisan League?
«in ,i man be frivolous today and sincere tomorrow? Can such a man be trusted in the Governor's chair?
The foolish man writeth a letter and the letter riseth up and smiteth him in the beezer."—Polack proverb.
Commissioner Freehafer's report to Governor
Public Utilities Commission,
File No. 23002
tr „ „ , October 16, 1918.
Hon. M. Alexander, Governor,
Boise, Idaho.
Dear Sir:
Upon receipt of your letter of the 14th inst., rela
tive to the charge that the Idaho Power company was
furnishing to D. W. Davis of American Falls, Idaho,
electric service without compensation, we instructed
our auditor to investigate the service being furnish
ed Mr. Davis by the Idaho Power company to ascer
tain what payments, if any, have been macle for such
We are enclosing herewith copy of report of our
auditor made as a result of such investigation and
examination. This report speaks for itself.
You will no doubt desire to submit the legal ques
tions involved to the attorney general and we are en
clasing extra copy of our auditor's report for your use
in the event you desire to submit the matter to the at
torney general.
Yours very trulv,
By A. L. Freehafer, Commissioner.
"He who taketh something for nothing robbeth his
neighbors who have to pay."—Bwnniba Tulu.
Gan Mr. Davis accept free service from the
Is a man who is so
Power Trust and lx* uninfluenced bv that''Wrvice? VN ** AN *' Au,li,or
Dow a Power company give a man his power for nothin o- ,mi oon ^
close to the Power Trust that his lights and heat are furnfshod^w 0re Q S A ?Sv METHING wants and expects to
nee, a bAFE man for Governor?
'The bull with a
l-ing in his noso Mlowth much but fnlloweth just the ss
:ime."—Epizootic Proverb.
Mr. Davis has failed to explain what value in services or ANYTHING FT 9 F ho
Power Trust furnishes WITHOUT LIMIT, MEASURE MENT OR '
he is entitled to receive electricity from the Power Trust without
THAT contract—where
or any
Strike Three
TING ELSE he ever gave or PROPnerc?
* CHARGE to the Davis home. " 1 1) ^ T \° Power Trust of Idaho for th
t limit, without measurement or without chare-e Davis ^ failed to produce a contra
^INTRAf^T_WHERE I£i IT ■« enunt 01 vithout charge. r *
-other corporation, without an accounting therefoï?'" y ° U '' WiU ^TperL , ra'- ! h™n e ^V"^VJ S r' ICCept in* scrvicca from the Idaho
to the Governor's chair on that sort of &
This is the letter which Mr. Davis CLAIMS to
have written on July 2nd but which as a matter of
fact was dictated in Boise, September 23, alter Mr.
Davis discovered that Mr. I ay lor had turned over to
the League Davis' letter of July 1st.
July 2, 1918.
Hon. S. D. Taylor,
Boise, Idaho.
My dear Taylor:
I cannot recall a time when I have been persuaded
to compromise on convictions that I did not regret it
and I still feel just as I did last night on the question
of the League's endorsement with Townley, Coats and
others at the head of it,—it means no good for this
state or nation, and is bound to create an agitation
which our government desires to avoid in this hour of
our coun'rv's peril. (While a very large percent of the
Idaho members are loyal, patriotic American citizens,
yet I feel they are being deceived and misled.)
I cannot make myself believe that such loyalty and
love of country is any part of the motive behind the
leaders. I think the mothers and fathers who have
son3 in this great war will think of what this untried
propaganda has done for the people of Russia before
casting their ballot. While my letter was written at
your earnest solicitation for your use, stating that I
would not repudiate the indorsement of the farmers
of Idaho, still I feel that while the indorsement of the
Nonpartisan League might be desirable from a po
litical standpoint, that is not worth purchasing at the
price of my conscientious convictions, and therefore I
request that you make no use of the letter secured
from me.
Strike Two
Auditor Hassan's report to Utilities Commission*
Mr. A. L. Freohafer, . ° ctober 16 - 1
Mr. George E. Erb, >
Commissioners, ..
Ilofse, Idaho.
Gentlemen I
iFJE+i ........■ following data was Obtained from' the olfic™of
the Idaho Power company at American Falls:
Air Heating—Installed capacity 22 Kilowatts TMu i no i ,,
ä —iE
Range:—Installed June, 1914, Kind simplex 9 K capacity 8575 w«tt«
Ä."S ,'Ä"" w "" '«-• ^ ÄÄ
Lights:—Meter was installed on light« Mav 8 191« ..mi „ „„„ .
tween May 8th an«! September 20, 1 18 shows 144 k W f'"* be "
ertng the period of time during which M? and Mm D.vil « ' C °'"
from American Falls a* above indicated D ' lVis Were away
SaUTSs r? 1 ,"'" ° n , *•* «**««•
shows 54 Kilowatt hours. It i s understood bv bt ' pt ? 1 \ ber 2oth
FaUs that the Davis home has installed under heading of Smal? Cook
:«d S';;,' ■»—..or.
ni Am^ri^Fa 1 |î:''ia^^ , \ r h :t , n o':hHrKo 0f htt^bp ,iah0 P t , 'T" rompnny
vie indlcnt.d I, III
ony, and the District Manager Mr Neelev t'nt .hi' lnaR ? r ' An,h '
furnished to D. YV. Davts tor MMiiotime f erv,Cf> has
prior to 191ft could not be located (and for the' 'till
ligation did not consider it essential) I did not mtnant <btb jv mves '
flirt hor back than 1916 ft was found that a 15 K \V r* K Rny
installed at the Davis borne in order to takc care'ef thn.l- T'' 1 ' is
It ( was understood that this transformer could* be overhiulTS per
«•e local manager. Mr. Anthonv. Tàkingthu tic ion ï Ti"T*"*
count for considerable line loss for which he had n <o be kT ac '
eount. The electrical energy used bv the itevU home 2J. ' .i 10 '
been for some time past, charged to line loss' ' an<1 has
The writer r«'suested of the District Mannéor \t„ x . . .
I^al Manager. Mr. Anthony, authority for furni^hTng M°r Davis wiîh
electrical energy without charge, both genlemen statin* ,h., , '
was no authority, but that these condition« existed prior tt it e '° r °
t.wing the employ of the comnsny. and nothin- further a , on ,
instructions ha.l ever been given either of «»'em" f than verbnl
Th«>re Is nothing in the office of the i,i„k o »
American Falls ,o Indicate that any other servit w-iTfurZC'f at
to Mr. Davis or to anyone else at American Falls. f nishtHl fro °
Respectfully submitted,
Mr. Davis on July 1st addressed a letter to llr
League's endorsement for the governorship Thei«'
Mr. T.iylor the morning of July 2nd, which vas thîu
League opened its state convention for the ende ***
Mr. Taylor turned over to the League state 'kImZ'
letter of solicitation aC the same time he deMatS"
Gooding letter. Both letters were shown to 2—
before the convention opened at 10:30 o'clock th J 0 **
After the preliminary organization work of th*
posed of, the first action of Importance was the ■«
the convention to go into Democratic primaries The.
was the consideration of candidates for the govern®—
Scholtz, the former state market director. receivedtÜT
dorsement ; but upon being called to the conventkm kn
the actirVn of the delegates, he declined the endor
Following this action, Mr. Samuels, the present___
for governor, received the unanimous endorsement'«
at the hands of the delegates. **
All this happened before the noon recesB of the
2nd. Granting, simply for the sake of argument, that
ed letter of July 2nd had been written on that dnta
that Mr. Davis' candidacy was repudiated by the t.a.L,
fore noon of that day, which information was *
Taylor, the Republican state chairman, during the
is reasonable to presume that he promptly
mation to Mr. Davis.
So, even if Mr. Davis had written his second letter
could have known and undoubtedly did know early h
(hat the Nonpartisan League delegates had repiidlatet
The Startling facts, in
It is proved here that Mr. Davis has been for
accepting free power service from the Idaho Power
ing the same in his home In American Falls.
Dp to May, 1918. no record whatever was kept
power Mr. Davis used.
No charge of any kind has EVER been recor
rower company against Mr. Davis or any other pent
used in his home.
Since a .meter was installed in Mr. Davis' home
power used has been charged to "LINE LOSS."
All other power users are required to nay for thii
that way have been FORCED TO PAY for the paw
in the Davis home.
The meter was NOT installed to check up on 1
amount of power used in his home, but to determine t
which the manager of the Polwer company had not
An electric heater, electric washer, electric toas
electric percolator, etc., were Installed in the Daris
can Falls by the Power conmany WITHOUT OH AEG
furnished with power without cost to Mr. Davis.
The ltws of Idaho make it a crime for a Power
free service or for an individual to accèpe free servi
Under the laws of Idaho, Mr. Davis and the Ida!
each are subject to a fine of $1,000 per day for ead
™£.n nd 'h^se fines if computed for the 700 days
KNOW Mr. Davis and the Idaho Power company 1
these laws, makes each party subject to n fine of $
ilitton to sentences in thief penitentiary of Idaho ag
Men and Wommen of Idaho:
D. W. Davis is branded with the hot iron of tl

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