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The Blackfoot optimist. [volume] (Blackfoot, Idaho) 1907-1918, April 13, 1911, Image 6

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Having Qecicied to go to tne Boise valley ai once 1 will sell at Public
Sale on my ranch 6 1 -2 miles west of Blackfcot, just north of the
Alph Parsons place, also two miles west of Riverside, on
Wednesday April 19
at 11 a. m. Rain or Shine
being 80 acres deeded land with 50 acres broke and in crop. 30 acres sage brush.
All can be watered and mostly under Danskin ditch. 20 acres under People's ditch
A nice lot of shade trees, 10 year old; 125 six year old fruit trees, also small fruit, good barn, chicken
house, granaries and house, well of water with pump. On main traveled road. This is located in one of
the best farming countries in the vicinity of Blackfoot. TERNÆS: 10 per cent* cash. 10 per cent*
60 days and balance on terms to suit purchaser
6--— HORSES 6
1 team brown mares, in foal, 7 and 9 years, well matched, weight 1 300 each, sound.
1 bay gelding, 4 years, weight 1350, sound and good.
1 brown mare, 8-year-old, in foal, weight 1150
1 black mare, 9-year-old, weight 1400, in foal. All bred to shire horse
1 yearling
8 milch cows from 2 to 6 years 2 2-year-o!d steers 3 yearling heifers 8 yearling steers 4 calves
spring wagon, 2 seat
set wagon springs
bone grinder and hay chopper
00 bushels D efiance seed wheat
1 buggy 1 sulky piew, 1 6-in.Oliver
I slip scraper 2 sets double harness
00 brown leghorn and Rhode island Red chickens
1 brood sow
walking plow, 1 4-inch
binder, McCormick
incubator and brooder
■tand bees
1 00 bushels white Russian Oats
TERMS: November 1st at 8 per cent interest or 4 per cent discount for cash.
Free Lunch
Everybody Come
Names in Samoa.
Travelers visiting Samoa are puz
zled at first by the fact that many
boys bear feminine names, while girls
as frequently have masculine names.
The visitor learns after awhile, how
ever, that this confusing use of names
instead of being due to ignorance is
in reality the result of a native cus
tom which is highly poetic.
Thus if a girl Is born soon after
the death of a brother the latter's
name is given to her in the belief that
bis spirit and all his good qualities
have been transferred to her. On the
Other hand, if a hoy is born after the
death of a sister he takes the latter's
name and, as the Samoans believe,
•11 her lovable traits become his.
I**t—Grey horse, branded C7 on
right stifle. Return to this office atnd
.receive reward. AS-tf
A Rare Prize.
The securing of the pelt of a black
fox is of such interest among trap
pers and buyers of fur that the event
is widely heralded throughout the
trade, but it is rare indeed that one
of tlie valuable animals is seen alive
in captivity, yet a Farmington man
has the distinction of havitfg a live
black fox in his possession. The ani
mai was captured by Stanley Savage
of Avon, who has a line of traps set
in the vicinity of Mount Blue. The
animal was not injured materially by
the steel trap in which he was caught j
and Savage, after a lively tussle, sue
ceeded in putting a collar around the
fox's neck and attached a strong
chain to It. He then took the animal
to his home, where he has him con
fined in a firmly built cage.— Kenne
bec Journal.
Advertise in the Opitmlst. It pays.
Virtues of Profanity.
Senator Money of Mississippi, who
gets up and starts his working day
with his secretary, soon after his neu
ralgia awakens hint at 3 a. m„ is a
great believer in profanity. "My only
two real vices are coffee drinking and
profanity—and I enjoy both," remark
ed the senator recently, after mentirn
ing the fact that he neither smokes
nor drinks "A man shouldn't go
around cursing everything in sight,
because that would be ungentlemcnlyj
but under stress of provocation there
is nothing that seems to act as such a
heaven-sent 'scape valve for the hu
man system as a reasonable amount
of carefully selected profanity. Some
people relieve their feeling« by pray
er; other« use profanity. Both are
Butter Wrappers at this office.
Laurels by Telephone.
Lieut. William B. Short, ordnance
officer on the staff of Maj. David Wil
son, 3 as the reputation of being the
most expert wing shot among the ord
uauei officers of the state. On Mon
day last, in company with Col. X. B.
Thurston and Maj. E. B. Bruch, ord
nance officers on the staff of Maj.
Gen. Hoe, Lieut. Short tried his hand
at pigeon shooting up on the Sound
and never missed a bird. Col. Thurs
ton was so pleased with the record
that he telephoned to a florist near
the residence of the lieutenant to
have a suitable laurel wreath ready,
and he presented it to the lieutenant
on- the way home.
The Cutler & Hinrt-horne Studio Is
open Sundays from 1 to 5 p. m. See
their display.
Notice is hereby given of the dates
j for holding the 11)11 sessions of the
! District Court of the Sixth Judicial
I District, in amd for Bingham county,
State of Idaho, are fixed as follows
May 22, September 4th aiad Nov
ember 13th.
J. M. Sitevens, Judge.
J. T. Cairruth, Clerk.
The Largest Shot.
The largest and heaviest projectile
In the world Is the huge five-foot
armor-piercing shell fired from the
United States government's great 16
inch rifle. This huge shell of steel
can be hurled a distance of 20 miles
or more and weighs 2,400 pounds. The
Qost of firing one shot Is nearly 11,000.
n A, vv \ wim
«till iilili
Mrs. Innocent—Your husband seems
to he quite versatile, ills he ever
invented anything?
Mrs. Slick—Oh! yes. One of the
finest lines of midnight excuses you
ever listened to.
Charles P. Diehl, Idaho Falls Man,
Mine Promoter, Worked Unique
3unco Game on Eastern People—
Wrote l etters to Dead Men.
Boise, April 8. — Oli indictment re
turned by ho igiranid jury recently in
session in this c'ty, Cl aries P. Diehl
a well know n miding man in this
state, is charged with having carried
on a fake brokerage gau e.anj lie has
oeen at rested in Idaho Faiis,accord
ing to information v. hich was receiv
ed by federal official.-- litre yesterday.
Diehl was released on a $20('0 bond.
Diehls alleged game was a most
unusual one. It is said that some way
he got hold otf tihe books of a defunct
mining company and used these as
the basis of his work..
It is charged that upon learn il g of
tihe death of a mam in Idaho who hap
pened to liane relatives in tihe east,
he proceeded to write a letter to the
dead man at his home address. This
letter,In the natural course of events,
woulid he optued by the dead man s
relatives, It would tell, so it is al
leged, that his mining stock in such
and such a company was in good con
dition. The letter would, of course,
be written as though the ma n were
alive. The relatives would at once
write on to L'ehl, seeking information
regarding the stock, in reply would
come a communication, it is said,
telling that the transfer of the stock
would be worth so much usually a
few dollars. The relatives would pay
down tihe money and the papers show
lit g the alleged stock in the defunct
company would be sent on to them.
It is said that Diehl carried on the
game for many years nd acquired a
considerable amount from it.
Post office inspectors have hern at
work on the case for some finie, for
it was suspected many months ago
Drat Diehl was employ,ipr the mails
for improper purposes. lie is ex
tremely well knowc. about the suto
ami is said to hove plied his game in.
tlie King Hill distri.-t. Because ci"
the aLegoi tact that every case in
cluded Lait a cow dollars, the thing
worked ai. right for a Icing time, it is
said, because no o..e was willing to
take the trouble to can off the in
vestigation or become imolvesl in liti
gation for the small amount involved.
'Lite case is u m of the most im
l,t;i '"ii I'nr bri i ijbt to the notice of
! ti.e 1 -.cial o:Lena's. in many in
jtL.uieos, i, is 1, the relatives con
cluded that tlie dead man had in -
; owned stock in tlie company which
j had gone to the wall, a. ,1 in e on sc - -
j qtic-nce they concluded that tii > trans
; fer was entin iy legitimate and made
; no complaint.
But the post « fire dupartn-.ti t be
i g .ui to get complaints from here and
I there about the country. Hing cf the
j methods of Diehl, and finally the evi
dence became so strong Unit the in
vestigatiui was in -rituted.
At the re. ent grand jury session
iwitJK , -s were summoned who had
jin 'h dr possess ici . c. idot.ee sufficient
to clinch the crise ai ni nst Diehl to
warrant the returning of the indiot
ic mil
* V*
•j Wi
Book Store Clerk—Oh! yes, here's
a book on ''Good Form" for 75c.
Customer—My wife will want a bet
ter form than that, I am sure. Show
me a book worth $1.50.

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