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Jocial Lifb
Oät)l^£il*' / tLne Pi'eV
ASIIINU 1 <*N—Washington socially
HtiiniU singular. Thin doe* not
mean that In the ordinary Inter
changes of Nodal amenities ttie
capital city U different from other
cities of the land, tmt jo the slruc
tarai aspect anil In the method and
manner of the doings of It« society
or rather '«octetlea, Washington In
U nquestionably « city upart.
ihe tact that this city In the cnpllnl of n great
country and that here the chief ottldals of that
country dwell, collided with Ihe farther fact of
the presence of a largo foreign official element
account* for the «Ingulurity of Washington In Its
social life.
There are Heven distinct social circle« In the city
of Washington. Knch circle has It« distinct plate
and each enjoy* It« own somewhat Isolated ne
1 1 vit le*. And yet there are times when all the
ctr.ios become concentric and within the one dr
cuinference the members of all circles mingle.
I toes lids sound obscure? In truth It Is n very
«Imph mutter. The seven social circles of Wash
ington are those of the administration, of congress,
of the diplomats, of the army and navy, of the
Judiciary, of the selentlsts und of the old red
dents. So It In that all through the so-called so
cial season Washington witnesses nil kinds of
doings which lire sepurute one from another and
which are attended only hy those whe were born
or have been Inducted Into the particular circum
ference. men eûmes perhaps some greuter event
• ml Hil are hidden and all go.
Now why Is It that Washington Is ns It Is social
!yT In the first place it U what It Is because In
this town, except for the residential set neither
birth nor money can count for anything. It Is the
office held or the attainments reached, as In the
case of the scientists, which determines the po
rtion of the man and his family In Washington
society. This is America and the office and not
the nun must he tvc-eptiMl and honored. In Wash
ington a man may lm poorer than the turkey of
Job mid may have been born In a garret, but If
he ha« made good and the people have honored
him hy election to high office he freely can enter
a certain White House which the country counts
as better than any Newport or Southampton man
It has been Intimated that Washington society
Is systematised. So It Is. It has to be. The
presence or so many foreigner* of high official and
personal position has made precedence a prime
limiter In the capital city. Foreigners are great
nt elders for what may he culled the right of way.
1 he ambassador of longest service must precede
the ambassador of shorter service and tils wife
must precede the other ambassador's wife or
there will he dire trouble.
, , '£« ■;» pro çedyçe has forced system Into Wash
ington « way or doing things socially. In Chicago
one nniti and one woman at a reception can walk
ahead*of another man and another woman with
out mental discomfort to themselves hiu! without
Injury to the feelings or the trnlllug couple. In
Washington things arc different because American
office holders, or more strictly s|>euklng, their
wlv**. have Unbilled the precedence draught front
the cups of the foreigners. And so here the calv
Inet officer must walk ahead of the senator, the
senator ahead of the representative, and the rep
resentative ahead of Thomas Jones who holds no
All this may seem snobbish to the last degree,
but In s wuy the thing Is most excellently dem
oerailc. The precedence given a man In Washing
ton really Is a compliment to the people who
elected him to office or who elected the man who
appointed hlui to cffii-e. Here Is where the democ
racy of Washington society comes In despite Its
precedence and some seeming fol de-rols.
Speaking of democracy In America, who 1* the
first lady of the lundi She has been a working
newspaper woman and an American housewife In
■ small city.
'tin* administration circle proper comprises Ihe
President sud Ids wife and the cabinet officers and
•heir wives and famille«. Then ten cabinet officers
raid; In the order In which the departments which
thc> irprt .-.!•• I were formed. The list runs thus:
nate, treasury war. luxihe. |w>xtoffii-e, navy. In
terior. agriculture, eomurcg and labor
I be social activities of the cabinet part of the
tduilnlstration circle are contlm-d almost entirely
m small dinners given during the winter months,
ibey begin with tic secretary ,.r state ami his
wife us hosts ami continue at the rate of one each
week until concluded at the home of the secretary
of labor Kuril affair Is given lu honor of the
President and his wife and h few additional guests.
More often than not these guest* »re selected from
•hi! *>f town.
I lo se, with rare exceptions, are the only func
aun» that the President attends outside of the
-HHnzA r ossjej2mTDiMsn?j?oari-
juyp os' zzipjfjsrzt ^
White llou.se. Ills wife, on
the contrary, goes every
where. That Is, she got
lier most Intimate friends
for any occasion und to oth
ers with whom «ho Is not so
closely associated for spe
cial events. In truth the
social head of this nation I«
the* wife of the President
and not the President him
Although one hears much
more about the large society
affairs which take place at
the Whitt 1 House, they »»re
few In number compared
with the «maller affairs. The
w ife of the President, know
ing nil the various circles,
10 ' ,, 1 » . ........ "• „„d to or(k . r CU |,|.
vale acquaintance In a familiar way gives a series
of musicales, teas and small receptions, some
Unies In the afternoon and again In the evening.
Luncheon at Ihe White ........ u lutunI , v im , n .
. """"7° " »he President Invites guests,
trupiently without much previous notice. The In
vited are more often than not out-of-town friends
who have come to Washington for a few days
and have business at the While House. It is only
occnslonaiiv that the White House luncheon be
come* what the society editor calls a function.
It would be difficult to estimate the extent of the
entertaining which Is done In a year at the White
House through the «mull and Informal and sornl
Infornml affairs. The probabilities are that every
dity when the President and his wife are at home
In Washington guest* partake of the hospitality
<>f the historic huu*e. This wort of entertuliiment
without doubt Is the most effective. It enables
both host* and guest* to become belter acquainted.
It becomes possible for one to say "The President
snd his wife know me." Instead of "I kuow the
President and his wife."
Great Stats Functions.
In saying a word for ihe small and Intimate
affair* there Is no Intention to minimise the Im
portance of the great «late functions which In their
way amalgamate for ting time being the various
circle* which form Washington society. One Is
able to determine to some extent what these huge
assemblies accomplish from the fact that from
two thousand to three thousand persons attend
each of them. To he sure, there I» more or less
crowding when they are Indoor affairs, but It is
amazing how well they are handled hy the Presi
dent's army and navy aids.
It ha* been the custom to hold four great recep
tions each season. The first Is In houor of the
diplomatic corps, the second for the Judiciary,
the third for congress hihI the last for the army
and navy. They take place soon after the Christ
ina.« holidays and nrc given two weeks apart. Kuch
administration chooses the day of the week on
which they shall be given. Thursday for some
reason seems to have been the favorite day.
May Is the month for White House garden par
ties. These affulrs are also the special province
of the mistress of the mansion, for the Invitation*
nre sent out In har name. However, the President
always Is pre*«At and receives with his wife. It
Is perhaps needles* to say that the i>artles nre
large ones, for there 1* no reason to leave out
anyone who Is eligible. The White House grounds
are spacious and beautiful snd uo finer setting
could be fourni.
There are as a rule four garden parties, one
u week until the series ends. In case of rstsy
weather the party must be given In the White
House, much to the disappointment of everybody.
The affair then becomes more like one of the
winter receptions. There Is, however, a marked
difference In the receiving line. Whereas only
• he President and his wife receive at the summer
partis, the wives of the vice president and cabinet
officers are In the line at their left at the winter
receptions. Everyone living In Ihe capital city
wants to he Invited to a White House garden par
ty. tiut It Is the old residential group who from
time Immemorial bave considered the garden fete*
at "the President's house" as flielr special festal
Entertaining the Diplomatic Corps.
An administration circle affair which ha* de
relo|ied Into one of the most Important during the
season Is tho luncheon to the diplomatic corps at
which the secretary of state Is host. At one time
the secretary of state held the luncheon lu his
home, but the expansion of the foreign corps ha*
made a private house Impossible as a banquet hall
and so the Pan-American Union building, of which
Washington Justly Is proud. Is used euch New
☆ <r
An&ticAir L^ajrj3L^ziims-~
Year's day for the entertainment following the
holiday reception at the White House.
The President ulso entertains the diplomats at
a dinner, hut only the ambassadors and ministers
me Invited. The^state dining room of the execu
tive mansion Is not spacious enough to Include
the entire secretarial corps. Other state dinner?
given by Ihe President and his wife are in honot
ot the speaker of the house of representatives
and the vice president and their wives. Still an
outlier dinner Includes the members of the su
preme bench and their wives.
Politic* and Society Mixed.
If there Is one set of people In Washington
which has an uuhreaknble entertaining habit It Is
Ihe diplomatic corps. This Is as It should he, for
diplomatic relations are maintained more or less
through social relations. Anything or nothing is
un excuse for something to lie given by diplomats.
It may be the coming of a new ambassador, min
ister, secretary or attache. Then again It may be
the departure of some one of their number. A
prospective wedding within the diplomatic circle
Is sufficient reason for a score of social functions
before the event takes place. There Is also a
circle within the diplomatic circle. The South
and Central American countries nre a group by
themselves, which forms the Pan-American Union
One of the most beautiful buildings—hy some
It Is considered the most beautiful—has been
erected for the uses, both official and social, of the
Just ns the members of the diplomatic corps
bring something from ull parts of the world so
the members of house and senate bring something
from every stute In the Union, In some ways
ihe latter nre the most Important part of the
life here and one Is made aware of It in many of
the social affairs given for them, especially by the
members of the diplomatic corps. Politics and
society are Inextricably mixed up and vet there Is
method throughout. One of the first things for
the wife of a newcomer In the diplomatic circle
Is to find out who the members of congress are In
the foreign relations committees and then to call
on the wives of both house and senate members
That opens up a series of calls for the senators
and representative* wives. One Is sure to see a
large amount of entertaining among the diplomats
for members of congress and their wives.
Other Great Circle*.
The army and navy generally are classed ns one
circle, whereas they renlly are two distinct enti
tles. In Washington, however, they get together
more than in other cities. The circle here is n
large one, despite the fact that there are many
departures. There are always others to fill va
fancies. And so It Is tlmt the circle keeps going
round «Ith hops, balls, luncheons, dinners and
bridge. The members of the sister branches of
the government service know how to have a good
time and to make things move In the capital
Most people outside of Washington may not
realise what a considerable part of the population
I«. made UP of the scientists' circle. There are
men working In every kind of science In the gov
eminent service. With their families they form
a good-sized colony. The official domicile of the
scientists is the Cosmos club, part of which «««
Polly Madison's old home. There I« no question
about the Importance and Interest which this
particular set adds to the social life of the national
One word about the old residential set which
loves to style Itself the "cave dwellers." There
are not so many of them for. as one frequently
hears, everybody In Washington comes from some
where else. The real cave dweller was "born and
raised" here. However, there are In the residen
tial circle some outsiders who have, spent mo-:
of their lives within the shadow of the capitol
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Little Schooihouse Near Janesville,
Wi3., Dedicated to Memory of
Great Temperance Leader.
Log cabins and marble palaces,
fourth,uises and round lowers are now
and again turned into museums in the :
memory of some historic person. More
rarely the building is a schooihouse,
hut such is the case with thé new j
France* K. Willard museum. The lit
tle country schooihouse near Janes- i
ville. Wis„ lias recently been dedicated
hy followers of the American temper
ance leader, among them former pu
pils of Miss Willard's in Wesleyan
seminary and at Northwestern univer
sity, and national officers of the Wom
an's Christian Temperance union. The
schooihouse is far from imposing. Miss
Willard referred to it once as "a sort
of big ground-nut," hut it symbolizes
the progress of a child who came Into
a wilderness with her pioneer family,
and through Iter good work gained a
place for herself in the Hall of Fame
at Washington, the only woman so
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