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Low Meat Prices
High Cattle Prices
ïf the farmer cannot get enough for
his live stock, he raises less, and the
packer gets less raw material.
If the consumer has to pay too much
for his meat, he eats less of it, «nd the
packer finds his market decreased.
The packer wants the producer to
get ^ enough to make live-stock raising
profitable, and he wants the price of meat
so low that everyone will eat it.
But all he can do, and what he would
nave to do in any case to stay in busi
ness, is to keep down the cost of pro
cessing the farmer's stock into meat so
that the consumer pays for the meat and
by-products only a little more than the
farmer gets for his animai^
For example, last year Swift ft Company
paid for its cattle about 90 per cent of
what it got for meat and by-products
(such as hides, tallow, oils, etc.)
If cattle from the farm were turned
miraculously into meat in the hands of
retailers (without going through the ex
pense of dressing, shipping and market
ing), the farmer would get only about
1 Ya cents per pound more for his cattle,
or consumers would pay only about 2 Va
cents per pound less for their beef 1
Out of this cent or two per pound,
Swift ft Company pays for the operation
of extensive plants, pays freight on meats,
operates refrigerator cars, maintains
branch houses, and in most cases, de
livers to retailers all over the United
States. The profit amounts to only a
fraction of a cent, and o part of this
profit goes to build more plants, to give
better service, and to increase the com
pany's usefulness to the country.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Y pres.
I salient of Y pres there are not
one hundred thousand
of allied soldiers, sometimes
by plain wooden crosses, some
bliterated by the debris of
ranches, sometimes bidden in
of fields. The ground is for
igland; it is also forever
When the war is over this
of meadow land, with a ruined
Its base, will be an enclave of
•oil consecrated as the holy
vo peoples. It will never be
I ground. It will be for us the
lowed spot on earth, for It
bravest dust, and It Is a
k! record of a new spirit— |
chan in Kansas City tSar.
(-back" man was really never
Ilia weakened condition
overwork, lack of exercise, ira
unij and living demands stimula
««y the cry for a health-giving
the refreshing sleep essentia)
b. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
the National Remedy of Holland,
S* They are wonderful,
these capsules each day will put
>. his feet before he Knows it:
'■trouble cornea from nric acid
the kidneys, gravel or atone in
f> »tomach derangement or other
™t befall the over-zealoua Amer
_! "*** known, most reliable rem
troubles is GOLD MEDAL,
™ t ansules. This remedy has
'test for more than 300 years
"jcc'very in the ancient labora
Holland. It acta directly and
' at once. Don't wait until you
■T uown-nnd-out, but take them
•ar druggist will gladly refund
7 if they do not help you. Ac
Statutes. Look for the name
1 ■ on every hoi, three sizes.
ly,* 1 ~ Pure, original, imported
you a tritte self-centered?"
it. It's hard for a man
F s n. ind off himself after he
1*° do his duty by sn Income
ft and a few questionnaires."
Very Much So.
been on the carpet lately?"
ert going to Brussels, for |
Queens and Tobacco.
There are queens hostile to the use
of tobacco, such as Queen Mary of
England ; there ore others, and more
numerous, who do not disdain to
smoke in their Intimacy a good num
ber of cigarettes.
Quen Amelia of Portugal, for In
stance was wedded to tobacco. She
undoubtedly had this passion for to
bacco from her mother, the countess
of Paris, who even smoked cigars, and
one day took to the pipe.
The dowager empress of Russia
likewise enjoyed smoking, and her
daughter-in-law, the tsarltzh, when
drinking tea consumed Innumerable
Queen Nathalia of Serbia, the queen
of Roumunla and In general all Bui
kan princess«« worship Turkish tobac
co and the whole day long smoke per
fumed cigarettes.
"I can't take thaL I must have Re1
Cross Ball Blue. I have used it for
more than ten years. My white
dresses, linens and lace curtains are
snowy white. I simply can t do with
out Red Cross Ball Blue. Yon will get
It? All right. I'll wait"—Adv.
Severe Injury.
Civilian—''How did you get that
wound stripe?" Private—"Me bean
broke when we didn't march to Ber
A Good Match.
"When I get a car. I want one which
will suit me." "Then, my dear, yon
had better get a runabout"
Oar* pimp]**, h»d*rS«. b»d br*«th try takln«
If*; Apptr. Al*v. J»:*p roll'd lato a tic, an«»
pi i called Dort« Pirrr*'» 1'ltuaDt Paliaia. Ad*.
Like Producing Like.
"It was n great send-off they gave
Jlmsy, wasn't It?" "Yes, and there'll
be a comeback, too."
Pleasant Politics.
"I hear a lot of pretty girls voted
this year." "Yes. I enjoyed getting
out the vote."
Not Many.
Who remembers the old day* whet
kids were satisfied with a penny?
A* ■ mertin* of the grade schoo
board of Meridian Wednesday eventn,
<**«"«* «» the
school Monday moruiug.
of competing hay buy
ers in Gooding. Idaho, and vicinity h
cron ln " ovln K ha,
prevailing price remain»
at £ 18.50 on the car.
tUking Slia, *' f,,r tho build
. g of u memorial hull it
oiior of the Ada county men win
have served as well as died in tin
cause their country.
flvioe'f A w H " gland ' artn - v svlatoi
fIMng from Mather field. Sa,-ruinent.,
landed at 3:4" p. in. Wednesday on tin
Jefferson golf links in the southern
par t of Seuttie.
A call issued by T. W. Tomlinson
ecretary, summons the American Na
tional Livestock association to meet
here on January "1 i„ Denver for its
twenty-second annual convention The
session will last three days.
ltafuelo Grafelo. charged with
bombing the grocery store of Francise,
Dan bard I at Anaconda. Mont., early lu
the morning of November 1, pleat,led
not guilty. He is held under $r*JUl
To protest against an advance In
freight rates, A. R. Currie, president of
the Butte Chamber of Commerce, has
gone to Helenu, where he will meet ln
conference with representatives from
other cities.
In order to protect the regular pas
sengers and to give the best service
to Its employes and their families
who may be 111 with the influenza, the
, rt '£ ,,n Short Line has run a special
hospital car Into Boise for the last
seven weeks.
An order hns been Issued by the
Motnana railroad and public service
commission grunting to the Missoula
Ntreet Hallway company an Increase
in entes front 5 to 6 ,-ents and per
mission to ubollsh special round trip
reduced rates to out-of-clty points.
The new rates are effective Decem
ber 15.
After having been out three hours, a
Jury In the district court brought ln a
verdict of guilty ln the sedition case
of 1. J. Israel, a former employe of
the reclamation service at Billings,
Mont. Tlie principal witnesses against
him were young women employed ln
the same office.
Acting on Instructions from the city
health department, Chief of Police Jere
Murphy of Butte bus notified the un
dertakers that further restrictions had
been pluced on funerals. Under the
new ruling, funerul processions may
be comprised of only four vehicles In
addition to the heurse and the car fur
pu 11 hearers.
There is every indication that the
first of the year will see Dillon an ex
ceedingly dry town, with regard to the
saloons, as each day sees the booze rap
idly diminishing from the stock of
every bar ln the city. This does not
mean that all of It Is being sold over
the "mahogany," however, but never
theless It Is going, und going fast.
Attention of dealers and millers Is
directed by Food Administrator Blck
nell to the fact that under the sub
stitute buying plan of the United
States food administration grain cor
poration, holders desiring to dispose
of their surplus products ln carload
lots must notify M. H. Houser, zonal
agent cereal division, food administra
tion grain corporation, Portland, Ore.,
of their Intention to sell prior to Fri
day, December - 0 , and get rullroud
routing from hint.
After not huving heard from his
cousin, Frank E. Zimmer, of Colorado
after reading In the printed cusualt.v
list three months ago thut he had been
"wounded, degree undetermined," F.
A. Fisher, night yardmaster ln the
Boise, Idaho. Oregon Short Line yards,
had the unusual exx*erlence of seeing
this cousin's fuce smiling at him from
the screen of one of the local play
houses which was running u series of
America nt War films Issued by the
committee on public Information.
Montana will receive at leust 518,000
this year to aid the Montana S«>ciety
for the Prevention of Tubercul«>sls ln
its campaign of education und Its war
an the greut white plague.
Certain sections in Montana are con
fronted with a coal famine and Stare
Fuel Administrator Gerry has ad
Jressed a letter to the chairman of the
joard of «-ounty c«»mmissloiiers In
»very part of the state where u short
crop was harvested.
State reports show that sales of war
vavings stamps in Montanu have fallen
considerably below the monthly quotas
it late and that shout $2,000.000 must
îe disposed of in December. Total N«>
vember sales were about $482(JO0.
Under the new schedule, nil grazing
fees are to he based ort cattle rates,
which will vary from 8 cents to $1.50
per head for year. Long j»crtod ln
I'tah. Idaho. Wyoming and Montana
rate on cattle for full year will range
from $1 to SI-20.
A preliminary survey of the Mis
soula river valley, from Missoula to
Iluson, has been started by Irrigation
•nglneers, with a view toward possible
levelopment «if the country for tht
lenefii of returned soldi«-rs.
Utah is on the eve of a great and
mpreci-dented manufacturing revival,
iccording to A. C. Bees, secretary of
he Utah Manufacturers' association.
Je bases this statement on the fact
hat the war industries hoard has re
einded many of its rulings and guar
.ntees have «tome that materials cun
•e obtained In needed quantities.
Outlay Surely Worth Whil«, Since It U
the Grandest Institution Con
ceived by Man.
—. * V
Life is short, yes, by comparison
with what lies beyond, but since its
birth this small atom in u universe of
worlds has been for millions, aye for
billions of men u workshop and a play
ground. They have bought and sold,
they have toile«! ami reape«l, they have
harnessed the lightning, conquered the
ulr and established lanes of traffic
across the raging sea. Th«'y have even
tunneled beneath wi«le rivers, hanging
safe highways of steel for travel far
under the pulsing tides' ebb and flow.
As the race has progressed from Its
earlh-st beginnings more and more
firmly has a fitting Idea of home be
<mme fixed ln men's hearts. Time was
when a home m«>ant a rude hut with
out windows and with a hole ln "the
roof for a chimney. Now everyone
realizes that a home Is the grandest
institution yet conceived by man, a
place not alone ln which to «Irep and
eat but a very shnne of shrine*, a
sanctuary of loving hearts, a well
spring of Inspiration and peace.
A tender sentiment attaches to the
Image of the little thatched cottage
ln the lane. But with the passing of
the unsanitary thatched roof has come
the bigger, better Idea of the home as
a place for which no modern invention
for comfort, even for luxury. Is too
good. Plate-glass windows, yes. If we
ran afford them I A garden with a
fountain around which birds shall
gather and beside which young lover*
shall dream—why not? If tho dread
of the proverbial rainy day Is pust why
not lavish upon the home ln unstinted
measure not only love but mon«'y—so
that when we come to It at the close
of day It shall give back to us glow for
heart throb, smile for smile, ease and
refreshment for every need of b«>dy
and of soul. To build and worthily
equip the home Is a sacred task, a
blessed privilege. As a man thlnketh
In his heart of his home—so Is ba.
People'8 Home JournaL
People Beginning to Realize Necessity
for Changed Conditions for tho
Dwellers In Cities.
In his presidential address to the
Australian town planning ranferenra
held ln Brisbane Mr. J. D. Fitzgerald,
minister for local government and
health and for town planning, New
South Wales, said: "We have assem
bled to plan out the destinies of Aus
tralian city dwellers. It Is an unchal
lengeable fact that our movement will
change the destiny of the urhun pop
ulations, that our propaganda will
make our civic conditions lietter, our
city plans nobler, our citizens happier
and comfortable b«*yon«^the dreams of
today ; that our town planners' de
vices will save millions to the nation
which would otherwise be pour«-«l out
In sheer and wirke«! economic waste—
wlcke«l because preven fehle.
"We Australian* are only at the be
ginning of the grant campaign which
we must fight before we create Ideal
conditions for our city dwellers." coo s
tlnued the New South Wal«*s minister.
"Our parliaments must hasten to the
aid of the plonc-ere. Already several
of the states have general town-plan
ning bills prepare«!. Four yrars of
war have chang<><1 the face of thing*
»* regards housing a* well a* every
thing else. Britain ha* leaped for
ward 100 years In methods, in organi
zation*, In planning ln advance, In
housing and, above all, In outlook."
Wage War on Dirt
Dirt Is sin, und It take* a baoteriol«»
glst to tell th<* dlff#-rance b«*tw«*en
clean dirt and dirty dirt. So we ran
afford to take no Chau«'*»*. Unless we
cultivate cleanliness of mind sn«l
body, cleanllncRs of home, of city and
country, cellar and garret, wharf and
shop, markets and road*, of the air
we breathe, of the milk and water we
drink, and the food we eat, all the
serums and regulation* of preventive
lhe«llclne* will not Have u*. For health,
like morality, in more thun an indi
vidual mutter; It Is a community af
Have Patience In Judgment.
Endravor to he patient tn bearing
with the defect* ami Infirmities of oth
er*. of what sort soever th«-y he ; for
that thyself al*<j hast muny fallings,
which must be home with by other».
If thou ranst not make such an one
n* thou wouldwt, how canst thou ex
I»cct to have another In all thing* to
thy lilting?—Thorua* a Kempls.
Adding to Wealth and Happineta.
1'ubllc parks arc democracy's play
ground*. The comforting bt-autl«-* of
such places ara frae to all. I'ubllc ]
parks sre business assets. They |
strengthen civic pride arn'ing actnal
citizen*. They convert prosju-ctlve riti- i
tens Into actual ones.—Daiius Tlme»
Makes No Progress.
"De man «1st don't trust nolKidy,"
said Uncle Ei>cn, "is like a man who
won't git on board de car» foh f«-ar de
engine will blow up. lie don't git do
• Perea."
All Now in
Pink Wrappers
To save tin foil for Uncle Sam,
WRIGLEYS is now all wrapped
in pink paper and hermetically
sealed in wax:
1* The tangey
flavor of mint
2. The luscious
different flavor
3. The soothing
flavor of
All in pink-end packages and
all sealed air-tight. Be Sure
to get WRIGLEYS because
The Flavor Lasts!
No Dlfforonoo.
Mark Sullivan, th* Now York odttor,
•aid on his ratura from an official visit
to tho front:
"Tho soldier cob still ha to a good
tlm* on his furlough, but war prices
make n good tltno costly.
"A handsome young Amerllcnn of
ficer wn* sending n wire one day In
* London post office where I was mail
ing a package. The girl telegraph
clerk, running over the officer's tnes
*ag«>, said :
"I can't make ont wh««ther this
read* 'No funds' or 'No fun.' "
"Oh. well, what's tho difference?"
said the young officer, gloomily light
ing a cigarette.
« --
You naturally feel secure when yon
know that th# medicine you are shout to
Uks Is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Ruch a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's flwarop
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, etrvngth
nd excellence is maintained
bottle of Swamp-Root.
*»M«msu vs puniT, «UTURin
•nd excel lene« is mtinUined in every
1 utile of Swamp-Root.
Swamp-Root is scientifically compound
ed from vegetable herbs.
It is not e stimulant and U taken in
teaspoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything
According to verified testimony it ia
nature's great helper in relieving and over
coming kidney, liver and bladder trou
A swore statement of purity la with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
If yon need a medicine, yon should have
the best.
If you are already convinced that
ou*»mp Root it whst you need, you will
find it on sale at sll drug stores in bottles
of two sitaa, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
geest preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilrner A Co , Binghamton. N. Y . for e
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention Une paper.—Adv.
Her Tit's.
Bn (.Yin—I understand his wife has
a position now?
Kgbert—Yes. She's working at a
ribbon counter In a department store
"And does he call ht-r his better
half T'
"No; his counter part."
Important to Moth •,«
Examine carefully every hottla of
CABTORIA. that iam«ius old remedy
for lnfanu and children, and ae« that It
Bears the
Signatare ofi_
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Crv for Flet«-her's Castoria
Vital Question.
Mr*. Johnson—Si-tuh Mnrtha hn*
Jest got « dlro'ce rum tn-r husbund.
Mrs. Ja«kson—You don't »ay. How
much ammonia did <U* cou't grant her?
—Boston Transcript
To Some Entent
"Mr*. Gaddy claim* that she made
her husband."
"So she did; she made a fool of
f Every W6man W *ntm\
polvie catarrh, ulceration and UImb
? , U ' m Mad Ce, for ten years,
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
from Scoots or Calf Cholera
Mau/ ills end eil are ruii.nl If ihr-« allnrnle
ara »««lertML BuU c»u smI'iv,!, la wsromd
ssd aiHOM * ah
Call Cholera Remedy
At our «testers er
rmiPAiD $ut
Cos salt De DAVID RonKBTP
about sll sntwaJ al mrnU. Ia
formation fn*. Pood for price
list of modtr-tnoe ai-4 got rKKB
— w. — - — «-•til* Spocial'M" with full tnfoc
«>«• A bornas is On*. UK DAVID KOMZTt
VII MINSKY M) . IN Crtog An, DnMs Wfc.
Fra* Hush-oled booh Ms how
l _ Dm oease w m m sw s
fur *11 ,*ur mmtm rmm te*—
•f* ef %• o-Uero f.e » y ne m
_ œx"*' ~
I Trapp Pt F petory
DVKewKwa*»':*frôro *»»wi
■ Pra* AÜ \j »i-tmrp' Mtf' *R a ' rt*
■ imp ffi ffi Haaa. wnt* t«f*.
M for Üif I fir»t*4 Tr*f
|Trtr<Nn' (sunk. Ver Pnral 1
■ Md! hppdr* tKge-.AU fl
•r o. a.
A toom c-nmi.« w soa
Krim U> armlMsl, «ao*r*t.
Fer R«*tarm* Color sad
Heart, SeG*** or Fagog Hahr,
Thet hns hern the me«"age of the
nnlforrn t«» o« It «>« the badge of
service. It unaxsi us into an*ein«b
n«-*s. In every «-« »t of blue or of
olive drab was a Ind who might per
ish from torpedo or «hrapnel. He w«s
a living »neriflee to the safety of the
ra*t of us. Thoughtful |x*«>ple could
not look on one of Ihme hnadsoni«
young tuen without Inwardly w-m«hr
Ing whether he would be apura«! or
how bitfily he would he woon b-d. Such
thought« dliw-ourage tartar etautlona.
—lkiston Globe.
In the human barometer «miles
mean »unvlilne and frown« mean frost
When Vour Eves Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy .
No ImprUBf - Jqpi Py Ureuforv m omu SJk
si Sr -----------
We t, fur I re Or* SuaS.
ns ■winy cw,cuiuoq

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