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I In navy depart nient luis almost completely abandoned the old slate, war and iiuv.t building on Peunxylvaula
avenue and lias moved into the big, barnlike structure In i'oti.mae park. Tills building, and Its companion building
for the army, seen in the distance, constitute one of the largest office buildings in the world. Each of them mill
accommodate 9,tJ00 people.
Atlanta Man Fought With Dublin Fusileers Until Injured—Later He
Was Made a Flight Commander in the British Air
Service and Was Going Big Until He Was
Captured by the Huns.
WUh American Army In France.—
Loss of one foot and jwrt of the oth
er did not end the fighting career of
Owen Cobb Ilolleran of Atlanta, Ga.
A man with artificial feei Is unlit for
Infantry duty, so Owen was honorably
discharged from that branch of the
service. Helng a soldier of fortune
Holleran refused "to Ire dumped on
the army scrap heap," as he ex
pressed It.
In spite of his physical handicap he
wormed his way into the British air
service, won a pilot's license, operat
ing a type of plane that did not re
quire foot manipulation, became a lieu
tenant, captain and flight commander.
Rome climb for a fellow with woollen
feet, hut not surprising if you knew
ilolleran. He hud all sort« of thrills
and adventures, and then one day—
but I am getting ahead of my story.
Better let Capt. E. G. Lowry tell
It as he told it to me on a rainy
night while I was with the British
army. lie was attached to tho Amer
ican embassy In London before enter
ng the United States army. It was
while at the London embassy that he
first had the case of Owen Cobb Hol
leran called to his attention^ Captain
Lowry's home also Is in Atlanta.
Stranger Than Fiction.
"There is material for n book In
Holleran's experience," said Captain
Lowry. "Stranger than fiction in
spots. His papers came to me at the
embassy and he has kept up a corre
spondence. There is a lot In the
Chap. He is as clever aud brave as they
mnke them. He was employed as a
clerk in the office of the Southern
Bell Telephone company In Atlanta.
Like many other young Americans he
wantwj to see the great war. It got
into his blood long before our coun
try was Involved. In 1015 he started
out from Atlunta with a friend named
Gray. They had Just $100 between
them for the big adventure. They
went to New York and tried to enlist
In the British army, but the consul
said he couldn't enroll Americans.
"From a crossing policeman they
learned that a cattle boat was to sail
next day. They decided to work their
passage. They applied and got the
Job. Reaching London, they were ac
cepted at a recruiting station In Scot
land Yard. The recruiting sergeant
wanted to know what branch of the
service they preferred. Holleran re
plied: 'No choice, .lust ns soon serve
In one branch as the other. .My only
request Is that you send us to a warm
climate. I came from the South and
1 like it hot.'
" 'You can get if hot enough at any
art of the front,' replied the ser
geant. T see your point. lad. and
■'ll see what can be done. With n
jnnme like yours I think an Irish out
jflt Is the r'ace for you.' Holleran was
assigned to the Dublin Fusileers. His
friend Gray went to the same regl
ement. In a few months Holleran's
{regiment was sent to Gallipoli. He
werved through that campaign and saw
{hard fighting. The regiment went
[with other British units to Egypt to
3 refitted after ihe Gallipoli scrap.
Feet Badly Froren.
"Next Holleran went with the Duh
ln Fusileers into Serbia with the first
l!Dd expedition. Ill the mountains
jinny of the soldiers suffered from
rozen feet and hands. Holleran's
eet were badly frozen, and he told
io with a grin that he couldn't help
wing the funny side of it after huv
ng asked to be sent to a hot place.
"Fate began to extend a helping
und to Hollerun away out there. At
aciied to the British field hospital in
erbiu were two Amerionn surgeons,
ne from Georgia and the other from
noth Carolina. learning Timt Hol
eran hailed from Atlanta, they took
!>e ial interest In him. They d d
verything possible to save his feet,
ut. later, to avoid more serious com
llcut'.ons and possiblj death, they
mpntated port of each foot.
"UoUoran returned to England.
[ blighty. He was at Cliveden lios
i pita!, maintained by Mrs. Asior. He
j »os fitted out with artificial feet
there. When it came time to think
about sending Ilolleran back to the
; states the case was referred to me.
But Owen Cobb Hollerun did not In
tend to go home. He said anybody
who thought his fighting days were
! over Just because he had game feet
I had another guess.
"He said he had rend about a new
type of airplane while at the hos
pital. It was operated entirely by
hand levers, which fnct gave him an
[ inspiration. He said he had given
; the matter much thought on his cot
and while sunning himself In a wheel
chair. He had finally resolved to be
come an avintor and he felt confident
he could make good.
"The next thing I heard about ITol
leran he was a full-fledged flyer in
the British air force. He made good
from the start. One day a very large
and official-looking envelope carne to
me. It contained the honorable dis
charge of Owen Col'b Hollerun from
the Dublin Fusileers. It had been
sent by the colonel of the regiment,
who wrote very flatteringly about the
young American. I hadn't seen or
heard from Holleran for mouths. I
finally learned the location of hie
squadron and forwurded the army
Physical Defect Barred Him.
"A few days later I received a
cheerful letter thanking me and Invit
ing me to dine with him ut my earliest
convenience at the squadron mess.
You could have knocked me over with
a feathef when, at the end of the let
ter I read that Owen Cobh Holleran
was now a captain and flight cum
Captain Carpenter of H. M. S.
Vindictive arrived in New York re
cently. He ia the captain of the proud
eat If not the most prepossessing ship
I in the British navy. It was tha Yin
dkalve that took the loading part
the most thrilling as-saolt of the war
the object of which was to l>ott'e up
[ the German ««btnarino and destroyer
[s>sts in Zeebrugge. Observât! nr
made after the mid proved how n
Captain Carpenter's words, they gave
the dragon's tail "a damn good
j twist." After the successful raid the
Vindictive returned to port, her fun
nels riddled wtth ballets, her bridge
hlewn sway and battered and scarred
In a dozen pin cm
mander. He mentioned more tlina
once that he regretted his Inability t«i
serve bis own country when we en
tered the war, but his physical defect
barred him. And he wanted to keep
right on fighting the Boche, so he re
mained in the British service.
"I was very eager to see him and
to congratulate him on his succès»
but had to defer the visit owing to
the activities of the British army. It
so happened thaï I selected Ihe day
following the most dramatic day lu
Holleran's career, but I was too late.
"Motoring to the squadron I found
English and Canadian and American
aviators in a spirited game of base
ball. I asked for Captain Holleran.
A fellow shouted to a lleutennnt who
was playing second base. The lieu
tenant came up panting. He «aid:
'Captain Holleran Is gone.' 'Gone?" I
reiterated. 'What do you nit-au? He
Isn't dead. Is he?*
■' 'No. Taken prisoner by the Roche
yesterday. I roomed and chummed
with him. Gang miss him terribly.
Happened like this: We went on a
daylight bombing raid. Holleran led
the flight. Before we started he re
marked that he hud a sort of i»re
sentiment something was going ft
happen to him. Our bombing trip
was a success. We bad orders to fly
low on Ihe return and mnehiue-gun
certain positions. Ran Into heavy en
etriy fire. Holleran's machine was hit.
He went down inside the enemy
" 'We could see him waving to us
Then we saw Boches surround him
with leveled guns and saw Ilol'î
arms go op.'
"Can you beat it for a melodramat
ic Inst scene?" asked Captain Lowry
"Holleran was captured on Sunduy
September 15. A game kid. Pity they
got him."
N»»**»»»»»»*»»*»»»»««. «.»+M
t 5
* Pittsburgh. Pa,—In France r*. a
* centty a German regimental bund J
* of flo pieces, whose members had *
it been taken pri*on«-r played '*n.e J
J Star Spangled Banner," accord *
* lag to a buter from Corpora! \
* Ewan W. Allan of the Three *
* Hundred and Ninetieth infantry, «
J to Ins dad The bend was tak- a *
* during a surprise aria-lt wh « h \
Î was made without a barrage pr*- J
* nary Tl German mail «
J clan* play-d the air In a v*ry *
* creditable manner, according to s
* AIIan - 3
Thousand« of Gallons Are Coming
Through the Port of
Seattle, Wash.—Thousands of gnl
Ions of castor oil are coming through
this port from the Orient, and It has
been Inrgely due to this Importation
that America's airplane performance
in the war has been so successful.
Castor oil has proved to be the best
lubricant for airplane motors, but Its
production In this country was lira
The United States government en
couraged the planting of castor beans,
but the crop was a failure. In the
Orient crops have been oxceedlnglv
bountiful, it Is believed the stream
of oil flowing Into this country soon
will be increased owing to the use of
airplanes on mail routes.
Court Joins in Rush for Doors When
Prisoner's Condition is Dis
Pittsburgh, Ua.—Walter Sannwskl
went into the criminal court recently
as a prisoner nnd <*ame out scot fry
nnd without the regular prove** <»1
Ha now ski was sitting In the prlsnm
er's dock when attention was culled
to his physical condition. A do-dot
was called.
"What's his ailment?" asked th*
"Influenza," replied the medico ! mu
Immediately there was a rush for
the doors. In which the eourt Joined
His case »ns dismissed arwl Sanowsk
wna taken to a hospital.
New York Alderman Puts Forward
Idea That May Be Taken Up
by Employers.
The service flag, with Its stars of
gold and blue, never will be forgot-j
ten. But with the signing id , lie
armistice and the return of thousands
to civil life another banner baa been
needed. It i> the "Victory Hag," with
stars id gold, of silver and id red. ll
will signify that "in Ibis fuetory, of
fice or mill one who went away tn war
has returned to bis |Hisiti,,n. has died
giving service or is Sn badly Injured
other employment Is neeessary." Its
originator believes it should fly be
side the service Hag. sn that »hi- gen
eral public "can count the slurs and
read the meanings."
A New l -rk alderman suggested
the Ictorv Hag At a recent meet
ing <'f the hoard id aldermen In- re
quested a resolution id appreciation
to the employers who take the buys
back who went to war. By way of
registering the appreciation he sug
gested the flag. Ihi- alderman iminted
out that tlns-dx no more than prac
tical gratitude to the men who were
willing to give everything.
Important to Mothora
^ Examine curefully every bottle of
CASToltIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, und see that It
Bears the
Signature of|
In Use for Over 3Ô Years.
Children Crv for Fletcher's Castoria
Bought a Larger One.
Mary Ellen's faih.-r was a gar.I.-n
enthusiast last summer. His onions
eoul.l not he used until they were
larger than his neighbors;, bis cab
bages had to become mammoth heads
before they could he harvested. In
every way Ids slogan was, "Let things
grow until they reach their limit."
The other day Mary Ellen's aunt
took her to town to huy a toy piano.
She looked at several, and auntie had
almost decided to huy one of medium
size, when she noticed that her small
niece wished to tell her something.
Obligingly she leaned over to have this
warning whispered Into her ear:
"Don't you think we'd better let that
one stay here and grow a while?"
Then auntie bought the larger one.
Watch Cuticura Improve Your Skin.
On rising and retiring gently stnenr
the face with C'uticura Ointment.
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cuticura Soap nnd hot water. It
Is wonderful sometimes what Cuticura
will do for poor complexions, dandruff,
Itching and red rough bunds.—Adv.
Honors Were Even.
One night an Irishman and an Eng
lishmen met In a lodging house, so
they had a chat together before they
went to bed. When the Englishman
woke In the morning he said to him
self he would have a Joke with I'at.
"Good morning. But," said he. '1
dreamt last night you were turned
Into a dog."
"I see," said Pat. "Well, then, 1
was dreaming last night you were
after turning Into u sausage. 1 was
Just getting the pan greased to try
The use of soft coni will mnke laun
dry work heavier this winter. Bed
Cross Bull Blue will help to remove
that grimy look. At all grocers. 5c.
Valuable Space.
"So you think people arc too fat as
a rule?"
"I do," replied the conductor. "If
everybody was thinner there'»! he
room for more people to stund up In
the cur."
Many a man who Inquires after your
health doesn't care a rap whether It 1*
good, bad or indifferent.
Sick. Women
To do your duty during these trying
times your heaith should be your first
consideration. These two women
tell how they found health.
IJeliam, Pa.— U I took Lydia E. Iliikharn'i Vt>~.
«table Compound for female troubles a: t a dé
placement. I felt all rundown and w as very we .k.
I had been treated by a physician without results,
bo decided to gi ve Lydia E. Piiikham'» Vegetable Compound
a trial, and felt I* •: r right away. I am k»-*; ng i, w
dam iait April and doing all my housework, where before 'I ■ ! J.
I was onabla to do any work. Lydia E. Plnkham's Vega- ^ ---
table Compound is certainly the best medicine a woman can
take when in this condition. I give you permission to publish
this letter."—Mrs. E. It. Crl mlinq, It. No. 1, Helium, Pu.
Lowell, Mich.—''I suffer-*-! from cramps ami dragging
down : . . Irregular and bad f- » « uni :r w ; —
displacement I began to take Lydia E. Pinkharo's Vege- Yv J IL
table Compound which gave me relief at one« and restored
my health. I should like to recommend Lydia E. Plnkham's
remedies to all suffering wom-n who are troubled In a simi
lar way."—Mrs. Lli»e ifuM.It.Xo. 8, Box fcJ.Lowell, hüth.
Why Not Try
liockkaismq ii\
Western Canada
is as profitable as Grain Grouinq
^ în W< ?îr™ Canada Cram Growing is a profit maker. Rabin* Cattle,
Shrep A.id Host bring» certain auccrsa. It a ea*y to prosper you
can raise 20 to 4J huLof wheat to the acre and buy on eaay terma»
Land at $15 to $30 Per Acre
—Good Grazing Land at Much Less.
Railway and I «and Co'*, ar«* offer m* unusual inducements to home
. « t<»settle m W eatrrn C anada and enjoy her protjeruy. L ins made
for the purchase of stock or other farming re* jut re menu can be had at low interest.
The Govern men fa oft he Dominion and Province* of Manitoba. Saskatche
wan and Alberta extend every encouragement to the farmer and ranchman.
\ <>u can obtain excellent land at low prices on eary ferma, and «et hi uh Drues
f r your grain, cattle, sheep and hoga - U*w ta*r*«m>ue on rv * ^- *rar _
improvements), *fxtd markets and shipping iaciUties, tree
_ school«, churches, splendid climate and sure crops.
For i ht#r»tur«. mmvm <k»eripfrnn nf lamtu for »*1« in Manttnfe*,
'** ,n ant * Aitwris. rwhuvil raulruml rau«, «tc. # adl.* to ÜmMrio(cf«iaat i
of Ottawa. uc k 1
W. E. MA(!K, Clifford Block. Grand Forks, fit. Dak-i
B» UA Dll LAND, Dun Block, terra! Falla Mum.
C anadian Government Agents
Fall Run of Distemper
Spohn Medical Co.
A small »'titUy «f money brings *rry «real
resu-ts It is s sure cur* sod a prrrratlve If
» per dlreci!«** fllmpls, « «fr *n.t sure The Urge *Da
«itienfity ati-i sn un« e rn. r«* than ihe small star <ïe|
ln l« *» «' »ii.llfl.vr» f r la't* fall su*1 winter. All druf
uufa tarera
Goshen, Ind, U S. A.
Short Period W<th the Mind Keenly
Focussed on a Subject Will Pro
duce Amazing Results.
A college professor said to hi* faith
ful but poorlv prepared class "Judg
ing from your worn and tired appear
Htice, young people, you are putting In
twice too many hours on study." At lids
commendation the class brightened up
visibly. "But." lie continued, "Judg
lug from your prépara' loti, you do not
study quite half hard enough."
Ten minutes of really hard concen
tration are worth an hour of fitful ef
fort, and are actually less tiring, be
cause of the satisfaction felt at the re
suits obtained. This Is another reason
the beginner In attention training
should at first be content with exceed
lilg'y short exercise periods, of fre
quent occurrence.
His real need is to ncquiro not slrn
ply the ability lint the habit of keen
rather than prolonged cot.....titration
lie wants to accustom his mind to
focus Instantly and vigorously on any
subject presented to It for concentra
tion.—Uhlcago News.
if all the world's a stage, It's up to
tervone of tjs to contribute something
toward the elevation of It.
For centuries GOLD MEDAL lUsrlem
Oil has been a standard household remedy
for kidney, liver, bladder and stomach
trouble, and all diseases connected with
the urinary organs. The kidneys and blad
-1er are the most important organs of the
body. They are the filters, the punfiers of
your blood. If the poisons which enter
your system through the blood and stom
ach are not entirely thrown out by the
kidneys and bladder, you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trouble,
headache pain in loins and lower slxlo
mcn, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when
urinating, cloudy and bloody tinrn-. rheu
mat I,»in, sciatica anil lumbago, all warn von
to look after your kidneys and bladder
All these indicate some weakness of the
kidnevs qr other organs or th.it the enemv
microbes which are always present in your
sv«*em bn- attacked your weak spots.
G<d.1> Ml DAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are
what you need.
Tbrr aee not a "paient medicine," nor
S "new discovery." For 'g-S) years they
toms in
Sometimes It Is.
said Mrs. Peck, reading ■
articles on marriage eus
remote lands, "what does
"monogamy' mean?"
"Er," without looking tip from th«
first page news. "er. oh. sure! Why, er,
tt comes from the Greek 'monocle.*
meaning 'one.' and the l.utlti Tgnus,*
meaning 'agony' therefore 'on«
"Oh. yes, thank you. Henry. -
brenth.-d Mrs Peck doubtfully, ns sh«
turned to tin- dictionary —Kansas City
Dr Pttriv'i
■Irk an»! hill«
noaa auU InsUkvatlu
PU axant Fall#!a pnt an an* ?•
lit-« la»'rooat lpt1 Ion, - 11 *aV
«irai» feiiiM.*' A dr.
Of Latin Derivation.
Corps is a French word derived
from the 1 .11 tin corpus, a laxly, either
civil or military, as a police corps, ma
rine corps, etc. It does not signify
any particular number, but an organ
ized laxly. In the United States army
a corps consists of two or more divi
sions. each containing three brigades
and each brigade three regiment*. Tb«
term first came into use In this country
during the Civil war period.
Many a worthies* man Is worth
something to Ids widow who kept up
i his life Insurance.
have lioen a standard household remedy.
1 hey are the pure, original imported Haar
lem Oil your gn at grandmother used, and
are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth
ing oil soaks into the cells and lining ol
the kidneys and through the bladder, driv
ing out the poisonous germs. Nttw life,
fresh strength and health will rome aa yo«
continue the treatment. When complete
ly restored to your usual vigor, continua
taking a capsule or two each day; they will
keep you in condition and prevent a r»
turn of the disease
Ik» not delay a minute Delays are es
pecially dangerous in kidney and bladder
Double A!! dniggi-»s sell GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will refund
the money if not a- represented. GOLD
Ml-DAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are ins
ported direct from the laboratories in HoU
land. They are prepared in Correct quan
ti» v and convenient form, are easy to taka
and are positively guaranteed to giv«
prompt relief In three sires, sealed pack
"i»es A»k for the original im|>ort*d
G--I.D MEDAL. Accept uo substitutes.—

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