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tty of ('aI<1 «eil I» to spend
this year in paving two of tiie
residence streets of the town
mu n eut material.
date Horticultural society,
leetltlR at Iloise. adopted the
"tales bureau of markets grade
tlons for Istxed apples,
limiter Of young peuple receiv
ing nr I lie Idaho Technical in
inorc than double the number
before the Influenza epidemic,
•oplc of i'ashiiunroi valh*y are
he legislature for an enabling
'finit tin- raster county part
[alley to annex itself to 1 »md1i1
cing dull lias been organized
►a, between 21 and 15(1 couples
finliers. It is planned to hold
•y two weeks through the
mated total of SU. 1.11,020 was
state of Idaho through activ
ité agricultural extension d<*
of the I'niverslty of Idaho
c last year.
uoprlaiion of *10.000 for en
t of the federal building and
at Boise is carried in the
puldie building bill, reported
use of representatives.
Jiusiastic meeting of the I'oea
nmercial dull Indorsed the
futlon scheme to lake water
ike river for more than 1.000,
from Itubois to 1'oeatelhi.
I Pershing has conferred the
[Ittsl service cross mi Private
I Bos. of (irunlte, for extra
Jieroism in action near Blanc
kre, France, October -'1. 1918.
miters' Society of Equity of
k contempiating the building
fearrcl Hour mill in Nampa, at
approximately * 100 . 000 , and
heat grown in itint section by
[of the organization.
(itli, principal witness for the
! trial at Boise, which resulted
hvidion of M, Williams on
of illegal sale of whisky, lias
luted and is a prisoner in tin*
II facing a possible charge of
piers have received instruc
gard to soldiers' mail over
llic name of the town is put
fetter tiie postage is 5 cents,
if tiie letter is addressed
army postoffice the postage
ferial arch for soldiers, which
■veil Commercial club and
|i' organizations are working
rted ai Caldwell, will lie
, entrance of the park, if
lids in the financing of the
tract lire.
does not watch its seed In
dy it will fall from its prise
>nk among the seed produc
< of the nation and world
spread of weeds in its sit'd
regions, according to P. A.
cate seed analyst. v
proving ti profitable crop
id section. Last season M.
vho lives three miles south
iuhl, had r> acres that netted
k>, after the seed had been
y the company. This was a
less than *1(>0 per acre net.
1 department of the universi
té» department has an
Vitlingness to co-operate in
with the farmer in a cam
flie dissemination of knovvl
ainiug to blent itlcutlpn of
■eds and the methods of con
eniga. arrested on a charge
Intoxicating liquor in his
was acquitted at Caldwell,
s arrested last spring near
on he returned for Ids car
broken down close to where
r had been recently cacged
by the constable at Parma.
Idaho's drastic nnti-prize
(Jovernor Davis last week
hious eneouragement to a
promoter of things fistic in
fplying to (lie Ohio sjMirts
ry touching upon the pos
hohling tin 1 Willard-IH*mp
>r the world's heavyweight
grounds that the court itr
s ejred in directing the
witness to sample the 0111 -
liottle of whisky about to
vd in evidence over the ole j
lie defendant, and that the!
doing remarked. " I .et him
ik : lie says that he paid $8 j
attorney for the convicted ;
lade application for a new 1
has been presented at '
for the imving nf !
s ts. at an estimated cost of
indeed thousand dollars )
prov Him
ice pru)Mises paving the full
e streets along seventy-five
continue the pavement on
tie to the city limits at
; to extend the pavement
hroughoiit the north atfo
is of the city.
expect a rich harvest in
1919 from the upper Mai
ohn Day country. \V. E
plung out of IP ■
of Jordan Valley, brought
's peps recently.
Iiix aspiration for a career
man in the nation when
Na II take over the United
ft r ent, and his family, con
i' wife a:: 1 4-year-old son.
felhelm. an electrician of
- e-os the career, aceord
of his wife in •
•verni **
: li
» t- %
iPTitrj fdii r j) ' in -
Ho J o rM ! ,î ' M ,' r i W1 ' s, ' n ' s Allard of honor in Paris. cnnqs.sed of 2.V» picked
Mood. 2—Austrian bntrlesdito n<wWai-„ _________ _____.. .. 1
the Jugo-Slavs.
Quarters in New York
. .....£
e mend of Trotsky, who Is In charge of the anarchist propaganda head
President Wilson Bringing Back
Completed Draft of League
of Nations Plan.
Arrogant Hunt to Be Made to Realize
They Were Whipped—Ebert Elected
President of the German Re
public—Revolt Againtt the
King of Roumania.
President Wilson Is bringing home
with him the virtually complete druft
of the constitution of tiie League of
Nations that Is to allay If not to end
most of tiie world's Ills. Despip;
marked opposition in some quarters,
Mr. Wilson and Mr. Lloyd George,
earnestly supported by the smaller na
tions, were able to have presented a
document that met with the npproval
of the commission of the league, and
tills was then presented to the plenary
session of the peace conference, with
every prospect that It would be adopt
As If stands, the plan provides for a
small body of representatives of all
the nations concerned, which shall
meet every few months I 11 a place to
be internationalized. Every difference
between nntions is to he submitted to
this governing body and to be decided
within three months, during which
time the contending parties must re
frain from acts of hostility. If the
decision is not accepted, the case will
be submitted to arbitrators, and If the
country they place In the wrong does
not accept the ruling and has recourse
to arms, all other nations In n posi
tion to do so will fake up arms against
It. No country Is obliged to go to war
with the offending nation, hut all must
Join in au economic boycott of the lat
It is scarcely conceivable that this
solution of the question can be snti*
j factory to France. The great war
; demonstrated that in a sudden shock
1 attack a nation can suffer Immense
I damage before her allies can mobilize
' tl, * >lr f,,ror * " n( l transjs.rt them to the
! conflict. This is Just what
Kr:in, ' P fenrs wtn happen again with
) ««many again as the aggressor. end
her alarm, though it may he a« fool
ish ns some correspondent* think It.
will not be allayed until or unless the
allies render the Huns militarily Im
potent before the treaty of jieace Is
sirred. There is a growing feeling In
Paris that the American and British
delegates are disposed to tie too leni
ent with Germany and too prone to
adopt the insidious claim of the Ger
mans themselves that their former rui
France, which, since the outbreak of
the great war. justly considers herself
an outpost nation guarding a frontier
of civilization, strongly urged the crea
tion of an Immediate international
army and navy to enforce the rulings
of the society of nations. Leon Bour
geofs argued earnestly for the con
stitution of such a force and for the
placing of it in France until all danger
of an attack by Germany was at an
end. This was opposed, especially by
American and British representatives,
who showed that It was contrary to the
constitutions of their countries. The
long discussion ended In an agreement
that if a country shnuld be attacked,
in violation of the rules of the league
the attacked country would employ
her military forces as "covering
troops" and await aid from those oth
er nations that could most easily give
** r * Rn< i *w»t, * he people were respond- j ,i
Me for the war and it* horfor*. The
French reassert the well-known met
that the German people a* a whole ar
dently support.-d their government in
the conduct of the war and gave ap
proval to the outrage« committed by
officer* and soldiers alike.
Having adopted a constitution and
elected Friedrich Ebert a* president of
he G*mas "»oublie, the Germans In
j to
their national assembly nt Weimar be
came more arrogant than ever. Their
attitude was accurately reflected by
Ebert who, in his speech accepting the
office, said: "We shall combat dom
ination by force to the utmost, from
whatever direction It may come. We
wish to found our state only on the
basis of right and on our freedom to
shape our destinies at home and
Matthias Erz berger, before meeting
the entente chiefs to negotiate an ex-*
tension of the armistice, conferred
with officials In Berlin, and It was said
they determined that he should de
mand that the allies recognize tiie new
German government.
All this, and the fact that the enemy
countries were preserving enough war
material to permit them to equip
quickly an army of 3,000,000 men. had
full effect on the supreme war coun
cil when It decided on conditions of
renewal of the armistice. The mili
tary members and the newly added
economic members agreed on the
terms, which are designed to place
Germany in such a situation that she
cannot renew military operations. The
German authorities were called on to
furnish full Information of the war
material of all kinds in their posses
sion. The council also decided, ac
cording to one correspondent "to make
Germany realize that we are the con
querors and that It is not a 'white
peace' that we are seeking to Impose
on her."
According to reliable information,
the armistice is renewed for a very
brief time, the allies reserving the
right to suspend It If Germany fails
to carry out the new clauses, which in
clude the cessation of hostilities
against the Poles. Meanwhile a spe
cial commission Is to draw up armis
tice terms to last until the pence
treaty is signed. These terms will
provide for the demobilization of the
German army and the disarmament of
the nation under the superv ision of the
allies. The German government. It
was said, was given to understand
plainly that If It was recalcitrant the
resumption of the war by the allies
was by no means out of the question.
The firm attitude of the supreme war
council possibly was due in some
measure to an Impressive speech by
Premier Clemenceau, In which he
showed the council the necessity of
taking all precautions against the
treacherous Huns. In this he was sup
ported by President Wilson.
If Germany submits and acts In ap
parent good faith, it Is likely some
economic measures will be adopted
that wouRd facilitate the resumption
of her peace activities to a consider
able extent. But if thl« goes too far
France will have another cause of
complaint, for 'both she and Belgium
argue, with seeming justice, that their
Industries, destroyed by tiie Huns,
should lie restored before the Germans
are permitted to resume commercial re
lations and capture the markets.
,i e
Among the Interesting development*
of the week was the dispute between
China and Japan, relating to the dis
position of Shantung province and
Tslngtao and in general the conces
sions which China had been forced to
grant to Germany. These, It appears,
Japan is trying to obtain for herself,
and China relies <.n the jxm-e confer
ence for protection. The council of the
five great powers asked that all secret
; agreements made by Japan and China
I with each other and other nation*
! since the beginning of the war tie *ub
1 mltted to IL Thi« was in accord with
! the desire* of the Chinese, and the
; Japanese government compiled with
1 the demand.
The Japanese threw another small
I monkey-wrench Into the machinery by
i the flat statement that they intended
j to hang onto the Caroline and Mur
shall Islands, which they took from
Germany. notwithstanding the ex
pressed will of the peace conference
that all the raptured colonies should
governed hy mandatories of the
League of Nations. The outcome of
this is uncertain.
1 ilv
The prospect* of jh- proposed meet
ing of Fl'tsslan faction* and adviser*
from the allied nation« at I'rinkipo
are growing better. Seven of the gov
ernments in Russia Including the r X
thontan*. LfOt* and Lithuanian* are
willing to partlclimt*. though the first
named maintain that they have no
set up Independent republics and are
no longer parts of Russia. The admin,
slon of representatives of the sovfét
government Is conditional on its cessa
tion of hostilities, rp to the time of
writing the anarchists had continued
their operations In many regions, with
varying success. In the Archangel sec
tor they were forced to retreat by the
advance of the Americans, and It was
reported they had been entirely driven
out of Estlionln. Against the Poles
they scored some victories.
According to reports from Omsk, the
government there lias accepted an of
fer from Japan of tuen, arms and
money to combat the soviet force*,
(riving in return Iron and coal con
cessions in tiie Prtainur district.
An attempt to put the skids under
another king, which may he success
ful, was started last week In Itou
mania. Inspired by annrclilst propa
ganda. n general Insurrection broke
out, with demands for n republic.
King Ferdinand, while fleeing from the
pnlnce with his family, was stmt at
and slightly wounded. The anarchists
also became very active In Vienna,
planning n revolt against the present
government unless all |siwer Is trans
ferred to the communiât leaders.
In the I nlted States the anarchists,
whose machinations were largely re
sponsible for tiie strikes on the Bn
ciflc coast and in Montana and Ari
zona, sustained a hard blow from the
government. It developed that ihe
agents of the bores 11 of Immigration
IihcI been gathering up a lot of the
most undesirable aliens and was pre
pared to deiairt them, awaiting only
the necessary «hipping. A hlg hunch
of these scamps w pre taken, under
guard, to New 1 nrk, where lawyers In
sympathy with their doctrine* under
took to obtain their release under
writs of habeas corpus. The anarch
ists make war on organized labor ns
much as on capitalism, and the par
liamentary committee of tile British
trades union congress has declared
that the unauthorized strikes which
they cause cannot he tolerated. Down
on the ArgentineChile border the dis
turbers have caused so much trouble
that those two countries are preparing
to take Joint action against them.
They nre fast becoming the Ishmaels
of the entire world, hut they seem to
glory In having the hands of nil decent
folk against theta.
The administration's big navy hill,
bolstered by a »etui secret cablegram
from I'resident Wilson to the house
naval committee, had a stormy time In
the house last week. The minority de
nounced It as a bluff pleasure de
signed to enable Mr. Wilson to force
on the peace congress certain of id*,
hh-as for the league of nations, and
for a (lay It was blocked by the point
of order that If authorized the j.resi
dent to construct the navy without
making any appropriation. Tile Re
publican* laughed with scorn at an
amendment pro|*.s.d t.y chaimmn
1 Padgett appropriating f.'.tksi <**» with
1 which to build battleship* costing
! *210.nnn.(mo. and the Ib-mrs-rat* hast- !
1 ilv adjourned. Next (lay. however, the
administration leaders hud their wav
I and the hill for the three-year build*
1 Ing program, carrying *721.<* *».000 for
i the naval establishment during the
next fiscal year, was adopted by the
Secretary Baker and Chairman I*ent
have drawn up an army bill, now be
fore the house, providing for a tempo- '
rary army of something over half a
million, to be raised hy voluntary en
listments and designed only to carry
the country over the period of occupa- !
»nixnrion After that
1 be left virtually with
it w*a before the great
il titk«*«« th«*
ath»n 11 way fr«
war dejiart
um the gen- j
1 rvttirn* It to
The bureau
» fectitr
».** of t
he measure
si It to
attack* by (
1 of pre
tion and re<>
the nation i«
out an army. 1
war. The bi
tn**nt organ I z;
end staff and
chief*. These
have subjecte
the advocates
One* more the suffragist* put their
enti'c to the test in the senate, and
once more they went down to defeat,
thi« Time by a margin of only one vote
fs-rn srafs to the number of 18 most
ly Sout firmer*, and 11 Republican»
voted against the amendment, wbila
24 Democrat* , D «j Keputdlc»»» *ot
ed for It.
Mining operation* In and around th«
famous old Nevada camp of Goldfield
are active this winter.
According to a statement from the
Fnited mates geological survey. under
the bead. "Grists in the American Lot
-h Industry I tub is the only state
tmiting Hi unit t* or»*«*.
1 Hiring Um* |»hk| !l»«* \Vu*«frh
Mims new drain, development and
niDspurintioii tunnel reached u fmint
.»l«iui 3100 feet in from ike portal,
litis gives » vertical depth of DIO to
<»*» f.-et.
Drifting ha* l*em discontinued for
lie present in the Bed Mill Florence U{
Goldfield, and a winze Is being sunk
from the drift tin the 000 foot level in
which the discovery of rh It ore waa
made recently.
Hundreds of Greek*. Serbians and
Italians In Helper, Brice, IllunnUm
and other mining town* in southern
1 tali toe being fleeced of war saving*
slumps and Liberty bonds hy salesmen
for wildcat oil companies, It is charged.
Stockholders ol the Albion, Mineral
I hit and Alta Geriimifla alining com
panies met ill special meetings at Salt
Lake and unanimously voted In favor
of the consolidation of their extensive
unlttsl domain* In Alta and American
Fork districts
The represent a live* of tile topper
Export association, who sailed from
this side on January 25 to stud) possi
bilities for tin- early renewal of the
European export htislness in cupper,
have arrived In Ismdon, sa.vs the Bos
ton New* Bureau.
One carload of what I* called pie
■semlsiilphlde' - ores .if the Alta foil
sol I da ted was put through the sampler
the past week, und showed gross values
of about *11 a ton. This carload
amounted to 38 dry tons, and t* expect
ed to bring In well over
Front the lovva-t'opper is mu-s (be en
couraging lievv s from Manager Dave
Scott that small pocket* of nigh grade
copper ore I* being found in the drift
from the shaft, and wafer coming In at.
the face Indicating that the contact I*
being reached, says the Bark City
(Utah) Record.
<»ne of the biggest acreages of min
eral territory Incorporated In the Tin
tic district in years will lie taken In
by tin* Tintic I'nyuiMster Mines com
pany. It will embrace In tin- northwest
part of tin- district (WO acres, while
added to^jhls there are options on 14
additional claims.
According to a story from Boston,
for tin* last few months earning* of
American Smelting A Refilling com
pany have been affected adversely not
only hy the dullness in copper market
conditions, tint by similar condition*
existing ill the lettd situation In which
the company leads.
The mill at » | M Ingalls mine In Title
canyon has been operating successfully
for the past two weeks, treating from
sixteen to seventeen tolls of ore a day
and making u recovery Unit Is highly
satisfactory, following 11 period of sev
eral weeks devoted to trial runs, says
the Toimpuh (Nev.) Times.
RejMirts have come up the past week
from Beaver county that Supt. Graff
of the Bit Inina has encountered some
good values in a south drift on the
l**» fool level. lie writes that the
values are in lead and silver. Tills
work is out approximately 2UI feet
from tiie main Incline shaft.
At a distance of over 390 feet from
tiie main shaft tin» east drift In the
Jumbo Copper mountain mine at Gold
field lias entered one of the cross
fissures in which the ore i* found and
assay* a* high a* 30 per cent copper
have been obtained recently, with inui
•-atIons that the present work will lead
to tiie opening of a large ore body.
According to tiie Transvaal rhnmher
of mines, tin output from the Wit
watersmnd district during Dei cniin-r,
1918. (In fine gold), amounted to tfN),
ounce*, as against GIO.797 for No
vember and (187,127 ounces for the cor
resjMitidlng month of 1917 From the
outside district* 10,740 ounces arc n
fsirted, as against 17,004 ounces for the
previous month
Decision to throw the market
surplus st oc ks of copper, hr«** and
•cud held by the war department has
Iteen reached. It »** nmiouix
ruary 17, at meetings lurid at haiit
on l»'t«n
■n offU
dais of the
of sales «
iff Ice,
ri présentai!
VCS of
lead ami
Industries 1
ind of
1 surv ■
ry. This m
ill he
• gradual i;
V, how.
*v *t. In onh
•r that
price tun)'
riot Is
* affect .si.
in th»* V
nitrsl States. :
t 'altfort :;i *
fibutiofi !h 1
winning tj «
war by jihfppfr
ig if*« r« fin# »1
oil firoilurt« n
luring lUiH to
tin* AtiutMic
<*o||«t. an
in ga
i»* 31,* !
Statistics have he
fori- a coi>gr<-**ion.tl
ing tlint <52 per 0-11
ployed in this count 1
birth, and that ma;
them cannot rend «i
or anderst)
English. T
RfeHUH*** Mi it
kill* an *v<
* tf( iiiiftiT» »*m
T Hf** of
of y
y whirl!
:*#» in* !
bird of
v fttdd
V trie
tt it I
merits <
the W
riK*k «
Mi f»*
galbrt)« of naptha pi
»• gallons of lohn
to meet gov cm Ute
» the »-»stem coast.
word from ('nlifot
Ilker Muring .on
re lui tiie 3f»y-foot 1
•t to the south. ï
eVi'i, nls/ut
iaarpie« of
his (.re sliou.-d the presence of 2 (*-r
ent rnpper, 3 ounces »liver nml *1
n gold to the ton
k small bottle of "Danderine'*
makes hair thick, glossy
and wavy.
Removes all dandruff, stops Roll
ing scalp and falling
To be possessed of a head of bmrf,
beautiful hair; »oft, lustrous, fluff]),
wavy and free from dandruff la merely
a matter of using a little Dunderine.
It 1* easy and Inexpensive to hae«
alee, «oft hair and lot* of It. Ju*t get a
•mall bottle of Kuowlton'a IkandertM
now—It cost» hut a few renta—all dm*
«tore« recommend It—apply « little aa
directed und within ten minute« there
will hr an appearunre of uliundaaea,
fre*hne*a, tluffiness and _gn Incompara
ble glos* and lustre, and try aa yoe
will you cannot find a trace of dundra*
or falling hair; but your real mirprlee
will tie after about two week«' nee,
when you will are new hair— fine and
downy at first—yes—hut really new
hair—sprouting out all over your acalp
—Dander! ne |*. we believe. Ihe only
*ure hair grower, destroyer of dan
drnff anil cure for Itchy acnlp, and It
never full* to atop falling hnlr at once.
If you want to prove how pretty and
«oft your hair really 1*, moisten a clotll
with a little Dunderine and carefully
draw It through your hair—taking one
«nail Mtrnnd at a time. Your hair will
be aoft, glossy and beautiful In Jaat
a few moment*—a delightful avprlae
awaits everyone who trie* thia. Adv.
Right at Home.
"Home I* where the heart la."
"That'* what the young fellow who
I* courting my daughter think*. He
hangs around my place all the tlaae."
— Ht. Louis Glotte Itemocrat.
Itmde-lM. Bltt'V'M Attack*, lD4l«mttan. tn
•*r#d t>f taking Mar Apiil*. At.«, Jatav Ma
lat» )' lauaal Patiala ittr, ri-e-Vr). *0r.
Natural Procedura.
"The people In thl* hoarding Itouao
«re always talking about operatloM
for appendicitis."
"Why don't you ti ll them to cat It
nul ?"
If You Nted 1 Medicine
You Should Han the Beef
Have you ever «topped to reaaoa why
it 1 * that ao many producta that are es
I tenaively afivertised, ail at once drop out
of aight and »re srs.n forgotten* Thu
muon ra plain -the article did not fulfill
1 the promises of the nutnuf.vcturrr. This
; apple» more particularly to ■ medusae.
I A median*! preparation that haa real
; curative value airnuat sella itaelf, aa tika
an end lea* (ham si - cm the remedy ia
recommended by those who have bee*
i benefited, to throe who are in need of H.
A prominent dnigi.-.»t *«v* "Take for
example Itr. Kilmer s hw imp Knot, a
preparation I have add for many yeara
and never hesitate to recommend, for ia
almost every t ree it aimwa excellent IW
•oIU, aa many of me cu-tomera teettlfy.
No other kidney remedy haa *0 large a
According to »worn »t-aternenta and
yer ;,ed tea'imooy of thousand* who havn
u«er| the préparation, the rrueeeaa o{ Dr.
I.jlmer'a Swamp Root in due to the fact.
»*> many people cla.m. that rt fulfill* al
rvwt every wi.h in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder alimenta; rorrw-t» 1 rs
nary trouble« and neutn\)jze-a the ana
acid which cause« rheumatism.
You mar re> Pi »e a «ample bottle «t
Pwamp Root by Bareele Rost. Addrwan
Dr Kilmer A CV. rtinthamlon. N.
and eoelo-w ten cent«, also mention thin
ps;*er. I»rye and medium «la» bolGen
for ml* at all drug etorea —Adv.
The Clean,
Sp*s*cb U a mighty engine ef
tlon "
"I must admit It la often
a hot-ale
But few rnm can stand prosperity
wh.-n it rociea.
Yai ■ m firtaalaled Eyelids*
I U J Eym inflamed by expe
aur* to S*a. Baal and mad
Fi/ACT quickly rciievtd by Hwlw
B \ Rjl tyt Êméj . NoSmamag,
*f Fv. Comfort. A*
To m Drugrier» or by maS C*e par Boni*.
Jo^M *1 tha Cyt fra« writ« 1 ■

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