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Peacemaker« Draft Inetructlon* for
Mission to Poland— League of Na
tion« and Indemnity Next Sub
ject« for Discussion
A **ft* -Inn, it« 1 «. A sori«-« nf In:« r
nuUiMinl event* nf the highest order
t(M>k form vesterdor ut inerting* of
the ('outwit of tin* a roil I power* and
tile milII.-ir? riiiniuMlidi-rH on all fronts
Those muy In- sumuied lip n» follow*«
^3r*t the Iss 111 !IK e of ii sob-mil Mnril
liiK l<> Ihr- «urld thill the (Hm-o-slnri
of territory kill (led h> fold «ill her
IimihIjt prejudice the chllliis of those
«ho use sinh meiin« lind set lip MOV
crelgiil* hjr mervion This deduril
I Ion uns f mill ill hjr I'l'esldi-nt Wilson.
Sei Olid I he npiHilulment of a 'oui
munleati.m of highest mllltarv iiutlior
lly, I mi ud ug Hie British minister of
war Marshal loi, I ienerul Diaz und
I Ienerul Ta«kcr II Hll** i„ . urr.v lor
»it«! inrl.v <ltMiiolillif.il I iuii ii f I « 9 «'«full
llsli pi'oporllonnle allied autl UMhlM'l
aleil forces on I lie Western front.
Approve Medal for Troop«.
Third I »Immission of the terrllnrial
claims on conquered lierinmi colonies,
«ilh hearings of Interest to Aiisiriilla,
New Z.siland and Kmih Africa on tier
man Last Africa and Ihe fierituin is
land groups of the Pnolfl«
Fourth Approval of the council of
the striking of a nnslul for all troop*
taking |**irt In the war.
Fifth Authorization to M. I'lehon,
ihe «'nach foreign secreiar.v, to ilraf
liisimciions for the Joint mission w hich
I» about lo proceed to 1'olaml.
Talk League Today.
The foregoing embrace some of the
oiosi difficult i| tics fions liefori* Ihe
|M-aee eouferenee unit with the nro
Jecteil action for today on the league
of iliitlnns, liideiiiuli les, puiilahmerita,
labor and Inteniiilloniil highways, h
goea far toward clearing the slide of
iiiomI of the large subject* before the
While ihe aoleinn warning wilh re
giml lo the gaining of territory In
force sped del no countries. Ii covered
hrondly Ihe warring eleliieuts In Ihe
I kriilne anil llioae nroiinil Vllnn .md
l.e»oln-rg, where the hoiilliiirilments
have occurred mid also In the i an
casus, when* llie new lii-orglini re
plllillc Is lighting Ihe new Armenian
republic ; also Serhlun lufimds Oil Mol!
leoegro, as well as territorial necu
I «a Ilou along the eiisteio Adriatic, In
Thrace and In Poland.
Fore« Cloud« Title.
Some of these situations iitread)
have hrongl.t protests mid other | ro
leal* are expected so that I he" great
IHivvers decided to enunciate the prln
ciple that possession In force place- i
clotld on title.
The creation of a military commis
«too for |>rn|Mi»llonliig the troops on
the western front bring.- the vlgormi«
figure of M ill-ton Spell , . I bill, bill
into the euiiforelo e The «colline. ,,f
the council wn» «Irongl.v for |||
Nation with the least possible dcli
Tliere I« reason to bt-I.ev. th.tl
the « mutin --on will , , y
plan* already before Ihe v r d -| irt
ment In Washington fur th. return of
Aincrh mi troop. Icnure. >id a . i .ip r v
ii* transportai Ion p. i nits ni.,1 in t
there will In- no lin rca-e In tin \u, i
cun prn|M»rilun of (loops In the u
plisl region«
League May Bass on Colonie*
Wide ihe hearings on th,. i.cini i
ci don list was confined to the Mrl»l-h 1
itmnliiloiis. Japan was rcpi, -.iited ,,n
the council and cxpeeis to !„■ heard In
due time coneertiltig some of Up- (h i
man I'acltlc groiqis and Klau t'hnw
It 1* uudctKIiHnl tb it the llritisli con
template an iin|Mirtaiil pr.qH.sal hy
«illicit auch problem* as the ibiinau
Colonic*. llesofMitaii.il and Pales ne
will lie sulinilttisl to I(o- league of nil
lions. In orvlcr to avoid loss ,,f tPue
and territorial deiuimd In ,nui>a'Iblt
With principles of the league.
Talk Indemnity Next
•«*<• 011(1 |.
«• iti :i m.
1 » fDT 1 liks.il WlU
hiivi* lh«'
n* Us
Vi III Im*
til«» f . Mir
on of the
look tills
league of
our <1 ilea* I on«
lalM»r. ludetimtlt«-*. punliOttiicut « and
highway«, ns previ >in.iv outlined
1 ' 1 ' ;
inter. Hill tiiukc the ......ning I're-.-tila
Mon ..f * pi n for , l. ......... „„tb.ns
In a brief form dealing largely wlih

I ondori. L'.- J Mexaiob-r Kei • tl
•ky. former dictator of Russia, I« bv
lug quietly lu Ihe home of a friend
on t 'aiiilg olge Klnlr* Terraei* by Re
gent park. In taunt ci
tu hl« little Ktudy. w hi eh |,«
« large |wrt of the day be I
Ing It * memoir«, re reading
Mudylllg diM-iniieiit* « hit'll Ol
•M-Iltisl the deoliliv of R||S.
tutlng lo Ills Russian «t.
«ho eiui «rlie «horth a I ,,
I principles :iiul leaving tin- ((«•tails Tor
tlic commission.
'I'ln* |>arl President Wilson will Ink
j In today's session nf tin« cinifi r.-nr
j ha» not )'t'l I >»•«■ ii (Infinitely announce«.
Paris, .Ian, "."i Th« following of
filial (-••la I III mi ii'ti I ion was Issued last
evening dealing with iho afternoon
session of flo* supreme rminell :
'The pri -Idem of the I'nlted Slat
(*f Alio ica. tin- premier« und fore.gn
secrelarles of tin* I'll led Slates, of t| (l
llritisli empire mid Kniiirc and Italy
iilnl the representative*' of .filpilll, llief
at fin- (pud D'l>r«ny this afternoon
from 3 o'clock until 5 15 («'clock.
"T In- mission of tin- allies und ss
sotinlcd great powers to Col.mil was
fir»! ill-ill--.(I, und It whs it greed that
M. liehon should prepare draft In
Ktriietloiis to 'lie mission for the ap
proval of the representntlves of the
Fix Pre*» Representation.
It «us agreed that line press repre
serilatlve for a-neh of the five great
(tower* should In- pertnllted to ueeoin
pnny the mission.
"The question of territory niljust
On ills In eontiertlon with the eoll((t
of fin- f ierinun col on les was taken tip
then, sir Itohert Borden, prime niln
Ister of ( 'h initia : Mr. Hughes, prime
mnlsier of A u s t ra 11 a ; lieiu-rul Smuts,
représentai I ve of (ienerul It, »Ihn. .lie
prime minister of South Africa and
Mr Massey, prime minister of'New
/eiiliiud. were present and expia iu-d
I'gnril io this i|ii«
{I lie partieiiliir Inleresl of Ihe resp'ii
he dominions In regard to this mo
I loll
"Till- next meeting of the allied min
islets will take place on Monda v morn
iug at III o'clock.
"Ihe peace conference will hold a
plenary Killing at the ministry of for
eign affairs tomorrow (Saturday) at
•i nVInck."
Morning Proceedings.
I In- texi of th • official (-oiiiiiiiiiiica
llo | i regarding the morning'« pro. .-cd
lugs. Is as follows:
"The Miipreiiie war council met :h!s
morning from lo .'til to pJ:.'to p MlM |
was nrtended by the president of tile
I'nlted Slates of America. She pi line
mlnisit-r mid minister for foreign af
fairs of the llritisli government, li.iuce
and Italy, as well as the secretm v of
the stales of the I'nlted States of
America, the llritisli secrelarv of state
ror war and the .......Ii ministe of
munitions; the representative* of Ihe
Japanese government. Marshal Koch,
accompanied by limerai Wcygatid
•' •'•Id Marshal I lulu, (ienerul Pershing,
(ienerul I Max, (ienerul Wilson, tien
oral Madhuiotigh and lin- militai t ep
resctilaUvos of the Kulteil States of
America, Krance, tirent Britain mul
Italy at Versailles.
Urge Service Medal.
"The eoumil cunferred with .Mm
shul Knell mill I he oilier militarv ex
perts a« In I lie strength of the forces
to he maintained by the allied mid
associated powers on Ihe western front
during Ihe period of the armistice
ll was decided to set up a special
conimltlee composed of Mi ( liliivlilll.
Mr (anicheur, Marshal Koch, General
miss mul Iiclu-ral lilac lo exmnliie the
< J (!«•'*! 1 « »I I
"'Hit* Huprcn».* war mimcll lt Nn
agreed in recommend for (lie approval
,f the governments ,
oiiceriu'd ilit- issue
of mi Identic medal and ribbon to all
the forces of the allied and associated
power* who have taken part in the
\ftrr the supplementary con n il
ihe president of the t tilted States of
\titcrlcit and the prime ministers md
foreign ministers of the allied ami I
associated governments, with llio op
■ ,itutlves of Japan, held a short I
meet 1 1 (g and ........I p. the publication !
'o-l tcausin' -bin by wirelo-- I
1 !l I'*' > *" all I ui r I s of the vvorll of
in' following commun lea I ion n
' '
Warning to Ambitious Notion
' I he governments now a- ,u-i.-t,.,| j
n conference to effect a lasting p,...,,...
,t "' nillloiis are ill eplv dlstur'n-d !
I.y the news which cm,-- i„ them of
'he nmiy Instances t„ which armed j
foire |s being made ll«,- o| ,n im my
< Karol«, amt the east i„ c „lli
possession of lerrdory, the rightful
d.mii to which the peace coin'd cm e
- lo he asked In determine They
deem It their duty to utter a solemn
"llltilii*; that |ius^t>«LHlii|| «*<) i iii'il |»\
•• ! - .......... pi clad the
'."ms or those w ho us,, this mean
It «III create the prosuiilpt loll that
........ etutdoy force doubt the us
v a"dlty of t heir claims, ami
Uhstlttlte possession for
f of right Mild set up »overelgntv
htcIoii rather than by radical or
naibmal prefer,-m .- and natural y»
torlcnl n««i.(liltton They ihn« put a
loud ii|s*n every evldetl ..... . t|t|, i|„y
may afterward allege and | m |
their distrust of the conference P , |f
Molh i,g hut the must unfortunate
-**»ul!s etlll ensue If they expeet p,..
tier they must ref-aln from for,,, „„a
place their rlnlltt* In mo loinhsl g ......
faith in the hands of the
re-uine.l at it ,!
LEADERS treely admit
i tor
' 1 and f Mil
1er of war go I lief
. tolv hc oiv fi. the
-ed ifi it the B.vl j
dU|mteh to G,,,
a* ! it was tea,, (hat ,. Vi
tiifildle class were lav fi,
e with the soviet*.
a 11,-1
Truce of Arm» It Urged and Repre
•entativea of Both Side« Urged to
Meet With Envoy« of Asso
ciated Nations
PARIS. Jan. IS).—I.ed by President
Wilson, the supreme council of thei
great powers yesterduy moved lo unRc
the factions rtf distracted Ilu- ia and
bring them Into the peace congress.
They uimnlnionsl r iidnptisl a propo
■Itlon brought forward by Prcsnh-nt
Wilson, asking all the Russian fac
tious, Including the Bolshovisfs, to
meet the allied and associated govern
merits at Princess Islands In the Sea
of Marmora on February 15, the con
tending factious meantime declaring
a truce and HU*]H-iiilliig military n|ierti
The Joint coinmlssion of ihe u*so
luted governmcnls will In- aiinniiiiccd
us toon as the Russian factions ac
«pt the proposal which was . ..iniiiiliii
•" ... ..... *»> »Areless la-1 night.
The Russian commission will proceed
to the inecllng place, probably ou II
warship, by way of the Hlmi; -eu mid
the I
Pershing Is Called.
General -lohn Pershing, tin
\ inert
can commander - in chief, has been
called to Paris. It is expected In- will
be the At.....lean military member of
the Joint commission.
Aside from the impiirlann- of ihe
.'(inclusions reached It was especially
nutahle as being the first time the
voice of Ihe ( lilted Stales had taken
the (II reel Ion in the concert of Kuro
peun powers on the most serious Kune
petm i|iii-HtIon now presented. There
was added significance In the fact that
an American president In person had
taken leadership in the council made
up chiefly of European statesmen.
The final result came after three
days of continuous discussion of Rus
sla. which did not crystallite until tin
final I.....ra. when President Wilson
Vrcsemed 1„ writing .he plan he had
*'"I bora ted.
Ihere was little .............. ... this
was t ,, * M, d mainly on doubts as to
whelhcr the proiKiaitlou would he at
lu reply It was pointed out that the
eouteiiillug ructions wen- well nigh at
"'I "f •l**'lr resources, ami tbut
their needs likely would lend them nt
last to a combined appeal to the nsso
latcd power
Besides tin
given In the
definite proposal
communique, the joint
commission of tin- ns-m ialcd power*
will lay down four conditions indis
pensable In bringing about an adjust
ment . first, jieacc at all point.*: sec
ond. removal of all economic harrier*
which restrain the free eirculati.......
exchange of tood and comiiiodith-.« lu
• wi-i-ii the factional zone* and tin* otn
side world , third, general election* mi
a representative basis; and fourth,
some adequate arrangement lot the
payment of debt*,
Kvi-ii if eventually tin
nut accepted, members ol the c-iimcll
' evv mat ■ teir pryipo
-Uiuil was before tin- world ami that
It would pave the way for such other
neasur. s is (he own action had
orought about.
I'-C'ld. s the decisive action taken
with regard lo Russia, tin* poitncil v es
tenlay also provided a Joint commis
- on of two each from the I nited
Elates, Great Rnlaat ami Kram
Italy tn proceed Immediately to 1
ngd Warsaw for consulta . t ion of the
''"tire mlljlary, ccoiioluic and political
situation of Poland.
A plenary meeting of the full confer
ein e w„« announced for next Saturday
when the plans of IYes,,|ent Wilson
ami I 'avid Lloyd George, the British
Prime minister, dealing with a league
of nations will he the first order of
\ estenlay * ip tlon on Russia and I'o
land, however, goes lot,, effect without
proposal i
iml I
Z l„ I
presentation I,. the full conference ami i
I* taken a* the a, lion of tin
,! '
yesterday afternoon
' " f a—oviated
powei- and the Japanese represent!,
' 1 ' ' betw een
•"O'l- k tin- iftern.H.n -ml
' 1,1 -•'* Hie full text of the
' ommiinlcatlou issued hy th,
rvtid«* :
1 ' he 1 ff Slat«
!he prime mliiUters nu. I the foreign
Cut String* on Soldier Relief
Salem. Ore Jnii ^ After *scor
• legi«
tor making w
Mil nppr»(vrlat!ng Jlnijxm f,, r
lief of ret urne, I soldier* and
the bouse yesterd
buck to tli
scot tin- measure
.itb refusal to ,-,,n
amendment. The
amendment would have provided that
""Idlers receiving nom
must make a complet.
ceriiMig themselves
from the fund
-tiitement cm
amt cl remit
"tan es. to be filed with the se rctarv
of state.
" V
(approved the proposal
.Mejaicii T. Mutlier, director of the
iiiitlouul park .service.
of President
Wilson, which reads as follows;
i|,c> arc willing I.. he lielpei
clear lo iliein ihm Ihe
distrust of the Russian people will
steadily increase, hunger and priva
One Object in View.
" The single object of the represent
alive* of the associated jaiwers have
had in iniml in their discussions of
the course they should pursue with re
gard to Russia lias been lo help the
Russ f an people, noi to hinder them or
to interfere in any milliner wilh their
right to si-uh- tln-ir own affairs in
their own. way.
•They regard the Russian people as
I heir friends, not their enemies, and
are willing to help them in any way
It is
troubles .and
I inn ol every kind become more and
more nciile, more widespread and more
Impossible In relieve unless order is
restored mid noruial conditions of la
bor. trade and transportation once
more are created, and they are seek
ing Some way in which to assist the
Russian people to establish order.
Don't Wish to Exploit Russ.
" 'They recognize the absolute right
of Ihe Russian people to direct their
own affairs without dictation or di
rection of any kind from outside. They
do not wish to exploit or make use
of Russia in any way.
" 'They recognize the revolution with
out reservation and will in no way
and in no circumstances aid or give
countenance to agy attempt at a coun
"'It is not I heir wish or purpose to
i ["'V 1 ' Bsslst nnv on *' °,( ,h '' ,,rti " n -
71 ,?? l * nd ' n * f "!' th#
| leadership und ^iiidnnre of Russia, as
1 üKiiinst the others. Their sole and
| .sincere (utrpose Is ....... what they can
j to bring Russia peace and an oppor
(unity to find her way out of her pres
1 ent trouble.
I "The associated powers are* now en
I Raged in the solemn and responsible
J work of establishing ihe peace of
I Kurope and of tin* world and they an
| keenly alive to the fact that Kurope
and tlo* world cannot lie at peace us
Russia is now. They recognize and
*• it as a duty to serve Russia a.
generously, as unselfishly, as thouglit
fully. as- iiiigriidgiiigly as they would
serve any other friend and ally, and
•bey are ready to render this service
in the way Hint i- most acceptable to
the Russian people.
"In this spirit ami with this purpose
1 bey have taken tin* following action:
I hey invite every organized group that
I* now exercising or attempting to
exercise political authority or military
control any u here In Siberia, or within
*b*' boundaries of Knropean Russia a
1 bey stood before the war Just con
' Imlcl. except in Kinhmd. to send rep
ivsenialives, not exceeding three rep
reseinatives for each group to Rriti
co-- Islands. Sen of Marmora, where
• bey will he met hy representative* o
ihe associated powers, provided in the
meantime there i* a truce of arms
amongst the parlies invited, and that
all armed force* anywhere sent or di
I 11 l ' l, ' | l against any people or Icoa\ujry
I inside tlie boundaries of Knropean
Russia a* they stood before the war,
or against Klnlaud. or against any peo
ple or territory whose autonomous ae
iton i* In contemplation in the I I ur
tiv les upon which the present negotia
tion* are based, shall be meanwhile
withdrawn and aggressive military uc
t ion s cease.
These re|iresentatives are Invited to
confer "itli Üte representatives of the
associated power* in the freest and
frankest way. with a view to ascer
, , .....- of
llie lviis-ian (.copie and bringing «bout.
If possible, some understanding and
agr.vtuent by which Russia may work
out her own piir|x.ses, and happy. ,-(v
operative relations be established be
tween hcr I>cop|c and the other pvse
pl»** »'f the world.
"A prompt reply to this Invitation is
rw l u, ' s <''« 1 - Kvery facility for the Jour
ncy of the represmifntives. including
trans|M>rtatiou across t;,,. |;i |, k sea
"ill be given by the utiles, and all the !
,, ' ,rtlo> "'"'*»'rncd are expected to give! ,i
F-" iltrU's. The n-presenta- M
r '" 1 at :! "' place ap I v
,,y " u ' of February }
1J1W 1
,l "' of „II sections
Furls. Jan
-IK I.ism Bvvttrccvls. I
former premier and French authority I
"" '"ague of nations, in state-!
aent to tlie Matin, cites as „ precslent 1
'">• the punishment of Germans of a l! I
dégrisé* «suivi, tel of violation of , h . :
-•'VS of war. the case of llenrv Wirr I
...... *rt«l by court martial and!
«'Xecuted after the Ovil „ar for
rueitics- suffered by northern pris
ai«'!* in the ,-amp he commanded at
-Xuuorsouv ilte, Ga.
Order Will Solve Problem of Unem
ployed Discharged Soldiers and
Stabilize Labor Conditions
Throughout Country
Washington, Jan. 25.- - To solve the
problem of unemployed discharged sol
diers, the war department has ordi red
that no rniiii he discharged from the
army until such time ns t>e can obtain
employment In civil life.
It has been announced that orders
have been telegraphed to all depart
ment and division commanders at Sec
retary Baker's direction to retain ab
men who desire to remain temporarily,
in the service, without prejudice to
their subsequent discharge to take em
The Order.
The order follows:
"All commanding officers will take
fleps to insure that every enlisted man
in their command understands thor
oughly that the war department does
not desire to discharge any soldier who
cannot secure civil employment It
will he made clear to every soldier that
where lie would normally he dis
charged under orders for dewtobi! za
lion, he may remain temporarily in Ihe
military service at his own written re
quest until such time as he can secur:
employment. The fact that he re
quests to remain in the army tem
porarily, does not in any way operate
to compel him to remain in the army
for 11 long period of time ngn nst his
will. Any man who would normally
have been discharged if he had not ex
pressed his desire in writing to re
main in the service may thereufte: lie
discharged front the service at his ,wn
request, whenever he thinks he may
secure employment. All such men as
are retained temporarily tinder the
above authority will he attached to the
most convenient unit and where their
services will he most useful."
Will Draw Allotments.
In connection with thl* policy,
adopted after orders were issued mst
week for demobilization of the combat
divisions in the I'nlted States, it was
said that action to prevent a large pro
portion of those nten from facing un
employment was taken not onlv to
protect the soldier individually, hut be
cause of its effect upon employment
conditions throughout the country.
Another aspect of tin* new poMcv
is that the families of married soldiers
will continue to draw their allotniet ts
from the government during this tern
I'orary service. Kur the time ocing at
least, the war department will Lave
ample work to keep Un- men busy in
handling demobilization of oner
troops amt in storing war material and
in similar tasks.
Final Vote Is 53 for the Bill and 18
Against—No Restrictions on
Distribution of Funds
After a week
Washington, Jan.
of spirited (lehnte the senate rester
day. h.v a vote of :.:t to Ik. passed the
administration lull appropriating Spio
for ......! r Kef in Kurope at: 1 in
lire near cast. The fund was requested
by ('resident Wilson as n moans of
checking the westward sprwtd of Bol
""'rore the roil call. Senator
,i '.rah assertml that not more than Ore
M >or ,v " f of the senators „ctnallv f ,
v " r, '' 1 'be bill, and that while f.- .|p, .
''"nst mint'd to support it thev w nil
apologize for their vote '
■ men-mrc now goes to conference
for adjustment of minor senate amend
ments. but leaders- believe final en et
metit will be accomplished next week
Tlie most important senate amt ml
ment changed the house section
agaigst feeding enemy ......pie* so that
nationalities friendly to tlie Knited
States and the allies may be aided \||
amendments designed to limit die oovv
cr of President Wilson or Konit Ad
ministrator Hoover in distrihqtim of
•be fund ware rejected recently bv (lie
senate and no tinal effort was made
for tlmir adoption.
Opponents of the bill made a final
'•and against It vv i t fi Sena-ors
la Follette of Wisconsin. Borah of
Idaho and Sherman of Illinois. Re
publh'ans leading the light. Senators
Knox of IVntisyjvanla. Colt of nhish
I-îami and Smith of Michigan spake
in *ui'|M>rt of the appropriation.
Just before the roll
San Francisco,
Jan. 21.—Two new
c.-ddes are to be laid between this citv
"d two cities in Japan
next two years,
wi'hin the
cording to K. IVh da.
minister of communie«.
Mon of Japan, who left here reee
for the Orient.
The Knited :
I'ehida s.- id. Ul
■cut. jo.t;:iy will ojverate
he cable-.
- md I
r :,n Initial gov.-rn
and cor.ro)
lulling tin- first two vvc-k, ^
new year 53 cars of alfalfa
shipped from Paul.
I *r. J. I». Adams of Moscow fi«*"
named by the livestock sunitsry
to suceeisl I >r. H. G. Bo. lie i n
sition of state veterinarian.
Increases in rates which «HB
approximately $5U0 (»er year
revenue was granted the 'fro^
phone company by the public
The stale of Idaho plan* ^
nearly $5,1 M>,000 -on the hi
the slate during the next two
if the (»resent plans of Ihe
way department are earn.sj ost.
A total of 222 homes have
Red by tlie trained nurse- w.
the home service section of
chapter American Red Gros«
started the influenza relief
weeks ago.
Stockholders in the Pay.
Water l 'sers' a.wsochition a«
ering strongly a vast drainage
in the project to.recover land
becoming useless becuuse of
from higher land.
Lieut.-Kol. L. V. Patch of
formerly of tin* 2nd Idaho
with llie 303rd Held artili
France, lias been nppointi-i)
ities commissioner by Governor
I>avis to succeed John W,
Mrs. William J. Tliorngrcn,
injured whim a truin siiu.-k
mobile she was in, near If
tlon, (lied at Idaho Fall-. Mr.
gren, Ids wife and two -mall
and Ids mother, were r«-turnli
Momma, and in crossing the
struck hy a freight train.
Reports to Ihe farm l.ureii
give the following totals ofj
threshed in Camas county:
224,814 bushels ; oats, 1 Gl .9T9
barley, 14,030 bushels; rye,
els. This year's wheat prodi
nearly three times that of la*
Caldwell citizens rememl
soldier Ihi.vs on Christmas,
of appreciation are being
Each of the Caldwell soldi,
overseas received « check ft
celebrate Christmas on and
the training camps each receii
Wright & Sons, bee hin
facturera und dealers lu btr
who have plants in several
states, will locate in Xamp
and will convert the buildi
time used for concrete mam
into a factory and store for
One of the features of t;
Dairy Products show whld
held in Boise February 10,
will he the •demonstrations
of dairy products in the
given by t'he home econ
ment of the university eia
Notice lias been given th
department of agriculture
cost a supply of nitrate
farmers in Ada county. Th
he S81 a ton, free on bo
loading point or port. Kai
pay in addition freight to
ping points.
The Twin Falls county
health Ims adopted a re.
hibiting juiblie and private
further orders. The . -t!ns|
as a means of coping autre
with the influenza epidem!
same time of permit' ag I 1
to remain open.
Alleged activity of he ll
employment service Idi
ly, was scored by Pr- -id.
worth of the state f: m
I.y.at of the depar ui
ture farm help sp. i:t'
county agents of sev ral
tic* at a Joint m.-cti'
Action may he P .a*
state land board t « > .till
ing of preference b - »?
previous board to p-Tt*
la*t J illy on lands ai ihe
sale, vvbich was cavceW
alleged unlawful i s'" 1
mining rite order <>t l.id.1
JV. I, Weeks i
Idttlhi Kalis, accti*"I
chased hundreds «>: ■
from farmers of tli vl.
to represent a coiunti
when the farmers called
they fourni he did nut
commission Imnsc. l-ut
the (»otat.x's ntul kept t
Household dru.lgd
homo management n*l
existence that fol. av>
farm girls to forsake
and follow danger' ns P
and Its temptation
M. Bierce of Berg,
the women's so*- m a 'j
ferettce of farm or gaff 1
Lemhi county w ! i »
provide employ im ' f' 1
more soldiers, a
from the servie,'
are known to ha' d
In action, while '* or
the mark of wm: *
M'arrens, a !
53 souls, claim
Gross and Lib,-:
all the continu:
the Gniitsl .•*■ M
proceeds for the Ued 1 !
The State 8
distributed ca-ii f 1 *
^Tixi and ad '«•
session at Tw . I ö j
Pocatello for it
year. In res-'b ,n5 l
favored adoption
standard au-1

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