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Raids Conducted Qulotly In Dublin By
Auxiliary Pollco.—Largs Quanti,
ties of Republican Literature
and Documents Seixed
Dublin, Nov. 27.— Arthur Griffith,
founder of the Sinn Kein organization ;
Prof. John MarXeil, Hin» Köln mout
her of parliament for Londonderry
t'lty, and the National University of
Ireland, together with n number of
others. Including Professor MacNell's
son, were arrested yesterday by the
anxltiary itollee, Mr. Griffith was to
have addressed n meeting of the Irish
Self-Determination league at Manches
ter next Sunday. Among those arrest
ed were Joseph McBride and E. J. Dug
gun, Hint) Kein members of parliament.
A statement from Dublin castle, the
seat of the government, on the Griffith
arrest, read: "Arthur Griffith was nr
rested at Ills residence In St. Law
rence road at 2:00 a. m. A large quail
tlty of literature was taken from his
house. No arms were found. He was
In hed and was taken away In a mo
tor lorry. He made no statement. His
arrest was effected without trouble.
Dublin, Nov. 27.—Authoritative In
formation was given the Associated
Press last evening that the arreats
yesterday of Arthur Griffith, founder
of the Sinn Kein, and John MaeNelll
and E. J. Duggan. Sinn Kein members
of the parliament, and others, was the
prelude to a contemplated roundup ot
a number of well known men, either
actually or believed to be, connected
with the Irish republican movement.
"Home form of Intentaient Is plan
ned and It Is Intended to bold the lot
of them Indefinitely," the correspon
dent was told.
London. Nov. 27.—Arthur Griffith's
arrest ln Dublin, ll Is stated, eame a*
h great surprise to Premier Lloyd
George and the Irish police. It Is even
declared tl\nt II brought forth some ad
verse criticisms from the premier and
from those tn the Inner circles of No.
10 Itowlng street, the premier's offi
cial residence.
No orders for the arrest of Griffith
had been Issued there. It Is suld. High
er officials have considered him one of
the strongest moderating Influences In
the Sinn Kein organisation and no evi
dence to the contrary. rejmrt says, has
been forwarded to thatn from Dublin.
Dublin. Nov. 27. A statement Is
sued at Dublin t'astle yesterday says
that the week ending November 20,
which was comimratlvely calm, Ihe
number of serious outrages falling to
the lowest on record during the last
al» months, was succeeded by the
commencement of a week "of tragic
event fulness without pantile! In the
history of Ireland since the rebellion
oj imr
* "In the space of 48 hours." says the
statement. "HH persons met with vio
lent deaths and 70 were wounded or
Injured. The statistics of minor out
rages were exceptionally light. « »tie
vacated isdlee barracks whs destroy
ed. Haitis on the malls fell from 20
to ttt. Korty trials by court martial
resulted In 20 convictions am! It ac
uulttnls. There were sentences to tin
prtsonment at hard labor varying from
two years to S-4 days ltn|tnsed In 25
London, N«v. 27. A dispatch to the
rVntrul News from Nenngh. Tipperary.
Ireland, says Deni» Carev whs taken
by uniformed men from bis lodgings
Into ttie street and several bullets were
fired Into hi* body.
Pol*-Bol*h*vik War Rumors.
New York, Nov. 27. Rumors re
garding the possibility of a new Pol
Ish Ibdshevtk war are "Itelng spread
bv the German press for propaganda
ptirpo-es." but "are without found«
Hon." the Polish minister of foreign
affairs Informed the Polish legation at
Washington In a cable message made
public here yesterday by the Polish
hureuti of Information.
Would Trade With Russia.
Washington. Nov. 27. Re-establish
ment of trade relation» with Russia I"
provided for In a resolution by Sen
ntor France. Republican, of Maryland,
under which the president would ht
"advised" to take »top* to that end
The senator plan« to Introduce tils pro
l«*s.-il at the coining session of the
si tinte.
I'tdlr.delphln. Nov. 27. A 15-year-old
office Im.jt d I «a p| »'«red with pay en
velope« containing $4,5t*i yesterday
from the Baldwin I^ocoimitlve works.
Tlie tad i« Elliot Mlcetier. and a de
sire to *ee til* father, said to l»e dying
In S|M>ltnne. Wash I« lietteved by tie
teeiive* to have Induced idiu to leave
Ole el t y hurriedly. The l»y'» mother
started aero*« tlie country Sunday
night in an effort to reneli her bus
died, and tlie lad la be
Sir James Lnwther, speaker of the
Itrltlsh house of commons since 1905,
has been given a seat In the house of
Three Prominent Democratic 8enatora
Have Been Invited to Take Part
in Momentous Conflab
Washington, Nov. 2.7. — Senntor*
Heed of Missouri, l'omerene of Ohio,
and Shields of Tennessee, all Demo
crats. are among those Invited by Pres
ident-elect Hunting to confer with him
on the league of nations Issue and
other matters after hls return from
Panama, according to Harry M. Daugh
erty, Mr. Harding's pre-convention
campaign manager, yesterday. Others
asked to offer suggestions, Mr. Daugli
erty said. Include Senators Horah,
Johnson. Lodge, Knox, Poindexter and
Mr. Daugherty thought, Herbert Hoov
Informal conferences at Marlon prob
ably will begin about December 10, Mr.
Daugherty said, adding no definite
date bad been set for anyone to go
"Some probably will go singly, while
others may go In groups," he said.
"There will be no pre-arranged sched
The president-elect plans to spend
only a day In Washington after re
turning from Panama via Newport
News and will go Immediately to Marl
on. Mr. Daugherty announced. He
said Mr. Harding expected to resign
from the senate soon after January 1
when Governor-elect Davis of Ohio
takes office. Mr. Daugherty predicted
that Senator-elect* Willis, Republican,
would be named to succeed Senator
Chicago, Nov. 24.—Pre-war prices
for live hogs became general yester
day throughout the United States. Itig
receipts from the farms appeared to he
the Immediate cause, the total supply
of hogs on sale yesterday at 10 princi
pal markets of the country being esti
mated at 182,000 head, as against 124.
000 a week ago.
In Chicago the market closed at the
bottom figures of the day the lowest
since December Id, 1910, and at an av
erage drop of $t a hundred weight a«
compared with Monday. The practical
top at the finish whs $10 a hundred
weight, whereas on July 71. 1911». hogs
comma tub'd $27.00, the pinnacle point
on record. Five years before the cur
rant price was $8.15. .
33 Adrift In Open Barge.
Astoria. Ore., Nov. 27 - "S. O. 8.'
calls were given hero yesterday after
main from the *
short distance south of Umatilla raof
The call said the steamer was In dis
tress and 11 v
tn danger. The Santa Rita laid I »ran
towing tlie barge W J. Plrrle, which
had 37 persons on board, including one
woman and child. The barge Is rejH'rt
j ed adrift and ulthln a mile of the
; beach. The shore there is lined «Ith
rock«, and rescue of those on hoard
I is considered almost lmpo««llde.
tourner Santa Rita a
f 77 passengers «ere
Colorado Springs Vov. 24. Prin
cipal l.loyd Shaw demonstrated to a
high school da
that angle worm* are edible, follow
ing a lecture on worms. Asked If the
worms were edible, lie declared there
. was no reason why they slioukl not be.
J The students obtained a handful, fried
them in butter in the domestic science
laboratory, and presented them to
: their Instructor, who ute them. He
la biology Monday
Greece te Be Notified That Allied Na
tion* Will Not Uphold Her Claime
to Territorial Advantages
Over Ottoman Empire
Paris, Nov. 24.—Premier I -cygnes,
when he appeared lust night In the
chamber of deputies in the Vatican (Ip
bate. announced the government's In
tention to Issue a warning to Greece
against the return of former King Con
stantine. The debate was not finish
ed, and was adjourned until Thursday,
and It Is understood that the premier
»ill not go to London until a settle
ment Is reached respecting France's
representation at the Vatican.
M. I- eygucs, In asking for a post
ponement of further Interpellations so
thut he might he free to act, said:
'France does not wish to Intervene
In Greece's foreign affairs, but. after a
war which imperiled civilization, if a
power puts at Its head a sovereign who
showed marked and constant hostility
toward the allies ipid had been the ac
complice of nur enemies, that power
ought to be warned that she can no
longer have our co-operntlon nor ex
pect the same feeling from us as form
"Further than that, the treaties give
us the right us n prelecting power to
proffer well-founded 'advice upon the
gravity of an net which might give
Germany occasion to intervene directly
or Indirectly In oriental affairs."
The premier said he wished to con
sider a definite course In the matter In
complete accord with Great Britain.
Pnris. Nov. 24.—Great Britain has
already tnken steps to Inform King
Constantine of Greece and George
nhnllls, the new Greek premier, that
she Is absolutely opposed to the re
turn of Constantine to the Greek
throne, says the Petit Parisien. She
has notified them clearly that If the
Greek government does not take cog
nizance of her stand. Greece cannot
hope to retain the territorial advan
tages given her In the treaty between
Ihe allies and Turkey, the newspaper
The Athens correspondent of the
Journal, after giving details of the
campaign In Greece, says that during
demonstrations following the election,
many persons, among whom were
women and children, were killed.
London. Nov. 24.—Ex-King Constan
tine of Greece has emphatically de
nied reports that he had Invited former
Biuperor William of Germany to go to
Corfu, where the former emperor ha*
a residence, says a dispatch to the
Dally Mail from Lucerne.
Pnris, Nov. 24.—Former Premie»
Venlaolos of Greece Is despondent
over Ills defeat at the polls November
14, and may retire permanently from
politics. In any event lie will await
definition by the powers of their at
titude toward Greece, said Sophocles
Venlzelos, son of the former premier,
to Paris correspondents at Nice yes
terday morning.
"My father Is disgusted and Is de
spondent." said the young man.
Reasons for the defent of the Venl
zellst party wllleli have been reported
from Athens, were confirmed by young
Venlzelos. He said the Yenizellsts
thought they had won, even when they
were hopelessly lien ten. because the
royalists bad adopted the ruse of going
to tlie polls wearing Venlzellst badges.
Athens. Nov. 24.—The government
tins decided In order to expedite mat
ters. Unit the plebiscite on tlie return
of former King Constantine shall tie
held on the electoral lists.
The government newspapers nti
nounce that Premier Hhallls will visit
the entente capitals to open direct ne
gotiations with the allied governments.
Korean* Burned and Buried Alive.
San Kram Isco. Nov. 27.—Tlie Ko
rean National association here an
; nnunoed yesterday that It had received
tlie following cablegram from Klin In
Uliun. chairman of the United Korean
j Relief society ill t'hangtao. Manchuria:
"Invading Japanese troops in Man
. hurla are destroying all Korean homes
and killing innocent women and child
ren. some of «boni are burned m
hurled alive. Oops have been destroy
ed and foodstuffs confiscated. Thou
sands of Korean« are In danger of
starvation and death."
Spokane. Nov. 24. Ihtliht that J. K
Kitnncttc. atlas Burnette, arrested
here Monday after the holdup of a
J shoe «tore, was tlie man wanted in con
nection with the munter of Federal
Prohibition Director Rose at Durham.
V t\. w as expressed by the police last
night. Proof that tin' gun he was carry
ing here was purchased in this city
October 20 last, five days before tlie
murder of Rose, was believed to have
bran furnished by a loeal hardware
Gaston Chevrolet, Eddie O'Donnell and
Mechanician Lyall Joli» Killed
In Pile-up of Car*.
Los Angeles. Nov. 27.—Certificate*
of accidental death were Issued from
the coroner's office here yesterday in
the cases of Gaston Chevrolet and Ed
dle O'Donnell, automobile race drivers,
and Lyall Jolis, mechanician, killed
In Thursday's 250-mile championship
race on the Los Angeles speedway.
It was stated no Inquests were con
sidered necessary and no official in
vestigation nt the accident would be
conducted by the corner's office. Offi
cials of the Los Angeles Speedway as
sociation stated the deathes would not
bait future racing events. The deaths
of Chevrolet and .Tolls, who was O'Don
nell's mechanician, came almost Imme
diately after the crash between Chevro
let's and O'Donnell's cars. O'Donnell
died in a hospletal early today about
16 hours after the accident. He did not
regain consciousness.
The body of Chevrolet will be taken
to Indianapolis for burial.
A. S. I Misenlierg. head of O'Donnell's
racing team, announced last night that
plans for O'Donnell's funeral depend
ed on the wishes of hls parents, who
resided In Whitewater. WIs. He said
the widow was willing to have the loir
ini here, but had telegraphed O'Don
nell's parents to learn their wishes.
Duesenberg snhl lie would take .Tolls'
body to Detroit, the home of the mech
anlclnn's parents, for burial and would
leave here probably on Sunday.
Shortage In Accounts Is Found and He
Pleads Guilty to 23 Charges of
Misappropriation of Funds.
Salt Lake, Nov. 27—Pleading guilty
to 27 charges of misappropriation of
public funds, Edmond A. Block, former
mayor of Salt Lake City, was sen
tenced yesterday afternoon to an Inde
terminate term in the state prison of
not to exceed five years on each
charge. Sentence was passed by Judge
Harold M. Stephens In the district
Bock was elected city auditor Nov.
2, 1915, and he served In that position
until he became mayor January 1,
1920, and served for less than seven
months, except during the time that he
was on leave as an auditor for the Red
Cross- In Europe. Bock was born at
Smltliton. Ills., tn 1882. Disclosure of
shortages in ills accounts was made
wltlle city auditor In July. Bock con
fessed to the city commissioners and
promised to make good. Two days
later he turned a check over to the
city for $10,080. Later he gave an
additional check, making up Ute $12,
000. which was the total of the thefts.
Son* of Erin Become Incensed When
British Flag I* Displayed on Front
of Club Building
New York. Nov. 27.—Short work was
made yesterday of the cases of four
men arrested Thursday during the
fighting over the display of the Brit
ish flag at the Union club. William
Donnelly, a Brooklyn ship worker, was
found guilty of disorderly conduct In
throwing stones and was fined $25.
Hugh O'Rourke, a laborer, and Mi
chael Kennedy were held in $«00 hail
each for \rlal.
William Hoffman, .hr.. 22-yeaivold
son of a member of the Union dull,
was held in $500 hail for trial on
charges of carrying a deadly weapon.
He was said to have been armed with
a sword cane, although witnesses tes
tified he had not removed the weapon
from its scultbard.
Dublin, Nov. 24.—The vigorous ac
tivities of the authorities leave little
doubt that determined and con
certed efforts Hre being made to round
tip every republican suspected of being
active In outrages. The military forces
are tightening the cordon about Dublin
and gradually working In toward the
center as was done during the Easter
rebellion of 191tl. it is believed a num
ber of republican leaders in the prov
inces-. finding the pursuit too hot, have
taken refuge In Dublin.
Tlie arrests yesterday are understood
to lie many. Dublin castle authorities
admit the prisons are so full that it
lias become necessary to utilize the
castle its'elf. and llmt it was In a
lumber room in the old detective quar
ter« of the castle that Peter Ulancy
and two others were shot Monday.
Marshfield. t>re.. Nov. 27.—A m.-'.ss
meeting of members of the Loyal Le
gion of Loggers and Lumbermen here
yesterday adopted a resolution that the
present wage scale of $5.00 a day and
upwards for mill employes be reduced
to *4.80 and upward.
Merchants of the community told the
meeting that the cost of living laid
come down at least 15 per cent und
»fferad their full co-o)»eration in low
ering prices to meet the promised cut
in wuges.
« , ; j
Lydia Allen 1)3 Yelblss, M. D., of
the United States public health serv
ice, is detailed as director of child
hygiene In Georgia.
While the grain growers of Kansas
are holding more or less wheat in hope
of realizing a profitable price, a can
vass Just completed by the state board
of agriculture showing an area sown
to wheat in Kansas this full probably
ranking with the third largest in tlie
history of the state, refutes the charge
that there is a "strike.'' according to
a report issued ny the secretary oi
the board.
* ☆
F. Alfonso Pesqueira, brother of Ro
berto V. I'esquicrn, confidential agent
of the Mexican government at Wash
ington, has been suspended as Mexican
consul Ht Douglas, Ariz., becuuse he
refused to accept an order from Mexi
co to vise the passport of United States
Senator Fall of New Mexico.
$r *
One person dead, another missing
and property loss of approximately
$100,000 is tlie result of a tornado of
two minutes duration which struck at
Port Arthur. Texas', near tlte coast,
and ou Sabine lake. A portion of the
Port Arthur canal and dock companies'
sheds were demolished by the storm.
■a i a
Former Empress Auguste Victoria of
Germany is' very low at h^r home at
Doom, IIoltiliHl. She lias been uncon
scious for some time.
☆ ☆
Announcement that the county grand
Jury at San Francisco will lie asked to
investigate statements by Police Offi
cer Draper Hand and others thut Tlios.
J. Mooney and Warren K. Billing*
were convicted of Preparedness day
bomb murders in San Francisco
through fraud, have been made by Dis
trict Attorney Matthew Brady.
it *
Jews of Warsaw are seriously alarm
ed over the latest developments In the
Ukraine, which are causing hundreds
of thousands of Jewish families to
leave their home. These new reTugees
are fleeing to Poland. Galicia and Uu
mania, into districts already over
crowded with Jewish refugees.
■ù ☆
K. T. Gondier, superintendent ol
schools in Chicago Heights, was fined
$100 and costs for heating Russel)
Heuly. a 12-year-old pupil, with a rub
ber hose. He was found guilty of as
sault with a deadly weapon.
* <r
A crowd of several hundred persons
«iis helpless to stop the spread of a
fire that wiped out the business dis
trict of Ashford. Wash. The loss is
estimated at $75.000. A high wind
! s,,rc,,<l ,ht ' umI > flv <* «'«il'llngs.
I puerai store and
postoffice, were consumed.
* ■*
All six refineries of the American
Sugar Refining company have been
I iosed as a result of slight demand for
the commodity, it lias been announced
in New York. An official, explaining
tlie shutdown, said: "We have ample
stocks on hand and are prepared t<
make prompt delivery on all grades of
refined sugar. Refineries have bran
closed temporarily owing to lack of
President Woodrow Wilson will tie
awarded t h„ Not •el peace prize for
1920. according to the Swedish news
papers. Tlie announcement of the
prize committee, however, will not lie
made liefere the end of November.
ir <t
The British government lias present
ed tq the government of India 100 De
Havitand Avro airplanes, according to
reports to the department of commerce
at Washington. D. (\. the only condl
tions iteing that tlie machines be used
for purposes of demonstration and In
struction. and shontd not be sold.
South American Countries
Amendments 8hould Be
After President-elect h
M akee Recommandât!
Geneva, Nov. 24.—There
rmendments to the coven
league of nntions at this
the assembly, If the deck
mlttee No. 1—that of gener
tlon—which ha* been
amendments, Is approved
Arthur J. Balfour, chair
committee, suggested in
meeting that it was too enl
conclusions as to the \vor|
lengue or to form an idea
tlie covenant may lie imd
proposed that tlie commi
mend the appointment ol
committee to consider
amendments and report
meeting of the assembly.
Tlie Scandinavian dele,
committee insisted upon t
tion immediately of amet
proposed, hut they we
The South American del
ed Mr. Balfour's sugge.
more readily because th
opinion that any amen«
covenant should await
that are expected from
States after Presldent-el
consultation on the suhj.
dared -it would lie entir
der to revise the covern
sence of one of the most
tions of tlie world. The
the international court d
a letter of thanks and
to Elihu Root and othe
The Hague conference,
as they have got in tl
Antonio Httnous. head
delegation and chnirmn
mittee on admission of
told the Associated P
that ids committee itlrea
work and hoped to ma'
Plans of tlie applies
negro for membership
nations leaked out yes
formation whatever wt
subject by the secre
The secretariat vest
cated to the assembly
the national Ukranint
the United States,
tlon asks- the league
rights of the Ukranlat
rope by obliging the
evacuate Ukranian tc
Rumanian troops to
xvina, and also asks r
Ukranian republic.
Genevn. Nov. 24.
the league of nation.
Invite the Scandium
participate In polieii
territory of Vilna to
men each. It is
semi-official source
certain that Bulgari
nia, Finland and Lu
admitted to the leag'
hand, it is said, tha
deems it better at F
mit states formerly
Russia and which h
officially recognized
Boston. Nov. 24.
elect Ooolidge. spea
fore Boston Inisine?
that In the tu«t e>
hud expressed ••!'
gnnlzed labor a«
ago against organi
warned agnln«t tl ' 1
might be divorced
government just a
had been divorced
league Of till l !•'»>'■
said, had not been
pie. Governor
though he did " ot :
the mind of Sciuo
what he had v'Otb
in regard to the
that the league of 1
by President
Whether the P*"' 1
iis^ the old Icapf':
In forming :l
question, th" -
San Antonio,
flying cadets. - l
Sun Antonie
yesterday " 11
Kelley Geld,
and was de«tmJ*
struct or cadet.
4 seven,
had servi
He was marri' h
is survived by he
Both men receive
Mar Hi field.

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