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High school students all over this
state are to be given a chance at
$2,000 in prize money offered by
Henry Morgenthau, former U. S.
ambassador to Turkey, in a nation
wide essay and oration contest.
Three prizes of $500, and $200
and $100, respectively, are* to pre
sented Iby Mr. Morgenthau to auth
ors awarded corresponding honors
in a competition between orations
and essays entered from all over the
country, and in addition, a first
prize of $15,'a second price of $10
and a third prize of $5 will be
awarded in this and each other
According to an announcement
just received by school superinten
dents of the Northwest, the topic
selected for the contest must pre
sent some phase of the industrial,
political, social or educational sit
uation in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia,
Syria, Palestine or other adjacent
regions in which the American Re
lief organization is operating.
All contestants must read or de
liver their essays or oration^ at a
commencement exercise or other
public gathering. Only members of
the upper two classes in high
schools will be eligible. Each man
uscript must contain not less than
1,500 nor more than 2,000 words.
The winners in each state will be
selected by a state committee. The
(national prize winner s will foe se
lected from the state prize winners
by a committee of judges consisting
otf Albert Shaw, editor of tfoe "Am
erican Review of Reviews;" Law
rence Abbott, editor of the "Out
look," and Prof. N. L. Engelhardt, of
Columbia University.
Plans for the contest have been
made under the direction of the na
tional educational committee of the
Near East Relief, headed by Dr.
John H. Finley, former New York
state commissioner of education.
State directors of this relief society
■will have charge of the contests in
this and other Northwest states, it
Is announced in information given
out here this week (by E. A. Potter,
Northwestern executive secretary of
the Near East Relief, at 722 Peyton
building in Spokane.
—From M. M. Winans, N. E. Relief.
Why should a man write himsellf
a fool by passing judgment, w^en
the judgment of today is appealed
tomorrow and tlhe court of public
decision turns it all upside down?
It's better to follow old Admiral
Sigabee's advice and suspend judg
ment. If we suspend it long
enough we won't decide anything—
definitely. First the world was
flat, and that was right. Now it's
round and that is right. Every
thing changes. Even modesty and
morals are geographical. When you
sum it up only Truth and Justice
are fixed, so perhaps it's ibest to
spend our time getting rid of their
counterfeits and establishing what
we are sure will last. Where do
we get pounding some poor devil for
obeying a driving force he has not
the power to overcome when we
might switch him down a different
track and make his steam turn mill
wheels instead of tread mills?
If your radiator haa "got your
goat," ithen you are looking for ua.
We'll make It give your goat back
and put it in good order at the same
time. Why not give us a trial?
Nugent Metal Works.
The first three weeks is the criti
cal time of a chick's life. They are
tender babies and need a special
ifood for baby chicks.
Our Chick Starter contains only
the sweetest and best of wholesome
growing food elements that will
meet every need of a baby chick.
Dried buttermilk, cooked wheat,
bone-building phosphates, these and
a host of other splendid ingredients
go to make up our Dab y Chick Feed.
Be-t because it gives results cheapest
because it raises more and better
Sets per pound. $3.50 for 50 lbs.
$fi,00 for 100 lb s
M 31 A 7 Blackfoot, Idaho.
Politeness is a simple tiling, and
doer n't cost a sou. It puts the pol
ish on a kind, or any common plug,
by jir . the same as me or you.
•f* livin' in a Christian age,
\ courtesy's required — and
\> meet a sore-head bear, with
i at growl and rumpled hair, it
me awful tired.
Whenever I go in a store, or other
1' U *ss place,—and when they
t i me impolite, it simply makes
me want to fight, like spittin' in my
l never could quite understand
th e ti . ht-wad or his game. And
when, oy chance nr accident, I find
myself inside his tent. I don't repeat
the ume.
I don't rspire t r : u 1 to the ha
bits of mankind. But if I might,
by deed or word, land hard on some
ill-mannered bird, it would reite» o
my mind.
Features of the New
It lias a large, durabe TOP
PER TUB—easily kept clean,
leak-proof and rust-proof,
with ribbed sides and grooved
bottom for easy draining.
DRIVE—a new feature that
means greater efficiency and
quiet operation. .
the safety of the operator and
the children and a protection
to the machinery, thus pro
longing the life of the washer.
Features of the New
TION — the New Improved
Automatic is very strongly
constructed, yet it is not
heavy or hard to move about.
—every lever which regulates
the washer and wringer is lo
cated where it can be easily
new, large, reversible wringer
locks in three positions—it
takes the largest piece in the
wash without jamming.
The New Improved Copper Tub
ed new Automatic did
the equivalent o f
twenty years' family
washing and was in
good condition at the
end of the test.
est washing machine
value this company
has ever offered.
Come in and examine
one-you'll agree that
it is a wonderful
A Wonderful Washer
Made Better
For years the Automatic Washer has
been known as the best sold at a popular
price. Its sturdy construction and effi
ciency in cleaning clothes quickly and per
fectly has made it the favorite with hun
dreds of thousands of housewives.
The New Improved Automatic possesses
all the good features of the old models with
many added and improved features to make
it even more durable and better.
The manufacturers of this machine have
spent twenty years trying to make a wash
ing machine that would be superior to any
on the market for the price and they have
accomplished their purpose.
For service, economy and saving of time
and money, the New Improved Automatic
cannot be equalled by any other dolly type
One Dollar Down
Bring« you your Automatic
The terms we are offering during the
month of April on the New Automatic are
the easiest and most convenient terms we
have ever offered to our customers.
ONE DOLLAR will put an automatic in
your home and $5.00 a month will keep it
there to eliminate drudgery from wash day.
On these payments you can be paying for
one of these wonderful household servants
for less than it would cost you each month
to send your clothes to the laundry.
Gall or Phone for a Demonstration
The moment you set your eyes on the
New Improved COPPER TUB Automatic
you will fall in love with it. It is hand
some in appearance, quiet to operate, has
a large copper tub and swinging wringer
and, although it is very strong and durable,
it is light in weight.
You have paid for an electric washing
machine many times, but you have never
had it delivered. Put an end to wash day
drudgery and laundry bills by taking ad
vantage of this remarkable offer.
Electric Shop—Idaho Power Co.
Few homes indeed do not feel thg
need of economy. The necessity of
making every penny count touches
tlie purse of every housewife. It is
doubtful if there is a single article
employed as food or in the prepar
ation of food that demands more
buying wisdom than Baking Pow
der. Upon its quality depends, the
success and economy of the bakings
Calumet Baking Powder enables
the housewife to make three worth
while savings. She saves when she
buys it—'it is moderate in price.
She saves when she uses it—^he
uses only half as much as is required
of most other powders. She saves
materials it is used with—it never
permits bake-day failure. Any wo
man can use Calumet with absolute
certainty of best results—delicious,
tasty bakings that are pure and
True home economy of time, ma
terial an deffort is completely hand
led in Reliable Receipts, the 76-pnge
Cook Book and Household Hints.
A copy is yours FREE—for the ask
ing. Address Home Economics
Dept., Cnlument Baking P-iwder Co..
11 00 Fillmore St., Chlca o. 111.— adv
Fire Insurance Beeb«, Phone 120.
* Legal Guarantee Giverx^
No need of Knife —no pain—-continue work.
Aik to see Gle-o-nii Pile Treatment.
The Annual School Meeting and
Election will be held in the various
Common School Districts on Satur
day, April 15th.
Nominations for trustees must be
in the hands of the clerk qf the
board not later than April 8th. No
nominations may be made at tlhe an
nual meeting, but this does not pre
vent any qualified voter from writ
ing in the name of any qualified
elector of the district for whom he
wishe s to vote as truster.
It is the duty of every qualified
voter to attend the annual school
meeting. Let us have a full vote
this election.
County Superintendent of Schools.
Bingham County, Idaho. M31 A7-14
PHONE 31—for .want ad service.
They will buy, isel! or rent any
thing. or will find you employ
ment or an employee. Phone 31.
The Expression of Many a Kidney
A stubborn backache is cause to
suspect kidney trouble. When the
kidneys are inflamed and swollen,
stooping brings a sharp twinge in
the small of the back that almost
takes the breath away. Doan's Kid
ney Pills revive sluggish kidneys—
relieve aching backs. Here's con
vincing proof of merit.
John B. Kent, painter, 264 W. Sex
ton st„ Arco, Idaho, says: "I had
quite a little trouble from my kid
neys. My back gave me the worst
suffering and it was always weak
and lame and ached so severely at
times I could hardly stand It. Then
the kidney secretions passed too free
ly and were highly colored. I used
a few boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills
and they gave me fine results."
Price 60c, at. all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that
Mr. Kent had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.—adv
I will bond you. Beebe phone
120 .
Health & Accident Insurance.
Beebe, phone 120.
Mr. and Mrs. Bressler and family,
from Sugar City, are new residents
of Firth. Mr. Bressler is working
in the Firth depot.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Fisher, from
Blackfoot, visited at the Albert
Fisher home, Saturday and Sunday.
George Wilson, of Lima, spent
Sunday visiting In Firth.
A five hundred party was given
Il I 1 I I 1 4 "MH
Distributors lor
Service on all makes Edwin Taylor, Prop.
at the Al. Fisher home on Saturday
night. An enjoyable evening i s re
ported. «
The contract for the new*High
School of Firth, was let last Friday.
Burt McCurdy ha s started hi s
house on his lots on the east side
of town.
William Womack, Sr., was taken
to the Idaho Falls hospital last
week, and is reported as getting
along as well as could be expected.

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