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I ...Day by Day...
Little events in the whirl jj§
, *
ot current topics. a
a]iiiiiiiiiiiiumiiimiii[]imiiiiiiioiiiiniiiiic+ *:iiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiitiiiiiicimiiiiiiiiic]iiiiiiiiiiiic^
Who is Cowles? Why, he is the
Mulligan man at the Office. tf
Everybody here likes Cowles
they like hiB lunches better.
Mrs. John Mackie spent Christmas
with friendls in Ogdeni
M-u-l-14-g-a n spells mulligan,
at the Office.
G. A. Powell returned Saturday from
Portland, where he attended the fun
eral of his father.
Call at Berryman's grocery Bind get
box iof those fine $1.90 apples be
fere they are all igione.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wasley, of
Pocatello, spent Christmas with rela
tives in Blaekfoct.
The new minister at the Baptist
church will held his frist meeting
day, January 1, 1911.
Candy, perfumes, toilet articles at
the Modern Pharmacy, Bridge street.
Drop into the Office and have an
Oyster Cocktail. tf
There is corn for sale at the ele
vator of the Blackfoot Grain and Pro
duce Co.
Mrs. Wilbur Craig, who has been
quite ill for several weeks, has en
tirely recovered. ;
Parkinson Realty & Investment Co.
have plenty of money to loan on im
proved farms. tf
Buelah and Elwood Patton cf Idaho
Falls, who spent Christmas in this
city, returned home Mnoday.
. See the stock of goods at the Mod
ern Pharmacy. It is new and up-to
date in every respect.
LOST—Antique Bronze Belt Pin,
set with brilliants. Finder will re
ceive reward by leaving at 44 Shill
ing avenue. D29-3tp
Mrs. Jennie Loughran and Miss
Grace Loughran of.pocatello, were th
guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Brown
over Christmas.
Ladies' sewing or card table, new,
strong and beautiful; sold or rented
for card parties. Also folding chairs
for rent at Biethan's.
Miss Vera Locker, of St. Paul, and
Miss Grace Seeley, cf Mackay, were
the holiday guests cf Miss Seeley
of this city.
Think hioiw good it feels to halve
comfortable shoes yourself, anditake
your horse to the Brück shop where
comfortable shoes are assured. tf
Mr and Mrs. P. A. Steers of Qgdten
are the guests of old friends in this
city, and are at present stepping at
the home of their daughter, Mrs. Jas.
Rev. Stromquist of Idaho Falls will
hold American-Lutheran services at
John P. Peterson's residence north
of the fair grounds, on Monday, Janu
ary 2, at 7:30 p. m. All are cor
dially invited.
Everyman that wants a work shirt
can save 25c. I bought 360 shirts that
sell always alt $1.25 and they are
worth $1.25 too. but I can sell these
at $1.00 even. Come In and see them
Biethans. Decl
Havingpurchased the tailoring busi
ness of B. Hamlin, I am prepared to
offer a high grade of workmanship in
tailoring and all its branches. A con
tinuance of the liberal patronage ac
corded Mr. Hamlin is solicited by me.
J. W. Miller. tf
Will be glad to date
you for a Real Estate
Sale or General Farm
Sale. All Sales get
my personal attention
until finished.
Blackfoot, - Idaho
Ladies' Furnishings
Oyster Cocktail at the office. tf
Beef tea that has 'em all beat at
the Office. * tf
The Optimist office for typewriter
8,000,000 people know that Red
Spot overshoes are much the best.
We oarry a full line of typewriter
Oowles, the mulligan man,
treat you right at tthe Office.
Isaac Tregao, of Route 3, made a
pleasure trip to Salt Lake this week.
Photos made and finished in a few
hours at Cutler's Studio,
Any size photo. from a small lock
et or watch or stamp to life size at
Mrs. W. T. Bit.hell and sister, Miss
Blackhard, spent the holidays with
their parents at Heyburn.
Don't forget Red Spot overshoes
wear twice as long and cost but lit
tle mere, at Biethan's only.
Gus Anderson of Wapello was the
Christmas guest of his aunt in Salt
Lake. 1
Money to loan on Carey act lands
where final receipts have been is
sued. Idaho Irrigated Lands Co. tf
A trial prescription will convince
»^you that we are right in our mew
quarters, The Modern Pharmacy.
There is corn for sale at the ele
vator of the Blackfoot Grain and Pro
duce Co.
Shoe repairing of all kinds, M.
Dorrerer, 58 Bridge street, rear of
tailor shop. tf
There is corn for sale at the ele
vator of the Blackfoot Grain airff Pro
duce Co.
Cowles, the mulligan man, Is put
ting the hotels out of business with
his hot lunches. tf
Peter H. Andeirson, proprietor of
the Brick shop, is prepared to do
all kinds of shoeing. tf
Bishop Merkley, of Wapello, was
in town this week arranging for the
purchase of ai heating stove for the
new meeting house at Wapello.
Go to the shop of Peter H. Ander
son once, have your blacksmithimg
done, and you will go ithe escond
time. tf
The Loomis Bakery is on the
East side of Main street just east
of the depot and they are making a
fine line of bread, pies and cakes,
buns, etc.
Do you know you can buy a bet
ter buggy from me than you can
from any other place in Blackfoot?
Well you can. Come and see.
Ed. StuRz, the painter, has finish
ed two large contracts recently. One
was the w apello school house and
the other the Interior of the Catho
lic church in this city. Both are
highly creditable to Mr. Stultz.
F. P. Tilton, of the Castle Hill
ranch, near Thomas, was a visitor
in town today, and made this office
a call. Mr. Tiltin recently moved
here from Chicago, purchasing the
ranch known as the AA Allen heme.
He is making many improvements
there and is starting a dairy for the
manufacture of butter.
Surprise Party at New Home
The neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. L.
W. Van Aiken helped Wednesday
night to dedicate the new Van Aiken
bungalow south of the Snake river
bridge. Everyone took a well filled
basket and a good time wqs had by
all. It was a complete surprise for
the host and hostess.
He is Grandpa Now.
Thursday morning early a little
girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Hoover. The young lady weighed
eight pounds upon her arrival. She
is Dr. C. A. Hoover's first, grandchild
and she is perhaps the greatest prize
the doctor has at the pressent time.
Give this office a trial order on
typewriter supplies.
Brick shop.
a specialty at the
Horses shod at the Brick
never go lame.
He serves boullion at the Office.
Who? Why Cowles. tf
George Rund, of Soda/ Springs, is
the iguest of friends ini Blackfoot.
Save half your money, buy Red Spot
overshoes and. half your money is
saved. Biethan's only.
Every kind of blacksmlthing is
done by Peter H. Anderson at the
Brick shop. tf
P. H. Anderson, the blacksmith, at
the brick shop. All work guaranteed
First class workmanship .
M. Dorrerer, shoe repairing, 58
Bridge street, rear tailor ship tf
At the brick shep P. H. Anderson
the blacksmith, and horseshoer, All
work guaranteed.
WANTED—Pair of leather chap
arajos, in good condition. Leo Henisli
There is corn for sale at the ele
vator of the Blackfoot Grain and Pro
duce Co.
Go to the Loomis Bakery for lunch
es, east eff the depot.
James Gray, of Boise, is the guest
of his sisters, Mrs. J. T. Danilson
and Mrs. G. H. Holbrook.
Herbert Whitten spent Christmas
with his parents, Air. and Mrs. A.
Money to loan on. Carey act lands
where final receipts have been is
sued. Idaho Irrigated Lands Co. tf
Lunches put up at the Loomis Bak
Doughnuts and cakes just like
mother used to make are made at
the Loomis bakery east of the depot.
There is corn for sale at the ele
vator of the Blackfoot Grain and Pro
duce Co.
Mrs. Edith King of Idaho Falls
sper.it Christmas day with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Doud, in
FOR RENT—Five room house,
new, and clean 1 on South University
avenue, L. R. Thomas, next to land
C. C. Hayes am.di wife, of Idaho
Falls, helped to make Christmas day
a lively one at the home of Mrs.
Hayes' mother, Mrs. Cassie Wright,
and remained until Tuesday morn
ing. , : ' I
Christmas at District Schools.
Last Saturday night the Christmas
festivities that were indulged in at
the Wicks and; Wapello school houses
were such as to he long remembered.
At Wapello a very pretty play was
produced by the students. A scere
of this was that of Christ as a child
in the manger. An improvised fire
place made possible the coming of
Santa Claus by that route, and that
genial old gentlemen distributed man
presents td the children. After he
had left a big feast was spread for
everyone and a delightful time was
had until a late hour. A similar
entertainment was given the young
folks at the Wicks school on the
same evening.
Two Acceptable Presents
Frank DeKay, Jr. and the editclr of
this paper were remembered in a
most unique way on Christmas. Roy
DeKay, uncle to the ether, sent t.o
the Fenton farms at Mt. Clements,
Mich., and secured a cock and two
hens of the famous Columbian Wyan
dotte strain of chickens. Mrs. Karl
Brown sent to the same place and r
Christmas morn, told us that out
present was to be ten registered Col
umbian Wyandotte chicks, the best
raised. It is not possible to have se
lected presents that will afford the
recipients more pleasure than these
and both of us feel very much in
debted to our relatives for them.
Dance Next Tuesday Evening
The Women of Woodcraft will give
a da>nce in Progress Hall next Tues
day evening. An orchestra from Poca
tello will furnish the music. The ladle
will issue invitatons for this func
tion and a general good time is look
ed forward to by those who are lucky
enough to be invited.
, A Big Store at Pingree.
W. H. Scott, former manager of
the townsite of Pingree, Is now
manager of the general store In that
town and has increased the stock of
goods Quite materially. There is
about a $5,000 stock carried now by
Mr. Scott and he is selling godds at
a price that invites patronage. Mr.
Scott is a hustler and believes in
holding cut inducements to people to
trade with him, therefore he is
carrying a stock of goods that can
be used by thg people of that dis
Exclsive Opticians
We grind our own lenses and card
for each case for one year.
Joint Installation cf Officers
The Masonic and Eastern Star
orders had joint installation cf new
officers last Tuesday evening. Dec.
2/. About seventy-five printed invi
tations were mailed and a large num
ber of both orders and! visitors re
sponded to the invitation and spent a
very enjoyable evening. A fine lunch
eon was served by the members of
tiie Eastern Star. Mrs. C. A. Hoover
presided at installation ceremonies of
the Eastern Star officers, and Hon
orable E. A. Burrell, of Montpelier,
Grand Senior Warden cf the Grand
Lodge of Masons, the Masonic of
The new officers of the Eastern
Star are: Mrs. Kate Chapman, W.
M.; A. D. Quantrell, W. P.; Mrs. B.
W. Holbrook, A. M.; Percy Jones,
Secy.; Geo. F. Gagon, Treas.: Mrs.
eGo. F. Gagon, C.; Mrs. H, B. Curtis,
A. C.; Mrs. Jessis S. Woodln, Chap.;
Mrs. E. W. Rowles, Mar.; Mrs. G. H.
Holbrook, A.; Mrs. A. D. Quantrell,
1!.; Miss Edna Gillespie, E.; Mrs. F.
W. Mitchell, M.; Mrs. V. Van Bramer
R. ; Mrs. E. M. Kennedy, W.; H. B.;
Curtis, S.
The new Masonic officers are:
Percy Joi es, tv. M.; J. F. Kinney.
S. W. ; Chas. Dahman, J. W.: W. D.
Gagon, 'Secy.; C. V. Fisher, Treas.;
B. W. Holbrook, S. D.; E. T. Peck,'
J. D.; Rev. C. A. Edwards, Chap.;
E. W. Rowles, Marshal; R. .1. Osborn,
S. S.: C. F. Hilliard, J. S.; A. D.
Quantrell, Tyler.
Domestic Science Meeting
The domestic science club of Spring
field will hold its regular meeting
with Mrs. W. A. Edwards, "Wednes
day afternoon, Jan. 4, 1911. Luncheon
will be served at 1 o'clock, after
which business will be transacted and
the following program presentedi:
Song----••••.......... By the Club
Roll Call, Our Idea of Domestic
Labor Saving Devices, by Mrs. Wil
Food Value of Meat, by Mrs. Moyer
Value of Eggs as Food, by Miss
Cora/ Shelman.
Desserts, by Mrs. Davis. %
Mary D. Snyder, Secretary.
A Disastrous Runaway Sunday n
Last Sunday morning as Frank
Spaunbauer and wife were driving to
Blackfoot, and when passing the horn
of Nathan Tanner, Jr., a dog ran to
ward the team and scared them. The
team ran, the buggy hitting a levy
in front of the Tanner home. Mr.
Spaunbauer succeeded in stopping the
team for a short time but the dog's
barking continued to scare them and
running again they collided with a
telegraph post, and one horse broke
a leg. Dr. Mines was called and ad
vised shooting the animal. Chief Hil
liard led the horse behind the stock
yards and shot it. Mrs. Spaunbauer
was thrown from the buggy and sus
tained a fratured rib.
Please Pay Subscriptions.
This office has sent cut ai number
of subscription; statements recently.
Some of the persons to whom they
were sent have responded to our re
quest for money. Others have not.
To all such we are giving notice. We
have several hundred dollars out
standing both on subscriptions and
other accounts. No business can be
rum constantly on a credit system.
The farmers have harvested their
crops and) now, after being Renient,
we feel that we should receive what
is due us. Don't compel us to use
more severe means of collecting than
The Optimist Publishing Co.
Per Karl P. Brown, Mgr.
Ratified Action of County Division
A number of the citizens of Black
foc,t met at the commercial club
rooms Wednesday evening, in a re
sponse to a call of the county divis
ion committee The action of the
committee received a unanimous san
ction by the citizens. An account of
the work of the committees appointe^
by the presidents cf the Idaho Falls
commercial club and the Blackfoot
club is published elsewhere in this
issue. Read it and boost for county
National Wool Growers Association
Portland, Oregon.
Reduced rates via Oregon Short
Line including rate for tickets re
turning via Sam/ Francisco or Los
Angeles. Tickets on sale January 1,
2 and 3. See agents for details. 2t
During All Next Week
Ladies 7 Misses 7 and
Children's Coats
1-2 Price
Everything in Men's and Ladies' wearing
apparel at great sacrifice.
Rockefeller Gives $10,000,000
Chicago, Dec. 23.—John D. Rocke
feller has made a farewell gift tr. the
University of Chicago of $10,000,000
ami washed hds hands of the institu
tion. He leaves the rest of the sup
port to thé people. To date, Mr.
Rockefeller has givem $34,226,045 to
the university From Mr. Rockefellers
former gifts, the university draws an,
annual income of about $1,800,000,
The new gift is in income-bearing
securities with the provision that $1,
000,000 a year will be paid to the
trustees for ten consecutive years.,
Not only has the oil king withdrawn,
from all connection with the univer
sity, but his representatives on the
board of trustees have resigned.
Give Us Your Order
There are a number of fancy stock
and poultry raisers in this county,
who use stationery with the names
of the various kinds of stock raised.
W'e have made special arrangements
nr.th a stock cut hc.ues by which we
can furnish everyone a> cut of their
fancy animals and fowls at a very
lew cost. Consult us before giving
an order for year next stationery and
we can save you money. tf
Wednesday W. J. Woods came to
town to do some trading and tied
his horse to the tie weight. The team
frightened and ran away, draging the
weight with them. The halter strap
finally breke and the horses freed,
after which they ran about one and
a half miles. A Mr. Horton, who wai
coming to Pingree, riding a goed sad
dle horse, gave chase and over took
them. No serious damage was done.
T. R. Jenes has, taken charge of
the Pingree townsite and is working
with W. H. Scott. These two gentle
men expect things to boom in that
Twe«ty-five volumes of Ridpath's
Library of Universal Literature,
bound in half Morocco, beautifully
illustrated, entirely new and a gem
for any home. We secured these
volumes on an advertising contract
and having: a similar set, will trade
for a good milch cow or will sell
cheap. Enquire at this office. tf
Iowa Pastor in Favor of Saloons \
New Hampton, la., Dec. 13—Rev.
Mr. Frltchel, pastor of the Lutheran,
church in this city, has created quite
a commotion both in his church and
outside in signing a petition for sa
loons. In relation to this he says:
"I am not favoring the misuse of
intcxicating beverages. It seems to
me if I should have refused to sign
the petition I would have assisted
the prohibition movement, that I con
scientiously cannot do. It is my per
sonal conviction that prohibition is
against personal liberty; that it does
not eliminate the misuse of intoxicant
placing very frequently cue evil in
place of the other, and that prohibi
tion has no foundation in scripture.
Comp. Col. 2:16; St. John 2, i seg.:
St. Mark 14:33 seg., and others. I
shall with all my ability assist in
any temperance movement which ha
for its object to abolish drunkenness
and lamentable conditions we find in
a manner which, according to my un
derstanding, is in conformity with
true religion."
Will People Elect U. S. Senators.
Washington, Dec. 22.—Immediately*
following the holidays the United
States senate will be brought face to
face with the proposition to amend th
constitution to provide for election
of senators by direct vote of the
people. This proposition will come be
fore the senate for the first time with
a favorable report from the ccmmitte
cini judiciary.
The subcommittee to which the pro
posed amendment was referred has
agreed to report favorably to the
full conimitteee, and at the last meet
ing at which this matter was consid
ered the committee by common con
sent, agreed to act in harmony with
the report of the subcommittee.
The subcommittee is made up of
Senators Dillingham, Rayncr and
Borah. Senator Clark of Wyoming is
chairmam of the committee on judi
From Experience of Blackfoot People).
We are fortunate indeed to be able
to profit by the experience of our
neighbors. The public utterances of
Blackfoot residents on the following
subject will interest and benefit thou
sands of our readers. Read this state
ment. No better proof cami be had.
Carl Anderson, Grovelandi Addition,
R. F. D. No. 1, Blackfoot, Idaho, says
Doan's Kidney Pills are by far the
best kidney medicine I knew of, I
have taken them off and on for ten
years and they always give me
relief from pain and weakness in my
back. About eight or ten years ago
when living in Utah, 1 had a serious
attack of kidney trouble, brought on
by the alkali water In that part of th
country. My bladder was Inflamed,
I knew that if something were not
done, the disease would get the bet
ter of me. Doan's Kidney Pills re
lieved mytrouble and convinced ma
of their merits.''
On the Road to Success.
If the Eagle Bend Placer Mining
Co., Ltd., does not prove ai success
it will be no 1 fault of the promotors,
they are working with untiring ze.al
and are meeting with great encourage
ment. They know they have a> good
thing and it does not take long to con
vince the most skeptic. They also use
thorough business principles in placln
this company on the market. Being
firm believers In the use cf printers,
ink they are doing considerable judi
cious advertising. The plans of the
mill are completed and) are quite an
elaborate affair. They are to the
hands of the secretary and can be
seen by any one who wishes. The
mill will have a capacity of 300 tons
of concentrates a day, which is ex
pected to pay a i dividend of from 10O
per cent to 500 per cent.
We are also informed that they are
meeting with good success in dispos
ing of stock, several shares being
sold the last week. They also have
a capitalist in Massachusetts ready ten
take several thousand dtollars worth
of stock as scorn as he convinces him
self that the gold is there, and that
seems easy enough to do. They have
no salaried officers, and no money
will be spent until enough is raised
to complete the mill. In a few days
they will have several agemts on the
road selling stock and expect to have
the required amount raised by the
opening of spring.

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