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The Idaho Recorder.
8 .ABOUT TO th'e
..— „ **•«- "_
almon river to anv
in'e Is within
i over against
seen the Lem
tion above Sal
re-tchcrf hv an °!
reacned by an
or automobile ni°
f-nt from the
cnt irom tne
ntranr^a »hove to
ntrancte» above „
tramway.. All
cared for by
itted front Sal- f
. _
mlnent people le
n Snndftv t»«f 36
« Pope, the 1
Judge Ralph b 0
Harte« Harr» is
'ev Albert C
hoi, lohn V
Gurnev Jam' s
d others wtio P
d th ®^videtTc^s-electricity
the evidences j
anilest at the re
... a
Ee«° r nf 8 Xious
^,n tii-ettv w-f-it
fore P bodies of
under the di- ''
ltd metallurgist
lent and Rav
[?"ie comply
itn , U8 I complet
lame in * for ad- - A11
s u v
^.nn^nttnn in
mol 1 for the
aü '
ad -
great ore crush
vast system of
there is scarce
ework. We al!
with Ilf Rrad
'c-i to« tn the l
f ni The rnnafern
intended To
(r . 1T _
aired m h' de
aineu to in u
ie» * app
pleted within a
Process. ,
inumpnts in the
'hevrtnd nne«tion la
nXunttn Z
f, in the is
nJntr«ï-ed their
t- inmniptinr the
mine The ore
„. 4 , h ennacitv
s has bin com- °f
past month a
has been at
second furnace
hine rieoarimeaT
div It is ex*
t 'furnace unit
nt at the Pop*
the crushing of
f a coarse -«and; j
ization of 'he
icrushed ore as
rithin the
'the making""of
etallic copper at
cess embraces
he crushing of
id the collection
the collection
and third, the
, of the collected
h a regeneration
use in volatili
h ot ore
completed there
of the ore from
.. « «"• «. **•.**"
h fills
the tram
'ing same to the
etal is ready
Inn furnace
omaticallv dumps
11 bin from which
feeder drops
ll go through the
tushed lumps and
to the bucket
cs the cnfched
electric vibrating
tossing through
«r screen drops
*T conveyor lead
nveyor operating
bins There are
"for ore anil one
size from the
s«e« through a
to and thenev to
elevator and !*
elevator where it
sluct to go again
reen Thus no
ls until it is fine
gh the 12 mesh
ore bins, anvone
set for emptying,
onto a long belt
the full length of
of ore sufficient
salt is automatically ted by means
of a similar feeder and the ore and
salt is discharged onto an inclined
cross conVeyor which raises the mix
to the distributing bos leading to
the hopper over the volatilizing fur
inace. A plunger feeder forces the
; mixed ore and salt into the hot fur
nace where by a motion Ot rotation
th'e mix is advanced down the
slightly inclined furnace to the dis- 1
charge end 'er
Immediately the heating material a j
attains a bar'* red heat the salt ana
copper minerals react together and *
I chloride of coDoer is formed and van- l UI
icmorwe or copper is tormea wtu wp
'orized. The result is a dense light 0 '
mi r, rt.H „„„ko nr fume whiCh Ls
"_ ..article« that have heen
anv . fln * °T. e particles that have been ^
f .ao-Med out of the furnace in- "**
> ' " chamber Here es,
tlte fl« and dust chamber H^e
ntctbanlcally carried over settles u
°! th'e furnace gases and leave the ,
ni° re flnp! > dlvided copper chlortue
fume to be forced by an Ilg ventila- P 1
rv.ttw.ii .,r"ct.,itHtnr
to r ian into the Cottrell pr ct[ uator.
„ _ . ,, „
The ïame en * ers tbe Cottrell
... ...
f doubla hopper bottom. i tirons u
,the top of this header passing down
. .. ; f , K \ T it to
cipitator in a lower header box with 10
. _ ._______ V.«..__ Through
le 10 . 1 ?? header box seven feet are j--
36 eight inch iron pip'es 15 feet long i
1 hanging vertically open top anti 'out
b 0 " 0 * 11 - J® the center of each P'PC
is suspended a fine iron wire with a
20-pound Weight at the lower end.
(These wires are insulated from the
reBt of the «'ructure and are sup
P lied with a high tension current of
®^videtTc^s-electricity of 65.000 volts. This cur
j nul satine direct or better'one
re °l . 18 1 , a,mg r . ,
'unidirectional current obtained from j
... a rectifier operator with a synchron
Xious motor. As the high voltage cur-|Others
rent gives a sort of brush discharge
of from wire 10 ' pipe the particles of !
copper chloride fume are elect rifiVd
'' nd deposited on the inside of the
pipe or on ,he wlr '"- l ' nd, ' r ,he con '
Citions of such high voltage atmos
iphpre no fu " u ' 8 '" scape,t v/ith ,he
'uinace gases up through the pipe.
- A11 lh ' e fume is ,iius de l» 08it, d At
hoppqr bottom 2 roin whence
taken by closed cars or barrows tolHon.
in 'he mixing floor wh'eie lime and
coke are added reatdy for tbe fus- G
ion in the bullion furnace. In this |
furnaCP a D - F - c P°' rpSB «i»ing fur-|the
' intervals the pines and wires are
, shaken and the fume drops Into the
- ,..... i, i D
Calcium chloride slag and copper
bullion are t.herefoi'e poured from
the bullion furnace. When tile sec
ond unit ip Provided a screw con-lwhen
the l vp y° r will feed the fumes, lime, and
coke dust into a bucket elevator
itaading to a ho.pper over the bullion'a
To furnace and the mix will be dropped
1T _ into the fusion furnace without any i
de- ;hand la bor.
xhe tailings from the rotary vol-;
atilizalion furnace are dropped into
stram of water and sluiced over 1
the dump. Thus th'e ore conies from
tunnel mouth to tailings dump with- j
Hvchanical hand-jtlie
, , . . .
out anything but
Ding and the copper is all taken out
la - B fume and reduced to metal ready
'for the refinery. The Pope-Shenon
is tbe pioneer of the above des- .
crlbed process. The preparatory ex
perimental work has bt-en done at
''be Metallurgical Research labora-lfree
tories of th'e I'nited States Bureau
°f Mines and University of Utah at I
Salt Lake City,
|obtained in
In return for results
mill here at.
of metallurgy at the UiUversity or
IÄ lB wX ,n at Ch Uf
imine. represent»,ing the reseach it
laboratories at Salt Lake where he
has had charge of the experimental
work on the process. He iB enthus ,
iastic in his report of progress dur
tag the six weeks he has ^been jn j
j Many interested mining men and
Metallurgists over the United States
and from fore ign t count ^ i f 8 „ ar ^ r " a , k „
charge of the work a, the Pop*- ;
Shenon and is looking forward ,o
the time for actual operation of the ,
furnaces ......
ing inquiries to the company and to
r ^ ATch laboratories at ^Salt ji
th 1 ," _
Salt Lake concerning the progress
of the Pope-Shenon plant and from
the letters received there will be
many visitors ready to cm« in to see
the plant when it starts up.
The facts that the wholV process
**•.**" *r "T'ri. "jass-JTSs!
that the metal is to be shipped from
the mine as bullion, that the pro
to,cess is applicable to oxidized copper
o r ps as w ell as to copper-gold sil
ver ores ntak- the new plant an ob- j
Ject of especial interest to the many
inquiries. _
Dr. Bradions, n Lake. '
Dr. Bradford Is IVaxIng for Sal,
l>ake tomorrow to visit hi« special
charge in Utah university, where his,
co-ordinate. Prof Lewis, is reported
ill. Dr. Bradford expects to be abl -
to return to his work at the Fop.'
Sheno within two weeks, when
W. Clark, an electrical engin n -er.
will come in with him to install tîi»
Coltrell precipitator. A carload 0 »
A carload
cement is being hauled to the mine
this wVek. three tons at a load.
a -
to Mi«* Cherry it Married.
!* Miss Nell Cherry, a charming young
it girl, formerly of Salmon, sister of
Lawyer A. C Cherry, wa* recently I
no ,married to Harold Mitchell of St An I
thony. who met her at Salt Lake |
jCity upon her return from Siberia
The young lady had been connected
with the Red Cross In that far-off
iland. Here In her old home there
are score« of well wishers for her
happiness and prosperity.
Mr Mitchell is a relumed soldier
and a rancher.
On the program of sense and non
sense arranged for the
1 Mien's asociation banquet and smok- j
'er last night th'.-re was one number l m
a j ) g Ve a ji others that thrilled, with ltd
* ol .J^nt^ose
l UI " WHnn 8 cra l ) - Tbe BP " in g arose *
over what seemed to be a hot I
0 ' er wnBl Been.ea to oe a not
i>«rs o nal dispute between Fred Viel ; 1
and E. H. Casterlin as to the hon
vtet accuseu v as'ernn oi neglect of j
^ otficla , duty M county prose- !
"** u "*• *»• ' «sterna as vu me uuu
es, > and integrity of each other.
yjeI accUBwl Cas , erlln of ne giect of
. officer and an all-round
, oincer unu an mu rouu
slacker, using hot words in the com
Casterlin renlied in kind
P 1 " 1 " 1 - ' , . J . 111
saving that Viel had been a bad
Jn buBinfegg from whlch he hail ;
gtU n ( " "ûd all the rest of hl« misdo-i'»an
«trat s andVcwunt was " reichen j
to retire on account of innumerable
10 le ' ,r ' account 01 uuiuiueiwim
questionable acts, short change
j--- „real length when Viel cried
i 0111 a ' «real tengtn > let crieu
'out to the speaker_ to stop - ^
no , i
^actu^^hooUng began
»'°P un '" actual snooting negan.
Then the lights went out and there a
C«sued a scramble of * w " —
h'age to get out of the
[lying bullets. 1 eleph
being mistaken for a pole up wa!< : n !
of the scramoters unde.iook toi
ctimh to sifetv had his face pretty
j cita, b hi.^face pretty |
cur-|Others impaired their - shins in niak
'tag their get-away among the chairs.
! As B »mn as the lights ^ej^again
the blanched faces of those remaining
in the room testified to the success of
the hoax.
Other stunts wire wreatiing
matches between Fr'ad Stewart and
A. J. Putnum and a boxing number
between Fred Brough and Slippery
tolHon. O. E. Kirkpatrick. Mayor olcn
non. Judge Cowen. L. E. Tillotson,
G W. Meitzler and E. K. Abbott.
| Mr. Meitzler called attention to
fur-|the fact that the usefulness of the
iDillon. On the bill of intellectual
fare were addresses by the tonstmas
!ter, Dr. Stratton, Secretary Biscoe.
alluded to in the matter of the asso
ciation's failure in backing up the the
petition of
Pahsimarol people
con-lwhen they wanted to be wholly an-|,|
jnexed to Lemhi county. That was a
,mistake, he thought, and he felt such
mistake would not be made by the
body again.
i ---
The Old Salmon SDirit.
THe old Salmon spirit of co oper
ation has been invoked in behalf or
1 aid for the Armenians. A community
reception and entertainment ba .
j been called to further this end
hand-jtlie Methodist church n«-xt Friday
afternoon, when a program ot must
cal numbers will be rendered by
volunt'eers. There Is to he no charge
. for admission and no charge for
|anything in the intellectual feast
provided but all may contribute in tij
labora-lfree will sort of manner to the,
splendid charity
Potatoes Now a Luxury .
Although potatoes, that staple «> f : on
ble commodities go higher and
it broke more speed limit* than al- l
moB t any other edible. That 1 b 'h<
condition of thee it y markett«. j
First Rive Boat Down Salmorv
T he largest portion^ of J^apu Gu
" t*
pii«*s iui mr- <». *> • * —e* ' ....... . t
Pope himself being supercargo
Capt . Ouleke has fitted up a !"
ably well appointe d ah 'P> ar ^ ab ^ j
.. «-_,j -
i,,k P - g first river cargo, which was
started down th'e Salmon river Mon
, ay afternoon was made up of sup
pH** for the A. V^Jope ,
Ihe ' bridge on his recently acquiree
ji 0 u and will be sending down^boats "
at r^tiar intervals
spring and summer.

Real Estate.
pany nils ri.-vui-u «...
, he 8 .|e to G W. and Amo* Perris
0 f tbe so-called Light ranch of af-69
acr es.
j John J Kavanagh and wife of SaU «
Utke c |ty have «old to A t . Amon
non lot 3.^ block ta, Br.K|kl>n
' whVg.I™? add.Uon Frank Du
rand and Jmrand has sold to
Me Devi«. # f
j.-,^ L. Viel and wife have exocul
ed acr eem* n' to sell to Kenneth M
Bjrd and w ;t e on< half of the origin
;4l s; j Andrews ranch.
Herndon Home Aqam
Roy B Herndon. ,h
nierchant of May
[tassed through
,, own t j,c. utter part of las, wee g on
jhu way home from a visit with his
parent* in the middle ■»*-*>. He was
accompanied by his little daughter
Jane, who went with him on th
«trip.—Challis Messenger.
I -——
I Take Cattle to Stanley.
| Oeorgv> L. McGowan left last Satur
|day with the Mcffowan cattle for
, StanPe y Basin, where he will turn
them onto the summer range.-
Challis Messenger.
! Sam Briney has returned home
latter successful surgical attention
I ,r
om Dr Wright In Salmon.
In the district court since the last
------ following *
*vp°ri the
M|ry McGrow vs Fred Frey, ad
m i n i«irator of Koy Bushanan, obtain
ltd Judgment for $500 for the main
tenance of tl* Buchanan children,
Plaintiff is tl*lr grandmother.
matters have as
* latnuir is twtr grandmother,
I A. R t.oodell, who sued tor unse»
m . „ht»in*.d » (mK-men.
; 1 count, ornai Md » Jument
against the Peifc-bhenon Mining cont
whlch the defend
j un ' K ave notice of appeal,
! Jos. A. Denton obtained a jtulg
;-*=•---- "----
IP"»»' " ,r *!**. on '
;«*»« ««ve notice of
ment for $1,100 against Hugh I-er
Th . , , . , . f u
R"*®"- 1 trial of tut sun ot v\
B- Horn against Lanfe and Budge
wnK f ,7T a....-,,-,
was 1 Ior »«uruay.
; On trial tbdny, »* »nnounred. is
and others and the former slier
j iff. E. C. Frazier, for alleged false
'he damage suit of Bert Martian
" - < 5 , « 01 .
-gainst James lstey. J. M. M**n
arrest of hie men who were herding
.ht» «heen.
!his sheep.
i The suit of Horn against JatnVs
|Dance and others, which is to come
«■tuwMv involves commis
a Hatmed tor tLe sale of h so
slnn " claimed
! d 1 J ,
BU 'd lot is $«t»,W 0 .
l ontinuance was granted In Floyu
| ^ ^ H . Clem-*
sions claimed for the sale of the so
called big dyke mine Thes'e claims
were assigned to Horn by other
claimants in interest. The amount
'ents vs. A. IX M. A- R. Co.. Plane««
Mercantile Co. vs. M. B. Merritt.
MlnnJe M. Hart vs. M. B. Merritt
and James loanee vs. Drilling Devel
opment Co. In the case of R. W.
Tillotson vs. S. M. Jarvis et al., the
court found itself disqualified.
Three divorces have be'en granted
three of them, by default of defend
ant. These were Jesfp H. Gardner
vs. Jos. II. Gardner, Katie E. Shar
vs. Jos. B. Gardner, Katie K. snar
jkey is. n*n»y^^ hhatjkey and Janet
U Stocks, vs. Elmo vV. Sits ks.
Suits entitled J. M. Briggeman vs.
E. 1>. Wolfe, Edward Ireland v».
Walter Wade et al., and M. W. Frieo
orff ve. Edgar Ferris Vt al. were ills
missed as settled, and that of Edith
M. Coughlin vs. Orltn H. Coughlin
was dismissed without prejudice.
Whoever has not* heard of or seen
an-|,| )e wondetfui drama, "in old Ken
Itueky?'' Mighty few of the older gen
eratjcm, to bo sure, and Hier»
1 * not
a soul in Salmon but will wlali to
see th'e films of this stirring play
as they will appear at th'e Grand
April 6-7.
Ii is a play of the - wil l tnottmaln
country and of tends among the na
|back in Kentucky with horse
. ^,acing and the girl heroin«- as the
a'i,i(j ( . r <,f th'e winning horse and doing
| man y tuning deeds of wonder. It is
all clean, too. inspiring and helpful.
Let the children go <0 see In Old
y a banquH HerV ed at the cîrlll cafe
on Wednesday ni gi,t. the gathering
Tii» honored remnant of the <1. A
R. membership in Salmon were hosts
'■«mb. *
Andrews and othns were among the j
N 1 AlW,r ** W5 "
lüïs ' m ' , "' < r -
j AP ri L q AND 10, REX THEATRE'
This is the picture that has been
u , k#d of a „ ov „ r (h< , coun try It
t* a D. W. Griffith production and
that alone gives a guarantee of see
out of the ordinary.
t n the larger citfes. people paid as
" "Brok
!" n Blossoms
j NoWi we want to be hones' with I
to tell you I
jng BOtnelhlng
, n the iarger ,
, „ an( , want ,
" ba , X™"s not a »pect:
«> — »
ncular sCene
in the picture. Don't expect anything
of that kind It Is Just a simple lit
tie story; a sad picture and finishes
with a iragedy.
Some people pronounce it the mosr
wonderful picture that bas ever been
. th „
^ havp p]aCP1 , adltJ | ga i on „rice
^ |QV , 5 ^ f( , r children under 12
. , r t ,. v ^ r . » ac# .
« '^ () ' ,. nab ^ a „ gf „. th . picture
T w ,„ ,un two shows «ach
evenin«. April Mh and 10« h. Kir.
wTl? be
^ „ , hat ,^ rforma „ce is ove,
The second («ertnrnianc»
at al>out 9 15.
rill lu-gtn
Rudolph Schsuffleberger.
Thi* prosjterous young mining man
ot Gilmore died in Salmon las, Sun
day morning ftoni pneumonia. He
wag stricken a few days before anti
wa « hurried by sleigh to I>eadorV and
there was
when he
then on to Salmon, but
n,, hop*- of saving his Hf<
arrived here.
Mr. Schauffieberger was a partner
t n a lease from the P I. with Benson
Evans and his age was 35 year».
being a native of Switzerland. His
wife whom he married six months
a(to wtu , Miss Grace Smith, former
teacher at Gilmore He was enter
j n g upon a life of great promise
and M *efulne W . _being an Industrious
and untiring worker. The body
to Boise for interment by
dertaker Iwebler. the widow and his
former partner going out by the
same train on Tuesday.
W. N. lUckier, superintendent of
the G. and P. railroad, when called
up thA* other day by an Irate person
who was hot In the collar over the
failure of the train and mall service,
as heretofore reported, refused to
pass the blame to anybody else
though It became very well known
in Salmon that Btckler was not|la
wholly or even a little bit to Marne, by
He would not even say where the at
blame lay. while frankly admittIni#
that he didn't lay it up against the
iSalmon people at all for feeling sore
It was Uten that lnquirfe» revealed
the fact that a mall car stored with
a week's accumulation had been left
not on the G. and P. siding at Aren*
st.-ad but over on the Short Line
tracks. When Ute Salmon train ;
finally pulled out from Armstead
with a load of anxious passengers
there was no Shore Line engine at
hand to move the %iail car laJhf G
and P. tracks. Under thV rules of
he railroad game It was a eapltat
offense for a O. and P. engine to run
on the tracks of the other road, so
there was a pretty tangle of red tape jf
out of'which much hitter complaint
against Superintendent Biekler arose !
Thin he bore like a man though under
the circumstances it whs enough
to drive him mad. And so It la that „
Biekler Is the right sort of aport and
will yet come out on top.
Holy Week services on Good Fri
day evening at 7:36; on Buster the
early celebration will be at 7 a. m
Easter services at 11 a. ru. All arc
cordially invited.
20 Bt
f O Cows and
At Lee Veterinary Barn* Salmon
Sale Will »tart at I «30 P. M. Sharp
* Harry L. Summers consigns eight cows and heifers and two
bulls. Most of these are the get of that great sire Master
j Avondale, he by Avondale by Whitehall Sultan.
Thoi. Kane and Sons consign two re,I and two roan yearling
bulls, also their red herd bull.
Chas. Norton consigns two yearling heifers, one 3-year-old roan
herd bull, eight 2-year-old bulls and five yearling bulls.
Tormc C ell ^ , ^ >ert y t*>nds at par or <> months time on
1 CrfflS CaSll* approved notes bearing 8 [>er cent interest
COL. W. M. CARPENTER, Auctioneer
F. V. BISCOE. Clerk.
Ask the owners* then
come In for a
Another Carload Just Received
Lemhi Motort Supply Co.
The current number of the Country
Gentleman contains. In connection
with a review of the recent Wool
growers" National convention at
Salt Lake, a sketch of Mr*. Emma
R. Tearlan, who la known with honor
far her Lemhi county home as the
Sh«tep Queen of Idaho, The sketch
all to the good and ls appreciated
by this woman's good friends bora
at home. The Recorder therefore
takes pleasure In reproducing tbe
sketch, as follows:
"Among the ninny Interesting
person* at thla convention was Mr*,
Kmma R. Yearlan, of Ijemht county,
Idaho, the owner nnd active nnnv
ger of a range with «even thousand
sheep. Bhe started life aa an
; Illinois school teacher, married an
Idaho cattleman and. after iVartng
four daughters and a son, decided
that she would go Into stockraistng.
/When I started.' she »aid, T had so
much trouble with one band that I
never Expected to trun more. But
novr I'm running »even thousand
»heep Any woman can do big thing»
jf B (,e hHS big vision.'"
! s# „, Buy , p in- R anc h Horn«.
|^ H , n R SV |Is has become the
owner of the Hovey ranch, located
„ below Northfork. M r Sella
will at once occupy the ranch a* his
home. He has heiVtofore resided at
Leadore. It 1* a splendid property,
comprising about half a section of
rich land, with rine Improvement*.
Including fruit* In great variety. Tbi*
Sell* family will move till* week.
Mrs. Hovey recently returned to the
ranch from a visit to Boise, where
her son is attending schooh__

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