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The Idaho Recorder.
We are compelled to label the fol
lowing interesting matter as rumored
only, much as we would like to be
able to publish it as having a basis
of fact :
I nder instructions from the feder
al.railroad director the Oregon Short
Line railroad management took over
.he r.ilm .rw. a nd Pir,Mh„w„ .........
> , t ... . .
the^^hr rT * K "t »? *
the Short Line station.
' .* ZZSJT SS II e
raveling Dublin in having m
from one station to the oth
6«fic iium uuc niauuD. IU me om-;
• whether coming in or going
ith the fu'i-ther costs incident to
Staying at an Armstead hotel or
«SEI« bouse ,o „„I, «rlv
1» or deparlures. Th. "A|p„,t,Mi
raff is what the traveling public
as leaened to call the situation
kas learned
the Riltiollnn
The tracks of the G. and P. extend
those of the Short Line at the
Lrmstead station but there was no
|hysical connection between the two
sads so far as passengers and bag
ige were concerned. If a traveler
ippened to get out to the G. and P.
ition ahead of time he had to wait
jiere in the cold because there was
, 1W nf lha D .
n r „ T ,„ r p«. 1 d
ortlv P hefm ° f . ^ ® tation t,H
We hav been »hie™.« d ? artUre -
ratioS of rat, ab j t0 Ket no ver
cation of the good news as con
fned in the above further than the
ttement that Superintendent Bick
has gone to work in the Short
_ _«*. , n
re has been iL'* ""Ü
tre has been no actual change as
stations at Armstead, not yet.
Real Estate Records
fho Alaska Basin company, by J.
arlson 180 acres of the cSTd
ing ranch, for
ebastian Jacovac has sold Sal
residence property at the cor
of Terrace and Lena streets
. Nellie M. Bullock for $1.400.
l. S. patent has geen issued to
B A. Carlsan for land in Lemhi
Inna Mary Bohannon and others
, ,
estate In Lemhi valley.
r M X 'r e an ^ h3Ve so * d
C. McCormick. 160 acres south
Jhis sclty for $8,600.
rorge Preston to J. W. Thomp-j
3 acres near Baker for $430.
Hang to Anne G. Campbell,
ke and lot in Brooklyn for $1000.
len Doctor Is Haled to Court.
(Challis Messenger)
the nrPEPEt .
of flu in Pn,inV hel n * 8 H 0 *"
of flu in Round valley, while
la debt If gradtùde !o Dr ^ /
Ljdpmle whirh tamp,n ^ ont . ,® f
t the L,n r l n K a f!r rapidly
e occasion-j
his attending court at Mackay.
Indeed fortunate In having a
»I man here who realizes the
sness of the flu and had the
to work day and night in an
[to stamp it out.
imissioner Briney on Cisit.
^ty Commissioner W. A. Bri
nrte,t *
r; i 2 it ^ o e8 î a 1 y ."°, r m ng K f0r a
lahoma. Mrs Brinev andXdr
me*. ..„C Q o w Dfl tbelr i
-tu*? a: îtâ' 1
cam, down to 8 m !n T
«° ^alm^n on
with the commissioner In
finey car to see him on his
He will make observa Mon» on
r as to methods of ^Tun?v
. f county got
and management and apply
he sees anything to the ati
of his home people.
Buyer's Attention
ml dry goods to which the
Mercantile company gives
is advertised
t X E maurr on ,hp °PP°

tr Lemhi Wolves About.
Hanson when down from
y ranch on Wednesday re
e reappearance of wolvc
cattle herds In the locali
home, where one owner lost
-eador« Flu Cases.
imer. who has in hand num
cases at leadore. reparts
serionsly ill among his pa
Mrs Earl Williams. Gus
-.1 \fr« vr r __ _ _
tr anted havinc h '
framed hating been In an
conditions. t
0RATEFUL F °» their
mon by Wednesday's train, along
^ Niemann, who returned.
u'.Ii J*
The boys were mc-t
came his way. From no wish of his
own ho was loprlvod «, ,ho prlvU«,.
who had answered the call of their
/»mmtetr K««» ..j.. *_ _11 .
Z Z> , „ ' * one or
„ «»' un , oprs or tb ® service and
out a. -°gan. ' twh. He
—o ur was uepnveu or tne privilege
getting actually on the firing line
Xhe 8ame ffl b ' |d *
»■» .be TÄ
— men are grateru
outJ^J a "Ge^an eo
1 »,., hrnneht h t w "*1 bu on -
bac . k . h °™ e
'S'IÏ'L ■ bro,h ,"' Wi " B ™
L rs 1, ? '*** >OUnR '
Y ~
r.""" euuiooj mein. YoUUg
I Niemann finds duty awaiting him on
the home ranch.
W. B. Horn has run stage lines
with motor power so long that his
cars eenerallv knnny
cars generally know better than to
refuse to mote, but one of them
I down on the lower river route the
~\cz s 'üsr.'ÄTÄSs:
got out and pushed. So strenuous
I™ «his help that the stage man
-Pushed in one of his ribs bv the ef
fort and a 8llri , Pnn ha( ,
Another Large Ranch Is Sold
C. Robert Detton of Arco, who was
I v. iiuupi i upuon or Arco. who was
n Salmon Tuesday, reported hav
ing purchased the Schoonover ranch
near Leadore, comprising 640 acres,
for J21.000. The transaction was di
rect with the owner. Mr. Detton is
a live sock man already largely en
S-Emml h., M.
fs well adantedTo the „ "e"'him«
Cth ranec P ri^!«
iwfth ran*»- . , . . - ■
j y valuable ^Hi/holding win* hi ^
! rattl( , ' d ngs will be in
j Former Owner of Bia Dvke
Mr. and Mr.« Lmm T
Former Owner of Big Dyke
.wer^ i^ButTe^las^^ek^returnfng
on Friday to Salmon A'little later
«he I>ance family will move to p *
. —- I-ance family will move to Per
'fn'' ^ ''*** lnveBted
'was owner of Th? Big^Dvke ^rom

! which he realized a fortune.
I Thp liistinguished Service Cross
has been awarded a Pahsimaroi sol
flier Sergt Guv I Zilkev son nr
John ' Carr ' ot Ma >- This Frcat
honor carae ,0 Sergt Zilk ^>' for <*"
T"', -I" * B ~" r r wounded" 0 "
^bowing extraordinary courage and
|ability Only one other medal of the
fi 0r t bas been reported as coming to
Ian Idaho soldier in France or Bel
Official Citation
The following is the official record
j of Sergt. Zilkey's ease:
j Sergeant Guy L. Zilkey. A. S.
2.261.519, con\->any L, 362 infantry.
In action n**ar
Stf*enbrugge, Bel
giuin. October 31. 1918 Reorganizing
bad,y sha,,erpd forcpfi ' s " rppan! ai
1°^ rommand bf ,he 1 f ola,ioT1
i and by proper dtstribuuon of those
"'"** "* " w > ........
h»s flanks. Assisted by two comrades.'turned
he attacked and drove out
a machine
gun nest that was holding up his ad
anC °' r *' porUn * tho 8ltuatlon t0 bis
co;upanv •'ommander by establishing
n n efficient liaison. Home address,
May, Idaho.
Thomas Andrews is a hospital pa-1
tient under ihe care of l>r*. Stratton
and Hanmer
To the Americar
That kept us on the rack;
We are going to get the kaiser
Or we won't come back
We'll take old Glory with u*
And wave its Stars on high
And tell those pampered tyrants
Th. hour is drawing nigh.
When Berlin falls and Potsdam too.
He is ne\er coming back.
We'll tell our I'nele Samuel
We have been over there,
We me* the foe anl beat him
2 n land - on SP *- in air '
I P ! J ,fp and sweetheart.
T " !1 babies. Mae and Jack
Thp ^° b la do '' p ' Tp whi !»ped t»*e Hun
A nd we are coming back
now in operation
Sunset's new concentrating
.— ------- - „„„ BUUIt . of
the samples of concentrates, the val
ues of which are officially stated to
44 per cent lead and 3« i*
,he min now handling about 40
<«» »< «* por Jay , t „ nitliln
ppr da > Mr. Morgan said that he
ornooto.i tke _____ a
rini u ^ cent , ead and 3612 ^
of silver per ton. It was slated that
the mill was now handling abom 40
,ons of OT *' P<r dav ar.d th.,, within
the np « month three new tables
would be added thus raising tl e ea
« 'be »»„. SfSLlf
lI *e auui
intends. .. ,u5
• U ,
In) . n , 0 „, , lu,n super
SirgeS formerly 1 *^ It 'Ä
Engineering . Sa,t
Z^S*U!^" 2 ,
^ ,e~n, hê »S l.'.f
a Ilke^vinl «i.L L* etTeetia * !
^e_rarlwnate Hnd,
and gratified '
. , , , ,
su *Phide ores, a matter
cause of both surprise
lion to the management
Jna£ e o S f UI T = h o a u 8 t
ground and is rapidly developing the
! deposits already proved, the existing
lowing is one that is productive <5
general satlHfacinn
general satisfaction.
! ----
i NATION4L —™ crusade
1 The school children of Salmon
i Wi " en "> r > h " >»-*■ m «he national
hea,th crusade to be held beginning
the week of Februar-. 9 under the
—««unnur is
" d T ar ^ t8 .' n tbt
February 9 under the
auspices of the Junior Red Cross and
the National Tuberculosis associa
tion. The object of the crusade is
fight against disease by inculcating !
habits of cleanliness and teaching i
simple health measures. The chil- '
dren who enlist in the tournament [
go through successive ranks of*
knighthood as t'-ev perform the ^
! Qui "' d heaUh beginning 4e
and •'•min* * succession the
| i»aRro nu
t,Ues of Hf l uirea knight and knight i
j banneret. As each title is won the'
child is presented with an attractive
' pin d, ' notln K the rank attained. Some
| °f «be health chores reouired are
i of
a e t? ing ,hf> ,eeth and flnp<ir nails, j
' balh ' np reRU,arI >'> «'^'P'ng with open
Wi " d0W '. ,en houra_ sleep nightly,
. .,
Superintendent Rand and his corps
of teachers are enthusiastic about
I î'îîf„ Pla " aDd " re giVing ful1 coopéra- '
l, °rrù |
The tournament will be under the
general direction of Miss Bessie
btroud of the Junior Red Cross and
ci m . S Stringfellow of the Idaho
• ntl r " b ' rculosls association with
J n .?r y . Mi8! ' . Ry . an r '»pre
: ment
' an< * " *"*"
senting the Salmon schools. It is
hoped to extend the movement to
the outside schools of the county and
it is confidently experted that Lemhi
county W'U be able to wir. a national
honor ard pennar.t in the tourna
Award* nr*, nr, -, r, . . |
Awards arc on a per capita basts
country school has as
gcod a chance of winning on«, as a
nariL 1 <hP biK Ci,y ' I ' aSt VOar a
school chüdr^Ôf sf* iV, hP
r^,^'?„rse s, »oî;;"? P i d « h o;
the state, because they enrolled the
largest per cent of the total atten
aim .«.capture thi* honor for a Lcr*
dance as health crusaders,
aim to.capture this honor f
hi county school this vear.
Benjamin K< nnison and Miss O >r;
Frances Bark.-r were united in mar
.riage at the Shenon hotel last
urday evening. The ZJ
arp bo,h known in «he Lemhi
valley, their home being at Y. arinn
from overseas Befor. hi
patriotic service abroad he was con
nected with the Yearian liv. stork
management and when he reutrned
he resumed that connection. H. 1«
thoroughgoing man in the buslne
The bride's former home was in th<
'southern part of the state until she
came to Lemhi to make h'-r hotm
where she has won
core* ot friends
The marri. ,gc- ceremony wa- per
formed by Rev. Mr. Stringrfellow r< c
tor of the Episcopal church, with
vil!» Monday evening
Married at the Episcopal rectory,
Salmon. Wednesday evening. Janu
ar ■ 29. Miss France- Ann*- Holt of
jt'armen and Antonia Scalzo of Fr<
■n< at < amt) I dal t. - - - -. -
was performed by the rector. Mr
Stringfellow, in the presence of Mr
and Mrs. Goddard as witness. - , tl

bride being a sister of Mr- Goddard f
First Meeting After Flu.
The I Julies aid society of the
Methodist church is to meet Febru
ary 6 in the church annex, the first
meeting called since the flu epidem
was spirited off
«... __ ________ ________ ___
—7 ---- ■" -----
*!!,,!' pt,si * lblli, - v of bein * Inter
. * a c 5* urt order counter
mknuing his taking the child from
ÂII »v*"u* L"'!" M ? n
J3C T'.J 't „-ITT,™.!!'.:
.... we.,
eJ!«« ,h ** child wa * kpp *
*^P inn guardian or f!u&rdi&ni!i. The*
~ '«'as me cnihl from
[jg Thp old man touk an «uton.o
, conveyance from Salmon Moo
flE * y *? Rg • H ® had Kn ' bb< * d up lit
^ wrappings of his crib
f i ** ™* uauh 10 lh< * »»">«
SsLa-JS- 2* . h rr
, other guardian grandparents.
«jy, Herralls, who were present from
l :Mw ' dt « 1 ' »«* drived of »7y
.chance at showing what they would
^ with the chiid when Grandfather
',Zk hN» ou, o.
! "t |or,«HcU„n of any Idaho court,
! Mrs. Myers, a klndlv, gentle fa .e.l
lad/ from K mme„, who cam«,
' ^cr Salmon home to look
ov q tor Pdt nnd had arrlved on , he
M Herr.,1.
T^T^Tith M.^charge Te nîZ
r 11 * 1 ra f wlln bis charge the night
before by motor. Mrs. Myers writes
At Leadore the two parties met to
gether on the train, for It seems that
I Grandfather O'QuIrui had only gone
of meeting him there as follows
"Old Mr. O'Quinn was at leadore
as our train pulled in from Salmon.
H* looked like a tramp He boarded
the train with two suitcases, two
quilts, a hand satchel and little Pat,
also a big six shooter strapped on
the outside of his coat, all of which
he was packing as he got on the
tra.n Little Pat's face was so
von could tell he did not' have a
! 1l,0,h, ' r Th <' old man took him into
i ,b '' , ' n,ok, ' r La,< * r * bad a talk with;
' bf> nlan **ald «bat Mr. Mb
[ na?RI1 lm<1 drivt ' n him lo !i station-divide
p< ar l «' < * Rdo^, ' Monday night and that
,Tuesday morning he had come on in
'«W^eadore lo board the train. He
«"'1 he had been told to steal the
i rhUd anü t out li * all h
^ ' ou, ' , dv) - «»ked him why he did
'bat when he had the papers entl
,lnR hi,n *° ,h <' custody of the child
,n *he papers he explained th<n
j '»««ht be found a tlaw- What hehadjous
"*r the child to eat was a package ;
etc---------------- -------
of Boda crackers that had been left
in the home where the child's par
,cnts both died and some condensed!
cream. I Just want the good people J
of Salmon to know how we found lit
tie Pat looking nnd what kind of a
man the court had trusted the help j
less Infant with."
As has already been told Jack
<» Quinn and hi* wife and their other
|tnfant child died a llttlo while ago In
(the flu epidemic. Pat thus orphaned
Is less than two years of ag<- The
father had come from Missouri. Af '
ter hls marriage at Fknmett he came
to the Salmon national forest ser :
vice, where he nnd hls wife and tln-ir
boy became general favorites, partIc^■;
ularly out In the interior They liv- '
ed at Forney in the summer time
Early in the winter the O'Quinns !
,f '" k a r '-"'«lence in Salmon, ihelrjlers
T V ' n ,hl8 CU) b '' inK planned « or i
mg* „ thousand dollar* worth of.
War SUmp^d" •HhTl.ï !
° f Cai5h }*" ,han
dollar*, made up the legacy for Pat
But funeral expense* and doctor's
hills must come out of that to take
at least half th,- legacy
+ + + + *
+ + + + +
CARME 1 * 1
•J* -Î- -I* + +
John Dinsdale from Kimball,
braska. spent two weeks with
•cousin* at Carmen, Mr. -end Mr
Willie.n Barton shipped
caul, to Omaha Thursday tnorn
Err.« -t Neal will entertain a crowd
young folks at hls home on Sat
urday evening.
The Carmen people w.-ri glad to
le-. 'in« hont. Arthur Niemann, »ho
JuM hack front the arntv
Ed Dillon has been ,,n the- sick list
for the past n»o or ihre, days
The Carmen dance hall has been
turned into a garage which will be
run by John fU.,-1
Capable ef Anything.
*t everything hn* b.« n laid to
rti-.-as.-d teeth except murder; and
etc nut ran tell What mlgh; !«■ the
lUtcome of Jumping t, othach«-.—St.
L--u!-. Globe-lH-mocraL
Daily Thought.
'tie i- the «on of hi* own
«rv ante*.
Thr. mammoth cyanidlng tank*
b* installed on the great mining,
,li4l ? ! a! ^kevUle are ready for un
loading at the statlor. The total dead
ight of the three that must b. lift
..PS the beam a. upward of SOOWljWhUe
pounds, entirely beyond anv frieght
ever ref er < d at Salmon
" "
J-rry Iioodv started for Omaha
yesterday with two cars of cattle for
market to be sold as feeders.
This fine old gentliinun. whose ree
< in visit to Salmon wa«i noted In The
R.cord. r. passed away at his ranch
home in fruik canyon, near 1-eadore,
„ ....... . .......
"*■"» «» *•"' passing was a *n,»ca
to nil his Salmon friends when they
heard it on Saturady I*r llanmer
had been to see the patient on the
e came
away ,le Pronounced the case as
"Si «Ä ____ ^
arly 7u years
— - ----'Ing him two
brothers and a sister In Iowa and
two «istpm ~
Lafl been to see the patient
. venlnu before and when h
away he pronounced the <
moet serious
Mr. Crulkataank wa
" est Point, Iowa, net
. ..............
fuuerai look place
from the undertaker's parlors and
Hev. Il F. Meredith having charge of
the services. The pallbearers were
Albert C Amonson, Chris Van Siratt.
Frank Kirtley. J. M McPherson.
lx>uis Frey and William Swan
back!where he spent several years as a
cowboy, eventually coming to Wan
not . k Montana, in 1872, where resld
Mr Cruikshank was raised on a
farm but early in life went to Texas
er hi« sister. Mrs. Samuel Dunlap,
who lies buried her« n ar Mr. Cruik
shank's grave.
In 1877, during the Net Perce war,
he ser\ed as a scout with Rub.- Rob
bins under Gen. O. O. Howard's com
mand. rendering valuable service to
the United States troops in their pur
suit and capture of the Indians and
again, In 1878, lie acted us scout and
guide in capturing many renegades
of the llannack Indian war.
In 1878 he settled In !,emhl county
wlu-re he made a ranch and acquired
jconsiderable stock Interests, always
hiring near the railroad station of
dirty;Cruik which was named in his honor
;as is also the canyon in which he re
II«* preferred lhlng as a bachelor
upon his ranch near the mountain
but always extended the hand
of fellowship to all and rendered ev
ery M-rvico within his power when
called upon for help or assistance
His friends wire many for he genet
°u«ly accorded every one all court
due them and made lasting and
lifelong friendships by his personal
sacrifices for their comfort and wel
fare His open heartiness and genet
nature prevent*«! him from hav
; In* a fortune, as he gave lavlshlv of
his own to help and accommodate
jhls fellow-man
He was s plon
setth-r In both
Beaverhead and Lemhi rountD-s "but
.now like most of the old timers
whose work is completed, passes t-,
the other shore. Peace be t 0 hls
|/Pttatp TI | llinnmp
Ia*tters roreived In
Salmon this
week from Kenneth Mrilride tell hls
' 1
moUlw ' Mr " KI "->* «"a. he
! Haf *' Mnd »*11 Dat.«i of these let
ran from October till late m De
i comber Numbers of them had mis '
K «'""eth say* he had been in three
rarrif*«! in th
! -rüre",ta,' Tartrt him ü,erap' i
» ,
,>n *' 11 mp h *' » aa for a month con->
;„tantl> under shell fir.
H<- wa* In
Um thick of flying shells on the last I
night before th.- armistice "I think
I can now laugh al hell after what I |
h-rit. seen." he say* in bidding Ids
folk* . .-as.- their anxl.-ty for his saf
On to the Rhine.
Th,. last letter received frtun Ken
n. th tell* of his march toward the
Rhine, as follow
D*-c.-mbe r 20 We hare certainly
on the move since the »- ar ,. n ,j.
<-d I am in the army of occupation
and you m doubt have read of the
second division's march to the Rhine.
This has be.-n a long hard march I
wore out a pair of hobnail shoe*.
\\, started from tl • Meu.»< river
hear Be-iumont in France and hik .1
up acro-s Belgium to Arlon. From
there w, ». n t aim** Luxetnburp-,
traveling north«*ast to the border
»her* we stav.-d a week to rest,
Th* n w. went from there to Cobb nz.
Germany, on th* Rhine, th. n to May !
en and then to Andernach nn I S.
g.ndorf. where we are now bille-, j
'Ud feel like a million dollars ,f
it wasn't for the cooties."
; a
Through Mail at La»t.
The Salmon river mall will be
-,-rv,-,| fi nt th<- Salmon postoffice
F» bruary 1 all th. way through io !
jcitalli* alter the long embargo on!
Mho ( hallts < nd of the service ocra* !
j «
I ed
,D * » < ml or the *crvice ocra* j
10 "«^ by,hp " u quarantine in Round,
Th < r. bad been no mail b*
tween Salmon and the Custer coun i
ty s.ai, dire.
as to the May"pitSlr '«t !
route the -e'rvke was on" f -
» .. 1 Wa ou fo *
\ZT m °" ,b Un '" ' WO raonths «"
Th,k mal1 ,in *' 114 carried three times
w«.k by O'Connell i B. 11amy with |T
A T Bennntt a* driver of the motor.'charge
T .
The disappearance of old
••liant Peterson« last will and lea
tin at, which was expected to diap:
of an estate of approximately $2o.£
,lh * never been explained. No olh
occurrence of the kind in Idaho
caused more comment. All hia lo
1 f *', spent mostly in these
h * nc '' he ro.n e as a pioneer to
« over the Yellowstone, was a life
,n *t that h« was born in Dentn
aml 'eft the land of the Danes In
u ^n* « » runaway sailor lad,
I on <he «-oast of California, wht
be came this way and on into Mon
,Hn " where with two companions h
tlrst saw what are now the wonders
of the great national park From th
Ht tie he would ever say about him
self m Denmark It was always In
«**rred that he had run away from
1 borne and had never heard directly
from his peop'e afterward.
At this point he would stop In hia
autobiography but hts Ufe since com
ing here was an open book, for b*
married and settled down and raised
a son and became a cattle king. Then
he became estranged from bis wife
and was divorced after their bereav
m< nt In the death of the Idolised boy,
a likely lad of about twelve year*
»lu-n he was taken The fortune was
then divided between huvband and
The old man's name might have
been any other Scandinavian patro
nymic than Peterson and Indeed It
has been surmised of him that he
changed hla name as p. boyish freak
It Is known that he entertained Just
such notions For Instance, not
many years ago when he wanted to
ffect a change In his household af
,alr * **e gave out the story that he
v '*' t »bout to leave Salmon for an In
! definite stay In California and that
j be wished to close up his house Ac
<or <llnil> thi old man left town with
b "K "»<1 baggag.* packed as If for a
* on * absence, but he staged away
only a day or so. Just- long enough
to accomplish the purpose of .ff«>t
inK ,bt ' domestic change he had In
mind Then he was seen again as al
»ays before in his accustomed walks
about Ills besutlful grounds or on hls
occasional visits outside their limits.
Heraus« of pronounced eccentçiC»
itic*s of mind and thought it has
been maintained ail along that his
'»"''-'ng will will turn"iip*7usiâs th"
!' dd man himself turned up after hls
«opposed visit t , California; that he
«'Id the precious document htms.-lf
iso that from hls dwelling place
! wherever It now Is he might b* able
«« »hat rap. rs were to rut
J "P " V 'T his estate after hla departure
to the my sterious realm b* Lm* in lb**
appointed time the will should b
fourni Tlj n loo It li, freely said
jthat the olfl man of mystery may not
1 be actually dead at all and that some
dn, ' f « B >' he will came walking down
****■***'* aH of old to embarrass thtMte
who have taken a hand in t.i, »ffNir«
whe „ tÏn'uï' Z
do such n thing in his lifetime /r Jr
be It known that ihe ,dd man was
' rthr ' wd » nd « mighty gtsal judge of
!?r —
i b.-for ^ D '* bl
, th.
Th.nk^iring day
passing It Im- I am.
morning of last
Soon after hls
understood the
*?*^ , h . f °. r , ht * wUI ' w,llrh wa, ' ' 11
u '' 1 ,n J* 1 »' pr.-senc of G II Monl
^ ' ' 8,ni,h " nd »»'ich wa*
n °* n con,a,n Pfwtato« for dtvid
trig hi* estai, equally among Mabel
M. Clam, John V Quarles and Rolf
Geertaon. failed to discover the doc
urn, nt Then In b. hair of Miss Mc
t'lain ihe custody of the esta», was
plac, I with Timothy Dor*- who took
the .ash deposit carried by Mr IV
terson from one of th. city banks
to the other The next step was the
appo ntment of Mi-s .V, Claie a * it fl.
ministrai >r She fib-d a b.ynd for
IS.fWKt with the American Sur tv
[com pan
> • T
,«pr, -ent.
d by
jas sur«
!> .
The data
»1 <M>'
ard of
a t houi
-, n'ed
and alo
» triding
up w!
th a
in, >>n Dc
from Miss McClain of $15 0"o f„:
services r. ndcre.1 li drce.y*,-d after
jthe y*ar 1903 Thi* claim was al-.i
allowed a* resented,
having been male bv
'Probate Judge E H Ca
« ember 26.
The apprats. ment of the .state a
return.«! by Messrs Newton Hibbs
G Mathew.-on and Arthur Gr, n.
placed ft* value at »16 969 63. includ
ing cash In bank and real estate or, r
ed in Salmon
More Live Stock.
Four cars of live «took, cattle and
hog*, were sh.ppefl out from Salmon
,Thursdav morning for the Omaha
two of thewe carrying cat
f * Another to V\. B Bar
ton * cattle, and a car of hors
ownal by -Seth Thmlelti. Eddie Ed
[ward*. Chris Nage. Sim* * Viel
h' mas Kane and CYjk Bros all In
of Mr. Barton.

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