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VOL. IX. NO. 17
$2.00 PER YEAR
George H. Holbrook, county auditor,
yesterday resigned his office and the
county commissioners will meet next
Monday to hear applications before ap
pointing his successor. Fred Fisher,
who has been a faithful, competent
deputy under Mr. Holbrook, seems to
be the logical appointee, as he under
stands the requirements of the office
( better than anyone else and is capable
of conducting it with satisfaction to
its patrons and the 'taxpayers. Aside
from his clerical ability he is a trust
worthy and reliable man, and the coun
ty commissioners will make no mistake
in appointing him to fill the vacancy
in the auditor's office.
Mr. Holbrook left for California last
night and will join his wife and family
in San Diego.
The many friends of Fred Fisher are
circulating a petition to have the coun
ty commissioners appoint him county
auditor, and it is being very readily
and liberally signed by all who know
Mr. Fisher as a competent and honor
able applicant for the appointment.
We are told that Wm. Danielson started
a petition; but later withdrew it.
Sperry, the drunken sheet metal
worker has skipped out and left a large
number of creditors who mourn Iub de
parture and their confidence in human
nature. Although a comparative strang
er he secured sufficient credit to start
a promising business and had more
work given him than he could handle.
But he codldn't keep sober even in a
"dry" town where the "temper
ance" concoctions not only produce
intoxication, but permanently incapaci
tate a man who gets a few of them un
der his belt. Sperry got hold of a
brand df these temperance beverages
that not only made him neglect his
business and friends, but with the aid
of a cigarette almost transformed his
drunken couch into a crematory, and if
it had not been for the interference
of the night police he would have had
less creditors to regret his departure.
He claims to be a railroad engineer
and was last heard from at Armsted,
where he is traveling about the state
on an engineer's pass. He assigned the
few traps he left in his shop to Attor
ney Beaklev, who had them removed
last Monday.
Mr. Beakley states he not only fur
nished him with legal advice, but ad
vanced him cash to carry on his work.
Blackfoot of late has been cursed with
this character of deadbeats, and as long
as they are allowed to come and go
without any police interference thev
will continue to make this city the
mecea for their deceitful and fraudu
lent practices.
Good Auto Business
Mr. Bills informs us that the auto
business for the past two weeks has
been very lively, being the best two
weeks for business he ever knew in
Blackfoot. This week 's sales have been
very good, and the following sales have
beeil made: To J. Obron, a Ford; to
H. Hanson of Shelley, a Ford; to P.
Monson, of Shelley, a Ford; to the C.
W. & M. Co., and H. H. Morris, Fords;
to Dr. Simmons, Wm. Varley, N. B.
Bever, N. Morgan, and H. A. Wagner,
The V. I. S. request that the ladies
of Blackfoot will please save their
rummage for the V. 1. S. If you have
any, either send it to or please notify
Mrs. Woodin, the chairman of the com
mittee». Mrs. F. E, DeKay, Secretary,
Hats Hats Hats
$4.00 Stetson Hats - - $3.00
3.00 Tiger Hats - - 2.25
2.50 Champion Hats » - 1.85
1.75 Values ... 1.40
1.50 Values - 1.25
Kinney & Company
DEPENDABLE MERCHANDISE. We five S. & H. trading stamps
D. W. Davis, the American Falls
banker-farmer and a very promising
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for governor at the approaching
election, was in Blackfoot between
trains last Monday meeting old and
making new acquaintances. He Btates
that he is meeting with more encourage
ment than he expeeted, and appears to
be very optimistic in his gubernatorial
aspirations. George K. Crum of Lewis
ton, Idaho, seems to be Mr. Davis' only
opponent, but as he is practically un
known in Blackfoot and vicinity, and
Mr. Davis being very popular here, the
Lewiston candidate is not much heard
of. However, a few Republican lead
ers of Blackfoot while admitting Mr.
Davis' many qualifications for the
gubernatorial toga, favor the northern
man on account of the division of party
recognition, claiming that the office of
governor should go to a northern man.
Just w T hy the northern part of the
state is entitled to that honor the
average voter does not know and can
not understand why the state should
be divided by an imaginary line for
political purposes that have no bear
ings on an honest, economical govern
ment. Every governor of Idaho for
the past twenty years has been a
resident of Boise or vicinity, regardless
of politics, and why a governor from
any other part of the state would be a
benefit to the state or its tax-ridden
citizens we do not know. It matters
little wh.ere the candidate comes from
if he is an honorable, capable and
truthful citizen from whom the voters
can expect an honest, businesslike ad
ministration of state affairs, and it
matters less what part of the state is
fortunate enough to possess such guber
natorial timber. The candidate for
governor should be the choice of the
whole state as well ns the servant of
the whole state, which should not be
divided by party lines for political or
personal motives. Let the people choose
theiisgovernor and if they make a mis
take in that choice they cannot fare
worse than they have in the past, where
the governors have been selected by
political machines that have been a
curse to the state. If the Republican
candidate for governor is defeated nt
the next election it will be because
the Republican voters who voted for
Alexander two years ago have not for
gotten the criminal condition of their
party machine when they beat Haines
for his appointees' dishonesty, which
he exposed too soon for his own politi
cal benefit.
o o
o - o
O This Coupon good for 50 Pony O
O Votes when cut out and delivered O
O to The Optimist office. O
O o
O Name.................................,.................... O
o o
o - o
O Names of Firms: O
O Powers Pharmacy. O
O Central Meat Market. O
O Blackfoot Milling Co. O
O Brown-Hart Company. O
O D. W. Standrod & Co. O
O Hendrie Implement Co. O
O Neil Boyle & Co. O
O E. & G. Bills Auto Co. O
O Isis Theatre. O
O Pearson & Company. O
O Hoffman Tailoring Co. O
O F. C, Christ. O
O The Blackfoot Optimist. O
O o
The First Ward sewing class of the
L. D. S. Church held their meeting
Monday nigllt at the church. Nearly
all of the members weer present.
City Solons Make 11
Levy for Coming Year.
The city council held a regular meet
ing Tuesday night when a quorum was
present and Mayor Peck presided. All
members answered call but Hesse,
Thompson and DeKay. Hesse and
Thompson reported tardy.
Minutes of the previous regular and
two regular adjourned meetings were
read and approved with several minor
Mr. Duckworth appeared before the
council in behalf of the city getting a
Carnegie library and said that if it
was necessary to take up a subscrip
tion he would circulate such petition
and head it with $100. Mr. Duck
worth 's suggestion was heartily approv
ed by the mayor and councilmen and
the matter was referred to the Law
and Order Committee.
Mr. Short appeared before the coun
cil in regard to the maintainance of a
hog yard in the Fair grounds by Jas.
Martin. Moved and seconded that the
keeping of hogs in the city limits was
a nuisance according to ordinance, and
the chief of police was instructed
to have said ordinance abated.
Nine bids for street sprinkling by the
hour were received as ffrllows:
W. E. MeKihley .......................14 cents
Owen J. Jones ..........................39% cents
T. T. Jones ...............................19 cents
Joseph Svedik ..........................50 cents
P. E. Deeter ............................34 cents
Wm. F. Lowe .............................15 cents
Ira Wilde ...................................18% cents
W. L. Hawley ..........................39 cents
P. B. Van Blaricom ................40 cents
Messrs. McKinley and Deeter being
the lowest bidders for day sprinkling
were given the contracts. It was order
ed that the clerk re-advertise for a
bid for night sprinkling, as none of
the above bidders wanted night work.
Pony Boys Must Hustle
These are the harvest days for pony
votes. Are .you working! You will
never have a better chance to win. Do
not let a day slip by. Do not wait
until tomorrow or next day, but keep
light on hustling. Get right after your
friends and line them up to save pony
votes for you.
Explain to them how pony votes are
to be had and how to get them. You
will be surprised how many votes you
can roll up by persistant effort. Your
friends and neighbors will have to trade
somewhere and it will cost them no
more to trade at the Pony Stores and
save votes for you. It is not hard to
gather up Pony Votes. Just take a
"ginger pill and matte a special effort
during the remainder of the campaign.
People will admire your earnest
work and help you when they see you
are determined to win. Bear in mind
that the only way you can secure a
gold watch or the pony' outfit is to go
out among your friends and get them
to trade where they can secure the
vote tiekets and then call and get the
votes of them. Every child is going to
have a square deal and an equal chance
to secure a prize. There will be no
special vote day's, no deviation from the
regular schedule and no favors shown.
If you have not already won a watch it
is no indication that you will not have
enough votes to win the pony outfit nt
the end of the campaign. No one can
tell who the winner will be until the
end and you might be right near tin
top of the list, so keep right in the
game until the finish, and if you should
not win—go down with your flag flying.
All case* of rheumatism, no matter
of how long standing, and all chronic
diseases yield speedily to our treatment
Special attention to diseases of
women and children. Graduate nurse
in attendance. Consultation at all
Rooms 7-8-9 Blenkle Bldg. (Over
Pearson's.) Phone No. 398. adv.
The Woman's Union of the Baptist
church will hold an Easter Bazaar and
cafeteria eupper the afternoon and ev
ening of Saturday, ApV 22. Further
announcement later.—adv.
Subscribe for The Optimiet.
Unlimited Amts, of Money
To loan on good farm securities. Interest 8 per cent.
No waiting is necessary if title is right.
Land inspected by F. C. Parkinson.
Office No. 11 Pacific Street Blackfoot, Idaho.
_ It was moved and carried that Coun
cilman Hesse's offer to donate certain
ground to the city for a new road to
the -eemetery be accepted.
Thé sewer extensions asked for in
Ward No. 2 were granted ou condition
al payments.
Moved and seconded that the school
board be notified again to have Irving
school connected with the sewer.
The rouncilinen of the various wards
recommended certain grading und im
provements in their respective wards,
and on motion of Councilman Thomp
son, éeconded by Boling, the necessary
grading and improvement was referred
to the Street and Alley Committee with
powef to act.
It was moved and seconded that
legal action be taken against property
owner* who have refused to comply
with the council 's order to build cement
Thérc being but one bid for furnish
ing the city a car of pipe, it was order
ed that the purchase of pipe be post
poned for another bid, when the Street
and Alley Committee were empowered
to buy the necessary pipe.
Councilman Pelkey, chairman of the
finance committee, stated that the
city's valuation was $1,826,000, and
that the amount necessary to carry on
the city 's affairs for the fiscal year
1916-17, beginning the first Monday in
May, will be $20,086, which he recom
mended be raised by a 11 mill levy.
His recommendations were approved
and the city attorney was instructed
to draft an ordinance to be published
which will give the public the details
of the new appropriation and the dif
ferent funds to be created by the ap
The council adjourned to the 2Sth
inst. for the purpose of hearing pro
tests, if any, against the street paving.
"The Birth of A Nation." which,
with its superb and inspiring musical
setting, rendered complete by a sym
phony orchestra, its bewildering sound
and light and color effects, will be
presented in Blackfoot two days, start
ing Monday, March 27th.
Hietraric scenes are depicted with
realistic effect, ranging from battle
engagements, such as the battle of
Gettysburg, the seige of Petersburg,
Sherman's march to the sea and the
fall of Atlanta, to events in Washing
In the pictures Gen. Robert E. Lee
strides forth to clasp the hand of Gen.
U. 8. Grant, his conqueror at Appoma
tox. Another historical event of last
ing impressiveness is the assassination
of President Abraham Lincoln, present
ed as accurately as the details are
remembered by eye witnesses and as
exact reproduction of the playhouse in
which the martvred president lost his
Peace is exemplified in a brilliantly
impressive pageant and the pictorial
story continues with the fortunes of
the re-united lovers and the troubles
experienced in the south over the abuse
of political power vested in the imunei
pated negros. Mob violence and out
lawry are depicted, followed by- spectac
ular view of the Ku Klux Klansmen
who organized secretly to control the
negros through their superstitious fears.
The Klansmen were fearless night rid
ers and they wore white sliroudN. Acts
of vengeance were perpetrated under
the cover of darkness and the pictures
show clearly why such extreme meas
ures were necessary for the continuance
of law and order.
In point of interest the Klansmen
spectacles rival the war aspects of the
graphic photoplay.—adv.
Case Affirmed
Attorney Good has been notified by
the Supreme Court that the ease of
the State vs. Swan Berg has been af
firmed. In this case th. defendant was
convicted iu the probate and district
courts of obstructing the public high
way and fined $100, from which con
victions he appealed to the Supreme
Big Free Show
At the Isis Saturday afternoon at
1:30 sharp, when every child is invited
to attend, enjoy the show and hear
something that will be of interest to
them. There will be good, clean
comie reels and bushels of fun. The
pony man wants to see you, and he will
be present and explain all about how
to earn a real guaranteed Shetland
Pony outfit, an Elgin Gold Watch or
a season ticket to the Isis theatre.
Bad Check Artist Captured
Wm. Morgan, a young man about 20
years of age, is in durance vile for
making purchases with bad checks. He
operated in Blackfoot to the tune of
$65 which he distributed quite evenly
between three merchants who, when
they found they had been duped, round
ed him up and delivered him to the
sheriff for safe keeping. He hails from
Sterling where he is credited with pas
sing^ a bad check or trço. He is said
to b'e a farm hand, and his crookedness
was discovered by the attempted pur
chase of a horse from Jas. Martin. The
Golden Rule, the Kinney Mercantile,
and Rowles & McCosham are the firms
lie fleeced. He acknowledged being a
forgerer and was bound over to the dis
triet court.
The contract for the new Neil F.
Boyle Wholesale Hardware companv's
new warehouse that is to be erected
at the corner of First avenue and Terry
street, was awarded yesterday to Alex
Mathes, a prominent local contractor.
Work started Tuesday morning on
the building and it is expeeted it should
be reudy for occupancy this summer.
The bids for the building were open
ed publicly yesterday afternoon at
Blackfoot and the one offered by
Mathes for $.15,365, was accepted. The
bid next to this was the one made by
the North Pacific Construction com
pany of Pocatello for $.17,905. The I).
F. Murphy company, another Pocatello
concern, bid $38,420; Oscar Ritsman,
of Pocatello, bid $40,196; the Lynch
Cannon Engineering company of' Salt
Lake bid $41,900; Geo. Brough of Poca
tello, $44,475, and the highest bid of
fered was that of H. A. Roemisch
company of Blackfoot, for $48,698.
An interesting debate took place at
the High School last Friday evening
when the Blackfoot High School met
the Shelley High Schoool in a debate.
"Resolved, That the Federal Govern
ment Should Own the Telegraph Sys
tem." Miss Afton Palmer, MisB
Leanorn White, and Albert Jones of
Blackfoot, where the affirmative side,
land Owen MeGarry, Arnold Jensen, and
[Willis Dial, of Shelley, the negative
side. The judges were J. T. Curruth,
R. N. AVest and Ralph Adair, who de
cided in favor of Blackfoot. The same
night a team went to Shelley from here
debating on the same subject and also
winning a victory.
>Corruption in public places was
made known this week when the
gubernatorial axe fell on the heads of
two State institutions. The two de
capitated officials are J. T. Humphries
of the Industrial Training School nt
St. Anthony, and Dr. Givens of the
Orolino Insane Asylum. What the
doctor's sins of ommission or commis
sion are has not yet been made public,
but a criminal familiarity with th■■
girls of the St. Anthony school that has
been prolific of native born inmates,
has caused thy vacancy there.
The free show for children 16 years
and under at the Isis Theatre Satur
day, March 25th at 1:30 sharp. Come
and see the fun and hear all about how
to get the Pony and other prizes.
The Local Viewpoint
W E HAVE always considered the
best foundation on which to
establish banking service for a
The wisdom of operating under a
State or Local charter is attested by
our steady growth—the reflex of pro
gress on the part of our patrons.
Our officers are ready to render every
possible assistance to Depositors in
their financial development.
D. W. Standrod & Co.
Hour*: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. We pay 4 per tent, internet,
compounded quarterly iu our Saving* Department or
(Certificates of Deposit.)
Definite plans are at last made for
a public library for Blackfoot. Many
other towns in the state, some much
smaller than Blnckfoot, have had their
libraries for years, and we are terribly
behind in many matters of civic im
When we say public library, we mean
a library, not for the town people on
ly, but for the people living in the
country ns well. The ladies Club, The
Current Event Club and V. I. 8. have
long considered this matter, and have
finally got it under way. Considerable
help has been pledged this good work.
The King's Daughters, under the lead
ership of Mrs. William A. Lee, have
voted to give $75.00 and their help.
The Boy Scouts and tneir leader, Mr.
Beaver, were kind enough to put iu the
shelves. The P. K. O. have offered
help, and private individuals have given
books. The ladies will be glad of help
from any other organization, church or
The proposition is in the hands of the
library board, who have completed
plans for securing books both by soli
citing and buying. Supplies have been
sent for.
A book social will be given at the
club rooms on April 15th, nt which re
freshments will be served. The price of
admission will be a book or a silver
offering to nid in buying a book.
A sensorship committee has been
appointed to pass on the books before
they are indexed. If you have any
books you do not want to keep, which
you will give, phone or give them to
Mrs. Powers or Mrs. Neil Boyle.
The ladies hope to place the small
library in good condition, and will be
ready to turn all books and supplies
over, when the proposed Carnngie lib
rary shall be a certainty.
Surprise Forty
A number of the friends of Joseph
Scofield gave him a surprise party at
his home Tuesday evening. Among
those present were Mr. and Mrs. O.
Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Clayton,
Miss Ida Chapman, Miss Leorna Jor
den, Miss Hazel Wright and Clifford
Robertson. The evening was spent in
lancing nml playing games, after which
dainty refreshments were served. Mr.
Scofield will leave on a mission next
Death of 0. E. Carson
C. K. Curson, a resident of Blnckfoot
for the past several years, died at his
home Thursday morning at 6 o 'clock,
of dropsy anil leakage of tho heart. Ho
was 40 years of age, and born iu 8alt
Lake City, Utah, in 1876. He leaves
a wife and five children to mourn his
Card Party
Miss Katie DeKay entertained twelve
of her girl friends last Saturday after
noon at her home on Ash street. Cards
were the chief amusement of the after
noon, the prizes being won by Miss
Phyllis Hoover and Miss Marian C'hub
buck. Dainty refreshments were serv
il, ami a very pleasnnt afternoon spent.
Viewing Our City Hall
The mayor and city council of Mont
pelier were in Blackfoot Inst Sunday
making an official visit for the purpose
of viewing our city improvements, not
ably our city hall. They were also in
terested in getting some information re
lative to a municipal power plant for
their city.

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