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£iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiimiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi; I
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§ The Mutual Benefit has never written tontine
= insurance, consequently no part of its surplus eon
= sists of deferred dividends to be forfeited in case of
I death or default in premium payments.
I A dollar's worth of life insurance is furnished
I to each policyholder for "every dollar paid by him.
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you pay for it $10 down and $10 a month,
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Then you will have a machine you may de
pend on giving service. Whenever a part
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the Idaho Power Company to take care of it.
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C. G. Keller was here from Idaho
Falls on business Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Graves were
here from Idaho Falls on a business
mission last Saturday.
J. H. Vaughn came from Logan.
Utah, Saturday, to spend Sunday
with his family.
Dr. Davidson, of RexDurg, was in
town the latter part of last week
visiting Dr. McFarland.
Mrs. M. E. Anderson and little
daughter went to Salt Lae City Sun
day morning for a short visit.
W. W. Mason, of Spokane, was a
business visitor in town several days
the lauter part of last week.
Mrs. J. A. Anderson and Mrs. J.
P. Balka were in this city Saturday
shopping and calling on friends.
Build now. For plans and speci
fications, call 154-R. Wm. Davies.
A22-29 M6 pd
Mrs. A. G. Fullmer, after visiting
friends and relatices in this city, re
turned Sunday to her home at Rigby.
Complete wireless station, equip
ped ifor giving and receiving mes
sages, for sale 'by the Boy Scouts of
Mrs. J. C. Millick returned Sun
day from, a few days visit witlh her
daughter, Mrs. Jonathan Browning,
in Ogden.
E. Booth arrived Saturday from
Idaho Falls for a few days visit with
E. H. Johnson and family. Mr. Booth
lives in Chicago.
C. S. Mascey, state sanitary in
spector, was here from Boise Satur
day on business connected with his
Mrs. Th}»berg, who had been vis
iting at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Ra.liplh W. Adair, returned Sunday
to her home at Hyrum, Utah.
Edward Prater and Bert T. Barr,
of St. Anthonty, transacted business
in this ci'jy the latter part oif Che
Mrs. M. J. Young, of Idaho Falls,
returned home Saturday, after a
short visit here at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. R. S. Idle.
Mrs. Bliza Kendall and two daugh
ters and Mrs. Kendall's sister,_ who
had been visiting ihere, returned" Sat
urday 'to their home at Oxford.
Mrs. G. H. Harris is reported as
very ili', in Che Blackifoot hospital,
hut hopes are entertained for her re
The Misses Paul/ine Balka and
Sarah Dye came down !from Firth
for the Saturday night dance, and to
visfit friends, returning Sunday morn
Senator and Mrs. L. R. Thomas
ahd a number of other Blackfoot |pieo
ple, attended the danfcei given at
Shelley Tuesday evening by the su
gar company.
Mrs. E. Beasley, of Driggs, return
ed Sunday from California, where
she spent the winter. Mrs. Beasley
stopped in Blackfoot on her way
home, for a short visit at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Jenkins.
Mrs. Lillie Clayton went to Po
catello Sunday and brought home
her daughter, who for the past three
weeks (had been in a hospital there,
convalescing from an operation for
W'allise, the painter, has again en
gaged in business in this city, having j
moved here with his family 'the fore j
part of this week. Mr. Wallise was
formerly in business here, and mov
ed to the Ft'iMs, for a time.
Mrs. W. O. Smith has sufficiently 1
recovered from the twio operations j
which she had in a Pocatello hospi- j
tal that she returned home last Sun- \
day. Mrs. Smith contemplates pay
ing a visit to her parents in Port
land while she is convalescing.
EdgaT McCulloi h arrived Saturday
from Sedalia, Missouri, having made
the trip by auto as far as Kemmerer,
Wyoming, where he had auto trou
ble and came the remainder of the
way by train. Edgar is a nephew
of S. T. Clark, and will drive a truck
for the Clark Transfer company.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wright, of
Lewiston, Montana, after visiting a
week at the home of Sheriff and Mrs.
Simmons, returned home last Fri
day. Mr. Wright has extensive oil
interests in Montana, and is very op
timistic over the oil prospects in that
Duncan Bennett, of Rockford, Ill
in conçany with Joseph Cosgrove,
of Sterling, was in Blackfoot the lat
ter p'Tt of the week. Mr. Bennett
is employed at present on the con
struction of the federal arsenal near
Ogden, and came t o' his part of Ida
ho for a short visit with some old
timê friends.
Do you like to read (personals in
your local newspaper? We like to
print them. Perhaps we couid get
together on Phis matter and assist
each other. If you will be kind
enough to phone us when anybody
is vi cting t your house, or when
you rre going away on a visit, or
any ocher news items you know of.
we will do the rest. Please phone
your parties and ether social affairs
to our residence, number 745, and
all other general news to our office,
number 31.
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following products will
keep your car in tine
■Rogers Meter Soap
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tlie garage—cleans glass
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out scratching, removes
spots from all materials
and from hands.
Rogers . I uto-I'rite
Removes dust, finger
marks, oi! and. dirt.
Shines and renews
polished surfaces.
Rogers Auto Top
Preserves and cleans
auto-tops, lamp-hoods,
tire-covers, etc. Frees
front grease and decay.
Rogers Carbon Solvent
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ing residue from the in
terior o' engine cylinders.
Blackfoot Hdwe. &
Electric Company
Why suffer from nerv
ousness, insomnia, hy
steria, nervous dyspep
sia, nervous prostration
or any ailment due to
a disordered condition
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It produces refreshing
sleep, builds up the shat
tered nerves and pro
motes a normal distri
bution of nerve force.
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t t t
❖ i
i i
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Same Money
Same Goods For Less
Seeger-Bundlie Co.
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^pX^^jX-Xr44*i-X-XX i M-FX J X">W4i-W^X4 , X > 4"i"X-X"i"XX"XX-i-W*X"XXX":"W4
i . ...............I
We are in the market for all kinds of fat stuff
Beef, Veal, Pork, Mutton, Chickens,
etc. Also Eggs and Butter
Highest cash market price always paid. We
are making pre-war prices on all meats.
Pacific Meat Market
^.X"X"XX <> X"X > 'M"!"W*X , 'i , W , X"X"W*! >> i"XX"!":"XX"!"X''Xi"X"X"X~H^
* ♦*« ♦*« ♦% *J**J«J*
Results Count
Blackfoot, Idaho, March 14. 1921
Dear Doctor Flodquistt—
To whom it may concern: —
This is to certify that one year ago we brought to your office,
our eleven year old girl, Olive, and sho was at that time in a ter
rible condition wdtli St. Vitus Dance. Site 'had been sick with it
for monitlhs, when we at last heard of you, and we shall always thank
God that we did hear of you and your wonderful method of Chiro
Oiive had been given all otiher methods of treatment, but to no
avail. We carried her up to your office as helpless as a baby in
arms, as site was unable even to stând up. Her mind was at that
time almost a blank and site was unable to talk, her speech had been
bad for sometime, and a few days before we brought her 'to you, we
were advised to have iter tonsils removed, which seemed only to
make her condition worse. Her pulse was the One Hundred and
Four, and we did not have much hopes that she would live. Site
has been in gc*od condition since ( it is now one year ago) has been
going to school and lias made a gain In weight front 68 pounds to
95 pounds. We shall always feel that you SAVED OUR LITTLE
GIRL'S LIFE. I will he glad to verify this statement, to anyone,
either in person or by phone.
Very sincerely, a thankful mother,
Route 3. Box 15, Blackfoot, Idaho.
"The Licensed Chiropractor"
Over City Grocery Phone 551 Opposite Dep ot
L. B. Dore & Sons, Prop.
! The Quality Shop
I Blackfoot, Idaho

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