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o o
Every black cloud that risea those
days makes the farmer hold Ms
breath in suspen.se until it has shown
whether it holds good „or ill. If it
he rain, all is well, but the thought
of a hail storm at the present time
makes the tiller of the soil sit on the
anxious seat as the grain is at the
•tage when the work of a whole sea
son can be lost in a few minutes. A
good deal of the grain iu this neigh
borhood has been cut and shocked,
but until it is safely stacked the hail
storm is a constant menace. The
rain, however, is greeted as a wel
come visitor, and the showers of the
'past week have done much good, al
though it has slowed up the binding
of the grain. The air has been fresh
ened, the dust and grime washed
from the foliage of the trees and
plants, eevn the cobweibs that have
been gathering on the brain have
been dispelled, and everyone is feel
ing invigorated.
A crew of men from the Idaho
Power company were out one even
ing the latter part of the week,
straightening up the pole that is
planted on top of the sand hill north
of the Jacob Stutznegger homo. The
wind had whipped the sand from
around its base and let the pole sag
rather violently to one side, thus be
coming a menace to the safety of
those traveling the road.
A birthday party in honor of the
seventh anniversary, was given by
Mrs. Jack Jensen for her little son,
Virgil. A cake with seven candles
was a delight to all the little guests.
A general good time was had, after
which Mrs. Jensen served ice cream,
candy, cake and peanuts. Those
present were, Iris Pratt, Gladys and
Norma Hughes, Prank, Bessie and
Stella Kalferd, Ferril Anthony,
Olive, Max, Lloyd and Grace Jensen,
Beatrice, Gladys and Leo Stutznegger
and Joseph Bartausky.
Verna Just was a caller at the
William Mackie home on Monday.
Mrs. Ernest Pearson and Mrs. G.
O, Jensen were callers at the Albert
Anthony home in Kimball on Tues
day, and visited at the Arthur Malm
home in Wapello on Monday.
James Pratt and William Mackie
made a trip to the hills last week,
returning Friday. Mr. Pratt reports
that they were caught in a good sized
shower and received a thorough soak
Mrs. W. E. Hall was a Firth shop
per on Saturday.
Albert Anthony was a caller at the
Berkeley Larson ranch on Monday.
Mabel Bennett motored to Firth
on Wednesday.
Mrs. Chris Peterson has been vis
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The Vogue of Straps Continues, Extending
Even Unto Oxfords
Oxfords are enjoying the greatest popularity they have ever known. Women have learned that health comes
through exercise out in the open, and that being sensibly shod is quite necessary.
But even shoes made primarily for comfort must have style, and individuality. The one and two strap oxfords
are styles much in demand this season.
These interesting oxfords are particularly effective for wear with your tailored costumes.
\ \ \ » » \ I/< / iii
r Agents for the celebrated "Arch Preserver" shoes. Ask for a copy of
the booklet "Why Suffer With Well Feet."
New shipment of Holeproof Hosiery just arrived. Prices—
$1.00 and $1.65 Pair
iting with her sister, Mrs. M. A. Jen
sen, for a few days during the past
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jensen were vis
itors in Kimball on Tuesday.
David Gordon spent several days
during the past week building a der
rick for J. A. Vaughn.
Mrs. Jacob Stutznegger was shop
ping in Wapello on Thursday.
Frank Pratt was a business visitor
in Firth on Wednesday.
Mrs. Ernest Pearson, who has 'been
visiting at the G. O. Jensen home,
went to Firth on Wednesday, where
she took the train for Hyrum, Utah,
intending to visit with her mother,
Mrs. Michael Jensen, Sr., before re
turning to her home in Butte, Mon
Peter and Eddie Kalferd made a
trip to the hills after wood on Mon
day, returning Tuesday.
Mrs. Jack Jensen was a caller at
the G. O. Jensen home on Friday.
Several from this neighborhood
made the trip to Henry the last of
the week to attend tihe wild west
show that was to be given in that
place on the thirteenth and four
William Pratt was a business vis
itor in Firth on Saturday.
Mrs. Frank Pratt was a visitor at
the Gordon Vaughn home on Sunday.
Rafe Larsen was a caller at the
Berkley Larsen ranch on Monday.
John Minor and Frank Pratt made
a trip to the hills on Monday.
Mrs. M. A. Jensen was in Firth on
a shopping trip on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hughes were
visitors at the Jack Jensen home on
The potato 'crop reports of the past
week have brought joy to the hearts
of the farmers of this neighborhood,
and the articles in the papers have
helped the good work along, as every
one here has a spud patch of at least
a few acres that they are hoping will
help to bring in a few dollars to add
to the prosperity of the state.
Mrs. Jacob Stutznegger and Mrs.
Stoddard made a trip to Firth on
Several of the farmers here in the
Lower Presto district are ready to be
gin mowing their second crop of hay,
but are holding off for the weather
to become more settjled.
o o
o o
Miss Grace Bond gave a lawn
party to her many friends, Tuesday
evening. Dancing and games were
the features of the occasion, and re
freshments were served.
Mrs. A1 Wilkinson visited Mrs. C.
Nygard Tuesday.
Miss Vessa Williams is visiting
her cousin, Miss Grace Bond.
Miss Lyla Carson and brother, are
visiting their sister, Mrs. Maud
Mrs. C. Nygard's grand daughter,
Deloris, is visiting her at present.
The Misses Jessie Beasley and Del
ta Mangum visited Miss Flora An
derson on Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Beck and family, of
Utah, have been vfSlting their son
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Beck.
Rasmus Christensen lost a good
horse Friday, through drowning.
Mr. Ellis, from Cache Valley, Utah,
took supper with Mr. and Mrs. C. D.
Shoemaker. He reports that the crops
in those parts are very poor.
C. D. Shoemaker and Glyde Wixom
went to the Bannocks again Thurs
day morning, and stayed four days.
Mrs. C. D, Shoemaker and daugh
ter, Loraine, visited Mrs. Kluckholm
on Friday.
Olive Kluckholm accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Jones, of ^irth, to YeUow
s'jone park, y
Rollin Kluckholm had a narrow
escape last week, with a runaway
team. He was raking hay and was
thrown under the teeth, but escap-
ed with bad bruires and a brokeu
-rile Beasley 1 as returned to his
home for a few lay*.
Mr. Buchanan has returned from
summer school in Salt Lake, and he
and Earl Reynolds are fishing on
Blackfoot river. He will board with
Mrs. Kluckholm.
Mrs. William Bruce and children
visited her mother, Mrs. Beasley, on
Mrs. Fred Bergesen spent Thurs
day afternoon with Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Wallace Lindsay is greatly
improved in health, since treating
with Dr. Flodquist.
Mr. and Mrs. Powers and daugh-jwanl
fprs. of Idaho Falls, took supper with
Mrs. Kluckhoilm, Wednesday night.
Jessie Beasley, Delta Mangum,
Flora Anderson and Deward Mangum
attended a party at Rose Wednesday
evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Quite a tew of our mothers and
daughters attended the celebration at
the City Park at Blackfoot, Thurs-'
day. All report having had a pleas
ant time.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Talbot vis
ited relatives at Gibson, Friday.
The ward teachers made their
monthly calls the past week.
Newell Christensen is visiting his
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
The people of Groveland are rejoic
ing over the favorable outlook for
potatoes this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard are rejoicing
over the arrival of a fine baby girl,
which the stork brought to them the
first of the week. The stork has cer
J tainly been busy this season in Grove
land, as well as elsewhere.
Miss Emerline Wilson, of Wood
ville, is visiting her cousis, Miss
Delta Mangum.
The seventh and eighth grade pu
pils had a dan ring party ;u '.he •-■.'•>•1
house, Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Hickenlooper
and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Packi.am,
! have returned from Ogden.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Thompson, of
Blackfoot, visited Mr. and Mrs. Gro
ver Nygard, Sunday.
Mrs. Glen Fullmer, of Rigoy, has
been visiting friends and relatives in
these parts.
The speakers at Sacrament meet
ing Sunday were, President James
Duckworth and Mr. Bills, from Black
The Speaker at Mutual on Sunday
evening was Peter G. Johnston.
The Bee Hive girls went on their
trip to the "Narrows" near Wolver
ine, Tuesday morning, with happy
and smiling faces. The Bee keepers
who attended them were, Almonia
Hale, Veda Bowker, May Hale, and
Rhoda Hale. They' went well equip
ped with bedding, cooking utensils,
and lots of good things to eaL They
expect to he gone until Friday.
O o
o o
| ——
j Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ogdon spent
Mothers and Daughters' day at Po
j catello, with their daughter and her
; husband, Mr. and Mrs. Don C Smith,
! Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson, of
Helper, Utah, are visiting with his
» brothers, Messrs O. W. and Vern
j Peterson.
| Mr. Peterson is Bishop of the Star
in the Carbon stake, Carbon
j County, Utah. Mr. Peterson gave a
I very able address in our Sunday af
i ternoon meeting.
Aroet Hole, superintendent of the
t religious classes of the stake was
(.present at services Sunday afternoon
; and reorganized the religion class,
1 on account of removal of Sapt. Violet
j Hatch from the ward,
Mrs. Alice Holm was sustained as
superintendent. Jessie Lewis and
Margaret Ranquist as aids.
H. S. Vance of Blackfoot and Jas.
! Yancey of Groveland, were home miB
! Nonaries Sunday to our ward,
Mrs. Althea Bitton visited the
[(First ward at Blackfoot Sunday r.f
iternoon and reorganized he Young
J Ladies' Mutual Improvement Asso
^ Mr. Percy Bingham, of Ogden,
Utah,, father of A. A. Bingham, and
two sisters, Mrs. Lish and Mrs. Foy,
are visiting with his son, Bishop
Bingham, and his daughter, Mrs.
Varian Hale.
John Lee spend five days near Ida
ho Falls last week ou business.
Bishop Bingham returned Friday
from nearly four weeks visit in Og
den and vicinity with relatives and
Mrs. May Hawkins of Salt Lake
City, is visiting with her brothers,
Clifford and Osmond Osgu horpe.
Mrs. Delbert Osguthorpe of Salt
Lake, came Saturday, August 13.
Mr. and Mrs. BurKdale of Malad.
Idaho, called at the home of Mr. and
'Mrs. Ira Gardner Sunday, on their
way home, having visited several
places in the surrounding terrfnry.
Heber Bingham and sons, Ray- j
imond and Albert arrived Tuesday
from Ogden, Utah, to look around
•the country to locate some pood
seed potatoes for next year. Thov
expected to go on north as far as
Idaho Falls and visit, several of the
main potato growers in the sur
rounding country before Jedding def
initely where they would contract for
o o
ooo oooooooooooooo
Misses Bertha and Hazel Wells of
Paul, Idaho, are spending the week
with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Judd.
Tlie program for night meeting
was: Song by Mrs. Olive Hale, Violin
solo by Mr. Roscoe Gardner, song by
Mrs. Clara Gardner and Edna Stew
art, and the speaker of the evening
was President James D. Duckworth.
"Marriage" was the subject.
The Boy Scouts held their meeting
Tuesday evening.
There wilt be a dance given in liie
Rose hall Thursday. Everybody in
vited to come. A good time guaran
There will be no meetings Sunday
on account of conference at Black
Mrs. D. \V. Pack and son, Douglas,
haue returned home from Salt Lake
where he hurried his wife. Mrs. Lu
cile Pack. We wilt never be able to
find anyone who can take her place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ncplii Sorenson are
the proud parents of a fine baby hoy.
No wonder Neplii wears a smile.
The farmers of this locality are
busy putting up the second crop of
Miss Mildred Samuelson is work
ing for Mrs. Neplii Sorenson.
Tlie farmers of t'liis locality aro all
rejoicing over the prospective pota
to prices.
There will be no Relief Society this
week but they will have a debate on
next Thursday, August 25th.
Mr. and Mrs. Alma Wells and farr.
ii'y were called to the bedside of
their daughter, Miss Vlazle Wells at
the home of her aunt, Mrs. Libhie
Judd, but we are happy to say hat
!she is on the improve and returned
j The school in Distrier No. 29 will
begin September 6. The teachers of
to her home at Paul. Idaho, Wednes
day morning.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Cooper and
family and ueice, Miss Zella Hale, of
Grace, Idaho, motored to Blackfoot
Saturday and returned home Monday
after having a short visit with Mrs.
Cooper's sister. Mrs. Libhie Judd.
Anyone wishing to tike out any
fire insurance in the Farmers' Mu
tual, call Mr.- S. A. I'ldd, phone
4 6 4 - j-3.
Everyone is busy tut:ing their
this year are Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Is
on and .Mr. B. P. Ashton.
Miss Marg. Andrew's spent Sundav
afternoon with her parents, Mr. ard
Mrs. David Andrews.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Taylor and
family of California, are spending the
week with Mr. and Mrs. Chariey
Taylor and family.
Mr. and Mrs. William Clark and
Miss Thomas and Mr. and Mrs Aug
ustine, went to Nebraska
Mrs. Frances Just and brother and
sister, Miss Lora and Geotge Cassitv
of Grantsville, Utah, are spending ;he
week with their sister, Mrs. Olive
The Bee Hive girls and mothers of
this ward, had a wonderful time at
the park. Thursday. August 11.
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Johnston
and family have returned home from
Lava Hot Springs where they have
been spending the week.
Finger Rings Dangerous.
According to tlie Seattle representa
tive of the shipping hoard, linger rings
constitute u fruitful source of acci
dents to shipyard workers. "If you
wish to avoid accidents," says this
authority, "leave thorn off when you
go to work. Within thirty days two
men have lost fingers as a rouit of
accidents for which their rings were
responsible, ami more than twenty less
serious mishaps have been reported
which were due to tlie same cause."
eacteria In Teeth.
It Is because of the presence of bnc
terla tlmt'it Is absolutely essential to
keep tlie mouth cleun. The film of
tartar on tlie teeth should especially
be removed, not only because of Its
unpleasant appearance, hut because Jt
contains many germs, produces heat
and prevents tlie air from free access
to the gums Just adjoining the teeth.
We are accustomed to see men de
ride what they do not understand,
»I'd snarl at the good and beautiful
iiecuuse It lies beyond their sympa
les.— Goethe.

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