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(Vrrman $ociah*ts Imuc Ultimatum
That Unleaa Kauer Abdicates Im
mediately That Party Will
Withdraw» Frsm Government
I 'op» iilmgcn, N»v. !• Tin* German
•|-mint lull Is re,»»rl»**l to have «prend
lute Me* klenburg Kch* crin und »*«i*t
I'mssi.i, ihn» extending It iirr.t»» prac
flially lin 4 «hui»- inir<li»*rti purl 'on of
I hi* ampin*
The ill I»-» nl K<li w frlu n ml Tll»lf
Iibv»* Jnliifil I In- revolt, Mini Wllholm»
lunfii mul Hrcinerlmven North »ra
(»iris. ni»<> are r**|*ort**d in have Joliu-d
ITif whole German navy noiv 1» in
the liuinls of tin* ri»!*, »11 y reports.
The progre*» of ihr- rexolution I» 1I1
I Und to In' compantl Ively peaceful.
II I» rx*|M»rt«*d the rex*»|iillun!»l» have
»•deed Kenilt'i hurg. 13 mile» northeast
of Ptenaburg
Tin* railway between Flensburg ami
KIM I» reportetl destroyed.
'IY*e newspaper l*»lltlk**u says II
•Io.*» not doubt that the majority of
1 lie releliNtiig parties will unuiilunnisly
denininl the kaleer'» abdication. whleli
may be egpeetint «I any lime, ibe I'o
llltken «aye.
* ________
I hotel. Nov. (I. The t'orreeiHiudeneo
Kuelallate. the uffleial organ of the
• ieruian Km lallst party, baa went to
the chancellor an ultimatum deine ail
ing the Immediate abdleallnu of the
kaiaer amt the renuiielatlon of ihe
throne by the crown prlnee. If theae
detuaud» are not »ceded to. Ilie Mo
Huilât* aald they would retire from
Ihe government.
The foregoing lafuruiatlon wax ran
I a lin'd In a ■llapah'h filed In Kerlla.
Ilaael, Nov 1» The Berlin Gazette
aniMMHtff* the Inter parly committee
of the relfhalag ba« taken no dofleton
»e«|ie«'t1iig the quealtun of the abdlen
fliMi of the tlerimin emperor, but Hint
I lie» majority recognise« the lm|*ertoun
ne»'i*itaily of no early solution of the
Ainaterdiun, Nov. I». Emperor Wil
liam of Germany declined to accede
to the dentil ini» that be nbdlcato. «aya
a Herman wlrelc*» dispatch picked up
here laat night.
To the ultimatum of the Koclnllata
the etupernr replied through Mlutater
of the Interior Drew» that he refused
to abdicate voluntarily «su the ground
that he could nut at the moment of
peace undertake the terrible reapnual
hlltty of handing over Germany to the
entente and delivering up ihe country
to anarchy.
Amsterdam, Nov. I». Telegraphic*
communication between Amsterdam
«ml Berlin. I.uebeek, Bremen ami
Hamburg has been »tupped at the re
nnest of the Berlin postal authorities.
A report I« current that there have
been disturbance» at Kanon.
Washington, Nov II. Complete and
flnnl libera 1 Ion of Ibe |>eoples of the
«•stern Mediterranean countrlea from
the oppression of the Turks and the
establishment of governments deriv
ing their authority from the free
choice of the native populations are
the alms af Prance and Ureal Britain.
This announcement Is made In a
formal statement Issued by the Bril
Uli embassy by direction of the Hrl
lab foreign office In conjunction with
the F rench government.
Amsterdam. Nov. U Austria will
protest against the Interpretation of
•ny clause of the armistice as mean
lug that enemy armies are entitled to
attack tiertnany through Austria, ac
cording in adxlees from Vienna.
Italians Occupying Tarritary.
Rome. Nov. 7. The condition« of the
armistice betweeu the cnleute nation»
and Austria are being i-arried out
artthmit delay. Italian tr«>o|>a have be
gun to occupy ihe trrrltory which will
be held a« a guarantee that the rlau»e«
•f the agreement will tie observe*I
Washington. Nov ** Secretary of
War (taker yesterday reiterate.I hi»
«lateinem that "the way program »vf the
United State* had not been retarded
la the slightest degree by the Indus
tria» situation Not a single 'outran
Car supplies or rounltloo« has beeu ran
«•tied which would not have been can
ratted If tha armistice negotiation* bad
•at been pending." Mr, Baker »aid
"Ha order« affecUog the draft hav»
Baa* laauad."
iLbiAN.iIX. Atfc' m. *
ftoAi mtpfo.feJBWJ ei.»io x»S»*l
i or n Now on« per I'm«
l.lrnl. lien. (1111 m! 11 . chief of lh»* gen
ersl stuff of Hie Belgian army.
New York, Nov. 11.- False reports
that tJcrmuny hint accepted the terms
of the armistice nud that fighting hud
ended threw Ihe country Into a deliri
um Thursday, and turned out to be
the greatest hoax of recent yearn.
Official assurances that the report
was false fulled In check the almont
riotous demonstrations which swept
over many American eitlen and mil
lions of Americana did not know they
were fooled until they reud Friday
morning's pupern.
A dispatch cabled from France to
the United Pres« amt picked up and
circulated also through the country by
another news agency declared the ar
mistice signed ami fighting ended.
After cabling to France nud receiv
ing an official reply. Secretary Loa
ning, from the state department In
Washington, Issued this statement :
"The report that the armistice with
(Jermnriy hud been »Igned |» not true.
When II reached the department of
state, an Inquiry wus at once dispatch
ed to I'arls. A telegram In reply to
that send by the department was re
ceived from Paris stating that the ur
iiitsrlca hail not yet been signed and
that the Herman representatives had
not yet met Marahul Foch at the time
the armistice xva* supposed to be In
The false report wan nul easily over
taken liy ihe truth and as It spread
through Ihe country It gathered mo
mentum until demonstration ap
proaching hysteria ruled In many
eitles. Business xvus suspended,
schools were closed, hells were rung,
whistles shrieked, prayers were of
fered I11 chui ehe», parading cl I liens
lammed the streets, and the scenes
usually attendant on New Year's eve
and election night were Intensified.
The New York slock exchange ns
well as Ihe curb market, were closed
at 1Î:H0 p. in. after a hurried meeting
of the governor». A market which at
first appeared to he unresponsive sud
denl.v developed activity which shot
U|> some of the so-culled pcuoe stocks
from two to twelve points.
New York. Nov. II. Sophisticated
New York went stark, staring, raving
mad with Joy over the unfounded re
port that Herman) hail agreed to ar
mistice terms which means uncondi
tional surrender. The celebration was
a combination of Fourth of July, elec
Hon night. New Year's eve Thutika
gtvlng day and t'hrtstmas merged Into
The delirium which «ei It«I the city's
initiions at the magic word "pence"
«as spectacular, picturesque ami ear
splitting. hul a» the realisation grew
that It was at lea»t premature, its
tragic »ule came to Ibe fore.
OtUcafo. Nov. II f'hieago stood
still aud shrieked with Joy m prema
ture celebration of peace
The report of the end of the world
war flashed over Ihe city by Ihe tolling
of bells and ihe blowing'of whistles
was started by a newspaper di«putrh
which was not carried by the Associ
ate»! Press.
Washington. Nov. 9 October weath
er conditions resulted in an Increase
of .'tO.flUO.OOU bushels In the country'*
crop of euro. The department of ag
riculture's November crop report yes
terday placed the preliminary esti
mate of production at 2.74B.189.0U0
While ihe crop la smaller In site
tliau last years' Its food value Is
materially greater because of the qual
ity ibis year, it being more than 10
point* higher.
Hun Armistice Delegation Take* Pro
posal* Back to German Great Head
quartere.—America and Allies
Confidently Await Outcome
Washington. Nov. Î). —Tic question
of whether Hermany will surrender
immediately or wait to be crushed be
tween the advancing allied and Amer
ican armies on the west front and revo
lution at home, rests todi v with an
extraordinary conference at Herman
great headquarters. Marshal Foch ha»
given until 11 o'clock Monday morn
ing, I'arls time, for the answer.
At the conference the kaiser is re
ported to he, perhaps, appearing for
the last time as supreme war lord and,
according to Germnu wlrelcs reports,
defying the clvlliuus wlio are seeking
through submission to the inevitable
to save sound hing out of the wreck of
an empire. A courier was due some
time last night, with the text of the
American and allied armistice terms,
handed to the Herman envoys behind
the allied lines yesterday morning h.v
General Foch. He carried the word,
sent ahead by wireless, that Hie allied
commander-ln-chlef had refused a pro
visional cessation of hostilities and
demanded an auswer within 7" hours.
Lansing la Advised.
The American government *ru»' ad
vised from Paris late yesterday of the
reception of the Hermans by Marshal
Foch at 10:35 o'clock In the morning,
and Its result. .Secretary Lansing im
mediately made hte news public at th»'
stHte department. F»atcr unofficial In
formation of the movements of the
German courier and knowledge of the
difficult roads over which lie must
travel for 100 miles after leuxing the
allied lines led to the conclusion that
he could not get hack with a reply be
fore today even If not kept waiting
for a decision.
America Is Confidant.
In the meantime the the result Is
awaited here with entire confidence
and calm. American and allied mili
tary men suy the end must come
quickly one way or the other; that If
the Germans are unable to agree
among themselves an daccept the al
lied terms, the problem will he set
tled for them with no great delay.
Some believe that acceptance Is as
sured and will be hastened now thul a
final effort to quibble with hoslllitles
«topped Is ended, on the theory thut
even the kaiser himself must realize
that unless peace Is mude quickly
there will he no government In Ger
many to make It.
lievtval In New Y'ork and elsewhere
yesterday of the premature peace dein
onntratkms started Thursday by the
false report of the signing of the ar
mistice led President Wilson to direct
Secretary Lansing to unnounce that
as soon as any decision in regard to
the armistice wus reached It would be
made public Immediately by the gov
ernment und that nny statement that
new# regarding this event was being
withheld wus utterly fais**.
An Interesting question was raised
by the statement lu the report to the
American gover'dnient on which sec
retary Lansing based bis statement
thut the German envoys came xvith full
powers. Since the delegates did not
use full powers cither to sign or re
Ject the terms and Instead referred
them to graud headquarters. It was
regarded tier** as certain that they
came with the hiqa* of accomplishing
something more than the signature of
an armistice. If was believed their
purpose was to Inject matters which
can lie cousldcrcd only at the peace
It has been mini** olcur, however,
und emphasized In official dispatches
from France that Marshal Koch's
powers were limited strictly to the
drastic military program prescribed by
the supreme xxar council at Versailles.
Washington. Nov. 4.—War expend!
Mires are mu as gr.*ut us the treasury
estimated five month« ago, when it set
ibe mark this fiscal year at about
4.000,000,000. Kx pense» for October.
Just reported, amounted to $l.ikH.K - .*«,
000, including $489.100,(XX> In |,*«ns to
aille*. The total wuk only a little
more than expenditures last July and
«bout 8390.000,000 lees thuu the esti
mates for October,
The total xxar cost to date Is now
calculated at $20,561.000.000 of which
$7.017.000,(100 has b»*en lou ne» I to th«>
American Women Lose Property.
Washington. Nov. 0. Millions' of
dollars worth of property belonging
to women of American birth who have
inarrieil German and Austrian subjects
has been taken over by the uliett prop
erty custodian, it was announced last
night. Many prominent women are iu
the UM. including Count.*»» Gladys
Vanderbilt Sichenyl. whose properly,
as taken over, amounts to nearly four
million dollars In securities in *d«li
Hon to the Income from * flve-m!llton
dollar trust fund created „„der the
will of her father.
(Will - Heview for November il)
On the battlefields the Germans
everywhere ure being hurried back
ward to their borders. Tournla, an
Important railroad center in Belgium
on the line l»*ailliig to Brussels, has
been entered by the British, who u»e
across the Scheldt with few barriers
if great Importance between them and
Brussels. To tin* south of Valencien
nes the British have taken Avenues,
another Important railroad June)ion
point, and all along the front have
pushed tlu* Germans further east.
Mauhenge is being advanced upon by
the British.
The French again have cut deeply
into the enemy's front. At last ac
ounls they had reached Liart, 20
miles north of Jtethel 011 Hu* railroad
l»*ading eastward (<» Mezieres. The
taking of this town leaves only one
railroad In this portion of France over
which fh<> enemy can retire. This is
the fllrson line, which Is heilig daily
brought nearer and now al some points
is dominated by the French guns.
(eastward the French are still driv
ing northward and have joined hands
with the Americans In the western
outskirts of Sedan. More prisoners
and large additional quantities of war
stores have been taken by the French
Friday saw little Infantry fighting
between Hie Americans and the Ger
mans west of the Meuse, but there
were heavy reciprocal artillery bom
bardments. Fast of the river the Amer
icans have cleared out several strong
forest positions held by the enemy. It
is reported that Hie roads from Stenuy,
Sedan, Confions and Longuyou lead
ing to Metz are congested with retreat
ing Gorman troops und transports.
Washington. Nov. 5.—- Austria-Hun
gry, the last mid most powerful ally
of Germany, passed out of the world
war yesterday under terms of abject
Not only liuve the armed forces of
the once powerful Austro-Hungarian
••»pire laid down their arms to await
Ihe end of the war und peace terms
dictated by the allies and the United
Stales, hut Auslro-Hungariuii territory
Is open for operations against Ger
many. Even the munitions of the for
mer ally are to he used against the
kaiser's armies if refusal to accept
conditions now being prepared for
them make prolonged ftghtli* neces
Killed in Action.
Pvt. Sum Hartwig, Anaconda. *
Pvt. Garret Hvlnk, Manhattan.
Bugler Marshal ('. Young, Billings.
Pvt. Ralph \V. Kurtiman, Belgrade.
I'vt. Arne Lende, Reed Point.
Gitlmun Wa I Ink nor, Shawmut.
Pvt. ('has. Collins. Menard.
Pvt. Lamest F. Real, Anaconda.
Pvt. Win. U. Jordan, Livingston.
Pvt. Fred Miller, Butte.
Missing in Action.
Pvt. Donald Lewis, Lothulr.
I vt. Richard Mtriivsnnn**, Mondak.
Wounded Severely.
Lieut. Win. H. Morse, Billings.
Pvt. Walter Bloch, Zurich.
Pvt. Myles U. Fullerton. Poison,
('apt. Glande K. MeGuInness. Helena.
Pvt Mat. Pettigrew, Wills Greek.
Pvt. Mike Oogura, Rourcreek.
► rank .1. Duvall, Anaconda.
Died From Wounds.
Pvt. Nils Lofrhus. Red Lodge.
Pvt. Harry W Ahrams, Carlyle.
Pvt. Alfred Dent, Sarpy.
Pvt. Haakon lsakaon. Big Fork.
Died of Disease.
Pvt. Lars Linn. Anaconda.
Sgt. Maj. L. J. Sanger. Butte,
l'vt. Geo. F. Anderson. Klshtrap.
Pvt. Andrew Motison. Gottrad.
Slightly Wounded.
IM. Gust Gunderson. Missoula.
I'vt. Roy Gunderson. Allen.
Pvt. Herman Bockinau, Libby
, Pn. Win. L. McMillan. B.-arpaxv.
Pvt. John Lents. Whltefish.
Pvt. Alfred F. I'atchrtt. I.othair.
Pvt. John F. Settern. Seobey.
S»*rgt. Howard A. Flagler. Miles Gltv.
Wounded—Oegree Undetermined.
Pvt, Joseph Schossow, Wolf P»>int.
Pvt. Arthur Johnson. Oswego.
Died of Wound*.
Pvt. Dallas Frost. Townsend.
Died From Accident.
Pvt. Sel tuer Iverson, Greston
London. Nov. R.—The Berlin Vossi
vh.> Zeitung, diseasing the financial
panic iu Germany, says it is of a morv
stubborn .-haracter and greater in ex
tent tbao at the outbreak of the war
The newspaper say» the vice presi
deut of the rolchsbank asserted that
recent h.vardiug had attaincl Ufl „
ant pled dimensions. He warned the
public that • continuation of hoarding
would mean the complete cessation 01
the economic life of Germany
0Photo by
rn NcvBpgger U
' (,
First Lieut. Edmund G. Ghaniber
luln, marine corps aviator, who was
recommended for the Victoria cross
and the Congressional medal of honor,
the highest awards of two nations, for
downing seven German planes while
on a visit flight with a British air
squadron. He dispersed a company
of Huns with a machine gun while
landing, took one prisoner and car
ried back a wounded French officer.
Chamberlain hail»' from San Antonio,
Tex., anil Is a graduate of Princeton
and Texas universities.
Two hundreu thousand prisoners
were taken by the British on the west
ern front from January 1 to Novem
ber 5, Inclusive, according to an offi
cial announcement made iu the Eng
lish house of commons. Iu the same
period the French captured -40,000, the
Americans 50,000, and the Belgians
* h
The English house of dominons has
passed on third reading Ihe bill penult
ting women to sit in parliament.
it -,a
Since October I there have been
204,039 cases and 32,398 deaths from
influenza and pneumonia, reports of
the Pennsylvania state health depart
ment say.
* it
The semi-official *Nord Deutsche
Zeitung of Berlin publishes an article
written by Prince von Buelom, the for
mer German impérial chancellor, in
which*he pleads for Hie retention of
Emperor William. The prince says he
considers the emperor's advocation of
the new order of things in Germany
is sincere.
it it
The new government of the Jugo
slavs have taken oath of office in the
cathedral at Agratn, according to Y'i
ennu advices. The president is Josef
Pngnacnik, former vie** president of
the Austrian lower house. The Slo
venian national assembly has taken
charge of the government or Laibach,
<v «
The National American Woman Suf
frage association, through Mrs. Carrie
Chapman Gatt, its president, has re
ported to the house that it expended
$7,(MX) "to defeat Senator Baird in New
Jersey; Senator Weeks in Massachu
setts, and Mr. Moses in New Hamp
■a «
Home products only on the Thanks
giving dinner table this year is the
program of the food administration.
Hotels, restaurants and other eating
Places have been asked to save trans
portation by using only food produced
locally and the administration has is
sued an appeal to households to ob
serve the same rules.
* *
Russian Foreign Minister Tchitclierin
bas informed the provisional Gzecho
Slovak government at Prague, offering
to allow the Czechoslovak troops in
Russia to return home after ihey lay
d°wn their arms, according to Hie
Vienna Journal. He said he would
guarantee their safety.
x> it
President Wilson sent the following
message by cable to the king of Italy :
' May 1 not say how deeply and sin
cerely the people of the United States
rojoice that the soil of Italy is de
livered from her enemies. In their
name I semi your majesty an( i thp
»real Italian people the most enthusi
astic congratulations."
it H
The German government has noti
-ied the United States that since Oc
tober 1 Its air forces have been under
orders to make bomb attacks solely
t gainst important hostile military ob
jects within the immediate operations
-ar on the assumption that allied 1
and American forces wer,* t„ re**eiv e
similar instructions.
(t ft
Fixing „f prices of raw ooctou j
unnecessary and impracticable. Prea
dent Wilson has been told by the cot
on Investigating committee of the wai
ndnstriea board.
majority of two
the H
Unofficial Return*
Have 239 Member, m
pared to 194 f or
Many Committee
Washington. \ ov 0
majority in the next
east two in the senate
Ilian 48 ill the |, OUSt .
the .scattering return,
doubtful disirk'ts ,.f
Word from Detroit
Michigan upm, almost
fieial returns ,,f T '»'»an
Republican candidate'
»ver Henry Ford, lier
the Republican . s -„ Ilat) ,
hare majority. The
«5. with the Idaho
Senator Nugent. D,.
mer Governor Gooding
On the face of almost
official returns, N„ KW , t
of nearly 500 hut Good!
ed an official count
made November 15.
Returns from tin* Ins,
district—the Second
a Republican was el
now held by Represen
Rankin, nmniccessful
didate for the senat
Political Li
On tlie face of now
fieial returns the poll
the next house is as f
Reptiblit-ans. 239 ;
Independent, 1 ; Social!
Republican control
and house and harmoa
tween the Republican
bodies are expect**d her
effect on legislative pol
reorganization of the
lican organization of t
ci pally affects chairnui
Jority control of eomi
legislation. Seniority <1
almost unbroken precei
-ate, as In Hip house. 0
niittee chairmen.
With the Republican:
their majority to orgai
Senator Lodge of Mas
der tlie seniority rule,
Senator Hitchcock of X
of the foreign relatk
Although the belief lie
the peace (real y will
fore Democratic control
mittee will luive many i
the war problems!
Heading the powerfu
committee, with its Ji
bond and tax legislm
Senator Penrose of |*
place" of Senator Sim
Nelson to Get J
The judiciary ami 1
mittee chairmanships
preferences finally mu
Republicans. Senator
nesota is senior on liotl
choose ihe latter, of
once chairman. Senatoi
Vermont, who once In*
gratdon committee, wo
for the judiciary body
Dillingham should pref
mittee, Senator Brand*
ticut runks next for
leadership. Prefermcii
Nelson for the JudiHi
would leave Senator J
ington in line to tnke
Washington. Nov. 7.—*
yards again established
in October by dcliverin
398,100 deadweight mus
hoard also received duri
two ships of 17.so* ion
account in Japan.
Deliveries b.x A morion
ed 45 steel slcjj- "i 2'Ct
tons. 30 wood x »'-st*l« uf
weight tons, and two r
of 7.500 deadweight n>u
The Pacific coast led
ships, with 30 vessel»
Atlantic coast yards tu
102.000 tons: the hikes
73.000 ton*, and ihe y'u lf
of 32.20 Otons.
October deliveries k
tal of complet»«! ship*
30. 1917, when Hie first
to the shipping l«wr»l.
«els of 2.793.510 dead*
theae. 2,380.835 haxe
tills year.
New York. Nov. •
pressing dlssatisfaetl
of Postmaster Geo<
adjnst their griexai
S. J. Konenktunp.
Gommertrial Teleg
America, to call. ,W1
strike of male and
employed by the "*
graph company. ***_
operators at a weed

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