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v <• v '.■> •> v v "M" + ! i
♦ ♦♦ + + ♦+ +* + •!• v * 1 - v •> +
Mrs William C'reh»m ami «laugh-!
tet, Phyllis, arv in town lor u few
Mrs. A. II. Ford of Salmon Is at
the Tage ranch during; the ab.-enec of
Sirs. Tage.
J. E. Walker und Robert Tweed) of
Gilmore spent tire early part of the
w«*ek in town.
Jerry Ryan returned from Hutte
early in the week after a short visit
with his son. Roy.
Mrs. Karl Williams was a passen
ger on Wednesday'* train for Salmon,
returning Thursday.
\fr. and Mrs. J. H. l.ipe and Rotiert
Tweedy spent Sunday fishing up the
creek, taking along a lunch.
Mr. Rossendahl returned on Mon*
day's train from Lava Hot Springs
much improve«! in health.
Dr. Kellar expects to leave Satur
day for Butte to accompany Mrs. Kel
lar and the new daughter home.
William Bowen Is over from Arm
stead, where he has been working for
the G. and I*., and is with his mother,
Mrs. J. R. McGivney. .
Mr. Whitman of Pocatello, who
spent part of last summer in Lcndore
in the intere-t of the Kfmmel com
pany, was a pa -enger on Monday's
train and will spend some time in
town looking after the property.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey l.ipe, who
have been in the l.eadore garage for j
several year*. have moved to the saw
mill ut Nez Perce, where Harvey will ■
tie engineer for the mill. C. K. Shuey j
has taken his interest in the guiage.
Rev. Mr. Schulze Is exported to ar
rive on Friday's train from Pocatello
and will hold services in the school
auditorium Sunduy afternoon at 2
o'clock and again at K Music will lie
rendered by the choir with Miss Kck*
er at the piano. All are cordially in
Mrs. Charles Denney entertained
the Woman'- club at her cozy new
bungalow Thursday afternoon. In the
card game prizes were awarded to
Mrs. H. J. Saline and Mrs. Herman
Decker. The next meeting will lie
held at the home of Mrs. Decker, j
key and Mrs. Bud Bobbin
vited to join the club.
Mri. Mon. Cottom, Mr-. A. It. Mul- j
were In
The junior entert«! nod the senior
Friday night with a min*trel in which
the entire high school took part. For
est Stewart as interlocutor and Hobt.
Tweedy and l.uw ronce McGivney a
end urn «lid credit to themselves.
The joke- cor,-d«.ted of a number of
local hit- nnd the music of choruses,
duet and olo». which were fin joyed
by the audience. The minstrel was
directed by Miss Reddington and Miss
M ...
Mr. and M.- Morns tl. t ott.m, en ;<ul
ter tamed the v mounting ein of the
high -Chord and »few t^.md* nt *hn
ner Thursday evening, tnr young pc»
pie going to the ranch in the Cottom the
car. Mr*. Cottom was u* ii*ted by '
tire high school teacher*. Miss Ecker !
id Mi- Reddington. Covers were
laid for the following guests: Miss
Mamie Reddington. Mi»* Florence
Stewait, Mi*» Iwda Pet«t>on, Miss
Lillie Benedict, Ben Foyle, Forest
Stewart, William Dally anil Philip
Cottom. The house was beautifully
decorated in the clu»* colors of red
and white.
Friday, April 22, 11*21.
Mia» Margie Ecker entertained the
members of the high school gradua
tion class ami their escorts at a din
ner party Saturday evening at the
home of W F. Stone. Miss Ecker

wa* assistai in making the evening a
plea-ant one by Mi** Clair Redding- ;
ton and Mrs. Stone. Covers were
laid for the following gue»t»:Mis*
U.U Peterson. Mi * Mature «erkling- i
ton. Mi- Florence Stew.,rt. Mi*»
Clair Reddington, Will Dalbv. Elton
Pet« î -on. Ik-it Fax ie and Philip Cot '
ton-. of
Mr. ami Mrs. Bernard Waugh were
outgoing pa ^nger* on Thu»*dav*s 1
tram White nwuv they plan to visit
Mr. and Mr*. Hob Burn of Seattle,
former leudorr re -nient».
- —*r
Do You
Know that Medical
Authorities tell us that
one person out of every
four is suffering from
some form of heart dis
Possibly you tnsy be troubled
with some adorent of the heart
asd not know it —Smothering,
Shortness of breath. Fainting
Spell*. Irregular Poire. Chok
ing Scnaatioo, Nightmare —
There are a lew of the danger
»Ignat* of Heart Trouble, l or
■ssy »ar*
Heart Treatment
Rae been need with great awe
cere and ha» relieved and
benefited thousand« of people.
If you bave s»»y weaker»*,
irregularity or di»tre** .»f the
heart don't wait until its too
late—-ACT NOW.
Bwy « .beetle «I His time
swre rt 4 uilifini todlT.
back tf first bettls laits te re
! i

Implements and Seed
We aft selling implements this Spring at least
25 per cent less than present market prices.
Also have a complete line of the Oliver Chilled
Plows and requires both for the Old and New Style
Plows. Oor line of Northop King and Company
Bulk and Package Seed now open. All fresh new
stock. Package Seed 5c.
We also have a nice lot of Home Grown Alfalfa,
Timothy, Alsike and Timothy, also ether field seeds.
Let us know your wants and we will do the Rest.
Phone 44
Salmon, Ida.
* + + ♦ + +■r + + + + + + + + + *H'
+ + + + ^ .y
Mi. and Mrs. Hugh Robert* and
j daughter, Mis. Curtis Ricketts and
children were week-end visitors at the H
Gautier i urteil.
Frank Munkret is working on the
Laugttvin ranch.
Mrs. Virgil Harri. *• und infant m,
Hilly Sheldon, returned to her home A
on Saturday.
I he î will lie a dunce at the creek
rh.K.I hou-« Friday night. April 2 '».
I.adie an- reuue.-ted to bring cuke or
amlsMcheEverybody welcome.
II. r. \\. Niernann and ( hurles Sut
, , . , . i
on h'/urth of July on bust- w
.. ! ,, 11,1 1,1 1 , ,
Mel Harmon and family have muv
;<ul «n the Jack Mc F rede nek place. |
Jack Mcfitederick and A. M. Brad- •
-.haw we tv brfsines visitor* at the
Palmer home on the Joe V\ ray ranch
the first of tin* week,
' H. L. Henham made a trip to Sal
! mon on business on Tuesday.
~ " --------------- 1
+ 4 + d »4 + 44 + + 44 + 4444l
ItflYI F FRl'L'L ,
Ini 1 LC, \ IVI,r,I\
♦ ♦♦♦♦< , 4*4 + + + + + 4 + +
The farmer* have their grain all in
an«! some have started to wuter, hay. ;
Mr. Sutter arrived home after
-pending five weeks on his ranch be- ■
low Muekay.
The school district elected Jay j
Thomas for director and then chose j
him for secretary. They also voted ;
10 mills to run the school. ]
Lillian Bowman, Leitha and Lester U
; Gable -pent the wek-eml at the I, A. ,
Gable home. :
Hoyle creek school closed Thurs
i day with a picnic dinner at the school
house and a fine program.
Several of the mine owners were
' harking after then claims at the head
of the cierk and expect to start work
1 I'he farmers on the creek meet next
Monday to fix up poison for the «quir
'ret* and ground hog*.
Mr. N'ieman, Mr. Jene 11 of Hig
Fiat ami Charle-» Sutter brought In
alt Mootldv for their cattle.
M' i. C«ioper and Mrs. Shepherd are
at Carmen with their mother who t* ;
Mr. Adams U retting out a fine
patch of small fruit thi* spring.
Mr. Jewett. Mrs. Kellogg. Mrs. j
Howler and nephew, George Young.j
were Salmon visitor* Wednesday. i
V communication »bout the opening
I of the Patterson-Flight Mile road will
appear next week.
Stop! Think!
Arc you outside the
IF your business is not
worthy of consistent
advertising—just use
one advertisement-ad
T. DnOevtck
The Old reliable firm,
always giving punctual
asd painstaking eervke
Shoeiag It Wacksmitlriag
+ + + + + + + + ***l»«k4*+«»'
•:• + -y ^ + -y -y + •!• + + + + -!• +
Owing to Mrs. Dean's absence trie i
Home Economies club met with Mrs.
H aisled. Recipes for dusse rts., y. er«
exchanged and the iceless réfrigéra - 1
tor discussed. Two new members
{were added, making 11 members. The
next meeting will be with Mrs. Dean.
A dress form will he triade and nu th
mb of cooking discussed. Mrs. Ilal
stead served dainty refreshments.
Mr< an ,| Mm. Neiman, Mr. and Mrs.
Niemun and children and Mrs.
Joe R os g t . un ,| children drove down
from Salmon Sunday and picknicked
w j^ the John Knske family. Mr.-;.
Joe Roskc is to leave for Folaen soon.
Houstin Moore and wife, having
| euso(1 their ranch, are living in Sal
yji Moore is -hearing sheen
A [, ,j u / children in the vicinity are
u tferi
fork last Wednesday, conducted by
Mr. Tillotson, the county agent.
Louis Degun. Tom and Francis
O'Connor drove to Salmon Monday
j<or a lltad of finishing material for
the school house.
1 he county agent and federal veter
,nM . r '"rr ««'retesting cattle in this vi-j
!nmty thw week. He tested the; Knake.>
Halstead, Hull and Dean herds.
They Speak Well of It.
«I frequently hear Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy praised by friends,
and acquaintances which only tends
\Tatm meeting wa held at North
the grip.
with a disease resembling
_____ _ ___________ _______ ____ _______
U 0 strengthen my good opinion of it,"
write* Mrs. Fred Aider, Zanesville,
Ohio. Try it when you have a cough
or c ,,|,| un ,| f or yourself what an
excellent medicine it is. For sale by
K. G. Hettinger, Sainton Druggist.
Mrs. Boh Davis
do your
Also all kinds of
Fancy work.
Opp. Herald office
Aroma of Freshness In
John Scowcroft & Sons Co*
Coffee Roasters
Idaho Felle. I da ne Price, Utah.
Its rich aroma la * «-cured by seien
tific blending and roasting and Is
preferred by renting In vacuum This
is your a*»ur»nee of abaolute fresh
ness In Blue Pine Coffee.
Get it from y«*ur dealer—also Blue
Tine Green or Black Tea.
•Î* + d* + + -J- <-•?-> + v + + ♦
•> *> *i
•H 1 +
.j. . 5 . .}. .a.
G. A. Busch returned recently from
southern California, where he had
.'pent the winter.
Simon P. Weese was out to Salmon
the first of the week, where he went
to older equipment with which tc
work some placer ground here:
O. K. Kirkpatrick, managing direc
tor of the L. G. I>. M. company, is in
Salt Lake on important mining busi
Charles Metz of Myers Cove was
Leesburg visitor recently.
Christ Stuckey, machinist for the
Leesburg Gold Dust Mining company,
is making some needed repairs in the
Guy Golf has gone to Nevada.
J. A. Fry is putting in a shower
bath in hi* home on Ainett creek.
Ernest Brinev ha.* returned from
Salmon where he was culled as a ju
lor , during the recent term of court.
.Judson h. Golf was here for sup
plie* part of the past week.
John Hanson was out to Salmon
the past week.
Thomas Hungnte is working on his J
ranch on Phelan creek.
Arch McDonald marie a business
trip to Big creek last week.
R. VV. Wickham passed through
Leesburg recently on his way to Mus
Blood PreMuri.
Blood pressure Is the pressure Of
the blood neu I list the walls of the large
arteries. It Is determined by tIt** force
of the heart und the resistance in
»nui II blond vessels. Tho;.e latter cith
er expand or contract according to
conditions. Tills notion Is luiluonccd
by v arious factors, namely, excitement,
nervousness, poisons In the system atul
hardening of tl>o arteries.
Why Colds Are Dangerous.
II is thv serious diseases that «adds
lead to that makes them dangerous
Tliev prepare the system for the re
cepiion >«nd development of the germs
of Influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis,
diphtheria, scarlet lever, whooplns
(«High un«l meash s You are mm.
likely to contract these diseases when
you have a cold. F'or that reason
you should r.et rid of every eobl as
qutcklv as |x>ssihle Chamberlain's
Cough Uetuedv will help you. It Is
widely known as a eure for bad colds
For sale by E. ti. HVltingrr. Salmon
I Druggist Adv.
For a Severe Cold.
"Chamberlain'- Cough Remedy cur
ed my daughter Anna of a severe cold
and cough a few years ago and ever
since then I have never missed an op
portunity to recommend this medi
cine to any one ,-ulfering from throat
or lung trouble-. I cannot -peak too
highly in praise of it," write* Mrs. J.
1). Shelly, Earl ville, N. V. Chamber
lain'* Cough Remedy contain- no nar
cotic and may be given to children
with perfect confidence. It i- a pleas
; nt syrup so they do not object to
taking it. For sale by E. G. Hettin
ger, Salmon Druggi-t. Adv.
Condensed Statement
Citizens National Bank
Salmon, Idaho, February 21. 1021.
Loans and discounts .........$477,845.07 Cap.. Surplus, Profits .... $120,399.01
* ■ S. Bonds ....... 125,500.00 Circulation ........ 98,400.00
Bonds and securities........ 51,611.74 Rediscounts with Federal
Banking house .... 2U.600.00 Reserve Bank ..... 249,399.83
Furn. and Fixtures .... 2.400.00 deposits ...................... ...... 260,082.49
Cash and exchange ............ 44,324.52 ----
------- Totals ................. „..$728,281.33
Totals ..... ..................$728.281.33
We invice the banking business of all within our territory
e It Last
Two Minute Oat Food, regular 14-oz package
Per pkg............................................................
7 Per doz. pkgs.............................................
Classified Ad Section
RATES—Five lines one time, 50c.; each subsequent insertion, 25c.
PIANO FOR RENT at five dollars]
month where there are no small j
children. City News Stand.
FOR SALE—Six volume encyclope- j
«lia Practical Reference Library.
Halt' leather binding, in fine condi
tion. F'or quick sale $10.
at Recorder office.
F'OR SALE—One Swiss milch goat,
just fresh Also one doe ki«l. Prices
reason aille. Inquire Recorder office.
LOST—Suitable reward for
shaped gold nugget lost
watch fob. Please leave at Record
er office.
FARM WANTED—Wanted to heal ™
from owner of farm or good land
for sale for fall deliverv. L.
JONES. Box 551, Olney. lil.
Plain Sewing, fine mend
ing and buttonholes a specialty—
l eone Morrill, Phone 37 Black. j
FOR SAft.K—Gilts bred to registered !
Poland-China boar $ 12 ; also fat j
burrow* for butchering. E. D. '
WOLFE. Lemhi, Idaho.
F'OR SALE—Alfalfa land in Custer 1
county of 160 acre* in good fence'Brown
and building.— $.. 0 «) takes it.
»nee on easy terms. Address WIL
LARD BOWEN, Patterson, Idaho. (
! . . ,
I am in the market for a i0
few young calve*, prefer Jerseys:
ÄlTÄViÄ*- l "" U " h i
FOR SAl.E—A five-room house with
furniture all new and about one
, acre of ground. See A. C. Anton
WANTED—F'at chicken*
Grill at once.
at Shefcon
SEWING—Plain sewing by Mrs. W,
Fowler. Main street at Salmon
WOOD SAW ING- A. C Bowen A Son
will do your wood sawing promptly
Phone 62 black 9 24 tf
j kinds of second hand goods. Mrs.
O. C Jones, roar of M. E church.,
) Salmon. 9-S«tf
SAWING $1 W> have made a flat
rate of $1 per cord for sawing
wood. Phone or call F. M Will
Your Printing Needs—THE
You Need
When bilious
When constipated
When you have no appetite
When your digestion is impaired
When your liver is torpid
When you feel dull and stupid af
ter eatinjr
When you have a headache
They will improve your appetie,
clean-e and invigorate your stomach,
regulate your bowels and make you
feel "fine as a fiddle," They are easy
to take and agreeble in effect. For
sale by E. G. Hettinger, Salmon
Physician and Surgeon
Salmon, Idaho
Attorney and Counselor at Law
.Pioneer Bldg. Salmon, Idaho
DR. E. L. HUBBARD, Dentist
Modern Dentistry in All Its Branches
Office Steele Bldg., Main St.
Res. Phone 50 Salmon, Idaho
.Ralph P. Quarles
John H. Padgham
Attorneys at Lav*
™ fie «s McNutt Bldg. Phone 74
Salmon, Idaho
and Small Parcels Delivered
_ Phone 1/5 _
eabi f mifmaki e u
con.fmü.« IEMAN '
Eno, neer and Geologie*
c£!m«> R | Lemhl Co. Geo'ogy
Geological, Valuation and Efficiency
fence'Brown Block Salmon, Idaho
Physician and Surgson
Offica Stasis Bldg., Main SL
i0 ffics Phons 4 -
Residenca 51
™*S V. ..»CO*-F*RM LOANS
Insurance, Auditing and Collecting
Salmon, Idaho
Day or Night Stand at Smokehouao
Phono 45
P. J. Dempsey, Manager
Balms«, Idaho
Veterinary Surgeon
Attorns y-at-Lgtg
Office» I. O. O. F. fildg.
General Plumbing and Haating
Get My Estimates. Which
Are Always Furnished
Salmon Idaho

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